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  • I met Olubi and some of the other warriors in his village我和奥卢比及村庄里的其他战士会面to find out about their relationship with the local pride.以了解他们和当地狮群的关系How many lions are there around here?村庄附近有多少头狮子Around here, there are about 100.大概100头吧So they all have names?他们有名字吗Every single lion has a name. A Maasai name.每头狮子都有个马萨伊名字And when you see a lion,你们见到狮子时do you know how its going to behave?知道它会如何行动吗It depends on the lion.那取决于狮子For a Maasai warrior, lions are nothing to be scared of.对于马萨伊勇士 不会惧怕狮子But if I saw a lion, a lion would be likely to attack me.但如果我看到狮子 它会袭击我吧Only if you threaten it.除非你挑衅它Mmm, well, I hope the next lion knows that.好吧 我希望下只狮子能明白Olubi killed his first lion when he was just 17,奥卢比17岁时杀了第一只狮子after it attacked his cattle.那头狮子袭击了他的牛群Unfortunately, the lion turned out to be pregnant.不幸的是 那只狮子怀了And that led to a remarkable turnaround.而那导致了一个大转变201406/305729
  • Budweiser百威啤酒超级创意世界杯广告,有球赛、就有球迷;有球迷、就要喝啤酒……假如你以为用美女诱惑球员就成功了的话,百威啤酒明你大错特错了。Well, it all comes down to this penalty kick.好,现在就看这个点球怎么发了。Wait? Watch this! Its the old distract the goalie trick.等等,看哪!他们使出一招经典的“魅惑守门员”!Oh, they hold up the icy cold Budweiser!哦!对方竟举起了冰冻百威啤酒!That is tantalizing.看到喝不到……太惨了……Wait, right! Those fans have down it!厉害!这些球迷居然做到了!How, brilliant!赞啊!201403/277647
  • This Week: Clinton vs. RoveA News Jon Karl reports on Karl Roves comments this week and the controversy over Hillary Clintons health.There was Hillary Clinton celebrating Barbara Walterss last day on The View, one stop in a week that had the feel of presidential campaign in full swing, after Karl Rove took a shot at Clintons health and the whole Clinton Camp fired back.Heres chief White House correspondent Jonson Carl.Hillary Clinton seems to be enjoying the endless 2016 speculation. Check out how she dodged the big question from Barbara Walters.-The question I wanna ask is how you gonna run. But...-Well I am running, around the park.But this week the Clintons were out in force-14 public appearances, not just Hillary but Bill too. And when Karl Rove attacked, the Clintons rapid-response operation was also out in force.It started when the New York Post ing Rove questioning how bad Mrs Clintons brain was hurt by a concussion she suffered in December 2012,; 30 Days in the hospital? And when she reappears, shes wearing glasses thats are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know whats up with that!Reality—Mrs Clinton spent 3 days, not 30 in the hospital. Her spokesman hit back accusing Rove of flat out lying.Then it was Bill Clintons turn:;First they said she fake her concussion, and now they say she’s auditioning for a part in The Walking Dead.;But Rove wasnt backing down.She had a serious health episode.This will be an issue in the 2016 race, whether she like it or not.This much is not in dispute. In December 2012, Mrs Clinton was ill with the virus, fell, and suffered a concussion and a blood clot. She stayed out of public view for nearly a month. Her spokesperson downplayed her condition:She is still under the weather.This week Bill Clinton acknowledged it took her 6 month to fully recover. Clinton appears to be in good health now. But Rove made it clear that the health and age of Mrs Clinton, now 66, will not be off limits.;Republicans are sending a message and a sense to Hillary Clinton that its not gonna be easy, its not gonna be a free ride.;Bill Clinton says he expects the attack to get harsher:;It is the Beginning.;And no doubt the Clintons, both of them will be taking plenty of shots, too.For this week, Jonson Carl, A news, Washington. /201405/301983
  • Learn about the connection between sun exposure and your bodys level of Vitamin D from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast .观看Howcast这段视频,跟持牌美学家Joanna Vargas了解日晒和身体维他命D水平之间的关系。Lots of people talk to me about vitamin D and sun exposure. We all know vitamin D is a vitamin that we need so why cant be get it from the sun? The truth is vitamin D is absolutely essential. It boots your immune system. It boosts your cardiovascular system. And it just feel really good. And you do get from the sun. You do get it from sun exposure.许多人跟我探讨过维他命D和太阳照射之间的关系。我们都知道维他命D是我们身体所需,那么为何不能通过日晒来获取维他命D呢?事实是,维他命D是身体必需的,可以增强免疫系统和心血管系统。让人感觉非常好。确实可以从阳光中获得一些。The problem with getting it from sun exposure is you get a lot of bad stuff too. And stuff that woman also regularly complain about. So, what do you do about that? My suggestion is to get vitamin D from a supplement. And wear sunscreen on your face and body. Sun exposure is the source of so much dangerous stuff and stuff that cosmetically woman dont like.问题是,当你从阳光照射中获得维他命D的同时,也获得了许多不好的东西,女性们经常抱怨的一些东西。那么,应该怎样权衡呢?我的建议是通过用补充剂来获得维他命D。面部和全身涂抹防晒霜。日晒是许多危险成份的来源,也是爱美女性不喜欢的。So, I would wear sunscreen on the body and take vitamin D as a supplement. If you want to, get a little bit of sun exposure on your body knowing the risks. That would be my preference. That way you can get a little bit of really direct vitamin D exposure on your body and get it really soaked in and youre still protecting yourself from some of the really bad effects of sun on your face.所以,我会全身涂抹防晒霜,然后用维他命D补充剂。如果你想的话,了解到日晒的危险,可以少晒一点太阳。我比较喜欢这种方式。这样的话,你的身体可以直接吸收一些天然的维他命D,又可可以防止日晒给你面部带来的坏的影响。视频听力由。201401/273222
  • How can I replace romance in my life as a single person?作为单身人士,我应该用什么来代替生活中的浪漫元素呢?I think of romance more broadly in terms of passion. If youre single, you could become passionately involved, either with other people or with great interests or great pursuits or things that you really care about so there is passion in this broad sense. I dont think you need to give that up. You could have a broader idea of what counts as romantic. For me, I live in this wonderful town of Summerland. I get up every day-in ten minutes. I can be at the beach looking at the Pacific Ocean. I can hike through these wonderful trails. I have friends that I care about. I have work that I absolutely love. I dont feel that my life is lacking in passion.我是从更广泛的的角度来考虑浪漫的。如果你是单身,你将更富地与其他人接触,追求你的兴趣爱好,做自己喜欢的事情,所以,从更广泛的意义上来说,你将更有。我不认为你需要放弃这一点。你应该从更广泛的意义上来理解浪漫。对我来说,我居住在这个丰富多的小镇。我每天早上都在十分钟之内起床。我可以在沙滩上欣赏太平洋。我可以在这些别致的小路上漫步。我拥有我在乎的朋友。我也有非常喜爱的工作。我丝毫不觉得我的生活缺乏。Thanks for watching How To Replace Romance In Your Life As A Single Person.感谢收看“单身人士如何为生活增加浪漫因素”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201307/247725
  • Its collected daily, bowl by bowl. It will be boiled and processed into one of the most important materials to a fast developing nation-rubber.它每天都被采集,一碗又一碗。液体将被熬制成为一种非常重要的材料。橡胶对发展中国家来说尤为关键。The expansion of the rubber forests began in the 50s when China, under a world rubber embargo, had to become self-sufficient in this vital product.中国的橡胶林种植面积在五十年代时急速扩张,美国侵略朝鲜期间对当时的中国实行了全面的经济封锁和橡胶禁运。中国对这种战略原料的需求必须自给自足。Beijing turned to the only place where rubber could grow, the tropical south of Yunnan.北京当局把目光转向了橡胶树唯一能够快速成材的地方:位于热带地区的云南南部。With efficiency and speed, some of the worlds richest forests were torn up and burned. Replaced with mile upon mile of rubber plantation.高效快捷的行动开始了,一些世间最丰茂的森林被摧毁并焚烧殆尽,取而代之的是成片的的橡胶林。But there was a problem for the rubber growers. While Yunnans unique natural forests can survive on the valley slopes which stretch to the north, just one severe frost will kill off these delicate rubber trees.橡胶种植者的问题也接踵而至。尽管云南独特的天然林,能够在延伸到北部的山坡上茁壮成长,可是一场严峻的霜冻就能毁灭这片娇弱的橡胶林。 /201405/299941
  • When you decide to invest your money, the answer to how is within you. You should know what risk and what reward you want.当你决定进行投资的时候,怎样做其实取决于你的内心。你应该知道自己能够承担什么样的风险,想要获得什么样的回报。The first question to ask is what do you want from your investment? Do you need income? Do you need capital growth? What is your timeframe? Do you want a degree of risk? Do you want a very low risk? The answer to all these questions will define where you search for this investment. Income seekers will find solace in the property market. The property market as a landlord is possibly the best its ever been - forced renters, falling house prices and rising rents.第一个问题是你想要从投资中获得什么回报?你需要收入?你希望资本增值?你的时间框架如何?你能否承担风险?你只接受非常低的风险?所有问题的将决定你的投资领域。追求收入的人可以在房地产领域得到满足。房产市场中的房东应该是收益最高的——迫不得已的租户,下降的房价和上升的房租。Doesnt mean its easy. There are many pitfalls out there and you have to beware. For example, if youre buying flats, do you know what the service charges are? Do you know how these may rise? Are there works to be done? If you move into the commercial property market, you need to know how stable your tenant is.不要以为这很简单。房产市场有许多陷阱,一定要警惕。例如,如果你购买公寓,你是否知道务费是多少?以后是否会上涨?有哪些工作要做?一旦你进入商品房市场,你要知道租户是否稳定。Are you in the high streets? If you are, how many empty shops are there? The property you find in this current climate as a commercial property perhaps may not be the right idea. For those seeking capital growth, there are other areas of opportunity, possibly shares, perhaps trading the market in terms of falls and then, moving in might be an idea, but to buy shares blindly perhaps is not the wisest. Antiques, collectibles - another option.你是不是在人流旺盛的街道?如果是的话,那里有多少间空店铺?你在目前的环境中寻找商品房或许不是你想象中的那样。对于那些寻求资本增值的人来说,还有其他机会,可以是股票,当股价下跌的时候购入或许是好主意,但是盲目购买股票的行为并不可取。古董和收藏品也是一个选择。If you do have an area of expertise, maybe you can seek advantages in that area. There are also truancies within property in land investments. So, the answer to how to invest your money is actually with you.如果你有专业知识,不妨利用这一方面的优势。土地投资也有一定的利益。所以,怎样进行投资完全取决与自己。You know your area of expertise, areas of knowledge. You know what risk, what reward, you require and what your timeframe is. And thats my guide on how to invest your money. .你知道自己的专业知识是什么,知道自己能够承担的风险,想要获得的收益,你的要求和时间框架。这样就可以进行投资了。Thanks for watching How To Invest Your Money.感谢收看“如何进行投资”视频节目。视频听力节目由。201307/249470
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