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It#39;s cliche for a reason … men aren#39;t always best at showing how they feel, even when they#39;re crazy about you. But here are 10 ways to know for sure:人们总是认为,即使男人为你痴狂,他们也不善于说出自己的感受。但要是他有下面这10种行为,那就能确定他真的爱你了。1. He opens up.1. 吐露心声。Emotional intimacy isn#39;t easy for anyone, so if he#39;s baring his soul to you, it#39;s not because he likes hearing himself talk … alright, not just because he likes hearing himself talk.不是每个人都能做到情感亲密。如果他向你敞开心扉,这不仅仅是因为他喜欢听自己讲话而已哦。2. He does the dirty work.2. 承担家务。Taking out the garbage and scrubbing the bathroom floor may not seem romantic, but it can be his way of showing you he cares: by helping you out and trying to make your life easier. He#39;s not ironing your work pants because he likes to; he#39;s doing it because he wants to make you happy.清理垃圾或擦洗浴室地板,这些事情看起来也许不那么浪漫,但帮助你减轻负担,是他关心你的方式。他为你熨西装裤,不是因为喜欢做这些事,他是想让你快乐。3. He asks for your help.3. 寻求帮助。Whether he wants your input on a blowout with his boss or asks you to tag along and help him pick out a birthday present for his mom, he#39;s asking for your opinion because he respects you and cares what you think, a sure sign he#39;s smitten.不论是邀请你参加与他老板的应酬,或是帮他挑选给妈妈的生日礼物,都是在征求你的意见,因为他尊重你、在意你的想法。他肯定很爱你哦。4. He loves PDA.4. 公开秀恩爱。Alright, sometimes you can do without his groping in the cereal aisle at the supermarket, but take it as a compliment that he can#39;t keep his hands off you. He#39;s proud to call you his and to show you off, and sometimes there#39;s no better way to show his appreciation than to give you a little squeeze!没有他,你也能在超市的麦片区找到自己想要的食品。但他好像永远离不开你似的,把这当做是种赞美吧。因为他很骄傲你是他的爱人,想要到处向人炫耀。有时候,抱紧你是他表达爱的最好方式。5. He chooses the perfect gift.5. 用心挑选礼物。Don#39;t worry if his gifts are duds but if he consistently hits it out of the park with his present shopping skills, take it as a compliment: he#39;s not only a good listener, he#39;s also thoughtful … and willing to spend hours searching for exactly the right thing.如果他已经尽自己最大的购物能力挑选了一件完美礼物,但却不如你所愿,不要太多虑,高兴地接受吧。他不仅是一个好的倾听者,又如此体贴,又愿意花时间寻找能让你开心的东西。6. He introduces you to his family.6. 介绍家人。You can bet that as soon as he introduces a girlfriend to his mother, she#39;ll be on his case about grandchildren. So if he#39;s getting the two of you together, he knows what he#39;s getting himself into and that there might be a future with you.只要他把你介绍给他的妈妈,那他妈妈一定会督促你关于孙子的事。所以,如果他介绍你们认识,他明白自己会面对什么问题。那他肯定是想和你一起创造未来。7. He makes you part of his inner circle.7. 融入他的生活圈。Folding you into his circle is more than just introducing you to his friends. A man who#39;s gaga over you and can see a future will make an effort to make you part of his life. If he#39;s scheduling standing double dates with his coupled friends and inviting you to his weekly drinking night with his friends, he wants you to stick around for a while.让你融入到他的圈子里,不仅是把你介绍给朋友。一个能和你看见未来、为你痴迷的男人,定会努力让你成为他生活的一部分。若他想要邀请你和他的朋友进行四人约会,或是参加每周和朋友的喝酒小聚,表明他希望有你在身边。8. He makes himself a part of your life.8. 融入你的生活圈。If he#39;s joining you for your boring Sunday morning errands and cuddling up on the couch with you with your and your roomies for Gossip Girl every week, he#39;s in it for the long haul.如果他自愿加入你每周日的例行琐事,或是每周缩在沙发上陪你,听你和室友聊八卦,说明他真的想和你一直走下去。9. He compromises.9. 愿做让步。It#39;s simple: when he loves you, he wants to keep you happy. This doesn#39;t mean always letting you get your way, but it does mean he#39;ll be eager to reach a middle ground with you where you#39;re both happy. Whether it#39;s where you spend the holidays or who gets the remote, he#39;ll show his love by insisting that you call the shots sometimes. How To Be Romantic一个很简单的道理,他爱你,就会让你快乐。但这并不意味着他会一直惯着你。但他肯定会努力找到一个方法,让双方都满意,不论是在哪度假或谁掌控遥控器。有时,他会让你做决定,来向你表明他的爱。10. He tells you.10. 向你倾诉。Sure, there#39;s a lot to be said for showing, not telling— but if he#39;s telling you how crazy he is about you, listen up!的确,倾诉这一点没有太多可说。但是,如果他向你表达爱意,一定要仔细听哦! /201705/508945。

Vitamin B could help mitigate the effects of the most dangerous type of air pollution, according to a new study published Monday.上周一发布的一项新研究表明,B族维生素可减轻危害最大的空气污染物的影响。In the first study of its kind, a team of international researchers looked at the damage caused by one of the pollutants that has the most severe impact on health: PM2.5.一个国际研究团队检测了PM2.5带来的危害。PM2.5是对健康产生极其恶劣影响的污染物之一。这在同类研究中尚属首次。The team found that something as simple as a daily vitamin B supplement could potentially reduce the impact of the tiny particles on the human body, although they stressed that research was in its early stages and the sample size was small.研究团队发现,每天摄入B族维生素补充剂这样的简单物质可能会减少这些细颗粒物对人体的影响。不过,研究人员强调研究还处于早期阶段,样本量很小。According to the WHO, 92% of the world#39;s population lives in places where the PM2.5 level exceeds the recommended threshold.根据世界卫生组织报告,全世界92%的人口生活在PM2.5超过推荐安全值的地方。For this study, published in the science journal PNAS, 10 volunteers were initially exposed to clean air and given a placebo to check their baseline responses.这项研究发表在科学期刊《美国国家科学院院刊》上。实验初期,10名志愿者接触干净的空气,同时用安慰剂记录基线反应。The group then took another placebo for four weeks before being exposed to heavily polluted air from downtown Toronto, where an estimated 1,000 cars pass every hour.持续用另一种安慰剂四周后,志愿者开始接触受到严重污染的空气,这些空气来自于多伦多市中心,那里每小时约有1000辆汽车通过。The bad air was delivered to the volunteers through an ;oxygen type; face mask.志愿者通过氧气面罩呼吸被污染的空气。The experiment was then repeated, with each volunteer taking a B vitamin supplement daily -- made up of 2.5 mg of folic acid, 50 mg of vitamin B6, and 1 mg of vitamin B12.然后,团队重复实验,让每个志愿者每天用维生素B族补充剂。补充剂由2.5毫克叶酸,50毫克维生素B6和1毫克维生素B12组成。B6 can be found in liver, chicken and nuts, amongst other things, and B12 in fish, meat, eggs, milk and some cereals.肝脏、鸡肉、坚果等食物中都含有维生素B6,鱼类、肉类、鸡蛋、牛奶和一些谷物中含有维生素B12。The researchers found that four weeks of B vitamin supplements reduced the damage of PM2.5 exposure by 28-76%.研究人员发现,连续四周用维生素B族补充剂后,PM2.5带来的危害减少了28%到76%。The results highlight how prevention at an individual level could be used to fight the adverse effects of PM2.5, the researchers said.研究人员表示,这些结果为个人对抗PM2.5的不良影响指明了预防方法。 /201703/499087。

There’s a battle that wages inside anyone wearing high heels on a dance floor. About halfway through the evening, continuing in your shoes seems unbearable. Do you suck it up and keep dancing until your feet bleed, or take them off and risk getting stepped on by another brave soul in stilettos?任何在舞池中穿着高跟鞋的人内心里都有一场战争。大约在晚会中途,继续穿着高跟鞋似乎就变得难以忍受了。你会忍耐下来,一直跳到脚部流血,还是脱下高跟鞋,面临被另一个勇敢地穿着细高跟鞋的人踩到的风险?German shoe retailer Mime et Moi may have just solved this problem completely. The company offers a range of women’s shoes in a bunch of different colorways that come with five different interchangeable heel options. There are high and medium stiletto heels, high and medium block heels, and a flat heel, too.德国鞋业零售商Mime et Moi也许恰好彻底地解决了这个问题。该公司为女性提供了一系列不同配色的鞋子,而且这些鞋子可以搭配五种不同高度且可以互换的鞋跟,有细高跟、中等高度的细鞋跟、阔高跟、中等高度的阔鞋跟以及一双平跟。According to a from Tech Insider UK, the different heels fit easily into a handbag, making them ideal for carting along on a commute, to a wedding, or pretty much anywhere else. Plus, they easily click in and out, meaning you’ll be back on that dance floor in no time.据英国科技内幕资讯网上的一个视频显示,不同的鞋跟可以轻松地放进手提包里,非常适合上下班、参加婚礼或是去几乎其他任何地方。而且,它们很容易拆装,也就是说你可以随时回归舞池。Unfortunately, the shoes themselves are only available in Europe so far, but that won’t stop us from daydreaming about them ― or from finding a vacationing friend to bring us back a pair, which retail between about 0 and 0.遗憾的是,到目前为止,这种鞋子只在欧洲出售,但这并不能阻止我们想像穿上它的样子,也不能阻止我们找一个去欧洲度假的朋友为我们带回这样一双鞋,这种鞋子的零售价格为190~220美元。 /201705/509194。

A new college that aims to reinforce ;traditional Chinese values; among new brides and mothers will open in Henan Province, media reported.据媒体报道,一所旨在提升新婚女性和母亲们的“中国传统价值观”的新学院即将成立。Courses on offer include e-business and communications, as well as other apparently motherhood-related fields such as etiquette, Chinese classics and ;ideological education.;该学院所提供的课程包括电子商务和通信,以及如礼仪、中国经典和“思想教育”等其他明显属于妈妈们的领域的课程。Enrollment at the Mother College of Henan in Zhengzhou, expected to start in March, is only open to married women, school officials said at a press conference last Wednesday.上周三,据学院方面一名管理人员表示,“母亲学院”的办学地点设在河南郑州,预计将从明年三月份开始招收学员,并且只针对已婚女性。Co-sponsored by the Henan Women#39;s Federation and Zhengzhou University, the school aims to answer President Xi Jinping#39;s call for a return to ;traditional family values; in society.由河南省妇联和郑州大学联合主办的这所学院,旨在响应习近平主席的号召,在社会上恢复“传统家庭价值观”。Representatives of the school said they hope to promote gender awareness they feel is not addressed at traditional universities with courses targeted specifically for women.据院方代表表示,他们希望用专门为女性量身定制的课程来提升性别意识,他们认为传统大学教育并没有强调这一点。Faculty at the school will include experts on women#39;s studies, parenting and psychology.学院的师资队伍将包括妇女研究、育儿和心理学方面的专家。According to official data from 2015, women make up 49 percent of Henan#39;s residents, or 46.75 million.据2015年的官方数据显示,河南省人口女性占比达到了49%,共有4675万人。 /201611/477299。

It#39;s easy to claim we#39;re ;addicted; to foods like the donuts from down the street or our beloved Thai takeout.我们很容易说吃什么东西上瘾,比如街那头的甜甜圈,或者大爱的泰式外卖。But while the concept of food addiction is controversial among researchers, there is growing evidence that highly-processed, fatty, sugary foods like pizza, chocolate, chips and cookies as uniquely problematic foods in people#39;s lives.尽管研究人员们对食物成瘾的概念尚存争论,但越来越多的据表明,深度加工、富含脂肪和糖类的食物——如披萨、巧克力、薯条和饼干——在人们的生活中属于特别有问题的食品。In the latest study published on the subject, Dr. Nicole Avena of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai found that behaviors and attitudes surrounding some types of food closely followed addiction patterns.美国西奈山伊坎医学院的尼科尔.阿维纳士在该领域发表的最新研究论文中指出,人们对某些种类的食品所表现出的行为和态度都与成瘾如出一辙。She hopes her work might one day contribute to the next generation of obesity and eating disorder treatment.她希望自己的工作有一天可以用于下一代肥胖症及进食障碍的治疗。Notice anything? The foods that caused people the most mental distress and physical discomfort are also foods that are highly-processed or are high in added fats and sugars.发现什么了吗?会让人们产生最多精神负担和身体不适的食物,同时也是那些深度加工、富含人工添加脂肪和糖类的食物。They#39;re also more likely to have the highest levels of glycemic load, which is a measurement of how a food will raise a person#39;s blood sugar level after eating it.它们也最有可能产生最高的血糖负荷,而该指数可以测定一种食物吃下去之后会在多大程度上提高一个人的血糖水平。Food addiction isn#39;t an officially recognized addiction; the closest thing to it in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is binge eating disorder.食物成瘾并不是一种正式认可的成瘾症;在《精神障碍诊断及统计手册》(DSM-5)中与之最接近的是暴食症。But Avena, who has been researching food addiction for over 15 years, says that hers is the first clinical study to assess the connection between how people eat certain foods and the properties of that food —whether it be added fat, sugar or its highly-processed manufacture.但是,已研究食物成瘾逾15年的阿维纳说,她的研究是第一份测定人们食用某些食物的方式与食物属性之间有何关联的临床研究,这里的食物属性包括人工添加脂肪、糖类或者深度加工。 /201609/467105。

Reddit users seagullhunter said: ;Soup. It never gets cooled properly at night in the big container so it stays luke warm for hours.;Reddit用户seagullhunter说:“汤。晚上,盛在大容器里的汤没有合适的降温措施,所以会数小时保持微温状态。”;If it#39;s watery, they just added cream to it. If it#39;s thick, it#39;s been on too long. The only places I order soup from are soup places.;“如果太稀,他们会加些奶油进去。如果太稠,就是放置时间太长了。我只会从专门做汤的餐馆点汤喝。”2. Don#39;t have ice in your drink不要在饮料里加冰peenonoR said: ;Worked at a coffee shop. Once found a dead spider and mildew in the ice maker. ;peenonoR说:“我在咖啡店工作过,曾经在制冰器里发现死蜘蛛和霉菌。”FrostyBeav wrote: ;What#39;s really gross is getting ice in a drink and having it taste more and more like grease as the ice melts.;FrostyBeav写道:“真正恶心的是在饮料里加冰,然后冰在融化时感觉它越来越像油脂。”3. And watch out for the fruit...还得小心水果……bgar0312 commented: ;Not eating but garnishes in your drink. The lemons limes oranges etc are almost never properly washed, they are handled with the waiters#39; bare hands or bartenders#39; bare hands literally 95% of the time.;bgar0312道:“不要吃饮料里的装饰水果。那些柠檬啊酸橙啊橙子啊几乎都没有好好洗过,而且有95%的机率是由务生或吧台招待直接用手处理的。”4. Cheesy dips aren#39;t all they seem芝士酱没有看起来那么好Bradleyd00 said: ;Any cheese dip, no matter how fancy it sounds, is basically 95% butter and cream cheese just enough actual cheese to make it taste like Asiago or whatever. Seriously, it is half a days caloric intake in a small bowl of it.;Bradleyd00说:“任何芝士酱,不管说得多么天花乱坠,基本上95%都是黄油和奶油,再加上够份量的真芝士,尝起来像艾斯阿格芝士什么的。真的,一小碗这玩意儿就有半天的卡路里了。”5. Be wary of calamari要提防鱿鱼OrchidBest commented: ; Worked at three places where the dishwasher always scooped the tentacles out of the gooey white batter that looked to be ten days old. These were busy restaurants and in most cases the dishwashers didn#39;t have the time or common sense to wash their hands.;OrchidBest说:“在三家餐馆工作过,洗碗工总是从看起来像放了10天的白糊糊中捞出鱿鱼触须。那些餐馆都很忙,大多数时候洗碗工没有时间或者说没有洗手的常识。”6. Order the popular stuff就点流行菜品ripewdecay said: ;Something I learned personally as someone raised around kitchens- unpopular ingredients are turned over less so you#39;re more likely to get something that was sitting around, perhaps even a little bad. Just go with popular items.;ripewdecay说:“作为一个在厨房长大的人,我学到了一点——不常用的原料被翻出来的机会比较少,所以点不流行的菜品你就更可能遇到放置很久的食物,甚至可能会有一点变质。所以,还是点流行的东西吃吧。”7. Avoid the sticky Chinese food避开黏乎乎的中餐knockknock313 said: ;I used to work at a Chinese restaurant. I don#39;t understand how anyone eats a full order of general tso#39;s or orange or sesame chicken. There#39;s legit like... half a cup of sugar in one of those. ;knockknock313说:“我以前在一家中餐馆工作过,不明白怎么有人吃得下一整份左宗棠鸡或者香橙鸡或者芝麻鸡。那真的就像……每份菜里有半杯糖。” /201609/466170。

How to Play the Game怎样踢毽子The purpose of the game is to kick a specially constructed, usually home-made shuttlecock into the air and keep it there for as long as possible solely by the use of the feet. This is normally accomplished by administering repeated kicks with the instep of either foot.游戏的目的是踢一个专门构造,通常自制毽子踢入空中,并保持在那里,仅通过使用脚踢。这通常是通过与任一只脚的脚背重复踢来完成。If more than one participant, players form a circle and kick the shuttlecock to each other. A player who misses and lets it fall to the ground has to drop out of the game. This process of elimination is repeated, until the player who remains at the end is declared the winner.如果有多个参与者,参与者围成一圈,并踢毽子给对方。让毽子掉在地上的那个人要放弃比赛。淘汰的过程是重复的,直到最后把毽子保持空中的玩家被宣布为胜利者。 /201612/482294。

People don#39;t often look back on the early 1900#39;s for advice, but what if we could actually learn something from the Lost Generation?通常人们不会为了求取生活妙方而去回顾20世纪初的年代,不过如果那个“垮掉的一代”真的能对我们有所助益呢?The New York Public Library has digitized 100 ;how to do it; cards found in cigarette boxes over 100 years ago, and the tips they give are so practical that millennials ing this might want to take notes.纽约公共图书馆将一组100多年前的香烟盒上的“生活妙招”卡片进行了数字化处理,这些卡片上的小贴士实在太实用了,二十一世纪的我们看到了也会多加留意!How to Cut New B into Thin Slices如何将新烤的面包切成薄片The difficulty of cutting new b into thin slices can ily be overcome by the following expedient.将新烤好的面包切成薄片往往是一件很困难的事情,用下面的妙招却能轻松解决这个问题。Plunge the b knife into hot water and when thoroughly hot wipe quickly.将面包刀插入热水中,刀身完全发热时将其迅速擦干。It will be found that the heated knife will cut soft, yielding new b into the thinnest slices.你会发现,加热后的刀能将柔软,易变形的新面包切成最薄的薄片。 /201704/503752。