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It was our aim that a strong man should have the say,and we had such a strong man.我们需要主宰国家命运的强人,而现在拥有了。The people were really hungry.当时人们挨饿。It was very, very hard.相当艰苦。And, in that context,Hitler, with his statements, seemed to be the bringer of salvation.在这样的背景下,演讲令希特勒看似救世主下凡。Hitler hadnt somehow mesmerised his new followers into acting against their own will.希特勒并没有迷惑新追随者让他们做违背自己意愿的事。In this desperate situation,they chose to have faith in a leader they felt had charisma.在这种绝望的处境下,追随者选择相信这位有;领袖魅力;的人。But not everybody thought Hitler was the answer to Germanys problems.并非所有人相信希特勒是德国救星。President Hindenburg certainly didnt.兴登堡总统正是其中一位。Even though in 1932 the Nazis became the biggest party in Germany,he refused to make Hitler Chancellor,calling him the ;Bohemian corporal.尽管纳粹在1932年成为德国第一大政党,他拒绝希特勒,出任总理一职并称他为;波西米亚下士;。Hitler was offered the job of Vice Chancellor,but he refused to take it.希特勒受命担任副总理,但他拒绝。And some of his supporters saw his obstinacy as heroic.一些持者认为他的倔强是英雄的表现。Hitler holds his nerve, he is above the machinations.希特勒能保持冷静,一切阴谋了然于心。I love him when hes like this.我爱他这个样子。 译文属201512/413287Energy in Europe欧洲能源The gasman cutteth煤气工人面临裁员Europe could survive a cut-off of Russian gas, but only a short one短期内欧洲有能力应对俄罗斯天然气供应的中断,但也仅限于短期内NAPOLEON and Hitler both succumbed to the bitter Russian winter in their efforts at territorial expansion in Europe. Now, Vladimir Putin seems to be exporting a bit of Russian chill as part of his strategy to shift Europes borders in his favour. In recent days there have been ill-explained reductions in the flow of gas that Gazprom, a Russian state firm, supplies to Poland, Austria and Slovakia—possibly to warn them off re-exporting any of it to Ukraine.拿破仑和希特勒在拓宽欧洲疆土的战争中都败给了俄罗斯冷瑟的冬天。现在,弗拉基米尔·普京似乎又在利用俄罗斯寒冷的天气来控制欧洲疆土的。近日,俄罗斯过硬能源业巨头俄罗斯天然气公司莫名地削减了其对波兰、奥地利和斯洛伐克的天然气供应量,也许是在警告欧洲国家禁止向乌克兰再出口天然气。Russia provides one-third of the gas that other European countries rely on to heat their homes, generate electricity and feed industry. So far the assumption among western European governments and industrial gas users is that even if relations with Russia worsen further, there is little danger of a complete and long-term cut in supplies, since Russias government is so dependent on the revenues from gas exports.欧洲国家依赖天然气供暖、发电、为工厂提供能源,这些天然气有1/3是由俄罗斯提供的。目前,西欧各国的政府和工业燃气商推测认为,即使欧洲和俄罗斯的关系进一步恶化,长期的彻底停气的可能性也是很小的,因为俄罗斯很需要燃气出口带来的收入。However, a short-term interruption in the coming months, as winter descends, is not so unthinkable. Fortunately, most European countries would be able to struggle through. Their gas-storage facilities are about 90% full, since last winter was mild and they did a bit of further topping-up over the summer. Last year Europe imported 155 billion cubic metres (bcm) of Russian gas; stocks currently stand at 75bcm. So European energy distributors would have a few months grace to find alternative supplies.然而,在未来几个月的冬天里出现一个短期的供气中断是完全有可能的。好在欧洲有能力平稳度过一个短暂的停气期。由于去年冬天比较温和,同时欧洲在今年夏天又进一步增加了储气量,现在储气设备的储气量大概已达到90%。去年,欧洲向俄罗斯进口了1550亿立方米天然气,到现在为止的剩余存量还有750亿立方米。所以欧洲的能源经销商在未来几个月内有充足的时间去寻找替代供应源。Norway, a big producer, could pump a bit more. Chinas slowing economy and Japans reopening of some nuclear plants will mean more liquefied natural gas (LNG) is available on spot markets, though it is costly. Europe has the capacity to import more than 200bcm of LNG a year, of which just 20% is in use. Contingency plans being drawn up by the EU are also said to include cutting gas to industry to preserve supplies for heating homes and generating power.挪威盛产天然气,它可以适量增加对欧盟的供应量。中国的经济增长放缓,日本核工厂开始重建,这些因素都会使得现货市场上天然气的供应量增加,虽然不是免费的。欧洲每年最多可以进口超过2000亿立方米液化天然气,但是其中只有20%投入使用。据说,欧盟制定的应急计划还包这样一项:为了保障家用暖气和电力的正常供应,会削减工业燃气的供应量。Half of Europes imports of gas come down pipes that traverse Ukraine, and Russia has cut their flow several times since 2006 over price disputes with the Ukrainians. If it did so again, it might pump more gas down pipelines that bypass Ukraine. Trouble is, these do not reach those countries most dependent on Russian gas, such as Hungary, Bulgaria, the Baltic states and Finland. The Finnish coalition government is at risk of falling because the Green party is threatening to quit over plans to buy a Russian nuclear reactor, which it says would increase, not reduce, dependence on Russia.欧洲的进口的天然气有一半是从横穿乌克兰的管道输入的,自2006年乌俄就天然气价格发生争执以来,俄罗斯曾多次中断过这条管道的天然气流。如果这次俄罗斯手段照旧,那么它应该会增加其他绕行乌克兰的管道的天然气流量。但是问题是,这些扰心管道并不能到达那些最依赖俄罗斯供气的国家,如匈牙利、保加利亚、波罗的海诸国和芬兰。芬兰联合政府正面临着垮台的危险,因为绿党威胁要撤销购买俄罗斯核反应站的计划,他们认为这个计划会加重而不是减轻芬兰对俄罗斯的依赖。EU countries are making some preparations for short-term cut-offs but almost nothing has been done to reduce long-term reliance on Russia. There is much that could be done: governments could encourage the building of more cross-border pipelines to connect customers to sources of supply, including the underused LNG import terminals; more storage capacity could be provided; and those countries with shale reserves could get fracking. So far all that has been produced is hot air, and not the useful kind.欧盟国家正在为短期供气中断做准备,但是目前并没有采取任何措施来减轻欧盟对俄罗斯的长期依赖。其实有很多可以做的:政府可以鼓励开通更多的跨境管道,开发利用率不高的液化天然气进口港,从而连接资源的供应方和需求方;增大天然气贮备能力;页岩储量丰富的国家可以加工油页岩以开发能源。目前为止,欧洲所做的仅仅是夸夸其谈,而并无实事。 /201409/331500Theres a bloom of cyanobacteria in Lake Erie right now. Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are predicting it could become the second worst on record.The bacteria produce a toxin called microcystin. A year ago, that toxin led to a ban on drinking water in Toledo and a few Michigan communities. Officials say microcystin can cause skin irritation and could affect the liver and nervous systems if you consume it in large amounts.This week, Toledo officials said they detected low levels of microcystin in untreated water from Lake Erie. But they say right now, their treatment system is removing the toxin and city water is safe to drink.Joel Mazur is the commissioner of field operations with the Toledo water department.;Were light years ahead of where we were before in terms of water treatment,; Mazur says.He says theyve stepped up monitoring and added more treatment steps to take out the toxin.;Were able to detect the issues in the lake far sooner than we were before and treat it,; he says.This years bloomWe took a boat ride with local officials, environmental groups and reporters to get a look at this years bloom.Sandy Bihn is with Lake Erie Waterkeeper. She holds up a glass of lake water with little green blobs floating in it.;Its not nearly as dense as it was last year when we were out here, because the bloom has moved further east which is good for the Toledo intake,; she says.Were three miles away from shore when Joel Mazur points out Toledos water intake crib. He says they put in an advanced warning system after last years crisis. So now, theres a monitor in the intake crib.;Now that were detecting microcystin in the water, we have crews that actually come out now and they are taking samples and taking it to the lab so we can have daily monitoring of the levels of microcystin that are in the water today,; Mazur says.Theres a water quality dashboard on the citys website. Right now, city water is at the ;watch; level. That means theyve detected microcystin in the lake but not in tap water.Phosphorus in Lake ErieIn June, Governor Snyder joined Ohio Governor John Kasich and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne in a pledge to cut phosphorus into Lake Erie by 40 percent over the next 10 years. Phosphorus gets into the lake from farm fertilizer, wastewater from cities, and leaking septic tanks along with other sources.Sandy Bihn says we need better monitoring of all these sources.;We know that ag is a huge contributor,; she says. ;I mean, we know what the categories are. We dont know the specific locations and amounts, thats what were missing.;She says officials need to track exactly how much phosphorus is coming from each source.Bill Myers agrees with her. Hes the president of the Lucas County Farm Bureau.;Im tired of hearing hypotheticals on where things are coming from,; he says. ;We need to know for sure what areas are contributing and target the highest levels with the quickest response to get the hugest decrease as fast as we can.;This spring, Ohio enacted a law that bans farmers from sping fertilizer on frozen or rain-soaked fields. Its intended to cut back on phosphorus that runs off those fields.A cyanobacteria puzzleScientists are trying to solve a mystery about these toxic blooms.Greg Dick is an associate professor of earth and environmental sciences at the University of Michigan.;One of the really interesting findings so far has been that as we track these blooms through the season, the bloom develops and it progresses and its toxic,; Dick says. ;But then towards the end of the summer we still have a really strong bloom with very dense cyanobacteria, but the toxicity of that bloom changes. And in particular the toxicity of the bloom drops off.;He says they could find some clues in the DNA of these bacteria. Some strains have the gene to produce the toxin and others dont. Dick says theyre testing a hypothesis that nitrogen could affect how toxic the blooms become.201507/389677

You may have heard of the Five Pillars of Islam, but have you heard of the Six Articles of Faith?你可能已经听说过伊斯兰教的五大柱,但你听说过信念之六条吗?The Five Pillars of Islam-the profession of faith, prayer, zakat, Ramadan and the Hajj-are considered the foundation of the faith.伊斯兰教五大柱的信仰,祈祷, 施天课,斋月及到麦加朝觐是伊斯兰教信仰的基石。But the Six Articles are also important-without them, there is no faith.但六条信念也是同等重要,没有它们就没有信仰。To be a Muslim one must believe in all six.穆斯林必须相信全部六条信念。A Muslim must believe in the oneness of Allah-God had no parents, siblings or children.穆斯林必须相信阿拉神的一体性,无父无母,无兄弟,无子嗣。Allah is singular and unique.真主是奇异且独一无二的存在。Another article of faith is the belief in the existence of angels.另一条信仰是相信天使的存在。A Muslim must also have faith in the revelations of God-these include the Quran, Torah and the Gospels.穆斯林也必须相信神明的启示,包括《古兰经》,律法及福音。201501/353751

U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Flint, is urging his colleagues in U.S. House to pass a resolution calling on the Canadian government and the Obama administration to halt the creation of a nuclear storage waste site. The site would be built about a mile from Lake Huron.Michigan Radios Jennifer White spoke to Rep. Kildee about what the proposed site could mean for Michigan and the possible impact of his resolution.201504/369378

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