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Red Eye Two Year Anniversary"Red Eye": intentionaly stupid, secretly smart So “Red Eye” viewer Beth Navarra wrote to me yesterday, saying “God, did I ever hate your show when it first came out. But it’s like smoking. It makes you sick at first, but then you are hooked." You are my cigarette.Well, thanks, Beth. Can I say to you that you are my cigarette too. In fact, all “Red Eye” viewers are my cigarettes for they offer me a measure of pleasure in a sometimes difficult world and they give me cancer. But I am especially touched because Beth wrote to me now on our two-year anniversary. True, it’s been two years since “Red Eye” aired its first crappy episode and it was crappy. See when “Red Eye” started, Beth was right to hate it because despite its hidden charms, it was a horror show. Andy, Bill and myself had no idea what we were doing. I came from publishing and I hired Bill simply because he had photos of me. Worse, I found Andy through comments he left on my blogs. I mean, you have to admit that’s kind of stupid. But even though we were incompetent and scared, we showed up everyday, did the job. We listened and we learned, screwed up and succeeded. But thanks to people like Beth, who gave the show a second chance. “Red Eye” was able to grow like a deadly toe fungus, offering you the kind of unbridled truth, disguised in silly pleasure that you only find in prison. But as simple as that concept sounds, “Red Eye” is tough to describe. It is intentionally stupid but secretly smart, a strategy designed to confuse bitter liberals, media hacks and angry activists. We gauged our success on turning groups into sputtering messes whether it be GLAAD, Media Matters or whether armpit-sniffing blogs. I call this strategy the “Dean Wormer Effect”, named after the hapless dude from Animal House. For so long in movies and TV,non-liberals were always portrayed as stiff joyless type like Dean Wormer, the stereotype went unquestioned. But it was totally dishonest. My goal of “Red Eye” was to reverse it and to turn the so-called edgy lefties into Dean Wormers, because that’s really what they are. P.C. crybabies determined to stamp out all of the fun in the world. In short, jackasses. And it worked. As you close in on our 500th show, we now have more viewers than ever and an awesome arsenal of great guests. The show continues to expand and thanks to the folks of FOXNEWS, it is our hope that we continue to grow. If anything just to keep Bill off the streets and me off the meth. But just remember like Beth says: Becoming a “Red Eye” fan takes three stages: first revulsion, then confusion, finally, obsession. No, there is a fourth stage which involves fans sending me nude pictures, but I’ll go into that aspect at a later date. And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler. 02/62336Education policy 教育政策 Final exam期终考试As elections loom, Barack Obama tries to reform America’s schools 随着选举临近,巴拉克-奥巴马尝试改造美国的学校AMERICA’S schools are dotted with stories of progress. In December your correspondent watched a class of seven-year-olds on Chicago’s poor West Side. As Mauricia Dantes, a consultant for IBM before she retrained as a teacher, led the pupils in a discussion about the deaf-and-blind author Helen Keller, one small girl declared: “I feel like I’m in college.” One day, thanks to Ms Dantes and other teachers, she may be. 美国的学校系统里不乏一些可圈可点的先进事迹。去年12月份,我们的记者在芝加哥欠发达的西区旁听了一节七年级课程。当毛里西噢-邓蒂斯(Mauricia Dantes)教师(之前是IBM的一名咨询员)引导学生们围绕聋哑作家海伦·凯勒(Helen Keller)展开讨论时,一个小女孩大声说:“我感觉自己像在大学里。”感谢邓蒂斯女士和其它教师,有一天她可能真的会到那里。Barack Obama wants such scenes to be the rule rather than the exception. The question is what the federal government can do to help. Ten years ago Congress passed the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), a bold effort to improve America’s schools. On March 14th Mr Obama announced that he wants to pass a new version by August. It could be one of his most important feats. But it will not be easy. 巴拉克-奥巴马希望这样的场景成为常例,而非特例。问题是联邦政府能提供怎样的帮助。十年前,国会通过了《不让一个孩子掉队法》(No Child Left Behind Act,NCLB)——一项旨在改进美国学校系统的大胆举措。3月14日,奥巴马先生宣布他想在8月份前通过一个新版本。虽然这有可能成为他执政期间最重要的成就之一,但是实现起来将不会轻松。The main problem is that politicians still disagree on Washington’s role in education. The federal government provides less than 10% of the money schools spend. But NCLB, the most recent incarnation of the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act, gave the federal government unprecedented influence. States must set standards of achievement. Schools that fail to make progress face sanctions. 主要问题是政客们仍无法就联邦政府在教育中该扮演的角色达成共识。虽然来自联邦政府的补贴在学校开中占比不到10%,但是作为1965年中小学教育法(Elementary and Secondary Education Act)最新体现的NCLB法案给了联邦政府前所未有的影响力。就教学质量,各州必须设定合格标准,未能达标的学校将面临处罚。NCLB exposed the dismal performance of schools. But it has also demonstrated how clumsy Washington’s hand can be. A requirement for “highly qualified” teachers turns out to have helped keep states from hiring good ones. State standards diverge wildly. NCLB’s main goal, for all pupils to be proficient in ing and maths by 2014, is unrealistic. And thanks to an odd way of judging schools, more than 80% may be labelled as “failing” this year. LCLB暴露了学校的糟糕表现。但是它也展现了华盛顿之手是何等笨拙。一项关于“高质量”教师的要求结果导致州政府无法择优聘请。鉴于各州的标准相差巨,NCLB的主要目标,即到2014年前让所有小学生熟练掌握阅读和算术技能,根本不切实际。因为古怪的评判方法,今年估计超过80%的学校可能将被打上“失败”的标记。201104/131608The CEO salary cap Fortune's Andy Serwer looks at the pros and cons of Sen. McCaskill's proposal to cap CEO pay at 0,000. There is a move afoot you may have heard this, to cap the pay of CEOs whose companies receive TARP money. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri has just suggested 400,000 dollars, the same amount of money that the President makes, that's all these CEOs should be taking home. And you know, I guess you can kinda understand this, some of these CEOs have been suggesting that there is TARP money over here in this pot, and then there's other money over here, and that their salaries are coming from this pot, and the money for their airplanes is coming from this pot, not from this pot over here. Well, it really doesn't wash, cause it's all the same pot of money, and of course the perception by the public is that they are getting the government bailout and then they are using it to pay themselves, a ton of money and fly around in airplanes, so, not really good.Think about another thing, by the way, suppose you were forced to take TARP money, there were instances where various banks and institutions didn't want to get this money and the Treasury said, you know you need to take this money anyway. Umm, that, of course, now may limit the CEOs' pay which is something that these CEOs don't like, you may remember Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs. He's capped his pay at 600,000 dollars, even that may be too much, given this new 400,000-dollar limit proposed by Senator McCaskill.Of course, the President of the ed States, gets a whole lot of other goodies besides just that 400,000 dollars, right? He got the White House, Air Force One, security, probably a lot of other perks too, so maybe not quite a fair comparison, you know, it reminds me of that old line that Babe Ruth said back in 1930, when he was paid 80,000 dollars a year, which was 5,000 dollars more than President Herbert Hoover was making--75,000 dollars a year. And some sports writers asked him and said, "So, how does it feel? How do you justify making more money than the president did?" And Babe Ruth said, "I had a better year than the president." Not clear at all that the CEOs at any of these institutions can say that, although, compared to which president? President Bush, President Obama? I don't know. It's kind of difficult to say who had a better or worse year, isn't it?GLOSSARY1. afoot adjective, [not before noun] being planned; happening: There are plans afoot to increase taxation. Changes were afoot but we had no idea what they would turn out to be. 2. Cap: an upper limit on an amount of money that can be spent or borrowed by a particular institution or in a particular situation: The government has placed a cap on local council spending.3. TARP The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) 4. doesn't wash spoken used to say that you do not believe or accept someone's explanation, reason, attitude etc5. I'm sorry but all his charm just doesn't wash with me. 6. Goldman Sachs 高盛 7. goody 好处 8. perk noun, verb noun (also formal perquisite) [usually pl.] something you receive as well as your wages for doing a particular job: Perks offered by the firm include a car and free health insurance. (figurative) Not having to get up early is just one of the perks of being retired.9. old line adj.历史悠久的,保守的 10. Babe Ruth 1895年出生于美国马里兰州巴尔地市,后来成为美国棒坛传奇人物,美国职棒当今最伟大的球员之一。 11. Herbert Clark Hoover (August 10, 1874 – October 20, 1964) was the 31st President of the ed States (1929–1933). 02/62846

600 Palestinian Police Deploy in Hebron巴勒斯坦当局在希伯伦部署警力 Israel is allowing the Palestinian Authority to extend its control of the West Bank. 以色列已允许巴勒斯坦当局扩展对约旦河西岸的控制。Nearly 600 Palestinian police deployed in the volatile West Bank town of Hebron. Commanders say the aim it to crack down on militants and criminals.  将近6百名巴勒斯坦警察向局面动荡的约旦河西岸希伯伦镇部署警力。指挥官表示,他们的行动目的是追捕激进分子和罪犯。Israel approved the deployment to strengthen Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, both of whom want to curb the influence of the Islamic militant group Hamas.  以色列允许进行这项部署,是为了加强获西方持的巴勒斯坦民族权力机构主席阿巴斯的力量。以色列和巴勒斯坦都希望压制伊斯兰激进团体哈马斯的势力。The group seized control of the Gaza Strip last year, routing Mr. Abbas's Fatah forces in a Palestinian civil war. Since then, Mr. Abbas has headed a more moderate government in the West Bank that is negotiating with Israel for the creation of a Palestinian state.  哈马斯去年在巴勒斯坦内战中击败了阿巴斯的法塔赫军队,从而取得了对加沙地带的控制。自此之后,阿巴斯就在约旦河西岸领导立场较为温和的政府,这个政府目前正与以色列就建造独立的巴勒斯坦国进行谈判。In Gaza, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum condemned the deployment of Palestinian police in Hebron. 在加沙,哈马斯发言人巴荷姆谴责巴勒斯坦警方进入希伯伦的部署行动。He accused Mr. Abbas of collaborating with Israel to crackdown on Hamas and the Palestinian resistance, while strengthening the Israeli occupation. 他指责阿巴斯和以色列合作镇压哈马斯和巴勒斯坦的反抗力量,使得以色列的占领更加巩固。Hebron is the West Bank's largest city and the third to be reinforced with Palestinian police loyal to President Abbas. 希伯伦是约旦河西岸的最大城市,也是效忠民族权力机构主席阿巴斯的巴勒斯坦警方所加强控制的第3个西岸城市。Israel still controls the Tomb of the Patriarchs, which is sacred to both Jews and Muslims, and the nearby Hebron Jewish settlement. The 500 settlers who live there are furious over the deployment. They say that in the past, Palestinian police have turned their weapons on the Jews. 以色列仍然控制著希伯伦族长坟墓。这个坟墓对于犹太人和穆斯林以及附近的犹太人定居点都是圣地,并且靠近希伯伦。居住在这个犹太人定居点的的5百名犹太人对于巴勒斯坦的警力的部署行动感到愤怒。他们说,过去,巴勒斯坦警察曾经把武器转过来对付犹太人。200810/54010

'Joe the Plumber' - Unexpected Star of US Presidential Debate美国总统选举辩论让水暖工成明星 One of the unexpected stars of Wednesday night's U.S. presidential debate turned out to be someone who was not even on the stage in New York. A man called "Joe the Plumber" was mentioned a total of 23 times by the candidates, who each tried to use him to make their arguments. Who "Joe the Plumber" is and what role he might play in the remaining 19 days of the presidential race. 美国经济疲软,金融危机扩散,这些问题目前是美国朝野最热门的话题,更是总统竞选争论的焦点。不过,人们都注意到,随着大选日的临近,特别是在民主党总统候选人奥巴马与共和党总统候选人麦凯恩举行的最后一场电视辩论中,双方为了阐明自己的经济政策,竟然把“水暖工乔”("Joe the Plumber)这个名字先后提了23次。“水暖工乔”究竟是谁?他将在投票前的19天里扮演什么角色?Sam Joe Wurzelbacher unknowingly stepped into the election spotlight when he met Senator Obama as the Democratic nominee campaigned Sunday in Toledo, Ohio. The bald, brawny plumber asked Obama about his plan to increase taxes for people who earn more than 0,000 a year.  山姆.乔.沃泽尔巴赫(Sam Joe Wurzelbacher)上星期天在俄亥俄州特雷多市碰到了在当地竞选的民主党总统候选人奥巴马,这次偶遇让乔成了名人。这位肌肉发达的光头水暖工询问了奥巴马的税收计划。奥巴马主张增加高收入阶层的所得税。Wurzelbacher explained that he wants to buy the small plumbing business where he works, and said he was worried that would put him into the upper tax bracket of Obama's plan.  沃泽尔巴赫说,他想买下他供职的小型水暖公司。但是他担心这样一来,他会变成奥巴马要加税的高收入阶层。Obama acknowledged that that might be the case and said he did not want to punish the plumber with higher taxes, but said "... I think that when we sp the wealth around, it is good for everybody." The exchange was captured on , and was aired on the conservative Fox News cable network, who interviewed the plumber. 奥巴马承认情况可能会是这样。他说,他不想用高税收惩罚这位水暖工。但是他说,“我认为当我们把财富分散的时候,所有人都有好处。”这段谈话被录像拍摄下来,并被保守派的福克斯电视台播放。福克斯还采访了这位水暖工。Early in Wednesday's debate, Senator John McCain brought up Wurzelbacher, and repeatedly used him as an example to attack Obama's plan, which Senator McCain said would tax the wealthiest Americans, calling it "class warfare." McCain looked straight at the camera and spoke to Joe. 10月19日举行的最后一场总统竞选辩论开始不久后,麦凯恩参议员就提到了沃泽尔巴赫,并多次用他做例子攻击奥巴马的计划。麦凯恩说,这个计划将增加最富裕美国人的税收。他说,这是“阶级斗争”。麦凯恩盯着摄像机对乔说:"Joe, I want to tell you, I will not only help you buy that business that you worked your whole life for and I will keep your taxes low and I will provide available and affordable health care for you and your employees," he said. "And I will not stand for a tax increase on small business income."  “乔,我来告诉你。我不仅会帮助你买下你为之奋斗一生的企业,我还会帮你保持低税收,我还会为你和你的雇员提供现成的和廉价的医疗保险。我坚决反对增加小企业税收。”Obama defended his tax plan, saying he had explained to Joe at the rally that 98 percent of small businesses make less than 0,000 a year.  奥巴马捍卫了他的税收计划。他说,他在竞选集会上向乔解释说,美国98%的小企业一年挣不到25万美元。"What I essentially said to him was, five years ago, when you were not in a position to buy your business, you needed a tax cut then," he said. "And what I want to do is to make sure that the plumber, the nurse, the firefighter, the teacher, the young entrepreneur who does not yet have money, I want to give them a tax break now. And that requires us to make some important choices." 他说:“我实际上已经告诉了乔,五年前,当你没有能力买这家公司的时候,你需要减税。我想做的是帮助所有没有太多钱的水暖工、护士、消防队员、教师、年轻的创业者,让他们获得减税。这样做需要我们做一些重要的选择。”Both candidates then continued to direct their answers to "Joe the Plumber" throughout much of the debate, using him as a symbol of an ordinary American as they outlined their health care plans and detailed how they might effect Joe.  两位候选人在随后的辩论中继续多次对水暖工乔直接喊话。他们还用乔作为典型美国人,解释他们各自的医疗保险计划会怎么样影响普通美国百姓。The 34-year-old single father was watching the debate at home in his living room, and said he was surprised to hear his name mentioned so many times. As the debate continued, his phone began ringing, with journalists trying to contact him. 这位34岁的单亲爸爸当时正坐在客厅里看辩论。他说,他对自己的名字被提到这么多次感到吃惊。辩论仍在进行的时候,他的电话开始响了起来,一些记者希望采访他。In one interview, he would not say who he is planning to vote for, but had this commentary after the debate. 在其中的一次采访中,沃泽尔巴赫没说想把票投给谁,但是他这样评价两位候选人的表现。"I think McCain did much better this time, he really got out his points," said Wurzelbacher. "So, I was pleased with that. I mean Obama, you cannot take away that he is just a very, he is a damned good speaker. But McCain came across with some solid points and I was real happy about that. He came across with his tax cuts, which I think are ultimately very good." 他说:“我认为麦凯恩这次表现的更好。他表达了自己的观点。所以,我感到很高兴。奥巴马,你不能否认他是个很好的演说家。但是,麦凯恩说出一些很有力的观点,我对此感到高兴。他的减税计划,我认为非常好。”Wurzelbacher said he is skeptical of Obama.  沃泽尔巴赫说,他对奥巴马还是有点怀疑。"Obama, I mean he sits there and says he wants to help the middle class, but you know I am middle class," he said. "You have seen my house. You know I do not have any bells and whistles [fancy things] in here really. And you know, my truck is a couple of years old and I am going to have it for the, you know, next 10 years, probably. So, you know, I do not see him helping me out." 他说:“奥巴马坐在那里说他要帮助中产阶级。我就是中产阶级。你看到了我的房子。我没有太多奢侈品。我的卡车已经买了两年了,我可能还得再开10年。所以,我不认为奥巴马会帮我的忙。”On Thursday, Wurzelbacher held news conferences in front of a crowd of reporters gathered in his suburban Toledo, Ohio driveway. He said all the media attention made him feel like "Britney Spears with a headache." He said the McCain campaign had asked him to attend a weekend rally, but he aly had plans to travel to New York.  星期四,家住特雷多郊区的沃泽尔巴赫在他的停车坪上举行了一个记者会。他说,媒体对他的关注让他觉得自己像是个得了头痛病的流行歌星。他说,麦凯恩竞选班底已经邀请他参加本周末的一次集会,但他事先已经计划去纽约旅行。On the campaign trail, McCain's vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin also talked about "Joe and Jane the Plumber" to attack Obama's tax plan, a sign that Joe may be invoked many times in the last days of the campaign. 麦凯恩的副总统候选人萨拉.佩林在攻击奥巴马税收计划的时候也提到了水暖工乔。很显然,乔的名字在未来三个星期的选举中还将被多次提到。200810/53099

But the study, which followed 7th grade teens in Australia and Washington State for one year, found that those allowed to drink under adult supervision were more likely to have had a bad experience related to alcohol. Things like becoming violently drunk, or getting injured while drunk. Other studies have shown that kids are four times more likely to become alcoholics if they start drinking before the age of fifteen. It’s not entirely clear why allowing kids to drink under supervision raises the risk of later drinking problems. Experts speculate that it could make drinking excessively seem acceptable or more desirable than it otherwise would be. In any case, the studies clearly suggest that when it comes to teen drinking, parents do best to draw a firm line and not allow their kids to drink until they’re legal.【生词注释】entirely adv. 完全地; 彻底地risk n.风险speculate v. 推测legal adj. 合法的研究跟踪了澳大利亚和华盛顿州7年级学生长达一年,并发现那些在成年人监督下被允许喝酒的青少年更可能会经历与酒相关的糟糕经历,比如暴力酗酒或是喝酒时受伤。其他的研究表明如果青少年在15岁前就开始喝酒,他们成为酒鬼的可能性会比普通人高出4倍。现在还没有完全搞清楚为什么在成年人监督下被允许喝酒的青少年长大后会有酗酒方面的问题。专家推测那样做可能使过量饮酒看起来更容易接受或使青少年比原本更有欲望去过量饮酒。无论是那种情形,研究清晰地建议:对待青少年饮酒问题,父母应尽全力来严格控制,直到青少年达到法定年龄才允许他们喝酒。201110/159026

IT WAS always going to be a hard act to follow. On October 4th Apple staged a press conference to launch its latest iPhone and other gadgets. Tim Cook, the computing giant’s new chief executive, and his colleagues did a perfectly competent job of presenting its latest wares. But it was inevitable that comparisons would be drawn between Mr Cook’s understated approach on stage and that of Steve Jobs, his predecessor, whose sense of showmanship had turned so many Apple product launches into quasi-religious experiences. The news the following day that Mr Jobs had finally died following a long battle with cancer turned the feeling of disappointment into one of deep sadness.大师的后继者注定要相形见绌。10月4日,苹果举办媒体发布会,推出其最新版的iPhone及其他设备。这家计算机巨头的新首席执行官提姆·库克(Tim Cook)联同他的同事们非常称职地完成了最新产品的发布。然而,人们难免要将库克先生在台上低调的表述方式与其前任史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs)所具有的将众多苹果产品发布会变幻成为近乎宗教仪式的强大展现力进行比较。而次日关于乔布斯先生在与癌症长期抗争之后去世的消息则将失望的情绪演化成为一抹深深的哀伤。Many technologists have been hailed as visionaries. If anyone deserves that title it was Mr Jobs. Back in the 1970s, the notion that computers might soon become ubiquitous seemed fanciful. In those days of green-on-black displays, when floppy discs were still floppy, he was among the first to appreciate the potential that lay in the idea of selling computers to ordinary people. More recently, under his guidance,Apple went from being a company on the brink of bankruptcy to a firm that has reshaped entire industries and brought rivals to their knees. Rarely incorporate history has a transformation been so swift. Along the way Mr Jobs also co-founded Pixar, an animation company, and became Disney’s biggest shareholder.很多科技人员都被称作具有远见卓识。如果说有谁是当之无愧的,那就是乔布斯。回首20世纪70年代,那时候计算机很快会走入千家万户的信念看似是一个空想。当电脑显示还处在黑底绿字的时候,当软盘还是软塌塌的时候,他就已站在深信要将计算机卖到寻常百姓家的先驱者行列中。若干年后,在他的引领下,苹果从一个处于破产边缘的公司一跃成为重塑整个行业、让竞争者臣的黑马。在公司发展史上,能够实现如此迅速的转变实属罕见。其间,他还与别人共同创建了皮克斯动画公司,并成为迪士尼的第一大股东。Few corporate leaders in modern times have been as dominant—or, at times, as dictatorial—as Mr Jobs. His success was the result of his unusual combination of technical smarts,strategic vision, flair for design and sheer force of character. But it was also because in an industry dominated by engineers and marketing people who often seem to come from different planets, he had a different and much broader perspective. Mr Jobs had an unusual knack for looking at technology from the outside, as a user, not just from the inside, as an engineer—something he attributed to the experiences of his wayward youth. 现代的公司领导者鲜有像乔布斯一样主宰市场,甚至在某些时刻成为市场的独裁者的。他的成就源于他在技术才能、战略远见、设计天赋以及纯粹的性格力量方面的非凡结合。此外还应归因于在这个由工程师和市场销售这两个鸡同鸭讲的人群主导的产业中,他所具有的与众不同的更为广阔的视角。乔布斯具有站在消费者的角度,从外部观察科技的独特能力,而不仅仅是像工程师一样将研究囿于科技内部。他将这一特点归因于多舛的年少经历。An adopted child, Mr Jobs caught the computing bug while growing up in Silicon Valley. As a teenager in the late 1960s he cold-called his idol, Bill Hewlett, and talked his way into a summer job at Hewlett-Packard (HP), where he met Steve Wozniak (pictured above with Mr Jobs). But it was only after dropping out of college, travelling to India, becoming a Buddhist and experimenting with psychedelic drugs that Mr Jobs returned to California to co-found Apple with Mr Wozniak, in his parents’ garage, on April Fools’ Day 1976. “A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences,” he once said. “So they don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions.”His great rival, Bill Gates, he suggested, would be “a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger.”乔布斯是个被收养的孩子,他成长在硅谷。其间,他找到了计算机程序错误。20世纪60年代末,少年乔布斯主动打电话给并不认识他的偶像比尔·休利特,并且说他提供了一个惠普的暑期职位。在惠普,他遇到了Steve Wozniak(上图与乔布斯合影者)。但是与Wozniak共同创建苹果公司是乔布斯在经历了从大学辍学、去印度旅行、成为佛教徒,试过致幻药物之后,重返加州时才着手去做的。他们在1976年愚人节那一天在乔布斯父母的车库里创建了苹果。乔布斯曾说过:“在我们这个产业里,很多人不具有丰富的阅历。这导致他们缺少丰富的思考角度,最终只能得出线性结论。”对于他强大的竞争对手比尔·盖茨,他曾暗示道,“假如他能有一次不那么刻薄,或者在他年轻些的时候去静修”,他会成为“一个更为豁达的人”。201110/156686

Top Commander Says NATO Needs Changes for Next Operation最高指挥官称北约须改变行动方式 The commander of NATO military forces, General John Craddock, said the alliance must change the way it conducts operations so the next mission does not suffer the same problems as the alliance's effort in Afghanistan. 北约最高军事长官、美国将军约翰.克拉多克说,北约必须改变它执行任务的方式,以便下一次行动不再遭受北约在阿富汗遇到的问题。In his final appearance before the Senate Armed Services Committee, General Craddock said NATO member nations have fallen short on providing the number of combat forces and trainers that Afghanistan needs, and even on providing promised funding to help build the country's own security forces. General Craddock will end his tour of duty later this year. 克拉多克将军最后一次出席了国会参议院军事委员会的会议。他说,北约没有为阿富汗提供它所需的作战部队和培训人员,甚至没有提供已经答应的资金来帮助阿富汗筹建自己的安全部队。克拉多克今年晚些时候将结束他在北约的任务。He urged NATO members to use the Afghanistan experience to improve operations in the future so they do not create a two-tier alliance, with some nations doing most of the work and the others just taking the benefits. 他敦促北约成员国用阿富汗的经验来提高未来的作战能力,以防止北约出现双层联盟的现象,也就是一些国家承担大多数的工作,而另一些国家仅仅享受好处。"If we devolve or get to a two-tier [alliance] it will weaken the alliance and we will have much work to do. And we have to get ourselves arranged for the next mission, the next operation, that we send our forces to. We should not do another one arranged like this one in NATO," he said. 他说:“如果我们变成双层联盟,那将削弱北约的能力,我们就要做很多工作。我们必须为自己的下一次任务,下一次行动作安排。我们不能再重复北约这次作的安排。”General Craddock particularly criticized special rules, known as caveats, that many nations put on how their forces can be used. And he accused some members of offering forces for peacekeeping in Bosnia or for the never-used NATO Response Force, rather than for more dangerous missions in Afghanistan.  克拉多克将军专门批评了某些特别规定,让很多国家指定它们的部队能如何使用。他指责一些北约成员国为波斯尼亚提供维和部队,或者派部队加入北约从来没有行动的快速反应部队,而避免到阿富汗去承担比较危险的战斗任务。"There is a risk aversion in NATO that we must continue to address and push nations," Gen. Craddock said. “北约有害怕危险的倾向,我们必须继续解决这个问题,推动一些国家。”The general said that attitude among most alliance members makes it impossible for NATO's International Assistance Force in Afghanistan to pursue an effective counterinsurgency campaign, involving clearing areas of hostile fighters, and holding those areas so economic development and governance projects can proceed.  克拉多克将军说,多数盟国的态度使得北约国际援助部队不可能在阿富汗展开有效的打击激进份子的战役,包括清除当地的敌方战斗人员,以便让这些地区发展经济以及开展管理项目。"We do not have enough forces right now, between the Afghan security forces, trained and in place, and ISAF to be able to clear out the insurgents and then hold that [territory] so that development and reconstruction can occur. And that is why the additional ed States contributions will go into the south," he explained. 他说:“我们目前没有足够的阿富汗安全部队,受过训练和部署就位的部队。在阿富汗的国际援助部队要能清除反叛分子,控制那些地区,这样才能发展和重建。这就是为什么美国的增兵将派到南方去。”The ed States has committed to send an additional 17,000 troops to Afghanistan this year for combat and training missions. General Craddock said NATO nations have not even filled the commander's request for four battalions to be temporarily deployed to help secure the Afghan presidential election in August. 美国承诺今年要增派1万7千人的部队前往阿富汗进行作战并承担培训任务。克拉多克将军说,北约司令要求暂时部署四个旅,帮助阿富汗8月举行总统大选。但是北约国家甚至连这个要求都没有满足。The general also called for NATO nations to strengthen their ability to defend the alliance's home territory, in order to ease concerns among some new members in Eastern Europe in the wake of Russia's invasion of Georgia last year. But he also welcomed the expected resumption of the NATO-Russia dialogue, which was suspended after the invasion, saying without that things become "more confusing and ambiguous." 克拉多克还呼吁北约国家加强保卫盟国国土安全的能力,以便缓解一些新成员国在俄罗斯去年入侵格鲁吉亚以后所产生的担忧。但是他同时也欢迎北约和俄罗斯将恢复的对话。双方的对话在俄罗斯入侵后暂停,他说,这是为了防止这个问题变得更加混乱和模糊。Those and related issues will be taken up by President Barack Obama and other NATO leaders next week at their summit in France and Germany. 奥巴马总统和其他北约国家领导人下个星期在法国和德国举行首脑会议时将讨论这些问题以及其他事项。03/65499

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