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We said it. Par. Tay. Being social (without overdoing it) can help reduce the risk of stroke, dementia, and even the common cold. So get out there and make merry – your health may depend on it.我们曾经说过。年轻人聚会。适量的社交活动可以降低中风,痴呆甚至普通感冒的风险。所以,走出家门,开心一点——你的健康或许就依赖于此。You Will Need你需要Friends朋友Proof of age年龄明Sense of humor幽默感Games游戏Flirting调情Time off work下班时间Willingness to shake your groove thing抛开烦恼的意愿Hot lips (optional)火热的嘴唇(可选)Steps步骤While this is awesome, it didnt go to medical school. Always consult your doctor for actual medical advice.尽管这段视频很精,但并不是专业的医学院出品。一定要向医生咨询专业的医疗建议。STEP 1 Drink responsibly1.适量饮酒Have a drink with friends – moderate alcohol consumption in a supportive social setting can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, and red wine may improve cardiovascular health.和朋友一起喝酒——合适的社交场合适量饮酒可以降低心脏病和中风的风险,红酒或许可以改善心血管健康。STEP 2 Yuk it up2.捧腹大笑Embrace your inner comedian. Laughter can reduce stress and increase blood flow, which can in turn lower your risk for heart disease.享受你内在的喜剧天分。大笑可以减缓压力,增加血液流动,从而降低心脏病的风险。Laughing for 10 to 15 minutes burns up to 50 calories, meaning you might actually be able to laugh your butt off.大笑10至15分钟可以燃烧50卡路里的热量,这意味着笑掉你的大肚子也是有可能的。STEP 3 Game on3.玩游戏Goof off. Play games that elevate your heart rate or that engage your mind. The first can help get your cardiovascular system into shape; the second can help stave off dementia.偷懒。玩一些可以提高心率的游戏或者智力游戏。首先可以促进心血管系统健康,其次可以避免痴呆。STEP 4 Flirt4.调情Flirt like a champ. Studies show those who do tend to have higher white blood-cell counts, which helps fight off infection.适当地调情。研究发现,适当调情的人白细胞数量更多,可以抵抗感染。Kissing can burn up to five calories per minute, so get your smooch on with that special someone!亲吻每分钟可以燃烧5卡路里的热量,所以可以和你喜欢的人纵情热吻。STEP 5 Relax5.放松Take frequent vacations: a study shows a correlation between two or more vacations a year and lower rates of depression and improved quality of sleep.经常度假。一项研究发现每年度假两三次可以降低抑郁率,改善睡眠质量。STEP 6 Dance6.跳舞Regular dancing has been shown to help lower the risk of dementia and osteoporosis; provide a great aerobic workout, and release endorphins for a natural, healthy high. Partying never felt so good!经常跳舞可以降低痴呆和骨质疏松症的风险;跳舞是一种有氧运动,可以自然释放出健康水平的内啡肽。聚会从未让你感觉这么好!One study shows that while close connections to family have no impact on a person’s life expectancy, people with big groups of friends outlive those without by 22 percent.一项研究发现,与家人关系密切对一个人的寿命没有影响,而有一大帮朋友的人比没有朋友的人寿命长22%。201411/342258

A great way to stay healthy is to come to work with a lunchbox full of healthy snack you can dip into throughout the day. In this episode of Bridal Bootcamp Sarah shares some of her healthy snack favourites.保持健康的一个好方法就是上班时带上装满健康食品的饭盒,为你一整天补充精力。在这段视频中, Bridal Bootcamp机构的Sarah为大家分享她最喜欢的健康小吃。Vegetable Crudites凉拌蔬菜Vegetable crudites have a very low calorie cost, so you can really eat as much as you want! Celery, cucumber, peppers and tomatoes all work well. You can also add a dollop of hummus for a bit of extra flavour.凉拌蔬菜含有的热量非常低,这样你想吃多少就可以吃多少!芹菜,黄瓜,辣椒和番茄都是非常好的选择。你还可以加一些鹰嘴豆沙,更有特别的风味。Fiber纤维For a bit more fiber you can snack on Rivita, rice cakes or oat cakes topped with a little Marmite or peanut butter.要摄入更多纤维,可以吃一些Rivita饼干,米饼或燕麦蛋糕,上面抹一点马麦酱或花生酱。Fruit水果Portion control is important with fruit as its still a sugar. One portion of fruit is a medium piece or fruit like an apple or banana, two small pieces like clementines, or a handful or berries.吃水果最重要的就是控制分量,因为水果中含有糖分。一份水果大概相当于中等的一片或者一个苹果或一根香蕉,两个小柑橘或一把蓝莓。Nuts坚果Nuts are a great snack, though they are quite high in calories and fat, so try and limit your portion to about 15-20 large nuts like Brasils, or 20-25 small nuts like cashews.坚果是非常好的零食,但是却含有很高的热量和脂肪,所以最好控制一下分量,大约15至20个较大的坚果,比如巴西坚果,或者20至25个较小的坚果,比如腰果。Buillon蔬菜汁A cup of vegetable buillon also makes a great snack as its tasty and very low in calories.一杯蔬菜汁也是非常健康的选择,非常美味,而且热量很低。视频听力译文由。 /201405/300859

The spur for Bruce Lee to start weight training came after a fight in San Francisco in 1965.李小龙开始举重训练 原因还得追溯到1965年在旧金山的一次格斗Hed just started to teaching kungfu.When a traditional practitioner of the art heard Bruce Lee was teaching westerners, he challenged him to a fight.他刚开始教授功夫,当地一名传统武术拳师知悉李小龙公开招收西方人为徒 便向李小龙下了挑战书。A pregnant Linda Lee was there to witness it.It lasted about 3 minutes.琳达 李当时也挺着大肚子观看了此次格斗,大约持续了3分钟。Bruce got the fellow down to the ground and said, ; Do you give up? Do you give up?;小龙将对手撂倒在地 不住地问 ;你不? 你不?;And he said I give up.So they went back to San Francisco.对方说 我了,然后灰溜溜地逃回旧金山。However, it upset Bruce mightly that he had not dispatched that man in under 3 minutes.但小龙自己也高兴不起来 他没能在3分钟之内解决掉对方And he began... thats when he began to question his physical fitness and his way of martial arts.自此 他也开始质疑自己的身体情况以及搏击方式Bruce Lee decided to reexamine both his fighting and training methods and began an intensive program of physical conditioning.李小龙决定重新定位自己的格斗和训练方式并开始了一项健身密集训练。He had a program for every single day.So he did aerobic-type things.He rode his bike, he rode a stationary bike.He ran.He jumped to rope.All those kind of things for aerobic conditioning.每天都条条在列,进行有氧训练,比如单车训练 骑健身车 跑步 跳绳,任何有氧训练都尝试过。And then he did sit-ups forever, he had the wonderful washboard abs.And he did strength exercising with weights all the time.And he was very specific. He books on kinesiology so he would know how to develop his body.同时坚持做仰卧起坐 造就了完美的;搓衣板;腹肌,,他还通过举重进行力量训练,而且他很特别 还要研读运动机能学方面的书籍 这样才能知道如何提升自己的身体机能。201402/275586



  The love letter is a wonderful way to express your feelings to your love and a handy way of avoiding the possibility of drying up while serenading them face to face. Videojug shows you how to open your heart through the power of the pen. Learn how to write a love letter that will impress that person you have always wanted.情书是向你爱的人表达感情的好方法,也可以避免面对面交流时才思枯竭。Videojug向你展示,如何用笔的力量来抒发内心的感情。学习一下如何书写情书,向朝思暮想的人表达爱慕之情。Step 1: Presentation1.布局The letter should look as beautiful as your feelings - a note scrawled in biro on the back of a beer mat is not going to make your Bella go weak at the knees. Use decent paper in a neutral, soft colour such as cream or white, and write with classy black or brown ink - no blues, greens or reds! This is not a note for the milkman! If youre expressing grown-up feelings, write a grown-up letter. Make sure its hand-written as well - nothing screams impersonal like typing. And theres little thats romantic about an email or a text.情书整体看上去应该像你的感觉一样美好——在啤酒杯垫背后潦草地写上只言片语绝对不能让心爱的人为你倾心。使用比较好的纸张,颜色比较中性而柔和,比如白色或奶油色,用经典的黑色或棕色墨水书写——不要用蓝色,绿色或红色!这不是给送奶工留的便条。如果你要表达日益增长的感情,字体可以越来越大。确保是手写的——打字会显得非常没有人情味。而电子邮件或短信也没有任何浪漫的感觉。WARNING- if you send a love letter in a manila envelope, expect your relationship to end soon.警告:如果你用马尼拉纸信封寄送情书,你就等着恋情结束吧!Step 2: Set the mood2.心情If youre attempting to express your pent-up feelings through the medium of literature it is best to get yourself in a romantic mood before you begin. Writing to your sweetheart when busy, tired or drunk will probably not result in the masterpiece you were hoping for, so get yourself in the mood by lighting some candles and playing some soft, romantic music to stimulate the literary lover within.如果你想以文字为媒介传达深厚的感情,最好在开始书写之前先让自己进入浪漫的情绪。繁忙,疲惫或喝醉的时候给心爱的人写情书不可能得到你希望的杰作。点一些蜡烛,播放一些柔和浪漫的音乐,让自己进入情绪,刺激你的文思。Step 3: Greetings3.问候Choose an endearing and personal greeting to head your letter. Dont be formal - a dear sir / madam will probably not set your sweethearts pulse racing. Embellish upon the theme of your loves first name - for example To my beautiful Kate or My dearest Kate. Or you might nick a e from somewhere: my super dainty Kate for instance, is nabbed from The Taming of The Shrew. Theres a whole load of good stuff in the classics, so plagiarize away....选择讨人喜欢的,个性化的问候来开头。不要太正式——“尊敬的先生/女士”不会让你的心上人心动。在心上人的名字前稍加修饰——例如“美丽的凯特”,或“我最亲爱的凯特”。或者也可以引用其他地方的昵称,比如“超级文雅的凯特”,是来自《驯悍记》的。有许多经典的称呼,你可以恰当地抄袭一下。Whatever you do, dont spell their name wrong - Shakespeare himself wouldnt be able to salvage that wreckage!无论如何,不要把对方的名字写错了——莎士比亚可不会为你收拾残局。Step 4: The Contents4.内容Your love is your business, but if youre stuck for ideas then consider these:你对对方的爱当然是主体,但是如果你没有好想法,可以考虑以下内容:The main body of the letter could include all the reasons why you fell in love in the first place. You could recall how you first met, or explain how you cant bear to be apart. You could list your sweethearts qualities, or mention special moments the two of you have shared. This is not the place for casual jokes or dirty suggestions - the love letter is about the heart, not the loins.情书的主体应该包含你坠入爱河的所有原因。你可以回忆你们最初的相识,或者解释为何不能忍受分离。你可以列举心上人的优良品质,或者提及两人共享的特别的时刻。写情书时不要开随意的玩笑或提肮脏的建议——情书写的是心里的感受,而不是生殖器。Step 5: Closing5.结束End with something upbeat and romantic. Yours sincerely or With regards are not going to get your Love cooking on gas, and even just saying Love James at the end shows a lack of effort. Put your back into it. You need a heartfelt, simple goodbye, for example Forever yours or With all my heart. Or something fancier and all la-di-dah, like Youre the face that launched a thousand ships.以非常乐观浪漫的语气结束。“真诚的”“或者良好的祝愿”不能让你的心上人飘飘然,甚至只说“爱你的詹姆士”都似乎缺乏诚意。认真一点。你需要写出内心的感受,简单的一句再见,例如“永远爱你的”,或者“全心全意爱你的”。或者更加特别一点的,例如“想念你倾国倾城的美貌”等等。Dont worry about sounding soppy - youve come too far now to suddenly get concerned about showing your true feelings.不要担心听上去过于肉麻——这时候担心表达内心的感受是否合适完全没有必要。Step 6: Sending It6.寄送You might decide to include a special extra with the letter. Perfume it so it smells lovely when opened. You could add some dried rose petals, or maybe a sprinkle of those small stars you get from craft shops. Dont put anything too messy in however - a letter obscured by chocolate stains is unlikely to have the kind of impact you were hoping for. You could add a decorative stamp and affix it upside down - a custom that means I love you. Remember, its the little details that count. Now take a deep breath, make sure you mean what youre about to say, and send the letter to your loved one.你或许想要和情书一起寄一点特别的物品。喷一点香水,这样你的心上人打开的时候闻上去沁人心脾。也可以夹几片风干的玫瑰花瓣,或者从精品店得到的小星星。不过不要夹带乱七八糟的东西——被巧克力污染了的情书不可能产生你想要的效果。可以贴一张装饰性的邮票,倒过来贴,意思是“我爱你”。记住,细节最重要。现在,深呼吸,确保表达了内心最真实的想法,为爱人寄出这封情书。Thanks for watching How To Write A Love Letter.感谢收看“如何书写情书”视频节目。视频听力由。201309/257609

  “我患有脑瘫。我无时不刻不在颤抖,“这是梅逊·扎伊德(Maysoon Zayid)振奋人心而又诙谐幽默的演讲的开场白。(的确,这个演讲很搞笑) ”我就像夏奇拉遇到了穆罕默德·阿里。” 这位优雅机智的阿裔美国人将带领我们回顾她所曾做的一切: 演员,单口喜剧家,慈善家, 致力于维护残疾人利益的社会活动家。201409/325295Hes universally recongnized as the king of martial arts movies after making only one He died young, aged just 32. Hollywood film.他仅仅凭借一部好莱坞影片就成为世人心中的功夫影帝,他英年早逝,年仅32岁。And went on to become the biggest movie star in history.And he influenced popular culture more than anyone, before or since之后却成为史上最耀眼的电影明星,他对大众文化的影响空前绝后。Bruce totally inspired me, and made me... and made me dream,made me realize that I want to be a film maker.。李小龙彻底启发了我 给了我... 给了我梦想,让我意识到我要当电影制片人He definitely inspired me to, to want to do more with my life.他确实给了我很大的启发 让我积极改变命运I know that Bruce Lee is the best.Bruce Lee changed the world.我知道 李小龙是最棒的,李小龙改变了世界。He resonated not only with Asian,but resonated with the black community, the white community.他不仅影响了亚洲人,同样也影响了黑人和白人世界。He was a hero for a... an entire culture that had no heros.在... 一个没有英雄的文化中 他成了英雄Bruce Lee is the father of mix martial arts.Bruce Lee isnt just a fighter, hes, hes a thinker.李小龙是混合格斗之父,他不仅仅是个斗士,他更是一位思想家。And Bruce he, he traded his book to the guidelines thats transferable to anything in life.李小龙他书中阐述的理念 适用于人生的一切Hes smart enough to create this very simple iconic image that was endlessly reproducable.他很聪明地塑造了这个非常单纯的偶像形象,并被不断模仿。He is everywhere.他无处不在201312/271091Patagonia, Chile,智利,巴塔哥尼亚home to one of the most extraordinary of beetles.育着最独树一格的甲虫There are many kinds of beetles in the world,世界上有许多不同的甲虫but this one has some of the biggest jaws of all.但这种甲虫长了数一数二的大颚He is Darwins beetle.这是一只智利长牙锹形虫He is on his way to the forest to look for a mate.它正准备到森林里寻找配偶Whether he gets one or not will depend on his strength...至于能否如愿and on the size of his jaws.要看它的力气和它颚部的大小He starts his search.它开始寻寻觅觅A female is likely to be on a tree trunk.雌甲虫可能出现在树干上But trees, in this part of the world are very tall.不过这一带多半是参天巨木His search could be a long one.它可能要找上老半天Unfortunately for him, she is 25 metres above him near the top.它运气不好,雌甲虫在二十五公尺高处 就快到树梢了She has more normal-sized jaws.雌甲虫的颚部尺寸比较正常But then she only needs them for feeding.不过它的颚部只用来进食But he needs immense jaws forfighting...但雄甲虫需要极大的颚部来打架..because there are other males around with the same mission.因为附近还有其他雄甲虫 肩负着同样的任务201309/255076

  Gibbon song once inspired the ancient poets of China, their glorious calls echoing far across the hills.长臂猿的歌声曾经激发了中国的古代诗人的灵感。它们壮美的歌声回荡在崇山峻岭之间,谱写了“两岸猿声啼不住”的辉煌篇章。But now, new, strangely quiet forests have come to Yunnan. These trees are here to produce an important and valuable crop.可是现在云南的森林异常的宁静。这些树能够出产一种重要而又珍贵的作物。When the tree bark is scored, it yields copious sticky sap, so bitter and tacky that nothing can feed on it.当树皮被刮开便流出了丰沛的粘液,但是没有任何动物能够以这种又苦又粘的液体为食。Its the trees natural defence against attack.这便是这些树木面对攻击时的自我保护。 /201405/299729

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the Shoutout. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which of these has the most influence over your sleep cycle? If you think you know it, shout it out! 下列哪项对睡眠周期影响最大?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it your respiratory system, circadian rhythm, sebaceous glands or cerebellum? Youve got three seconds, go!是呼吸系统、昼夜节律、皮脂腺还是小脑?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The circadian rhythm is your 24 hour cycle of human activity, which includes sleeping and waking. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.昼夜节律是人类24小时的活动,包括睡着和醒来。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Of course, we all try to modify and master our circadian rhythm, but researcher say, there is really not much we can do to change it. 当然,我们大家都试着调整并掌握自己的昼夜时间,但研究者表示,我们能做的改变并不多。Its closely tied into the sun. 它与太阳有紧密的联系。When its up, our bodies released hormones that make us more awake and alert. 太阳升起的时候,人类的身体会释放让我们更清醒、更警觉的荷尔蒙。When it sets, hormones tell us its time to start shutting down. 太阳落山后,荷尔蒙告诉我们是时候停下来了。The doctors say if you get too far off track from your natural circadian rhythm, it will throw your body out of whack. 医生说如果你的作息和你自然的昼夜时间差别太大了,它会让你的身体紊乱。It can increase your chances of getting sleep disorders, obesity, diabetes. 这会增加你睡眠失调、肥胖和糖尿病的几率。It might even contribute to mental health issues. 这还可能导致心理健康问题。And as far as your students are concerned, some research has shown that those with unnaturally early start time, so figure those who have to be awake before the sun is up, dont do as well academically as those who start a little later.就学生而言,一些研究表明那些起的比日出时间早的,在学习上比不过那些起得稍微晚一点的。 /201403/280396

  Axes like this normally have a haft-that is, theyre fitted into a long wooden handle and theyre used like a modern axe; but its quite clear that our axe has never been hafted-in fact, it shows no signs of wear and tear at all. If I run my finger carefully, rather gingerly, round the blade end, I cant feel even the smallest chip. The long flat surfaces are remarkably smooth and still have a glossy, mirror-like sheen.斧头通常都有斧柄,装上长长的木制斧柄,才能像现代斧头一样发 挥功用。但很明显,本节中的这把斧头从未装过斧柄,且完全没有任何使用过的痕迹。用手指小心地抚摸斧刃,也完全感觉不到哪怕最细微的缺损。长而平坦的表面极为光滑,仍旧发出镜面般的光泽。The conclusion is obvious: not only has our axe not been used-it was never intended to be used. Mark Edmonds of York University explains how this magnificent prestige object was made:结论是肯定的。这把斧头从未被使用过,人们打造它的目的也不是使用,而是欣赏。约克大学的马克埃德蒙玆阐述了这件华丽迷人的物品是如何打造出来的:;If you have the good fortune to handle one of these axes-the feel in the hand, the balance, the weight, the smoothness-they have been polished to an extraordinary degree. We are talking about hour upon hour of grinding against stone, and then polishing with fine sand or silt and water, and then rubbing backwards and forwards in the hand, perhaps with grease and leaves, to really give that polish-thats days and days of work. It gives the edge a really sharp and resilient bite to it, but the polishing also brings out the shape, allows the control of form, and brings out that extraordinary green and black speckled quality to the stone-it makes it instantly recognisable, it makes it visually very striking. And those things maybe are just as important almost as the cutting edge.;如果你有幸握过一把这样的斧头,感受它的重量、光滑与均衡, 就会了解工匠们将其打磨得何等精细。要获得这样的光泽,先要用石头长时间打磨,再用细沙或混水的泥沙抛光,最后在手里反复挲,可能还要用上油脂和树叶。不知道要用掉多少天的工夫才能磨 出尖端略带弹性的利刃。在打磨的过程中还要留心形状,控制形式,体现出这种玉石特有的黑绿相间的色泽,让它变得十分抢眼,使人 一眼就能认出。对这样的斧头来说,视觉事受也许与锋利的斧刃同样重要。201406/303797。




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