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Todd: So, Julia, lets talk about types of people.托德:朱莉娅,我们来谈谈不同类型的人。Julia: OK.朱莉娅:好。Todd: Right, first one, are you a fitness freak?托德:首先,你是健身狂吗?Julia: A fitness freak? Im fairly fit but Im not a freak. No, Im not a fitness freak, no.朱莉娅:健身狂?我很健康,但是我并不是健身狂。我不是健身狂。Todd: So you exercise but its not like you do it all the time?托德:你有在锻炼,但你不是一直在健身?Julia: No, and I do some unhealthy stuff as well. I like to drink and Im a former smoker and yes, no Im not a fitness freak.朱莉娅:对,我也会做一些不太健康的事情。我喜欢喝酒,我以前还抽烟,所以我不是健身狂。Todd: Right. I think a fitness freak is like somebody who does it, who exercises compulsively.托德:好。我认为健身狂是那种强制性健身的人。Julia: I indulge in bad stuff too so no Im not a fitness freak.朱莉娅:我也会沉迷于不健康的事物,所以我并不是健身狂。Todd: OK, so that leads us to the next question. Are you a party animal?托德:好,这样就引出了我们的第二个问题。你是聚会迷吗?Julia: Not any more. Im too old now.朱莉娅:现在不是了。我现在已经不再年轻了。Todd: When you were younger, you were a party animal?托德:你年轻的时候是聚会迷?Julia: I think, yeah, that was probably the type that I most fitted into.朱莉娅:我想是的,我可能属于那种类型。Todd: Nice. I was never a party animal.托德:好。我从来就不是聚会迷。Julia: No?朱莉娅:不是吗?Todd: No, Ive always been pretty tame. Ive always been pretty tame.托德:不是,我一直是很无聊的人。我一直属于枯燥乏味的人。Julia: Yes, I was pretty wild when I was younger.朱莉娅:好,我年轻的时候非常狂热。Todd: Really?托德:真的吗?Julia: Yeah.朱莉娅:对。Todd: So you used to drink, smoke, stay up late?托德:那你以前喝酒、抽烟、熬夜?Julia: Yeah. All that and more, yeah.朱莉娅:对,这些我都做过,而且更甚之。Todd: Come home in the wee hours of the morning?托德:凌晨才回家?Julia: Oh, yeah.朱莉娅:哦对。Todd: Oh, nice, thats cool. OK, next one would be do you know anybody in your family whos a couch potato?托德:好,这很酷。下一个问题是,你家里有人是电视迷吗?Julia: Couch potato?朱莉娅:电视迷?Todd: Because I know that youre not a couch potato.托德:因为我知道你不是电视迷。Julia: Im not a couch potato, no. My brother sometimes demonstrates couch potato traits.朱莉娅:我的确不是电视迷。我哥哥有时会呈现出电视迷的特征。Todd: Yeah.托德:好。Julia: He likes to play games and stuff like that and hell spend a lot of time watching movies and so he does spend a lot of time sedentary compared to me. He makes me look like a fitness freak, I guess, because he doesnt do so much exercise.朱莉娅:他喜欢玩,他会花很多时间看电影,和我比起来,他坐着的时间的确很多。我想他使我看起来像健身狂,因为他不会做太多的运动。Todd: Right. And so for people listening a couch potato is somebody who watches a lot of TV and sits on the couch.托德:好。我们要向听众解释一下,电视迷是指那些花很多时间坐在沙发上看电视的人。Julia: Spends a lot of time on the couch, yeah.朱莉娅:对,花很多时间在沙发上。Todd: Well, how about the similar personality trait of the bookworm? Are you a bookworm?托德:那有相似特征的书迷呢?你是书迷吗?Julia: A bookworm? No, but I think my husbands probably a bookworm.朱莉娅:书迷?不是,不过我想我丈夫可能是个书迷。Todd: Yeah?托德:是吗?Julia: He spends a lot of time ing books. He s very fast so he gets through a lot of books.朱莉娅:他会花大量的时间看书。他阅读的速度非常快,所以他读过很多书。Todd: Hes a speed er?托德:他是速读者?Julia: Yeah, hes a very fast er and he has to . He has to have a book with him all the time. He cannot, a waiting room or on a train or any situation where youve just got to sit around, he cannot do it if he doesnt have a book.朱莉娅:对,他看书的速度非常快,而且他必须要看书。他一定要随身带着书。如果没有书,他就不能在等候室、火车或任何闲坐着的地方呆着。Todd: Yeah. You know I live alone and thats a terrible trait that I have. I cannot sit and eat and just eat without something to occupy my attention. I have to or I have to be like watching something on the computer and if I go to a waiting room or anything like that or Im on a plane Im the same. I have to have something to . It drives me nuts.托德:好。我一个人住,我有一个糟糕的特征。我不能只是坐着或吃东西,我吃饭的时候不能没有占据我注意力的事情。如果我在等候室或是在飞机上,我一定要看书或是在电脑上看东西。我一定要看点什么。这快把我逼疯了。Julia: You see I cant on transport because I get sick. It makes me sick, it makes me nauseous.朱莉娅:你看,我不能在交通工具上看书,因为我会不舒。在交通工具上阅读会让我感觉很晕,让我会恶心想吐。Todd: Like motion sickness?托德:像晕车那样?Julia: Yeah. So I dont have a habit of ing on a train. A bus or a car, oh my God no, I cant . No way but my husband s everywhere all the time.朱莉娅:对。所以我没有在火车上阅读的习惯。在坐公交车和乘车时,天哪,我完全不能看书。我做不到,不过我丈夫不管在哪里,一直都在看书。Todd: Oh, thats cool.托德:哦,那很酷。 译文属 /201612/483502be excited about 对……感到兴奋 例句:I am excited about the news. 我对这个消息感到很兴奋。 I am excited to have dinner with you. 能和你一起吃晚饭,我很兴奋。 A:Did you watch the basketball match yesterday? 你昨天看了篮球比赛了吗? B:Yes, we are all excited about the exciting match. 是的,我们对于激动人心的比赛都很兴奋。 背景音乐:Morgan James—The sweetest sound更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201607/451239

讲解文本:hint 暗示,小线索I gave him a hint, he didnt get it.我给了他一点暗示, 但他没有领会。Try not to miss even one hint, we dont have time.试着别漏掉任何一个线索,我们已经时间不多了。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201612/481131


  Language PointsThe lasagna is delicious.This soup is very tasty.You’re a fantastic cook.Did you make this from scratch?You’ve got to give me the recipe for this chicken dish!The cherry pie is out of this world.That was delicious. My compliments to the chef! /201605/440697。

  Ade: Good afternoon Chris, tell me, we want to know what are your favorite places in your country?阿德琳娜:下午好,克里斯,我们想知道你最喜欢你们国家的哪些地方?Chris: My favorite places in my country. Well Belgium is actually a city country, I mean we have ... of course we have a beach which is a pretty long beach. Its not the most beautiful one but it has, I mean a lot of opportunities for children to play to make these nice sandcastles. When the tide is low you can go jogging, play ... play even tennis on hard sand beach. Then apart from the beach we also have our hills, I mean theyre not that high, I mean the highest one is about 700 meters, its a nice place full of nature where you can have nice walks and you can also ride a bike. There are nice tracks to ride a bike. And then of course you have the cities, I mean best cities, there is ... my city is Antwerp, thats where I come from. Antwerp is of course really known for its commercial port, nice shopping opportunities, also night entertainment. Night time entertainment is really nice in Antwerp.克里斯:在我们国家我最喜欢的地方。嗯,比利时其实是一个城市国家,我的意思是,我们有很长的海滩。虽然不是最漂亮的海滩,但是孩子们有机会在海滩上搭沙堡。退潮时可以在海滩上慢跑,甚至是在硬沙上打网球。除了海滩,我们也有山区,虽然山不是很高,最高的山有大约700米,山区充满大自然的气息,你可以在那里漫步,也可以骑自行车游玩。那里有很不错的自行车道。当然比利时的城市也很棒,我来自安特卫普市。安特卫普以其商业港口而出名,而且这座城市也是很好的购物选择,夜生活也很丰富。安特卫普市的夜生活很精。Ade: Really!阿德琳娜:真的吗?Chris: Of course, you should try it. I mean if you come once, Ill be your tour guide.克里斯:当然了,你应该尝试一下。如果你来玩,我可以给你当导游。Ade: Oh, thank you so much.阿德琳娜:哦,太谢谢你了。Chris: And if you come ... I mean you should come three days, but I mean its nice to visit three days, I wouldnt come longer, three days. One day to see Antwerp, another day to see, for example, Brugges. Brugges is a really idyllic place, its a really romantic place with the river running through town, some nice ancient buildings, chocolate shops in every corner. We can try the real Belgian chocolate. And then of course you have our capital, Brussels, which is full of history. I mean Brussels you see one history place next to the other, and museums, plazas, our famous Manneken Pis as they say.克里斯:如果你来玩,我建议你用三天的时间游览比利时,我认为三天的时间足够了,不用太长,三天就可以了。第一天游览安特卫普市,第二天去布鲁日。布鲁日是一个田园般的地方,那是一个极具浪漫的地方,河流穿过这座城镇,到处都有古老的建筑和巧克力店。在那里可以品尝到真正的比利时巧克力。当然还要去比利时首都布鲁塞尔,这座城市历史悠久。我的意思是,在布鲁塞尔有很多充满历史感的地方,比如物馆、广场,还有著名的“小于廉”。Ade: Oh yeah, I heard about it, its the little children making pee.阿德琳娜:哦,我听说过那个,是一个尿尿的小孩。Chris: Its our mark. Its Brussels brand lets say. Its Mannekan Pis. Everybody wants to see it and take pictures, I mean, its full of people taking pictures of it, but its actually just a little man, lets say peeing, and its not, I think its not more than 40 centimeters. Thats it actually.克里斯:那是我们的标志。那是布鲁塞尔的标志。那就是小于廉。所有人都想参观那个雕塑并照相,有很多人在那里拍照,其实那只是一个小孩在尿尿,那座雕塑不超过40厘米。就是这样。Ade: Nice.阿德琳娜:很好。Chris: And more, I think thats about it for Belgium. I mean, its a nice country to live in. Its pretty gray. It has some nice cities. It has its beach. It has its hills. It has everything, but it just doesnt have the good weather.克里斯:我认为这就是比利时。比利时是一个适合生活的国家。比利时的天经常是灰蒙蒙的。比利时有很棒的城市、海滩和山区。比利时什么都有,但是天气不太好。Ade: Ah, thats why all Belgians come to Spain.阿德琳娜:嗯,这就是比利时人都来西班牙的原因。Chris: Thats right. Thats why Im living actually in Spain right now.克里斯:没错。这也是我现在生活在西班牙的原因。Ade: Ah, perfect. I hope you like it.阿德琳娜:完美。我希望你喜欢西班牙的生活。Chris: Sure!克里斯:当然了!Ade: OK, Chris, thank you very much.阿德琳娜:克里斯,非常谢谢你。Chris: No problem.克里斯:不客气。 译文属 /201701/489295

  Neil is shopping for a new bed but when he tells Feifei hell sleep on it she seems surprised. Find out how sleeping on something doesnt just mean lying on a bed!尼尔正在商店挑选新床,不过当他告诉菲菲他要“再考虑一下”时,菲菲看起来非常惊讶。收听节目,弄清楚sleep on something的意思与躺在床上有什么不同。Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript注:文本和音频并不完全对应Feifei: Hello, welcome to The English We Speak, Im Feifei...菲菲:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目,我是菲菲。Neil: ...and Im Neil. Hello. Were out shopping today, arent we, Feifei?尼尔:……我是尼尔,大家好。我们今天外出购物了,对吧,菲菲?Feifei: Yes, Neil needs to buy a new bed — his old bed has broken. So Neil, look at all these beds — there are so many to choose from but which one do you want to buy?菲菲:对,尼尔要买张新床,他原来的床坏了。尼尔,看看这些床,有这么多选择,你想买哪张?Neil: Well, that one there is massive but it wouldnt fit through my front door!尼尔:那张床又大又结实,不过可能进不了我家的前门!Feifei: Hmm, that one there is quite cheap but... it doesnt look very well made.菲菲:嗯,这张床很便宜,不过看起来做工不太好。Neil: Hey look at this one... a water bed! Listen to the sound it makes!尼尔:嘿,看看这张床……这是一张水床!听听它发出来的声音!Feifei: Oh, there are too many beds to choose from!菲菲:哦,有太多的床可供选择了!Neil: Well, Feifei, Ill have to sleep on it!尼尔:菲菲,我要好好考虑一下!Feifei: Neil! You cant sleep on that water bed — you havent bought it yet — and anyway, you havent brought your pyjamas!菲菲:尼尔!你不能睡在那张水床上,你还没付钱呢,而且你也没有带睡衣来!Neil: Relax Feifei — Im not going to sleep here in the shop — that would be embarrassing! When someone says theyre going to sleep on it, they mean theyre going to spend some time thinking about something before making a final decision.尼尔:放松,菲菲,我并不是说现在要睡在店里的这张水床上,要是那样也太尴尬了!当人们说他们要sleep on it时,意思是在做最终决定前,他们要花些时间好好考虑一下。Feifei: Phew! So you make your final decision later — not now? 菲菲:哦!所以你要一会儿再做最终决定?不是现在?Neil: Thats right! So Im going to think about which is the best bed to buy and come back in the morning, OK? Lets hear some other examples of the phrase to sleep on it...尼尔:没错!我要考虑一下哪张是最值得买的床,明天早上再过来,怎么样?我们来听些例句,看看这个短语如何应用。Examples例句We couldnt decide which car to buy so we decided to sleep on it — we didnt want to buy the wrong one!我们无法决定要买辆车,于是我们决定好好考虑一下,我们可不想买错!Thanks for your job offer but I need some time to think about it. Let me sleep on it and Ill give you an answer tomorrow.谢谢您的工作录用函,不过我需要些时间考虑。我要仔细考虑一下,明天给您答复。He told me hed have to sleep on it before he could agree to my request for a pay rise.他告诉我,他要好好考虑一下是否同意我涨工资的要求。Feifei: To sleep on it... hmm... but why sleep Neil?菲菲:好好考虑一下……嗯……不过尼尔,为什么用sleep这个词?Neil: Because usually you think about your decision overnight — you literally go to sleep before waking up the next day and deciding what to do, when youve had more rest.尼尔:因为通常你要考虑整晚之后才能做出决定,字面意思就是,你去睡觉,然后在第二天醒来之前做出决定,这个时间通常你有更多的休息时间。Feifei: It sounds like a good idea but hold on Neil...菲菲:听起来是个好主意,不过尼尔,等一下……Neil: Whats wrong?尼尔:怎么了?Feifei: You cant sleep on it overnight because you havent got a bed to sleep on!菲菲:你不能考虑一整晚的时间,因为你今晚没有床睡觉了!Neil: Well, lets not lose sleep over it — youve got a spare bed havent you?尼尔:嗯,我们不要太担心这个问题,你有张空床,对吧?Feifei: What?!菲菲:什么?!Neil: Its another idiom Feifei, but Ill explain it another time. Come on lets go.尼尔:菲菲,这是另一个习语,我以后再解释。我们走吧。Feifei: Bye.菲菲:再见。Neil: Bye.尼尔:再见。 译文属 /201505/374731讲解文本:big cheese 重量级人物Im gonna go talk to the big cheese.我要去和那个大人物谈谈。Dave thinks hes the big cheese.戴夫以为自己很了不起。He is a big cheese.他是一个重量级人物。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201605/443039For:正方辩词:The government should improve the employment situation of the returnees.政府应该改善海归人士的就业形势。Nowadays, the employment situation of overseas returnees is becoming more and more serious. Many ;sea turtles; can not find jobs and gradually become the so called ;seaweeds; , which makes many young students think that studying overseas is useless. However, in my opinion, studying overseas is beneficial to our development. Besides the access to advanced technology, our adaptability and independence can be strengthened. Therefore, I think its necessary for our government to make some policies to improve the employment situation of returnees.如今,;海龟;人士的就业形势变得越来越严峻。许多;海龟;人员找不到工作,逐渐沦为了所谓的;海带;,这种现象使许多年轻学生们认为出国学习是毫无意义的。但是在我看来,出国学习对个人的发展是非常有益的。除了能够掌握国外先进技术外,我们自身的适应能力和独立性也能得到加强。因此,中国政府有必要制定相关政策改善海归人员目前的就业状况。I think with the opening up of China to the world, we should quickly master and absorb the advanced technologies and ideas of foreign countries to develop our economy. In this sense, the overseas returnees are playing an important role in realizing our objectives. Therefore, the government should do its best to get these returnees to be employed.随着中国对世界的开放,我们尽快掌握并吸收国外先进的科学技术和理念,以促进我国经济的发展。而在实现这一目标的过程中,海归人员发挥着巨大的作用。因此,政府应该竭尽全力保海归人员顺利就业。Against:反方辩词:The returnees should be treated equally.对;海龟;也应该一视同仁。In order to gain a competitive edge in the future job market, many students choose to study overseas. However, for some of them, the important thing is a diploma rather than the knowledge itself. Therefore, if we consider these returnees superior and provide them with good job opportunities, we will find that they are not competent at all.为了在未来求职中获得相对的优势,许多学生选择出国留学。然而,对于他们中的大多数而言,最重要是获取一纸文凭并非学习知识。所以,如果我们认为海归人员就一定更优秀井因此给予他们很好的工作机会,最终我们会发现他们根本无法胜任。I think the quality of education in China has been improved a lot now. Our students can also compete with these returnees. If we give the ;sea turtles; priority, it will be unfair to the local students who may be more qualified.我认为,中国现阶段的教育水平已经有了显著的提高,国内的学生完全能够与那些;海龟;相阻敌。如果给予;海龟;优先权,对于那些更加优秀的国内学生来说,这是十分不公平的。 /201501/353406

  Finn arrives late for the studio recording. When he finally arrives, why does Li say that a woman from the marketing department fancies him?芬恩在录制节目时迟到了。他到了以后,为什么莉说市场部的一位女性喜欢他?Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:音频与文本并不完全对应。Li: Welcome to The English We Speak, Im Li. Ive got a word connected to love to teach you today... But wheres Finn? Ill call his mobile.莉:欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是莉。今天我要跟大家讲解一个与爱情有关的词汇……可是芬恩去哪里了?我打他手机看看。(Phone ringing as Finn comes in breathless)(芬恩上气不接下气的走进演播室时,手机响了)Finn: Hi Li. Sorry Im late. I just couldnt get away.芬恩:嗨,莉。抱歉我迟到了。我刚才无法脱身。Li: Oh! Finn, there you are. You couldnt get away, from what?莉:哦!芬恩,你终于来了。你因为什么无法脱身?Finn: You know I gave a presentation at lunch time about our new Shakespeare series?芬恩:我在午饭时间就B推出的莎士比亚新剧集进行了介绍,你知道吧?Li: Yeah, but that finished over an hour ago.莉:知道,不过那在一个小时前就应该结束了。Finn: Yeah, yeah I know. But this woman from the marketing department kept asking me questions. You know, she said she loves Shakespeare.芬恩:对,是这样。可是市场部的一名女性一直在问我问题。她说她非常喜欢莎士比亚。Li: Was anyone else there?莉:那儿还有其他人吗?Finn: No, it was just the two of us. I tried to get away but she kept asking more and more questions.芬恩:没有,就我们两个人。我一直尝试脱身,可是她问的问题越来越多。Li: Oh dear Finn, I think it might be you that she fancies, not Shakespeare.莉:哦天哪,芬恩,我想她喜欢的不是莎士比亚,她喜欢的是你。Finn: Oh, you think so? Oh, and actually, that is a good word to learn. If you fancy someone, you find them physically attractive.芬恩:哦,你是这么想的?这是要学习一下的词。如果你喜欢某人,意思是你认为他们的外表很有吸引力。Li: Yes, thats a good definition. Lets hear some examples:莉:对,这个解释不错。我们来听些例句:Examples例句Look at the figure-hugging clothes youre wearing, Betty. Is there someone you fancy at the party?贝蒂,看看你穿的这件紧身衣。派对上有没有人迷上你?Hes a lovely guy. Were really good friends. Actually, I fancy him a little…他很可爱。我们是很好的朋友。其实我有点喜欢他……Li: So if you fancy someone, you want to go out with them, dont you?莉:如果你喜欢某人,那你就会想和那个人出去约会,是不是?Finn: Yes, you do. Actually, that woman at the Shakespeare presentation was very nice… You know, interesting, pretty…芬恩:是这样的。实际上,我在莎士比亚新剧介绍会上见到的那名女性人很好……她风趣又漂亮……Li: It sounds like you fancy her as well, dont you, Finn?莉:听起来你也喜欢她,是不是,芬恩?Finn: Well, I think she fancies me more. Look at this!芬恩:嗯,我想她喜欢我更多一些。看看这个!Li: Wow! Did she give you this box of chocolates?莉:哇!她送了你这盒巧克力吗?Finn: Yes, nice isn’t it? Do you fancy one?芬恩:对,她很好,是不是?你想吃一颗吗?Li: Of course! But lets say goodbye before we go.莉:当然想!不过我们先和听众说再见吧。Finn and Li: Bye!芬恩和莉:再见! 译文属 /201512/4163845. Would you tell me the difference so that I can make a choice?你能告诉我有什么不同,以便我做出选择吗?还能这样说:In order to choose the right thing, please tell the distinctions among them.I would like to know the difference so that I can make a choice.应用:a great choice of 大量供选择的物品等;at ones own choice 随意挑选,自由选择;choice of the end covers choice of the means. 只问目的,不问手段6. Do you mean the life insurance is against accidents?你的意思是人寿险是预防事故发生的吗?还能这样说:Is the life insurance against accident?Can I avoid accidents if I accept the life insurance?谚语:Life is not all beer and skittles.人生非只吃喝玩乐。7. Generally speaking, aviation insurance is much cheaper than marine insurance.空运保险一般要比海运保险便宜。还能这样说:On the average, marine insurance is more expensive than aviation insurance.As a general rule, aviation insurance is cheaper compared with marine insurance.应用:cheap money 贬了值的钱,利息低的借款;cheap entertainment 低级的;cheap emotion 虚伪的感情;cheap flattery 假意奉承8. Let me explain why you need fire insurance.我来解释一下贵方为什么要保火险。还能这样说:It can be explained why you need fire insurance.Let me amplify the reason that you need fire insurance.谚语:Fire is a good servant but a bad master.火是一把双刃剑。 /201503/365777

  Language Points1.Your heartbeat will speed up or slow down to match the music you’re listening to.2.Listening to sad music can actually improve the listener’s mood.3.Music can make food taste better.4.Music at a moderate volume can up your creativity.5.You can actually get addicted to music.6.Sharing music can create bonds between us. /201706/514603

  35 In a hotel(1)第35课 在旅馆里(1)T: Hi, Id like a single room.旅客:嗨,我要一间单人房。R: Do you have a reservation?接待员:您预订了吗?T: No, Im afraid not.旅客:不,我没有。R: Let me check if we have any vacancies... Youre in luck. We have one single room available.接待员:我看看我们是否还有空房间……您真幸运,我们尚有一间单人房空着。T: How much is it?旅客:要多少钱?R: a night. No charge for local calls on the phone or for the TV, unless you decide to watch the pay-per-view channels.接待员:一个晚上60元。打本地电话或看电视不用付钱,除非您决定看按节目收费的频道。T: Okay, Ill take it. (to be continued)旅客:好,我就住这间。(待续) /201504/367471。

  unit 573探望朋友dialogue 英语情景对话A:I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. How are you?A:听说你病了,我很担心。你怎么样了?B:Thank you. I was operated on for gastric ulcer.B:谢谢。我患胃溃疡动了手术。A:Is that so? But I think It shouldnt keep you long in bed.A:真的吗?但我想你很快就会康复的。B:Yes. I hope so.B:是啊,但愿如此。 /201610/464706

  Language PointsProgress is the activity of today and the insurance of tomorrow.进步是今天的活动明天的保。 /201609/465896

  17. Warranty Expired17.保修期满 A: Excuse me; Id like to use the warranty on my phone.A:对不起,我想使用我电话的保修项。B: What do you mean use the warranty?B:你说使用保修是什么意思?A: The warranty promises a new phone if this one breaks.A:保修承诺如果这个电话坏了会有一个新的。B: Did something happen to it?B:它发生什么事了吗?A: I dropped it and the screen cracked very badly.A:我把它掉到地上,屏幕破碎很严重。B: It says here that your warranty has expired.B:它这里显示您的保修过期了。A: What! That cant be true!A:什么!这不可能是真的!B: Im afraid it was only good for a year, sir.B:恐怕只有一年有效,先生。A: What am I supposed to do with a busted phone?A:对于一个破碎了的电话我应该做些什么?B: Well, if you trade it in, youll get a discount.B:好吧,如果你用它进行交换,你会得到一个折扣。A: Well, I suppose it wont hurt.A:嗯,我想那不会感到伤心。B: I suggest you buy a longer warranty on this one, sir. B:我建议你对这部电话购买延长保修,先生。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/406742

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