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太仓市哪家医院做人流好太仓中医医院官网太仓市第三医院做输卵管通液多少钱 Electronics giant ZTE wants the public to help design one of its next mobile phones. The company has launched a website where people can submit their ideas and vote on those of others.电子巨头中兴日前表示,希望公众帮助设计该公司的下一个手机。该公司推出了一个网站,在该网站上人们可以提出自己的想法,还能给其他人的设计投票。Initial proposals have included a solar-panel case, a second screen that can rotate 360 degrees, and a modular design to connect with keyboards and games controllers.最初的建议包括一个太阳能电池板方案、一个可以360度旋转的第二屏幕方案,以及一个可以连接键盘和游戏手柄的模块化设计。ZTE has promised to release the ;crowd-sourced; phone in 2017.中兴已经承诺将在2017年发布这款“来自于人民群众”的手机。Known as Project CSX, the initiative was first announced in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.这个计划被称之为Project CSX,最初是在今年一月于举行的电子消费展上宣布的。Submissions officially opened on 3 August, and ZTE#39;s community website now features a growing list of ideas proposed by the public.手机设计样式从8月3日开始正式提交,现在中兴社区网站上工作推荐的设计正在不断增多。One user believes the phone should include a ;desktop mode; that turns it into a rudimentary PC, while another says ZTE should build a phone dedicated entirely to Pokemon Go.一名用户认为手机应该包括一个“桌面模式”,从而可以变成一个简易的电脑,而另一名用户则认为中兴应该打造一款专门用来玩《Pokemon Go》的手机。But the smartphone manufacturer has laid some ground rules to curb impractical ideas.但该智能手机制造商已经制定了一些基本的规则,以限制不切实际的想法。;Of course, there are always rules and restrictions to any competition. The most important thing is that the product that we end up building follows ZTE#39;s mission,; said Jeff Yee, vice-president of technology planning at ZTE. ;It must be a mobile product, technically possible by 2017 and be affordable to the general public.;中兴公司技术规划副总裁Jeff Yee说道:“当然,对于所有的比赛来说,总有那么一些规则和限制。最重要的一点是,我们最终将要制造的这款产品,要和中兴的愿景保持一致。它必须是一款移动设备、可以用2017年的技术造出来、价格可以被一般大众所接受的。”The initiative was a ;bold approach for the industry that demonstrates how ZTE keeps consumers at the heart of everything;, said Lixin Cheng, chief executive of ZTE USA.中兴美国CEO程立新表示,这个计划是“手机制造行业一个大胆的方法,这显示了中兴把消费者放在第一位的理念。” /201608/460365太仓人民医院妇科

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太仓医院做无痛人流需要多少钱 A new report from market intelligence firm IDC shows Apple Watch sales have dropped 55% since the product was launched in early 2015.根据市场调研机构IDC发布的一份最新报告显示,自苹果手表于2015年初上市以来,销量已经大幅下滑了55%。The watch debuted to a backlog of orders and 3.6 million units were shipped in its first three months on the market. But sales plummeted to just 1.6 million in the latest quarter, according to IDC. That#39;s in spite of a price discount.在上市的前三个月,苹果手表销量就达到了360万只。然而,今年第二季度的销量却直线下降,仅为160万只--尽管价格已经打了折扣。Apple it set to deliver an updated operating system for its smartwatch this fall -- called watch OS 3 -- which promises new features and improved performance.今年秋季,苹果智能手表将会更新为一个叫做watch OS 3的操作系统,据称将有新的特点并改善了性能。;Consumers have held off on smartwatch purchases since early 2016 in anticipation of a hardware refresh,; explained Jitesh Ubrani, a senior research analyst at IDC.IDC高级分析师吉特什·尤不拉尼表示:“出于对新的Watch OS系统的期待,在2016年前半段,消费者对购买智能手表持观望态度。”Meanwhile, other manufacturers are now seeing better numbers. Samsung (SSNLF), Lenovo (LNVGY) and LG Electronics grabbed larger shares of the market in the latest quarter, though their growth comes from a low base.同时,尽管如三星、联想和LG等其他品牌之前的基数较低,但上个季度的出货份额却都有了大幅的上升。Ramon Llamas, IDC#39;s research manager for wearables, forecasts the smartwatch market will return to growth next year as firms introduce new applications and cellphone-connected features.IDC可穿戴设备研究主管拉蒙·拉马斯表示,随着新的应用以及手机连接性能的发布,智能手表的需求将在下一年回暖。Apple was relatively slow to introduce a smartwatch as other firms piled into the sector. But the Apple Watch grabbed a lion#39;s share of the market immediately after its launch.相比其他公司大量涌入智能手表行业,苹果公司引入智能手表的步伐相对较慢。然而,在发布智能手表产品后,该公司仍快速成为这个市场的超级霸主。Apple does not break out separate sales figures for its Apple Watch and did not respond to requests for comment on the IDC report.不过,苹果公司方面并未发布Apple Watch的销售数据,也未对IDC的报告作出回应。 /201607/457444浏河镇治疗盆腔炎多少钱太仓市第二人民医院在线咨询



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