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Thank you so much. (Applause.) Thank you. Please have a seat. Well, thank you, everybody. And let me begin by thanking Penny Pritzker for her outstanding leadership. Weve got six Cabinet Secretaries and dozens of U.S. ambassadors here, which should tell you that SelectUSA is a major priority for this administration. Since I was here with you 17 months ago, this gathering has doubled in size. So I want to thank all 2,600 of you – elected officials and local leaders from across this country, and business leaders from around the world – thank you for making this a priority, as well.The fact is theres never been a more exciting time for us to do business together. And today, I want to talk about why America is not only the right place for you to invest, but why America is the safest, strongest, smartest place for you to invest than weve been in a long time.After the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, America is now in the midst of the longest streak of private sector job growth on record – 60 straight months; 12 million new jobs. Businesses in America have added more than 200,000 jobs each month for 12 straight months. Thats the first time thats happened in nearly 40 years.Our unemployment rate has fallen from a peak of 10 percent in to 5.5 percent today. After a decade of outsourcing, were starting to bring good jobs back to America. Over the last five years, manufacturers have added jobs at a rate not seen since the 1980s. In fact, the manufacturing sector is actually growing faster than the rest of the economy. And last week, I announced nearly 0 million in new public and private investment in strengthening American manufacturing.And even though the ed States is aly home to more foreign direct investment than any other country in the world, weve worked hard to address some of the challenges that held us back for too long. Our high school graduation rate is now at an all – time high. More young people are earning their college degrees than ever before. Our energy production is booming, our energy costs are low, our leadership on climate change is restored. On the fiscal front, our deficits have shrunk by two-thirds. Our health care costs are flattening out for the first time in half a century.Over the past six years, weve worked hard to make ourselves a smarter place to invest and to do business than any other country in the world. So weve got a good story to tell. And thats one reason I created Select USA, the first-ever government-wide initiative to encourage more companies from around the world to invest and create jobs right here in the ed States. Weve got a good story to tell, but we want to make sure all of you had a chance to hear it. And the SelectUSA team wakes up every morning with one mission – bringing job – creating investment to the ed States of America. Its a kind of one-stop shop, sort of a match-making service for investment.Economic development organizations from around the country can connect with foreign investors from around the world who are interested in bringing their businesses here. Now, understand a lot of state and local leaders in this room have been working tirelessly for a long time to attract foreign investment. The idea behind SelectUSA is just to make it easier for you to do that, and easier for our international partners to find the best opportunities.201507/384572We use those in my field of bone marrow transplantation.我们把这些干细胞用于骨髓移植领域。Geron, just last year, started the first trial using human embryonic stem cells to treat spinal cord injuries.杰龙去年开始第一次尝试用人类的胚胎干细胞治疗脊髓疾病。Still a Phase I trial, but evolving.仍在试验阶段,但是不断进展。Weve been actually using adult stem cells now in clinical trials for about 15 years to approach a whole range of topics, particularly in cardiovascular disease.我们已经应用成体干细胞在临床试验大约15年了,在不同的课题,尤其是心血管病。We take our own bone marrow cells and treat a patient with a heart attack,我们取出自己的骨髓细胞治疗心脏病人,we can see much improved heart function and actually better survival using our own bone marrow drive cells after a heart attack.我们可以看到心脏功能改善了并且存活率提高了在心脏病发作后用我们自己的骨髓细胞。I invented a device called the MarrowMiner,a much less invasive way for harvesting bone marrow.我发明了一种装置叫骨髓采集器MarrowMiner,一种温和得多的收集骨髓的方式。Its now been FDA approved,and itll hopefully be on the market in the next year or so. 它已经被FDA认,将会在一两年内投放市场。Hopefully you can appreciate the device there curving through the patients body and removing the patients bone marrow,instead of with 200 punctures, with just a single puncture under local anesthesia. 希望你能重视这种装置,它沿着患者的身体曲线获取患者的骨髓,以前需要200次穿刺,现在在局部麻醉的情况下只要一次穿刺。But where is stem cell therapy really going?但是干细胞治疗的前景会怎样?If you think about it, every cell in your body has the same DNA as you had when you were an embryo.如果你考虑一下,身体里的每个细胞有同样的DNA在你还是胚胎的时候就形成了。We can now reprogram your skin cells to actually act like a pluripotent embryonic stem cell and to utilize those potentially to treat multiple organs in that same patient making your own personalized stem cell lines.我们现在能重新构造你的皮肤细胞就像一个多能的胚胎干细胞,利用这种技术可能治疗同一个患者的多个器官制造你自己个人化的干细胞系。And I think theyll be a new era of your own stem cell banking to have in the freezer your own cardiac cells,myocytes and neural cells to use them in the future, should you need them. 我认为这将是你自己干细胞库的新时代把你自己的心肌细胞存放在冰箱中,还可以是肌肉细胞和神经细胞在你将来需要它们的时候用。And were integrating this now with a whole era of cellular engineering,and integrating exponential technologies for essentially 3D organ printing replacing the ink with cells and essentially building and reconstructing a 3D organ.我们现在集成这些技术作为一整个细胞工程学时代。集成指数技术对于3D器官复制,用细胞替代墨水最终重建一个3D器官。Thats where things are going to head-still very early days.这是未来的展望;仍然在初始阶段。But I think, as integration of exponential technologies,this is the example. 但是我认为,作为指数技术集成,这是一个例子。So in close, as you think about technology trends and how to impact health and medicine,were entering an era of miniaturization,decentralization and personalization. 近期,当你考虑技术趋势怎样影响健康和医学,我们正进入小型化分散化和个性化时代。And I think by pulling these things together,if we can start to think about how to understand and leverage these,were going to empower the patient,enable the doctor, enhance wellness and begin to cure the well before they get sick. 我认为把这些特性结合在一起,如果我们能开始思考怎样了解和利用这些技术,我们将会使患者恢复地更好,医生更有能力,增强福利防患于未然。Because I know as a doctor, if someone comes to me with Stage I disease,Im thrilled-we can often cure them.因为作为医生我知道,如果某人在患病初期找到我,我很高兴-我们通常能治愈他们。But often its too late and its Stage III or IV cancer, for example.但是经常太晚了,比方说癌症3期或者4期。So by leveraging these technologies together,I think well enter a new era that I like to call Stage 0 medicine. 通过集成这些技术,我认为我们将进入一个新时代我愿意叫它零阶段医学。And as a cancer doctor, Im looking forward to being out of a job.作为一名癌症医生,我期待失业。Thanks very much.非常感谢。Host: Thank you. Thank you.主持人:谢谢。谢谢。Take a bow. Take a bow.鞠躬。鞠躬。201504/370599

This Remembrance Day marks 96 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the Great War. The Great War was the crucible in which our nation’s identity was forged. From a population of under five million; 417,000 enlisted, 332,000 served overseas, 152,000 were wounded and 61,000 never came home. It was sacrifice on a stupendous scale. After the Armistice, we vowed never to forget and today, we renew that vow. At 11:00am, wherever we are, Australians will fall silent. We pause to remember the suffering and loss that has occurred in all wars, for we are a country of memory, as well as memorials. Today, we will remember the courage, achievements, pain and loss of all who have served in our name. And we draw strength from their memory. Lest we forget.201506/380585


  I want to wish Britain’s Jewish Community and Jewish people around the world a very happy Hanukkah. As the winter nights grow colder and darker, so begins this eight-day festival celebrating the miracle of lights. Each of you will have your own cherished family traditions for how you mark this holiday. But Hanukkah is always a time for family and friends to get together; lighting the Hanukkiah, playing games, sharing gifts, and just as these rituals are passed from generation to generation, so too is the abiding lesson of this festival; that no matter how hard the struggles we face, alone and together, our love, hope and dedication to each other will always bring us through. So to all those observing Hanukkah over the next eight days, I hope you enjoy a fun and peaceful holiday with those people you love most. Chanukah Sameach.201506/380276。

  Hi, everybody. 大家好。This week, I traveled to New England, where I was joined by four governors who are working to raise the minimum wage in each of their states. 本周,我到访了新英格兰地区,持当地四位州长提高各自州内的最低工资标准。And theyve also joined me in calling on Congress to raise the minimum wage from .25 to .10 an hour. 他们也与我一起呼吁国会将最低工资标准从7.25美元每小时提高到10.10美元。Because it would give nearly 800,000 Americans in their states a raise -and lift wages for about 28 million across the country.此举将提高他们所在各州约80多万人的生活水平,并提高全国2800万人的工资收入。So these governors arent waiting for Congress to make up its mind. 这几位州长没有等待国会做最后决定。And in my State of the Union Address, I asked Americas business leaders to go ahead and do what they could to raise their employees wages, too. 在我的国情咨文中,我也请求美国的各个公司领导提前谋划,尽他们能力提高员工工资。And increasingly, its not just large companies like Costco or the Gap that choose to pay their employees higher starting wages.最近,不仅像Costco和Gap这样的大公司选择为其员工提供更高的工资。Its smaller businesses like Jaxsons, a family-owned ice cream parlor in South Florida. 连Jaxson这样的南佛罗里达地区的家庭经营的冰激凌小店都加入了。They answered the call and raised their wages so that more than 70 employees would earn at least .10 an hour, without cutting back on hiring.他们响应我的号召,提高员工工资,70多位员工每小时至少可以得到10.10美元的工资,而公司并没有因此没有解雇一个人。And two weeks ago, an Atlanta small business owner named Darien Southerland wrote me to share a lesson his grandmother taught him -that if you treat your employees right, theyll treat you right. 两周前,亚特兰大一家小企业主Darien Southerland写信给我,讲述他祖母给他的教诲:如果你善待你的员工,他们也将善待你。And Vice President Biden paid him a visit this week.为此,拜登副总统本周前去拜访了他。I agree with these business owners, which is why I issued an executive order requiring federal contractors to pay their employees a fair wage of at least .10 an hour. 我完全持这些企业主的做法,因此,我签署了一份行政命令,要求所有联邦政府合同承包商向其员工付最低10.10美元每小时的工资。Its good for our bottom line. 这对改善社会底层境遇有帮助。And working Americans have struggled through stagnant wages for far too long.工薪阶层忍受低工资太长时间了。A clear majority of Americans support raising the minimum wage, because we believe that nobody who works full-time should have to live in poverty. 很明显,大部分美国人是持提高最低工资标准的,因为我们相信,任何辛勤工作的人都不应该生活在贫困之中。About half of all Republicans support raising the minimum wage, too. 大约有一半的共和党人也持提高最低工资标准。Its just too bad they dont serve in Congress. 可惜的是他们并不都是国会议员。Because the Republicans who do serve in Congress dont want to vote on the minimum wage at all. 因为国会的共和党人并不想给提高最低工资标准一个投票表决的机会。Some even want to get rid of it completely. Seriously.有些人甚至想完全废掉这份提案。Thats why what business leaders and everyday Americans are doing to raise wages is so important. 正因如此,大量的企业主和美国人民提高工资的行动才显得如此重要。Because change doesnt come from Washington -change comes to Washington. 因为华盛顿不会轻易改变,只有压力到来他们才会改变。Ive always believed that, and its true in this case, too. 我始终相信,这一切终会到来。Outside Washington, Americans are y to put aside old political arguments and move this country forward. 华盛顿之外的美国人民早已做好准备,将陈旧的政治争论抛之脑后,推动这个国家向前发展。The American people are way ahead of Congress on this issue, and weve just got to let Congress know that. 在这个问题上,美国人民已经走到了国会的前面,我们应该让国会知道这一切。Its time for “ten-ten.” Its time to give America a raise. 10.10美元的工资标准刻不容缓。提高美国人民生活水平刻不容缓。And its time to restore opportunity for all.为所有人提供更多机会刻不容缓。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快!201403/279636

  So I speak about it openly and that gives people permission 后来我就主动地谈论这个缺点to tell me when its happening 让大家来认同我 因而可以在我焦躁时告诫我But if I never said anything 但是如果我对此一句不提would anyone who works at Facebook walk up to me and say 会有Facebook的员工 走上来对我说Hey Sheryl, calm down 嘿 谢丽尔 冷静点Youre driving us all nuts! I dont think so 你快把我们搞疯了 我可不这样认为As you graduate today在你们毕业的今天ask yourself, how will you lead? 问自己你将如何去领导?Will you use simple and clear language? 你会用简单明了的语言吗?Will you seek out honest feedback? 你会追寻真实的反馈吗?When you get honesty feedback 当你得到真实的反馈will you react with anger or with gratitude? 你会愤怒还是感激?As we strive to be more authentic in our communication 当我们努力更真诚地沟通时we should also strive to be more authentic in a broader sense 我们也应该在更多的意义上做到真实I talk a lot about bringing your whole self to work 我经常会说带着完整的自己去上班something I believe in very deeply 这是我深深相信的一点Motivation comes from working on things we care about 工作的动力来自于做我们在乎的事情But it also comes from working with people we care about 但也来自于和我们在乎的人一起工作And in order to care about someone 要做到在乎某人you have to know them 你必须了解他们You have to know what they love and hate 你必须知道他们喜欢什么讨厌什么what they feel 他们会有什么样的感受not just what they think 而不只是他们会想什么If you want to win hearts and minds 如果你想得到人心you have to lead with your heart as well as your mind 你必须用心去领导I dont believe we have a professional self 我不相信周一到周五from Mondays through Fridays 我们是职业的自己and a real self for the rest of the time 其它时间才是真正的自己That kind of division probably never worked类似这样的分离从来就不太可行but in todays world, a real voice and authentic voice 在越来越提倡真实的当今世界里it makes even less sense 这就更没有意义了Ive cried at work 我在工作时流过泪Ive told people Ive cried at work 我告诉过别人我在工作时流过泪And its been reported in the press that 后来这被媒体报道成Sheryl Sandberg cried 谢丽尔·桑德伯格on Mark Zuckerbergs shoulder 在马克·扎克伯格的肩膀上哭泣which is not exactly what happened 事实当然不是如此I talk about my hopes and fears 我会谈论我的希望和恐惧and ask people about theirs 也会询问别人的希望和恐惧201511/410528Hi, everybody. 大家好!As President, my top priority is rebuilding an economy where everybody who works hard has the chance to get ahead.作为总统,我最首要的职责就是重建一个让所有辛勤工作的人都能取得成功的经济环境。Thats what Ill spend some time talking about on Monday, at the White House Summit on Working Families.我将在周一举行的白宫工薪家庭峰会上就此话题谈论我的观点。Were bringing together business leaders and workers to talk about the challenges that working parents face every day, and how we can address them together.届时我将与众多企业领导和员工们汇聚一堂,共同探讨工薪父母们每天面对的挑战,并对此提出我们所能实现的解决办法。Take paid family leave.带薪产假和探亲假。Many jobs dont offer adequate leave to care for a new baby or an ailing parent, so workers cant afford to be there when their family needs them the most.多数岗位都不提供足够的假期让员工有时间去照顾新生婴儿或生病的父母,因此,员工无法在他们的家庭急需他们的时候及时到位,因为他们无法承受这一代价。Thats wrong. And it puts us way behind the times.这不合理。我们没有跟上时代的步伐。Only three countries in the world report that they dont offer paid maternity leave.全世界只有三个国家公开表示不提供带薪产假。Three. And the ed States is one of them.只有三个。而我们的国家就是其中之一。Its time to change that.是时候做出改变了。A few states have acted on their own to give workers paid family leave, but this should be available to everyone, because all Americans should be able to afford to care for a family member in need.有少数州已经做出了调整,给员工提供带薪产假和探亲假,但这应该是每个人都能享受到的福利,因为所有美国人民都应该具备照顾需要照料的家庭成员的能力。Childcare is another challenge.子女抚养是另一个挑战。Most working families I know cant afford thousands a year for childcare, but often thats what it costs.大多数工薪家庭,据我所知,无法承受每年数千美元的子女抚养费用,但通常这都是他们必须的出。That leaves parents scrambling just to make sure their kids are safe while theyre at work-forget about giving them the high-quality early childhood education that helps kids succeed in life.这让父母们很纠结,这些出只是为了确保他们在上班的时候孩子们有安全的环境,根本谈不上高质量的儿童早期教育去帮助孩子们成长成功。Then theres the issue of flexibility-the ability to take a few hours off for a parent-teacher conference or to work from home when your kid is sick.那么,灵活解决问题的方式是,让父母有几个小时的时间去参加一次家长会或是当孩子生病的时候可以在家办公。Most workers want it, but not enough of them have it.大多数的员工都需要这些,但并不是大部分人都可以享受到。Whats more, it not only makes workers happier-studies show that flexibility can make workers more productive and reduce worker turnover and absenteeism.更重要的是,这这不仅能让员工更开心,有研究明,弹性工作时间可以让员工的工作效率更高,并减少员工离职和缺勤。Thats good for business.企业可以从中获益良多。At a time when women make up about half of Americas workforce, outdated workplace policies that make it harder for mothers to work hold our entire economy back.在妇女撑起半边天的时代,过时的工作制度让妈妈们的工作更加艰难,也拉了整个经济发展的后腿。But these arent just problems for women. 但这不仅仅是针对女性存在的问题。Men also care about whos watching their kids. 男性也关心谁能够照顾孩子的问题。Theyre rearranging their schedules to make it to soccer games and school plays. 他们要不断调正他们的日程表,赶上球赛和校园演出。Lots of sons help care for aging parents. 很多当儿子的照顾上了年纪的父母。And plenty of fathers would love to be home for their new babys first weeks in the world.很多当父亲的更愿意在孩子出生的第一个星期在家陪伴宝宝。In fact, in a new study, nearly half of all parents-women and men-report that theyve said no to a job, not because they didnt want it, but because it would be too hard on their families. 实际上,有新的研究表明,几乎有一半的父母,男女都包括在内,他们对一份工作说不,不是因为他们不想要,而是同时要顾及家庭会是分艰难。When that many talented, hard-working people are forced to choose between work and family, somethings wrong. 当大量有能力,肯付出的人被迫在工作和家庭之间做选择的时候,可定就有问题了。Other countries are making it easier for people to have both. 其它国家都在努力让人们更好坚固二者。We should too, if we want American businesses to compete and win in the global economy. 如果我们想要保持美国企业的竞争力,并在全球经济发展中胜出,我们也应该这么做。Family leave. Childcare. Flexibility. These arent frills-theyre basic needs.带薪产假,子女抚养,弹性工作时间。这些不是花架子,而是人们的基本需求。They shouldnt be bonuses-they should be the bottom line.这不应该是奖励,而应该是底线。The good news is, some businesses are embracing family-friendly policies, because they know its key to attracting and retaining talented employees.好消息是,有些企业正在向适合家庭工作制度方面转向,因为他们知道,吸引并留住高素质的员工至关重要。And Im going to keep highlighting the businesses that do.我将继续鼓励这些企业的做法。Because I take this personally.因为作为个人我认同这一点。I take it personally as the son and grandson of some strong women who worked hard to support my sister and me.两位坚强的女性努力工作抚养了我和我,作为儿子和孙子,我赞同这一点。As the husband of a brilliant woman who struggled to balance work and raising our young ladies when my job often kept me away.作为一位努力在工作和抚养我们的女儿们之间艰难平衡的杰出女性的丈夫,因为我的工作将我经常离开他们,我认同这些企业的做法。And as the father of two beautiful girls, whom I want to be there for as much as I possibly can-and whom I hope will be able to have families and careers of their own one day.作为两个漂亮姑娘的父亲,我想尽可能多的与她们呆在一起,希望能陪她们到她们自己成家立业的那一天。We know from our history that our economy grows best from the middle-out; that our country does better when everybody participates; when everyones talents are put to use; when we all have a fair shot.历史告诉我们,我们的经济在中产阶级壮大的时候发展的最好;我们的国家在所有人都积极参与建设的时候更强大;当每个人的才能都被发挥出来,当我们都有机会取得成功。Thats the America I believe in. Thats the America Ill keep fighting for every day.这才是我们希望中的美国。这也是我们每天都将为之奋斗的美国。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。201406/307831I dont understand why 我不明白为什么Lenore couldnt have just given him a pity date丽诺尔不能就给他一次安慰性约会or just said that Im busy Saturday night 或者只是说 我周六晚上很忙She didnt have to say nevermore 她不需要绝情地说 永远不要Like most students 和很多学生一样young Mr Poe had a way of signaling to his roommates年轻的坡先生也有示意室友he had a date over 他在约会的方式He would hang a sock on the door他会在门上挂一只袜子or bury a still beating heart under the floor boards或者把一颗仍在跳动的心脏埋到地板下whichever he had handy 手头有哪个就用哪个but of course the greatest figure associated with UVA 不过弗大相关的最伟大人物当然还是is your founder Thomas Jefferson 创建者托马斯·杰斐逊TJ Prez Tommy Jeff TJ 汤米·杰夫总统the Freckly Anti-Federalist 满脸雀斑的反联邦党人Louisiana Purchie 路易斯安那购买者Ol Bible Slicer 圣经切片工or as most Americans know him 按照大多数美国人所知道的the inventor of the six-inch wooden cypher wheel也可以称他为六英寸木质密码轮发明人In founding this great institution, Jefferson wrote 建立这所伟大教育机构之时 杰斐逊写道we wish to establish in the upper country of Virginia 我们希望在弗吉尼亚上部地区a university on a plan so broad and liberal and modern建立一所辽阔 自由和现代的大学as to be a temptation to be use of other states 将其他各州的人引来此地to come and drink the cup of knowledge 共同吸取知识的营养and fraternize with us 并同我们亲善and according to Playboy 根据杂志you have lived up to that vision 你们没有辜负这一愿景but theres one thing about Jefferson that I take issue with 但杰斐逊说的一点我想反驳一下and its this, the scope of his beliefs was too broad 也就是 他信念的范围太过宽泛Jeffersons hard to nail down 杰斐逊很难明确立场These days we like politicians to fit into neat categories 如今 我们希望政治人物立场分明you are either a conservative, or you are a liberal要么是保守派 要么是自由派but not Jefferson, hes not like that 但杰斐逊不是如此201603/430026

  So, graduates, its now abundantly clear that we need to start doing things a little bit different. In your own lives, youll need to continuously adapt to a continuously changing economy. Youll end up having more than one job and more than one career over the course of your life. Youll have to keep on gaining new skills, possibly even new degrees. And youll have to keep on taking risks, as new opportunities arise.因此同学们,我们明显需要稍微改变一下做事的方式了。就个人的生活而言,你们需要不停地适应一个时刻在改变的经济环境。你们一生中可能会从事不止一项工作或者一种职业,因而需要不断学习新的技能——甚至考取新的学位。当新的机遇出现时,你们必须冒险去接受挑战。And as a nation, well need a fundamental change of perspective and attitude. Its clear that we need to build a new foundation, a stronger foundation for our economy and our prosperity, rethinking how we grow our economy, how we use energy, how we educate our children, how we care for our sick, how we treat our environment.作为一个国家,我们需要从根本上改变我们的观念和态度。很明显,为了经济的繁荣,我们必须建立一个崭新的、更加坚实的基础,重新思考如何发展经济、如何使用能源、如何教育孩子、如何照料老人以及如何对待我们的环境。Many of our current challenges are unprecedented. There are no standard remedies, no go-to fixes this time around. And Class of , thats why were going to need your help. We need young people like you to step up. We need your daring, we need your enthusiasm, we need your energy, we need your imagination.我们目前面临的许多挑战都是前所未有的。我们没有标准的补救措施,也没有力挽狂澜的手段。所以,届的毕业生们,我们需要你们的帮助。我们需要你们这样的年轻人行动起来。我们需要你们的果敢、热情、活力和想象力。And let me be clear, when I say young, Im not just referring to the date of your birth certificate.说得更清楚一点,我所指的“年轻”,并不是你们出生明上的日期。 /201301/223648

  No matter what your political leanings 不管你是什么政治倾向youre going to find something he said that backs it up你都能找到他说的话作为持If you dont trust the financial industry 如果你不相信金融业he said I believe that banking institutions 他说 我相信机构are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies 比常备军队对自由更加危险If youre suspicious of the federal overreach, he said 如果你怀疑联邦政府管制过宽 他说when the government fears the people, theres liberty 政府害怕人民时 那就是自由when the people fear the government, theres tyranny 人民害怕政府时 那就是暴政If you question religion 如果你质疑宗教he wrote in every country and in every age 他写道 任何国家 任何时代the priest has been hostile to liberty 祭司都对自由充满敌意and if youre an advocate of fiscal austerity 如果你主张财政紧缩he said, Im going to pop some tags. Only got in my pocket 他说 我想穿些名牌货 可口袋里只有20刀(歌词)Im Im a huntin looking for a come up. This is我 我守株待兔 盼有人送来好货色 这真…(歌词)Im not saying that on camera 我不会在摄像机前说后面这个词的That of course was in a letter to Secretary of State 这显然是在写给国务卿的信中提到的Also on the one hand 而且一方面in Jeffersons public life as a founding father 作为开国元勋 在杰斐逊的公共生活中we often see him as the embodiment of the white male patriarchy 我们通常把他看作是白人男性父权的体现but in his private life 但在他的私人生活中he was known for shall we say embracing diversity大家都知道 他心想着 我们能否拥抱多样性very affirmative in his actions 他在行动上非常积极Am I right? 我说得对吗I am right. They did the DNA tests. Im right on that one 我说得很对 有人做过DNA测验 我肯定没错You know what? Im not going to say anymore 我不会再继续说这些了and that youve heard too much about that in the past 关于过去的内容我讲了太多Instead, Ill just tweet it相反 现在我要发推特了OK, there it goes. All right 好的 搞定Now, well, thats arriving on all of your phones right now我刚发的东西 你们手机应该已经收到Im going to take this opportunity to move on to the 我将借这个机会advice section of this speech 转入到演讲的建议部分if you young folks will take advice from anyone 如果你们这些年轻人愿意接受任何建议的话201603/431452

  Nothing makes me prouder than to know that this is my culture. Like all of you, I am very proud to be Chinese, and very grateful that I have been given the gift of this wonderful heritage. It is a gift that serves as a source of strength and as a guiding compass every single day in my life and in my career.我为这是我们自己的传统文化而感到无比自豪。和你们所有人一样,作为中国人我很自豪,也为拥有这样的美好传承而无比感激。在生活和事业中,这一传承是我力量的源泉,指引着我每次前行的方向。In closing, I encourage all of you to take full advantage of the gifts you have been given.讲话即将结束,我鼓励大家充分利用你们拥有的优势。You have the benefit of a precious cultural heritage, including a respect for the value of hard work. You know what is important and you work to achieve it. And your are tenacious in pursuing your goals.你们拥有这份宝贵的传承,包括对勤奋工作的价值的尊重。你们知道什么是重要的,并且努力去完成。你们在追求目标的时候会坚持不懈。As you pursue these goals, I encourage you to aspire high.在你们追求这些目标的时候,要树立更高的理想。Dream big dreams. Dream bold dreams. Dream as far as your imagination will take you.大胆地梦想,拥有更大的梦想,极尽你们的想象力去梦想。Whatever it is you dream of, there is no doubt in my mind you can do it. The world is open to you. So go out there and make all your dreams come true. 不管你们有什么梦想,我相信你们都可以做到。世界向你们敞开大门。大胆地走出去,去实现你们的梦想吧。 /201304/234114。

  He remembers people saying, as he was sort of half-conscious, he remembers people saying, Steiners been hit in the head. Steiners dead.他记得。在他处于半清醒状态时听到人们说:斯坦纳被射中了头部。斯坦纳死了。And he was thinking, Im not dead.他想:我没死。And he sat up.于是坐了起来。And Brendan realized after that he could not protect his men,and that was the only time he cried in Afghanistan,was realizing that.之后布伦丹意识到自己没能保护自己的手下在阿富汗那么久,他第一次哭了。因为他意识到没能保护他的战士。Thats brotherhood.这就是兄弟情谊。This wasnt invented recently.这不是什么新词。Many of you have probably The Iliad.在座的应该都读过《伊利亚特》。Achilles surely would have risked his life or given his life to save his friend Patroclus.阿喀琉斯宁可牺牲自己也要保护他的朋友普特罗克勒斯。In World War II, there were many stories of soldiers who were wounded,were brought to a rear base hospital,在二战期间也有许多故事,关于受伤士兵的故事。他们被送去后方战地医院。who went AWOL, crawled out of windows,slipped out doors, went AWOL,wounded,to make their way back to the front lines to rejoin their brothers out there.可是他们会逃跑,爬墙穿门。即使身负重伤也要回到战场。回到战士们中间。So you think about Brendan,you think about all these soldiers having an experience like that, a bond like that,所以想到布伦丹,就能想到这些战士。他们有着这样的经历,彼此之间建立起重要的纽带。in a small group, where they loved 20 other people in some ways more than they loved themselves.在一个小群体中关心着其他20个人胜过关心自己。You think about how good that would feel, imagine it, and they are blessed with that experience for a year, and then they come home,and they are just back in society.可以想象一下这是一种怎样的经历。他们有幸能有这样的经历回到家中回到社会中。like the rest of us are, not knowing who they can count on,not knowing who loves them,who they can love,not knowing exactly what anyone they know.像我们普通人一样不知道自己可以依赖谁。不知道谁关心自己,也不知道有谁值得自己关心不知道那些自己熟悉的人。would do for them if it came down to it.在自己倒下时会作何反应。That is terrifying.这是很恐怖的事情。Compared to that,war, psychologically, in some ways, is easy,compared to that kind of alienation.相比之下从心理上说,战争是很简单的,没有这种陌生感。Thats why they miss it, and thats what we have to understand and in some ways fix in our society.这就是为什么老兵会恋战。我们必须要理解这种陌生感并且尝试找到办法去回应这一问题。Thank you very much.谢谢大家。Applause掌声。201411/342698


  But every day, we do more than 200 million page views. I think recently were up to 230 million. By the end of, like two weeks from now or so, were going to pass Google in page views. Thats a lot, right? You dont normally think about it in that kind of application. Like, I think, you know, I was pretty surprised when I heard that.可是每天,我们都有超过2 亿的页面访问量,最近升到了2.3亿。这样算来,两周左右以后,我们就能超过谷歌的访问量。很多吧!以前你可能从没想过这种网站会这么受欢迎,我第一次听说时也很吃惊。But when you have that many page views and that many people spending much time on the site, you can monetize it pretty easily just by putting matters on there. The revenue, were generating over a million dollars a month in revenue, and well more, and that way covers our expenses, and were not even doing anything cool yet.但是当你有那么大的访问量,那么多的人花费大量时间在你的网站上,你单靠投放广告就能轻松嫌钱,我们每个月都有超过100万的营业收入,可能更多,这早就超过了我们的开,关键是这是我们还没做任何很棒的事情的情况下。I actually studied Psychology in Harvard, not Computer Science. Although a little bit of Computer Science. Ive been programming since I was ten. And I think that it kind of like went, reach the point where went into my intuition.其实我在哈佛念的是心理学,不是计算机科学。但也学了点计算机科学,我从十岁就开始编程,我觉得编程已经成了我本能直觉的一部分。Im not really thinking that much about it consciously. So that was pretty good. And then, I mean when I started thinking about all the people issues and doing Psychology, it was like being in the university interacting with a lot of people, that it kind of occurred to me that this would be something I was interested in, and like I knew how to do it so I just do it. I mean, it took me like a couple of weeks here, even less, putting together the site.我(在写程序时)不再会有意识地想该怎么做。这种感觉很好。当我在学心理学的时候,开始思考人与人之间的关系,就像在大学里读书,去结识很多的人,我觉得我会对这些很感兴趣,我知道该怎么做,然后就做了。我只花了几周甚至更少的时间建立这个网站我记得当我建好网站后。201407/314628

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