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栏目简介:《造物小百科How it’s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。 Article/201508/390558Mountains tend to be narrower at the top than they are at the bottom otherwise they#39;ll eventually fall down-but that doesn#39;t mean that mountains are always smaller at the top.Because,what matters to most land creatures is the amount of land;that is,the surface area,not the voiume-unless you#39;re a mining company that plans to pulverize the entire mountain into smithereens.山的顶部往往比底部狭窄,否则它们会很容易倒塌,但是,这并不意味着山顶永远是最小的部分,对于大部分陆地生物而言重要的是陆地面积,也就是表面积,而非体积,除非你是一家正计划将整座山炸个粉碎的矿业公司。Then volume matters.But to the rest of us,we care about surface area-and surprisingly,the area of land on a mountain doesn#39;t necessarily get smaller as you go higher up the mountain-especially when that mountain is part of a mountain range,as mountains tend to be.Simple,lone mountains with shapes like cones or spikes or inverted parabolas do indeed have less surface area the higher up you go,though a parabolic mountain has a lot more area high up than a spikey mountain.那么,体积会更重要,但对于其他人而言,我们更在意的是陆地面积,神奇的是,山的表面积未必会随着,海拔的升高而减小,当一座山属于山脉的一部分时,尤其如此,单独的一座形状像锥形,尖锥形或倒抛物线形的山,其面积确实会随着高度而减小,尽管抛物线形的山其面积会比尖锥形的山大一些。And broader,flatter,mountains can actually have more area the higher you go up,at least until you get to the very top.These mountains do get skinnier as they go up,but they get flatter so much faster than they get skinnier that from the perspective of available surface area they#39;re bigger on top than at the bottom!更宽更平坦的山,其面积会随着高度上升而增大,除了极接近顶部的部分,这些山的围度确实会随着高度上升而减小,但是它们变平坦的速度远大于围度的缩小程度,以至于从可利用面积的角度来看,它们的顶部甚至大于底部。And when you put mountains together into ranges,it#39;s even more complicated.Some ranges have less land area the higher you go up,some have more area,some have more and then less,and some actually have more area at both the bottom and top and less area in the middle!当你把一堆山并为山脉时,情况就更加复杂了,有些山脉随着高度的上升陆地面积减小,有些陆地面积增大,有些则是先增大后减小,而有些甚至山底和山顶面积大,而中间段面积小。In fact,if you do survey of mountian ranges the world over,you#39;ll find that only around a third of them have a constantly decreasing amount of hand the higher you go,and the rest exhibit one of the other weird ;top-heavy;options.In other words,despite appearances and as odd as it sounds,most mountain ranges are bigger near their tops.事实上如果你对全世界的山脉做个调查你将会发现只有约三分之一的山,其面积是随着高度的增加而减小的,其他的则大多为奇怪的“头重脚轻”形,也就是说尽管听起来很荒唐,但是大部分的山,顶部都更大些。Which has interesting implications for any land-dwelling creatures that might want to move their homes and businesses up or down mountains,if,I don#39;t know,the climate changes or something.And one more weird fact:a perfectly hemispherical mountain,while impossible in reality,has just the right shape to get skinnier at the same that it gets flatter,so it has,amazingly,the exact same amount of area at every elevation.这对于陆栖动物而言有着重要的意义,当遇到气候变化之类的自然影响时,它们很可能会迁居上山或迁下山,还有一个更奇怪的事实:现实中不可能存在,完美的半球形的山,这要求这座山围度减小的幅度要与变平的幅度相当,这样这座山在不同的海拔高度其面积都相同。The same math also means that if you evenly slice an orange,each piece will have roughly the same amount of skin -but different amounts of fruit.也就是说如果你均匀的切开一个橙子,每一片的面积大小会大致相同,但果肉的量却不一样。 Article/201506/381594

A group of 16 Turkish nationals taken hostage by a little-known armed Islamic group a month ago have been released.一个月前被一鲜为人知的伊斯兰组武装织劫持的16名土耳其公民被释放。They are aly in Turkey after having been freed south of Baghdad, and are seeing their families again.在巴格达南部被释放后,他们已经回到了土耳其与家人相见。“I am reunited with my family and that’s all I ever wanted. Thanks a lot to our statesmen. That’s all I can say.”“能和我的家人团聚,这是我所想要的一切。感谢我们的政治家。这就是我所能说的。”“What did you think about while you were kept as hostage?”“当你被作为人质的时候,你是怎么想的?”““I really didn’t think about myself. I just thought about my family” “我真的没想过自己。我只想到我的家人“We were always longing and yearning for our families. They treated us very well where they kept us. We didn’t have any problems. We were released because of the government. We’re very thankful”“我们一直向往和思念我们的家人。在关押处他们对我们很好。我们没有任何问题。我们能够被释放是因为政府,非常的感谢”The men were kidnapped while they were building a stadium near Baghdad by men suspected of being in a little-known Shi’ite militia.他们是在巴格达附近建设体育厂时被一鲜为人知的什叶派民兵绑架。Kidnappings are on the rise in Baghdad as a method of funding terrorism and exerting political pressure on the authorities.巴格达绑架事件作为资助恐怖主义和对当局政治施压的方法正在上升。译文属。 /201510/401643

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the Shoutout.“大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which of these languages is the oldest?以下哪种语言最古老?If you think you know it, shout it out.如果你认为你知道的话,就大声喊出来吧!Is it Spanish, Dutch, Romanian or Afrikaans?是西班牙语、荷兰语、罗马尼亚语还是南非语?You#39;ve got three seconds.Go.你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The Spanish language, also known as Castilian, dates back to the ninth century, making it the oldest language on this list.卡斯蒂利亚语即西班牙语可以追溯到19世纪,是以上语言中最古老的。That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your Shout Out.那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 17 percent of the U.S. population is Hispanic or Latino. 据美国人口普查局调查,美国超过17%的人口都是西班牙裔或者拉丁裔。It#39;s about 54 million people, making those of Hispanic origin the largest ethnic or race minority in the country.那大约有5400万人口,这使得西班牙裔成为了美国最大的种族。So it#39;s probably no surprise that politicians would want to reach that group.因此,很正常,政治家想要争取到这一种族。But does speaking Spanish sway Hispanic voters one way or the other?但是说西班牙语对西班牙裔的投票者到底会产生什么影响呢? /201502/360836

KNOCK KNOCK LIVE | The David Beckham Package贝克汉姆来敲门!Oh my God!!! Oh my God...我的老天爷啊!!!我的天...I#39;m David.我是 David。We know who you are! Oh my God—I know who you are...我们知道你是谁!我的老天--我知道你是谁...You#39;re on Knock Knock Live, and I brought a few friends. So if you don#39;t mind, can they come in?你们上了《谁来敲门》实境秀,我带了几个朋友来。如果你不介意的话,他们可以进来吗?Yes! Welcome! Come on in.可以!欢迎!快进来吧。How are you? Nice to meet you.你好吗?很高兴认识你。Wow!哇!I don#39;t know any of your names, so you...maybe you can...我不知道你们任何一个人的名字,所以你...或许你可以...I#39;m Claudia, the mom.我是 Claudia,妈妈。Nice to meet you, Mom—the most important one.很高兴认识你,妈妈--最重要的人。I#39;m Victor#39;s son, soccer player.我是 Victor 的儿子,我是足球员。Soccer player?足球员吗?Victor Gonzalez. You#39;re my best player.Victor Gonzalez。你是最棒的球员。Thank you, thank you.谢谢你、谢谢你。Can we offer you something to drink?我们能帮你准备什么喝的吗?I#39;m okay at the moment, actually. I#39;m very good, I#39;m very good.其实我现在觉得很好。我很好、我很好。Oh my goodness! I can#39;t believe this.我的老天!我真不敢相信。Well, I#39;m here for a few reasons. Uhhh...one of the reasons I#39;m here today—my friends at Sprint and Direct 2 You are gonna be giving you seven brand new iPhones.这个嘛,我来这是有几个原因的。唉...其中一个我今天来这的原因--我在 Sprint 电信到府务的朋友要送你们七全新 iPhone。Wow!哇!My friend Christina is here... So, these are the phones.我朋友 Christina 在这... 那,这些是手机。Thank you.谢谢你。You#39;re welcome.不客气。Thank you.谢谢你。Thank you!谢谢!Plus, I also have a plan, the all-in plan, and you don#39;t have to worry about paying your bills for the next 10 years.另外,我还有一个方案,“全都包方案”,你们在接下来十年都不用担心电话费了。No phone bills! Thank you!没有电话费!谢谢你!Yeah, you#39;re welcome, you#39;re welcome. But, one of the main reasons why I#39;m here is I was told about your family, and I was very honored to come down here and be welcomed into your home, and actually meet you, you know, one-on-one. Because I#39;ve heard so much about you, I#39;ve heard how much you work. I#39;ve heard, you know, what an amazing family together—you#39;re such a tight-knit family. So, thanks to my friends at Sprint, I have this for you. So, you can go ahead and open it, if you would like.对啊,不用客气、不用客气。但是,我来这的主要原因之一是,我听说了你们家的情况,而我很荣幸能来到这并被欢迎到你们家里,实际地和你们见面,你知道,面对面见面。因为我听说过很多关于你们的事、我听说过你们多么努力工作。我听说了,你知道,你们是一个多棒的家庭--你们的家庭如此亲密。所以,多亏我在 Sprint 电信的朋友们,我有这东西要给你们。那么,你可以打开它,如果你乐意的话。Okay. Oh my God! Oh my God! 100,000! Oh, thank you!好的。我的天啊!我的天啊!十万元!噢,谢谢你!To know that my parents have 100,000-dollar check, this... It#39;s so great to know that my parents don#39;t have to struggle anymore.知道我的父母有张十万元票,这... 知道他们不用再辛苦地打拼真是太好了。This is very exciting. I#39;m still an emotional wreck.这真是太令人兴奋了。我现在脑袋还是转不过来。It feels like a dream. It feels like I#39;m gonna wake up and be back to reality. But...our lives have changed. My life for my son has changed. He can have so much more. Before, it was work, work, work; paycheck to paycheck. And now we can actually spend time as a family, go places, and enjoy ourselves for once.这就像个梦。好像我会醒来然后回到现实。但是...我们的生活改变了。我给儿子的生活改变了。他可以拥有更多更多。在这之前,生活就只是工作、工作、工作;没半点积蓄。现在我们可以真正一家人度过时光、去不同地方,好好享受生活一次。This will help out so much. Oh my goodness! Can we really not offer you something?这会帮上大忙。喔我的天!我们真的不能替你准备什么吗?Actually, I#39;d love a water.老实说,我很乐意来杯水。Yeah.好耶。Giving them the check for 100,000 dollars, you could see it just meant so much to them. I mean, this check is literally changing their lives. Congratulations. You#39;re an amazing family—amazing family.给他们那张十万元的票,你可以看出那对他们意义重大。我是说,这张票真的改变了他们的生活。恭喜。你们是很棒的一家人--很棒的一家人。Do we get to play soccer with you?我们可以和你踢足球吗?Yeah, of course!好啊,当然可以!Let#39;s play soccer!踢足球萝!You know, I#39;m very fortunate in my life. And to be able to do this for such a deserving family that works so hard, I mean, it#39;s an amazing feeling.你知道,我的人生很幸运。能够为这么努力奋斗、值得的一家人做这件事,我的意思是,这真是个不可思议的感觉。David Beckham!贝克汉姆! Article/201508/395648

But the sun is much more than a giant lightbulb.但是太阳不只是个巨大的灯泡There are other forces at work in the sun.其内部还有其他的力量正在运作Forces that change over minutes and over years.这些力量可能在数分钟或数年内改变Forces that tear the surface apart.撕裂太阳表面We are only now beginning to understand these forces我们现在才开始了解这些力量and the effects they have on the Earth.及它们对地球的影响But we have known about them for hundreds of years.但我们早在几百年前,就知道它们的存在Because the sun gets spots.因为太阳上会出现黑点Sun spots are dark regions on the surface of the Sun,太阳黑子是出现在太阳表面的黑色区域typically about the size of the Earth in terms of area.一般来说,大小和地球差不多Here#39;s a live shot of one today.这是今天拍到的即时影像Unfortunately we#39;ve got a very windy day with high thin clouds,可惜今天风很大,而且高空有稀薄的云层so the picture#39;s bouncing around and not very sharp,所以画面晃得很厉害,画质也不清晰but with very high resolution images we can see但以高度来看,就能看到detailed structure in the sun spot.太阳黑子的仔细构造The inner part of the sun spot,太阳黑子的内部…the dark umbra as we call it is dark即所谓的暗影only in comparison to the rest of the sun.只是与太阳其他地方对比下,才显得黑暗It#39;s actually bright enough that it would blind you其实暗影很亮,单独直视它的话if you looked at it alone.会瞎掉The spots are not static.太阳黑子并非静止不动These images show the edges of the spot crawling,我们拍到的画面显示,黑子的边缘almost as if it was alive.正在鲜活蠕动The movements of sunspots have been studied自从伽利略用望远镜观察太阳for four hundred years.对其行为有重大发现后Ever since Galileo trained his telescope on the sun人类就开始研究太阳黑子的活动and made the first crucial discovery about its behaviour.至今已四百多年Surprised to see black dots creeping over the surface伽利略惊讶地发现,太阳表面有移动的黑点he kept track of them over a number of days因此连续观察了好几天and found that they were all moving in the same direction.结果发现它们都朝着相同的方向移动To Galileo the meaning was clear对伽利略而言,其意义再清楚不过the sun was rotating太阳在旋转and was turning faster at the equator than at the poles.而且赤道旋风的速度比两极快It was a discovery that was to prove critical这项发现对我们in our understanding of how the sun works.了解太阳的作用机制至关重要Ever since Galileo records have been自伽利略之后kept of the coming and goings of sunspots人们便开始记录太阳黑子的出现与消失and variations soon became clear.其变异很快就呼之欲出Sometimes the sun is covered in hundreds of spots有时太阳表面出现数以百计的黑子other times there are none at all.有时连一个都没有 Article/201504/368530

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