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That is strange – we all seem to be losing our pens.奇怪了,我们的笔好像都没了。Here, use this old pencil.先用这杆旧铅笔吧。Thanks.谢谢。Anna. Are you happy complaining officially about Rachel?安娜,你乐意这样正式地投诉瑞秋吗?Not really but what else can I do?不愿意,但我又能怎么做呢?Shes been spoiling all the work Ive been doing.她搞砸了我做的所有工作。Yes she has.确实。OK, well tell Paul the facts and tell him you want action.告诉保罗这件事并告诉他你的行动。OK.Right, here goes.好的,就这样。Come in.请进。Hi Paul. I really need to speak to you about Rachel.嗨,保罗,我有必要和你谈谈瑞秋。She really is messing things up…Paul? Paul?她搞糟了一切,保罗?保罗?Sorry, just counting my biscuits.不好意思,我在数饼干。What were you saying? Rachel?你刚才说什么?瑞秋?Great girl, isnt she?很棒的女孩,不是吗?No shes not.不,她不是。Paul, shes aly sent out the wrong order and now shes upset our new client.保罗,她已经把错误的订单发出去了,现在她又惹恼了我们的新客户。 /201705/508483

国家地理:China's Lost Girls 被抛弃的女孩[5]Chinese officials now say that the gender imbalance poses a major threat to China and could trigger crimes like prostitution, forced marriages and abductions of women. These crimes have aly begun. Zhu Wenguang is a private detective who earns his living by rescuing women who've been kidnapped. He says he's rescued about 100 women in the past decade. "So what, what are all these things here? Showing me.""These are all files related to those kidnapped women."Families go to him for help after their daughters have been kidnapped and sold as wives to men in other provinces."Mr. Zhu, I have a map of China. I wonder if you could just show me where the most women are being kidnapped.""I've been to almost every province except Tibet to rescue abducted women. I am really sympathetic for their sad and bitter experience. They are sold to the poorest places and live a miserable life, treated no better than animals. Some of them have broken legs, broken arms. Some of them were beaten black and blue all over the body." Zhang Chuanli is one of those women. Mr. Zhu rescued her after she'd been kidnapped and taken nearly a thousand miles from her home in Sichuan all the way to Inner Mongolia. So apparently Ms. Zhang wrote this letter to Mr. Zhu, and asking to be rescued, and this is her file. "You're kidnapped and sold as a wife? Or, or what happened?" "I was sold to become somebody's wife. It was very difficult for me. The man treated me very badly and he was sick as well. The rest of the family watched me all the time. When I tried to escape, I was beaten badly. It was terrible. I felt like I wanted to die."It's not clear how many kidnappings are a result of China's gender imbalance. But experts predict that (if) it gets worse, they'll certainly increase. "Do you know why your husband had to buy you? Do you know what the reason was?" "He couldn't find a wife. He was sick and old and needed to find one, for not much money.""Do you know how much you were sold for?" "About 3,600 yuan, I was told later by a relative."3,600 yuan, that's about 435 dollars. Zhangquanli says the man raped her repeatedly and after a year she had his child. "Where is your son now?""The son is still there in Inner Mongolia. When I was rescued, the whole village came out, and surrounded the vehicles and tried to stop us. The police fired shots in the air, and tried to stop the crowd. But it didn't work. They wouldn't let me take the child. We almost didn't get out ourselves.""Is that difficult to be away from your son now?" "It's very hard. I'm sad about it, but I couldn't take him with me."If it wasn't for my mom and dad, I bet I'd still be in the orphan, orphanage. And I wouldn't be here right now and I wouldn't be living in America. I would just be living in China but and I'll be...200709/17507


  Scripts:Host: The internet search giant Yahoo is fighting a high profile lawsuit which accuses the company of helping suppress free speech in China. Yahoo is asking a US federal judge to throw this censorship case out of court. Of more on this, we are joined now by Nick Thompson. He is a senior editor at Wired magazine. And there's just a little bit more background for this story. Yahoo is being accused of handing over information to the Chinese government which led to the arrest of two dissidents. Now looking at Yahoo’s position, they are saying we have to abide by Chinese laws. Isn’t that a fair point?Editor: It is a fair point and I think it’s gonna be one of the central points in the case if you their motion to dismiss. Their central argument is, as they say, we can’t be asked, much less compelled to violate the laws of a country in which we operate.H: But there are also US laws. Are there not, that, sort of forbid this sort of behavior? I mean, Should there be some sort of recalls to the US courts for this at all?E: Right, and so that’s what the plaintiffs are arguing.They are arguing that there are two major US statutes. The Alien Tort Statute and the Torture Victim Protection Act. And they say, look, the US has agreed with all these treaties, the US agrees that it must follow some sort of international law and international human rights standards and that’s more important than the particular laws in the country in which these companies operate. So they are saying, you have to appeal to a higher law; Yahoo is saying, hey, we just have to deal with China's laws.H: And Yahoo is being slightly hypocritical about this, isn't it? Because it was fined by a French court a couple of years ago, because it allowed people to trade Nazi memorabilia on its auction site, and it turned to the US to get that French decision overturned .So there is a bit of hypocrisy going on here , isn’t there?E: Oh, there is absolutely hypocrisy. I mean another argument that Yahoo makes and Yahoo defenders make is that, overall, the benefit of Yahoo is good. They allow people to communicate through the Internet which will actually help, eventually bring democracy to China. So they are saying that overall, the benefits outweigh the cost. The other important legal argument that we haven’t touched on is, Yahoo is saying" Look, these people might have been tortured. But Yahoo didn’t torture them. If you wanna sue somebody, sue the government of China.'' And that’s another important legal claim that I think will affect the way this case turns out.H: Is there suggestion that Yahoo handed more information over them was necessary?E: Oh, absolutely. So what the plaintiffs are saying is they actually weren't compelled to do almost anything. They think it was more like Yahoo sort of was trying to ingratiate itself, or lower level employees at Yahoo wanted to do somebody a favor. So they gave a whole bevy of information. They gave IP addresses; they gave actual E-mails; they gave tons of stuff to China.H: It’s not just , I'd see, the legal implications here, it's also the court of public opinion, isn’t it? And I wonder how this could affect Yahoo’s business?E: Oh, I think it’s terrible for yahoo. My personal instinct is that they’ll probably win the case. It depends on the judge who handles the next stage, but their legal arguments are pretty strong. But the question of how this affects the way we look at Yahoo? I think there’s gonna be a very big hit to the company because of this. Each time this plays out, the company looks worse and worse. Because what they did, whether it was legal or whether it was illegal, certainly doesn't seem like the right thing to have done.H: And can people or would people migrate to Google, coz they have had their own issues with China as well?E: Well, people will certainly migrate to Google, Google things are a little different, google's are things of omission not commission. What google does is it sets up its search engine in China, so that you can’t search for certain terms. If you type in “human rights” in Google China, you get different results, if you type from what you get if you type in “human rights” in Google America. But that’s quite different from sending information on a particular dissident and then having him get arrested and tortured.H: So if Google were asked to do the same thing, would it under Chinese law be compelled to do so?E: Well, it might well be compelled under Chinese law to do so, and then Google would have to decide whether it wants to follow along with that particular Chinese law? Or whether it wants to say'' Hey, we are an American company. We have to follow these international standards and then let's make China, see what China does next.H: En, fascinating,and this one will really sort of shape the future of the moral question here, won't it?E: Oh, It is an incredibly interesting moral question. What do American companies do in places like China, where they are probably aiding and abetting censorship which is one of the things the Internet is supposed to help break down. It’s a marvelous question.H: Nick Thompson ,senior editor with Wired. Thank you so much for joining us.E: Thanks a lot for having me here.Notes:Aid and abet: help, assist, or facilitate200807/44132。

  US Offers Russia Assurance on Missiles美力争减少俄对导弹防御计划担忧 Though not backing away from plans to build a missile-defense system in central Europe, the ed States is offering a series of confidence-building measures to allay Russian concerns about the project. Senior Russian officials were informed of the measures during so-called two plus two talks in Moscow among Russian foreign and defense ministers and their visiting U.S. counterparts. 美国虽然没有在中欧建立导弹防御系统计划的问题上改变立场,不过,美国还是提出了一系列旨在建立信心的措施,减少俄罗斯对这一计划的担忧。俄罗斯外长和国防部长与到访的美国国务卿和国防部长在莫斯科举行了被称作“二加二”的会谈。在会谈时,美国将这一系列措施告诉了俄罗斯的高级官员。Speaking at a news conference after the talks, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the ed States elaborated on a number of measures aimed at confidence building and transparency in order to assure that new American missile facilities in Poland and the Czech Republic would not constitute a threat to Russia.  在会谈结束后举行的记者招待会上,美国国防部长盖茨说,美国详细阐述了一系列旨在建立互信和透明的措施,为的是确保美国在波兰和捷克共和国新部署的导弹设施不会对俄罗斯构成威胁。"We have leaned very far forward in this to provide reassurance, and with a number of measures that, obviously, would require host-country approval and reciprocity," said Gates. 盖茨说:“在这一问题上,我们非常主动地让俄罗斯放心。很明显,一系列措施需要征得导弹所在国家的同意。”Moscow says a U.S. system on its doorstep would diminish Russia's strategic deterrent. The ed States insists the missiles would defend against a potential Iranian missile threat. 莫斯科说,部署在俄罗斯门口的美国导弹系统会损害俄罗斯的战略威摄力。美国坚持认为部署的导弹将防御伊朗潜在的导弹威胁。Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the U.S. proposals are serious and will be studied. He was quick to add, however, that the best way to ease Russian concerns about the proposed system would be not to build it at all. 俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫说,美国的提议是认真的,俄罗斯会对提议进行研究。但是,他很快补充说,要消除俄罗斯关于这个导弹系统提议的担忧,最好的办法是根本不要建立这样一个系统。But Lavrov notes the firm U.S. intention to establish the system. Despite disagreement on the substance of this issue, the Russian official says the ed States recognizes that Russia has legitimate concerns and has offered proposals to eliminate or allay them. 但是,拉夫罗夫特别指出美国建立这个系统的决心。虽然关于这个问题的实质还存在分歧,但是,俄罗斯官员说,美国看得出俄罗斯有理由担心,而且美国也已经提出建议消除或减少俄罗斯的担心。Lavrov said participants in the talks did not decide how to proceed after next year's expiration of 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. He noted that any new agreement would be legally binding, but that much work remains before it can be reached. 拉夫罗夫说,参加会谈的俄罗斯和美国官员没有决定1991年签署的《削减战略武器条约》在明年期满失效后该怎么办。他说,任何新的协定要有法律约束力,但是在达成新协定之前还有很多工作要做。Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said it is important to recognize the bth of U.S.-Russian relations. Both sides worked out a strategic framework to govern those relations in the future. Rice said the document would reflect agreements aly made or which need to be developed. 美国国务卿赖斯说,美国和俄罗斯关系涉及很多领域,认识到这一点很重要,双方制定出一个战略框架,管理未来的双边关系。赖斯说,这个框架将体现已经达成的协议或者未来需要达成的协议。"For instance, global nuclear terrorism, [and] concerning the two presidents' [Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush] interest in developing a way to get assured fuel supply for countries that may wish to have civil nuclear power without the proliferation risk of enrichment and reprocessing," said Rice. 赖斯说:“比方说,全球核恐怖主义,以及两位总统所关心的,如何找到可以让人放心的能源提供给那些可能希望拥有民用核能的国家,同时还不会有核浓缩和再加工的核扩散风险。”The ed States said it would provide written copies of all proposals by the end of the day, which the Russian side said it would carefully study.  美国说,它会在当天提供所有建议的文本给俄罗斯。俄罗斯说,它会仔细研究这些建议。Secretaries Rice and Gates met earlier for private talks with several Russian opposition and business leaders. Participants included former member of parliament Vladimir Ryzhkov and Yabloko Party leader Grigory Yavlinsky. Former chess champion Garry Kasparov and former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov say they were not invited.  国务卿赖斯和盖茨早些时候与俄罗斯反对派和商业界领导人举行了不公开会谈。参加会谈的人包括前俄罗斯议员雷日科夫和亚卢俄罗斯联合民主党主席亚夫林斯基。前国际像棋冠军卡斯帕罗夫和前俄罗斯总理卡西亚诺夫说,他们没有收到参加会议的邀请。200803/31231

  President Sarkozy to Propose More French Troops for Afghanistan萨尔科齐访问英国言谈举止受关注   French President Nicolas Sarkozy is on a two-day state visit to Britain and addressed a rare joint session of parliament. Mr. Sarkozy hailed bilateral relations, speaking of a new era of Franco-British brotherhood and said he would propose boosting France's military presence in Afghanistan at the upcoming NATO summit in Bucharest, Romania next week. But, the visit is being watched closely not just for the substance of the talks but, perhaps even more, for Mr. Sarkozy's behavior and style.  法国总统萨尔科齐在英国进行两天的国事访问,他在英国议会少有的上下两院联席会议上发表了演讲。萨尔科齐赞扬了两国的双边关系,说法英兄弟关系进入一个新纪元。他说,他有意在罗马尼亚首都布加勒斯特即将召开的北约首脑会谈上提议增加法国在阿富汗的驻军。不过,萨尔科齐在访问过程中受到密切关注的不仅是他谈话的实质内容,似乎还有更多引人注目的方面,那就是萨尔科齐的举止和风格。Pomp, pageantry and symbolism mark the first day of this visit. President Sarkozy and his wife, Carla Bruni, were whisked off to Windsor, outside of London, where they were met by Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh. 辉煌典雅、华丽壮观、象征性强是这次访问第一天的特点。萨尔科奇总统和夫人卡拉.布鲁尼来到伦敦郊外的温沙堡,受到了伊丽莎白女王和爱丁堡公爵菲利普亲王的接待。They were driven in gold-gilded, horse-drawn carriages to Windsor Castle for a review of the honor guard and then lunch with Queen. 他们坐在镶金的马车上,缓缓进入温沙城堡,检阅了皇家卫队的仪仗队,然后和女王共进午餐。Yet, behind the display of pageantry and tradition also lay an important opportunity for Mr. Sarkozy - a chance to display a new, more serious presidential style, says French political analyst Dominique Moisi. 不过,法国政治分析人士多米尼克.莫伊西认为,在华丽和传统仪式的背后,对萨尔科齐总统还有一个重要的机会,那就是表现出一个新的、更严肃的总统风格。"This is the first state visit of the president with his new wife. At the moment, the president is very [much] criticized. Will he become more presidential? What does he have to do? - much less, not to move too much, just look quiet, distant, cold. You [the president] are the incarnation of France; you are the symbol of the Republic," said Moisi. 莫伊西说:“这是法国新总统第一次携新婚夫人对英国进行国事访问。目前这位总统正受到舆论的很多批评。他能不能更像一位总统呢?他必须做些什么呢?其实很少,他不必张扬,要显得沉静、冷漠、跟别人保持适当的距离。因为他就是法国的化身,是这个共和国的象征。”President Sarkozy has been the focus of severe criticism in France and of much amusement abroad for flouting convention - his divorce from his second wife and very public romance and quick third marriage to the Italian-born former model and pop singer Carla Bruni. He has promoted an image of being a man on the move, but photos of him in dark sunglasses and text messaging on his mobile phone even at official functions have proved embarrassing.  萨尔科齐总统一直是法国舆论严厉批评的焦点,在国外是人们嘲笑的对象和消遣的谈资。从他和第二任妻子离婚,到公开的罗曼史,然后又迅速地和意大利出生的前模特、流行歌手卡拉.布鲁尼结婚。萨尔科齐提升了一个从不懈怠的男人形像,但是他在官方场合经常被拍下戴着墨镜、用手机发送信息的照片,让人觉得尴尬。Mr. Sarkozy won last year's elections promising to reform the French economy and improve the standard of living, but instead his private life has made headlines, and his approval ratings have dropped sharply. 萨尔科齐去年赢得选举后承诺改革法国的经济、提高生活水平,但是他的私生活却成了媒体的头条消息。作为总统,他的持率大幅度下滑。His state visit to Britain is widely seen as a chance to turn his image around. 萨尔科齐对英国的访问被广泛认为是改变形像的一个机会。But the visit also provides an opportunity for substantive talks, and Mr. Sarkozy has aly said he wants to strengthen bilateral relations. Dominique Moisi, senior advisor to the French Institute for International Relations in Paris, tells VOA that key substantive issues are defense and security. 不过,这次访问也为实质性的谈判提供了机会,萨尔科齐已经表示,他希望加强双边关系。设在巴黎的法国国际关系研究所高级顾问莫伊西对美国之音说,最实质的问题是国防和安全。"Nothing in Europe can be done if the two key defense actors - France and Great Britain - are not closer to each other. And, France is moving closer to NATO, France is probably going to say in the coming days that she is increasing her military presence in Afghanistan," added Moisi. "Can we go further?" 他说:“在欧洲,如果两个关键的防卫主角--英国和法国的关系不能更加密切,那什么也做不成。还有,法国和北约更加接近,法国最近几天就可能会说将增加驻阿富汗的军队人数,还能不能更进一步呢?”Among other issues likely to be discussed are greater cooperation on immigration, development of nuclear energy and stabilizing world financial markets.  另外一些很有可能讨论的话题是双方在移民问题上的更大合作,发展核能以及稳定国际金融市场。 200803/32441Protesters in several US cities held anti-war rallies Saturday to mark the fifth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, March 20th. More rallies are planned in coming days in other U.S. cities. Several thousand joined an anti-war protest in Los Angeles. 今年3月20号是美国攻打伊拉克五周年,美国几座城市的抗议者星期六举行反战集会。未来几天美国其它城市也计划举行类似抗议集会。有几千人参加了洛杉矶的反战示威。Marchers chanted and some carried flag-draped coffins as speakers demanded that U.S. troops come home. 集会者高呼口号,有些人还抬着用国旗覆盖的棺木,集会发言人要求美国军队撤离伊拉克回国。集会者高呼,“停止战争......”Sharaf Mowjood of the Council on American-Islamic Relations says the continued presence of American troops is worsening conditions in Iraq, and diverting attention from domestic U.S. problems, including rebuilding New Orleans. The city was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 美国-伊斯兰关系协会的谢拉夫.莫吉奥德表示,美国军队继续驻扎伊拉克,正在恶化那里的局势,并且会转移人们对重建新奥尔良等美国国内问题的注意力。新奥尔良市在2005年的卡特里娜飓风中受到严重破坏。"We need to pull out immediately. That's the main thing right now we need to do. It's a conundrum as it is," he said. "So it's in a situation where the best viable option is to pull out because you have a lot of these internal problems you have to deal with, health care, sub-prime mortgage crisis, Katrina, all that. We need to work on those issues first." 谢拉夫.莫吉奥德说:“我们需要立即从伊拉克撤军。这是目前我们需要做的首要事情。这本来就是一道难题。因此,目前情况下最佳可行选择就是撤军,理由是,国内现在有大量问题急待解决,比如医疗保健,次级房屋抵押贷款危机,卡特里娜飓风后的重建等等。我们需要首先解决这些问题。”Members of religious, labor and community groups joined the Los Angeles demonstration. Madelyn MacKay, a Quaker, says the protests are sending a message to the candidates in the November 4 presidential election. 宗教组织、劳工组织以及一些社团的成员加入了洛杉矶反战示威。贵格会教徒马德琳.麦凯说,抗议示威活动是向参加11月4号总统选举的候选人传递一个信息。"And I think this sort of unity among groups for this one cause in the country is a big message to all of the candidates running that there is a lot of support through all kinds of organizations and all kinds of communities, people that do want us to get out of the war quickly," she said. 马德琳.麦凯说:“我认为,在这个国家,各个组织和团体因为这样一个原因而如此心齐,是向所有总统参选人传递一条重要信息,那就是希望我们国家尽快结束伊拉克战争,这得到各个组织和各个社团以及全体民众的大力持。”Protests were also scheduled Saturday for Albuquerque, Austin, and other U.S. cities. 阿尔伯克基、奥斯汀等美国其它城市星期六也曾计划要举行抗议示威。More anti-war events are scheduled in San Francisco, Chicago and Washington D.C. on March 19, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. 此外,旧金山、芝加哥和华盛顿哥伦比亚特区定于3月19号,也就是美国领导的攻打伊拉克行动的前一天,举行反战活动。200803/30921

  G8 Promises Help for African AgricultureG8承诺为非洲提供农业援助 Leaders from the world's largest industrial nations are promising more food aid and agricultural assistance for Africa to help ease the impact of rising food costs. Some non-governmental organizations say increasing demand for biofuels is partly to blame for higher food prices. 世界上最大的八个工业化国家领导人承诺向非洲提供更多的粮食援助和农业援助,以帮助纾缓不断上涨的粮食价格对非洲的影响。一些非政府组织说,对生物燃料不断增加的需求是造成粮食价格上涨的部分原因。G8 leaders say they are concerned that the steep rise in global food prices could push millions of people back into poverty. 八国集团领导人说,他们担心全球粮食价格急剧上升可能迫使数百万人再度陷入贫困。 So they have pledged more than billion in food aid since the first of the year and are calling on other donors to join them in providing seeds and fertilizers for the upcoming planting season. 因此他们从今年年初以来已经承诺提供一百多亿美元的粮食援助,他们还呼吁其他捐助国加入他们的行列,为即将来临的播种季节提供种子和化肥。G8 leaders say they will support improvements in agricultural infrastructure including irrigation, transportation, storage, distribution, and quality control while assisting in the development of food security early warning systems. 八国集团领导人说,他们持改善农业基础设施的建设,包括灌溉、运输、贮存、分发,及质量控制。与此同时,他们还将协助为粮食安全建立一个预警系统。At their summit on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, G8 leaders promised to work with the International Monetary Fund to help food-importing countries and vowed to boost investments in African agriculture to double the production of key food staples within ten years. 在日本北海道举行的八国集团首脑会议上,与会各国领导人承诺与国际货币基金组织一道努力帮助粮食进口国,并表示决心要增加对非洲农业的投资,从而使主要农作物产量在十年内增加一倍。Global food prices were a big part of talks between G8 leaders and heads of state from South Africa, Algeria, Ethiopia, Senegal, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Ghana. 在八国集团领导人和南非、阿尔及利亚、埃塞俄比亚、塞内加尔、坦桑尼亚、尼日利亚和加纳领导人的会谈中,全球粮食价格问题是他们磋商的主要问题之一。 The ed Nations Food and Agriculture Organization says 37 countries are most affected by rising food prices. Twenty one of them are in Africa. 联合国粮农组织说,食品价格上涨对37个国家的影响最为严重,这37个国家中有21个在非洲。Charles Abani is with the Global Call to Action Against Poverty, a coalition of groups campaigning to raise living standards in the developing world.  查尔斯.阿巴尼是由若干团体联合组成的“呼吁消除贫困全球行动”组织的成员,这个组织致力于提高发展中国家的生活水准。"Families are forced to make choices between food and education, food and health, and this crisis really exacerbates the situation on the ground," he said. 他说:“一些家庭被迫在食品和教育,食品和健康之间作出抉择。这场危机的确使实地的局势恶化了。”Rising world food prices are the result of a number of factors including higher transportation costs, drought, and increased demand from a growing middle class in China and India. There is also more land under cultivation for biofuels, including ethanol. 世界粮食价格上涨是多种因素造成的,包括运输成本的提高、干旱,以及中国和印度日益增长的中产阶层需求的增加。其它原因还包括更多的土地被用于种植可以转换成乙醇等生物燃料的农作物。The non-governmental organization ActionAid says biofuels are responsible for as much as one-third of the recent increase in food prices. ActionAid's Carol Kayira says that is bad for Africa. 非政府组织“援助行动”说,造成近来粮食价格上涨的责任,生物燃料要负三分之一。援助行动组织的卡罗尔.卡伊拉说,对非洲来说这是一个坏消息。"Africa is being earmarked as the source of biofuels in the future, that Africa would develop if they implement the biofuels or if they grow biofuels," she said. "And for us in Africa, we are saying no. First of all, we need more research on biofuels. Secondly, we are saying we are aly having difficulties to produce our own food to feed ourselves, so if you come in Africa and then you are taking out the basic resources that we require for food for biofuels, you are making the problem worse." 他说:“非洲被指定为未来的生物燃料的来源,如果非洲实施生物燃料的计划或者种植生物燃料,非洲将会得到发展。但是对我们在非洲的人来说,我们的回答是‘不’。首先,我们需要对生物燃料进行更多的研究。其次,正如我们指出的那样,我们在非洲生产出能够养活自己的粮食已经相当困难。所以,如果你到非洲来,然后大谈什么用我们最基本的资源粮食来生产生物燃料,你们这样会让问题更糟 。” G8 leaders say they will ensure that the sustainable production of biofuels is compatible with food security, in part, by accelerating the development of biofuels from non-food plant materials and waste. 八国集团领导人说,他们将确保可持续生产的生物燃料能兼顾粮食安全,做到这一点的部分方式是通过加速开发用非粮食类的植物和废物来生产生物燃料。Joseph Suuna is the general secretary of the advocacy group PELUM, which promotes ecological land use management. He says growing demands for biofuels in the developing world are disrupting African agriculture. 约瑟夫.苏纳是一个宣扬土地利用必须促进生态环境的“普卢姆”(PELUM)组织的秘书长。他说,发展中国家对生物燃料日益增加的需求正在破坏非洲农业。"As a global community, irrespective of whether the immediate people who are dying may be in Africa, this is your problem as much as it is an African problem," said Sunna. "Just as a tsunami in Asia is an African problem is an American problem, so is anything to do with food in Africa." 苏纳说:“作为一个全球社区,不管人们地处何处,如果他们在非洲死亡,那么这个问题不仅仅是非洲的问题,也是大家的问题。就像当年的海啸不单是亚洲的问题,同时也是美洲的问题一样。非洲粮食危机也和大家息息相关。” In their statement on food security, G8 leaders vowed to form a global partnership on agriculture and food involving developing country governments, donors, the private sector, and civil society. 八国集团领导人在关于粮食安全的声明中誓言要在农业和粮食问题上建立一个全球夥伴关系,这个夥伴关系包括发展中国家的政府、捐助者、私营企业和民间社会。The World Bank says increases in the price of wheat, rice, and maize cost developing countries more than 0 billion last year. Oxfam International says food inflation has wiped out five percent of the Gross Domestic Product of Mozambique and Eritrea, and ten percent of GDP in Senegal, Haiti, and Sierra Leone. 世界说,小麦、稻米、玉米的价格上涨导致发展中国家去年损失3千200亿美元。国际乐施会说,粮食通货膨胀已经抵消了莫桑比克和厄立特里亚5%的国内生产总值,塞内加尔、海地和塞拉利昂10%的国内生产总值。200807/43678

  London.yeah~~London.yeah~~The moment that London emerged victorious ...Slicker, better than anywhere else's. From the very beginning, the bid team has made big promises. This, their vision for the Olympic Park in London's East End. So, how are things progressing? One year on, what will be the Olympic Park here still looks very much like a building site but we are assured London 2012 is set to be delivered on time and sub-budget and if that happens, it really will be an impressive achievement. However, some of the bold claims that have been made about the future impact of Olympics both here in London and in the rest of the UK, are starting to be questioned."Go."The government says it wants a top-four finish for team GB in 2012. It also wants to inspire a generation of children to become more active. To that aim millions of pounds has been pledged to develop UK sport at every level. Today, though, there has been no sign of any extra money at this gymnastic school. They've been producing international performers here for 30 years. Gymnasts like Ross Brewer, the existing British champion and 2 times Commonwealth Gold medalist. Gymnasts like Laura Coggins, a promising 11-year-old who even featured in the promotional for the London bid. But unless more funding is made available soon, this school would close next year. In Britain, there are aly plenty of children keen to take up gymnastics but unable to find a club. There are 1,267 clubs in Britain. Half of them are currently over-subscribed. In London alone, there are an estimated 10,000 children on waiting lists. At a London 2012 press conference yesterday some of Britain's greatest athletes were parading in front of the cameras. Lord Coe only too happy to talk about the undoubted progress that has been made. We're probably a year and a half ahead of where any other city has been at this point and those not my words. Those are pretty much the words of the International Olympic Committee.When I asked him about his thoughts on grassroots funding, he cut the interview short.No, it's, it's not a question. It's appropriate for the local organization. Right. OK. All the early signs are that London's on track to deliver the top class venues and transport links it promised. But on the ground and at the grassroots level, UK sports still look shabby. There are six years to go and millions of pounds yet to be invested but unless that money is used wisely London's Olympic legacy may prove less impressive than the hype suggests.GymnastA person who is trained and skilled in gymnastics, especially one who engages in competition.体操运动员hype天花乱坠的广告宣传 200805/39356

  Gunmen Fire on Pakistani PM Motorcade手向巴基斯坦总理的车队开火  Unidentified gunmen have fired on the motorcade of Pakistan's prime minister, but officials said he was not in his vehicle at the time of the attack. The shooting took place on the busy highway between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. 身份不明的武装分子向巴基斯坦总理的车队开火,但是有关官员说,总理本人在击事件发生时并没有在车上。这起击事件发生在连接伊斯兰堡和拉瓦尔品第的交通繁忙的高速公路上。The spokesman for Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani called the shooting an assassination attempt. Zahid Bashir told reporters that multiple sniper shots had been fired at the vehicle.  巴基斯坦总理吉拉尼的发言人贝希尔说,这起击事件是暗杀阴谋。贝希尔告诉记者说,武装分子用狙击步向总理的座车打了好几。He said by the grace of God the prime minister is safe after the assassination attempt. He said two bullets had struck the vehicle.  他说,谢天谢地,总理在这起刺杀阴谋后安然无恙,他说,有两发子弹击中了他的座车。Television footage of the prime minister's black Mercedes showed two deep chips in the bulletproof glass of the driver's side window.  电视录象显示,总理的黑色“奔驰”车驾驶座旁的防弹玻璃窗上有两处深深的缺损。But soon after the spokesman's statement, police officials and Pakistan's Interior Secretary Kamal Shah said the prime minister was not even in the vehicle at the time of the shooting.  但是在这位发言人发表声明后不久,警方官员和巴基斯坦内政部长卡迈勒.沙阿说,在击事件发生时,吉拉尼总理根本不在车上。He said police told him that the cars were heading to the airport to pick up the prime minister when the attack occurred. 沙阿说,警方告诉他,在袭击发生时,这个车队正在前往机场去接总理。The prime minister was flying back to Islamabad from Lahore. Officials say he is now safely back in the capital.  吉拉尼总理当时正从拉合尔飞回伊斯兰堡。有关官员说,如今总理已经平安返回首都。Pakistan has a long history of political assassinations. The government has blamed Taliban and al-Qaida militants for killing former prime minister Benazir Bhutto in December and for plotting several assassination attempts against former President Pervez Musharraf in recent years.  巴基斯坦的政治暗杀传统由来已久。巴基斯坦政府把前总理布托夫人去年12月遇刺以及近年来几起暗杀前总统穆沙拉夫的阴谋都归咎于塔利班和基地组织的激进分子。On Saturday, the country's parliament and four provincial assemblies are scheduled to elect Mr. Musharraf's successor.  星期六,巴基斯坦议会和四个省级议会预定要选举穆沙拉夫的继任者。Pakistan People's Party co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, a close ally of Prime Minister Gilani, is widely expected to win the vote and become Pakistan's next president. 巴基斯坦人民党的联合主席之一扎尔达里是吉拉尼总理的亲密盟友。人们普遍预计扎尔达里会赢得这次选举,出任巴基斯坦新总统。200809/47395。

  Russia Warns Ukraine, Georgia Over Seeking NATO Membership俄警告乌、格加入北约将引发对抗   Russia is warning of negative consequences if Ukraine and Georgia join the NATO defense alliance. The prediction comes on a day of one-on-one meetings between Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and most leaders of countries that were once part of the Soviet Union. The meetings came on the sidelines of a yearly economic forum in Saint Petersburg. 俄罗斯对乌克兰和格鲁吉亚发出警告,如果这两个国家加入北约组织,将造成不良后果。俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫在与大部分前苏联加盟共和国领导人举行面对面会晤时发出上述警告。这些会晤是在圣彼德堡举行的年度经济论坛期间进行的。Before heading behind closed doors for meetings with Kremlin leader Dmitri Medvedev, the presidents of Ukraine and Georgia hinted publicly at Moscow's strained relations with Kyiv and Tbilisi. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said many issues have accumulated and need to be discussed between the two countries. Georgia leader Mikhail Saakashvili also spoke of numerous problems, noting optimistically, however, that none of them are insoluble given the presence of good will. 在与俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫举行闭门会晤之前,乌克兰和格鲁吉亚总统都公开暗示,莫斯科与基辅和第比利斯的关系紧张。乌克兰总统尤先科说,两国间累积了许多问题,有必要进行磋商。格鲁吉亚领导人萨卡什维利也谈到了一系列问题,不过他乐观地表示,由于双方都抱有良好的愿望,没有什么问题不能解决。Moscow is particularly concerned about Georgian and Ukrainian moves to join NATO. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters that Georgian membership in the alliance would create a spiral of confrontation in Abkhazia, a separatist region of Georgia that is supported by Russia.  莫斯科特别关注乌克兰和格鲁吉亚加入北约组织的意向。俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫对记者说,格鲁吉亚加入北约将引发阿布哈兹地区出现一系列对抗行动。阿布哈兹是一个争取脱离格鲁吉亚的地区,得到俄罗斯的持。Lavrov says Dmitri Medvedev warned President Yushchenko that Ukraine's NATO membership would violate a friendship treaty between the two countries. He linked the treaty to another agreement governing the presence of Russia's Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol on Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula.  拉夫罗夫说,梅德韦杰夫总统警告尤先科,乌克兰加入北约将违反两国的友好条约。他还把这个友好条约与另一项有关驻扎在乌克兰塞瓦斯托波尔半岛的俄罗斯黑海舰队的相关协议联系起来。Lavrov says unresolved issues concerning the fleet cannot be substituted by unilateral moves. The agreement, he says, provides for possible extension of the fleet's presence, and that preparing for a withdrawal nine years before its lease expires is not the approach Russia would like to see in its partners. 拉夫罗夫说,与舰队有关的悬而未决的问题不可能被单方面行动所替代。他说,根据这项协议,舰队的驻扎时间有可能延长。俄罗斯不愿意看到自己的夥伴在距离合约期满还有9年的时候就要求舰队撤离。Russia is required to vacate the base in Sevastopol in 2017 and considers Ukrainian preparations for the Russian departure to be premature. The Interfax News Agency says President Yushchenko told journalists in Saint Petersburg that Ukraine will fulfill its side of the fleet agreement to the last letter.  该条约规定俄罗斯在2017年撤出塞瓦斯托波尔半岛基地。俄罗斯认为乌克兰准备让俄罗斯舰队离开是不成熟的做法。俄罗斯国际文传通讯社报导说,乌克兰总统尤先科在圣彼得堡对记者说,乌克兰将严格遵守舰队协议对乌克兰规定的义务。The Russian Foreign Ministry has not rejected a recent statement by Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, that Sevastopol and Crimea should belong to Russia, more than 50 years after the Kremlin transferred the area to Ukraine. Russian-Ukrainian tensions over NATO and the fleet were accompanied by news announced by Sergei Lavrov that Ukraine will be hit with a nearly 100 percent hike in the price of gas on January first. Lavrov said President Yushchenko was told the reason is that Central Asian countries, which supply gas to Ukraine via Russia, will begin charging European prices.  俄罗斯和乌克兰除了在北约和黑海舰队问题上关系紧张外,俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫还宣布,从1月1号起,向乌克兰提供的天然气的价格将上涨将近100%。拉夫罗夫说,尤先科总统被告知,天然气价格上涨是因为经由俄罗斯向乌克兰提供天然气的中亚国家开始收取与欧洲国家一样的价格。The Russian diplomat says the Ukrainian leader responded by saying the sooner his country switches to market prices, the better its economy will be. Lavrov agrees. So does Vasyl Yablonsky, an analyst at the National Institute of Strategic Studies in Kyiv, who told VOA there is logic to higher energy prices for Ukraine. 拉夫罗夫说,乌克兰领导人回应说,乌克兰越早实行市场价格,经济就会越好。拉夫罗夫对尤先科的观点表示赞同。基辅国家战略研究所的分析人士亚布隆斯基也对上述说法表示认同。他对美国之音说,乌克兰能源价格上涨有它的道理。Yablonsky says the longer Ukraine gets subsidized gas, the longer it will be obligated to return the favor to Russia either politically or economically. He says market prices will also encourage more efficiency and use of energy saving technologies. 亚布隆斯基说,乌克兰得到补贴的天然气供应越久,在政治上或经济上回报俄罗斯的时间就越长。他说,市场价格还会鼓励使用更高效和节能的技术。Mr. Medvedev's other presidential meetings, held in the ornate Konstantin Palace near Saint Petersburg, seemed less tense. He spoke of Russia's key strategic partnership with Uzbekistan with that country's president, Islam Karimov. The leader of Turkmenistan touted his country's reliable energy partnership with Moscow. And Moldova's President Vladimir Voronin announced that two paintings stolen from the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg have been found and will be returned. 另一方面,俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫在圣彼得堡郊外华丽的康斯坦丁宫与另外一些前苏联加盟共和国总统的会晤看来没有那么紧张。他和乌兹别克斯坦总统卡里莫夫谈到乌兹别克斯坦与俄罗斯的关键战略夥伴关系。土库曼斯坦总统盛赞土库曼斯坦与俄罗斯可靠的能源夥伴关系。尔多瓦总统沃罗宁宣布,两幅从圣彼得堡的艾尔米塔什物馆偷走的油画已经找到,很快会归还。200806/41339

  Pakistan Says 460 Militants, 22 Troops Killed in Bajaur巴称击毙近五百部落地区激进分子  Pakistani officials say security forces have killed at least 460 al-Qaida-linked militants in a tribal region bordering Afghanistan. The week-long clashes also have left 22 troops dead and forced more than 200,000 people to flee to safer areas.  巴基斯坦有关官员说,安全部队在同阿富汗交界地带的一个部落地区打死至少460名和基地组织有关系的激进分子。双方的交战持续了一个星期,导致22名巴基斯坦军人阵亡。交战还迫使20多万人逃到相对安全的地方。The fighting is taking place in the volatile northwestern Bajaur tribal region, which is regarded as a stronghold for Taliban and al-Qaida militants.  交战发生在巴基斯坦西北部动荡的巴焦尔部落地区,这里被视为塔利班和基地组织激进分子的据点。Pakistan army gunship helicopters relentlessly pounded insurgent positions since the clashes broke out in the border region a week ago. In addition to killing hundreds of militants, including senior Taliban commanders, officials say many militants were wounded.  自从冲突在一星期前爆发以来,巴基斯坦军队的武装直升机一直在对暴乱分子活动地点进行无情的打击。有关官员说,包括几名塔利班高级指挥官在内的数百名激进分子被击毙,此外,还有许多激进分子受伤。The head of the federal Interior Ministry, Rehman Malik, says that as many as 3,000 armed militants are present in the area. 巴基斯坦内政部长马利克说,目前这一地区还有3000名武装激进分子。Mr. Malik told a news conference in Peshawar Friday that the majority of the militants are foreigners, including nationals from Afghanistan, Central Asia and some Arab countries. He says the government will not surrender, and the security operation will continue until these extremists are wiped out. 马利克星期五在白沙瓦举行的一个新闻发布会上说,绝大部分激进分子来自外国,包括阿富汗、中亚国家和一些阿拉伯国家。他说,巴基斯坦政府不会向激进分子低头,安全行动会持续下去,直到把极端分子消灭为止。Pakistani officials say that the fighting has forced tens of thousands of people to leave the area and take refuge in the adjoining NorthWest Frontier Province. Fleeing residents reported heavy bombings in some villages, and officials say most of those left in the battle zone are militants.  巴基斯坦有关官员说,交战迫使数以万计的人逃离这一地区,在临近的西北边境省躲避战乱。逃跑的居民说,在一些村庄发生了大轰炸。有关官员说,留在战区的大部分人是激进分子。The provincial governor, Owais Ahmed Ghani, told the same news conference that the government has set up relief camps for the displaced people, and efforts are being made to avert a possible humanitarian crisis.  西北边境省省长加尼在这个新闻发布会上说,政府已经为逃离家园的人建立了救援营地,并正在努力防止发生人道主义危机。The Bajaur tribal region is adjacent to Afghanistan's eastern province of Kunar, where U.S-led coalition forces are fighting al-Qaida and Taliban militants. A spokesman for the coalition forces in Afghanistan told VOA they closely coordinate anti-terror operations with their Pakistani counterparts, but are not involved in the current fighting in Pakistan. 巴焦尔部落地区毗邻阿富汗东部的库纳尔省,美国领导的联军部队正在库纳尔省同塔利班和基地组织的激进分子交战。驻阿富汗联军一位发言人说,联军在反恐行动中同巴基斯坦军队紧密协调,但是联军没有参与目前在巴基斯坦的交战。200808/46093

  Former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari Wins Nobel Peace Prize阿赫蒂萨里荣获今年诺贝尔和平奖  Norway's Nobel committee tapped former Finnish president and peace advocate Martti Ahtisaari as this year's peace laureate. The 71-year-old politician - and his distinguished career.挪威的诺贝尔奖委员会宣布前芬兰总统及和平事业倡导者马尔蒂.阿赫蒂萨里获得今年的诺贝尔和平奖。这位政治家现年71岁,为和平事业做了杰出的工作。Norway's Nobel committee praised Martti Ahtisaari for his efforts to help secure peace in a number of conflict torn countries during his lengthy career as U.N. diplomat, Finnish president and later, peace activist with his organization, the Crisis Management Initiative.挪威诺贝尔奖委员会赞扬马尔蒂.阿赫蒂萨里在漫长的职业生涯中,作为联合国外交官、芬兰总统、以及他后来组成的“危机管理倡议”组织的和平倡导人,在一些战乱国家协助确保实现和平。Over the past 20 years, the Nobel statement said, Ahtisaari has played a prominent role in resolving serious and long-lasting conflicts in Namibia, Indonesia, Kosovo and Iraq - among other areas.诺贝尔奖委员会的声明说,在过去20年里,阿赫蒂萨里为解决纳米比亚、印度尼西亚、科索沃和伊拉克等地旷日持久的严重冲突发挥了无与伦比的作用。In an interview on Norwegian television, Ahtisaari cited peace talks in 1989-1990 in the southwestern African nation of Namibia as his greatest achievement. Those talks helped pave the way for Namibia's independence from south Africa.阿赫蒂萨里在接受挪威电视台采访时说,1989年到1990年在非洲西南部国家纳米比亚的和平谈判是自己最大的成就。那些会谈帮助铺平了纳米比亚脱离南非统治、走向独立的道路。Ahtisaari began his career as a school teacher before joining Finland's foreign ministry. He served as a ed Nations undersecretary and secretary of state for the Finnish foreign ministry before being elected president of Finland in 1994. 阿赫蒂萨里最初的职业是教师,随后他到芬兰外交部工作。他曾担任联合国副秘书长、芬兰外交部国务秘书,在1994年当选芬兰总统。Ahtisaari founded the Crisis Management Initiative in 2000. The Helsinki-based non-profit organization provides solutions for ending conflicts around the world.阿赫蒂萨里在2000年创建了“危机管理倡议”组织。这个非营利组织设在赫尔辛基,为结束世界各地的冲突提供解决途径。Former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore won last year's Nobel peace prize along with the U.N. panel on climate change for their work on raising attention to the threat of global warming.前美国副总统戈尔与联合国气候变化论坛小组一起赢得了去年的诺贝尔和平奖,因为他们让人们关注全球气候变暖形成的威胁。200810/52536

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