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Most regions in China will see clear weather during the upcoming eight-day national holiday, setting the ideal conditions for outings, the country#39;s meteorological authorities said Friday.在即将到来的为期八天的国庆假日里,中国大部分地区会看到晴朗的天气,为户外活动提供了理想条件,国家气象部门周五说。Apart from western parts of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region and some areas in southwest China, which will see light rains, skies in most parts of the country will be clear, allowing the public to see and enjoy the moon on Sunday, the Mid-Autumn Day holiday, according to Chen Zhenlin, an official with the China Meteorological Administration.除了西部地区新疆维吾尔族自治区以及中国西南地区的部分地区将会有小雨,全国大部分地区的天空将是明朗的,大家在中秋节晚上可以赏月,中国国家气象局的官员陈振林说道。The fine weather will extend to the National Day holiday, which runs from Oct 1 to Oct 7, except for some regions in southwest and northwest China.好天气将持续到国庆长假,从10月1至10月7日,除了中国西南、西北的一些地区。The southern province of Hainan will see relatively heavy rainfall around Oct 4, Chen said.海南省南部10月4日会有比较强的降雨,陈先生说。Temperatures in most of the country during the eight-day holiday will see only minor changes, but east and northeast China will see temperature drops of 4 to 6 degrees Celsius, while some areas in northwest China will see temperatures plunge 6 to 8 degrees Celsius, according to Chen.全国大部分地区的八天长假期间气温只有轻微变化,但中国东部和东北部地区气温将下降4至6摄氏度,而中国西北部一些地方气温大幅下降6至8摄氏度,据陈说。He also warned travellers on the Jianghan Plain and areas south of the Yangtze River to be on alert for traffic accidents, as fog will reduce visibility in those regions from Oct 4 to Oct 6.他还提醒江汉平原和长江以南的地区的旅客要提高交通意外的警觉性,从10月4至10月6日雾气会减少这些地区的能见度。According to estimates from the Ministry of Transport, more than 660 million people are expected to travel during the eight-day national holiday to celebrate this year#39;s Mid-Autumn Day and National Day.据交通运输部估计,预计超过6.6亿人会在为期八天的法定假日去旅游,以庆祝今年的中秋节和国庆节。 /201209/202316Mayflower went ashore1620- Pilgrims aboard the "Mayflower" went ashore for the first time at present-day Plymouth, Massachusetts.五月花号登陆1620年的今天,新教徒们乘坐着五月花号首次登陆现在马萨诸塞州的普利茅斯。Pierre and Mariediscovered radium1898-scientists Pierre and Marie Curie discovered the radioactive element radium.居里夫妇发现镭1898年的今天,皮埃尔·居里和玛丽·居里发现了放射性元素镭。the Commonwealth of Independent States1991- eleven of Soviet republics proclaimed the birth of the Commonwealth of Independent States.独联体 1991年的今天,11个前苏联国家宣布成立独联体。 /201012/121432

  Millennials, meet your new roommates: mom and dad. The Pew Research Center recently released a study that found that a record-breaking 36% of the nation’s young adults ages 18 to 31 were living in their parents’ home in 2012.千禧一代,快迎接你的新室友:你的爸妈。皮尤研究中心最近公布的一项研究表明,2012年美国18-31岁的青年,有超过36%的人都住在父母家。Among them is Rachel Horn, a 23-year-old living in Los Angeles who moved back to her parents’ house after graduating from the University of Southern California. “I graduated and my lease was up at my apartment at USC, and housing in LA is so expensive,” she says. “I wanted to try to move back home to save money so I could afford a place on my own.”雷切尔霍恩就是其中一员,23岁的她现居洛杉矶,自从于南加州大学毕业后就搬回去和父母一起住了。她说:“毕业后,我大学里的公寓租赁就到期了,洛杉矶的房价又高得离谱。所以我只好搬回家,然后自食其力存钱买房。”According to Pew, Horn isn’t alone. Statistics from the study show that a major reason young adults are moving home is economic challenges. According to Pew, “three-in-ten parents of adult children report that a child of theirs has moved back in with them in the past few years because of the economy.”从皮尤的研究可知,和恩并非特例。其数据显示,年轻成年人搬回家的主要原因就是经济压力过大。调查还表明“其中三成的父母指出他们的小孩在过去几年回家居住皆因经济拮据。”Despite the money saved, however, when young adults move back in family relationships can become strained. “Being around my parents so much was hard at first,” says Horn. “Your parents are completely different from your friends at school or roommates your age. I started to feel like I was in high school again at certain points.”那些青壮年们一搬回家,虽说省去了租房的钱,但和父母的关系可能就会变得紧张起来。“一开始我那无处不在的父母真的让我倍感煎熬,”霍恩说道。“他们跟我学校同龄的朋友、室友完全就是两回事。某些时候我都怀疑自己好像又回到高中时代了。”Privacy, house rules, and family roles all come into question when young adults cohabitate with parents. “The biggest obstacle for young people when moving back home is understanding their role as the adult child,” says life coach and author Tanya White. “Life is different when moving back home as an adult. Your roles and responsibilities change.”当跟父母处在同一屋檐下,无论是隐私,家规还是家庭角色都会让人纠结。“年轻人搬回家住会遇到的最大挑战就是得像个成年人一样去扮演他们作为儿女的角色,”生活导师兼作家谭雅.怀特这样说,“作为一个成年人搬回父母那里,生活会变得截然不同。你的角色和责任也会发生改变。”Dr. Susan Newman, author of “Under One Roof Again: All Grown Up and (Re)learning to Live Together Happily,” agrees with White. “For the majority of young adults returning to live at home, the major stumbling block is falling back into the mommy-daddy-child roles,” says Newman. “Many young adults who return home do not assume responsibility in ways that assist parents and make the living arrangement more equitable. As a result, tensions build where there doesn’t have to be any.”Luckily, tension can be prevented.苏珊.纽曼士,《第二次同一屋檐下:长大后学会和谐相处》一书的作者与怀特观点不谋而合。“一大批青壮年向父母家迁徙,其中最主要的障碍就是怎样进入妈妈-爸爸-孩子的角色,”纽曼认为:“大多数年轻人回到家都不承担家务的责任,也不帮助父母减轻生活的负担。最终就形成了毫无必要的紧张氛围。”幸好这种氛围还可以避免。Talk It Out 直言不讳The first step is communication. “Communication and conflict resolution are key to having a successful home life when adult children move back home,” says White.交流是消除紧张氛围的第一步。“当年轻人搬回家时,交流和解决冲突是营造和谐家庭的关键,”怀特说。Start with an open dialogue about house rules and personal boundaries to avert future conflicts before they become overwhelming and congregate. “Boundaries separating you from parents occurred automatically when you were independent, formed either by the physical distance or the amount of contact you orchestrated,” explains Newman. “When you live together again, boundaries can blur quickly. You will want to install ground rules that reshuffle the boundaries to ensure your parents’ and your freedom, comfort, and happiness.”在冲突压倒性袭来之前,就开门见山地谈论一下家规和个人生活界限吧。“当你独立自主后,与父母之间的隔阂就会不知不觉地形成,这些隔阂表现在你与父母的肢体接触和你精心策划的联系次数,”纽曼解释道。“当你们再次同居一室时,隔阂瞬间显现出来。届时你就会想要重新制定一系列的规则以确保父母和你都能自由,舒适,愉悦地共处。”Compromise 学会妥协Living with anyone, whether it is your parents, a spouse, or a roommate, requires compromise. Discuss what your parents’ expectations are compared to your own, and meet in the middle. “Work around the things you believe [your parents] can’t or won’t change,” says Newman. Be creative and present options for solutions to conflicts that you don’t see eye-to eye on. “If you want changes, you will have to ask for them calmly, not in an authoritative way,” says Newman. “Let’s say that you don’t want your parents in your room or cleaning up after you, tell them that you will tend to those things. Or explain that you will do your own laundry.”跟别人相处,无论对方是你的父母,配偶,亦或者室友,都需要妥协。要跟父母交流一下彼此的愿想,然后双方再折中妥协。“尝试努力去改变你认为父母会坚持的意见,”纽曼说。要灵活应对冲突,双方达不到共识的时候,要给出建设性意见。“如果你想有所改变,那就冷静地跟他们谈谈,而不是特立独行,”纽曼说。“告诉父母你不希望他们进入你的房间,也不想他们帮你打扫卫生,告诉他们你自己会打扫。或者向他们好好解释你的衣自己会洗。”Lend a Hand 互相帮助Both Newman and White suggest assisting with household responsibilities to create a pleasant living situation. “Young people who move back home must help support their parents financially and with the household responsibilities, i.e. chores [and] unexpected expenses,” says White.纽曼和怀特都给出建议说帮助承担家庭责任能够创造良好的居住环境。“搬回家住的年轻人有义务帮助父母减轻经济负担,同时也有承担家庭责任的必要,简单地说就是做点家务或者偿付预算外的出,”怀特说。Newman says that in addition, going beyond everyday chores is vital to create a supportive environment. “Call on the way home to see if you should stop at the store to pick up something for dinner, or at the cleaners to retrieve the clothes that are y,” says Newman. “In this way, a whole scheme of cooperating evolves.”纽曼觉得除此之外,履行日常家务以外的职责是创造互助环境的关键,“在回家的路上打个电话问是否需要顺便买点晚餐之类的东西,或者在洗衣店把洗干净的衣捎回家,纽曼如是说道。“如此一来,便皆大欢喜。” /201308/252498



  The iPhone 5 will ship to eager Apple fans on Friday, September 21, according to sources close to Apple.据与苹果公司关系密切的知情人爆料,热情的苹果粉丝们将能够在2012年9月21日星期五拿到iPhone 5 手机。A Chinese source leaked the release date to a French website called App4Phone yesterday, providing the specific date.一位中国消息灵通人士7月23日将这个特殊的发售日期透露给了一家名叫App4Phone 的法国网站。The source also confirmed the new controversial port on the base of the phone, which will make older accessories obsolete unless a separate adapter is purchased.这位消息人士同时实了新机型将使用新接口,这将使以前型号iPhone的许多附件失效,除非老用户购买一个适配器。We all know the phone as the #39;iPhone 5#39;, unless Apple decides on another moniker like it did with the iPad 3, which it officially called #39;the new iPad#39;.我们目前知道新的iPhone手机是“iPhone 5”,除非苹果公司采用另一个新的名字,就比如它将第三代iPad命名为“the new iPad”。Other revelations include the headphone socket moving from the top-left of the phone to the bottom-left of the phone, and that the screen will be 3.75 inches.其他的爆料包括耳机插口从手机的顶部左侧移到了底部左侧,同时屏幕增大为3.75英寸。This is an increase on the 3.5; of previous models, but perhaps smaller than some fans might like, after being introduced to the 4.8; screens of models like the Samsung Galaxy III or the HTC One X.屏幕将在之前3.5英寸的基础上拓宽,但也许比一些苹果粉丝设想的要小,他们原先认为新机型的屏幕将和三星 Galaxy III和HTC One X一样增大到4.8英寸。The source was an unnamed Chinese accessory manufacturer, who claimed to have been given the date directly from Apple.So far, leaks from within Apple have suggested an October launch.这个消息来源于位于中国的苹果配件生产商,他声称直接从苹果公司得到了这个具体日期。之前,有苹果公司内部透露的消息称iPhone 5将在十月份发售。The new iPhone will have an even thinner screen thanks to advances in LCD manufacturing, according to reports.iPhone 5 手机将有一个比原先更薄的屏幕,这要归功于LCD制造技术上的进步。Tech blogs have long speculated on the demise of the 30-pin connector, which at 21 mm wide takes up a chunk of space, especially as the latest technologies such as microUSB offer more power in less space.之前有很多科技客已经预测了30针接口的消失,因为宽达21毫米的接口占用了一大块空间,特别是目前最新的microUSB技术已经能在更小的空间里提供更多的能量了。They say that a smaller connector would give Apple more scope for new product designs or a bigger battery, or simply to make ever smaller products.这些主们表示一个更小的接口可以给苹果公司在新产品设计上更多的空间,或者可以适用一块更大的电池,或者可以简单地用来制造一个体积小一点的产品。 /201207/192041

  The passengers from a crippled cruise ship that docked in Alabama Thursday after five days adrift are finally on dry land and headed home.星期四,一艘失去航行能力的游轮在海上漂流五天后,乘客们终于回到阿拉巴马州上岸,踏上回家的旅途。The Carnival cruise ship carrying some 4,000 people was towed in by a flotilla of tug boats, arriving late Thursday at the port of Mobile, on the U.S. Gulf Coast.星期四晚间,一队拖船把这艘运载大约4千名乘客的嘉年华游轮公司的游轮拖进美国濒临墨西哥湾阿拉巴马州的莫比尔港口。The Carnival Cruise Lines#39; Carnival Triumph ship left Galveston, Texas last Thursday for a four-day cruise, but an engine room fire Sunday knocked out the ship#39;s primary power source and left it adrift 240 kilometers off Mexico#39;s Yucatan Peninsula.“嘉年华胜利号”游轮上星期四离开德克萨斯州的加尔维斯敦,开始为期四天的航程。但是星期天,游轮机房起火,主要动力来源被切断,使得这艘游轮在距离墨西哥尤卡坦半岛240公里的海面上漂流。Some passengers reported flooded rooms and sewage in hallways, and sleeping on the ships#39; decks to avoid hot and smelly cabins. They also reported that there were long lines for food and other supplies.一些乘客报告说,舱房被水淹,走道上污水横流,他们只好睡在甲板上,以避开酷热、发臭的舱房。他们还说,要排长队领取食物和其他用品。Carnival company head Cahill was on the scene to welcome the ill-fated ship and its passengers back to shore.嘉年华游轮公司总裁卡希尔到码头迎接这艘不幸的游轮和乘客们回岸。The U.S. Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board have launched an investigation into the cause of the fire in the engine room. The NTSB says in statement that because the vessel is Bahamian-flagged, the Bahamas Maritime Authority is the primary investigating agency.美国海岸警卫队和国家交通安全已经对这艘游轮机房起火的原因展开调查。美国国家交通安全发表声明说,由于这艘游轮悬挂巴哈马国旗,所以巴哈马海事局是主要调查机构。 /201302/225147


  SuccessFactors: Small cap, big plansSince it went public in Nov. 2007, shares of SuccessFactors, an employee-performance software company, have traded all over the map. If you bought in just after the IPO and hung in through the worst of the market's decline in the past year, you are still slightly ahead, up about 6%. To get there, however, you experienced a freefall during the market's November lows last year, with shares trading as low as .61, and a rocket ride back up since then. The question investors in this 0-million-market-cap company ought to be asking themselves is, can that ride continue? There's reason to believe that it can. For those unfamiliar with SuccessFactors (SFSF), the San Mateo, Calif.-based company sells a subscription-based service that, to date, has primarily helped companies conduct employee performance appraisals and set and assess employee goals. It's human resources stuff, and while not the sexiest corner of the software world, it has been a popular one during this recession. In the second quarter of this year, SuccessFactors reported a year-over-year revenue growth of 44%. Thanks to big improvements in gross margin and lower costs, the company also broke even on an earnings per share basis (SuccessFactors has had a positive cash flow since the fourth quarter of 2008). With costs under control and revenue growing, SuccessFactors has been on a relative roll. Goldman Sachs analyst Sarah Friar has a "buy" rating on the stock and last week raised her 12-month price target from to . She sees two large trends keeping the wind at SuccessFactors' back. One is the overall trend of companies large and small consuming their software via subscription -- the so-called software-as-a-service model that Salesforce.com (CRM) pioneered and which SuccessFactors is built upon. And small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) make up about half of SuccessFactors' customers. The other is the return, Friar says, of corporate spending on applications, with greater attention on employee management as both a down economy and a recovering one demands it. "We are upping our numbers slightly based on stabilizing application spending and improved conditions for SMBs," Friar recently told clients, "combined with the company's continued diligence on cost." That is the rosy near-term picture for SuccessFactors. Late last week the company brass revealed its longer-term product roadmap, which it is calling "Business Execution Software." Fundamentally, it is a new set of applications that take SuccessFactors deeper into its customers' companies by marrying its employee performance and goals software with a new set of tools that help employees better align with, and execute on, overall corporate strategy. If successful, it takes SuccessFactors from the HR office throughout the rest of the company. SuccessFactors thinks that will up its potential market from its current billion to about billion. Those numbers are clearly theoretical at this point, but you gotta like the ambition. In the near-term, SuccessFactors is riding on an economic recovery and the need for better employee management as hiring ticks up. Longer term, however, if SuccessFactors can help companies execute strategy better with its new crop of software, its small-cap company status might be in for a big change. /200909/84259。

  美国大学2009年的录取工作,目前已经圆满落下帷幕,与往年不同的是今年许多名校的申请人数、录取率都刷新了历史水平。  2009年20所顶级名校录取详情如下:  布朗大学Brown录取人数2708,申请人数24988,录取率10.84%;哥伦比亚大学Columbia录取人数2497,申请人数25428,录取率9.82%;康奈尔大学Cornell录取人数6567,申请人数34381,录取率19.10%;达特茅斯学院Dartmouth录取人数2184,申请人数18130,录取率12.05%;哈佛大学Harvard录取人数2131,申请人数29112,录取率7.32%;宾夕法尼亚大学Penn录取人数3926,申请人数22939,录取率17.11%;普林斯顿大学Princeton录取人数2181,申请人数21964,录取率9.93%;耶鲁大学Yale录取人数1951,申请人数26000,录取率7.50%;斯坦福大学Stanford录取人数2385,申请人数30428,录取率7.84%;麻省理工学院MIT录取人数1597,申请人数15661,录取率10.20%;阿莫斯特学院Amherst录取人数1151,申请人数7667,录取率15.01%;芝加哥大学Chicago录取人数3652,申请人数13600,录取率26.85%;杜克大学Duke录取人数4065,申请人数23843,录取率17.05%;艾莫瑞大学Emory录取人数4500,申请人数15611,录取率28.83%;约翰霍普金斯大学JohnsHopkins录取人数4000,申请人数16119,录取率24.82%;西北大学Northwestern录取人数6864,申请人数25000,录取率27.46%;波莫纳学院Pomona录取人数966,申请人数6151,录取率15.70%;斯沃斯莫尔学院Swarthmore录取人数959,申请人数5574,录取率17.20%;卫斯理学院Wesleyan录取人数2201,申请人数10068,录取率21.86%;威廉姆斯学院Williams录取人数1218 申请人数6017,录取率20.24%。  入读美国Top20名校是众多中国家长和学子的梦想,但金吉列留学专家特别提示,名校的竞争相当激烈,申请者一定要按照自身的条件选择匹配的院校,一方面有助于提高申请成功率,另一方面,避免因为自身能力不足而跟不上课的情况出现。  英名校2010年录取通知发放情况  近几年,到英国留学的人数越来越多,从目前形势分析,中国学生申请2010年英国留学竞争非常激烈,目前大部分英国名校2010年录取已近尾声。金吉列留学与众多英国名校保持着良好的沟通,现将部分英国大学2010年录取情况进行通报。  全英排名第5的伦敦大学学院,研究生录取还在审理当中,本科已经于10月底开始录取。全英排名第6的华威大学已经从11月初开始陆续发放研究生录取,目前主要集中在非商科类专业的录取。在排名前10的英国大学里,目前只有牛津、剑桥以及排名第7的伦敦政治经济学院(LSE)仍然在审理各类申请。其中,排名第4的英国圣安德鲁斯大学(St Andrews University)、排名第8的杜伦大学(Durham University)、排名第9的爱克塞特大学(Exeter University)以及排名第10的布里斯托大学(Bristol University)处理申请速度较快,从10月份开始就陆续发放了一些录取通知书。杜伦大学分别在10月3日-14日以及11月10日-19日出现了两批录取高峰,埃克塞特大学分别在11月4日及11月16日发放了两批录取。  英国学校于9月开始接受申请,目前大部分院校已结束2010年的招生。牛津大学和剑桥大学甚至在今年10月15日就截止了明年本科的入学申请。因此,金吉列留学专家特别提醒,对于申请英国本科课程的学生而言,应遵照英国名校的建议,提前一年开始准备并递交申请,以尽早拿到学校的录取通知书。( 来源:大连日报) /200912/91679



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