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1. Darkle1. 变黑The opposite of ;sparkle;. To become dark.“变亮”的反义词,变暗2. Misophonia2. 恐音症Getting mad at someone for eating or breathing too loudly (among other things). It#39;s also a brain disorder.对吃东西或呼吸很大声的人很生气;也表示一种大脑异常。3. River3. 空格The white spaces that randomly line up in a paragraph of text.文章段落中随机排列起来的(图中)白色空间4. Nurdle4. 少量牙膏A tiny dab of toothpaste.少量牙膏5. The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon5. 巴德尔-迈因霍夫现象When you see something for the first time and then start to see it EVERYWHERE.一种现象:如果你第一次看到某物,你就开始在任何地方总是会看到它。6. Collywobbles6. 肚子疼Butterflies in your stomach.肚子疼7. Frisson7. 颤抖The chills you get when listening to a really good piece of music. Or just anything really good.当你听到很好听的音乐,或者任何好的东西的时候发出的抖动。8. Overmorrow8. 后天The day after tomorrow.后天9. Tittle9. 点The dot over an #39;i#39; or #39;j.#39;字母 i 或 j 上的点10. Lunule10. 指甲半月状部分The white, crescent shaped part at the top of a nail.指甲上白色月牙形部分 /201212/211854

John Rico is a self-quantifier and he says being one has improved his life.约翰#8226;里科是位;自我量化主义者;,用他的话就是做一个让自己生活更美好的人。Every one of us wants to live a better life, but what is a self-quantifier, exactly?我们每个人都想过得更好,但究竟什么才是;自我量化主义者;?Well, if you have a smartphone with apps tracking your daily activities like spending, exercise, or keeping a calorie diary to help manage your weight, then you might well be on your way to become a self-quantifier.好吧,如果你的智能手机安装了一些这样的应用程序—追踪你包括消费、锻炼在内的日常活动,或者记录卡路里日记来帮你保持体形的话,那你可能就离;自我量化主义者;不远了。Self-quantification is, at its most basic, maintaining performance statistics or data about oneself.自我量化,最基本的便是记录自身性能统计与数据。Rico, a US writer, takes self-quantification to another level that it almost has become an obsession.里科是位美国作家,对于自我量化,他已经到了痴迷的程度了。In a recent article he wrote for Salon magazine, Rico admits that he not only tracks both exercise and spending, but on his iPhone, he also has specific apps that track the water he drinks, sleeping cycles, moods, the last time he communicated with friends, and how much time he spends watching television. ;Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, my iPhone is pushing, fetching and recording data about myself,; he says.里科在Salon杂志的一篇最新文章中承认他不只记录锻炼和出状况,就连喝水、睡眠、心情、哪天和朋友聊了天、看多长时间电视他都记在iPhone上。他说:;一天24小时,一周七天,我的手机无时无刻不在记录着自己一举一动的每项数据。;;Indeed, I even go so far as to have a constantly running timer app that I have to click every time I change activities, with the app providing me with up-to-the-minute reports on how I#39;ve spent my time.;;实际上,我甚至还有一个永不停歇的计时应用程序,每次我该做其他事情时,我都必须要点开它,这样它就能随时报告我把时间都花在哪里了。;Sounds crazy? And what a waste of time tapping away on a phone to record trivial details while the important parts of one#39;s life pass by.这听起来很疯狂吧?在手机上点来点去记录鸡毛蒜皮的琐事,而错过生活的重头戏,简直是浪费时间。But Rico offers his defense. He points out that self-quantification is about trying to exercise a certain amount of self-awareness through data to become a better person. Data allows us to measure performance, to observe trends, and to inculcate new habits into our lives.但是里科也有自己的说法。他指出自我量化是为了通过数据形式,来锻炼自我意识,从而完善自我。这些数据有助于我们评量绩效、观察趋势、培养新习惯。Rico says that our perceptions of ourselves are far different from what actual data about ourselves might show.里科表示,我们的自我观念与真实数据所显示出的大不相同。His mood app is a good example in point. A while back, the writer considered himself to be somewhat depressed. But when he used an app to record his mood, day by day, it was almost always happy.他的心情应用程序就是个例子。前阵子,里科总感到莫名的抑郁。自从使用应用程序记录心情以来,一天天下来,他几乎每天都是好心情。It turns out that he was simply focusing more on the bad days, and ignoring the good days. The mood app helped him see and value the brighter side of life.原来里科是因为太在意坏心情了,好心情都被忽略了。应用程序只是帮他发现并珍惜生活中美好的一面。Self-quantification also helped increased Rico#39;s productivity as a writer. He believed he was hard working enough on his new book, but then he started tracking how often he wrote, and realized he was only thinking about writing. Further self-quantification of those periods when he did do writing allowed him to recognize what time of the day he was the most productive, which in turn allowed him to make adjustments that improved his productivity.自我量化还帮他提高写作效率。原来里科认为写新书已经够努力了,直到他开始记录写作频率,才发现自己只是在构思写作而不是付诸笔端。后来他将自己确实用于写作的时段记录在案,找到自己一天中什么时间效率最高,这使他可以依效率来做调整。His activity timer helped his life become more fulfilling. Rico says it revealed that no matter how busy he thought he was – work, writing, and friends, and the activities of taking care his family - he still had large unproductive pockets of time. Realizing that better management of this time meant he could take on a new hobby, he started applying to PhD programs.行为计时器令里科的生活更有成就感。无论他觉得自己有多忙——忙工作、写作、忙交际、忙家庭,计时器都告诉他还有大把可以利用的零碎时间。里科发觉对时间的有效管理可以使自己多发展一项爱好,于是就申请了士课程。The main criticism of self-quantifiers is that it#39;s a decadent indulgence of the self, Rico says.里科说对自我量化者批评的焦点主要集中在担心这是一种自我沉迷。Perhaps in a world of social networks which pay so much attention to one#39;s self, the last thing we need is to also record data about ourselves.或许在社交网络世界中,我们太过于关注自我了,而我们最不想做的也是记录下关于我们自身的数据了。But self-quantifying is anything but indulgent, Rico points out. Rather, ;it is about deflating the self, breaching the fantasy assumptions about ourselves by introducing disruptive cold hard facts, facts that often demonstrate we#39;re actually not what we thought.;里科指出,自我量化决不是放纵自己。;相反是要通过呈现一些严厉的事实来挫一挫自己的锐气,打消自我幻象,而这些事实往往说明这我们并非自己所想的那样。; /201208/196132


  Mooncakes are to Mid-Autumn Festival what mince pies are to Christmas. The seasonal round cakes traditionally have a sweet filling of lotus seed paste or red bean paste and often have one or more salted duck eggs in the center to represent the moon. And the moon is what this celebration is all about. Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th month, it is the time when the moon is said to be at its brightest and fullest.中秋节吃月饼就像西方人圣诞节吃百果馅饼一样,是必不可少的。圆圆的月饼中通常包有香甜的莲子馅或是红豆馅,馅的中央还会加上一个金黄的咸鸭蛋黄来代表月亮。而月亮正是中秋节庆祝的主题。每年农历8月15日人们一起庆祝中秋,据说这一天的月亮是一年中最亮最圆的。There are two legends which claim to explain the tradition of eating mooncakes. One Tang Dynasty myth holds that the Earth once had 10 suns circling it. One day all 10 suns appeared at once, scorching the planet with their heat. It was thanks to a skillful archer named Hou Yi that the Earth was saved. He shot down all but one of the suns. As his reward, the Heavenly Queen Mother gave Hou Yi the Elixir of Immortality, but she warned him that he must use it wisely. Hou Yi ignored her advice and, corrupted by fame and fortune, became a tyrannical leader. Chang-Er, his beautiful wife, could no longer stand by and watch him abuse his power so she stole his Elixir and fled to the moon to escape his angry wrath. And thus began the legend of the beautiful woman in the moon, the Moon Fairy.关于吃月饼这个传统的来历有两个传说。一个是唐朝的神话故事,说的是当时地球被10个太阳包围着。有一天10个太阳同时出现在天空中,巨大的热量几乎把地球烤焦了。多亏一位名叫后羿的神箭手射下了9个太阳,地球才被保住。为了奖励后羿,王母娘娘赐给后羿一种长生不老药,但是王母警告他必须正当使用。然而后羿没有理会王母娘娘的警告,他被名利冲昏了头脑,变成了一个暴君。后羿美丽的妻子嫦娥对他的暴行再也不能袖手旁观,于是她偷走了后羿的长生不老药,飞到月亮上逃避后羿的狂怒。从此就有了关于月宫仙子嫦娥,这个月亮上的美丽女人的传说。The second legend has it that during the Yuan Dynasty, an underground group led by Zhu Yuan Zang was determined to rid the country of Mongolian dominance. The moon cake was created to carry a secret message. When the cake was opened and the message , an uprising was unleashed which successfully routed the Mongolians. It happened at the time of the full moon, which, some say, explains why mooncakes are eaten at this time.第二个传说讲的是在元朝,朱元璋领导的起义军计划起义来摆脱蒙古族的统治。他们用月饼来传递密信。掰开月饼就可以找到里面的密信,起义军通过这种方式成功的发动了起义,赶走了元朝的统治者。这场起义发生在八月十五之时,于是中秋节吃月饼的习俗便在民间传开来。Mooncakes are usually stamped with Chinese characters indicating the name of the bakery and the type of filling used. Some bakeries will even stamp them with your family name so that you can give personalised ones to friends and family. They are usually presented in boxes of four which indicate the four phases of the moon. Traditional mooncakes are made with melted lard, but today vegetable oil is more often used in the interests of health.通常月饼上都印有汉字,标明月饼的制造商和月饼的馅的种类。有些制造商还会在月饼上刻上顾客的姓,这样赠送给亲朋好友的月饼就更有人情味了。月饼通常是每盒里装四块,代表月亮的四个变化阶段。传统的月饼制作使用的是猪油,但是现在为了身体健康,已经改为使用植物油了。Mooncakes are not for the diet-conscious as they are loaded with calories. The best way to wash down one of these sticky cakes is with a cup of Chinese tea, especially Jasmine or Chrysanthemum tea, which aids the digestion.由于月饼所含的热量较大,因此减肥人士不宜多吃。吃这种甜腻的食物最好是就着一杯中国茶,特别是茉莉花茶或是菊花茶,这样可以有助于消化。 /201209/201267。


  xNLn%8-9S-eTtEmma Stone amp; Andrew Garfield: Looking at these photos of the Amazing Spider-Man costars promoting their flick around the world will result in intense wardrobe and relationship envy艾玛#8226;斯通和安德鲁#8226;加菲尔德:看着这些《超凡蜘蛛侠》主演在世界各地宣传他们电影的照片会引起人们对衣柜和爱情的强烈嫉妒w^utU#M0Bvt1kJbTo@!I。Jy~eA-B2ke#F9c,NQL!Bq8#[!;gfiKfTMXh|%r394 /201301/222084People who go to the toilet in the middle of the night are less productive at work, study suggests.研究表明,半夜起床上厕所的人工作效率更低。Getting up overnight to use the loo has a bigger impact on a person#39;s work rate than asthma or some chronic lung diseases, leading the researchers to conclude that the condition is underestimated.起夜上厕所比哮喘或一些慢性肺病对一个人的工作效率产生的影响更大。这使得研究人员得出结论说,起夜的后果被低估了。Nocturia - where a person wakes up once or more in a night to urinate - leads to ;notable work productivity loss;, the study presented to the European Association of Urology congress in Milan claims.这项提交到米兰的欧洲泌尿协会大会的研究称,夜尿症会导致“工作效率的显著下降”。夜尿症指一个人晚上至少一次起夜排尿。The team of researchers examined 261 women and 385 men with the condition and questioned them about the effect of health problems on their ability to work and perform regular activities.研究团队对有夜尿症的261名女性和385名男性进行了检查,并询问这一健康问题对他们的工作能力和日常活动的执行力产生的影响。Nocturia reduced work productivity by 24 percent - greater than the productivity loss shown by people with asthma or lung disease, it was found.研究发现,夜尿症会使工作效率降低24%,这比哮喘病或肺病患者因病导致的生产率损失还要多。The ability to carry out leisure activities in the day was also reduced, by 34 percent.夜尿症患者白天进行休闲活动的能力也会因此降低34%。Philip Van Kerrebroeck, professor of urology at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, said: ;Nocturia is a common problem affecting around a third of adults, but its burden is underestimated and it is often dismissed as being less serious than other chronic conditions in terms of impact on quality of life and societal costs.荷兰马斯特里赫特大学泌尿学教授菲利普#8226;凡#8226;柯乐布里克说:“夜尿症是困扰约三分之一成人的一个普遍问题,但夜尿症造成的负担被低估了,通常被认为对生活质量的影响和造成的社会成本不如其他慢性病那么严重。;These data show that nocturia negatively affects both sleep and daytime performance and its impact on work productivity is in line with many other chronic conditions. Patients with nocturia should seek specific treatment for this debilitating condition.;“这些数据显示,夜尿症对睡眠和白天的表现都造成了负面影响,它对工作效率产生的影响和许多其他慢性病是一样的。夜尿症患者应该寻求针对这一衰弱状况的治疗方法。”The researchers also found that disturbed sleep is considered to be the most burdensome symptom of nocturia, as around a third are unable drop off again which leads to insomnia研究人员还发现,睡眠受到干扰被视为夜尿症最烦人的症状,KEKE Shuan.约三分之一的夜尿症患者在起夜后就难以入睡,演变成失眠。;I can#39;t ever fall back asleep. I start watching TV all night and I am miserable the next day;, one patient said.一位患者说:“起夜后我就再也睡不着了。我开始通宵看电视,结果第二天状态就很糟糕。” /201303/231227The Lies and Truths of Pregnancy怀真相大爆料LIE谎言1. You’re glowing!1. 你很神采奕奕呀!2. After the first trimester, your morning sickness will disappear!2. 过了头三个月,你晨吐症状就会消失!3. You don’t even look pregnant from the back!3. 你从背后看起来不像有怀!4. It all becomes “real” when you feel that first kick!4. 当你感受到他第一次踢你时,终于有“真实”的感觉了!5. Once the baby is born, you will totally forget the pain of labor.5. 宝宝一旦出生,你就可以完全忘记分娩的痛苦。6. The baby weight will just melt off once you start breastfeeding.6. 怀时多出的体重会在你开始母乳喂养时减轻。TRUTH真相1. You’re sweating.1. 你会焦躁不安。2. It will be there in the second trimester. And the third. And maybe after you give birth.2. 晨吐会持续到六个月,甚至九个月,又或者直到你分娩后。3. LOL, whatever, you look pregnant from space.哈哈哈,不管怎样,无论哪个角度看(即便从太空上看),你都是妇样。4. Yes, if by “real” you mean “f**king freaky.”4. 是的,如果你的“真实”意味着“去你的怪胎”(粗言无乱学噢~)5. You will forget your children’s first names before you forget the pain of labor.5. 在你(年老到)忘记孩子们的姓氏时,你就可以忘记分娩的痛苦了。6. Yes, as long as you also stop eating.6. 是的,只要你同时停止饮食。 /201301/222634

  Eggs over tomato for a change蕃茄烤蛋,早餐真的吃够了豆浆油条、稀饭小笼包?那就自己来做一个蕃茄烤蛋试试吧,看着就很美味。Ingredients食材:Serves 4四人份900 g ripe vine tomatoes900克新鲜熟透的番茄3 garlic cloves3瓣大蒜3 tbsp olive oil3茶匙橄榄油4 large free range eggs4颗大鸡蛋2 tbsp chopped parsley and/or chives2茶匙欧芹碎和(或)细香葱碎Method制作方法:1. Preheat the oven to fan 180C/ conventional 200C/gas 6. Cut the tomatoes into quarters or thick wedges, depending on their size, then sp them over a fairly shallow 1.5 litre ovenproof dish. Peel the garlic, slice thinly and sprinkle over the tomatoes. Drizzle with the olive oil, season well with salt and pepper and stir everything together until the tomatoes are glistening.1.烤箱预热至200度。依番茄大小将其切瓣或切块,放进1.5升浅底耐热盘中。大蒜剥皮,切薄片后撒在番茄上。撒些橄榄油,加盐和胡椒调味,混合搅拌至番茄表皮光亮。2. Slide the dish into the oven and bake for 40 minutes until the tomatoes have softened and are tinged with brown.2.将烤盘放进烤箱烤40分钟,待番茄变软,表皮微焦。3. Make four gaps among the tomatoes, break an egg into each gap and cover the dish with a sheet of foil. Return it to the oven for 5-10 minutes until the eggs are set to your liking. Scatter over the herbs and serve piping hot with thick slices of toast or warm ciabatta and a green salad on the side.3.在番茄中间开四个口儿,分别打入一个鸡蛋,并用锡箔纸将烤盘封好。放回烤箱,根据个人对鸡蛋生熟程度的喜好,再烤5-10分钟即可。最后撒上香草,佐以热腾腾的厚吐司条或配以夏巴塔面包和蔬菜沙拉食用。Nutrition per serving营养价值:204 kcalories, protein 9.0g, carbohydrate 7.0g, fat 16.0g, saturated fat 3.0g, fibre 3.0g, salt 0.27g.卡路里:204千卡,蛋白质:9.0克,碳水化合物:7.0克,脂肪:16.0克,饱和脂肪:3.0克,纤维素:3.0克,盐:0.27克 /201210/204064



  More than 116 million Americans deal with chronic pain each year. And that pain doesn’t go away when people have to go to work.超过1.16亿的美国人每年都要应付慢性疼痛。当人们不得不去工作时那些疼痛不会消失。“The number of people with chronic pain is outrageous,” says Scott Bautch, MD, CEO for Allied Health Chiropractic Centers located in Wisconsin. “We need to make jobs friendly for them, but they need to know how to adjust in the jobs they have.”“患有慢性疼痛的人数是令人惊讶的,” Scott Bautch说,医学士,位于威斯康辛州的专职医疗中心的CEO。“我们需要使工作对他们友好,但他们需要知道如何在自己的工作中进行调整。”It can be difficult to cope with chronic pain on the job, but not impossible. Here are some ways to get your employer to be more accommodating, as well as tips for managing pain at work.很难应对工作中的慢性疼痛,但并非不可能。这里有一些方法让你的雇主更通情达理,也是解决工作中疼痛的小贴士。Follow the 30% ruleIf this is true for you, try to use no more than about 30% of your grip strength and muscle energy in your elbows, wrists, shoulders, and other parts of your body.遵循30%的原则如果你也是这样,尝试在你的手肘、手腕、肩膀和身体其他部位使用不超过30%的握力和肌肉能量。Change positions oftenSitting or standing in one position for too long can exacerbate pain. If you work at a desk, get up and move around every 15 minutes or so, says Dr. Bautch. And don’t feel guilty about it—studies show break-takers are as productive—sometimes more—as people who don’t take them.经常改变姿势坐或站在一个位置太久会加重疼痛。如果你在桌前工作,每15分钟左右起来移动一下,Bautch士说。不要为此感到愧疚,研究显示进行休息的人和不进行的人一样有时更有效率。Reduce stress “You don’t have to stop working, but sometimes you just can’t do the things you used to do,” she says. “I always say, ‘If my body could keep up with my mind, it would be a force to be reckoned with’.”减压“你不必停止工作,但有时你就是不能做你过去常做的事情,”她说。“我总是说,‘如果我的身体能跟上我的脑袋,这将是不容小觑的力量。”Educate your employer “You need to have a dialogue about your condition—what it entails and what your limitations and abilities are. But make sure they know you are an asset in the company; you can’t do certain things, but you can make up in other areas.”教育你的雇主“你需要有进行一次对话关于你的状态——工作需要什么以及你的局限和能力是什么。但是确保他们知道你是公司的一项资产;你不能做某些事情,但你可以在其他领域弥补。”Avoid travelThere are a handful of reasons why people with chronic pain should not be world travelers. For many people with chronic pain, a change in pressure, which is a given on a plane, can be a symptom trigger. What’s more, it’s difficult to get up and move around to avoid stiffness, particularly on long flights. On top of this, anti-TNF medications, used to decrease inflammation, also suppress the immune system. On a plane, you are exposed to more germs.避免旅行有几个原因为什么慢性疼痛的人不应该成为世界旅行者。对于许多患有慢性疼痛的人来说,飞机上获得的压强变化可以触发一种症状。更重要的是,很难站起身四处走动来避免僵硬,特别是在长途飞行时。除此之外,抗肿瘤坏死因子抗体药物,用来消炎,也抑制免疫系统。在飞机上,你暴露在更多的细菌中。Be prepared for a flareIf you work full time, then you spend nearly as much time awake at your office as you do at home. Treat your workplace like your home—make yourself comfortable and be prepared for flare-ups.为疼痛发作做好准备如果你全职工作,那么你在办公室和在家里花差不多一样的时间醒着。把你的工作场所当作你家,让自己舒以及为疼痛发作做好准备Avoid repetitionIf you are going to live with a job that necessitates repetitive motion, you will have to be able to get away from the task frequently, at least four to five minutes an hour.避免重复如果你将接受并忍受一项需要重复运动的工作,你将必须能够经常摆脱任务,至少一个小时有四到五分钟。Get savvy about ergonomicsMake sure your work space is comfortable for you; have an ergonomic chair, wrist cushions, and use dictation software if you have difficulty typing.了解人体工程学确保你的工作空间对你来说是舒适的;弄一个人体工程学的椅子,手腕的软垫,如果你打字有困难就使用听写软件。Stick to a routineAlmost all chronic illnesses are better managed when you can stay on a routine. Getting enough sleep, eating well, taking medications and making time for exercise are all critical to staying healthy.坚持常规几乎所有慢性病在你可以保持常规时都很好应对。充足的睡眠、饮食良好、用药物以及为运动腾出时间都是保持健康的关键。Pick the right shoesSpring gave up wearing heels years ago. She couldn#39;t run through an airport in them, and they exacerbated the pain in her knees. But finding the right shoes required even more trial and error.“ It took me years to figure it out, but I did. It is all part of a learning process.”She said.选择合适的鞋子春天穿年前放弃了穿高跟鞋。她不能穿着它们跑过机场,它们加剧了她膝盖的疼痛。但是找到合适的鞋子甚至需要更多的试验和错误。 “我花了多年来搞定它,但是我做了。这是一个学习过程的全部。”她说。Adjust your work“You might be able to mix and match jobs if you can find employers who are friendly with that,” Dr. Bautch says.调整你的工作“如果你能发现雇主对其友好的话你可能会混合和匹配工作,”Bautch士说。Ask for what you needPeople with chronic pain should tell employers what they need to do their job. And if you have a problem getting it, there are organizations that will advocate for your rights.要求你所需要的东西患有慢性疼痛的人应该告诉雇主他们需要什么来做他们的工作。如果你有困难得到它,将有组织为你谋权利。Be flexibleYou can still do something you are passionate about, you just have to be flexible and make adaptations. Adapt, stay open-minded, and find a way.灵活你仍然可以做一些你感兴趣的事,你只是不得不灵活并进行调整。适应,保持思想开明,并找到方法。 /201212/213902



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