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万州妇幼保健院做药物流产多少钱西南医院产前检查好吗Introduce the company介绍公司A: Can you tell me something about your company?你能告诉我有关贵公司的情况吗?B: Yes, our company was set up in 1978 with a capital of million dollars. It now one of the biggest manufacturers of medicines, and we have offices in every major city. We deal in a wide range of related products. The annual output value reached million in U. S. dollars last year.好的我们公司成立于1978年,当时的资本是0万美元如今已经是最大的制药厂之一,而且我们在每一座大城市都没有办事处相关产品的经营范围相当广泛去年年度生产总值达到一千三百万美元A: How many employees do you have?你们有多少员工?B: About 300 in the plant and 500 in the office.工厂大约有300人,办公室500人A: What is your market share?市场占有率是多少?B: We now have 30% of the market. We will get more next year as our new production line is put into operation.我们现在的市场占有率是30%随着新生产线的投产,明年市场占有率将会更大A: How do your quality control systems operate here?在这里你们的质量控制管理制度是如何运作的?B: To answer this question, Id like to show you a -minute film about our company. It can give you a better explanation than me.要回答这个问题,我想为您放映一个有关公司的分钟的片子它会比我解释得更清楚 19333重庆哪家医院做打胎最好 Reinsurance in property and liability insuranceThere are two essential ways in which risk is shared under reinsurance agreements in the field of property and liabity insurance.The reinsurance agreements may repuire the reinsurer to share in every loss that occurs to a reinsureed risk,or it may require the reisurer to pay only after a loss reaches a certain size.Quota share treaties and surplus treaties fall in the first category,while excess-loss treaties comprise the second.bull;HEADING AUnder a a share treaty,the direct-writing company and the reinsurance company agree to share the amount of each risk on some percentage basis.Thus,the A Mutual Insurance Company(the direct writer)may have a 50% a share treaty with the DEF Reinsurance Company(reinsurer).Under such an agreement,the DEF Reinsurance Company will pay 50% of any losses arising from those risks subject to the reinsurance treaty.In return the A Mutual Insurance Company will pay the DEF Reinsurance Company 50% of the premiums it receives from the insureds.(with a reasonable allowance made to A the agent*commission and expenses connected with putting the business on the books).bull;HEADING BUnder a surplus treaty,the reinsurer agrees to accept some amount of insurance on each risk in excess of a specified net retention.Normally,the amount the reinsurer is obligated to accept is referred to as a number of ;lines; and is expressed as some multiple of the retention.A given treaty might spectify a net retention of $,000,with five ;lines.;Under such a treaty,if the direct writer writes a $,000 policy,no reinsurance is involved,but the reinsurer will accept the excess of policies over $,000 up to ,000.These treaties may be ;first-surplus treaties;,;second-surplus;,and so on.A second-surplus treaty fits over a first-surplus treaty,assuming any excess of the first treaty,and so on a third or fourth treaty.To illustrate,let us assume that the A Mutual Insurance Company,has a first-surplus treaty with a $,000 net retention and five lines with the DEF Reinsurance Company and a second-surplus treaty with the GHI Reinsurance Company,also with five lines.If A sells a ,000 policy,it must,under the terms of both agreements,retain $,000.The DEF Reinsurance Company will then assume ,000 and GHI will assume ,000:A Mutual Insurance Company $,000DEF Reinsurance Company 50,000GHI Reinsurance Company 0,000Any loss under this policy would be shared on the basis of the amount of total insurance each company carries.Thus,A would pay % of any loss,DEF would pay 50%,and GHI would pay 0%.The premium would be divided in the same proportion,again with a reasonable allowance from the reinsurers to the direct writer the expense of putting the policy on the books.bull;HEADING CUnder an excess-loss treaty,the reinsurer is bound to pay only when a loss exceeds a certain amount.In essence,an excess-loss treaty is simply an insurance policy that has a large deductible taken out by the direct writer.The excess-loss treaty may be written to cover a specific risk or to cover many risks suffering loss from a single occurrence.Such a treaty might, example,require the reinsurer to pay after the direct-writing company had sustained a loss of $,000 on a specific piece of property,or it might require payment by the reinsurer if the direct writer suffered loss in excess of ,000 from any one occurrence.There is,of course,a designated maximum limit of liability the reinsurer.Insurers get that sinking feelingWHETHER insurers have hearts is debatable.But if they do,the date of August th 199 is surely etched indelibly upon them.That was the day that Hurricane Andrew blew its way through Florida and Louisiana and into the record books,leaving insurers with a repair bill of over $ billion.Reinsurers-sellers of insurance to insurers-ended up footing much of that bill.As a result,they swore that they would introduce discipline into an industry notorious relying on gut instinct rather than actuarial tables.Notably,there would be a re-think of traditional underwriting methods.Two years on,however,little has changed.At first,the hurricane provoked a minirevolution.The price of catastrophe insurance soared:rates in the end-199 renewal season were anywhere from 50% to 0% higher than those a year earlier.Retentions,which show the potential losses to which primary insurers opt to stay exposed rather than buying reinsurance,also rose sharply.Why?One reason was that the market capacity to cover losses had shrunk.Hurricane Andrew followed several years of heavy losses. several smaller reinsurers,it proved the last straw;they quit the industry.Even the world two biggest reinsurance firms,Munich Re and Swiss Re,which had previously competed market share,said that they would turn down business that did not meet tough underwriting criteria.At the same time,capacity at Lloyd,London troubled insurance market,was squeezed as ;names;-the individuals whose capital supports the market-resigned in droves.Another reason that rates rose was that Hurricane Andrew had caused firms to revise their ecasts of future catastrophes.Munich Re,in particular,talked gloomily about global warming and the fear that it would lead to many more violent storms.To cover the increased probability of higher pay-outs,reinsurers began to charge more their services.Recently,these trends have gone into reverse, several reasons.First,1993 turned out to be a much better year reinsurers than anyone had expected,with claims totalling a mere $ billion.(The bulk of the cost of that year biggest disaster,the floods in America Mid-west,fell on the government,not the insurance industry).As reinsurers turned in bumper results,talk of global warming faded.Second,reinsurance capacity began to rise again.Lloyd of London was boosted by the prospect of an injection of capital from newly authorised corporate investors.And Bermuda,hitherto known only as a base captive insurers(subsidiaries set up to allow industrial firms to insure themselves),suddenly became a ce to be reckoned with.The creation of several new firms since November 199 has boosted the capacity of the island reinsurers from almost nothing to around billion.New capacity has not stopped talk of an insurance crisis in Florida and,since January earthquake in Los Angeles(the second-biggest insured loss ever),in Calinia.Reinsurers have realised that potential catastrophic losses in those states are now so huge that it might never make sense to provide full coverage,reckons Peter Kellogg of A.M. Best,an American firm of insurance analysts.If thousands of homes are now to be left without cover,the government might have to step in.One way it could do so is by selling reinsurance,as proposed by the National Disaster Coalition,a lobby group. 7Eating mooncakes is a not-to-miss part of Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Sept 7 thisyear. But people are quite tired of eating traditional mooncakes. Instead, people are trying innovative mooncakes with special flavors.吃月饼是中秋节不可错过的部分,今天的中秋节是9月7日但是人们对传统月饼早已感到厌倦如今,人们正在尝试口味独特的创新月饼Let have a look at the weirdest mooncakes.让我们盘点一下十大最不可思议的月饼吧Chocolate mooncake with spicy beef filling巧克力辣牛肉月饼Ten years ago, a girl said to a boy, ;It impossible us to be together, like chocolate will never be with beef.; Today, it seems that everything is possible.十年前,一个女孩对一个男孩说,“我们不可能在一起,就好像巧克力永远不会和牛肉在一起一样”如今,万事皆有可能Sour and spicy mooncake酸辣月饼The sourness of the mooncake filling is from pickled vegetables and hawthorns. The spiciness is made from a chilli sauce resembling to the famous brand Lao Gan Ma.月饼馅的酸味源于腌制的蔬菜和山楂辣味源自和著名品牌老干妈类似的一种辣椒酱Fermented bean curd mooncake腐乳月饼This is a variant of a kind of pastry made with fermented bean curd popular in Chaoshan,Guangdong province. The pastry is usually used as a sacrificial offering by local people onthe first day and the middle day of each month.在广东超市里,这款腐乳制造的油酥点心十分流行这种糕点通常在每月第一天和月中被用来做祭品Mooncake with fillings of cream, truffle and goose liver奶酥松露鹅肝月饼The ;Louis Vuttion; of mooncakes is made with expensive ingredients of truffle and gooseliver. This luxurious mooncake definitely deserves a bite.月饼中的“路易威斯“是由昂贵的原料——松露和鹅肝制成的这款奢华的月饼绝对值得一试Mooncake with leek egg filling韭菜鸡蛋月饼Scrambled egg is a popular filling Chinese Jiaozi (dumpling). But the first time,scrambled egg is being used the traditional Mid-Autumn day dessert.碎鸡蛋是中国常见的饺子馅但是碎鸡蛋第一次被用来制造传统中秋糕点;Shiren; mooncake“十仁”月饼;Shiren; mooncakes have kinds of nuts, doubling the traditional ;Wuren; mooncake with 5kinds of nuts. It four to six times larger than traditional mooncakes, and implies best wishesof ;perfect in every respect“十仁”月饼由十种坚果制成,比传统的“五仁”月饼种类多一倍它是传统月饼的四到六倍,这寓意着“生活方方面面都完美”Mooncake stuffed with braised pork and preserved vegetable in soya sauce梅菜扣肉月饼Braised pork with preserved vegetable in soya sauce, or ;meicai kourou; is a famous Chinesedish. The one made this special filling mooncake must be a super fan of this dish.梅菜扣肉是中国名菜用它来做月饼馅的人一定大爱这款菜Bamboo charcoal mooncake竹炭月饼This mooncake is made by putting bamboo charcoal powder into the mooncake when baking.It said to have the function of absorbing toxins inside our bodies.这款月饼是在烘焙月饼时加入竹炭粉制成的据说,它可以吸附体内的毒素Instant noodle mooncake方便面月饼Putting instant noodles into the traditional mooncake will surely give you a special experience.The mooncakes are also marked with Chinese characters, ;Diao Si;, which means;underprivileged losers; in a self-mocking way.把方便面放入传统的月饼中一定会给你带来独特的体验月饼上还刻有“屌丝”二字,这是社会地位较低的人用来自嘲的方法Mooncakes with bean-taste filling fried with tomatoes豆沙月饼炒西红柿The canteen of Civil Aviation University of China had put ward a dish which fried mooncakepieces stuffed with sweet bean taste and tomatoes bee decorating them with caraway. Thedish became a hit on the Internet and is called the weirdest mooncakes.中国民航大学食堂推出一款新菜:豆沙月饼炒西红柿,出国前还撒上香菜装饰这款菜在网上引起轩然,被誉为最奇葩的月饼 0重庆月经不调治疗医院

重医大附一院治疗妇科怎么样导购口语:I prefer a V-shaped collar to a turtleneck.我喜欢V字领,不喜欢高领I prefer divided shirt. It much more convenient than long shirt.我喜欢裙裤,它比长裙方便多了Id rather have the casual type. They should look much look much better on me.我喜欢休闲款式的,我穿便装更好看 语句:Prefer A to B意思是“相对B跟喜欢A”,其中A,B都是名词; I的rather…后接动词原形,表示“宁愿做某事” 情景再现:What style do you prefer, fashionable or conservative?你喜欢什么款式的?时髦一点还是保守一点的?I want beige pants to match my sky blue T shirt.我要米色的裤子来配我的天蓝色T恤衫Im afraid I dislike that color. It too loud.我恐怕不太喜欢这种颜色,太艳了 19635梁平城口丰都县痛经哪家医院最好的 本文选在Joey《乔伊,希望朋友们会喜欢Joey: Lauren, Lauren, Lauren, look. I am so sorry I screwed up the plot twist. I panicked. Lauren: Didn't they ever have press junkets on Days of Our Lives?Joey: Yeah, but the producer always got to tell me about them. That's good producing.Lauren: I'm just really disappointed, Joey. I was really counting on you. You're our most experienced actor, and you're the patriarch.Joey: Hey, hey. We're All Americans here. 重点讲解:counting oncount upon 依靠;指望例句:You can count on me: I’ll help you. 你能依靠我,我会帮助你的Patriarch 家长,家族(早期基督教的)主教;(东正教的)大主教(一般用大写首字母)例如:the Patriarch of Jerusalem 耶路撒冷的大主教 7763重庆看妇科哪家医院最好的

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