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上饶余干县脸部抽脂价格A mesmerizing out of a factory in China shows just how fast automation might be coming for labour jobs.在一家中国工厂拍摄的一个令人着迷的视频展示了通过自动化技术处理体力活儿会有多快。These small, yellow robots work at Shentong Express, a delivery company in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.这些小型的黄色机器人为申通快递务,申通快递是浙江省杭州市的一家物流公司。The bots, which are manufactured by Hikvision, are self-charging, can sort 200,000 packages per day and are more accurate than human workers.这些机器人是由海康威视生产的,可以自动充电,而且每天可以分拣200,000个包裹,还比人工分拣更准确。“We want to start using these across the country, especially in our bigger centres,; a Shentong spokesperson told the South China Morning Post, adding that the robots improved efficiency by 30 per cent.“我们想在全国启用机器人务,特别是在我们一些较大的(分拣)中心,”一位申通发言人告诉《南华早报》并补充道,这些机器人提高了30%的效率。Humans have one job — handing the robot each parcel, then the robot delivers it to the correct chute in the warehouse floor.职工的工作就是把每个包裹交给机器人,然后机器人就会把这些包裹运送到仓库楼层正确的传送滑道上。Employees sort packages at Shentong Express in China in 2013. Now, much of the company#39;s sorting is done by robots.2013年中国申通快递还是通过员工进行包裹分拣的,如今该公司的多数分拣工作都是由机器人完成的。;Our working process starts with the scanning of a bar code which matches the geographical information. Then it automatically calculates the path to find the corresponding drop,; operational director Gao Peng said.“我们的工作流程首先是扫描条形码来匹配地理位置信息,然后机器人就会自动计算路径找到相应的投放点,”运营总监高鹏说道。China has been rushing to increase production automation. In its five-year-plan, the country announced it would triple its annual production of industrial robots to 100,000 each year by 2020.中国一直急于提高生产自动化。在其五年计划中,中国宣称到2020年其工业机器人年产量将增至三倍,达到年产100,000台。On Tuesday, a senior Bank of Canada official warned Canadians should brace for potential side effects of automation like job loss and income inequality.星期二,加拿大高管发出警告,加拿大人应为自动化的不良后果做好准备,比如失业以及收入不平等。 /201705/509208江西省上饶韩美医院整形中心 The holiday season brings with it the usual assortment of college bowl games, from the classic Rose, Orange and Sugar, all the way to the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, the Beef #39;O#39; Brady#39;s Bowl and, my favorite, the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. Each contest involves the migration across the country of hordes of players, coaches, alumni boosters, band members, mascots -- and, of course, cheerleaders. Remarkably, recent science suggests that if this final group weren#39;t included, it would probably alter the quality of play.随着假日赛季的到来,各种大学碗赛也一如既往地纷纷上演。既有“玫瑰碗”(Rose)、“橙子碗”(Orange)、“砂糖碗”(Sugar)这些经典比赛,也有“小凯撒比萨碗”(Little Caesars Pizza Bowl)、“布雷迪牛排碗”(Beef #39;O#39; Brady#39;s Bowl),以及我最喜欢的“著名的爱达荷土豆碗”(Famous Idaho Potato Bowl)。每一场比赛期间,都有成群结队的球员、教练、校友助威团、军乐队、以及吉祥物在全国奔忙。当然,这当中也少不了拉拉队的身影。值得一提的是,近期科学研究表明,如果没有拉拉队,比赛的质量可能就不一样了。All because males can be kind of pathetic.这一切都可能是因为男人也怪可怜的。When women are present or when men are prompted to think about women, they act differently, research shows. Well, duh. But in unexpected ways. A 2008 study in the journal Evolutionary Psychology showed that in the mere presence of women as witnesses, men become more likely to jaywalk and to wait until the last second to dash on to a bus. This reflects, no doubt, the well-known belief among men that jaywalking means you#39;re a Roman gladiator of irrepressible virility. As I said, pathetic.研究表明,当有女性在场、或男性被怂恿去想着女人的时候,他们会有不同的行为。嗯,就是这样。不过至于行为会怎样的不同,则是出人意料。2008年《进化心理学》(Evolutionary Psychology)杂志的一篇论文显示,只要有女性在场,男性就更有可能乱穿马路、更有可能等到最后一秒再蹿上公交车。这一点无疑折射了男人心中众所周知的一个观念:乱穿马路意味着你是一个充满蓬勃男子气概的罗马角斗士。正如我所说的,怪可怜的。Over the past several years, the pattern has been found repeatedly in studies of male behavior published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the British Journal of Psychology and elsewhere. In some cases, a woman is present; in others, men look at pictures of a woman#39;s face or her legs; in still others, men list what they find to be sexually arousing (versus things that make them happy). In a 2011 paper in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, this last technique is called, with a straight face, #39;inducing mating goals.#39;过去几年里《人格与社会心理学杂志》(Journal of Personality and Social Psychology)、《英国心理学杂志》(British Journal of Psychology)等刊物发表的多篇有关男性行为的论文都发现了上述现象。某些情况下是有女性在现场,另一些情况则是男性看着女人脸蛋或双腿的照片。还有一些情况,男性列出了他们觉得激发性欲的东西(而不是让他们快乐的东西)。在《人格与社会心理学公报》(Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin)2011年发表的一篇论文中,后面这种技术被正儿八经地称为“诱导交配目的”(inducing mating goals)。Sex-related cues like these have been found to make men more prone to take risks while playing blackjack, to discount the future when making economic decisions and to spend on conspicuous luxury items (but not on mundane expenses). Typically, the effects are strongest in single men. By contrast, these studies uniformly report that cues about males have no such effects on women.研究发现,像这些与性有关的暗示会让男性更容易在打21点扑克的时候冒险,更容易在做经济决策时不顾将来,更容易花钱购买引人注目的奢侈物品(而不是普通的花销)。一般情况下,这些效应在单身男性身上体现得最为强烈。相比之下,这些研究无一例外地显示,有关男性的暗示对女性并无此类效应。There is also a darker side to the tendency of men to show off in the presence of women. As a 2012 study by Sarah Ainsworth and Jon Maner of Florida State University found, #39;inducing mating goals#39; in men made them more likely in a competitive game to punish the opposing guy with loud blasts of noise. The effect was strongest in men with an #39;unrestricted sociosexual orientation#39; -- that is, men who are perpetually on the prowl with a propensity to indiscriminate one-night stands. In another study, men who were primed by the presence of women were found to be more likely to endorse aggressive stances about war (with no change in their stances about the more humdrum issue of trade tariffs).关于男性在有女性在场时爱显摆这件事,还有更阴暗的一面。2012年弗罗里达州立大学(Florida State University)莎拉·安斯沃思(Sarah Ainsworth)和约恩·马内尔(Jon Maner)的一篇论文发现,诱导男性的“交配目的”使他们更有可能在竞技中用大吼大叫的方式惩罚对手。这种效应在具有“不受约束的社交性性取向”(unrestricted sociosexual orientation)——即习惯于乱搞一夜情、总是在寻猎目标——的男性身上表现得最为强烈。另一篇论文则发现,当有女性在场时,男性更有可能持在战争问题上采取进攻性立场(对于更为平淡的关税问题却没有立场变化)。The authors of these studies have generally interpreted their findings to mean that thoughts of women subliminally prompt men to advertise their prowess and attractiveness -- displaying their tail feathers, so to speak, to attract a mate. History certainly has no shortage of men who were rewarded reproductively for their aggressiveness.上述论文的作者总体上将他们的发现解释为:想着女人会在潜意识中鼓动男性表现他们的勇气和帅气——可以说就是通过展示尾巴上的饰毛来吸引伴侣。历史上当然不乏因为进攻性而在生殖问题上获得回报的男人。But now comes research carried out by Mark van Vugt and Wendy Iredale and reported last year in the British Journal of Psychology. In the presence of women (but not other men), men became more generous in an economic game: They made more contributions to public goods and volunteered more time for charitable causes. In fact, the size of their charitable contributions increased in the presence of women they rated as more attractive. As usual, the presence of men had no such effects on women. As summarized in the title of the paper, this seems a case of #39;Men Behaving Nicely: Public Goods as Peacock Tails.#39;但现在又有了马克·范伍格特(Mark van Vugt)和温迪·艾尔代尔(Wendy Iredale)去年发表在《英国心理学杂志》上的研究。在有女性在场而无其他男性在场的情况下,男性在经济比赛中变得更加大方:他们的公益捐款将会增加,并自愿拿出更多时间投入慈善事业。事实上,如果有他们认为更加漂亮的女性在场,他们的慈善捐赠额度会变得更多。一如既往地,有男性在场并没有对女性产生这样的效应。就像论文题目总结的那样,这似乎是“男人行善:孔雀尾巴的公益”。There#39;s an important point here. The allure of the opposite sex makes men more violent, but only, it seems, in circumstances where violence is rewarded with higher status. When status can be achieved in a more socially desirable way, things work differently. In short, with the right social arrangements, this ludicrous tendency of men can be harnessed not only to encourage a ferocious goal-line stand but to make the world a kinder place.这当中有一个很重要的方面。异性的诱惑使男人变得更加暴力,但似乎只是在有了暴力就会有更高地位的环境中才是这样。当地位可以通过一种更被社会接受的方式取得时,情况就不一样了。简而言之,如果社交安排得当,男性的这种荒唐倾向是可以得到驾驭的,不仅可以鼓励他们在门线处站岗时保持虎视眈眈,也能让世界变得更加友善。 /201509/396583上饶市红十字医院祛眼袋手术多少钱

上饶祛斑大概要多少钱 If Back to the Future 2 holds your standards for technology there are a lot of things we should have by now -- one of them being flying cars. But while modified DeLoreans haven#39;t dotted the skies, Slovakia-based AeroMobil says we#39;ll be seeing flying cars on the markets soon as 2017.如果《回到未来2》让你把握住了科技的标准,那么我们现在应该有很多东西--其中之一就是飞行汽车。不过当改良后的德劳瑞恩还未形成燎原之势时,斯洛伐克的AeroMobil公司就已声明,飞行汽车将在2017年上市!Speaking at SXSW Interactive 2015, AeroMobil co-founder and CEO Juraj Vaculik talked about his company#39;s vision for a future where flying cars are just as ubiquitous as planes, trains, and standard automobiles.在2015年西南偏南大会上的讲话中,AeroMobil的联合创始人兼总裁尤拉伊·瓦库利克就谈到了该公司对飞行汽车未来的展望。他表示,飞行汽车将会像飞机、火车及标准汽车一样普遍存在。The company has aly unveiled a prototype for its ;Flying Roadster,; the AeroMobil 3.0. The two-seater functions as both a car and personal airplane, measuring at about 328 x 236 inches in airplane mode and 88 x 236 inches in car mode with its wings collapsed.该公司已经发布了飞行跑车AeroMobil 3.0的原型。这种双开门跑车既可以当汽车开,又可以变身为私人飞机,其大小尺寸在飞机模式时仅为328x236英寸,收起双翼变为汽车模式时仅为88x236英寸。The steel framework, carbon coating construction has a Rotax 912 engine under the hood with a top speed of 124 mph when flying and 99 mph on the road -- though Vaculik said the final version may be faster.这款车内部是钢架结构,外部是碳涂层,配置Rotax 912航空引擎,飞行时最高时速可达124英里,路面行驶最高时速可达99英里,但是瓦库利克表示,它的最终版本速度将会更快。Vaculik also emphasized the AeroMobil 3.0#39;s need for only 650 ft for takeoff and 160 ft to land -- meaning the vehicle can land in a field of grass or onto existing highways without the need for new or special airports.瓦库利克此外还强调称,AeroMobil 3.0仅需要650次的起飞测试和160次的降落测试,这意味着这部车可以降落草地、现有的高速公路上,无需新的或特殊的机场。He didn#39;t comment on the effect that having planes landing on the highways might have on rush-hour traffic but did say that AeroMobil is initially targeting medium-distance travel. It won#39;t take you cross country but it is plenty for a trip from say, LA to Vegas. Vaculik said the vehicle also runs on regular gasoline so there will be no need to find a special refueling spot.虽然没有谈到让飞机降落到高速公路上会对上下班高峰期产生影响,不过他表示,AeroMobil的最初定位是中等距离的行程。它也许不能带你横穿整个国家,但是带着你从洛杉矶到却是绰绰有余。瓦库利克表示,这部车加普通汽油也可正常行驶,所以不存在到处找特殊燃料站点的问题。While the Flying Roadster is still in development -- the working prototype is currently undergoing recommends real flight testing -- Vaculik was confident his company could hit its 2017 mark.虽然飞行汽车还处在发展阶段,但样机模型目前已经在进行真实的飞行测试--瓦库利克对他们公司可以达成2017年的目标非常自信。But those excited at the possibility of flying your car to Thanksgiving dinner in two years should start saving now. The company is initially targeting the Flying Roadster at elite consumers. The price must be very expensive.但是那些对两年之内能驾驶着飞行汽车直接飞到感恩节餐桌旁而激动不已的人,你们还是从现在开始攒钱吧。因为该公司的飞行汽车最初定位是高端消费者,而且价格将会非常昂贵。 /201607/455827上饶乳头黑哪家医院好广丰区自体脂肪填充多少钱



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