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Aries 白羊座 (3月21日~4月20日)   The fire element of Arise brings assertive “I” energy.   火相星座的特质使白羊座具有非常自信的自我力量。  TIPS: Your persistence will lead you to success. But your impulsive temper may cause problems.  学习相 坚持会使你成功,但是爱冲动的毛病也会带来麻烦。  /201001/95679

A major ingredient to taking the pain out of a stressful day at work is a supportive partner at home, a new study has confirmed.一项新研究实,家有贤内助确实能较大地减轻工作压力带来的焦虑和疲惫。It may not seem like a groundbreaking conclusion but the study, from Florida State University, is the first to quantify the effects that a sympathetic ear can have at home and at work.这看起来也许并不是什么开创性的研究结果,不过佛罗里达州立大学的这一研究却是首次将怀着同情心倾听在家庭中和职场中的作用进行量化。Professor Wayne Hochwarter, author of the study, found that highly stressed employees had a 25 percent higher level of concentration levels if they had a harmonious home life.该研究的作者韦恩bull;霍赫瓦特教授发现,在高压下工作的员工如果家庭生活和谐的话,注意力水平比其他人高出25%。They were also 33 percent more likely to have positive relationships with colleagues, and a 20 percent higher level of job satisfaction.此外,这些人和同事保持良好关系的可能性要高出33%,工作满意度也要高出20%。Previous studies have linked work;related stress to a range of mental and physical illnesses, such as depression and obesity.先前的研究曾将工作压力和一系列精神和身体疾病联系起来,包括抑郁症和肥胖症。But this study shows how stress can be a vicious circle ; adversely affecting the way employees perform at work, which can lead to even more workplace stress.不过本研究显示,压力也可以造成恶性循环;;对员工的工作表现产生负面影响,从而带来更多的工作压力。Professor Hochwarter said the mental and physical wellbeing of employees were at risk if they came to work still stressed from the day before.霍赫瓦特教授说,如果员工开始一天的工作时仍受到前一天压力的困扰,那么他的精神和身体健康就会受到危害。He said: ;When you#39;re still angry or upset from yesterday#39;s stress, your workday will likely go in only one direction ; down.;他说:;如果你依然因为昨天的压力而感到恼怒或心烦,你这天的工作表现只会向一个方向发展;;直线下降。;And there were obvious benefits at home as well. Professor Hochwarter#39;s paper said employees with strong home support were 25 percent less likely to suffer from after;work fatigue.家庭对减轻工作压力则有显著的效果。霍赫瓦特教授的论文称,拥有强大的家庭持的员工下班时感到疲惫的可能性比其他人低25%。Having an awareness of a partner#39;s daily work demands ; such as deadlines, a lack of adequate resources and bad bosses ; could ensure that couples always communicated, and a partner could see when their loved one was underplaying or exaggerating a problem.了解伴侣日常工作上的一些要求;;例如任务完成的最后期限、缺少足够的资源以及苛刻的上司;;可以保伴侣之间保持沟通顺畅,而且其中一方可以看出自己的爱人是对问题轻描淡写还是在夸大问题。The ability to bring a partner back to the middle ; building them up when they feel down in the dumps, or talking them down when they are overly agitated ; also played a crucial role.让伴侣恢复平和心态的能力;;在伴侣情绪低落时帮助其建立信心,或在伴侣过度激动时让其冷静下来;;也发挥着关键的作用。 /201202/172095

导读:谎言虽可恶,但是母亲们善意的谎言 (white lie)却让我们觉得无比幸福,暖意融融,时时流露出一股柔情,值得我们一辈子去享受、去珍藏。Our mothers are big liars. There, I said it.我曾说过,我们的妈妈是大谎言家。When we were little kids, they told lies like ;If you swallow a watermelon seed, it will grow inside your stomach;.当我们还是年幼孩童时,她们会糊弄我们说“如果你把西瓜籽吞下去,它就会在你的肚子里生根发芽。”And they keep lying even now that we are grown up. But how can you blame a woman who sometimes lies to you because she loves you?甚至在我们长大成人后,母亲们仍一直用谎言“哄骗”我们。然而,你又怎么能责怪因为爱你而说谎的母亲呢?As Mother#39;s Day is upon us, let#39;s take a look at some of moms#39; love-wrapped lies.就让我们在母亲节来临之际,一起体味母亲们充满爱意的谎言吧。Nothing#39;s wrong; I#39;m fine.放心,我一切都好It#39;s the biggest lie. Every time you asked your mom how she was, she would put up a smile and use this line, even when it was after a big fight with your dad or she was caught weeping in her bedroom. She never told you that she was heartbroken.这可是最大的谎言。每次你问母亲最近好吗,她都会笑着和你说“放心,我挺好的”,即使她刚刚和你的父亲大吵了一架或者闷在房里哭泣,也从不告诉你她的伤心事。You are special.你很特别Moms say it a lot. And for this reason, we grew up believing that we were truly outstanding and extraordinary–more talented and accomplished than our peers. Sadly, there would always come the day when we figured out that we were actually not.母亲们经常这么说,正因如此,我们从小就认为自己真的很优秀并且与众不同,比同龄人更有才华,更有成就。不幸的是,终有一天我们会发现自己实际上没那么出众。This is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you.我比你更难受。How stupid of a statement is that, really, when you think about it? Sure, seeing you cry over a vaccination shot, being punished or getting dumped can be emotionally gut-wrenching for your mom, but will it hurt her more than it hurts you? Anyway, it#39;s sweet, isn#39;t it?真的,如果你仔细想想,这是多傻的想法呀?当你接种疫苗而哭泣时,当你被处罚或被甩时,你的母亲会感到很揪心,可是这对她的伤害难道比对你更大?不管怎样,这听起来很贴心,不是吗?Slow down. You#39;ve got your whole life to be a grown up.慢慢来,你有一生的时间学着长大How true is this one? A recent UK survey shows that 88 percent of people quizzed think that their children are growing up too fast.这话有多真呢?英国近期的一项调查显示88%的被访者认为他们的孩子成长的太快了。Your mom is just one of those parents who are really scared that their little boys or girls will someday outgrow them.你的母亲正是其中一员,这些父母们真的很担心自己的孩子会在某一天成长到不再需要他们。Those accessories do make my outfit look better.这些配饰确实很搭我的衣。When you insisted that her dress would be much improved if she wore the pair of big dangling earrings you gave her as a birthday gift, she never disagreed.当你坚持对妈妈说,如果她戴上你作为生日礼物送给她的那副大耳环,衣会更好看时,她绝对不会反对。But if you were watching her closely, you#39;d have seen her slipping a couple of things from her jewelry box into her purse before she went out.但是,如果你仔细观察,就会发现母亲在出门前偷偷地从首饰盒里拿了一些饰品放进钱包里。Sweet words for moms给妈妈的甜言蜜语Sweet words to text your mom or to add to a Mother#39;s Day card:把甜言蜜语用短信发给妈妈,或是写在母亲节贺卡上:I want you to know you#39;re a wonderful mother and I#39;ve always known how lucky I#39;ve been throughout my life to have had you as my mom.我想让你知道,你是一个很伟大的母亲。一直以来,我都庆幸此生能拥有你这样的母亲。You were always there for me when I needed someone to be there, and I want you to know I will always be there for you.在我需要依靠时,你一直在我身边。我想让你知道,我会一直陪在你身边。I couldn#39;t have asked for a better mother. You#39;re always there to give excellent advice, make great food, or just listen.对我而言,你是最好的母亲。你总能给我宝贵的建议,为我做可口的食物,或耐心倾听我的心声。I would not have been able to make this wonderful journey through life without you. You paved the road of my life with your support and love.如果没有你,我的人生的旅途不会如此美好。是你用爱与持为我铺平了人生的道路。Thanks for always helping me to remember what is important in life ... and today it is you.谢谢你让我明白人生中最重要的是什么,而今天,最重要的就是你。While it#39;s too late for a lot of things, it#39;s not too late for me to tell you that even though I may not always be good at showing it, I love you very much.我已错过了很多事,庆幸的是,我还来得及告诉你:也许我平时不擅表达我的爱,但我非常爱你。 /201205/181467

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