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上饶抽脂手术减肥多少钱上饶市肿瘤医院去眼袋多少钱For internet addicts, it could be the ultimate way to stay in touch - an entire apartment turned into a giant, online screen.对于“网虫族”而言,足不出户又能保持跟外界联系的最高境界就是住在一间巨大的、由在线屏幕组成的智能住宅里。The walls show Facebook updates, and life-sized friends during chats.房屋墙壁不仅能显示社交网络Facebook的实时内容,还能在跟朋友视频聊天时显示真人大小的投影。It can also be controlled from anywhere - even bed - using gestures or speech.该系统利用手势或语音控制,随时随地都可进行操作,甚至躺在床上也可以。The system works uses projectors and sensors aly available.系统使用投影仪和传感器工作。#39;The hardware is complete but only 40 percent of the software is finished,#39; said Ion Cuervas-Mons, director of Think Big Factory, a Spanish design agency which created the project.“野心工厂”的主管伊翁?库艾尔巴斯-蒙斯介绍说:“该项目的硬件目前已基本完成,但软件开发工作只完成了40%。”智能住宅出自这家西班牙的设计机构。#39;Everything in the house can be used to communicate, the interface is ubiquitous.“屋内的任何物品都能用来交流互动,界面无处不在。”#39;Through projections that are activated by the presence of a person, we can control everything with the movement of the hands: the lights; turning on any electrical household appliances; music; even connecting to Skype for a conference from any part of the house.#39;“屋里有人时会激活投射,我们可以以此利用双手完成一切操作,包括开关电灯、打开家电、播放音乐等,甚至可以在屋内任意一处连接到Skype,召开网络视频会议。”The system aims to replace the current slew of keyboards and remote controls needed to interact with technology.该系统旨在取代键盘和遥控器的大量使用,键盘和遥控器需要一定的技术手段才能使用。However, Mr Cuervas-Mons claims much of the technology will be invisible.不过库艾尔巴斯-蒙斯表示,大部分技术设备都会是隐形的。#39;I don’t think that an Openarch home is going to look any different,#39; he said.他说:“欧本雅奇智能住宅看起来跟普通住宅没什么两样。“#39;New technologies must be non-intrusive and natural.#39;“因为新技术都是自然融入而非介入式的。”Mr Cuervas-Mons says the first inhabitant has aly moved into the experimental apartment.库艾尔巴斯-蒙斯表示,目前第一位体验者已经入住“实验公寓”。#39;He is using some parts of the house, and we are learning from that.“他正在使用房屋的部分功能,我们正对他的使用状况进行研究。”#39;The main interface is in the living room, where you can see social networks, magazines, and play music just using gestures,#39; he said.他说:“整个系统的主界面设在客厅,使用者可以在这里用手势操作打开社交网站、浏览杂志或播放音乐。”The prototype uses sensing cameras such as Microsoft#39;s Kinect to track users, allowing them to swipe in mid air to move through s.系统原型利用了诸如微软的Kinect外设等传感摄像头来追踪使用者,使得使用者能够在半空中滑动选择程序菜单。The project started three years ago, and the prototype built in an apartment in the North of Spain, all using existing technology.项目始于三年前,住宅原型建立在西班牙北部的一套公寓里,全部使用已有技术。#39;Now we have around 40% of the applications actually running - and we hope to finish soon, then begin developing products so people can actually begin using it.#39;“目前实际运行的应用程序大约有40%,我们希望能尽快完成,然后开始投入产品生产,这样人们就能住进去了。” /201302/227530上饶肿瘤医院割双眼皮手术多少钱 Imagine it#39;s 1999. Scratch that, it#39;s 2006.想象现在是1999年。不对,想象它是2006年。The computer in your office is made by ... well, it doesn#39;t matter who it#39;s made by. Unless you are in a creative profession, that computer is run on Microsoft Windows. And the phone in your pocket is made by Nokia (NOK), or -- if you#39;re feeling stylish -- Motorola. Apple (AAPL) made your mp3 player (yeah, back when we still called them mp3 players), and Samsung made your display screen, or your TV screen, or both.你办公室里电脑的牌子是……好吧,牌子并不重要。除非你从事的是创造性职业,否则你的电脑上运行的肯定是微软(Microsoft)的Windows操作系统。而你口袋里的手机是诺基亚(Nokia)的,或者如果你赶时髦的话,就是托罗拉(Motorola)的。你的mp3播放器是苹果(Apple)造的(是的,在那个时候我们还称呼它们为mp3播放器),而显示器或(和)电视机屏幕,则是三星(Samsung)造的。Just close your eyes and go back to that crazy 2006 mindset (here#39;s a link to help, if you need it). Apple was killing it on iPods and iTunes, not in its original mission of personal computers. Google (GOOG) was just a search engine, a filthy rich search engine. Nokia still ruled mobile phones, although Motorola#39;s Razr owned popular culture. And Microsoft (MSFT)? It was still Microsoft, the grating white noise of personal computing that Bill Gates designed the company to be.闭上眼睛,回到那个疯狂的2006年的状态(如果需要帮助回忆,请点击这里)。这一年,苹果大获成功,创造奇迹的是iPods和iTunes,而不是个人电脑这个最初的使命。谷歌(Google)还只是一个搜索引擎,一个超级有钱的搜索引擎。虽然托罗拉的Razr手机代表了流行文化,但诺基亚仍统治着手机领域。而微软?它还是那个微软,那个正如比尔#8226;盖茨构想的,在个人电脑上发出刺耳白躁声的公司。In the seven years since, so much has changed, which in the tech world isn#39;t notable. What#39;s strange is how it changed. Apple#39;s mp3 player mutated into a mobile phone that changed everything. And it mutated again into the iPad, changing the personal computer. Yet somehow Samsung sold more smartphones using an operating system powered by, of all companies, Google.此后七年来,许多事发生了变化,不过这在科技界算不上大不了的事。让人觉得奇怪的是,这些变化是怎样发生的。苹果的mp3播放器发生突变,一下成了手机,改变了一切;进而它又突变成为iPad,颠覆了个人电脑。而三星的智能手机却莫名其妙地卖得更好了,使用的还是谷歌的操作系统。And Motorola? Its mobile-device business was bought by Google. And Nokia? Its core devices business has been bought by Microsoft. The software companies began to eat the hardware companies because they needed to act like Apple, which married software to hardware ... oh, three decades ago. And search ate Motorola smartphones. And Windows consumed Nokia smartphones. And Samsung, the maker of those excellent TV screens in 2006, sat there sticking its tongue out at everyone else.至于托罗拉?它的移动设备业务已经被谷歌收购了。而诺基亚?微软买下了它的核心设备业务。软件公司开始吞并硬件公司,因为它们要表现得跟苹果一样,成为软硬件结合的公司……哦,不过苹果在三十年前就这么做了。因此,搜索公司收购了托罗拉的智能手机,Windows收购了诺基亚的智能手机。至于三星,这家在2006年就以生产优质屏幕而大获成功的生产商,坐在那向所有其他公司吐舌头。And no one -- no great master of the chess board that is the technology landscape -- saw this coming. Maybe one part of it, yes, but not all of it. Because if you live in the past or the present, none of it could possibly make sense. This is all about a bunch of wild guesses about the future.不过,没有人——科技格局棋盘上没有哪位大师——预见到了这样的局面。也许有人看到了其中的一部分,但都不是全貌。因为如果你只是活在过去或现在,这样的发展对你而言都说不通。这都只是一些关于未来的胡乱猜想。So what are we to make of Microsoft and Nokia? In the past day or so, there has been so much to say. Opinions on the deal run the gamut from approval to scoffing to the purely perplexed. (Mostly scoffing, however.) But how are we really to know? The evolution of the mobile web has surprised longtime web observers the same way the desktop web surprised everyone involved with the tech industry that preceded it. Only, in some ways, the mobile web has offered even more surprises.那么,我们要怎么理解微软和诺基亚呢?过去的一天里,到处都在讨论他们。对于这项交易的观点,从赞成、嘲笑到纯粹摸不着头脑,层出不穷。(不过大多数持嘲笑态度。)但是我们真的懂多少呢?正如桌面网站当年出乎所有顶尖技术产业内人士的意料一样,移动互联网的演进也令长期研究网络的人士感到吃惊。只不过移动网络在一些方面带来的惊讶甚至更多。People who in 2006 couldn#39;t predict what 2013 would bring to tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola are now confidently tweeting the future of Microsoft and Nokia. People who could make no good sense of Google-Motorola two years ago (I#39;d wager Larry Page was among them) have a sure view of where Microsoft-Nokia will go. And good for them.那些在2006年无法预见2013年会给像微软、谷歌、苹果、三星、诺基亚和托罗拉这些科技巨头带来什么的人,正在有十足把握地用Twitter着微软和诺基亚的未来。两年前无法理解谷歌和托罗拉的人们(我打赌当时的拉里#8226;佩奇也是其中一位),现在对微软和诺基亚将怎样发展已经有了确定的观点。这对他们来说是好事。Yes, this deal may very well amount to tying two sinking bricks together, etc. And both Microsoft and Nokia face uphill battles. But at the same time, in the early days of September 2013, the only honest analysis you can give is that a mobile web everyone saw coming yielded a competitive landscape few expected. And if we can#39;t foresee which company will be on top in another several years, the best we can do is look at similar deals that have happened in recent years.是的,这项交易很可能被当成是把两个下沉的砖块绑在一起,或者类似的说法。而且,微软和诺基亚都面临着艰苦的战斗。但同时,在2013年9月初,你能给出的唯一诚实的分析是,一个每个人都看到即将到来的移动网络,引出了一个很少有人预见到的竞争格局。而且,如果我们无法预见在未来几年里哪家公司将领先,我们能做的最多是参考近年来发生的类似交易。Which brings us to Google#39;s purchase of Motorola, announced a little more than two years ago. At the time, people struggled to understand the sense of it. People speculated, as they do with Microsoft#39;s Nokia investment, it had to do with patents. That Google would simply spin offMotorola#39;s manufacturing operations. At the time, it seemed like the most likely explanation.这就使我们去看两年多前宣布的,谷歌对托罗拉的收购。当时,人们难以理解这么做的原因。人们推测这可能与专利有关,微软对诺基亚的投资可能也是如此。人们认为谷歌可能会简单地对托罗拉的制造业务进行分拆。当时,这看上去像是最有可能的理由。But Larry Page, Google#39;s new CEO, took a different direction. He held onto the Motorola devices that had been outmoded by Apple#39;s iPhone. Although Motorola has been a drag on Google#39;s earnings since then, the move seems prescient now. Software hasn#39;t just supplanted hardware in the past decade. It needs hardware as an ancillary business. Microsoft#39;s unexpected introduction of the Surface underscored that idea. And now its Nokia deal makes it seem that much more inevitable.但谷歌的新CEO拉里#8226;佩奇选择了不一样的方向。他保留了托罗拉被苹果的iPhone赶超的产品。虽然托罗拉一直在拖累谷歌的收益,但现在来看他的这一招似乎有先见之明。过去的10年里,软件还未能完全取代硬件,它仍需要硬件作为一项辅助业务。微软出人意料地推出Surface平板电脑正彰显了这一概念。而如今,它与诺基亚的交易使这一概念显得更加确定。In other words, many companies can produce software on their own, but once you get big enough, you need hardware in the mix to stay on top of the game. The old cliché that the line between hardware and software was blurring has become an industry maxim. Software giants are doubling as hardware companies -- Google 2010 (Motorola), Microsoft 2012 (Surface) and 2013 (Nokia). Others going it alone -- like Amazon (AMZN) and Samsung -- will have to adapt. Still others, like Apple (early 1980s), took this route years ago.换言之,许多公司都能够自己生产软件。不过,一旦你的公司规模足够大,你就需要引入硬件,以保持在行业里的顶尖地位。硬件与软件之间的界线越来越模糊,这一陈词滥调已经成为了一条行业准则。软件巨头正在兼饰硬件公司的角色:谷歌在2010年收购托罗拉,微软在2012年推出Surface平板电脑、在2013年收购诺基亚。其他单打独斗的公司,如亚马逊(Amazon)和三星,它们不得不适应这一趋势。还有另一些公司,如20世纪80年代初期的苹果,多年前就走上了这条路。The mobile revolution at the center of technology innovation today may be protean and hard to predict, but one thing is certain: The old lines -- like what is a PC and what is a portable device, or what is a software company and what is a hardware maker -- are dissolving. Yes, Microsoft and Nokia may be several years late to this game, but at least they#39;re there.正处在如今技术创新中心的移动革命可能是千变万化、难以预测。但有一件事是肯定的:以前的界线——如电脑和便携设备之间的界线,或是软件公司和硬件厂商的界线——正在消溶。是的,在这场游戏中,微软和诺基亚可能已经晚了几年,但至少它们现在加入了游戏。And this mobile game isn#39;t finished offering up its surprises.而这场移动游戏带来的惊喜还远未结束。 /201310/260531上饶专业祛疤医院

上饶市东方医院做双眼皮手术多少钱Forget the breathless coverage of China Mobile offering the iPhone for a moment. Yes, it#39;s huge news for China#39;s biggest wireless carrier and Apple (AAPL) -- and we#39;ve heard plenty to the point. But the real game changer for China is another mobile milestone that#39;s nearly as imminent: the rollout of the faster wireless network standard 4G.中国移动(China Mobile)即将发布iPhone的消息铺天盖地,让人喘不过气来。诚然,对于世界最大的运营商中国移动和苹果公司(Apple)而言,这绝对算得上是大新闻,可惜大家早就听腻了。近来对于中国移动通信界真正的里程碑事件是——4G网络牌照即将发布。People elsewhere in the world take 4G for granted. I should know -- I once did. After 4G came to New York, my smartphone became faster than my PC. I watched Netflix (NFLX) on my iPhone. Google Maps (GOOG) search was instantaneous. Newspapers downloaded in seconds.其它国家的手机用户对4G网络已经习以为常。我以前就是这其中的一员。纽约覆盖上4G网络之后,我发现智能手机的上网速度竟然比PC机要快了。我可以在iPhone上观看Netflix视频;谷歌地图(Google Maps)的搜索速度堪称实时;而下载一份报纸只需要几秒钟。Not so in China. Here, 3G still rules. I moved to Beijing this year, and the downgrade from 4G to 3G was brutal. The same apps weren#39;t the same. Google Maps? Acceptable, but not great. Apple Newsstand: painfully slow. Yahoo Fantasy Football (YHOO) ... well, just don#39;t wait to set your rosters.但在中国,大行其道的仍是3G。我今年去北京时亲身体会了一把从4G降级至3G后的速度。同样的应用程序仿佛变了个样。谷歌地图?反应勉强能接受。苹果报刊杂志应用?速度相当悲剧。至于雅虎(Yahoo)梦幻足球游戏,就这速度还想排兵布阵?The 4G rollout in China has progressed in fits and stops. China Mobile (CHL) announced in 2012 that it would upgrade its systems to TD-LTE, a 4G standard, only to be rebuffed by government officials who worried the technology was not mature enough for the market. Delays ensued. 4G was wait-listed until now.4G在中国可谓一波三折。中国移动早在2012年就宣布将升级至TD-LTE 4G网络。但由于监管部门认为当时的4G技术不够成熟,无法推向市场,中国移动只好作罢。这一拖就拖到了现在。Last week, China took the official step of granting 4G licenses to the three big state-owned carriers, China Mobile, a giant among giants with 60% of China#39;s mobile market, China Unicom (CHU), second-largest with little over 20% share, and No. 3 China Telecom (CHA). The 4G switch is flipped on Dec. 18, when big cities will fire up the new network. (In a nod to the potential 4G offers, the Party has turned supportive. There#39;s little talk from carriers about the cost of licenses from the government, compared to the Western world where carriers spend tens of billions on new spectrum.)上周,中国工信部正式向三大国有运营商——中国移动(中国移动通信市场上的老大,约占据60%的市场份额)、中国联通(China Unicom,约占20%的市场份额)和中国电信(China Telecom)发放4G牌照。4G网络正式运营时间定在12月18日,届时一些有条件的大城市可开始切换网络。(出于对潜在4G网络的认同,中国政府开始大力持4G的发展。各大运营商提都没提政府收取4G牌照费用的事,这与西方运营商动辄花费数百亿美元购买频谱资源简直是天渊之别。)Insiders say by mid-2014, the country should be far along in adopting 4G. I met one of those insiders last night at a press event for Huawei, the Chinese maker of telecom equipment that is now competing in smartphones and tablets. (Hence, the press mixer. The company previously had little need for reporters because of its business-to-business focus.)业内人士表示,到2014年年中,中国4G网络的普及将取得很大进展。我上周四晚上在华为(Huawei)召开的新闻发布会上就见过一位这样的知情人士。华为是中国最大的通信设备制造商,如今还运营智能手机和平板业务。(这家公司这次召开新闻发布会也是一个拼盘。华为此前没什么必要同媒体打交道,因为它面向的主要是企业客户。)Qiu Heng is TDD Network Vice President at Huawei, part of the company#39;s 4G team. I asked Heng what#39;s been the most difficult part of China#39;s 4G rollout, seeing as it#39;s coming three years after 4G was adopted in the U.S. and Japan. He thinks about it for a moment. ;There has been no difficulty,; he says. This sounds improbable, and it is.华为TDD产品线副总裁邱恒是华为4G团队的一员。鉴于中国采用4G网络比美国和日本晚了三年,我问邱恒在中国部署4G网络的过程中,最大的难点是什么。他想了想,说:“没有遇到什么困难。”这话着实令人难以置信。But it#39;s true that Huawei has worked out the 4G kinks in its equipment in Japan. The 4G release in China, now that it#39;s been officially sanctioned, should be smooth, despite the massive numbers involved. China Mobile, for instance, needs to upgrade more than 200,000 base stations. (Heng points out the U.S. and Japan combined have 150,000 stations.) Software upgrades and minor hardware modifications to existing stations are enough to support 4G using Huawei#39;s technology. Reports put China Mobile#39;s cost of station upgrades at billion.不过,华为在日本确实成功推出了4G设备。既然4G网络在中国已经正式获批,那么尽管涉及的基站数目庞大,4G网络的推出仍然应当十分顺利。举例来说,中国移动需要升级20多万个基站。(邱恒指出,美国和日本总共才有15万座基站。)借助华为的技术,只需对现有基站进行软件升级和小的硬件改造,就能持4G网络。报道称,中国移动的基站升级成本约为30亿美元。This is a game changer, Heng says. For the first time Chinese consumers will be able to consistently watch on their phones. Mobile shopping, aly popular, should grow faster with faster speeds. Media, entertainment, and other commerce should all experience a new era in China.邱恒称4G网络的普及将带来颠覆性的影响。中国消费者将能够在手机上持续的观看视频。已经流行的手机购物将加速发展。媒体、以及中国的其他行业都将进入一个新的时代。Bigger than the iPhone release, I ask Heng? He nods his head yes.我问邱恒,4G网络是不是比中国移动开卖苹果iPhone的意义还要重大?他点头表示赞同。 /201312/269575江西省上饶做疤痕修复多少钱 David Carr, media columnist for The New York Times, today wrote a column titled “For Email Newsletters, A Death Greatly Exaggerated.”《纽约时报》( The New York Times)媒体专栏作家大卫o卡尔日前撰文《电邮通讯已死的说法纯属夸大其词》。My first reaction was, “Thank goodness, since I’m paid to write an email newsletter.” My second reaction was, “Wait. Huh?”我看到这篇文章的第一反应是:“谢天谢地,我可是靠写电邮通讯赚钱呢。”我的第二反应则是:“等等。真的吗?”For the past twelve years, I’ve written a morning email newsletter focused on the venture capital and private equity industries. It began with a few dozen ers and now has over 50,000 (being completely rebuilt from scratch a few years back, after I changed employers). For most of those years it has been profitable, in that my salary is its only substantial expense. If email newsletters were on the precipice of the Great Beyond, no one bothered to tell me, my ers or my advertisers.过去十二年,我一直在写一份专门报道风险投资和私募股权行业的早间电邮通讯。起初只有几十位读者,如今读者数已经超过50,000人(几年前我换了雇主之后完全从头做起的)。这么些年来,大部分时间都是盈利的,因为我的工资是它唯一一项大的出。如果说电邮通讯快挂了,那怎么没人告诉我、我的读者还有我的广告客户?Look, I get Carr’s point. Email isn’t as sexy as snaps, as trendy as tweets or as pretty as pins. In theory, it should have gone the way of Palm Pilots. But the reality is that email newsletters not only have persevered, but never were actually under threat. The fact that so many new ones are launching now only reflects widesp recognition of a model that has worked for more than a decade, rather than some sort of unexpected reclamation project.我明白卡尔的意思。电子邮件没有快照性感,不如Twitter消息时髦,也没有“钉图片”漂亮。理论上,它应该已经同Palm Pilots个人掌上电脑一样退出历史舞台。但事实上,电邮通讯不但没有消亡,而且从来没有真正受到威胁。现在有这么多新的电邮通讯产品推出,恰恰表明这种十多年来行之有效的模式受到了广泛认可,而并不是什么出人意料之外的回潮。Today’s email newsletters provide the same value propositions as they did at the outset: Direct opt-in delivery into an essential communication channel, without artificial layout or length restrictions determined by a third party. It is a responsive technology, where producers can enable interaction with consumers — minus the trolling risks of a website comment section. Content can be curation, long-form prose or anything in between. Email also can provide exclusivity to a much greater extent than can social media channels. Finally, email newsletter analytics are, in many cases, as good as you can get anywhere else on the web.如今的电邮通讯在价值主张方面并没有改变初衷:读者直接选择加入,内容被发送到一个重要的沟通渠道,没有人为的版式设计,也不受第三方确定的长度限制。这是一种迅速积极反应的技术,生产者可与消费者进行互动——同时又避免了网站区被人故意发布煽动性信息的风险。它的内容可以是短新闻、长篇散文或介于两者之间的其它形式。与社交媒体渠道相比,电子邮件的排他性大得多。最后,在很多情况下,电邮通讯分析的质量不逊色于其它任何线上平台。Moreover, when exactly is it that email itself is supposed to have died? Remember that Groupon, a .5 billion company, was founded in late 2008 using email as its exclusive media. Or two years ago, when Google announced that there were 425 million active Gmail accounts (or, put another way, more than 6% of the world population). Obviously not today, when email newsletters as “on the march” (as Carr writes).此外,电子邮件本身何曾消亡?2008年末,如今市值45亿美元的团购网站Groupon创建之时,可是将电子邮件作为它唯一的媒介。而两年前,谷歌(Google)宣布它旗下的电子邮件务Gmail有4.25亿(相当于全世界人口的6%以上)活跃账户。如今,电邮更不可能消亡,因为电邮通讯正在“发展壮大”(卡尔文中如是写道)呢。Indeed, the death of email newsletters has been greatly exaggerated. In that there was no decline in the first place.确实,电邮通讯已死的说法纯属夸张。因为电邮通讯根本就还没有走上下坡路。 /201407/309510上饶肿瘤医院减肥瘦身多少钱

余干县手臂激光脱毛多少钱Weibo, the Twitter of China, is planning an IPO in the ed States, letting American investors jump on the Chinese social media bandwagon.微(Weibo)被看作是中国的推特(Twitter),现在,微计划在美国进行首次公开募股(IPO),美国投资者可以藉此投资中国的社交媒体公司。Here#39;s the IPO filing, with plenty of detail worth ing.微提交的IPO文件中有很多细节值得琢磨。One point that really sticks out is listed among the risk factors facing the company. To be fair, companies are inclined to throw in the entire kitchen sink of imaginable risks when listing these factors -- Chipotle recently cited global warming as a potential threat to its guacamole supply -- but they always make for a revealing .该公司罗列出的一系列风险因素中有一点非常值得注意。平心而论,寻求上市的公司往往会把所能想到的所有风险因素都列举出来(比如Chipotle最近就将全球变暖作为威胁该公司鳄梨色拉酱供应的一个潜在因素),但这些公司总会在其中透露一些真实情况。In this case, it#39;s as straightforward a description of Chinese internet censorship as you#39;re likely to get from a major Chinese company. Here it is, emphasis ours:在微提交的文件中,该公司对于中国互联网审查制度的描述可谓非常直白。以下是笔者摘录的一些重点内容:Regulation and censorship of information disseminated over the internet in China may adversely affect our business and subject us to liability for information displayed on our platform.中国对于互联网传播信息的监管和审查制度可能会给我们的业务造成负面影响,公司可能会因在微平台上发布的信息而被追究责任。The PRC government has adopted regulations governing internet access and the distribution of information over the internet. Under these regulations, internet content providers and internet publishers are prohibited from posting or displaying over the internet content that, among other things, impairs the national dignity of China, is reactionary, obscene, superstitious, fraudulent or defamatory, or otherwise violates PRC laws and regulations. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the revocation of licenses to provide internet content and other licenses and the closure of the concerned websites. The website operator may also be held liable for such censored information displayed on or linked to the website.中国政府针对互联网接入以及互联网信息发布制定了监管政策。根据这些监管政策,互联网内容供应商和互联网出版商不得发布或展示有损中国国格的内容,不得发布反动、淫秽、迷信、欺诈或诽谤内容,否则被视为违反中国的法律法规。不遵守规定可能会被吊销互联网内容供应商运营牌照和其他牌照,相关网站也将被关闭。相关网站运营商也可能会因网站展示被禁信息或和链接到相关信息的发布网站而被追究责任。In addition, the MIIT has published regulations that subject website operators to potential liability for content displayed on their websites and for the actions of users and others using their systems, including liability for violations of PRC laws prohibiting the dissemination of content deemed to be socially destabilizing. The Ministry of Public Security has the authority to order any local internet service provider to block any internet website at its sole discretion. From time to time, the Ministry of Public Security has stopped the dissemination over the internet of information which it believes to be socially destabilizing. The State Administration for the Protection of State Secrets is also authorized to block any website it deems to be leaking state secrets or failing to meet the relevant regulations relating to the protection of state secrets in the dissemination of online information.此外,工信部发布了规定,对于网站运营商网站上发布的内容以及用户和其他人使用其系统所从事的活动,网站运营商可能被追究责任,这些活动包括违反相关法律规定、传播被认为不利于社会稳定的内容。公安部有权自行决定让任何本土互联网务提供商屏蔽任何互联网网站。有时,公安部会阻止它认为不利于社会稳定的信息在互联网上的传播。国家保密局也有权屏蔽任何它认为泄露了国家机密或在传播网络信息时不满足国家机密保护相关规定的网站。Although we attempt to monitor the content posted by users on our platform, we are not able to effectively control or restrict content (including comments as well as pictures, s and other multimedia content) generated or placed on our platform by our users. In March 2012, we had to disable the Comment feature on our platform for three days to clean up feeds related to certain rumors. To the extent that PRC regulatory authorities find any content displayed on our platform objectionable, they may require us to limit or eliminate the dissemination of such information on our platform. Failure to do so may subject us to liabilities and penalties and may even result in the temporary blockage or complete shutdown of our online operations.尽管我们尝试监控用户在我们的平台上发布的内容,但我们实际上并不能控制或限制用户在我们的平台上生成或发布的内容(包括、图片、视频和其他多媒体内容)。2012年3月,我们不得不将我们平台上的功能停用了三天,以便清理与某些传言有关的内容。只要中国监管机构发现我们平台上显示的任何内容令其不快,他们就可能要求我们在我们的平台上限制或删除这类信息的传播。如果不按他们要求的去做,我们可能被追究责任,受到惩罚,甚至可能会被暂时屏蔽或网络运营彻底关闭。In addition, the Judicial Interpretation on the Application of Law in Trial of Online Defamation and Other Online Crimes jointly promulgated by the Supreme People#39;s Court and Supreme People#39;s Procuratorate, which became effective on September 10, 2013, imposes up to a three-year prison sentence on internet users who fabricate or knowingly share defamatory false information online. The implementation of this newly promulgated judicial interpretation may have a significant and adverse effect on the traffic of our platform and discourage the creation of user generated content, which in turn may impact the results of our operations and ultimately the trading price of our ADSs.此外,根据最高人民法院和最高人民检察院联合发布的《关于办理利用信息网络实施诽谤等刑事案件适用法律若干问题的解释》(于2013年9月10日生效),造谣或明知且故意传播诽谤性虚假信息的互联网用户可能面临三年有期徒刑。这一新颁布的司法解释的实施可能对我们平台的流量产生重大不利影响,不利于用户生成内容的创造,这反过来可能影响到我们的经营表现,并最终影响我们的美国存托股票的交易价格。Although our active user base has increased over the past several years , regulation and censorship of information disseminated over the internet in China may adversely affect our user experience and reduce users#39; engagement and activities on our platform as well as adversely affect our ability to attract new users to our platform. Any and all of these adverse impacts may ultimately materially and adversely affect our business and results of operations.尽管我们的活跃用户基础在过去几年中有所增长,监管和审查在中国互联网中无处不在,这可能会对我们的用户体验产生不利影响,降低用户在我们平台的参与度和活动水平,并对我们吸引新用户的能力产生不利影响。所有这些不利情形中的任何一种可能都会最终对我们的业务和经营表现产生重大不利影响。 /201403/280478 德兴市中医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱婺源县妇幼保健人民中医院减肥手术多少钱



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