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Clearly, people didnt want us to talk about death,显而易见,人们并不希望我们和他们谈论死亡,or, we thought that.或者,我们自己如此认为。So with loads of funding from the Federal Government所以,在联邦政府和地方卫生部门资金的持下and the local Health Service, we introduced a thing我们在John Hunter医院引入了at John Hunter called Respecting Patient Choices.一个名为“尊重病人的选择”的项目We trained hundreds of people to go to the wards我们培训了成百上千的工作人员,and talk to people about the fact that they would die,派他到病房去告诉别人他们大限将至and what would they prefer under those circumstances.然后问他们有什么打算。They loved it. The families and the patients, they loved it.此举受到病人和家属的欢迎。Ninety-eight percent of people really thought98%的人真的认为this just should have been normal practice,这应该成为一种常态化的做法,and that this is how things should work.同时,这也是顺应自然的做法。And when they expressed wishes,而当这些病人表达他们的意愿的时候,all of those wishes came true, as it were.所有这些意愿都可以实现。We were able to make that happen for them.我们可以帮他们实行他们的意愿。But then, when the funding ran out,然而,当这笔资金用完之后中,we went back to look six months later,六个月后我们再来评估这一项目,and everybody had stopped again,这一做法又被停止了。and nobody was having these conversations anymore.也没有人去进行这方面的谈话了。So that was really kind of heartbreaking for us,这是一种很令我们心酸的结局,because we thought this was going to really take off.因为我们一直以为,这会成为一种常态化的东西。The cultural issue had reasserted itself.文化问题又一次得到了体现。So heres the pitch:这就是问题所在。I think its important that we dont just get on this freeway我认为,在我们决定走上去ICU这条路时,to ICU without thinking hard about whether or not我们真的要想thats where we all want to end up,我们是否真的想死在ICU里,particularly as we become older and increasingly frail这点在我们老态龙钟和变得脆弱不堪时尤其重要,and ICU has less and less and less to offer us.这时,ICU能为我们做的事情是少之又少的。There has to be a little side road如果不去ICU,肯定还有其它的选择的off there for people who dont want to go on that track.前提是——你不想死在ICU里。And I have one small idea,而对于可能发生的事,我有一个“小”主意and one big idea about what could happen.我一个“大”主意And this is the small idea.我的小主意是:The small idea is, lets all of us让我们所有人engage more with this in the way that Jason has illustrated.更多地象Jason所描述的那样。Why cant we have these kinds of conversations我们为什么就不能和Jason一样with our own elders和我们的长辈and people who might be approaching this?或者那些正在慢慢变老的人和Jason一样谈一下这个问题呢?There are a couple of things you can do.你可以为此做一些事情。One of them is, you can,其中一个是,just ask this simple question. This question never fails.你只需问一个简单的问题。这是一个很有用的问题。;In the event that you became too sick to speak for yourself,“万一你病得不能讲话了,who would you like to speak for you?;你想让谁代你表达你的心声呢?”Thats a really important question to ask people,这真是一个非常重要的问题,because giving people the control over who that is这是因为,给予谁这个权利produces an amazing outcome.会给你带来不同的结局。The second thing you can say is,你可以说的第二个事情是,;Have you spoken to that person“你和哪个人谈过了about the things that are important to you你认为对你来说是很重要的事吗so that weve got a better idea of what it is we can do?;那样我们就比较清楚我们能为你做些什么。So thats the little idea.这就是我的“小”主意。The big idea, I think, is more political.我的大主意,我认为更实用。I think we have to get onto this.我认为,我们必须做好一件事。I suggested we should have Occupy Death.我建议搞一个“占领死亡”运动(Occupy Death)My wife said, ;Yeah, right, sit-ins in the mortuary.我妻子对我说,“对,对,到太平间去静坐”Yeah, yeah. Sure.;对,应该的。So that one didnt really run,所以,这个行不通,but I was very struck by this.但我还是受到一些打击的。Now, Im an aging hippie.现在,我是一个老嬉皮士。I dont know, I dont think I look like that anymore, but我不知道,我并不认为我还象一个嬉皮士,但是I had, two of my kids were born at home in the 80s在90年代,我的两个小孩都是在家里生产的when home birth was a big thing, and we baby boomers那时,在家生小孩是件大事,而我们这帮婴儿潮年代出生的人are used to taking charge of the situation,已经习惯了处理这些事,so if you just replace all these words of birth,所以,如果你要替换掉这些关于生产的字,I like ;Peace, Love, Natural Death; as an option.我会选择“和平、爱和自然死亡”I do think we have to get political我真的认为,我们必须得面对现实and start to reclaim this process from并且重申这一进程the medicalized model in which its going.从我们现行的医疗化模型中解放出来Now, listen, that sounds like a pitch for euthanasia.听走来,好像我又在鼓吹安乐死。I want to make it absolutely crystal clear to you all,我想向各位澄清一下I hate euthanasia. I think its a sideshow.我讨厌安乐死。我认为那是一个次要的问题。I dont think euthanasia matters.我不认为安乐死会有什么好处I actually think that,事实上,我认为,in places like Oregon,在象Oregon这类地方,where you can have physician-assisted suicide,你可以寻求到一些在医生的辅助下的自杀方式,you take a poisonous dose of stuff,你可以吃点毒药之类的东西,only half a percent of people ever do that.可只有0.5%的人做过这样的蠢事。Im more interested in what happens to the 99.5 percent其实,我对其它的99.5%的of people who dont want to do that.不想通过毒而死去的人感兴趣。I think most people dont want to be dead,我想,大多数人都不想死,but I do think most people want to have some control但我认为,大多数人都想能够控制over how their dying process proceeds.自己死亡的过程。So Im an opponent of euthanasia,所以,我反对安乐死,but I do think we have to give people back some control.但我又认为,我们应该给病重的人一些自己控制权。It deprives euthanasia of its oxygen supply.这能够让安乐死失去理由。I think we should be looking at stopping我认为,我们应该去尝试了解病人the want for euthanasia,想要安乐死背后的原因,not for making it illegal or legal or worrying about it at all.而不只是让它合法代或非法,或者毫不关心。This is a e from Dame Cicely Saunders,这是Dame Cicely Saunders的一句话,whom I met when I was a medical student.我还是一个医学院学生的时候遇过她She founded the hospice movement.她创立了护理所运动。And she said, ;You matter because you are,她说,“你就是你,你是重要的,and you matter to the last moment of your life.;直到你生命的最后一刻。“And I firmly believe that我坚定地相信thats the message that we have to carry forward.这是我们应该继续前行的旨意Thank you.谢谢201507/388609

I was wrong. I was foolish. I dont get to play by different rules. The same boundaries that apply to everyone apply to me. I brought this shame on myself. I hurt my wife, my kids, my mother, my wifes family, my friends, my foundation and kids all around the world who admired me.我绝对是错的,是愚蠢的,我并不特殊。一般人所要遵守的规则,我也同样需要遵守。我让我自己蒙羞,也伤害了我太太、我的孩子,我的母亲、我太太的家人、我的朋友、我的基金会和全世界仰慕我的孩子们。Ive had a lot of time to think about what Ive done. My failures have made me look at myself in a way I never wantedd to before. Its now up to me to make amends and that starts by never repeating the mistakes Ive made. Its up to me to start living a life of integrity.在过去的一段长时间里,我深刻地反思之前的行为。我的错误让我重新认识到我自己。现在是我赎罪和改过自新的时候了,我绝不会再犯这样的错误。我要开始过诚实的生活。I once heard, and I believe its true, its not what you achieve in life that matters; its what you overcome. Achievements on the golf course are only part of setting an example. Character and decency are what really count. Parents used to point to me as a role model for their kids. I owe all those families a special apology. I want to say to them that I am truly sorry.我曾听说过,我也相信,人生真正的意义不在于你取得了多么辉煌的成就,而在于你克和战胜了多少艰难险阻。在球场上的风光只能代表一个人成功的一部分。人品和人格才是最重要的。之前很多父母都曾让他们的孩子将我看作楷模,对他们我实在是很抱歉,在此我想衷心地向你们说句对不起。201402/276154

Adam Ostrow: Hello.亚当·奥斯丘:你好。Death: Adam?死神:亚当?AO: Yeah.亚当:是。Death: Death can catch you anywhere, anytime,死神:死神可以在任何时间,任何地点抓到你,even at the Organic.甚至在你还是有机体的时候。AO: Who is this?亚当:你是谁?Death: Go to ifidie.net死神:去如果我死了.netbefore its too late.在一切都太迟以前。Adam Ostrow: Kind of creepy, right?亚当·奥斯丘:有点吓人,对吧?So what that service does, quite simply,这种务,其实很简单,is let you create a message or a 就是让你准备一条信息或一段视频,that can be posted to Facebook after you die.它们会在你死后被发布在脸书上。Another service right now最近的另一种务,is called 1,000 Memories.叫做1000个回忆。And what this lets you do is create an online tribute to your loved ones,这种务可以让你创造一种在线的称赞给你的亲友们,complete with photos and s and stories他们可以在你去世后,that they can post after you die.发布照片、视频、和你们之间的故事。But what I think comes next is far more interesting.但是我认为下面的这个例子要有趣的多。Now a lot of you are probably familiar with Deb Roy现在,你们中的很多人可能都很熟悉戴·罗伊who, back in March,他在3月份的演讲中,demonstrated how he was able to analyze more than 90,000 hours of home .演示了他是如何那长于9万小时的家庭录影。I think as machines ability我想既然机器有能力to understand human language and process vast amounts of data去理解人类的语言,并处理大量的数据,continues to improve,如果持续地改进,its going to become possible很有可能,它们将可以to analyze an entire lifes worth of content --一个人的一生--the Tweets, the photos, the s, the blog posts --微,照片,视频,客--that were producing in such massive numbers.所有我们产生的,大量的信息。And I think as that happens,并且我认为,如果那真的发生了,its going to become possible for our digital personas我们的数码角色就很有可能to continue to interact in the real world long after were gone在我们离开很久之后持续地与现实世界中的我们互动。thanks to the vastness of the amount of content were creating这要归功于我们创造的大量的内容and technologys ability to make sense of it all.和科技的力量,让它们得以付诸实践。Now were aly starting to see some experiments here.现在,我们已经开始着手一些实验。One service called My Next Tweet其中一个务叫做”我的下一条微“,analyzes your entire Twitter stream, everything youve posted onto Twitter,分析你的整个微档案,所有你在微上发布的信息,to make some predictions as to what you might say next.去预测你接下来会说什么。Well right now, as you can see,现在,正如你看到的,the results can be somewhat comical.结果会有点滑稽。You can imagine what something like this might look like你可以想象这样的事物在5年、10年,或者20年后five, 10 or 20 years from now会看起来怎样,as our technical capabilities improve.基于我们的科技能力在不断提升。Taking it a step further,进一步地说,MITs media lab is working on robots麻省理工的媒体实验室正忙于研究that can interact more like humans.能更像人类那样互动的机器人。But what if those robots were able to interact但是如果这些机器人能够正常互动,based on the unique characteristics of a specific person基于具体个人的独特个性,based on the hundreds of thousands of pieces of content基于人一生中创造的千千万万条的内容,that person produces in their lifetime?那将会怎样?Finally, think back to this famous scene最后,让我们的思绪回到这个著名的一幕,from election night 20082008年的选举之夜,back in the ed States,在美国,where CNN beamed a live hologramCNN发送了一张嘻哈歌手”我是威尔“的of hip hop artist will.i.am into their studio现场全息图去他们的演播室,for an interview with Anderson Cooper.那是为安德森·库珀的采访准备的。What if we were able to use that same type of technology如果我们可以用同样的科技to beam a representation of our loved ones into our living rooms --发送一个我们亲人的重现影像到我们的客厅,interacting in a very lifelike way非常逼真地互动,based on all the content they created while they were alive?基于他们活着时候创造的内容,那将会怎样?I think thats going to become completely possible我认为这是完全有可能的,as the amount of data were producing因为我们使用的数据流量and technologys ability to understand it和科技对其认知的能力,both expand exponentially.都在成倍地增长。Now in closing, I think what we all need to be thinking about在结束之际,我认为我们都需要思考的是,is if we want that to become our reality --我们是否想要此成为现实,and if so,如果是,what it means for a definition of life and everything that comes after it.它对生命的定义,以及随之而来的一切事物,又意味着什么?Thank you very much.非常感谢。201508/389782

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