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A: I have a little problem with room 5.B: What exactly seems to be the problem, Mr. Sandals?A: I found cockroaches in my room.B: Cockroaches, sir? That's unbelievable.A: I've seen at least nine different cockroaches in my room.B: Sir, are you sure you haven't seen the same silverfish nine times?A: There are nine cockroaches in my room. I don't have time your disbelief!B: I apologize. One moment, please, while I transfer you to my supervisor. 01What happens to you after you die? That is one of life biggest questions. millennia, humans have been trying to solve that problem through a variety of different ways. From philosophy to science, the question of life and death has pervaded a significant amount of important work either directly or indirectly.人死后将会经历什么?那是有关生命的一大难题数千年来,人类已尝试用各种各样的方法来解答这个难题有关生命与死亡的问题已经直接或间接地在哲学和科学领域中充当重要的角色Untunately, there are no answers to the question of life after death. Even after all of this time, scientists are only beginning to fully understand the process of death itself. Old tropes talk of the moment of death as though it is a singular point in time or the period at the end of the sentence of life. But, just as life is a complicated series of processes and events, death cannot be broken down to a split second when life ends. From studies surrounding consciousness to tales of near death experiences, humans have been exploring these concepts centuries. Recently, new breakthroughs in resuscitation science have some inmation about what happens to a person in the first few minutes after they die. This research is of hallmark importance; however, not all of it can be proven to be objective fact. Much of what life after death means comes down to the kind of life you describe. Life, as a biological process, will end. Cells die and are immediately broken down. That much about death is clear. But things like behaviors, traits and likenesses live on through our offspring. Whether it is by genes or by learned behaviors, some part of many people lives on through their children long after they die. Science cannot explain the phenomenon of life after death as it presently stands, but here are ten ways that it can try:可惜的是,现在还没法解释死后的生命世界甚至这么长时间以来,科学家们才刚开始全面了解死亡本身的过程一些古老的比喻将死亡的那一刻比作时间中的一个奇异点,亦或是生命长河的最后时刻但是,生命是一系列复杂的过程和大事件,当其结束时,死亡也不可能被分解成一刹那从围绕意识的研究到濒死经历的故事,人类已经对这些概念探索了好几个世纪最近,复苏科学有了新突破,揭示了在人死后最初几分钟内将会发生的事情这项研究非常重要;但还无法明所有的成果都是客观事实死后的生活意味着什么,这很大程度上归结于你所描绘的生活生命这一生化过程终将结束细胞死后立即被分解这些都确定无疑但行为、特性以及长相等会通过我们的后代延绵下去无论是通过基因还是习得行为,很多人死后会在某种程度上通过他们的子女继续活下去就目前来说,科学尚无法解释死后的生命现象,但有以下个方面可以进行尝试:.Death Is Not an Event.死亡并不是一件大事The moment that your heart beats the last time or the moment you take your last breath is not the moment of your death. Death continues to be a mysterious process those with a career in science, and those who ponder their own mortality.心脏最后一次跳动或者吸入最后一口气,这都不代表你的死期已到对那些科学研究者以及那些思索着自己死亡大事的人而言,死亡一向就是一个神秘的过程The fact that death is not a fleeting moment is demonstrated by the rare confusion that some people face regarding whether or not a person is really dead. Most people have heard the stories about someone who was declared dead but seemed to magically wake up at their funeral. Despite so many medical advancements and technologies, people still make mistakes about who is dead and who is not. A 91 year old Polish woman recently scared the life out of some morticians after she woke up in a morgue hours after being declared dead. The mortician discovered that there was movement in the body bag and when it was opened, the poor woman was not only alive but quite healthy. A similar situation happened in Kenya in . A young man was declared to be dead after he ingested insecticide. Although the doctors had tried to save him, they believed that the cause was lost. But only hours after being sent to the morgue, he woke up and frightened the technicians who were working near and around him. Of course, some of these mistakes are the result of human error. After all, American coroners are not required to have medical degrees, and some conditions and medications do mimic death in a convincing manner. Mistaking the living the dead is a rare thing in modern society. It happens so rarely that if a mistake is made, the news makes headlines around the world. Whether the mistake is made by an elected official or a trained medical professional, it opens up a necessary discussion about how complicated the processes of death and dying really are.人们偶尔会困惑,不知道某个人是否已经死亡,这明死亡并不是一个短暂的时刻绝大多数人都听闻过被宣布死亡的人竟在他们的葬礼中奇迹般苏醒的故事尽管有了这么多先进的医药和技术,人们仍然会在断定谁死谁生的问题上犯错有个91岁的波兰妇女在被宣布死亡个小时后,竟在太平间醒来,这可把一些入殓者吓得要死有个入殓师发现装尸袋有动静,就在此时,袋子打开,那个可怜的妇女不但还活着,而且还相当健康年,肯尼亚也有类似的情况发生一名年轻男子摄入杀虫剂后被宣布身亡尽管医生们已竭尽全力抢救他,但最终还是认定男子已经死亡但就在被送去太平间的个小时后,他醒了过来,吓坏了在一旁的工作人员当然,有些错误是因为人为失误毕竟美国的验尸官不一定要有医学学位,而且一些特殊状况和药物会造成令人信的假死现象误把活人当死人这一现象在当代社会已极为罕见正因为它如此罕见,一旦出现,它将成为全世界的头条新闻无论是一位民选官员还是一位训练有素的药剂师,当他们犯下这种错误时,都会激起一场有关死亡过程的复杂性和如何断定真正死亡的讨论9.The Brain Cannot Function When the Heart Stops Beating9.心脏不跳动,大脑便停止运转Dying is not an instantaneous process. Although it was thought to be a simple process in which a person stops breathing oxygen and supporting brain function, it is much more complex than this. Dying does not just happen. It is something that happens over an entire lifetime. The final process itself is something that happens over several hours and some doctors believe that it is reversible.死亡不是一个瞬时过程尽管人们把它看做一个简单的过程,即人停止吸氧供大脑运转,而实际上,它比这过程还复杂得多死亡不是一下子就发生的它贯穿于生命体的一生其最后进程发生在几小时内,而且医生们相信那是可逆的Scientists know very little about what happens when a person dies. This is partly because it is such a complex question and partly because few researchers actually participate in discussions surrounding the subject. Many of the hard sciences like chemistry have supported the idea that there is only one objective in reality and anything that is subjective is not considered to be a fact. As a result, scientists veer away from the subject of life after death, despite its existential value. What science does know is that the brain needs oxygen to function; it relies on the heart and the cardiovascular system to take in oxygen, filter it and pass it to the brain. Once the heart stops beating, the brain dies very quickly. In fact, it takes only to 30 seconds the brain to stop all function after the heart has stops beating. It only begins function again if the heart can be restarted.科学家们对人死时所发生的一切知之甚少其中部分原因是死亡本身就是一个复杂的问题,还有部分原因是很少有研究者参与到该课题的讨论中很多硬科学如化学已经实,客观实际只有一个,任何主观事物均不被当作事实,尽管人类的死后世界这一课题本身存在着价值,但科学家们还是远离这个课题科学家们所知道的是,大脑需要氧气来维持正常的运转,它依靠心脏和心血管系统来吸收氧气,过滤后输送给大脑心脏一旦停止跳动,大脑很快就会死亡实际上,心脏停止跳动后,大脑只需到30秒的时间就会停止所有功能只有心脏再次跳动,大脑才能再次运转8.Some People Have Awareness Even After They Are Clinically Dead8.有些人即使临床上实死亡但他依然有意识A recent study in resuscitation medicine surveyed 360 people who were able to be revived after suffering from cardiac arrest. These 360 people were found out of a group ,000 patients from hospitals in America, Britain and Austria.最近一个关于复苏医学的研究调查了360个在心搏停止后又苏醒过来的患者这360人从美国、英国和奥地利的医院中的00名患者中挑选出来Out of these 360 people, only around 0 were well enough to be interviewed. Out of this group, around 0 percent said that they had a kind of ;awareness; even though their heart had stopped beating and their brains had stopped functioning. Of course, some scientists chalk this up to post-traumatic stress disorder or other psychiatric issues. However, one case in particular stood out among the crowd. One of these 360 people could describe the exact events that followed his death. He told the researchers that while he was clinically dead, he kept hearing the beeping of a machine. The beeps went every three minutes and he heard two beeps from the machine. The exact detail with which he could describe the events that followed his death lead doctors to believe that his brain did not fully shut down, even though his heart stopped several minutes. Dr. Sam Parnia of the State University of New York at Stony Brook was the lead author of the study that published this miraculous case. Dr. Parnia suggested that man experience was paradoxical, but that it opened up new possibilities in medicine. He believes that it is possible that more people continue to have awareness after death. He believes that the majority of patients lose memory of consciousness as a result of the trauma or of the sedatives involved in reviving them.这360人中仅有0人左右恢复到可以接受采访的程度接受采访的人中,有0%的人,说尽管他们的心脏已经停跳且大脑已经失去功能,但他们仍然有一些意识当然有些科学家将其归因于创伤后精神失调或是其他心理因素然而,有一个特别的例子很引人注目360名患者中有一人可以确切地说出在他;死后;发生的事情他告诉研究者,当他被诊断为医学死亡后,他还能听到一个机器发出的;哔哔;声;哔哔;声每隔3分钟响一次,他听到了次他可以描述出死后所发生事件的确切细节,医生们认为,在他的心脏停跳数分钟后,他的大脑仍没有死亡纽约州立大学石溪分校的山姆·帕尼尔士(Dr. Sam Parnia) 是这项堪称奇迹的研究的主要负责人帕尼尔士说,人的经验相互矛盾,但这为医药领域展开了新的可能性他相信,其实有更多人在死亡之后依然有意识他认为大部分患者由于精神创伤或者在复苏过程中使用了镇静剂,忘记了他们在死亡后仍然有知觉7.People May Have Different Levels of Consciousness After They Die7.人们在死亡后可能依然存在不同程度的知觉In the same study, Dr. Parnia noted that out of the 360 patients in the study, many of these patients recalled dramatically different experiences of their time after death. Out of all of the patients interviewed, 39 percent said that they had distinct feelings of consciousness but that they were unable to describe anything that happened to them or around them during the period when they were clinically dead.在同一个试验中,帕尼尔士提到,在参与试验的360名患者中,很多人所回忆的死后经历迥然不同接受采访的患者中,39%的人说他们在医学死亡后仍有清晰的意识,但是却不能描述在这个过程中他们身上及周围发生的一切About 6 percent of all of the patients interviewed said that they had some recollection of their near death experience; however, these memories do not fit in with the general knowledge about near-death experiences. Only 9 percent of the patients interviewed actually experienced the bright lights that are most commonly associated with a near death experience. Many of the people with memories remembered feeling scared and persecuted while they were dead. But people experiences varied widely. Some people felt joyful while others described being enveloped a bright light. Some believed they had encountered a kind of mystical or mythical being. Only percent of the people with these recollections felt as though they had been separated from their body. The variety of experiences that patients in this study reported suggests that if there is life after death, or in this case, brain function after death, then this experience is vastly different everyone. There have been several reports in the media over the years of people who have come back from the edge at the last moment and claimed to have their lives flash bee them. Some claim that they were taken in by a warm, brilliant light. While many of these reports are written off as hallucinations at best and outright lies at the worst, this new study provides some scientific merit to the experiences humans have encountered years.有大约6%的受访者说他们对濒死时发生的事有一些印象,然而这些记忆却与我们所知道的关于濒死体验的常识不符只有9%的受访者真正体验到了通常与濒死联系在一起的亮光大部分患者记得自己在;死后;感受到恐惧和纠结但是人们的体验完全不同有些人觉得十分快乐,有的人说他们被一道光亮笼罩,有些人坚信他们遇到了神话里的情形或是神话中的生物只有%的人觉得他们的灵魂和肉体好像分开了在这次试验中,不同病人的不同反馈表明,如果死后依然有生命,或者在这个试验中,我们可以说死后大脑依然能够运行,那么这种经历在不同的人身上则完全不同近几年来,媒体报道了不少从垂死边缘被抢救回来的病人,这些病人都称自己的人生像幻灯片一样在自己眼前一一呈现有些人说他们被一道温暖明亮的光线吸入这些报道顶多被轻率地当作是幻觉,最坏的情况下人们会简单地认为这是谎言但这项研究为人们已经经历多年的现象提供了科学视角6.Consciousness Cannot Be Proven by Science6.意识不能被科学明Untunately, even after at least ,000 years of trying to understand human consciousness, no one seems to have any real answers. The topic was first documented as being considered by the Greeks and thinkers around the world have been infatuated with the subject years. Consciousness cannot be proven. People cant even think about their own consciousness. The main problem, so far, with the perception of consciousness is that people cannot even think of the questions to find the answers to. Philosophers, psychoanalysts, doctors and learned people from all walks of life have made thousands of attempts to discover what it means to be conscious and how a person is conscious. Almost all people assume that we are conscious, but no one can prove it. As a result, proving or disproving the reports given by the patients in Dr. Parnia study is impossible. Are they making them up? Are they merely tricks the brain plays to cover up the trauma? It remains impossible to tell. As the man who accurately described the scene after his death, that alone can finally justify further investigations into the problems of life and death.在至少00年的人类意识探索中,不幸的是,没有人能找到这个问题的确切这个话题首次被希腊人记录,世界各地的思想家多年致力于研究这一问题意识不能被明人们甚至不能思考自己的意识到目前为止,随着对意识的认知,最主要的问题是,人们甚至不能通过思考这个问题来找寻哲学家、心理分析学家、医生和各行各业的学之士尽其努力发掘意识的本质,了解人类怎样拥有意识几乎所有人都认为我们是有意识的,但是无人能实这一点,不可能论或反帕尔尼士的研究报告这是他们编造的吗?还是大脑为掩盖创伤所玩的把戏?我们无从分辨至于那些能够准确描述死后场景的人,也仅仅明了生死问题还有待进一步研究审校:赵倩 来源:前十网 570Google has released designs a new -story, 1 million-square-foot headquarters in London near King Cross railway station, complete with a sprawling, landscaped rooftop garden.日前,谷歌发布了其全新层楼、临近伦敦国王十字车站、占地0万平方英尺、屋顶有一个开阔、景色宜人花园的伦敦总部的设计The facilities will include a cafe, gym and pool as well as a rooftop track and ground-floor retail spaces, according to the company application permission to build.根据谷歌总部的建设申请,大楼内将配备有咖啡馆、体育馆、游泳池、屋顶跑道和一楼的零售店The campus has been designed by an all-star team that includes Thomas Heatherwick, the British designer behind London Olympic cauldron, and Danish architect Bjarke Ingels.这个园区由一个全明星团队设计,其中就包括伦敦奥运会火炬台的设计者、英国设计师托马斯·海德维克,以及丹麦建筑师比雅克·英格斯The current designs seem characteristic of the two men. Heatherwick was the mastermind behind the recently scrapped garden bridge in London, and last year, Ingels opened what he calls a ;courtscraper; -- a structure that combines a communal courtyard with the density of a skyscraper -- in New York.当前的设计彰显了两人的特点海德维克是最近伦敦废弃花园大桥的幕后设计大师;而就在去年,英格斯完成了被他称为“courtscraper”的建筑--一种将公共庭院与天大楼的密度相结合的结构;Our design the new Google campus at King Cross is rooted in the local character of the area, taking advantage of the contextually defined building envelope while creating continuously cascading work environments that will connect Googlers across multiple floors,; Ingels said in a statement.Ingels在一则声明中表示,“我们在国王十字车站设计的谷歌园区因地制宜,根据地形环境特点设计了建筑外壳,同时流动层级式的工作环境可以有效连接不同楼层之间的谷歌员工”Heatherwick, whose studio is based in King Cross, added: ;We have treated this new building Google like a piece of infrastructure too, made from a family of interchangeable elements which ensure that the building and its workspace will stay flexible years to come.;工作室位于国王十字区的海德维克补充道:“我们还把谷歌的新建筑当作了基础设施,由许多可互换的元素构成,确保建筑及其工作空间在未来几年内始终保持灵活”Google had submitted designs a new headquarters in , but they were later scrapped. If the new application is approved by Camden Council, construction will start next year.早在年,谷歌就已提交了新总部的设计方案,但是后来搁浅了如果这次的新申请能获得卡姆登议会的批准,那么明年就可以正式开工了 50

A: Hello, I need a doctor’s appointment right away!B: Is this an emergency?A: I am having trouble breathing.B: Have you had a cold lately?A: It has been going on a few days now.B: You should hang up and dial 9.A: I don’t think that this is that bad, but I need to see a doctor right away.B: Is there someone who can drive you to our Urgent Care facility on Sunset Blvd.?A: Yes, I can get a ride to Urgent Care.B: Good. When you get there, a doctor will be able to see you right away. 5555

5.The Mako Shark5.灰鲭鲨Much like their larger cousins, the Great Whites, Mako sharks are found in waters all over the world, though they are particularly well-adapted to surviving in cold water. They are known as pelagic species, which means they prefer deep ocean waters free of clutter their travels. And travel they do, with a regular cruising speed of around 35 miles per hour, they cover migration ranges of more than a thousand miles in only a month. However, when they are hunting or feel threatened, they can execute bursts of speed in excess of 60 miles per hour. While they aren’t especially picky about what they eat, they seem to prefer schooling fish—tuna, swordfish, or herring.灰鲭鲨和体积偏大的大白鲨有点像,虽然更适应在冷水里生存,但是各个海域中都能见到它们的身影灰鲭鲨是深海生物,喜欢在没有阻力的海洋深处任意游动它们能以35英里每小时的速度,只用一个月游完00英里的迁徙距离但是当它们捕食或是感觉受到威胁的时候,它们的游速可以超过60英里每小时它们对自己的食物倒不是特别挑剔,但似乎偏向集群鱼类一点——金鱼,箭鱼或是青鱼Descended from a Cretaceous Era giant of the sea, the Mako of today tops out at around 500 pounds—and bears all the hallmarks of evolutionary success. They have a compact, streamlined design that makes speed on demand a possibility. Large eyes, which are even larger in the rare longfin variant of the species, render them highly successful hunters. One other evolutionary marvel that they share with Great Whites is an endothermic circulatory system—that means warm-blooded. This enables them to distribute and maintain a stable body heat even in the coldest water. While it is a mechanism employed by several fish throughout the world, it is a characteristic that has been honed to perfection by these ultimate predators of the sea.继承了白垩纪海洋巨型生物的特点——灰鲭鲨最重可达到5000磅左右,身上带着成功进化的印记紧凑,流线型的体型满足对速度的需求灰鲭鲨的眼睛比长鳍变异生物的眼睛还大,它们成为了海洋中捕食成功率非常高的捕猎者另一个和大白鲨都有的进化特征便是体内的吸热循环系统——也就是说它们是温血动物即使在最寒冷的冬天也能够散热保持身体的恒定温度虽然世界上有很多鱼都拥有这样的本事,但这个特点让这些海里的终极捕食者变得愈趋完美.The Bone Fish.骨鱼This fish can be found in most tropical and subtropical shallow waters. It’s so named its large number of fine bones, but it’s also one of the fastest shallow bottom fish in the world. Unlike its faster friends, the pelagic fishes, such as tuna and mackerel, this fish moves up into mud flats to feed during high tide, and has an air bladder that allows it to breathe easy during these trips. They tend to enjoy crustaceans and other creatures found in less than twelve inches of water that they crush with powerful pharyngeal teeth. While they can live as long as 19 years, these fish are a favorite snack of both sharks and barracudas. That means they have a need speed in order to escape capture. They can maintain flight speed of up to 0 miles per hour long durations. Another safety tactic is their small school size—only about 0 gather together at any time, and each fish maintains a constant distance from its neighbors.在大部分热带和亚热带的浅海里都能发现骨鱼它身上有许多细密的骨头,得名,但是它也是世界上游得最快的浅底鱼之一不像其它游得更快的小伙伴,比如金鱼和鲭鱼这样的上层鱼类,骨鱼在涨潮时钻进泥滩觅食,气囊让它在找食物的路途上呼吸得更轻松它们喜欢吃甲壳类动物和其他生活在水下英尺以内的生物,进食时它们会用有力的牙齿咬碎猎物只有19年寿命的骨鱼是鲨鱼和梭鱼最爱的零食它们必须要速度很快才能躲过猎捕骨鱼可以长时间保持0英里每小时的速度游动另外鱼群很小——任何时候都只有0条鱼聚集在一起,每条鱼之间都保持恒定的距离They range throughout the Caribbean Sea—as far north as the Carolinas and down as far as the lower reaches of Brazil in their Atlantic habitats. They can be found from Hawaii to Peru and up as far North as San Francisco Bay in the Pacific, but tend to shy away from ranging any farther from the equator. While they are often prized as game fish among sports enthusiasts—especially their canny habits and maneuvers honed while outwitting natural predators—the flesh is incredibly bony. It is, theree, not considered an important source of nutrition when other fish are available. Its other names also include bananafish, banana, and ladyfish.整个加勒比地区,北至卡罗来纳,一直到巴西的下游都有骨鱼的栖息地从夏威夷到秘鲁,北至太平洋的旧金山湾都可以发现它们的踪迹,但是这些鱼很少在赤道附近活动尽管在体育爱好者中,骨鱼常常被作为猎用鱼——尤其是因为它们可以谨慎的生活习惯和矫健的身姿战胜天敌骨鱼骨瘦如柴,,当有其他鱼类可以选择时,它们就不作为重要的营养来源了骨鱼也叫香蕉鱼、香蕉和海鲢3.The Barracuda3.梭鱼Often called a King Fish or a Wahoo, this fish is a decidedly nasty customer. One of the most proficient predators in tropical and subtropical waters around the world, the barracuda reaches a top speed of 7 miles per hour. When paired with its distinctive and often unpredictable directional darting, what is a terror fish is a delightful challenge sport fishing enthusiasts. While they’re a pelagic or open-water species, they also make themselves quite at home among the mations of reefs.梭鱼通常被称为国王鱼或火树,这种鱼相当卑鄙下流它是热带和亚热带海域中最熟练的捕食者之一梭鱼最高时速可达7英里当配上它独一无二又不可预知的猛冲时,对其他鱼是一种灾难,但对钓鱼爱好者来说是一项令人愉快的的运动虽然它们生活在深海和远洋之中,但是在珊瑚礁自己家里时也是十分安静的In the tropics, snorkeling and diving parties are often warned to keep a sharp eye out these unfriendly-looking fish. They aren’t in the habit of attacking humans, but they may be aggressive if they feel threatened. While they do hunt among the reefs, more often, they can be found hanging in the midst of a current, looking all the world as if they’re taking a break. Tending to favor a diverse diet of other pelagic species and squid, they have few natural predators. However, several species of sharks and larger predatory fish find them delicious. One fascinating aspect of the barracuda’s development is that, while most individual specimens tend to slow in growth once they’ve reached about 66 inches in length, their weight is a different matter. Specimens that live in the warmer waters of equatorial oceans and seas tend to be less robust. Weight appears to be dependent upon how cold the water becomes—the heavier specimens living in the chillier northern waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea. As well, while they are fully mature at two years of age, researchers believe that they may live to be six years old or more in ideal conditions.在热带地区,带装备潜水的朋友们常常要警惕这些不友好的鱼它们没有攻击人类的习惯,但如果它们感到有危险就会变得很有攻击性梭鱼在珊瑚礁中捕食时,会隐藏在涌流中,搜寻猎物,但是外表看起来却像正在休息它们的饮食十分多样,吃深海中的生物和鱿鱼,几乎没有天敌但是偶尔也会沦为某些鲨鱼和大型食肉鱼的盘中餐关于梭鱼的成长有一个有趣的事,一旦长到66英寸左右,身长就会减缓生长,但体重的增长就是另一回事了生活在温暖水域和赤道附近的海洋的梭鱼不太健壮,它们的体重似乎与水温有关太平洋和大西洋北部寒冷的水域及地中海中的梭鱼较重梭鱼两岁便成年,研究人员认为它们有六年的寿命,在理想环境下,可能会更长一点.The Swordfish.旗鱼A close relative of marlins, though a separate family and distinct species, the swordfish is hunted both sport and as an expensive prestige food in many Western cultures. While these fish can be found in temperate waters around the world, including the Mediterranean Sea, heavy over harvesting has led protective agencies to place them on a list of endangered species. Indiscriminate harvesting practices have also contributed to depredations of other marine species not being directly culled—such as sea turtles.旗鱼虽是马林鱼的近亲,却分属于不同的家族、截然不同的物种在西方文化中,旗鱼是垂钓运动的“目标鱼种”及餐桌上彰显主人地位的“上等食物”它们广泛分布于包括地中海(Mediterranean)地区在内的全球热带、亚热带海域由于过度捕捞,相关保护机构已将旗鱼列为濒危物种非选择性的捕捞也间接威胁到了海龟等其他海洋物种However, while stiff fines are often appended to the catching of these fish, they still represent a strong draw sports fishing. They have been recorded as leaping in excess of 50 miles per hour, and swimming steadily at speeds as much as 60 miles per hour. Like their much larger friends in the billfish group, they tend to prefer open water, and migrate to warmer climates during the cold season. However, unlike Marlins, they will dive up to ,000 feet in pursuit of prey, and their swordlike bill is used more to thrash than to pierce prey. While they once averaged 1,0 pounds in weight, growing up to feet in length—the Pacific variety being the largest of the many locational variants of swordfish—years of over fishing has reduced the size of the average catch. They generally weigh no more than 0 pounds at the very best—often less—and are seldom more than six feet long. In addition to human over fishing, they continue to be occasionally hunted by Orcas and sharks. Even large tuna will sometimes prey on the immature, smaller individuals.然而,即使捕捞旗鱼会被处以严厉的罚款,它们仍是垂钓运动中的一大吸睛亮点据记录显示,它们在水中跳跃的时速可达50英里,游泳时速可保持在60英里与长嘴鱼族群一样,旗鱼也偏爱开阔的水域,冬季会洄游至气候相对温暖的水域与马林鱼有所不同的是,它们会对猎物穷追不舍,为了捕猎可跳跃00英尺比起用尖长嘴刺穿猎物,它们更爱用此利器把猎物敲死它们的平均体重可达00磅,身长达英尺在众多旗鱼变种中,属太平洋(Pacific)海域的旗鱼体积最大当然,多年来的过度垂钓导致平均被捕捞到的旗鱼尺寸大大缩减,体重不到0磅,也鲜有超过6英尺长的除了人类的捕捞,它们不时会遭到虎鲸和鲨鱼的猎杀体型硕大的金鱼有时也会将它们的幼鱼和个别“小个子”侵吞入腹1.The Marlin1.马林鱼Although the Blue Marlin, a denizen of the Atlantic, may be the most recognizable member of this group of species, there are several that comprise a worldwide population of billfish. Marlins in general are characterized by the elongated bill, which they use to spear prey, and a rigid or semi-retractable dorsal fin that may come ward to m a type of sail or crest. They’re actually closely related to trout, and may have also presented freshwater or estuary species in the past. However, today, the Blue Marlin and the much larger Black Marlin are the two largest groups in the billfish group. The Blue Marlin can grow to nearly seven feet in length and weigh up to 60 pounds. The Black Marlin grows to feet and can weight as much as 1,500 pounds. Both species average a speed of about 68 miles per hour.蓝鱼(俗称蓝色马林鱼)生活在大西洋(Atlantic)海域,它可能是这片海域的所有物种中最出名的鱼类它们中的几个已囊括了全世界范围内所有的长嘴鱼品种马林鱼有着可以刺穿猎物的尖长嘴,背鳍壮硕有力,前行时状如船帆它们与鳟鱼是近亲,曾经也活跃于淡水域或江河入海口中蓝鱼和体积更大的黑鱼可能是目前长嘴鱼族群中最庞大的两大家族成年蓝鱼长度可达7英尺,体重可达60磅黑鱼长度可达英尺,体重可达00磅两大族群的平均游泳时速约为68英里Marlins are surface pelagic fish—meaning that they prefer the open ocean, but stick to the top levels of the water, and rarely dive very far their prey. Because they also prefer to spawn and live in warmer waters, they do seasonally migrate from cooler subtropical locations closer to the equator as the seasons turn. Although the species matures relatively swiftly, the typical sexual dimorphism—when the male is larger than the female of a species—is reversed. Fully mature females can be as much as three or four times the size of their male counterparts. How much sport fishing and commercial depredations have to do with this phenomenon is unclear, though it does appear to be a trend innate to the species. Such intense speeds are amazing anywhere, but when you consider that these animals attain and maintain these velocities in an environment with a density far greater than air, it becomes phenomenal. As our technology advances, scientists are able to observe the once-secret behaviors of animals such as the Pilot Whale, diving deep below the surface, and exhibiting behavior no one ever suspected. As well, we are now able to obtain a more accurate idea of how fast species travel beneath the waves, rather than only when they leap above them. Consider this: we know more about other planets in our solar system than we do about our own oceans and the animals that inhabit them. With a better understanding and the help of advanced technology, we will be able to study marine populations as never bee, to preserve them and understand them, and well as utilize them more responsibly.马林鱼是一种浅海鱼,它们更喜欢生活在远洋中但是它们却喜欢呆在上层水域,也很少为了猎物下潜它们喜欢在温暖的水域中产卵生活,有季节性洄游的习性冬季从相对寒冷的亚热带水域迁移至赤道附近,来年再游回原处马林鱼生长迅速,属两性异形鱼,一般来讲,相同品种的雄鱼体积大于雌鱼但是成年雌马林鱼的体积大概是其配偶的三到四倍这一现象有多少是由垂钓运动和商业破坏所致还未可知,但这确实是物种自然生长的趋势之一如此惊人的速度简直秒杀一切,但考虑到它们能在比空气密度更大的环境中达到并保持此等高速,这就略显逆天了随着人类科技的进步,科学家们能够在深海中观察圆头鲸等动物不为人知的行为举止,并将这些体态展现出来同时,我们也能获得更为准确的信息,比如生物以多快的速度从海浪下方穿过,而不仅仅是它们越过海浪的那一瞬的速度请深思以下内容:我们对太阳系的其他星球了解颇多,却对地球上的海洋及海洋生物知之甚少在科技进步和增进了解的基础上,我们可以对海洋生物达到一个前所未有的认知高度,以更负责的态度去保护、理解并利用它们审校:哎呀 编辑:旭旭 来源:前十网 3A very brave park ranger dressed in a T-Rex costume teases an alligator with a fish, in this hair-raising .在一段令人毛骨悚然的视频中,一名十分勇敢的动物园管理员,身穿霸王龙外套,用一条鱼去戏弄一只短吻鳄Jason McDonald, who works at the Colorado Gators Reptile Park, disguised himself as the dinosaur to taunt the 500lb Morris with fish.在科罗拉多鳄鱼动物园工作的杰森·麦克唐纳将自己伪装成霸王龙的模样,用鱼去戏弄重达500磅的鳄鱼莫里斯The 35-year-old even admitted he couldnt really see in the costume and joked hed be having a bad day if the predator came out of the water.35岁的他甚至还承认,他在装内真的看不到别的东西,并开玩笑说,如果鳄鱼爬出水面,那么他就要“倒霉”了But luckily Mr McDonald, Morris is a well-trained movie star who is used to interacting with humans.但幸运的是,莫里斯是一位训练有素的电影明星,已经习惯于跟人类沟通了He has appeared in many Hollywood blockbusters, including Dr. Dolittle with Eddie Murphy.他曾经出现在包括《怪医杜立德等在内的多部好莱坞大片中Mr McDonald said: I know it looks like we are teasing him, but he a chunky alligator so we make him work his food to burn some calories.麦克唐纳先生对此事表示:“我知道这看起来像是我在戏弄他,但是他是一只发福的鳄鱼,我们使他自己觅食,从而来燃烧一些卡路里”I was feeling nervous and it not very easy to see in the costume because it gets foggy from breathing on it. I have quick reflexes but if the gator was to come all the way out of the water and chase me Id have a bad day.“我感到很紧张,在装里也不容易看清外面,因为呼吸使得里面显得很模糊我的条件反射很快,但是如果鳄鱼爬出了水面,并追赶我,那我就倒霉了” 7001

简介:大学校园不仅是大学生学习的天堂,更是塑造自我,展示自我个性的大舞台当代的中国大学生更是与世界最新潮流最接近的一个特殊群体,他们朝气蓬勃、求知欲强,有自己独特的见解,有着五缤纷的大学生活《大学生校园英语口语专门针对当代大学生的独特性,为他们度身打造了一个练习英语口语的平台,帮助他们快速而快乐地提高英语口语 本书的特点是:新颖、个性化编写的内容几乎都代表了当代大学生生活的各个方面和场景,其中包括校园经典场景: Dormitory(寝室)、Bathroom(浴室)、C1assr oom(教室)、Listening Center(语音室)、 Computer Center(计算机中心)、DingHall(食堂)等等;还有校园经典生活片断:My Sassy Girl(我的野蛮女友) 、 Dormitory Night(寝室夜话)、A Night When PowerFails(停电的晚上)、Letters From Home(家书),等等 作为一名当代大学生,在这个崇尚个性化的年代,用流利的英语表达你心中的校园生活感受,难道不是你的追求之一吗?只要自信加练习,你一定会成功!本书一定能为你五缤纷的大学生活增添英语方面的能力和自信! 18373A Montreal mother says her daughter died after kissing her new boyfriend, who wasnt aware she had a severe peanut allergy.加拿大蒙特利尔的一位母亲近日表示,她的女儿在和男朋友接吻后死亡,因为该男子不知道她有严重的花生过敏反应Myriam Ducre-Lemay, , had recently met the boy when she went to his house to spend the night after a party in , her mother said.这位母亲表示,女儿米丽娅姆·杜克雷·勒梅今年岁,年她曾到一个男孩家参加了一次派对,最近她又遇到了这个男孩After the boyfriend ate a peanut butter sandwich a late-night snack, he returned to the bedroom and gave Myriam the fatal kiss, the mother, Micheline Ducre, told the Journal De Quebec.母亲米什莱恩·杜克雷在接受《魁北克日报采访时表示,这个男孩吃了一个花生酱三明治作为夜宵,然后回到卧室送给了勒梅一记死亡之吻The boy did not tell her he had eaten peanuts, and he wasnt aware of her life-threatening allergy.这个男孩儿并未告知勒梅他吃过花生,也对她这危及生命的过敏反应毫不知情Untunately, she wouldnt have had the time to tell him she had a peanut allergy, the mother said.这位母亲表示:“不幸的是,我的女儿再也没有机会告诉他,她有严重的花生过敏反应”After realizing Myriam was having an allergic shock, the young couple called 9. Paramedics arrived within minutes and transported her to hospital, but the young woman life could not be saved.在意识到勒梅有严重的过敏反应后,这对年轻的情侣迅速打电话报警救护车在几分钟内迅速抵达并将她送往医院,但最终仍回天乏术Now, the mother is telling her daughter story the first time in the hopes of raising awareness of the dangers of allergies. She also hopes that people at risk will carry epipens with them at all times.现在,这位母亲第一次讲出女儿的故事,希望以此呼吁大众对于过敏症的关注她还提醒所有过敏患者要随身携带救命药物A doctor said traces of allergens can stay in a person saliva up to four hours after eating.一名医生指出,当人进食之后,食物过敏源仍会残留在唾液长达小时This is why you have to carry your epipen, even though you dont want to and even though it not cool, said Dr. Christine McCusker, head of pediatric allergy and immunology at Montreal Children Hospital. The most important part of managing your allergies is that you have to inm people. You have to say, ;Listen guys, I have food allergies. I have my epipen. If there is a problem, help me.“这就是为什么你必须随身携带肾上腺素自动注射器,即使你不情愿,即使这看起来不太酷” 蒙特利尔儿童医院儿科过敏和免疫学主任克里斯汀·麦卡斯克盖尔医生说“最最重要的是,你得告诉大家你的过敏情况你得讲出来:大家伙听着啊,我有食物过敏症状我随身带的有肾上腺素自动注射器,如果发生了问题,请帮助我” 5

Product Demonstration 产品展示A: How about it compare with your old models?它与你们的老型号相比如何?B: It different in many ways. It goes longer. And it lighter and much easier to operate.在很多方面都不一样更耐用、更轻、更易操作A: Im not sure. Can you show me how it works, please?我拿不准能给我示范一下吧?B: OK. Here is fairly clear instruction book. Be sure to it carefully bee using it. And now Ill be pleased to give you a demonstration of how to get it started.行,这是详细的使用说明书使用前请仔细阅读现在我给您示范一下如何使用A: Thank you.谢谢B: Well, first, plug the oven into a power point and switch on the power. And then close the oven door. After that, touch the StartStop pad so that a beep sound is heard. That all. It really easy and simple to operate.把微波炉插头插入电源插座,接通电源,关上炉门,触开始停止软键,之后听到“哔”的声音就行了就这样,很容易操作A: Thank you. I think Ill buy this one.谢谢我就买这个 1850A 65-year-old man died in a cinema auditorium last week while watching a screening of horror movie The Conjuring .上周,一名65岁男子在观看恐怖片《招魂时死于电影院The incident occurred at the Sri Balasubramaniar Cinema in Tiruvannamalai, a town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The cinema-goer, from Andhra Pradesh, had complained of chest pains during the film climax, and fainted shortly afterwards.这个事件发生在印度泰米尔纳德邦特鲁瓦纳马莱镇上的Sri Balasubramaniar电影院这位来自安德拉邦来的观影者,在影片达到高潮时自称胸疼,不久就晕倒了He was rushed to the nearby Old Government Hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. Medics ordered his body to be sent to the Tiruvannamalai Government Medical College Hospital post-mortem but, according to the Times of India, the cadaver, and the person charged with transporting it, have both gone missing.随后,他被迅速送往附近的旧政府医院,不过医生宣布其已经死亡之后,医生要求将他的尸体送到特鲁瓦纳马莱政府医学院以验尸,不过,据《印度时报报道,他的尸体、以及负责运输的那个人,竟然双双失踪了While there are no doubt rational explanations both the man death and the disappearance of his body, the story has fuelled a wave of supernatural panic on social media that has accompanied the film release.对于此人的死亡和他的尸体的消失,目前并没有合理的解释同时,伴随着该片的上映,这个事件已经在社交媒体上激起了一波超自然恐慌情绪A purporting to show a woman who ;got possessed while watching The Conjuring ; has been viewed close to five million times since being uploaded to Facebook last week, with many viral news sites in South East Asia reporting the ;possession; as fact. However, the in question is thought to have been filmed in , long bee the release of film.一段某女人;看《招魂时被魔鬼附体;了的视频,自上周被上传到脸书后,浏览量已接近五百万次南亚许多新闻网站报道这个附体的事是真实的然而,该视频却被发现是在年拍摄的,距离该电影发行很久以前Another viral Facebook post, from Singaporean man Damian Ng Yih Leong, shows a ;cross; on a hotel room mirror the man claimed to have found after watching The Conjuring , which he describes as ;my first firsthand encounter with paranormal activity.;另一个被大量转发的脸书网文来自新加坡籍男子达米安,他展示了酒店房间镜子上的;十字;,据其称是在看完电影《招魂后发现的,被其描述为;我与灵异现象的第一次亲密接触; 5

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