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上饶市注射丰唇一针多少钱上饶县做激光脱毛多少钱上饶上饶县去额头上的皱纹价格 1 请假3句英文任你选I have got some family issues so I need to take off tomorrow.我家里有点儿事,明天想请个假。I am afraid Im going to ask for two weeks off.恐怕我要请两周假。 I want to have a two-week leave next month to prepare for my wedding.我想请两星期的假来准备我的婚礼。半个句型要记牢take......off(请假)Tip:时间一般放在off前面,如Im taking the next week off. (我下周要请假。)请假还可以说ask for a leave。 /201508/392925What can you offer us?你能为本公司作出什么贡献?I can offer my track record in developing new accounts,penetrating companies at the senior level and managing sales cycles.我可以提供过去开发新客户,深入企业高层,管理销售体系的记录给您参考。Im well versed in the latest IT trends and have knowledge of the local market and a strong contact base.我洞悉信息技术的最新趋势,并且拥有本地市场的相关知识和深厚人脉。Through my past jobs,I have demonstrated my ability to initiate and foster partnership relationships.从我过去的工作中,可以看出我拥有开拓和培养合作关系的能力。Im confident that I offer what you are looking for.我深信我能满足贵公司的需求。 /201308/254242上饶韩美整形美容医院韩式三点双眼皮好吗

上饶整形医院排行Chris向一家香港公司的老板Hank和部门主管Rebecca介绍申请国际认的程序。Hank觉得有点麻烦,可Rebecca认为值得,因为拿到国际认,在美国和欧洲做生意就可以畅通无阻了。Chris赞同Rebecca的看法。C: Rebecca is right. You might have to jump through a few hoops, but after its over a lot of new doors are open for you.H: So what about our treatment of workers?C: Firstly, there must be documentation - such as birth certificates - proving that all workers are of legal age.R: Yeah, I guess we can do that.Chris解释说,虽说要费很多事jump through a few hoops, 意思是为了达到某一目的,而做出很多额外的努力,但是得到一纸书后,a lot of new doors are open for you, 就会有很多扇大门为你打开。在工人待遇方面,首先要有birth certificates,出生等文件明documentation, 明员工都达到了法定年龄, of legal age.C: I will also need to interview a few of your employees to determine if they are getting enough breaks and to ensure they are not being required to work overtime without pay.R: Sure. Go ahead and interview them.C: Then finally there is the issue of salaries. I have to make sure that everyone is getting paid at least the minimum wage.H: Actually, we pay more than the minimum wage.Chris说,他需要找员工面谈interview,看他们上班期间是不是有足够的休息时间。这里说的break是名词,意思是休息。Chris找员工面谈,还要看他们加班, work overtime是不是有报酬,并且确保员工的薪水满足了法定最低工资, the minimum wage的水平。R: Is that pretty much it?C: There are some other small things, but those are the big ones.H: Well, even if getting certified is a bit of a hassle, its probably a good idea.R: Yeah, now I can feel confident that our company is safe and our workers are being treated fairly.C: Yes, the paperwork can be a hassle, but in the end, its a win-win situation.H: Thanks for your help, Chris.C: My pleasure.Rebecca问,就这些吗? Is that pretty much it? Chris表示,除去一些零七八碎的要求,申请国际认的主要条件就是这些了。虽然申请过程中,the paperwork can be a hassle, 要准备很多文件,有些繁琐,but in the end, its a win-win situation, 但最后一定会是双赢局面。 /201201/169351鄱阳县妇幼保健人民中医院吸脂手术多少钱 23 /200710/18662上饶玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱

上饶市第二人民医院治疗疤痕多少钱1.Safety barrier 安全防护栏 A: It is easy to cut hands on this machine.B: We built a safety barrier aly. I will put it on this afternoon.A:这个机器很容易切到手。B:我们已经做了安全防护栏,我今天下午就把它装上。 2.Safety lamp 安全灯A: Please check the safety lamps. Make sure they work.B: Okay.A:请检查一下安全灯,保安全灯都能正常工作。B:好的。 3.Potential safety concerns 安全隐患A: We would like to have a list of potential safety concerns.B: Okay. We'll go one step further, with the counter measures for each concern.A:我们想要得到一个安全隐患清单。B:好的,我们会比你们的要求更进一步,对每个隐患都计划好措施。4.Heat protective 隔热A: Please wear heat protective gloves when using the heat treating furnace.B: Okay.A:使用热处理炉的时候请戴好隔热手套。B:好的。5.Smoke detector 烟雾探测器A: The smoke detector on the second floor is not working.B: I will replace it this afternoon. A:二楼的烟雾探测器坏了。B:我今天下午去换一个。 /200809/49538 Problems about selling amount销售问题A: Mr. White, business hasnt been very brisk in our line recently.A: 怀特先生,最近我们的生意好像不太好啊。B: Yes, orders have been few and far between, I must admit.B: 是的,我得承认,订单很少,许久才能来一张。A: How do you account for that? No demand or overstock?A: 您认为是什么原因?是市场没有需求,还是库存过剩?B: There are two reasons. One is that the market is sluggish; another is that there are too many suppliers.B: 有两个原因,其一是市场疲软,另一个原因是供应商太多。A: Do you have any branch offices in other parts of Canada?A: 你们在加拿大其他地区有没有设立分公司?B: No, we work solely from Canberra.B: 没有,我们只在堪培拉有独家代理。A: Then you might be missing out on what other areas you have to offer.A: 所以,贵公司可能在其他地区失去很多的报价机会。B: I dont think so. Our representative tours around the country very often.B: 我不认为如此,我们的业务代表经常出差全国各地。A: Anyway, I hope you will think it over.A: 总之,我希望您能仔细考虑一下。B: Ill go into it further, and let you know our decision.B: 我会再仔细考虑的,然后告诉您我们的决定。A: I shall be glad to hear from you.A: 我会很乐意听到你们的决定。 /201601/421858江西省上饶治疗狐臭多少钱江西上饶市治疗祛斑价格



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