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One day, Eve asked Adam,;Doyou really love me?;一天,夏娃问亚当:;你当真爱我吗?;Adam said helplessly,;Do I have any other choice?;亚当无可奈何地回答:;我还有的选择吗?; /201307/248612。

She has been ridiculed, stared at in the street and called #39;the world#39;s ugliest woman#39; by insensitive cyber bullies.她不断被嘲笑,走在街上就被人盯着看,还被麻木不仁的网络暴民称为“世上最丑的女人”。But, after years of misery and self-doubt, Lizzie Velasquez says she can finally shrug off the hurtful comments about her looks as #39;just words#39;.然而,经过这么多年的痛苦和自我怀疑,莉齐·贝拉斯克斯说自己最终能够看开了,那些伤人的话仅仅是一些单词而已。Miss Velasquez, from Austin, Texas, was born without adipose tissue - meaning she has no body fat and, despite eating up to 60 small meals a day, remains at a delicate 4.4stone (58lbs).贝拉斯克斯来自德克萨斯州的奥斯汀市,她生来就没有脂肪组织——这意味着她没有任何人体脂肪,即使她现在每天少量多餐差不多60顿,骨瘦如柴的她也仅有58磅(约为26公斤)。In Be Beautiful, Be You the 23-year-old college senior shares advice on being unique, how to make and keep good friends and how to deal with bullying and negativity.在新书《Be Beautiful, Be You》中,这位23岁的大四学生分享了关于如此特别的她如何交友的经验,以及如何应对遇到的歧视和消极态度。When asked how she deals with being constantly stared at in the street Miss Velasquez said: #39;I#39;m starting to want to go up to these people and introduce myself or give them my card and say, ;Hi, I#39;m Lizzie - maybe you should stop staring and start learning;.#39;当问到总在路上被盯着看时怎么办,贝拉斯克斯说:“我已经开始想要走向这些人,然后向他们自我介绍并且递上名片说:‘嗨,我是莉齐,或许你应该开始学习,而不是盯着我看’。”Miss Velasquez said when cyber bullies first started attacking her online it was hard. #39;I#39;m human... of course these things are going to hurt... (but) I#39;m not going to let those things define me.#39;贝拉斯克斯谈到,当那些网络暴民开始在网上攻击她时,她其实特别难受。“我也是人,这些事当然会伤害我,(但是)我不会让这些事左右我。”Eventually Miss Velasquez realised the people issuing the hurtful comments online were just cowards hiding behind a computer screen.最终贝拉斯克斯意识到,这些不断在网络上口出恶言的人,只不过是一些躲在电脑屏后面的胆小鬼。Miss Velazquez has now written a second book about her struggle to be accepted and hopes it will help others in a similar position.现在贝拉斯克斯已经完成了她的第二部书,希望通过这本书讲述她如何努力让人接受自己的奋斗史,来帮助那些相似处境中的人。Miss Velasquez was born four weeks prematurely weighing just 2lb 10oz. Doctors found there was minimal amniotic fluid protecting her in the womb.贝拉斯克斯早产4周,出生时只有2磅10盎司。医生还发现当时子宫里只剩很少的羊水在保护她。#39;They told us they had no idea how she could have survived,#39; Miss Velasquez#39;s mother Rita, 45, a church secretary, said.“医生们跟我们讲,他们都不知道贝拉斯克斯究竟是怎么活下来的,” 贝拉斯克斯的45岁的母亲丽塔这样说道,她是一个教堂秘书。#39;We had to buy dolls#39; clothes from the toy store because baby clothes were too big.#39; Doctors could not make a diagnosis so they prepared Miss Velasquez#39;s parents for the worst.“我们只能从玩具店里给她买玩具衣,因为婴儿的衣都太大了。” 医生们无法诊断,只能让贝拉斯克斯的父母做最坏的打算。#39;They told us she would never be able to walk, talk or have a normal life,#39; said her mother, who has two other children with Miss Velasquez#39;s father Lupe - both children are of average height and weight. ““医生说她永远不可能会走路和说话,不可能拥有一个正常的人生,” 她的母亲说道,她的父母还生有另外两个孩子——两个孩子都是正常的身高和体重。Miss Velasquez#39;s case has fascinated doctors all over the world and she is part of a genetic study run by Professor Abhimanyu Garg at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.贝拉斯克斯的病例引起了世界上的许多医生的注意,在达拉斯的德克萨斯西南医疗中心,她的病例是由阿比曼纽·加格教授进行的基因研究的一部分。Professor Garg and his team now believe Miss Velasquez may have a form of Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome (NPS), which causes accelerated ageing, fat loss from the face and body, and tissue degeneration.加格教授及其团队现在认为贝拉斯克斯可能是患有新生儿型类早衰症(NPS),这种病症会加速衰老,导致身体和脸部的脂肪丧失以及组织衰退。He said: #39;I am aware of a small number of people that have similar conditions to Lizzie but each case is slightly different.他说:“我发现到只有极少数人和莉齐有类似的情况,但每个病例都会有些许不同。”#39;We cannot predict what will happen to Lizzie in the future, as the medical community are yet to document older people with NPS.“鉴于医疗组织还没有更老的NPS患者的记录,我们无法预见莉齐未来还会发生什么。”#39;However Lizzie is lucky to have healthy teeth, organs and bones so the outlook is good. We will continue to study her case and learn from her.#39;“不过幸运的是莉齐拥有健康的牙齿、器官和骨骼,因此相貌还不错。我们会持续研究她的病情,从中获得信息。”Miss Velasquez doesn#39;t take medication but she relies on vitamin supplements and iron to stay healthy. It is thought she should be able to conceive naturally without passing the condition to her children.贝拉斯克斯不用吃药但是要靠补充维他命和铁来维持健康。目前认为她还是能够自然怀,并且不会将病症传给她的孩子。 /201210/202538。

During the ancient times the Greeks held swimming sessions in full respect and with high regard. It was after more than a hundred years when swimming was reincarnated and became a competitive sport.在古希腊,游泳是受到高度尊重和重视的运动。一百多年的今天游泳才转变为竞技性运动。Swimming is indeed a great kind of sport. With the whole body moving against the water current, it is considered as an excellent form of physical and cardiovascular exercise.游泳真的是一种很好的运动。人们认为它是一种对身体和心血管都非常有帮助的运动,因为人的全身都对抗着水流。· Relieves stress because it is a relaxing exercise.· 因为是放松运动,所以有减压功效;· Increases the flexibility of the body, enhances balance and coordination.· 增强身体灵活性,加强平衡力和协调力;· Serves as a form of therapy for some ailments and medical condition.· 作为某些疾病和医疗的治疗形式;· Builds and tones the muscles.· 锻炼肌肉;· Helps maintain cardiovascular fitness.· 保持心血管健康;· Keeps the heart and lungs healthy.· 维持心脏和肺健康。 /201211/208622。

5 Universally Flattering Makeup Colors  妆课堂:这5种颜色人人都适合  When you’re building your beauty kit at home, it’s nice to have options, especially when it comes to color. Some women stick to the standard smoky eye palette and others are only comfortable with brown and beige, but there are some colors that look great on everyone. If you take a good look at your skin you’ll be able to pull off any of these colors no matter your skin’s shade or undertones.  在家化妆的时候,可以有所选择是很开心的事情,尤其是选颜色。不同的女性有不同的标准和坚持,选烟熏妆标准颜色还是深浅棕色?有些颜色每个人涂看起来都很不错。仔细看看你的皮肤,不管你是深色还是浅色皮肤,这些颜色都会衬得你美貌如花:  1. 紫色眼妆  Purple Eyes  For some reason, purple tones work fabulously with almost every skin tone and eye color. A lilac or lavender tone works perfectly to highlight brown or hazel eyes where as darker eggplant tones can draw attention to blue or green eyes. Adding a splash of violet to a standard smoky eye is the perfect way to brighten up an evening look without looking too outrageous.  因为某种原因,紫色调几乎跟所有的肤色和眼珠颜色都超级搭。紫丁香或薰衣草色调会完美突出棕色和褐色的眼睛,而更深一些的茄子紫则会让蓝色或绿色的眼睛更引人注意。标准的烟熏妆色再加一点紫罗兰色的闪粉,是不动声色提亮晚妆的最佳方法。  2. 烈焰红唇  Red Lips  No matter what you think, there is a red lipstick for any woman. But if you’re unsure, orangey-reds look good on most skin tones. Blue-reds, while much richer, can be harder to pull off as they have a stronger pigment. Stick to a tone that won#39;t draw attention to any redness on the rest of your face.  无论你怎么想,任何女人都可以拥有红唇妆。不过要是觉得不太确定的话就选橙红色吧,这种红色适合大部分肤色。蓝红色颜色要更浓,属于更厚重的色调,所以比较难驾驭。记住一点:你要选一个红色调,让脸上其他的红色都黯然失色。  3. 娇俏粉色腮红  Pink Cheeks  When you’re thinking of tones that will work for everyone, you have to think of natural colors that occur around the body. A flushed pink cheek will never look out of place because the color occurs naturally in your body. Even if you have very dark or olive skin that doesn’t show a natural blush, the tone will add warmth and definition to the apple of your cheek, just remember to blend well.  想到人人都适合的颜色,你会想到身体的自然色。粉红色的腮红妆永远不会不合适,因为粉红色是我们身体的自然色调。就算你的皮肤是不会显示出自然粉色的黑色或橄榄色也没关系,粉色会为双颊的酒窝增加一抹暖色,也给你的笑容增添更多的内容,不过注意颜色要混合均匀。  4. 透明珊瑚色唇妆  Sheer Coral Lips  Warm coral colors can be a perfect accent to a look for day or night. If you have very dark or bronze skin, opt for a coral with gold undertones and it will really make your skin glow. If you have porcelain or medium toned skin, opt for a pinker coral that will accent your natural flush.  不论日妆还是晚妆,温暖的珊瑚色都会是完美的强调色。如果你的皮肤呈黑色或是古铜色,选珊瑚色搭配浅金色,绝对会让你肌肤焕发迷人光。要是你的肤色呈陶瓷白或中色调,选偏粉色系的珊瑚色打造唇妆会完美突出你的自然腮红。  5. 自然肌肤色  Flesh Tones  When we say flesh, we’re not talking about the color most brands call ‘nude’ but instead the actual range of flesh toned colors. Naturally occurring skin colors accent each other perfect no matter your skin tone. Try pairing bone eye shadow with a deep cocoa liner or a beige lipstick with warm bronzed cheeks. When in doubt, draw inspiration from nature as natural tones very rarely clash.  肌肤色并不是很多人以为的 “裸色”,而是指肌肤自然色调的实际范围。不管你是什么肤色,自然的肌肤色都会彼此突出强调。试试这样的妆组合:眉骨眼影搭配深可可色眼线,或者浅褐色唇妆配合暖色调的古铜色腮红。要是觉得不确定,就从大自然中找点灵感,因为自然的颜色很少会不协调。 /201308/251691。