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江西上饶市去色斑多少钱德兴市人民医院开双眼皮手术多少钱鄱阳县治疗粉刺多少钱 第42期:会议期间时间不多了。The time is running out.For example:A: Can you run the first option by me again?你能把第一方案再说明一次吗?B: The time is running out. Would you please let the other speak first?时间不多了。您能让其他人先发言吗?我来提出一些方案。Let me give you a few scenarios.For example:A: Let me give you a few scenarios.我来提出一些方案。B: I only agree with part of what youve said.你所说的我只部分同意。scenario( n.)想定,方案那件事我有不同的意见。I have a different view on that.For example:A: I think that option B is the best alternative.我想B方案是较好的选择。B: I have a different view on that.那件事我有不同的意见。我认为这项讨论恐怕有点儿无意义。Im afraid I find this discussion a bit pointless.那和我们正在谈论的没有关系。Thats got nothing to do with what were talking about.For example:A: Thats got nothing to do with what were talking about.那和我们正在谈论的没有关系。B: My idea is a little different from yours.我的想法和你们的有点不同。你发言好吗?Will you take the floor please?For example:A: Will you take the floor please?你发言好吗?B: I guess everyones expecting me to put in my two cents worth, too.我猜每个人都在期望我也表示意见。take the floor 发言我就说这么多。So much for what I want to say.For example:A: So much for what I want to say.我就说这么多。B: Now we will go on to the next speaker.现在请下一位发言人。终于结束了!Its finally over!For example:A: If you have no questions, Ill now end the meeting.如果你们没有问题了,我现在就结束会议。B: Its finally over! 终于结束了!还有其他亊吗?Anything else?For example:A: Anything else?还有其他事吗?B: Secretary goes to the meeting., make notes and make a record of what has happed.秘书参加会议,做好笔记并做出会议情况记录。会议进行了多久?How long did the meeting last?For example:A: How long did the meeting last?会议进行了多久?B: The meeting was delayed by thirty minutes and it lasted for two and a half hours.#8195; /201502/359936波阳县卫生学校附属医院打美白针多少钱

上饶市卫校附属医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱In this advanced Business English Podcast we continue to look at the language and skills of interviewing for jobs in English. 在这节高级商务英语播客中,我们继续来看下英语面试中的语言和技巧。So far in this series, we’ve examined two common question themes that you will likely be asked in almost any interview. They were, “Tell me about your previous experience?”, and “What is your most significant accomplishment?” 目前为止在这个系列课程中,我们已经回顾了2个普遍些的几乎在任何面试中都会被问到的问题。它们是:“说下你以前的经验?”和“你最重要的成就是什么?”In this episode, we will likewise deal with another extremely common question. Unfortunately, it’s almost as challenging to answer as it is popular to ask. It requires you to think about possible problems with your working style and personality, and to give an answer that demonstrates professionalism and the ability to present your weakness as a strength. That’s right, you guessed it, the question is: What’s your greatest weakness?在这节课中,我们来处理下另一个比较普遍的问题。不幸的是,这个问题问得较多但是回答起来很有挑战,那要求你想下这节的工作方式和个性中遇到的问题,并给出能明专业素质和能力的,从而将弱点变成长处。那个问题就是:“你最大的弱点是什么?Talking about your weaknesses tests a unique skill: It investigates your ability to present a drawback as an advantage. Thus, the theme of this episode is “be positive”, and that’s the main point that we’ll be focusing on.谈论弱点检验一项特殊的技巧:它涉及到将弱点展示优点的能力。这节课的主题就是“要肯定”,那也是我们将要讨论的要点。Listening Questions:1) What is Sherry’s weakness?2) Did this weakness affect her GPA (exam scores)? How?3) Does Sherry explain the positive aspects of the weakness she describes? /201109/152981上饶市立医院开双眼皮手术多少钱 上饶市去雀斑多少钱

上饶地区人民医院减肥手术多少钱A large amount of Chinese, mostly teenagers and less-educated people, believe that China’s diplomacy is too weak, and they ask the government to be tougher on China’s adversaries. How is China’s foreign policy perceived abroad?大部分中国人,特别是青少年和文化教育程度较低的人,都认为中国外交政策太软弱,要求政府需态度强硬怼对手。那么海外的你们认为中国外交政策如何呢?It’s good, but it is too one-dimensional.Chinese diplomacy is very clear about China’s goals and interests, especially when China was a developing economy. It was much easier when China was poor, but now that it is growing, the challenge is more complex.还不错,但实在是呆板得很。中国外交目的很清晰,都是基于中国的目标和利益,尤其中国是一个发展中的经济体。当中国还很穷时候,任何国际问题都可以轻易用贫困甩锅,但现在确实是越做越大,面临的挑战更加复杂。Unfortunately, Chinese diplomacy is still stuck in a historical trap inherited from imperial times. When China was strong and the dominant cultural force in east Asia, the Chinese emperors were used to having their neighbors visit their capitol, and praising Chinese culture and its dominance in the region. This resulted in the still current belief that Chinese neighbors should recognize and support Chinese dominance in the region, and that China would never have to explain the rationale behind its worldview.“When China is so superior, why should it have to explain anything?”不幸的是,中国的外交政策还沉浸在帝制时代的辉煌里。以往的中国强大并且在是主导东亚的文化力量,中国皇帝们已经习惯了他们的邻国前往繁华京城面圣,习惯了藩国赞美中国文化,习惯了周边小国奉承他们强大的统治地位。这些导致中国人普遍潜意识认为,这地盘是我的,邻国们就该承认和持中国的主导地位。中国永远不会思考这种认知对其他国家来说是否合理。中国太理所当然:“我们就是如此优越,有必要明说吗?”Of course, Beijing does not like such a strategy because it would amount to surrendering a certain amount of control, which may in turn lead to unpleasant surprises.But, it would certainly lead to China’s neighbors feeling less uneasy about China’s rise, which would lead to less likelihood of their thinking that a US military presence in the region is important for guaranteeing their security.当然,北京不喜欢寻求这样的外交策略,因为它无异于放弃一些控制权,而且可能导致某些不愉快的意外。如若不多加沟通,邻国们肯定会对中国的强大崛起感到心神不宁啦。上诉方法可让中国的邻居们弱化一些想法,例如美军很重要,能够东亚能保卫他们不受中国侵略等等。Sounds familiar to Mr. Trump’s “America First right? Because the US, as the sole superpower, has not changed since the collapse of USSR. It’s been dominant for so long that equality feels like defeat, and the prospect of equality is intolerable. It’s not that the US politicians are necessarily worse than others. If anybody happens to land in that superpower position, that guy may not behave any better either. Say, if the Superpower is the UK, or France, would it necessarily behave any better? If you look at their exploits in Africa, Southeast Asia, and all over the world, no, not necessarily. Everybody can be just as easily corrupted by the absolute power over other nations. So if China positions herself as the new regional strongman, she will immediately become the next target. The main boogeyman. That’s a given. It’s not just the US political establishment saying so. Popular sentiment in the US demands this as well.听起来很像特朗普先生说的“美国优先”,对吧因为美自苏联解体以来,就是唯一的超级大国,没有改变过长此以往,当美国一想到和其他国家可能平起平坐,就会感觉是被击败了。平等的前景是不能被容忍的并不是说美国政客一定比其他国家政客更糟糕如果有人碰巧在这个超级大国的位置,那个家伙也可能没有什么更好的表现假设现在的超级大国是英国或者法国,它会有更好的表现你看看英法在非洲,东南亚和世界各地的开拓新大陆的成绩,不,真的不一定一个国家只要有绝对性超越其他国家的权力,就极容易腐败掉所以如果中国把自己定位为新的区域性强国,那么它直接就是下个目标对于黑暗眼冒绿光的狼来说,这无疑是送上门的羔羊。并不是单纯美国政治制度如此在他们民众中,这个理论备受推崇。China has always recognized this feature of the US foreign policy since its foundation, thus its foreign policy, since Deng’s time, has always been to encourage the development of regional consolidation and cooperation. The goal is to keep a pack of regional powers moving together. So that you don’t see a clear No. 2. You see a mushrooming of No. 2, 3, 4, 5, all at the same time. So you are not sure which one is No. 2, but you know if you target one of them, both of you will lose, and you’ll only make the rest of the pack greater. For example, if the US and China fight, it’ll only make Russia or EU great again. This would not be a rational choice. As long as everybody can be persuaded by reason, there won’t be a war, because whoever is involved in a shooting war loses. This is how you can transition from one superpower to a constellation of regional powers peacefully.中国自成立以来,一直很清楚美国外交政策的这一特点,因此自邓小平之后的外交政策一直是鼓励区域合作与发展目的是促成分散的区域性力量的一体化现今世界,除了美国第一,再也看不到明确被划为第二大的力量。你只能看到在同一时间内迅速发展的的第二,第三,第四,第五美国分不清楚哪一个是第二,但他们知道一旦只瞄准其中的一个,会得不偿失,剩下的那些力量会因此迅速壮大。举个栗子,如果美中战斗,只会使俄罗斯或欧盟坐大这不是一个理性的选择只要每个人都还拥有理性,就不会有战争,因为参与进狩猎战的国家意味着失败这就是安全地在一个超级大国虎视眈眈下,过渡成为一个区域性力量中璀璨的明星的方法。Thus in China, you basically have a leftwing government telling its citizens to respect all the people, the culture, the local laws, when they go abroad, even passing out handbooks on it before they board the plane, and you have a bit of a right wing rebellious youth thingy spilling this kind of imperialistic nonsense. Xi must be fuming inside, “Of all the good stuff from other countries, you don’t learn those, and you have to learn this kind of stupid garbage! You need some more homework!”因此,在中国,基本上有一个左翼政府,告诉公民尊重世界所有的人民,文化,当地的法律,甚至在出国的时候,登机前发行的手册提醒。你也许年轻,有一点点叛逆右翼倾向,洋溢着帝国主义的气息胡说八道你们习大大听了估计要七窍生烟:“其他国家那么多优秀的东西,你不学,竟学这种愚蠢的垃圾! 滚回家再受教育吧你!“来 /201705/508456 上饶市中医院打瘦腿针多少钱广丰区妇幼保健人民中医院祛眼袋多少钱



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