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The potato pieces are still there,马铃薯碎片仍然存在essentially, just sitting in the digestive juices.本质上来说 只是被浸在消化液中It would then pass into our colon接下来它会经过我们的结肠and would, effectively, sit in the colon然后留在结肠里and would just not be digested and would give us serious tummy ache.不被消化 会造成严重的腹痛Then he sees whether the mechanical gut fares any better接下来他要研究机械内脏能否更好地处理with the cooked potato.烹煮过的马铃薯With the raw potato,当实验对象是生马铃薯时we saw the pieces were coming out almost as they went in.我们看到马铃薯碎片从始至终几乎没有变化With the cooked potato because we#39;ve got a less rigid structure,应对熟马铃薯时 因为它的结构已不再坚固we can start to digest it and release all the nutrients out.于是我们开始消化它 使之释放出全部营养This time, the gut has indeed reduced the cooked potato to a pulp.这一次 模拟内脏确实使熟马铃薯成为了浆液But to discover what advantages cooking might have for the body,为了研究烹煮对身体的益处Martin wants to test马丁要测定how much energy the digestive system has released from the potatoes.消化系统从马铃薯里获得的能量总量He adds a reagent to the raw potato marked with an R他向生马铃薯中加入一种试剂 标记为Rand to the cooked potato, marked with a C.也向熟马铃薯中加入这种试剂 标记为C Article/201505/376458To be a person that cannot be a part of the everyday life of this world,一个没有办法参与正常生活的人it could really be devastating on the mind.在精神上承受着很大的压力You can#39;t get it all for free.一切都是有代价的And that#39;s what happened with Michael,对迈克尔来说就是如此he had to give up so much that he lost his ability他失去的太多 多到丧失了to just walk amongst evetyday people.在人群中行走的能力This was the first artist that l#39;d been associated with,他是我碰过第一个and the only artist that l#39;d been associated with,也是唯一的一个艺人that you could not walk down the street with.让你没有办法跟他在大街上走路look at my life. lt#39;s somewhat normal. It#39;s not normal, but it#39;s a little normal.我的人生还算正常 大致上还算正常But judging my life to his, his was nowhere close.但跟他相比 他的真的太不正常了He just couldn#39;t be anonymous.lmpossible.他没有办法消声匿迹 绝不可能Michael Jackson is proclaimed the King of Pop.迈克尔·杰克逊就是流行乐之王lt#39;s kind of hard being a king.You can get out of sorts.要称王可不是件易事 很容易脱离常轨 Article/201511/409333

It is dawn and the sun is rising黎明,朝阳升起as it has every day for the last 5 billion years.五十亿年如一日For millennia it has been a constant golden disk千万年来,太阳一直有如一个金色圆盘般地shining its unchanging light onto the Earth.照耀着地球But look through the glare and the true face of the sun is revealed.但在眩目的外表下,藏着太阳的真面目Not constant,but constantly changing.不是恒常,而是瞬息万变Turbulent, and violent.动荡而狂暴Its worst tantrums canwreak havoc on the Earth.太阳的暴烈变化,会让地球陷入混乱To understand the sun is to understand想了解太阳the forces that drive the universe.就得了解推动宇宙运行的力量If we can control those forces we can unlock the power of the stars.若能控制这些力量,就能解开恒星的力量The power of our sun.解开我们太阳的力量The story of the sun starts 13 billion years ago with the Big Bang.太阳的故事始于130亿年前的大爆炸In an instant the universe was born宇宙在瞬间诞生and since then it#39;s been expanding at the speed of light.后此便以光速不断扩张Within the universe there are a hundred billion galaxies.宇宙里有一千亿个星系Our galaxy is but one of them.我们的系只是其中一个In it there are 100 billion stars.系中有一千亿颗恒星And towards the edge of one of the spiral arms在其漩涡结构的边缘is an almost insignificant dot.有一个微乎其微的小点A medium-sized, not very bright,undistinguished star.那是一个大小、亮度中等的平凡恒星Up close it is a different story.但近看就不是那么回事了On the planets closest to the sun,最靠近太阳的行星Mercury and Venus,the heat is intense,金星和水星,表面因高热their surfaces scorched.而成为一片焦土Further out through the solar system the sun#39;s rays weaken.太阳光在太阳系中,随着距离拉长而减弱Until they are powerless against the chill of space.直到无法抵挡太空的凛冽The outer planets are frozen.外行星上是一片冰封景象But in the middle lies the Goldilocks planet.所谓的“金发行星”位置适中Not too hot, and not too cold.不太热,也不太冷In fact it#39;s just right,事实上是恰到好处and life has flourished in the warm glow.生物在这里的和煦阳光下,生生不息All life on Earth owes its existence to the sun.地球上所有生物,皆因太阳而存在It powers every natural system.太阳是自然界所有系统的能量来源And sustains every plant and animal.是所有动植物的命脉Without the sun the planet would be a barren,少了太阳,地球将会一是片荒芜lifeless ball of rock.死寂Recognising that power humans have always worshipped the sun.深谙太阳力量的人类,自古就崇敬太阳But we have also always striven to understand it.但我们也一直努力想要了解它These monuments are more than just temples.这些纪念碑不只是神庙They are calendars and observatories.也是日历与瞭望台Tools for studying the sun.是用来研究太阳的工具And some of them are still operational.其中有些至今仍可运作 Article/201503/366476

Janicki OmniProcessor五分钟前这杯水还是污泥Over 2.5 billion people have no access to safe sanitation. We asked brilliant engineers to help us solve this problem, and one of those engineers actually proposed a solution where the waste is valuable.超过 25 亿人无法使用安全的卫生设备。我们邀请杰出的工程师们来协助我们解决这个问题,而其中一位工程师真的提出一个排泄物也有价值的解决办法。The OmniProcessor turns sewer sludge, which is kind of nasty, into clean drinking water, electricity, and ash that is pathogen-free. This is where the sludge enters the machine. It goes up this conveyor belt. It#39;s fed into these large tubes we called the dryer. That#39;s where we boil the sludge.OmniProcessor (全能处理器) 将下水道污泥,有点恶心的东西,变成干净的饮用水、电力,以及无菌的灰烬。这是污泥进入机器的地方。它上去这条输送带。污泥被投进这些我们称为干燥器的大型管子。那就是我们将污泥煮沸的地方。And in the boiling process, we separate the water vapor from the solids. The solids are now dry, and we can feed them into the fire. Once we have this very hot fire, we can make high-pressure, high-temperature steam. And we take that steam, and we send it to a steam engine. And the steam engine drives the generator that makes electricity that we use for the processor and also excess electricity that can be delivered back to the community. The water vapor that#39;s created in the boiling process is run through a cleaning system until we have the cleanest, purest water you can possibly imagine.煮沸过程中,我们将水蒸汽从污泥块分离。污泥块现在呈干燥状态,我们可以将它们投入炉火。一旦我们得到这非常猛烈的火势,我们就能制造出高压、高温的蒸汽。我们获得那蒸汽,然后我们将它送至蒸汽引擎中。蒸汽引擎驱动发电机,制造我们用来运作处理器的电力,还制造出能被送回社区的额外电力。在煮沸过程中产出的水蒸气被流通在净化系统中,直到我们取得你所能想像到最干净、纯净的水为止。The sanitation system as we know it in the developed world cannot work in developing countries. So, what we need in developing countries is a very simple system.已开发国家中我们所熟悉的卫生设备系统在开发中国家行不通。所以,我们在开发中国家所需的是个非常简易的系统。The entrepreneur that owns this processor will get paid for the input—the sludge, and that same entrepreneur will get paid for the outputs—the electricity, the water, and the ash.拥有这台处理器的企业家会拿到投入物(污泥)的报酬,且那同一位企业家还会拿到产出物(电力、水,以及灰烬)的报酬。I am very impressed with this solution we#39;re seeing here. It generates electricity. It generates clean water.我对我们在此见识到的解决办法感到印象十分深刻。它产生电力。它制造净水。It will grow to every corner of the earth that needs it because it makes money every day.OmniProcessor 将发展到世界上每个需要它的角落,因为它每天都制造出财富。It#39;s water.这是水没错。 Article/201508/392046The telephone is an amazingly useful machine, and very easy to use, but believe it or not, people don#39;t always use them effectively. Because we#39;re busy and focused on ourselves, we often use our phones in a manner that#39;s helpful for us, but not necessarily for everyone else.电话是种令人惊叹地有用的机器,而且非常容易使用,但信不信由你,人们不总是有效地使用它们。因为我们都很忙碌且专注在自身上,我们时常以一种有利于自己、但对他人则不见得有用的方式使用我们的电话。Hopefully you know a few of the basics, such as keeping your phone volume low, or on vibrate, resisting the urge to use them during meetings or training sessions, and of course, refraining from personal texting while at work. For personal texting, it#39;s best to give yourself one or two times per day. You#39;ll step away from your work, say, outside, or in a cafeteria, and then engage your personal texts.希望你知道几个基本原则,例如让你的手机音量维持在小声、或是振动的状态,在会议或培训课程期间忍住使用它们的冲动,另外当然,在工作时避免传私人简讯。说到传私人简讯,最好是给你自己每天一或两次的时间。你会远离你的工作,例如:到外面、或在一间餐厅,然后再进行你的私人简讯。Those are obviously important, but what I really want you to think about is how you interact and respect the person with whom you#39;re speaking. And that begins before you even pick up the phone. When you hear the ring, grab a pad of paper and pen, so you can be y to take needed notes without causing a delay while you look around your desk. Before saying ;hello,; I want you to smile, and choose to be positive. How you feel will be sensed by the person on the other end of the phone, so smile and make a positive impression.那些原则显然很重要,但我真正想要你去思考的是,你如何与你正在交谈的人互动及问候。而那甚至在你接起电话前就开始了。当你听到铃声,拿一叠便条纸和笔,这样你就能准备好抄下必要的笔记,而不用造成你在你桌上到处找而耽搁的情况。在说“喂”之前,我要你微笑,且选择表现出积极正向。你有何感受将会被话筒另一端的人察觉,所以微笑并创造一个正面积极的形象。Right after you say ;hello,; be sure you#39;ve turned away from your computer towards the area of your office least likely to be distracting. No multitasking of any kind allowed—in fact, just looking at your pad of paper and pen is a really good idea, because it encourages cognitive focus. Next, if the call isn#39;t for you, but is for someone else in the department or company, don#39;t say wrong number; don#39;t say they did anything wrong at all. Instead, help them. Connect them to the person, or at least share relevant contact information.就在你说完“喂”后,确保自己已经从你的电脑转向到你办公室最不可能让人分心的范围。没有任何一种一心多用的状态是被允许的--事实上,只看着你的那叠便条纸和笔是个很棒的主意,因为这样促进认知专注力。接着,如果来电不是找你的,而是找部门或公司里的其他人,别说他们打错号码;完全别说他们做错任何事。取而代之的是,帮忙他们。将他们接给要找的人,或至少提供相关的连络资讯。Finally, during the call, remember to never interrupt the person. Interrupting tends to be viewed by everyone as a sign of disrespect. If you#39;re very busy and facing a huge deadline, you can shape the call when it#39;s your turn to speak, for example, by telling them you need to get back to them, but then, do suggest a specific time. Of course, if you#39;re honestly not able to talk, you probably shouldn#39;t have answered the call, unless it#39;s your boss, or a person you#39;re expecting an important call from.最后,在通话时,记得永远不要打断讲电话的人。打岔容易被大家视为不尊重的象征。如果你非常忙而且正面临重大的截止期限,你可以在轮到你讲话时主导这通电话,例如,借由告诉他们你需要回拨给他们,然而,一定得提出一个特定的时间。当然,如果你实在没办法讲话,你大概不应该接电话,除非是你的老板,或一个你在等着打一通重要电话的人来电。The telephone is your friend, but if you don#39;t use it correctly, it won#39;t necessarily make you look friendly. Remember the tips above, and you#39;ll connect successfully by building only positive impressions.电话是你的朋友,但如果你没有正确使用它,它不见得会使你看起来友善。记得以上的小贴士,然后你会借着建立只有正面的印象,成功地与人联系。 Article/201411/341785

如今的数学教学是期望学生擅长于由数字堆砌的功课,这剥夺了孩子们更重要的解决问题的能力。在TEDxNYED,达恩·迈尔展示了基于课堂测试的数学练习,他鼓励学生停下来,并想一想。 Article/201507/387061All animals, rare or common, ultimately depend for their energy on the sun.所有动物,无论稀有的还是常见的,归根结底都依赖于太阳的能量In Japan the arrival of the cherry blossom announces the beginning of spring.在日本,每到樱花盛开的时节,也意味着春天的来临The sun#39;s energy brings colour to the landscape.太阳用能量创作了一幅色艳丽的山水画The earth, as it makes its annual journey around the sun, spins on a tilted axis.地球每年绕着太阳公转,同时也绕着一根倾斜的轴自转And it#39;s this tilt that creates the seasons.正是这种倾斜造成了季节变化The advance of the seasons brings constant change.世间万物随着季节的变迁不断改变As the sun#39;s influence diminishes in the north,在北方,随着太阳影响力的减弱so the deciduous forests of America begin to shut down美洲落叶林开始放慢生命的脚步losing their leaves in preparation for the dark cold months ahead.它们落下树叶,以应对即将到来的几个月的严寒和黑暗One season hands over to another.一个季节接替另一个季节Some organisms thrive on decay,有的生物在腐败中获得兴盛but most must make special preparations for winter and a life with little sun.而更多的却得专门为冬天做好准备,以度过缺少阳光的日子。 Article/201701/487966Still in appearance a Christian Roman metropolis, Damascus now is turning into the capital of a huge new Islamic empire. The head of this burgeoning empire, the caliph, is remote in his palace, and the Islamic armies are segregated in their barracks, but the people in the bazaars and streets of Damascus are about to have their new reality brought home to them in something they handle every day-money.大马士革于635年被穆斯林军队占领,尽管表面上还是一个信仰基罗马大都市,但它事实上已成为新的伊斯兰帝国的首都。这个新兴帝国的首领哈里发住在皇宫,伊斯兰军队也都住在自己的军营,与普通居民没有什么接触。但大马士革街市上的人民将通过自己每天都要与之打交道的物品一货币,将新的现实带回家中。In the 690s, Damascus merchants might not have understood that their world had changed permanently. Despite decades of Islamic rule, they were still after all using the coins of their former rulers-the Christian Byzantine emperors-and those coins were full of Christian symbolism. It was quite reasonable to think that, sooner or later, the emperor would return to defeat his enemies, as he had several times before. But he did not. Damascus has remained a Muslim city to this day, and perhaps the most visible sign that this new Islamic regime was going to last, was the change in the coinage.七世纪九十年代早期,大马士革的商人们也许并没意识到他们的世界已经彻底地改变了。虽然伊斯兰教统治了几十年,但他们仍用着前朝信仰基督的拜占庭君主的货币,上面有很多基督教符号。他们想当然地以为,基督教的君主迟早会赶走敌人,再回到大马士革,因为这样的故事不止一次地发生过。但这一次,他没有回来。直至今日,大马士革仍是一座穆斯林城市。也许这个新兴的伊斯兰帝国将要长期延续下去的最明显迹象,就是货币的改变。I want to talk about two coins. The man who issued them was Abd al-Malik, Ninth Caliph, Leader of the Faithful, to rule in succession to the Prophet Muhammad. Both coins were issued in Damascus within 12 months, across the Hijra years 76 and 77-that is, 696-697 AD. They#39;re both of gold, and they#39;re the same size. But they#39;re utterly different. One coin shows the Caliph. The other coin has no image at all, and this change reveals how Islam was defining itself as a political system in these critical early years.下令铸造本文这两枚金币的人是阿卜杜勒马利克,他是继承先知穆罕默德的第九代“哈里发”一信徒的领路人。希吉拉七十六年至七十七年,即公元696年至697年,在不到十二个月的时间内,两种硬币先后发行。它们都是金币,大小相当于英国便士,分量则略重。 两枚金币的设计完全不同,其一有哈里发像,另一枚上却没有任何图案。这种变化表明,在早期的关键岁月里,伊斯兰教不仅把自己定义为一个宗教体系,同时也是一个政治系统。 Article/201508/393016

President Vladimir Putin says he wants Russia to carry out its own investigation into allegations its athletes have systematically taken performance-enhancing drugs.普金总统表示希望俄罗斯能自己调查运动员有组织的用性能增强药物的指控。Speaking for the first time on the scandal while a visit with sports officials in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, the president also said not all athletes should be tarred with the same brush.在黑海度假胜地索契,普金访问体育官员时首次提到丑闻,表示并不是所有的运动员都是如此。Responsibility should be personalised, it is a general rule that the responsibility should be personalised. And for sure those athletes who are far away from doping and have never touched it should not be held responsible for those who violate rules.责任应该由个人承担,按照常规责任应个人化。当然,那些远离兴奋剂和从来没有接触过兴奋剂的运动员不应该为那些违反规则的人承担责任。Russia has until Friday to respond to a damning report by the World’s Anti-Doping Agency which alleged a culture of cheating in Russian athletics. In the meantime the sports minister has pledged his country will adopt new measures to clamp down on doping including devising new testing methods.直到周五俄罗斯回应了世界反兴奋剂机构称其涉嫌体育作弊文化的报道。与此同时,俄罗斯体育部长已经承诺采取新的措施打击使用兴奋剂,包括使用新的测试方法。译文属。 /201511/409811In 2009,the country of Samoa prohibited the sale of alcohol for three days to keep people safe while the island nation switched from driving on the right side of the road to driving on the left.The switch was so Samoans could get cheap ;hand-me-down;cars from nearby left-side driving New Zealand and Australia.But Samoans weren#39;t too pleased,since most of the cars they owned were designed to drive on the right.2009年,萨亚禁止酒精饮料售卖三日,为了在这个岛国从靠右行车转为靠左行车期间,保人们的安全。这样做的原因是,萨亚人可以从附近靠左行驶的,澳大利亚和新西兰买到便宜的二手车。但是萨亚人也不是很高兴,因为他们自己的车都是为靠右行驶设计的。In fact,2 out of 3 earthlings drive on the right.But why?...There aren#39;t clear and obvious reasons to choose one side over the other,so the origin of driving conventions is a perfect opportunity for the mathematics of game theory and symmetry breaking.Or we can just look at historical evidence.Today#39;s rules evolved from;driving;livestock and carts on the earliest roads.实际上,三个地球人当中就是两个是靠右行驶的。但是,为什么呢?对于选择行车方向的偏好,没有清晰而明显的原因,所以说,这种习惯的起源对于数学上的,弈论和对称性破缺而言,是一个完美的机会。或者我们可以看看历史上的据。今天的规则 是从在古道上“驾驶”牲畜和马车的规则演变而来。Archaeologists view deeper grooves on the left lane leaving an ancient Roman quarry in England as evidence for left-side traffic,since departing wagons would#39;ve had heavier loads.And it#39;s possible that this left side convention was in place so right-handed soldiers and knights could draw their weapons more quickly against passing enemies.考古学家将英格兰一个古罗马时期的采石场的文物上,左侧车道凹陷更深的现象作为靠左行驶的据,因为出场的运货马车会装更重的东西。而且,靠左的惯例可能是适当的,因此,偏用右手的士兵和骑士们,能快速抽出自己的武器,迎击经过的敌人。Whatever the reason,keeping to the left was eventually made into law in England in 1835.And today,most people who drive on the left side live in countries,like India,South Africa,and Australia,which were once British colonies.But that doesn#39;t explain why the rest of the world drives on the right.Some claim that following the French Revolution,drivers there switched to the right to reject the practices of their overthrown aristocracy,but others suggest the French drove on the right all along.不论什么原因,靠左行驶的规则,最终在1835年被英格兰以法律上形式确定下来。时至今日,大多数有靠左行驶习惯的人们的所在地,像印度,南非,澳大利亚,都是英国曾经的殖民地。但是,那不能解释为什么世界其他地方靠右行驶。有些人声称,在法国大革命之后,那儿的驾驶员们转成了靠右行驶,以抵制日贵族的惯例,但其他人说,法国人从来都是靠右行驶。Regardless,driving on the right side of the road did sp across much of Europe when Napoleon(and later Hitler) imposed their national driving rules on conquered territory.And other countries voluntarily switched to the right to align with their neighbors,like Sweden in 1967,or to veer away from their colonial pasts,like Nigeria and Ghana in the 1970s.无论如何,靠右行驶的习惯,在拿破仑(而后希特勒)将此强加到被征领土之后,确实在欧洲大部分地区被推广开来。其他的国家自愿改为右行,就像瑞典1967年那样,以向它们邻国看齐,或是为了远离他们的殖民史,就像在七十年代的尼日利亚和加纳那样。And in the US? Well,America owes its right-sided habit,in part,to the carts and postilion wagons of its early days.Driving either from the ground or from horseback,right-handed men preferred to walk or ride on the left side of the horses,so they could control the animals with their right hand.As a result,they drove their wagons to the right in order to be seated near the center of the road,to see and steer clear of oncoming traffic.那美国呢,美国靠右行车,在某种程度上是因为,美国早期的左驭马的马车。不论是在地上还是马背上,右撇子喜欢在马的左边行走或骑行,这样他们就可以用右手驾驭牲畜。因此,他们会靠右行车,使得座位靠近路中央,以便于看清和避开迎面而来的车辆.And that#39;s ultimately the point of driving laws:to keep us safe from the high-speed,two-ton metal projectiles we call cars.从根本上来说,这就是交通法规的要义,保我们在高速行驶的,两吨重的,拋体一般的汽车中的安全。 Article/201503/364733China celebrates Elders#39; Day中国庆祝老人节Wednesday marks Chong Yang Festival, also known as the Double Ninth Festival as it is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month.周三是重阳节,因为是在农历九月初九,所以这一天也被称为九九重阳节。It is a traditional festival in China for people to pay their respects to elderly people and to appreciate the wisdom they can pass down.这是中国的一个传统节日,人们会在这一天向老年人们表示慰问并感激他们所传承下来的智慧。The elderly celebrate the festival by enjoying beautiful autumn scenery, climbing mountains, drinking chrysanthemum wine and sweeping the tombs of their ancestors.老人们会在这一天欣赏美丽的秋景、爬山、喝菊花酒,扫墓祭奠祖先。 译文属 Article/201510/405087

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