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Loyalty cards and insurance会员卡和保险Every little helps积少成多As it pushes into finance, Tescorsquo;s Clubcard gives it a competitive edge乐购进军金融界,其会员卡为之奠定优势SOME young drivers get tanked up and wrap their cars round lampposts; others drive carefully, and sober. Insurers would love to collect more background information on the personal habits of those buying motor, household and life policies, but do not want to put off potential customers with intrusive questionnaires. So they end up pooling groups of people by such basic factors as age, occupation and postcode, which means that some low-risk customers are lumped in with risky ones and subsidize their cover.一些年轻的司机给车加满油,不开而是停在路灯边上;也有一些谨慎上路,不过时刻清醒绝不酒驾。之于购置汽车,家居用品和人寿保险的消费者,保险商更乐意于收集他们的个人喜好,而不是用无礼的问卷赶走潜在客户。因此他们趋向于将收集的信息划成年龄,职业,地域邮编等分类,也就是说把不乐意冒风险的和有冒险意识的客户放在一起考虑,用后者的投资弥补前者的保险金。If only insurers could stealthily gather a few titbits about their potential policyholdersrsquo; consumption habits. Such hints might help them more accurately target those customers least likely to make claims, and attract them with better rates. As it happens, Tesco routinely collects such information from holders of its Clubcard loyalty card. As it bulks up in financial services, that may give Britainrsquo;s largest supermarket chain an edge over traditional insurers.若保险公司真能暗地里收集到些许潜在投保人的消费喜好也不是坏事。这些线索能帮他们更准确的找出不愿投保的人,并以优惠的利率将其吸引过来。碰巧乐购长期以来也正用会员忠诚卡收集客户的信息。乐购在金融务业正日益壮大,相较于传统保险公司,这种忠诚卡将会使这个英国最大的超市产业链在信息收集上更具优势。To give an obvious example, it would be worth offering pet insurance to someone who has started buying kitty-litter. Buying lots of booze does not make you a drunk-driver, but someone who buys little or none seems less likely to be one. Buyers of window locks are likely to be more security-conscious, and so on.举个典型的例子,向开始买猫砂的人推销宠物保险是值得一试的;疯狂买酒的人不一定会酒驾(车祸保险),但几乎不买酒的人可能性更小;买窗锁的人极有可能安全意识较强,等等。Tesco declined to discuss how it uses Clubcard data for this article. But a group of students at the London School of Economics carried out a class project in which they made several applications for Tesco car insurance. When they gave the number of an unused Clubcard it earned a 1% discount. When they gave the same personal details but ed the numbers of heavily used Clubcards, the discounts varied greatly, reaching 18%. To paraphrase Tescorsquo;s slogan, it seems that every little scrap of information helps.乐购拒绝在如何利用会员卡收集信息方面谈得过多。但伦敦经济学院的一组学生对此做了课题并投保了乐购车险。当他们报出一张已经闲置不用的卡号时,只得到1%的折扣;而当他们用同样的身份信息加上频繁一个使用的卡号时,折扣大的多,将近有18%。借用乐购的标语,似乎正是涓流成河,积少成多。201111/161224Gay marriage同性恋婚姻Cuomo's pride科莫的骄傲The Empire State lets them say: “I do” 纽约州让他们可以说:“我愿意。”THE Stonewall Inn, in New York’s West Village, is famous in gay history as the scene of riots against the police in 1969. On June 26th Roy O’Neill and Michael Gigl stood just across the street from it to watch the city’s Pride march. The couple’s daughter Kiera sat on Mr Gigl’s shoulders for a better view. This year’s march was even more joyous than usual. Some 36 hours earlier, New York had become the sixth and most-populous state to legalise same-sex marriage when the governor, Andrew Cuomo, signed the bill into law. It will go into effect on July 24th. After watching the vote on their sofa, Mr O’Neill and Mr Gigl proposed to each other. 在同性恋历史上,位于纽约西村的石墙旅店很有名,因为它见了1969年同性恋者对抗警察的暴乱。6月26日,Roy O’Neill和Michael Gigl站在旅店对面的街道上,观看了纽约的“骄傲游行”。这对情侣的女儿Kiera坐在Gigl的肩膀上,以便看得更清楚。今年的游行比往常更充满欢乐。大约36小时以前,州长Andrew Cuomo签署了一项法案使之成为法律,使纽约成为了第六个同性婚姻合法化的州,也是人口最多的一个。法律将在7月24日生效。坐在沙发上观看了投票之后,Mr O’Neill和 Mr Gigl向对方求婚了。Mr Cuomo cajoled, pressured and tirelessly negotiated to drive the bill through the state Senate, which is controlled by Republicans. In , the last time the issue went to Albany, it was rejected soundly. Not a single Republican supported it and eight Democrats voted no. This time four Republicans joined 29 Democrats to push it through. One, Mark Grisanti of Buffalo, opposed gay marriage for religious reasons, but could not justify denying to gay couples the 1,324 rights and legal protections the state offers married couples. “Who am I”, he asked, “to say that someone does not have the same rights that I have with my wife?”Cuomo威逼利诱,不屈不挠地协商,促使由共和党人控制的州参议院通过了这项法案。在年,这项议案最后一次提交到奥尔巴尼(纽约州首府),但被彻底否决。没有一位共和党人持,有八名民主党人反对。这一次,4名共和党参议员和29名民主党参议员共同持通过这样法案。其中一名来自布法罗的参议员Mark Grisanti 因为宗教原因反对同性婚姻,但他无法为剥夺同性恋夫妇该州赋予已婚夫妇的1324项权力和法律保护辩护。他说:“我有什么资格说我和我妻子享受的权力有人享受不了呢?”201107/143347UN Agency Proposes Selective Industrialization to Help World's PoorestUN机构:工业化要选择正确产品 A ed Nations agency is offering what it calls a "conceptual breakthrough" to uplift the world's poorest people. The U.N. Industrial Development Organization contends selective industrialization offers the best chance for smaller, developing countries to achieve sustainable economic progress. But the backers of the plan acknowledge the global economic crisis will make needed investment difficult to attract. 联合国的一个机构提出了一个它所说的“概念性的突破”来使世界上最贫穷的人摆脱贫困。联合国工业发展组织称,有选择性的工业化为比较小的发展中国家获得可持续的经济发展提供了最好的机会。不过,这个计划的持者承认,全球性的经济危机将使这个计划难以获得所需要的投资。Choosing the right products to make for the global market is key, if low-income and slow-growing countries want to break free of the poverty trap. That is the critical point in the Industrial Development Report of the ed Nations Industrial Development Organization. 如果低收入以及发展缓慢的国家要想摆脱贫困这个陷阱,选择生产为全球市场所需要的正确产品是一个关键。这是联合国工业发展组织在年工业发展报告中所提出的关键论点。The U.N. agency is calling for the World Trade Organization to give preference to exports from the least developed manufacturing countries. It also wants developed countries to liberalize trade rules to allow the poorest an opportunity to create viable manufacturing export industries.  这个联合国机构呼吁世界贸易组织给那些最不发达的制造业国家的出口提供优惠。它还要求发达国家将有关的贸易规则进一步自由化,从而允许最贫穷的人有机会创造一个可行的出口制造工业。The U.N. agency says such changes would benefit what it terms the "bottom billion" - the people who are subsisting on less than one dollar a day.  联合国工业发展组织说,这样的改变将使数十亿处于底层的人从中获益。这些人每天靠不到1美元的生活费聊以度日。But the UNIDO's South Asia representative, Philippe Scholtes, acknowledges the gloomy international economic situation will make it more difficult, in the next five to 10 years, for underdeveloped countries to realize value-creating manufacturing hubs.  但是这个联合国机构驻南亚的代表菲利普.朔尔特斯承认,目前黯淡的国际经济状况将使不发达国家在今后5到10年的时间里很难成为创造价值的制造业中心。"The global crisis will certainly have an impact for these bottom billion," Scholtes said. "The emphasis on building up physical infrastructures, human infrastructures and developing technological capabilities may be put somewhat aside."  他说:“目前的全球危机显然将对这些处于底层的数十亿人造成影响。改善物质基础设施、人力基础设施以及发展技术能力等重要任务可能要被放到一边。”The U.N. agency is highlighting a number of manufacturing clusters as potential templates for other countries to create manufacturing export successes. These include Chennai India's leather industry; the button-manufacturing cluster in Qiaotou in China's Zhejiang Province; the automotive sector in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta; and, the computer components hub of Otigba, Nigeria.  这个机构挑选了一些制造业集群作为其他国家创造制造业出口成功的潜在典范。这些产业集群包括印度清奈的皮革业,位于中国浙江省桥头的钮扣生产基地,印度尼西亚首都雅加达的汽车行业以及尼日利亚欧提巴(Otigba)的计算机部件制造中心。The U.N. report notes India's rapid export growth in the first half of the decade made South Asia the fastest growing region in manufactured exports, following by the Middle East and North Africa.  这份联合国的报告还指出,印度在2001年到2005年期间出口的快速增长使得南亚成为制造产品出口增长最快的地区,其次是中东和北非。The report was released Monday in New Delhi, London and other cities. The UNIDO, headquartered in Vienna, is a specialized ed Nations agency mandated to promote industrial development and international industrial cooperation. 这份报告是星期一在新德里、伦敦和其他城市同时发表的。总部位于维也纳的联合国工业发展组织是联合国的一个专设机构,宗旨是促进工业发展以及国际工业合作。02/63093

Bush Highlights National Security Progress布什称反恐斗争需要长期继续下去 President Bush says the ed States is safer now than before the attacks of September 11, 2001, but that the battle against terrorism will continue long after leaves office. Mr. Bush made the comments to military personnel at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. 美国总统布什表示,美国现在比2001年9/11袭击前安全了,但是反恐斗争在他离任后还将长期继续进行下去。布什在位于宾夕法尼亚州卡尔里斯尔的美国陆军战争学院向军人们发表以上讲话。In what was likely his final major national security address, Mr. Bush paid tribute to America's fighting men and women and took stock of momentous events that happened during his time in office. 在很可能是离任前就国家安全问题发表的最后一次重要讲话中,布什向在他任期内经历了各种不同寻常事件的男女军人们表示了敬意。He acknowledged the country and his presidency changed dramatically on September 11th, when hijacked planes struck the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and another crashed in Pennsylvania. 他承认,2001年9月11号,当被劫持的飞机撞进世界贸易大楼和五角大楼,另一架飞机在宾夕法尼亚州坠毁以后,整个美国以及总统的工作都发生的急剧的变化。"By nightfall, the sun had set on a very different world. With rumors of more attacks swirling, Americans went to bed wondering what the future would bring," he said.  布什总统说:“当夜幕降临的时候,整个世界已经截然不同了。更多袭击即将发生的谣言四起,美国人入睡的时候不知道未来会发生什么。”Mr. Bush said the country rose to the challenge posed by terrorists. 布什说,美国人勇敢地应对恐怖主义的挑战。The president outlined steps taken to enhance security since the attacks. He noted greater intelligence sharing, increased border security, and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. He said U.S. forces are also now more easily deployed to trouble-spots.  他列举了恐怖袭击发生后采取的加强国家安全的措施,其中包括更多的情报分享、加强边境安全以及建立国土安全部。布什说,美国部队现在可以更容易地被部署到热点地区。Mr. Bush acknowledged some decisions made in the war against terror have provoked debate, but said no one can argue with the end result.  布什承认,在反恐战争中做出的一些决定引发了争议,但是他说,任何人都不能对这些决定的结果提出疑问。"This is for certain, since 9/11, there has not been another terrorist attack on American soil," he said. 布什说:“有一点是肯定的:从9/11事件以来,美国土地上没有再发生另一次恐怖袭击。”One of Mr. Bush's most controversial decisions was the 2003 invasion of Iraq. However the president said U.S. efforts there have struck an important blow against global terrorism. 布什最充满争议的决定之一是2003年对伊拉克的入侵。布什说,美国在伊拉克付出的努力严重打击了全球恐怖主义。"Thanks to the success of the [U.S. troop] surge, courage of our troops, and the determination of the Iraqi people, we have delivered a devastating blow to al-Qaida in the land Osama bin Laden once called the central battleground in the war on terror," he said.  “由于美军增兵计划的成功,美国军人的勇气以及伊拉克人民的决心,我们在曾经一度被描述为反恐战争的中央战场上向基地组织和本拉登发出了致命的一击。”Despite progress, the president said the fight against terror is far from over and will test his successors. 布什说,尽管取得了进步,反恐战争还远远没有结束,并将考验他的继任者。200812/59200

China has more plants than anywhere else in the temperate regions of the world. In fact, it has almost twice as many kinds of plants as there are in the ed States which is about the same size and about three times as many as there are in Europe. It’s a very wonderful wealth of plant species, many of which have contributed to our gardens, like rhododendrons, and azaleas, and forsythias, to our cultivated plants like soybeans. The reason that there’re so many plants in China is that they've survived there better. If you go back fifteen million years into the past, you find much the same kinds of plants and the animals in the ed States, Europe and China. They've survived in the warm temperate to subtropical forests that stretch right across the middle of China. In those forests of China we have surviving species like gingko, the maidenhair tree which has been in cultivation in Europe and North America since the 17th century. A wonderful relic in those forests is the dove tree, Davidia. It’s called the dove tree because the fluttering bracts that hang down from the clusters of flowers look like doves flying. Another example is the dawn red wood, metasequoia, which was described as a fossil in 1941. Forty million years ago, it was the commonest forest tree in Western North America, now it’s completely wiped out there, but it survives as about 6,000 individuals in China. The western half of China in the interior of Asia consists of very tough deserts. In the harsh landscape of Tibet there exist a whole series of herbs, sedges, grasses, saussurea, primroses that are found only there. Some groups of plants, like sorseria for example, have their buds protected against the low temperatures, they keep on growing. Another reason that there’re so many kinds of plants in China is that unlike the ed States or Europe, there’s real tropical forest in the south tropical rain forests in southern Yunnan, and in that tropical forest, there are many species that come up from the south. They give the province of Yunnan about as many species, one state of China, and in fact about as many species as there are in the ed States and Canada combined, about 15,000 kinds of plants. And it’s the melding of all of those regions, the survival of species from the past and the creation of many new species by the forces in evolution and the diverse topography of China that’s produced so much variety, so wonderfully pleasing and exciting to see. China is doing the best that it can to save its biological diversity including its floral heritage. Chinese officials are very concerned with this, but it’s very difficult to meet the needs of 1.3 billion people to allow them to consume more, to give them things that they want like automobiles and other imports from the west and still to preserve the natural landscape or even the quality of the air, the water. They’re fighting that battle, a battle with which we are all familiar well, but they're going to have to do a great deal more in the future as we all are. Notes:rhododendron: Any of numerous usually evergreen ornamental shrubs of the genusRhododendron of the North Temperate Zone, having clusters of variously colored, often bell-shaped flowers. azaleas rhododendron: Any of various shrubs of the genusRhododendron having showy, variously colored flowers. forsythias: Any of several shrubs of the genusForsythia, native to Asia and widely cultivated for their early-blooming yellow flowers. maidenhair tree : gingko.dove tree: The Dove tree (Davidia involucrata) is a medium-sized deciduous tree, usually placed in the tupelo family (Nyssaceae), but is sometimes included (with the tupelos) in the dogwood family (Cornaceae), and by yet others given family status of its own, as Davidiaceae. It is also known as the Handkerchief tree. The tree is native to central China, from Hubei to southern Gansu, south to Guizhou, Sichuan and Yunnan.sedge: grass-like plant growing in marshes or near water.saussurea: Saussurea is a genus of about 300 species of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae, native to cool temperate and arctic regions of Asia, Europe, and North America, with the highest diversity in alpine habitats in the Himalaya and central Asia.primrose: Any of numerous plants of the genusPrimula, having well-developed basal leaves and tubular, variously colored flowers grouped in umbels or heads with a funnel-shaped or salverlike corolla and a tube much longer than the calyx. bract: A leaflike or scalelike plant part, usually small, sometimes showy or brightly colored, and located just below a flower, a flower stalk, or an inflorescence.中国拥有的植物种类比世界上其他任何温带地区的国家都多。事实上,中国的植物种类是和他面积差不多大的美国的两倍,是欧洲的三倍。植物种类是非常丰富多的财富,他们装点了我们的花园,像杜鹃,连翘,给我们提供了种植作物,像大豆。中国植物物种如此丰富的原因是植物在那里可以更好的生长。如果时光倒转1500万年,你可以在美国,欧洲和中国发现很多相同种类的植物和动物。他们生长在中国跨越暖温带和亚热带的森林里。在中国的森林里我们可以找到银杏和孔雀草,它们从17世纪开始就在欧洲和北美被种植。在那些森林里很神奇的一个遗迹就是名叫Davidia的鸽子树。它被称为鸽子树是因为花簇上面摆动的花苞就像展翅欲飞的鸽子一样。另外一个例子是黎明红木,水杉,在1941年的时候被称为活化石。4000万年前,水杉是北美西部最常见的树种,现在几乎已经灭绝了,但是在中国却又6千株。中国的西部在亚洲的内部,有着条件非常恶劣的沙漠。在西藏的原野上,生长着一系列的药草,菅茅,雪莲,樱草,而这些植物只有在西藏才有。有一些植株,像sorseria,它们发芽来抵御低温,一直都保持生长。中国物种多的另一个原因是,和美国和欧洲不同,在南部的云南,中国有着真正的热带雨林。在那片热带雨林里,有非常非常多从南方来的物种。它给予中国这个南部的省份,云南,相当于美国和加拿大所有的物种,大约1.5万种,是其他所有地区的总和。从过去存活下来的物种,在进化过程中新产生的物种和中国多种多样的地质特征共同催生了这么多的物种,令人应接不暇。中国尽最大努力来保持生物的多样性,包括它的植物遗产。中国政府对此非常关注。但是要满足13亿人的消费需求给他们所需要的机动车,从西方进口产品来保护自然环境和空气,水的质量仍然是非常困难的事情。他们在进行一场保护环境的战争,一场我们非常熟悉的战争。但是在将来,他们需要做的更多。200811/56560Poland is preparing for state funerals for President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, and is awaiting the repatriation of the bodies of many of its political and military elite - all killed in a plane crash in western Russia on Saturday. Many Poles are slowly coming to grips with this tragedy.波兰准备为遇难的总统卡钦斯基和总统夫人玛利亚举行国葬,同时等待其他同机遇难的政治和军事高层人士的遗体运送回国。星期六所有这些人都在俄罗斯西部发生的坠机惨案中丧生。与此同时很多波兰人都在慢慢地开始正视这个悲剧。More vigils and tributes - hundreds of people crowded into the Church of Saint Anna in central Warsaw for a special mass for those killed in the crash.数以百计的人们涌入座落在华沙市中心的圣安娜教堂参加为遇难者举行的一次特别弥撒,这是波兰人守夜和悼念的一部分。Many mourners young people, mostly students who earlier had marched silently through the city carrying Polish flags and pictures of the President and his wife.很多前来悼念年轻人是学生,他们稍早参加了游行,人们手举波兰国旗和已故总统夫妇画像,在华沙默默地举行了哀悼游行。This young woman, Katherine, says she came in tribute to the country's leaders and because the rector of her university was among those killed.年轻女子凯瑟琳说,她到这里悼念国家遇难的领导人,因为其中有她所在大学的校长。Nearly 100 people were aboard the flight from Warsaw to the western Russian city of Smolensk. The plane crashed as it tried to land amid heavy fog, killing all onboard - President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria and a delegation that included Poland's top military leaders as well as many political and cultural figures.将近100人乘坐从华沙到俄罗斯西部城市斯棱斯克的专机。飞机在浓雾里试图降落过程中坠毁,机上所有人遇难,包括总统卡钦斯基及其夫人,以及一个由波兰高级军事领袖和多名政治及文化重要人物的代表团。201004/101336Homosexual couples in New York are being married for the first time after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law permitting same sex marriage in the state last month. But such marriages, though now legal in New York, remain controversial. 美国纽约州的同性伴侣现在可以正式结婚了。纽约州州长安德鲁·库莫上个月签署了允许同性婚姻的法律。尽管这样的婚姻在纽约市现在已经合法化了,但它依然存在争议。So many couples wanted to be married on Sunday, the first day of legal homosexual marriage in New York City, that local officials announced a lottery to determine eligibility. 太多同性恋伴侣想要在星期天结婚,这是纽约市同性婚姻合法化的第一天,当地官员公布了谁可以在这一天登记结婚的抽签结果。New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, herself openly gay, witnessed the first two ceremonies. She says the same sex marriage law supports equality. “A law that says every family is as good as every other family; that every family is based on love, and is exactly the way God wants it to be," she said. 公开承认自己是同性恋的纽约市议会议长奎恩见了头两对同性伴侣的结婚仪式。她说,同性婚姻法持平等权利。奎恩说:“这部法律说,每个家庭都和别的家庭一样那么美好,每个家庭都以爱为基础,这也正是上帝的教导。”Margie Phelps minced no words to denounce same sex marriage as a crime against God. She and other Christians from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas came half way across the country to say marriage is defined by Holy Scripture. “The pattern is one man and one woman for life to have children who you raise in the nurture and admonition of the Lord to bless the earth by procreation," she said. 玛吉菲尔普斯毫不犹豫的抨击同性婚姻,说这是违反上帝的罪行。她和堪萨斯州托皮卡市一个浸信会教堂的其他基督徒一起跨越了半个美国来到纽约市,就是为了表示婚姻是由圣经所界定的。她说:“婚姻的模式是一个男人和一个女人终生结合以生育子女,人们以上帝的培育和教导来养育子女,上帝用人类的繁衍祝福大地。”David Schwartz, an Orthodox Jew, believes every human being has free choice and the power to rule over their desires. He considers homosexual desire to be wrong. “There’s one God in heaven and earth, and He has decreed for all mankind that they should limit their affections to relationships between a man and a woman in the context of marriage," he said.Gella Soloman, also a Jew, rejects that definition of marriage, as well as the notion that marriage is reserved for the procreation of children. 201107/145962

The distaff of office政界中的巾帼英雄More sisters, daughters and wives of powerful leaders are taking the top political jobs越来越多伟大领袖的、女儿和妻子获得最高政治职位Jul 7th 2011 | from the print edition“LET’S hear it for Dubai!” Yingluck Shinawatra led the crowd’s roar of approval at a campaign stop in Thailand, leaving little doubt of where her political allegiances lie: the Gulf city is home to her brother, the deposed and exiled prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra. “If you love my brother”, she said at another rally, “will you give his younger sister a chance?” “为了迪拜,让我们听到它!”在泰国的一个竞选点,英拉西那瓦领着众人为获胜而呐喊,但却让大家对她的政治立场心存一丝疑虑:她哥哥现在住在海湾城,免职流亡海外的前总理他信西那瓦现在的居所。“如果你爱我的哥哥”,她在另一个集会说道:“你会给他的一次机会么?”Ms Yingluck’s victory in Thailand’s general election on July 3rd is the latest example of an intriguing and, it seems, growing trend: for the sisters, daughters and widows of former leaders to take over the family political business on the death, retirement or—in Mr Thaksin’s case—exile of the founder. There are now more than 20 female relatives of former leaders active in national politics around the world. They include three presidents or prime ministers and at least half a dozen leaders of the opposition or presidential candidates (see table). There are no historical numbers for proper comparison, but it is hard to think of another period—certainly no recent one—when so much dynastic authority has been flowing down the female line.7月3日,英拉在泰国大选中获胜,这是最近一个实例,耐人寻味同时似乎也是一种趋势:前领导人的、女儿、妻子会在其死亡、退休或者——像他信这样——流亡海外之后,接管其政治地位。现在,世界范围内有超过20位前领导人的女性亲属活动在国家政治舞台上,她们包括三位总统或总理,至少6位反对党领导人或总统候选人(见下表)。虽然没有历史数据用于对比,但是很难想象这样一个时代——当然不是最近这个——当前所未有的王朝权利划归女性手里后会是什么样子。Some of these women have made it on their own. Others are at last getting a fairer share of the dynastic privileges that used to accrue to men. Family name confers brand recognition, useful contacts and financial contributions—all of which are vital in democracies, and become more so as retail politics become more important. So America has not only its Bush and Kennedy clans, but the Daley family of Chicago, the Cuomos of New York, the Udalls of the Rocky Mountain states. As politics becomes more professional and specialised —with politicians increasingly knowing no other walk of life—the advantages of being brought up in its ways and wiles grow greater. Violet Bonham Carter, daughter of H.H. Asquith, a British prime minister, told Winston Churchill that her father had talked to her about affairs of state as a child. “I wish I could have had such talks with mine,” was Churchill’s reply, of his austere parent. Many of today’s political daughters have Lady Violet’s advantages.有些女性靠自己的努力获得政治地位,其他人最终获得原本属于男性的王朝特权更加公平的分配。家族姓氏给予了品牌认知、有用的社会关系和经济贡献——所有的一切在民主政治中至关重要,并且其重要性随着传播政治重要性的增长而增长。因此,美国不仅仅只是布什家族和肯尼迪家族,同时也有芝加哥的戴利家族、纽约的库莫斯家族、位于落基山附近的几个州的乌达儿家族。当政治变得更专业和专门化——当政客们对其他行业越来越不了解——他们成长方式和圆滑的优势会越来越明显。曾任英国首相的赫伯特亨利阿斯奎斯之女,维奥利特邦汉卡特告诉温斯顿丘吉尔,她父亲在其孩童时代就经常和她谈论国家政治事务。“我希望我父亲也能这样和我聊聊国家政治。”丘吉尔回答道,想起了他严厉的父亲。当今,很多政治家的女儿们都拥有维奥利特女士的优势。201107/144109Obama Likely to Change US Leadership Style奥巴马称将外交上更多使用软实力  President-elect Barack Obama has indicated his administration is likely to be less reliant on the threat of military force to persuade and influence other countries, and more likely to use so-called "soft power," the attractiveness of a nation's ideals, culture and way of life. 美国当选总统奥巴马表示,他的政府很可能减少通过军事威胁的力量来说或影响其他国家的做法,而更多地使用所谓的“软实力”,也就是美国的理念、文化和生活方式等。The sheer military might of the ed States is unquestioned - U.S. troops are among the best trained and equipped in the world and they are stationed in some 130 countries. But as American military superiority has increased, its reputation and ability to persuade others appear to have taken a hit.  美国军力的绝对优势是不容质疑的,美国的军队在世界上是经受过最好的训练、配备最精良装备的军队之一,他们在130来个国家有驻军。但是在美国军力独占鳌头的势力不断加强的时候,它的声望和说力却似乎有所减弱。A recent Pew Global Attitudes survey shows that positive views of the ed States declined in 26 of the 33 countries where the question was posed in 2002 and 2007, with even close U.S. allies critical of American foreign policy. Recent surveys show majorities in nearly all countries think it is time for U.S. troops to leave Iraq and Afghanistan. 民意调查机构皮尤公司最近所作的全球态度调查显示,2002年和2007年,该机构在33个发放了调查问卷的国家中,有26个国家对美国的正面看法有所下降,有些美国的紧密盟国也对美国的外交政策持批评的态度。最近的调查显示,几乎所有国家中的多数人都认为,现在是美国军队撤离伊拉克和阿富汗的时候了。Nancy Snow is associate professor of public diplomacy at Syracuse University in New York. She says the election of Barack Obama itself is likely to boost America's standing in the world, before he even sets foot in the White House.  南希.斯诺是纽约州雪城大学公共外交副教授,她说奥巴马当选总统这件事本身就很可能提高美国在世界上的地位,甚至在他入主白宫之前就显现效应了。"The world was holding its collective breath, hoping that the outcome would favor Obama-Biden," said Snow. "And it did. And I think there was an immediate downtick of the anti-American sentiment. Now how long that will last is another thing. Because now he has to govern. But just as candidate, a candidate of change, to use his words, really symbolically represented a release from a very unpopular president worldwide."During his victory speech on election night in Chicago, President-elect Obama promised "a new dawn" of American leadership in the world. 奥巴马赢得选举当天晚上在芝加哥所做的胜选演讲中承诺要开启美国在世界上领导地位的“新曙光”。"And to all those who have wondered if America's beacon still burns as bright - tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from our the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity, and unyielding hope," he said.  “对这些想知道美国的灯塔是否还依然明亮的人们来说,今天晚上我们再次明,美国真正的力量不是靠我们军队的威力,不是靠我们国家的财富,而是来自我们理想持久的威力,这就是民主、自由、机会和坚定不移的希望。”Mr. Obama has promised to take the nation in a different direction than the Bush administration. He has said he will close down the prison at Guantanamo Bay as one of his first acts in office, and declared the ed States will not use techniques such as water-boarding to obtain information.  奥巴马承诺将领导美国走向与布什政府不同的方向。他说过,他要关闭设在关塔纳湾的拘押中心,以此作为他执政的以后最新的行动之一,他还宣布美国将不再利用把犯人的头部强按到水里等手段获取口供。Nancy Snow say Mr. Obama knows that restoring trust is key. 南希.斯诺说,奥巴马知道,恢复信誉才是关键。"He said he wants to restore trust in government. He wants to restore trust in American leadership, both abroad, and at also here at home," she said. "I think what is required now through soft power, it includes non-violent practices of attracting people, through what you represent, and what you do, and that is the type of president he has said he would be." “他说,他要恢复人们对政府的信任。他要恢复人们对美国的领导地位的信任,不仅让国内民众,也让海外民众信任。我认为这就要通过软实力,包括吸引民众的非暴力行为,通过你所代表的政策,通过你的所作所为来说话,这就是奥巴马所说的,他要当这样的总统。”Snow says Mr. Obama can make use of his excellent communication skills and his multi-cultural background to restore America's ability to wield soft power through diplomacy and development programs.  斯诺说,奥巴马可以利用他优秀的沟通技巧和他多元的文化背景来恢复美国通过外交和发展项目来运用软实力的能力。Kristen Lord is an expert on U.S. relations with the Islamic world at the Brookings Institution in Washington. She says she is optimistic Mr. Obama will immediately change the tone of dialogue with other countries, from a "go it alone" approach, to one of mutual respect and cooperation. 克里斯顿.洛德是华盛顿布鲁金斯学会中美国伊斯兰世界关系研究部门的专家,她说,她对奥巴马保持乐观态度,他认为新政府会在和其他国家对话中改变腔调,从过去美国特立独行的做法,改变为相互尊重、相互合作。"When Americans show that they are willing to listen, when they are willing to engage, when they are willing to address some of the underlying challenges that Muslim societies are facing, perhaps paradoxically to some, that actually makes the ed States more secure," said Lord. 她说:“当美国人显示出他们愿意听取别人的意见,愿意接触,愿意应对穆斯林社会所面临的挑战,那么 ,尽管有些人认为这自相矛盾,这样实际上可以让美国更安全。”At her Senate confirmation hearing, Mr. Obama's choice to be Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, vowed to move away from what she called the "rigid ideology" that many analysts have associated with President Bush's foreign policy.  在奥巴马提名希拉里.克林顿为国务卿的参议院听会上,克林顿参议员强调要摈弃她所称的“僵化的意识形态”。很多分析人士把这种僵化的意识形态和布什总统的外交政策联系起来。"I believe that American leadership has been wanting, but is still wanted. We must use what has been called smart power, the full range of tools at our disposal - diplomatic, economic, military, political, legal, and cultural - picking the right tool or combination of tools for each situation. With smart power, diplomacy will be the vanguard of our foreign policy," she said. 希拉里.克林顿说:“我认为美国过去和现在都没有展现领导力量。我们必须巧妙地使用我们的实力,就是充分利用我们的各种手段,以外交、经济、军事、政治、法律和文化手段,选择最恰当的方法,或者结合某些方法,来处理具体情况。巧妙的使用实力,让外交将成为我们对外政策的先锋。”Clinton said she and Mr. Obama would always try persuasion first, and would rely on military force only as a last resort. Mrs. Clinton said the ed States needs to make more friends and fewer enemies, and called for the State Department to be fully empowered and funded to seize the many opportunities for leadership. 克林顿说,她和奥巴马都将首先尝试说对方,军事能力只能作为最后的手段。克林顿说,美国需要结交更多的朋友,减少敌人,并呼吁国务院能得到充分授权和充足资金来抓住巩固领导地位的机会。President Bush's former defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, was a well known skeptic of the notion of soft power, saying popularity is fleeting and should not guide U.S. foreign policy. Rumsfeld maintained the U.S. is strong enough to pursue its interests as it sees fit, and must accept that others will sometimes resent it. 布什总统前国防部长拉姆斯菲尔德被认为是怀疑软实力的代表人物,他说,美国是否受欢迎是经常变化的,不能用它来指导美国的外交政策。拉姆斯菲尔德坚持认为,美国有足够能力以恰当的方式来追求自己的利益,并且必须接受别人有时会产生反感这样的事实。Others caution that many people in the ed States and abroad have such high expectations for Mr. Obama to resolve the world's many problems, that some measure of disappointment is inevitable.  还有一些人警告说,很多美国人和外国人都对奥巴马解决国际问题抱有过高的期待,这将不可避免地带来失望。But millions of people across the world are expected to watch the inauguration of the new president with a sense of pride and hope for a better future, and will look to Mr. Obama's administration for a new kind of American leadership. 但是世界上数以百万计的人们都以一种自豪和对未来希望的心情期待着观看新总统的宣誓就职仪式,希望奥巴马政府让美国展现一种新的领导能力。01/61105US Autoworkers Voice Frustrations, Suggestions on Auto Restructuring美国汽车工人国会山表达心声  As Congress and the Bush administration continued negotiations on a billion loan for U.S. auto companies, a group of autoworkers traveled to Washington to draw attention to their concerns about the future of the American auto industry. 美国国会和布什政府正在讨论汽车工业是否应该获得150亿美元的救助。与此同时,一些美国汽车工人来到华盛顿,表达他们的心声。他们对美国汽车工业的未来感到担忧,并希望引起舆论的关注。Members of the ed Auto Workers and other labor unions appeared at a news conference on Capitol Hill Monday as lawmakers and the White House were negotiating details of a loan package for General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. 就在白宫和国会针对向通用、福特和克莱斯勒三大汽车公司提供贷款的方案细节展开讨论的时候,美国汽车工人联合会(UAW)和其他工会组织在国会山召开了记者会。They came not only from Michigan, where the companies are based, but also from Indiana, Ohio, New York and other states where tens of thousands of Americans work directly in or contribute to automobile production. 这些工会成员不仅来自三大汽车公司总部所在地密西根,同时也来自印第安纳、俄亥俄、纽约和其他一些州。在这些地区,成千上万名美国人从事和汽车生产直接或间接有关的工作。All urged Congress and the Bush administration to approve the loan, which is now less than half of the billion originally requested by the "Big Three" car companies. 他们敦促国会和行政部门批准对汽车工业提供贷款。目前讨论的贷款额度不足三大汽车公司原先要求的340亿美元的一半。But their main goal was to combat the assertion by auto industry executives and other critics that a large portion of the blame for the industry's inefficiencies and financial weakness can be placed on the shoulders of high cost union workers. 但是,他们此行最主要的目的是想反驳汽车公司高管和行业批评人士常常表达的一种看法,即美国汽车工业的不足和财务困境在很大程度上应该归咎于工会成员高昂的劳动成本。Frank Hammer, a retired president of the ed Auto Workers union, or UAW, Local 909 in Detroit, says now is the time for big solutions, not criticisms of workers. 弗兰克.海默是美国汽车工人联合会底特律地区909分会的前主席。他说,美国汽车工业现在需要的是庞大的解决方案,而不是对工人的指责。"The reality is that our labor constitutes just eight percent of the price of a new car," he said. "We could work for free and it would not solve the crisis." “现实情况是,劳工成本仅仅构成一辆新车价格的8%。我们可以不要钱白干,但是公司还是会赔钱。”Tony Browning has worked for more than 34 years in a Chrysler plant in Sterling Heights, Michigan. 托尼.布朗宁在密西根州斯特灵海茨地区的克莱斯勒工厂干了34年。"People are giving the auto industry a bad reputation," he said. "They are saying we are lazy, we are overpaid and under worked. But that is far from the truth." 他说:“人们对汽车工业的一些指责是没有道理的。他们说汽车工人懒惰,挣钱太多、工作太少。事实不是这样的。”The workers contrasted federal money that General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are seeking with the hundreds of billions of dollars the government quickly came up with for banks and financial institutions. 这些工人还把汽车公司希望获得的联邦贷款和美国政府为业提供的上千亿美元的救助计划加以对比。Bill Alfred, President of UAW Local 235 in Michigan, says the government needs to help the U.S. auto industry survive the current financial storm. 比尔.阿尔弗雷德是汽车工人联合会密西根235分会的主席。他说,政府需要帮助汽车工业度过金融风暴。"It's just ridiculous that the auto industry is getting tormented over getting a fraction of the money we have given Wall Street," he said. "And that was a blank check. It was [for Wall Street] a walk in, take the money, and walk out."  “我们要的钱只不过是华尔街得到的零头而已,但是汽车工业为此却倍受指责。这太荒唐了。而且华尔街得到的还是张空白票。他们什么都不用做,拿了钱就走。”Wendy Thompson, a retired former president of UAW Local 235 in Michigan, says the federal government should provide oversight of the auto industry as it attempts to transform itself. 温蒂.汤普森是汽车工人联合会密西根235分会的前主席。她说,联邦政府应该带领汽车行业进行变革。Among her suggestions: retooling factories to focus on rebuilding America's transportation system. 她的建议包括围绕重新建设美国交通系统这个重心来重组汽车工业。"Remember World War II? Do you know your history? Auto plants transformed into making airplanes and other war products overnight," said Thompson. "Why can't we do this again? It's another crisis. Let's start making mass transportation; let's start doing light rail [and] speed trains. We can do that work; we're skilled workers; we have shown that we have the capabilities. Let us do that work." 她说:“记不记得第二次世界大战?记得那段历史吗?当时的汽车生产线一夜之间就转换成了飞机和其他武器装备的生产线。现在为什么不能这样呢?现在我们面对的是又一次危机。我们应该开始着眼公共交通,我们应该开始建造轻轨和高速列车。我们可以做这些,我们是高技术工人,我们有这个能力。”Mark Deagle and Steven Waskul are auto industry workers in Michigan.[If] you start closing these plants, you're not only going to affect them, you're going to affect our membership, you're going to affect the suppliers, you're going to affect a lot of Americans," Deagle said."Nobody has mentioned rail cars that transport the vehicles throughout the country. Nobody has mentioned the car haulers. Nobody has mentioned all the people, the peripheral people, who are involved in the auto industry," Waskul said.When they received auto company restructuring proposals last week, U.S. lawmakers also heard from experts about the effect of potential bankruptcy by any or all of the Big Three companies - something a government loan is aimed at preventing. 当美国国会议员收到汽车公司递交的重组方案的时候,专家也对议员发出警告说,三大巨头中的任何一家,或者三家一同破产的话,后果将非常严重。而政府贷款的目的正是为了使这些公司免于这种命运。David Friedman, Research Director for the Clean Vehicles Program of the Union of Concerned Scientists, said the question is whether U.S. automakers can change. 大卫.弗里德曼是"关注时事科学家联盟"(Union of Concerned Scientists)的低污染汽车项目负责人。他说,现在的关键问题是汽车工业能否变革。"We need to acknowledge what we aly know," he said. "The survival of the Detroit auto industry depends on their ability to deliver the products consumers need in a world of volatile oil prices and a changing climate." “我们必须承认我们已经知道的事情。底特律的生死存亡取决于他们能否在油价剧烈波动和全球气候变暖的情况下生产消费者需要的产品。”Key points in auto company loan legislation include strong government oversight to ensure that companies implement restructuring plans. 为汽车工业提供贷款的立法草案包括政府加强对汽车行业重组过程的监管。Representative Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, says change will require significant sacrifices and compromise. 巴尼.弗兰克众议员是众议院金融务委员会主席。他说,汽车工业的变革需要有关各方做出实质性的妥协和牺牲。"There would be requirements that the various parties here, the stakeholders - whether they are the bond holders or the workers or the shareholders or the top rank employees - that all of them are going to have to make some kind of sacrifice in this," he said. "There will have to be contributions from all sides." “最终的方案会要求所有有关方面,所有利益攸关者,不论是股东、债券持有人、工人、还是高级主管,他们所有人在这个过程中都必须付出一定代价。他们要为这个过程做出贡献。”House of Representative Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that if by early next year - in the early months of President-elect Barack Obama's administration - companies are not meeting conditions, they should not expect what she calls "an endless flow of money". 众议院议长南希.佩洛西说,如果汽车公司在明年早些时候,也就是奥巴马执政的最初阶段无法达到国会的要求的话,这些公司就不应该指望获得政府源源不断的救助。200812/58446

The geology of the planet地球的地质情况Welcome to the Anthropocene欢迎来到人类纪Humans have changed the way the world works. Now they have to change the way they think about it, too人类改变了世界运行方式,现在,人类不得不改变他们思考世界的方式May 26th 2011 | from the print editionTHE Earth is a big thing; if you divided it up evenly among its 7 billion inhabitants, they would get almost 1 trillion tonnes each. To think that the workings of so vast an entity could be lastingly changed by a species that has been scampering across its surface for less than 1% of 1% of its history seems, on the face of it, absurd. But it is not. Humans have become a force of nature reshaping the planet on a geological scale—but at a far-faster-than-geological speed.地球是个庞然大物。如果你把它均分给其间的70亿居民,每个人能分到近1万亿吨。表面看来,一个渺小的物种,生命不及地球的万分之一,在其表面跑跑跳跳竟能永久性地改变如此巨大实体的运行机制,想一想都是荒谬之事。不过确有其事。人类已经成为重塑地球地质年表的自然力量,其速度比地质构造自然演化的过程快得多。A single engineering project, the Syncrude mine in the Athabasca tar sands, involves moving 30 billion tonnes of earth—twice the amount of sediment that flows down all the rivers in the world in a year. That sediment flow itself, meanwhile, is shrinking; almost 50,000 large dams have over the past half- century cut the flow by nearly a fifth. That is one reason why the Earth’s deltas, home to hundreds of millions of people, are eroding away faster than they can be replenished.阿萨巴斯卡油砂的辛克鲁德矿是一个单一工程项目。该项目涉及移动300亿吨泥土——这一数字是地球上所有河流一年中流动的泥沙总量的两倍。与此同时,泥沙流本身也在逐渐消减。在过去半个世纪中,近50000个大型大坝截断近1/5的泥沙流。这也是为什么数以百万计人类的家园——三角洲地区泥沙补给速度不及侵蚀速度而呈现蚀退之势。201105/138573Thai Government Criticizes Campaign for Royal Pardon for Ousted PM泰总理批评寻求王室赦免他信运动Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has criticized moves to seek a royal pardon for exiled leader Thaksin Shinawatra. The campaign comes soon after by-election victories by pro-Thaksin politicians.泰国总理阿披实.维乍集瓦批评了企图寻求王室赦免流亡国外的前领导人他信的政治运动。这一运动是在亲他信的政界人士赢得补缺选举胜利后不久开始的。Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva on Friday said the campaign for a pardon for Thaksin Shinawatra lowers the status of the royal institution.阿披实总理星期五说,这一争取他信得到赦免的运动降低了王室的地位。King Bhumipol Adulyadej is highly revered in Thailand. He is able to grant royal pardons and reduce sentences but usually only after the felon has served time in jail.普密蓬国王在泰国很受尊重。他能颁布王室赦免令或者减刑令,但是他通常只在罪犯在监狱刑后才这样做。Mr. Thaksin was ousted in a military coup in 2006. He has since been convicted of corruption charges, and fled the country to avoid prison. His supporters, known as Red Shirts, are seeking a million signatures on a petition asking for a pardon. 他信在2006年的一次军事政变中被废黜。他从那时以来一直被定有腐败罪,并且逃离泰国以避免刑。他的持者“红衫党”正在为他要求赦免的请愿书上征集一百万人的签名。Despite being in exile, Mr. Thaksin is able to rally strong support - recently more than 20,000 Red Shirts demonstrated in Bangko. 他信尽管在流亡中,还是能得到强大的持,最近有两万多红衫党成员在曼谷示威。Buranaj Samutharak, a spokesman for Prime Minister Abhsit's Democrat Party, says the government is deeply concerned about Mr. Thaksin's ability to interfere with Thai politics.总理阿披实的发言人布拉纳吉说,泰国政府十分担忧他信干扰泰国政局的能力。"What's more worrying actually is Thaksin's continuation to influence social disruption - which since April's incident - has adversely affected Thailand's reputation," he said. "And through his continued action in causing political unrest in Thailand I think it's definitely something the government cannot take lightly."他说:“实际上更令人担心的是他信继续挑起社会不安定局面,从4月的事件以来,动乱局面对泰国的信誉产生负面效果。我认为,泰国政府决不可忽视他信继续不断地扰乱泰国政局的行动。”In April, Red Shirts rioted in Bangkok and also forced the cancellation of a gathering of Asian leaders in Thailand.4月红衫党在曼谷暴动,并迫使在泰国召开的亚洲国家领导人会议被取消。Despite the riots, politicians allied with Mr. Thaksin recently won two by-elections in Thailand's rural northeast, where he remains very popular.尽管发生了这些暴乱行动,但是与他信结盟的政界人士最近仍然在泰国东北部农村地区赢得了两次补缺选举,他信在当地仍享有很高的威望。Chris Baker, an author and commentator on Thai politics, says the by-elections show that Mr. Thaksin's populist economic policies still have strong support among the rural poor."The Thaksin name still has a lot of pull in the northeast and particularly in the lower northeast," said Baker. "We are in a situation now where the electorate is calling the tune and the electorate seems to be saying we are still going to vote for pro-Thaksin people."But Mr. Thaksin faces a major court case, which begins this month. The court is to rule on whether more than billion of his funds, frozen after the coup, were obtained through corruption while he was prime minister.但是他信面临一项重大的法庭案件审理,该案件的审理从本月开始。有关法庭要裁决在政变后被冻结的在他信名下的二十多亿美元的资金是否在他担任总理期间通过腐败途径获得的。A verdict is expected in October. Some political analysts say if the court finds in Mr. Thaksin's favor he and his allies will be strengthened in the lead-up to general elections that many political analysts expect next year.预计将在10月作出裁决。某些政治分析人士说,如果该法庭作出有利于他信的裁决,他信及其盟友将在导向大选期间的力量大大加强,许多政治分析人士预计这次大选将在明年举行。07/76635Olympics boost Chinese economy 奥运带动经济 The spirit of commerce is alive and well in traditionally communist China, as the country gets y for the Olympics.For people in Beijing, China are going gaga over the upcoming Olympics since being awarded of the Games in 2001 the city have undergone a major transformation to prepare itself to host, literally, the planet, this summer, everything from subways to highways and the airports, they've all have been revamped and expanded to host millions of spectators that will descend on Beijing. Joining me now Money magazine, Senior Writer, George Manne, see you were there. Thank you for joining us, today,Thank you for having me Bringing us a little piece of Beijing, what’s interesting, you have talked about a bit of how the city is really educating the public about the Olympic Games, what did you notice?Well. It is the coolest thing that I have ever seen in a subway that you didn't ,don't wanna talk to the police about ,it was they had s , not only do they have TV monitors in the newest subway lines, but while I was there , they were running non-stop educational s about the Olympics ,so if you watch for 5 minutes ,and if you know Chinese which I don’t. You can learn all about how you judge let's say the trampoline competition, what makes a good trampolinist versus, you know, a none-medal-winning trampolinist.They're really trying to get them into it.Oh,yeah, plus, they were showing an endless loop of the sequence of events that showed originally when China was awarded at the Olympics. They had Samaranch, they had the International Olympics Committee announcing Beijing ,and everybody cheering.When I was in Athens they had the Olympics, and they were doing the as similar, as similar thing, but it does not sound like to the same extent .It seems like Beijing is really taking this all out.Yeah, it’s been an excuse for a lot of construction in the city, building new highways, obviously building the main venues also upgrading transportation systems around them ,around the city.Other than changes in infrastructure, what did you notice, the signal that hail the Olympics are coming?Lots of advertising, everywhere you look, there were billboards with Olympic times, also billboards with the five cute little furry little mascots for the Olympics.Right. I’ve seen thoseThose are the Fuwa, the good luck dolls and they represent different Olympic sports, different Olympic ideals, and also different elements, five different, elements (Earth, fire, wind), yes ,and also different animals representatives of China . There is a panda there, too. Of course. What is also interesting is that the government has cut down on call-to-call guerilla advertising by non-Olympic sponsors, they are trying to make an effort that if you see an advertisement that has something to do with sports; it is from an official sponsor who has paid-up.But what about the big sponsors like Nike for example, how are the Chinese government officials controlling their advertising in Beijing?Well , it is pretty uncontrollable , sorry Carol advertisement is everywhere ,that was one of the things that were the most interesting thing to me, going to China for the first time , you think of China as a socialist country ,but is just filled with capitalism and buying and purchasing ,and stuff like that.What are you noticing, you know, finally just from the men and women and pedestrians on the street, what is different do you think possibly about their behavior, are they really really geared up for the game , and some of them // off the construction that they have to deal with to prepare for the Games ?Well, that is an issue in China ,there has been a lot of tearing down of old neighborhoods are to build new buildings, new hotels ,just to develop the city ,and it does not seem as if there is a strong historic preservation movement in China as strong as it is let's say in major cities in the ed States . So that is just rolling along there. I have to ask you about the smog, because if you think the smog in L.A. is bad, you should check out Beijing, right? I mean, it's supposed to be a little less now, because they cut off a lot of their industrial production for the GamesYes every, people that I spoke to said you know unfortunately this is about the worst time of the year that you could have an event in Beijing, it is just seasonally . it is just a bad and more polluted time , what I told people coming back, I live in NY,what I told people coming back,it was a really exciting city, make New York feel like a small town, make NY feel like just a little tiny building that has not that many people ,it also made NY look like it had air like in a country meddle compared to Beijing . So I know they are really fighting to try to fix them up in time for the Games.Yeah we'll see what happens, George, thank you for giving us you first // perspective, I appreciate that.200811/56847

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