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弋阳县妇幼保健人民中医院割双眼皮手术多少钱广丰区开内眼角的费用第24课I''ve had a hard day. 我今天过的真糟。24.牢骚满腹 抱怨 87、I''ve had a hard day. 我今天过的真糟糕。 88、I''m fed up with... 我实在难以忍受…… (I''m fed up with my boss.我的老板,my job 我的工作) I''m fed up with the exams.(我烦透了考试!) I''m sick and tired of the exams. I''ve had it up to here with the exams! 89、I''m sick and tired of ...  我受不了... 或者是being late 90、I''ve had it up to here with...! 我真受不了... (压力已经升到了头顶)my boss/my job/my friend/my car 91、I really wish...  我多么希望... I really wish my car ran better.我多么希望我的车好起来啊。 I really wish traffic was more clear and smooth. I really wish I could pass the exam!我多少希望能及格呀!(你感觉自己的英语考得很差,你无奈的说) 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2931上饶疤痕手术医院 Thank you. Im honored. Im honored to be here. Ill just say a few things about myself. Thats all I really know about. And itll be brief.Thank you. Twenty years ago, I was almost a student here. Cornell University actually accepted me. I still tell people that I was accepted at an Ivy League school because, well, thats very impressive. It was the cold one in the middle of nowhere, but it was still an Ivy.But way back when I graduated high school, I didnt leave California to join all the bright students here wearing face masks in the winter to keep out the wind chill. I went to sunny UCLA. Since then, Ive been to a ton of schools and a bunch of these graduations. Some good, some boring.And being someone whos probably been to more of these than most, at least as a student, I can tell you that I remember very little from any of them, except for my high school graduation, when Steve Jobs spoke because his daughter was in my class. And he told us that, before dropping out of Reed, he took a calligraphy class, which led to all the different fonts that are now available to Mac users. So take that as a lesson. Learn calligraphy, and maybe you, too, will one day have a movie made about you starring Michael Fassbender.But anyway, this being only your first college graduation, take it from me – you wont remember much of what I say today, but dont worry. Despite that, Ill still try to give you some of my best wisdom. Now, if you know anything about me, you probably know that Ive played a lot of characters who actively partake in the use of marijuana. Actually, thats often the only thing that people know about me. And I dont know whether I should take that as a compliment of my acting abilities – because I actually dont smoke weed – or if I just have a naturally stonerish demeanor that lends itself to movies like Pineapple Express and This is the End. Resting stoned face, you could call it.But in fact, for most of my adult life, Ive done the opposite of checking out. Ive been struggling to find a way to check in. After not enrolling in an Ivy League school, I dropped out of UCLA because I knew that I wanted to be an actor and I wasnt in their theater program. So I went to an acting school in the San Fernando Valley. My parents said that they would no longer support me if I wasnt in college, so I got a job at the only place that would hire me: McDonalds. And as you can imagine, my parents were very proud of their son, who left a first-class education to work at the drive-thru window.But at the time, I knew that I wanted to be an actor at any cost. But what I didnt know was that I could actually act and go to school at the same time. If the me today could pull a Matthew McConaughey and talk to the James Franco of the past, I would say, ;Dude, you only went to one school? You couldnt act and go to school?;201606/450927April, 19501950年4月Dear Madam,尊敬的女士,Unless something is done at once about your disgusting exhibition in the filthy play you appear in every night, I and several of my friends will do something very unpleasant about it.如果你每晚的肮脏戏剧还不停止的话,我和我的几位朋友就要对此做出一些不愉快的事情了。What you and your co-partner Hermione Baddeley do nightly in public is a slur on English womanhood.你和你的合作伙伴赫敏·巴德利每晚的当众演出是对英国女性的侮辱。;Fallen Angels; is disgusting as a play, but your performance in it makes it loathsome.《堕落天使》是一部恶心的戏剧,而你的表演更是令人作呕。How the powers that be could permit such an exhibition is past the understanding of a God-fearing woman who supports the present Government--and thanks God for them.怎么会允许这样的戏剧演出,我这个敬畏上帝,持现任政府的女性无法理解,谢天谢地还有政府在。I give you fair warning to leave the play, or it will be the worse for you.我郑重警告你:离开这个剧,否则会有严重后果。Our wrath will strike at you in your home, or maybe during a performance at the theatre.我们会愤怒地攻击你,在你家或者在你演出时。A. Friend一个 朋友Ambassadors Theatre W.C.2.大使剧院 W.C.2.201705/510202上饶长鼻手术费用

余干县妇幼保健人民中医院割双眼皮手术多少钱VOA流行美语 56: MESS WITH / GIVE SB. A BREAK大家现在肯定都已经很熟悉Michael和李华这两个在纽约上大学的学生了。Michael是正在学中文的美国学生,李华是从中国来的留学生。今天他们上完课以后一起去打保龄球。李华会学到两个常用语:to mess with somebody和give me a break.L: 哎,得,现在我们的分数平了。Michael,你输了可不要哭哟!M: Oh, oh...Come on! Miss it, miss, miss!L: Michael,你好赖皮,你这样叫我"别打中,别打中",是分散我注意力嘛,你要我怎么打啊!M: Hehe, calm down, Li Hua. Don't take the game so seriously. I'm just messing with you.L: 你说你跟我做什么?M: I said I'm messing with you. To mess with someone means to bother the person, or disturb him, or to play a joke on him.L: 噢,to mess with someone就是说去打扰某个人,或者是跟他开玩笑。那to mess with someone是不是也有想要骗某人的意思呢?M: Not really. Sometimes "to mess with someone" can be serious. For instance, a dangerous person might say, "If you mess with me, I'll hurt you."L: 对,有的流氓就会这么说,他说,"你要跟我捣乱,我就揍你。"可是,在一般情况下,to mess with someone是指跟一个人开玩笑,或者故意跟他捣乱,是不是?M: That's right. When I was in high school, the whole class would mess with the teacher sometimes. Everyone would start humming at the same time. The teacher would be angry, but couldn't tell who was doing it.L: 啊,你上中学时就这么顽皮啊。全班一起哼哼,连老师都搞不清楚是谁在做呢,就这样跟老师开玩笑啊!我们在中国啊可不敢呢。我们都很怕老师的。哎,得了,该我了!M: Whao! Don't move, there's a bee on your neck.L: 啊,什么?你说我脖子上有只蜜蜂啊?快把它赶走啊!M: Heheh, just kidding! There was no bee, I'm just messing with you.L: 你很讨厌呐,Michael, 把我吓了一跳。Stop messing with me,我得打球了。M: Ok. Miss! Miss!******L: Michael,我再也不跟你打保龄球了,我输都是因为你跟我捣乱。虽然我们说了谁输就请客,我今天不请你吃晚饭了。M: What? I only coughed after you had let go of the ball. There is no way I made you miss. Give me a break!L: 你说给你什么?我什么都不给哟!M: I said "give me a break." When someone says "give me a break," that means he thinks what he just heard or saw is unreasonable, or they think someone is being too harsh on them.L: 噢,Give me a break就是你认为你听到的,或看到的是不合理的。那你的意思是说,我说你是因为捣乱我才输了球,这么说是不合理的?M: That's right.L: 什么? Give me a break! 我没有说任何不讲理的话。就是因为你跟我捣乱,所以我才没有打中球。M: What? Give me a break! I only messed with you before you bowled, I didn't say anything while you were throwing the ball.L: 什么?我打球的时候你什么也没说?Give me a break! 你明明就假装咳嗽,说什么"别打中!别打中!"这样就是分散我注意力嘛!M: I just had something in my throat. Is it not OK for me to cough? Give me a break!L: 得了,得了,我下回哪儿都不跟你去了。别跟我讲话了!M: Li Hua, give me a break! I'm just kidding...take it easy.L: 哈哈!我也是在跟你开玩笑啦!可是,你可千万要记住,绝对不要mess with me!M: OK, that's fair enough!这两个年轻人听起来好象要吵架,但是却是在互相开玩笑。在他们的谈话中,李华学到了两个很有用的说法:to mess with someone和give me a break. /200602/3131上饶余干县激光祛痘哪家医院好 广丰区祛痘多少钱

上饶无痛脱腋毛哪家医院好17.Opening Remarks for the 74th Oscar Academy Awards17.汤姆·克鲁斯第74届奥斯卡颁奖典礼开幕词When the great director Billy Wilder was asked what makes a movie unforgettable, his answer was simple, ;A little bit of magic!; Were all here tonight or sitting at home watching because something came off a movie screen: a little bit of magic touched our lives. And you always remember where you were: the theater, the popcorn, the people you were with when it happened.当人们问及伟大的导演比利·怀尔德是什么使一部电影令人难以忘怀时,他的回答非常简单:“一点点魅力!”今天晚上,所有嘉宾聚集在此,所有电视观众聚焦荧屏,是因为电影屏幕给我们带来的那“一点点魅力”触动了我们的生命。当它上演时,你总会记着你身处何地:戏院,爆米花,还有那时你身旁的那个人。It was 1968, my family was living in Ottawa, Canada, and the movie was Stanley Kubricks 2001: a Space Odyssey; I couldnt help stop thinking about what is life, what is space, what is existence? I was 6 years old. And I knew right then and there I wanted to be an astronaut.1968年,我们全家生活在加拿大的渥太华,当时有一部斯坦利·库布里克主演的电影《2001年太空漫游》在上演。看完这部电影,我不禁开始思考:什么是生命?什么是宇宙?什么是存在?那个时候,我6岁。我决定成为一名宇航员。My family traveled a lot: the white-hot thrill of Jaws that was Louisville, Kentucky; senior year, New Jersey Apocalypse Now, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania Raging Bull. I knew I wanted to be an actor. In good times and poor times, movies were my lifesaver. And then last September came an event that would change us. An actor friend said to me: ;What are we doing? What are we doing? Is it important? Is it even important what I do?; And what of a night like tonight, should we celebrate the joy and magic the movies bring? Well, dare I say it? More than ever! A small scene, a gesture, even a glance between characters can cross lines, break through barriers, melt prejudie, just plain make us laugh, it brings us all together, that little bit of magic. Thats just me.我的家庭经历过数次搬迁。在肯塔基州的路易丝维尔,《大白鲨》给了我最强烈的震撼;高中的时候,我在新泽西州和宾夕法尼亚州的弗吉谷又先后受到《现代启示录》和《愤怒的公牛》两部电影的感染。那时我想成为一名演员。无论身处顺境还是在逆境,电影都是我的救生员。去年发生了911事件,我们对于工作和生活的态度也发生了改变。一位演员朋友对我说:“我们在做什么?我们究竟是在做什么?重要吗?我们所做的一切重要吗?”在今天这样一个美妙的夜晚,我们应不应该庆祝电影给我们带来的欢乐和魅力?我想我敢说:我们要更加隆重地庆祝!电影里的一个小场景、一个手势,甚至演员之间的一点眼神交流,都可以跨越彼此之间的界限,打破彼此之间的屏障,消融彼此之间的偏见。或者更直白地说,电影让我们欢笑,使我们在一起。这就是那一点点魅力。这就是我对于电影的理解。Tonight we are going to listen to you. Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris crisscrossed America asking movie goers and culture-makers a question: ;What do movies mean to you?; And you answered. So lets expand this beautiful stage into every one of your homes. And maybe even some of you will answer this question as you stand on this stage tonight, ;What do movies mean to you?; So pull up a sofa Its just us, talking. Its Oscar night.今天晚上,我们将听取各位的理解。纪录片和制作人埃罗尔·莫里斯走遍美国各地,向电影观众和文艺传播者提出了一个问题:“电影对于您来说意味着什么?”你们已经给出了。那么现在,让我们把这个美丽的舞台延伸到每一个家庭。或许你们之中会有人站在今晚的舞台上回答这个问题:“电影对于您来说意味着什么?”现在,让我们站起来,让我们来共同探讨这个问题。奥斯卡颁奖典礼,现在开始!201706/511944 Still, some boundaries are larger than others.然而,有些领域的边界更为宽广So a human encountering the divine, as Muslims believe Muhammad did,所以当人类遇到了神性时,正如伊斯兰教徒相信穆罕默德一样to the rationalist, this is a matter not of fact but of wishful fiction,对于理性主义者来说,这并不是事实,而是一厢情愿的想像and like all of us, I like to think of myself as rational.就像在座各位一样,我认为我是理性的Which might be why when I looked at the earliest accounts we have of that night,这或许就是当我查看有关那夜最早的记录时what struck me even more than what happened was what did not happen.为什么那夜发生的事情较没有发生的事情更令我吃惊的Muhammad did not come floating off the mountain as though walking on air.穆罕穆德未曾如同在空中行走,从山上冲下来He did not run down shouting, ;Hallelujah!; and ;Bless the Lord!;他没有边跑边大喊:“哈利路亚!”和“上帝保佑你!”He did not radiate light and joy.他没有散发着耀眼的光芒和喜悦There were no choirs of angels, no music of the spheres, no elation, no ecstasy,没有天使的合唱,没有余音绕梁,没有洋洋得意,没有欣喜若狂no golden aura surrounding him, no sense of an absolute, fore-ordained role as the messenger of God.周围没有出现金色光环,没有一点这样的感觉,他正是上帝所差遣的使者That is, he did none of the things that might make it easy to cry foul,他也没做过任何让大家觉得很邪恶的事情to put down the whole story as a pious fable. Quite the contrary.把所有故事看成不可能实现的神话。刚好相反In his own reported words, he was convinced at first that what had happened couldnt have been real.根据他自己的描述,他最初以为所发生的事并不是真实的At best, he thought, it had to have been a hallucination --顶多也只是幻觉a trick of the eye or the ear, perhaps, or his own mind working against him.也许被一对眼睛或耳朵戏弄,或是脑袋跟他作对201609/467157上饶打溶脂针哪家医院好上饶韩美整形美容医院隐耳整形手术怎么样



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