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【中文原文】 猪流感症状:    与感冒类似,出现发烧、咳嗽、疲劳、食欲不振等     The Symptoms of Swine Flu    What Are the Symptoms of Swine Flu?    Swine flu symptoms are similar to regular flu symptoms and include cough, sore throat, fever, chills, headache, and fatigue. Some patients have also reported nausea and diarrhea. There is no easy way to distinguish swine flu from other types of flu or other germs. It takes a lab test to tell whether it's swine flu. /200911/88493The Mukden Incident represented an early event in the Second Sino-Japanese War, although full-scale war would not start until 1937. On September 18, 1931, near Mukden (now Shenyang) in southern Manchuria, a section of railroad owned by Japan's South Manchuria Railway was dynamited. The Imperial Japanese Army, accusing Chinese dissidents of the act, responded with the invasion of Manchuria, leading to the establishment of Manchukuo the following year. While the responsibility for this act of sabotage remains a subject of controversy, the prevailing view is that Japanese militarists staged the explosion in order to provide a pretext for war. This event is known by various names, including the Mukden Incident. The favored name in Japan is the Manchurian Incident (Kyūjitai: 滿洲事變, Manshujihen: 満州事変). The favored name in China is the September 18 Incident.九一八事引发了第二次中日战争,尽管全面抗日战争是从1937年开始的。在1931年9月18日,奉天(今沈阳)附近的一段由日本南满控制的铁路被炸毁。日本皇军指责中国此次行为,入侵满洲,导致满洲国在次年成立。虽然对这种破坏行为的责任仍然是一个有争议的问题,普遍的看法是,日本军国主义制造的这次爆炸事件,以此来作为开战的借口。此事件有各种不同的名称,包括奉天事变。在日本被称为满洲事变(Kyūjitai:满洲事变,Manshujihen:満州事変)。在中国称为九一八事变。 /200909/84481

Deteriorating air quality in Hong Kong is sending more people to hospital, says a new survey.Bloomberg News2010年9月17日,香港,一名戴口罩的男子穿过繁忙的十字路口。一项新调查显示,香港因空气质量不断恶化而进医院的人越来越多。 According to a pair of researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, who examined day-to-day pollution levels and hospital visits over a six-year period, a rise in airborne pollutants in Hong Kong was associated with a rise in emergency hospital visits.在对六年内香港的每日污染水平和医院就诊人次进行考查之后,香港中文大学(Chinese University of Hong Kong)的两位研究人员说,香港空气中的污染物增多与急诊病例数上升之间存在关联。 Published in Environmental Health Perspectives, the study, led by professor Yu Tak Sun Ignatius and Ph.D candidate Hong Qiu, comes as residents report increasing levels of frustration with the city#39;s pollution. In 2010, a survey found that one out of four Hong Kongers have considered leaving the city because of its air quality, up from one in five in 2008, according to local think-tank Civic Exchange. A few years ago, the director of the city#39;s Philharmonic Orchestra had his family do just that, packing them up and moving them to Wisconsin, citing frustration with the city#39;s lung-choking air.该报告发表在《环境与健康展望》(Environmental Health Perspectives)上,此项研究由余德新教授和士生邱宏牵头。研究报告发表正值香港市民表示对空气污染感到越来越失望之际。据香港智库思汇政策研究所(Civic Exchange)说,2010年,据一项调查显示,有四分之一的香港人因空气质量问题而考虑离开香港,而2008年时的比例为五分之一。几年前,香港管弦乐团的首席指挥就将妻儿从香港迁到了美国威斯康星州。这位指挥当时给出的搬家理由是香港的空气令人窒息。 A previous study by the University of Hong Kong this year suggested that air pollution was responsible for some 3,200 annual deaths in Hong Kong(pdf). Businesses consistently rank pollution as one of their top issues of concern in moving staff to Hong Kong, particularly those with young children.香港大学(University of Hong Kong)今年早些时候进行的一项研究显示,空气污染导致香港每年约3,200人死亡。企业一直将污染列为派员工驻港时所担心的主要问题之一,特别是有小孩的员工。Mr. Yu and Ms. Qiu found that every 10 micrograms per cubic meter daily increase in coarse airborne pollutant particles resulted in a 1% increase in emergency hospital admissions for respiratory disease, or an additional 830 hospital admissions.余德新和邱宏发现,每天每立方米空气中粗大颗粒污染物含量每增加10微克,就会导致呼吸系统急诊病例增加1%,即就诊病例增加830例。 The study controlled for other kinds of pollutants, including PM2.5, superfine air particles dozens of times thinner than a human hair, which Hong Kong and mainland China only began publicly monitoring earlier this year. While such superfine particles are the greatest source of concern for public health experts, because of how they can penetrate the body#39;s organs, the Hong Kong researchers also found that so-called #39;coarse#39; particles--including those between 2.5 and 10 micrometers in size--likewise #39;have a high impact on public health,#39; said Ms. Qiu.研究以其他种类的污染物作为对比组,其中包括PM2.5。PM2.5是空气中的超细微颗粒物,直径只有人头发丝的几十分之一,香港和内地今年早些时候才刚刚开始公布PM2.5的监测数据。邱宏说,尽管这类超细微颗粒物是公共卫生专家最担心的问题,因为它们可以进入人体器官,但香港两位研究人员发现,所谓的粗颗粒(包括直径在2.5微米到10微米的颗粒物)对公众的健康也有很大影响。 #39;These coarse particles shouldn#39;t be ignored,#39; said Ms. Qiu, who says the city#39;s future air quality objectives should adopt standards that explicitly address such particles. #39;They can also cause cardiovascular and respiratory disease.#39; Even short-term exposure to heavy air pollution, experts say, can prompt heart failure, arrhythmias and stroke.邱宏说,不应忽视这些粗颗粒。她说,香港未来的空气质量标准应该采用对这类颗粒物有明确限制的新标准。这类颗粒物也能引发心血管和呼吸系统疾病。专家说,就算短时间暴露在空气污染严重的环境中也能够造成心脏衰竭、心率失常和中风。 /201206/185179

LOTTE SHOPPING IN TALKS TO BUY CHINESE CHAINLotte Shopping, South Korea's second-largest retailer, is in talks to buy a controlling stake in Times, the Chinese supermarket operator, to expand its presence in the world's fastest-growing major economy.Lotte's move will rival a 0m bid from Chinese retailer Wumart Stores for the Chinese supermarket chain, and comes after Times invited a number of potential bidders to review the company's operations.“We are reviewing opportunities to expand in China through mergers and acquisitions and buying Times could be one of the options,” said a Lotte spokesman.He declined to give any details, adding that no decision has been made yet.韩国第二大零售商乐天百货公司(Lotte Shopping)正进行谈判,拟收购中国超市运营商时代零售集团(Times)的控股权,以此拓展其中国业务。中国是全球增长最快的主要经济体。乐天百货将与出价6亿美元的中国零售商物美商业集团(Wumart Stores)争夺时代零售,时代零售已邀请多家潜在竞购者评估其业务。“我们正评估通过并购在中国扩张的机会,收购时代零售将可能是选择之一,”乐天百货的一位发言人表示。他拒绝透露任何细节,并补充称,目前尚未作出任何决定。 /200910/86534


  Scientists have confirmed what every urbanite has long suspected – life in the city is more stressful.  科学家们实了城市人长期以来的疑虑:城市生活压力更大。  Researchers have shown that the parts of the brain dealing with stress and emotion are affected by living among the crowds.  研究人员发现,在拥挤的人群中生活会影响大脑中处理压力及情感的区域。  The findings help shed light onwhy those who are born and raised in urban areas are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression and schizophreniathan those brought up in the countryside.  该发现有助于解释为什么相对于在乡村里长大的人来说,在城市中出生长大的人患焦虑症、抑郁症和精神分裂症的可能性更大。  The team of international scientists behind the finding are unsure why city life is so bad for the nerves.  研究该现象的科学家来自不同国家,他们目前还不清楚为什么城市生活会损伤大脑神经。 /201106/142178。

  IT IS South-East Asia#39;s fastest-growing vehicle market, but investors, analysts and especially carmakers were awaiting Indonesia#39;s July sales figures with trepidation. Spooked by fears of a credit bubble in a booming economy, on June 15th the government had introduced a rule requiring buyers to fork out a minimum down-payment of 30% when borrowing from banks to buy new cars. Loans account for 70% of all new-car purchases, and it was hoped that this would dampen demand.印尼是东南亚地区成长最迅速的汽车市场,但投资者、分析师尤其是汽车生产厂商都在诚惶诚恐的等待印尼市场7月份的销售数据。对繁荣经济产生信贷泡沫的担忧使得政府如惊弓之鸟,于6月15日颁布一条规定,要求消费者在贷款购买新车时,付最少30%的定金。贷款占到所有新车购买比重的70%,因此政府希望此举可以抑制购买需求。In the end, however, spendthrift consumers defied the government. Relieved car bosses saw July#39;s sales rise by 0.8% from June#39;s figure, setting a monthly record of 102,512 cars. Indonesia could be back on track to breach the 1m barrier this year, compared with 900,000 in 2011. Motorcycle sales-8m last year-also continue to resist gravity, or at least the government. Bikers now have to make down-payments of 25%, yet sales for July still hit a new high of 579,077, up from 541,918 in June.然而,结果是挥霍无度的消费者公然和政府作对。如释重负的汽车大亨们看到7月的销售额环比增涨0.8%,月销售记录为102512辆。与去年900000辆的销量相比,印尼今年可能回到正轨,打破1百万辆的销售瓶颈。托车的销量(去年销量为8百万辆)也继续一反常态,至少是不如政府所愿。自行车购买者现在不得不付25%的定金,但7月自行车的销售量比起6月541,918辆的业绩,还是创下579077辆的新高。July#39;s strong figures may yet prove anomalous. There is usually a bounce in consumer spending when Indonesia#39;s Muslim majority celebrates the Ramadan fasting period: cars and motorbikes are in particular demand as people travel long distances to visit their families. The market could decelerate now Ramadan is over.7月强劲的业绩可能表现的很反常。在印尼大多数穆斯林庆祝斋月禁食期间,消费者的开销通常会出现反弹:由于人们要长途跋涉拜访亲戚,汽车和托车炙手可热。现在斋月结束了,车市增速可能放缓。Nevertheless, carmakers are still confident enough in Indonesia#39;s potential to forge ahead with big expansion plans. At the moment the car market is dominated by the Japanese manufacturers, with a share of about 95%. Having stuck with Indonesia as other firms bailed out during one or other of the country#39;s periodic meltdowns, the Japanese are being rewarded for their perseverance. Toyota (with its affiliate, Daihatsu) has about 51% of the market and Mitsubishi 15%, followed by Suzuki, Honda and Nissan. All are planning new production lines and new models.无论如何,汽车生产商仍对在印尼市场继续推进宏大扩张计划的潜力满怀信心。现在日本汽车生产商主宰着汽车市场,市场份额约为95%。随着在印尼一次次周期性的经济崩溃中其他企业被淘汰,日本汽车制造商和印尼一同深陷泥潭,现在日本汽车制造商的坚持不懈得到了回馈。丰田及其附属公司大发市场份额为51%,东芝为15%,紧随其后的公司是铃木、本田和尼桑。这些公司均计划推出新生产线和新车型。Others are now trying to muscle in. GM of America will shortly reopen a plant in West Java that it had closed in 2005. BMW of Germany is expanding production. India#39;s Tata Motors is pondering whether to set up shop in Thailand-South-East Asia#39;s established motor workshop-or Indonesia. Ford has less than 2% of the market, but is energetically marketing its high-end models at a growing middle class. Its local boss, Bagus Susanto, says these are “mostly young and techno-savvy, discerning consumers…who want cars that match with their gadgets and lifestyles.”其他公司也在尝试分一杯羹。美国通用将短暂重新开启在西爪哇省2005年关闭的一个工厂。德国宝马正在扩大生产规模。印度的塔塔汽车公司正在考虑是否在泰国(东南亚最负盛名的汽车工厂)或是印尼建立自己的工厂。福特的市场份额不到2%,但正澎湃的将其高端车款向不断壮大的中产阶级营销。福特汽车的当地主管Bagus Susanto称“这些中产阶级大多是懂技术且眼光敏锐的青年消费者,他们想要和他们的小配件及生活方式相称的汽车”。Underlying this optimism is a belief that Indonesia#39;s economy will continue its dizzying ascent. It grew by 6.5% last year; although neighbouring economies may slow this year, Indonesia should come close to maintaining its growth rate. Despite record sales, only 4% of the population has a car, a relatively low figure (see chart). Given the country#39;s 240m-strong population, the potential is obvious. The industry minister forecasts annual sales of 2m cars by the end of the decade, at which point Indonesia will have long since overtaken Thailand as the biggest market in South-East Asia, even if the Thais remain the region#39;s biggest carmakers.这样的乐观心态背后是人们相信印尼经济会继续飞速发展。去年印尼经济增长率上升6.5%,尽管周边国家的经济今年会放缓,但印尼基本上应会保持其增速。尽管创有销售记录,但有车的人口只占印尼总人口的4%,这一相对较低的水平(见表)。考虑到印尼有2亿4千万的广大人口,消费潜力显而易见。工业部长预测到2020年汽车年销售量达2百万辆,届时印尼将早已取代泰国成为东南亚地区最大的汽车市场,即使泰国仍是该地区最大的汽车制造国。If Indonesia has growing numbers of people who can afford cars, what it needs now are some decent roads. Willianto le, an analyst at Nomura, a Japanese bank, says the country#39;s lamentable record on public works may be set to improve. In August President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono finally signed into law the Land Acquisition Bill, which had spent years going through the country#39;s tortuous legislative process. Its approval should make it easier for the government to compel landowners to sell up, allowing it to build much-needed highways across the main islands of Java and Sumatra, among other projects. If the bureaucrats get their act together-never guaranteed in Indonesia-the car market should keep revving up.如果印尼有越来越多的人能买得起车,印尼现在所需的是一些像样的公路。日本野村的分析师Willianto le称印尼糟糕的公共工程状况将会得到改善。8月印尼总统苏西洛#8226;班邦#8226;尤多约诺最终签署了土地征用法案,这一耗费数年通过印尼冗长繁复的立法程序的法律。该法案的通过将使得政府能更容易的促使土地所有者卖掉土地,进而能够在其他项目中,修建贯通爪哇岛、苏门答腊岛间急需的高速公路。如果官员们能协同一致行动(在印尼从未实现),汽车市场会继续欣欣向荣。 /201208/197532

  A spike in air pollution in Beijing and other Chinese cities has brought concern over auto fumes to the fore in the world#39;s largest car market, but analysts say trucks and older cars─rather than new passenger vehicles -- lie at the heart of China#39;s current pollution woes.在中国这个世界最大的汽车市场,北京和其他中国城市的空气污染突然加剧,令人们对汽车尾气排放的担忧变得突出,但分析师说,中国当前污染祸患的重点是卡车和较为老旧的汽车,而不是新的乘用车。China overtook the U.S. as the biggest auto market by number of new vehicles sold in 2009. Last year, Chinese customers bought 19.3 million vehicles, a figure the semiofficial China Association of Auto Manufacturers forecasts will grow a further 7% this year.2009年,以新车销量计算,中国取代美国成为世界最大的汽车市场。去年中国消费者总共购买了1,930万辆车,根据半官方的中国汽车工业协会的预测,这个数字今年还将增长7%。A fourth day of severe pollution across large parts of China has put scrutiny on industries that contribute to China#39;s pollution problems, including auto makers, power companies, steel makers and other firms.中国大片地区的重度污染情况进入第四天,造成中国污染问题的一些行业因此受到人们审视,其中包括汽车制造商、电力公司、钢厂和其他一些公司。China has fewer cars on the road than the U.S. -- 92.7 million compared with about 245 million. But according to China#39;s Ministry of Environmental Protection, only 5.7% of China#39;s vehicles meet the country#39;s highest national Grade IV standards that limit toxic emissions from vehicles including greenhouse gas and tiny particulate matter known as PM2.5.中国上路行驶的车辆共有9,270万辆,低于美国约2.45亿辆的规模。但据中国环境保护部的数据,中国仅有5.7%的车辆符合最严格的国家第四阶段机动车污染物排放标准(国IV标准),该标准对包括温室气体和微小颗粒物PM2.5在内的废气排放做出了限制。The majority meet relatively low emission standards. The 10% of vehicles that don#39;t meet the minimal Grade I emission standard account for 40% of the total emissions of major pollutants, the ministry said.中国大多数机车都只符合相对较低的排放标准。环保部说,有10%的车辆不符合最低的国I排放标准,其排放的污染物占主要污染物总排放量的40%。#39;Mitigation of the problem lies much more in getting rid of old vehicles and improving traffic flow,#39; said Janet Lewis, an analyst at Macquarie Securities.麦格理券(Macquarie Securities)分析师刘易斯(Janet Lewis)说,缓和污染问题更多地在于取缔老旧车辆并改善交通拥堵状况。Public outcry about the recent spike in pollution could also motivate the government to re-examine its once-ambitious plans for electric vehicles, implementation of which have recently stalled.公众对最近污染加剧的强烈抗议可能还会促使政府重新审视其曾经雄心勃勃的电动汽车发展计划,该计划的实施近来陷入停顿。Long term, the current pollution crisis could prompt a rethink of Beijing#39;s policy on electric-vehicle technology, said Bill Russo, founder and president of auto consulting firm Synergistics Ltd. and a former Chrysler executive. #39;If pollution is becoming a very visible problem, then it could change attitudes about alternatives#39; such as clean diesel and conventional hybrid engines, he said.汽车行业咨询公司Synergistics Ltd.创始人兼总裁、曾任克莱斯勒(Chrysler)高管的拉索(Bill Russo)说,从长远看,当前的污染危机可能促使人们反思中国政府针对电动汽车技术的政策。他说,如果污染成为非常明显的问题,那它可能改变人们对替代技术的态度,比如清洁柴油和传统的混合动力发动机。Last year, the State Council, China#39;s cabinet, said it hopes output of pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles reaches 500,000 by 2015 and 5 million by 2020.中国国务院去年说,希望纯电动汽车和插电式混合动力汽车的产量2015年达到50万辆,2020年达到500万辆。However, progress has been slow on more immediate steps. For example, China has twice delayed the nationwide rollout of tighter vehicle-emissions standards amid opposition from the refining industry. Tighter emission standards have also met with resistance from truck-engine manufacturers as well as buyers of trucks. A.T. Kearney consultant Stephen Dyer estimates the additional cost for engine makers to comply with stricter rules at around 10,000 yuan (about ,600) per engine. #39;While this may only represent 5% of the total cost, engine makers say it#39;s enough to significantly impact sales,#39; he said.然而更为直接的措施进展一直很缓慢。举例来说,由于遭到炼油行业的反对,中国已经两次推迟在全国范围内推出更严格的汽车排放标准。卡车发动机制造商和卡车买家也抵制更严格的排放标准。咨询公司科尔尼(A.T. Kearney)的咨询师戴加辉(Stephen Dyer)估计,发动机制造商如果要遵循更严格的标准,每台发动机的成本将增加大约人民币1万元。他说,虽然这可能只占总成本的5%,但发动机制造商认为,这足以对销售造成重大影响。The Environment Ministry said in January 2012 that the National IV standards would be applied to diesel-engine vehicles from July 2013.2012年1月环护部说,从2013年7月起柴油车将实行国IV排放标准。China has other options, such as promoting the scrapping of old vehicles.中国还有其他选择,比如推进旧车报废。Last year, the city of Beijing offered financial incentives to car owners to get rid of older cars. But the amounts involved were modest -- up to around 16,000 yuan for larger cars.去年,北京市提供资金持以鼓励车主报废旧车。但鼓励额度并不高,报废大中型车最多能享受大约人民币1.6万元的补贴。Lin Huaibin, manager for China vehicle-sales forecasts at research firm IHS considers such incentives #39;a start#39; toward increasing the scrappage ratio in China, which currently stands at around 3% of total registered vehicles, considerably less than the U.S. rate of around 8%. Mr. Lin said it#39;s #39;pretty likely#39; that other Chinese cities will follow in the steps of Beijing.研究机构IHS中国汽车销售预测部门负责人林怀滨认为,上述刺激措施朝提高中国车辆报废率迈出了第一步。中国目前报废车辆占登记车辆总数的比例约为3%,远低于美国约8%的报废率。林怀滨说,中国其他城市很有可能会效仿北京的做法。The latest pollution episode also could see more Chinese cities introduce restrictions on auto purchases.最近这起污染事件可能会令中国内地更多城市引入车辆限购措施。Last year, the southern city of Guangzhou and the southwestern city of Guiyang joined Beijing and Shanghai by putting car-ownership restrictions in place that seek to relieve traffic conditions and limit air pollution.去年,南方城市广州和西南部城市贵阳也加入北京上海的行列,这两个城市将落实车辆限购措施,以缓解交通拥堵的现状,防止空气污染进一步恶化。It is unclear whether such moves could specifically result in a fall in auto sales. Macquarie#39;s Ms. Lewis said she didn#39;t expect any further restrictions on the purchase of new vehicles as a consequence of the recent pollution problems.目前还不清楚此举是否会导致汽车销量下降。麦格理券的刘易斯说,她预计最近一系列污染问题不会导致政府进一步出台新车限购措施。Beijing had about five million vehicles on the road at the end of 2011 or 260 vehicles per 1,000 people. As of the end of 2011, Guangzhou had 2.33 million vehicles on the road, meaning 180 vehicles per 1,000 people, according to a government-affiliated transportation think tank in the southern Chinese city.2011年底,北京约有500万辆汽车在路上行驶,平均每千人拥有260辆车。广州一家政府下属的交通运输方面的智库说,截至2011年底,广州有233万辆汽车在路上行驶,这意味着每千人拥有180辆车。There are more than 800 licensed vehicles for every kilometer of road in Beijing, data from the Beijing government show, compared with 306 vehicles in Hong Kong and 520 vehicles in Shanghai.北京市政府数据显示,在北京每公里道路上拥有牌照的车辆超过800辆,香港为306辆,上海为520辆。Globally, about one third of polluting emissions can be attributed to transportation-related sources, said Mr. Dyer of A.T. Kearney. Of this, about one-third is linked to passenger cars, one-third to commercial vehicles and the rest to other forms of transportation including airplanes and ships.科尔尼的戴加辉说,在全球范围内,大约三分之一的污染排放可以归因为与交通相关的污染源。其中大约有三分之一是乘用车造成的,三分之一是商业车辆,剩下三分之一是包括飞机和轮船在内的其它交通工具。However, in the case of Beijing about 50% of harmful emissions are caused by transportation sources, he said.但戴加辉说,就北京的情况而言,约50%的有害气体排放是交通污染源造成的。 /201301/220752

  ZHANG TAOLIN, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice-minister of agriculture ;GDP development is meaningful only when the health of the people is assured.;“只有人民的健康得到保障,GDP发展才是有意义的。”HUANG QIFAN, an NPC deputy and mayor of Chongqing ;Those officials who only know how to ask for money from the State when talking about reform are sluggards.;“说起改革只知道跟国家要钱,但凡这样的管理者都是懒汉。”LI DONGSHENG, an NPC deputy and chairman of consumer electronics enterprise TCL Group ;Enhancing the international influence of Chinese companies and brands is a lesson that must be learned by China if it wants to become a real economic power.;“提升中国企业和品牌的国际影响力已成为中国经济能否实现真正强大的关键一环。”JIANG HONG, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and director of the Public Policy Research Center at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics ;A lot of public consumption occurred in the official reception. Receiving visitors should cost some money at official affairs but could the reception be simplified? Typically, a cup of tea or a cup of coffee is enough for the official reception in many other countries.;“很多公款消费发生在接待过程中,人来客往总是要接待的,但是为了公务,相互的接待是否可以简单一点呢?通常,在许多国家,公务接待也就是一杯咖啡、一杯茶。” /201303/230147

  Three years after a devastating fraud, Satyam, a technology firm, is back 三年前,一场欺诈案惊世骇俗;三年后,技术公司萨蒂扬归来 ;DEAR Board Members, it is with deep regret and tremendous burden that I am carrying on my conscience that I would like to bring the following facts to your notice.; Sent in January 2009, it was the sort of letter no company director wants to get. In it Ramalinga Raju, boss of Satyam—then India#39;s fourth-biggest technology firm, with a glittering list of Western clients and a cabinet full of corporate-governance trophies-confessed he had cooked the books on an epic scale, while insisting he had not benefited personally. ;尊敬的董事会成员,我揣着良心通知你们以下事实,深表愧疚,负担重大。; 2009年1月公司的董事长收到这封信,但他们却宁愿没得到过。信中,萨蒂扬(印度第四大科技公司。该公司有一张引人夺目的西方客户名单,以及一个秘密完整的公司治理的奖杯)老总拉玛林伽#8226;拉贾(Ramalinga Raju)坦言其曾做了大量的假账,但却坚称他本人并没有捞取任何好处。 Mr Raju was ;the most perfect gentleman you could ever meet,; says a former friend. He used a beguilingly simple trick, similar to that employed by fraudsters at Parmalat, an Italian firm that blew up in 2003. Bogus customer receipts were created. To make the balance-sheet match the juiced-up income statement, documents showing fictitious cash balances were cooked up too. Mr Raju organised the firm in self-contained silos so that no one else could put two and two together. Satyam#39;s real profits and cash position, the letter admitted, were over 90% lower than the figures in the accounts. Within days its share price collapsed by about 90%. ;拉贾曾是你能遇到的最正直的君子,;一位旧友说道。他所用的欺诈手段既简单又能掩人耳目,和2003年一家丑闻爆发的意大利公司帕马拉特的诈骗犯所用的类似。为了使资产负债表与高涨的收入表相符合,他还编撰了虚假的现金余额文件。拉贾把组织公司的地点设在筒仓里以掩人耳目,这样一来,没有人能够根据事实情况推断出他做的;坏事;。该封信说,萨蒂扬的真实收益和资金状况比账目中的数额要低90%多。几天内,公司的股价下跌了90%左右。 For most firms that would mean a trip to the pearly gates. So it is a miracle that Satyam is still alive. Its finances look healthy. It should shortly be taken over by Tech Mahindra, now a 43% shareholder and part of Mahindra, one of India#39;s best business houses. C.P. Gurnani, Satyam#39;s chief executive, who will run the combined entity, has the cheerful air of a man who has successfully wrestled an alligator. 对于大多数公司而言,公司下跌了约90%的股票意味着到鬼门关走了一遭。故萨蒂扬能在此事中活下来可真是一个奇迹。其财政状况看起来并没有什么问题,公司也应当很快由马恒达科技公司(现在持有43%的股权,是印度最大的商业机构之一)接手管理。即将经营这家合并实体的萨蒂扬首席执行官C.P. Gurnani也摆出了一副斗败巨鳄的欣喜姿态。 Kiran Karnik-who has the rare habit of listening more than he speaks-was caretaker chairman for about five months after the scandal. He says the episode shows ;India has the ability to get a big, troubled firm back on track,; and yields some general lessons about corporate survival. 相比起倾听,基兰#8226;卡尼克更习惯说话,在拉贾的绯闻传出后,他做了五个月左右的临时董事长。他说这件事表明印度有能力让大型却陷入困境的公司回归正轨,同时他也学到企业生存的一些基本教训。 First among those is not to pull the plug too soon. Although bankruptcy was an option, India#39;s government, showing unusual deftness, instead chose to replace the board and take a chance that the firm could avoid receivership. A disorderly collapse would have hurt the reputation of the entire Indian technology industry, says Saurabh Srivastava, who co-founded Nasscom, a club of technology firms in India. Implicit state support was no doubt helpful, but this did not amount to a bail-out: Satyam had to raise bridge finance on its own from private-sector banks. By April 2009 the gamble had begun to pay off. After an auction, Tech Mahindra bought its stake and became an anchor investor. 第一条教训是公司不要太快的终止业务。尽管公司可以选择破产,但是印度政府展现出的不同寻常的处理事务的娴熟技巧使公司可以选择取代董事会成员,而且公司也有机会避免破产管理。与他人共同创立印度软件和务业企业行业协会(Nasscom)的萨乌拉#8226;斯利瓦斯塔瓦(Saurabh Srivastava)说,企业衰败所带来的混乱会影响整个印度技术产业的声誉。尽管国家暗中持肯定有所帮助,但是这种持并不等于国家会担保破产。萨蒂扬必须自己从私人中筹集过桥资金。2009年4月,这场要有结果了,一场拍卖会后,马恒达科技公司购买了萨蒂扬的股份,成为其主要投资者。 The second lesson is that survival is about people: customers and staff. In the weeks after the scandal broke Mr Karnik spent time meeting not just the bosses of client companies but also middle managers, to agree on yardsticks for judging Satyam#39;s recovery. Mr Gurnani, who became chief executive in June 2009, says that in his first year he spent 250 days travelling, mainly seeing customers. Some trophy clients, including BP and Coca-Cola, jumped ship, but others, including GE, did not. A core of retained customers allowed the business to stabilise within a year or so. 第二条教训是公司要生存,顾客和员工不可少。在绯闻传出的几周里,为了达成恢复萨蒂扬所需要的尺码,破产的卡尼克不仅花时间会见了客户公司的老板,同时也会见了自己公司的中层管理人员。2009年6月成为萨蒂扬董事长的Gurnani说,在他担任的第一年里,他花费了250天的时间进行走访,其主要走访对象是客户。包括英国石油公司和可口可乐公司在内的一些大型客户都跳槽了,但是美国通用电气公司等却没有。许多核心顾客都留了下来,但他们要求萨蒂扬应在一年左右的时间内把公司的业务稳定下来。 The last lesson is about the importance of keeping the end-game in sight. Mr Karnik recalls that, within weeks of the collapse, government types suggested that the firm might stay independent after all. ;I said it was like a vegetable-if you delay selling, the price will go down. If you leave it too long you#39;ll have to pay someone to take it away.; Mahindra#39;s initial stake was a form of engagement. Now that Satyam is stabilised and most of its legal cases are resolved, Mahindra is y for marriage. 最后是要牢记结束游戏的重要性。卡尼克回忆说,在公司溃败的几周内,政府认为萨蒂扬或许终究不受他人左右。;我说,这就像蔬菜,如果你延迟了它的销售,价格便会下跌;如果你把它放太久,那你就有必要花钱雇人来把这些蔬菜拿走。;马恒达的初始股权是以一种合约的形式存在。萨蒂扬事件既然已稳定下来,其大部分的法律案件也得以解决,所以马恒达准备把萨蒂扬给;娶过来;。 A full takeover makes sense. Satyam has strengths, including its people. Oddly for a self-confessed crook, Mr Raju invested in training. But the industry has moved on since 2009. Satyam#39;s share of the top six firms#39; sales has fallen from 10% to 4%. An executive at a rival firm sniffs that it ;is not really relevant; any more. Big-ticket customers have become far more important. TCS, India#39;s biggest IT firm, now has 46 clients which spend over m a year. Satyam has four. Nimish Joshi of CLSA, a broker, worries that winning big deals or scaling up existing accounts will be tough. 全面收购在情理之中。萨蒂扬有其优势,如它的顾客和员工。奇怪的是,对于一个公开承认自己是骗子的人而言,拉贾却投资于训练。但自2009年以来,科技产业就不断向前发展。萨蒂扬拥有的前六大公司的销售额股份已从10%下跌至4%。一家对手公司的经理却嗤之以鼻,认为这没有关联。大客户变得更为重要。印度最大的信息技术公司印度塔塔咨询务公司如今已有46位一年花费5000多万美元的客户。而这样的客户萨蒂扬有四个。里昂劵公司(CLSA)的破产者尼米什#8226;乔希担忧争取大型交易或是按比例放大现有账户都很困难。 Still, uniting Satyam with Tech Mahindra will create the fifth-largest Indian IT firm. Tech Mahindra has its own issues-it is skewed towards telecoms customers, which have been shrinking. Targets to double the combined firm#39;s sales by 2015 look entirely unrealistic, but the hope is that its clout and expertise will allow it to claw its way back to the big league. 然而,若是把萨蒂扬和马恒达科技有限公司合并为一个公司,那它将会成为印度第五大科技公司。马恒达科技有自己的问题,即该公司偏向于电信客户,但是客户的数量却正在缩小。该公司制定的到2015年公司的总销售额翻两番的目标完全不现实,但希望仍在,而这希望就是凭借公司的影响力与专业能力让其重新成为本行业的佼佼者。 There are a few, very Indian, loose ends-a lawsuit by Mr Raju#39;s relatives, who say they have lost out, and a claim by the taxman, who appears, ludicrously, to want to tax the fictional profits. But Satyam will soon disappear into its suitor#39;s arms. That it has found a good home is not unusual-Enron#39;s best bit is now owned by Warren Buffett, and WorldCom, another victim of a big accounting scandal, was picked up by Verizon, one of America#39;s leading telecoms firms. But Satyam#39;s shareholders have done unusually well, losing only about 75% of their money. 这起诈骗事件中还有一些事情未解决,如说自己亏本的拉贾亲戚们提起的诉讼,以及竟然荒唐地想要征收虚假利润税的收税员发表的声明。但是萨蒂扬不久后便消失在收购公司的怀抱之中。它寻到的好归宿并没有什么特别之处,安然公司最好的一块现在由沃伦#8226;巴菲特所有,另外一家大型财务丑闻的受害者世界通信也已由美国领先的电信公司之一的威瑞森所购。但是萨蒂扬的股东们却做的很好,仅失去了自身75%的钱。 The mystery remains Mr Raju#39;s motive. He awaits trial. For the moment the best insight comes from his letter of confession. ;It was like riding a tiger, not knowing how to get off without being eaten.; 拉贾的动机仍是一个谜。如今他还在候审中。而目前对此谜团最好的解释出自于他的悔过书。;这就像骑着一头老虎,你不知道如何从虎背上下来,还不要被吃掉.; /201209/197639



  A kindergarten teacher in Shandong Province was held in administrative detention for abusing children in her class.山东省的幼儿园老师在课堂上虐待儿童被行政拘留。Parents watched in horror footages that showed their child was physically abused by the woman teacher who defended her actions as ;kiddy fight.;父母看着显示他们的孩子被女教师身体虐待的恐怖视频片段,其辩护自己的行为是“小孩子般的打闹”。After the teacher was caught, children started telling their stories with encouragement from their parents. A boy said his teacher identified as Li Ling pricked him with a needle in his face, the mole on his arm, in his back and buttocks.老师被抓后,孩子在他们父母的鼓励下开始讲述他们的故事。一个男孩说他的老师李玲用针在他脸上、胳膊的痣上、背部和臀部扎刺。The boy refused to go to school but said nothing bad about his teacher before her arrest. He suffered the trauma and would not let his father to turn off the light when he was in the bed because ;once the light is out, the teacher will come with a needle.;有个男孩拒绝去上学,但在其被捕之前没说一句老师的坏话。他遭受着创伤,当他在床上睡觉时不让他父亲关灯,因为“一旦没光了老师就会带着针进来。”Another girl said her mouth was sealed with adhesive tape by the teacher. As soon as she tore it off, the teacher would seal her up again until the tape was used up.另一个女孩说她的嘴被老师用胶带密封。当她一把它撕掉老师就会再次封住,直到胶带用完。Parents said they thought this teacher was very polite and had a nice personality before her sadist behavior became known.父母表示他们认为这位老师很有礼貌且性格很好直到她的虐待行为被众所周知。Haipei Goldren Cradle Kindergarten is a well-known preschool in Dongying City, Shandong Province. Local police have started an investigating into the case.海培金色摇篮幼儿园是山东省东营市的一所知名幼儿园。当地警方已经开始调查该案件。The local government also held a meeting made up of justice, public security, education, and health authorities to address the issue and said people responsible for the teacher#39;s misconduct will be punished as well.当地政府也召开会议,涉及法律、公共安全、教育、卫生等部门来陈述该问题,并说对老师的不当行为负责的人都将受到惩罚。 /201210/206708

  1.The Hanging Monastery恒山悬空寺If you#39;re looking for a truly off-the-beaten path adventure with a spiritual side, few destinations rival these sacred sites. A combination of architectural marvels and temples built by eccentric orders, the spiritual sanctuaries in this slideshow are truly beyond belief.如果你正在寻找一个真正荒无人烟又集冒险与灵性于一体的地方,以下几个地区刚好可以满足你的好奇心。结合建筑奇观和寺庙古怪的顺序,本期节目中的这些精神庇护所真的让人难以置信。We begin with the Hanging Monastery on Hengshan Mountain in China. Carved into a cliff nearly 250 feet above the ground, the monastery appears to be floating in the air. The temple contains several shrines as well as silver, gold and clay statues representative of Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist teachings.我们先从中国恒山的悬空寺开始,建立在一道悬崖壁上的悬空寺矗立在地面以上250英尺高的地方,使得它似乎漂浮在空中。悬空寺包含几个神殿,内有代表儒家、佛教、道教教义的银色、金色和粘土雕像。Known properly as Xuankong Si, the temple was built in 491 and remains standing today, though it was renovated during both the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and again by the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).这座以“悬空”著名的寺院,建立在491年,期间经历了明清两代的修复,到现在依然完好。 2.Is it a Temple, or a UFO?这是寺院还是UFO?Wat Phra Dhammakaya is sacred ground to members of the Dhammakaya Movement, a once controversial Buddhist sect. But to non-devotees, this temple simply looks out of this world.法身寺被法身寺运动成员当做圣地,这是一个一度备受争议的佛教宗派。但对于非信徒,这座寺院看起来与现实世界完全脱节。Shaped as what appears to be an unidentified flying object painted in gold, this abbot is a recent arrival having been established in 1970. The temple attracts a large following. Here, ordinary believers gathered in 2010 for what is known the Morality Revival Project: One-hundred thousand ordinary men elected to become monks for 49 days for spiritual cleansing.这座形状看起来像一个金色不明飞行物的修道院建立于1970年,随后该殿立刻就吸引了一大批追随者。在2010年,普通信徒聚集在这里进行了所谓的道德复兴项目:10万民众成为僧人,进行为期49天的灵魂进化。 /201208/195088

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