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温岭做包皮费用温岭黄岩区人民医院割包皮Travel 美国旅游风尚 It's summertime, and the livin' is easy. For many Americans, this is the season to travel. Why? Because school is out. Because the weather is great. And most of all, because we all deserve a break. When Americans take a break, they often head for their favorite vacation spot.夏天到了,生活很惬意。对很多美国人来说,这是个旅游的季节,为什么?因为学校放假,因为天气很好,但最重要的是,休个假是我们所应得的。美国人休假时经常会去他们最喜欢的渡假地点。 Throughout their history, Americans have been people on the move. The early immigrants had to travel to get to the New World. Once they arrived, they settled along the East Coast. But they weren't content to stay there. Explorers and traders journeyed to the unknown western territories. Later, settlers moved west to develop these new areas. As a result of this westward migration, Americans eventually occupied the whole continent-from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Even today, Americans seem unable to stay put. Research says that the average American moves every five years. 纵观整个历史,美国人一直是个迁移的民族。早期的移民者必须长途跋涉才能抵达新大陆,他们一到达就沿着东岸定居,但却不满于长居那地,冒险家和商人旅行至未知的西部地区。稍后,移民者也向西迁移去开发这些新地区。由于向西迁移,美国人最后占据了整块新大陆--从大西洋到太平洋。即使到今天,美国人似乎仍然无法在一地久居。根据研究,美国人平均每五年要搬一次家。 Besides their habit of changing addresses, Americans are used to traveling. Some people make long-distance commutes to work daily. Their jobs may even require them to take frequent business trips. Most companies provide an annual vacation for their employees, and people often use that time to travel. Some people just visit friends or relatives in distant states. Others go on low-budget weekend excursions and stay in economy motels. Those with more expensive tastes choose luxurious resorts and hotels. Camping out in the great outdoors appeals to adventurous types. Some travel in recreational vehicles (RVs) to camp out in comfort, while others "rough it" by sleeping in tents. 除了搬家的习惯以外,美国人也很习惯旅行。有些人每天上下班得做长距离的通勤,工作上甚至经常需要因公旅行。大部分的公司每年会提供年假给员工,人们通常会利用这段时间去旅行。有些人去远一点的别州拜访朋友或亲戚,有些则在周末有个经济的小假期,并住在花费不高的旅馆里。品味较昂贵的人选择豪华的渡假地点和饭店;绝佳的户外露营则吸引冒险型的人。有些人开着旅行车出游,以舒适的方式露营;有些人则睡帐篷尝试野外生活。 Most Americans prefer to travel within their nation's borders. Why? For one thing, it's cheaper than traveling abroad, and there's no language problem. But besides that, the vast American territory offers numerous tourist attractions. Nature lovers can enjoy beaches, mountains, canyons, lakes and a wealth of natural wonders. Major cities offer visitors a multitude of urban delights. The convenience of modern freeways, railways and airplanes makes travel in America as easy as pie. 大部分美国人比较喜欢在国内旅游,为什么呢?其中一个原因是,国内旅游比国外旅游便宜,也没有语言不通的问题。但除此原因以外,占地极广的美国国土提供了许多能吸引游客的地点。爱好大自然的人可以到海滩、山上、峡谷、湖泊和很多大自然奇景地区游览。大城市也提供给游客们很多都市型态的。现代高速公路、铁路和飞机使得在美国旅行很容易。 Many American vacations are as unique as the people who take them. Families often plan their trips with the kids in mind. More and more "family friendly" vacation resorts offer special programs for children. History buffs seek out famous historical sites and museums. Environmentalists prefer "green vacations." These trips allow them to observe flora and fauna up-close without disturbing the sensitive balance of nature. Some people find sea cruises relaxing and refreshing. Others hit the water to go fishing, skiing or white-water rafting. Daring souls get the thrill of a lifetime on trekking expeditions and safaris in remote places from Africa to Asia. 很多美国假期非常特别,和参与此种假期的人一样特别。全家出游时通常会将孩子考虑在内,有愈来愈多「适合全家出游」的渡假地点为孩子提供特别的活动。对历史有兴趣的人会找一些著名的历史据点和物馆。有环保意识的人喜欢「环保假期」,这样的旅行使他们能近距离观察动植物,并且不会扰乱了大自然敏感的生态平衡。有些人觉得海上旅游能使心情放松并感到清爽,有些人则到水边钓鱼、滑水或泛舟。胆子大的人到亚洲和非洲去探险狩猎作长途旅行,享受一辈子难得一次的刺激。 Americans aren't the only people in the world who travel. International business, mass communication and jet airplanes have created a world of globetrotters. People all over the world enjoy going abroad to travel. And no matter where they live, people enjoy visiting scenic spots in their own country. But being on the go makes Americans what they are: people on the move. In America, almost every-body is a tourist sometime. 美国人不是世上唯一爱旅行的人。国际企业、大众传播与喷射机创造了一个环游世界者的世纪。全世界的人都喜欢到海外旅游,不管住在那里,人们都喜欢去造访自己国家内风景优美的地区。不过好动的本性使美国人变成今天的模样:成为爱迁移的人。在美国,几乎每个人都有旅游的经验。 /200804/34319椒江区龟头炎症 I never should have been an attorney.我或许本来就不该当律师。I am physically incapable of pulling all-nighters, I avoid conflict instead of pursuing it, and I have essentially zero drive to fight for the interests of multi-billion dollar corporations. So it did not come as much of a surprise to anyone -- except my mom and dad, perhaps -- when after exactly one year of practice at a big law firm, I turned in my BlackBerry and walked out the door.我受不了整夜整夜地加班,我总是回避冲突、不愿跟着冲突走,我也没有什么动力来为规模几十亿美元的大公司争夺利益。因此,我的选择可能除了我父母,谁都不会奇怪:在一家大律所干了整整一年后,我交出了黑莓手机,选择离开。Big Law is famously tough. But despite its reputation, law students continue to line up for consideration at the country#39;s top firms, hoping to land a coveted spot as an associate. Many of these young lawyers, though, will find that they are simply not cut out for law firm life and, according to Pamela Woldow of law firm consultancy Edge International, approximately 70% will leave within the first four years of practice.大牌律所出了名的压力大。但法律专业的学生们仍然排着队等候美国这些大律所的挑选,希望能够在这里谋得一个职位。很多年轻律师后来会发现,他们根本不适合律所的工作和生活,据律所咨询公司Edge International的帕米拉·沃都称,约70%的律师会在入行后四年内离开。At a time when their very survival seems up in the air, how can firms spot and hire the few candidates that will thrive in Big Law instead of wasting time and money on people like me?有些人能不能干得来还不好说,在这样的情况下,律所怎样才能发现和聘用日后能在大律所如鱼得水的应聘者,不把时间和金钱浪费在像我这样的人身上。Woldow says that smart firms are beginning to change their hiring standards, selecting candidates who will stay longer than just a few years and who, upon making partner, will bring in their own business.沃都表示,一些先知先觉的律所正在开始改变雇佣标准,选择那些不会呆几年就离开的应聘者,以及那些成为合伙人后能给公司带来更多业务的人。According to Heather Frattone, associate dean for career planning at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, this means that firms are looking for more than just exemplary report cards. Depending on the firm, ;communications skills, project management, organizational understanding, drive, initiative, resilience, and entrepreneurship; are all sought after qualities in recruits, but different firms place varying levels of value on these traits.宾夕法尼亚大学(University of Pennsylvania)法学院职业规划副主任希瑟·弗拉顿表示,它意味着律所不再只注重出色的成绩单。根据律所的不同,“沟通技巧、项目管理、组织能力、内驱力、主动性、适应力和创业精神”是招聘时关注的东西,但不同的律所对这些特质的注重程度则有所不同。Firm recruiters, Frattone adds, are beginning to ask more behavioral questions to identify candidates with the qualities they#39;re looking for. ;Things like, #39;Tell me a time you were not successful at something you were working on, and what did you learn from that?#39;; These are the kinds of questions you might hear at any other interview. They just haven#39;t had much of a role at law firms up until now.弗拉顿表示,律所招聘人员开始询问更多行为方面的问题,寻找具有相关特质的应聘者。“比如,‘讲讲你一次失败的经历,你从中学到了什么?’”这是大家在任何其他行业的面试中都可能遇到的问题。但过去,这些问题在律所面试中不太会遇到。But it#39;s not enough for young lawyers to be smart, ambitious team players. Woldow advises looking for people with more life experience over candidates who went straight from high school to college to law school. ;Maturity helps you roll with the punches a little more,; she says. Candidates who have only worked within academia, who graduated at the top of their class, and are used to being lauded for their accomplishments often ;don#39;t understand that they#39;re just the lowest of the low in a big machine.; They have trouble taking orders, moving through Big Law#39;s hierarchical structure, and putting in the required hours.仅凭这些,还不足以确保年轻律师成为聪明上进的团队成员。沃都建议选择那些有更多生活经验的人,而不是直接从高中——大学——法学院一路读下来的学生。她说:“成熟有助于一个人应对各种压力。”只有学术经验、以最优成绩毕业、已经习惯了种种赞扬声的毕业生应聘者们往往“不会理解自己只处于大公司底层的底层这一现实。”他们会在从指挥、按大律所繁复的等级制度慢慢晋升以及投入必要的时间方面遇到麻烦。Psychotherapist Will Meyerhofer, a former associate at Sullivan amp; Cromwell and author of the legal blog The People#39;s Therapist, thinks firms can keep associates around longer by only hiring people he calls ;workhorses.; These are the ones ;who can just handle the brutal hours, who are very motivated by the money and making partner.; He describes these people as ;nerdy,; ;geeky,; and ;dorky,; and with ;fewer outside interests.;职业心理学家、法律客The People#39;s Therapist的主威尔·迈尔沃弗也曾经在Sullivan amp; Cromwell工作过。他认为,律所可以只聘用“老黄牛”来确保员工效力更长的时间。这些人“能承担漫长的工作时间,能被金钱和胜任合伙人的前景鼓舞。”他把这些人称作“书呆子”、“极客”和“呆子”,“没有其他什么兴趣”。But while plenty of firms will happily snap up those recruits, Williams amp; Connolly regularly takes cases to trial and looks for attorneys who will not only make a positive impression on clients, but on juries as well. ;Someone who can only talk on a purely theoretical, academic level, is going to be more challenged here,; says Williams amp; Connolly hiring partner Meg Keeley. Instead, Keeley says, her firm seeks ;someone who can make arguments on a practical and personal level.;很多律所都乐意招这样的人,但Williams amp; Connolly会定期具体分析,寻找那些不仅能给客户、也能给陪审团留下积极印象的律师。“只会高谈阔论理论和学术的人会在这儿面临更大的挑战,”Williams amp; Connolly的招聘合伙人麦格·基利表示。基利称,事实上,她的律所是在寻找“能在实务和个人层面进行辩驳的人”。And, of course, candidates should also have a real excitement about the actual practice of law. (Tip: Don#39;t mention Law amp; Order in an interview.) These are the people that Meyerhofer says will happily ;sit and argue over the best ways to draft certain provisions.;当然,候选人对于从事法律行业也应该真正有兴趣。【建议:不要在面试中提起《法律与秩序》( Law amp; Order)。】按迈尔沃弗的话说,要的就是那些能高高兴兴地“坐下来,争论如何更好地起草某些条款”的人。A September, 2008 paper from UC Berkeley professors Marjorie Shultz and Sheldon Zedeck suggests that Keeley is onto something. Attempting to help law schools identify promising future lawyers, the report#39;s authors examined a number of ;predictors; of lawyering effectiveness. Typical measures of ;geekiness; like LSAT scores and undergraduate grade point averages were not reliable indicators of later lawyering abilities. Instead, situational judgment tests, biographical information, and seven specific personality traits -- ambition, adjustment, sociability, prudence, interpersonal sensitivity, inquisitiveness, and learning approach -- could better forecast an applicant#39;s later success as an attorney.加州大学伯克利分校(UC Berkeley)教授玛约利·舒尔茨和谢尔顿·泽得克2008年9月的一份研究报告指出,基利说的有道理。报告试图帮助法学院发掘日后可能大有前途的律师,对众多可能预示未来律师职业能力的“预兆”进行了分析。典型的“好学者”标准,比如LSAT得分以及本科平均分,并不是反映日后律师职业能力的可靠指标。事实上,情景判断测试、个人经历以及7种特定人格特质——野心,适应力,社交能力,谨慎度,人际敏感度、好打探和学习方法——可以更好地预测应聘者日后作为律师的成功程度。Of course, most firms would love to hire these social and inquisitive lawyers, but picking them out of the overflowing candidate pool is not always easy. Law students don#39;t usually confess to their interviewers that they don#39;t like to work hard or have no passion for practicing law.当然,大多数律所都愿意聘用这些擅长社交、好打探的律师,但要在众多的应聘者中找到这些人并不容易。法律专业的学生们通常不会向面试考官承认,他们不喜欢拼命工作,他们对从事法律行业没有热情。Woldow points to a few specific biographical indicators of future Big Law superstars: first-generation lawyers without legacies of Supreme Court justices and Big Law partners; first or second-generation immigrants; and people from modest economic backgrounds. These people, she says, often come in with different expectations. Instead of thinking they are due money and success, they think, ;#39;I have to earn it and make my way.#39;;迈尔沃弗指出,有几种背景可能预示未来会在大律所中获得成功:第一代律师,父辈不是最高法院大法官,也不是什么大律所的合伙人;第一或第二代移民;以及来自经济条件一般的家庭。她说,这些人进来的时候想法往往不一样。他们不会把获得金钱和成功视为必然,他们想的是“我必须要努力赚取这些,走出自己的路。” /201306/243921男性虽然不像女性那么容易活到90岁,但那些步入90岁高龄的男性却比女性患阿尔茨海默氏症等老年痴呆症的几率要低很多。Men are much less likely than women to live into their 90s, but those who do have a much lower chance of having Alzheimer's disease (阿尔茨海默氏症)or another form of dementia, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.In a study involving 911 people age 90 and older, 28 percent of the men and 45 percent of the women had some type of dementia. Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia in the elderly, and vascular dementia(痴呆) -- loss of brain function thanks to a series of small strokes -- is second.While dementia rates remained stable for men through their 90s, they climbed in women, to 27 percent of the women aged 90 to 91 and 71 percent of women aged 98 to 99."This difference in prevalence -- basically how many people have the disease at any given time -- may be because women may live longer once they get diagnosed with dementia than men," said Maria Corrada of the University of California at Irvine, who led the study, said in a telephone interview.Another possibility noted by the researchers was that relatively few men live to age 90 and beyond, and those who do may be hardy "survivors" with fewer risk factors for dementia.Experts predict a worldwide surge in dementia cases in the coming decades as populations in many countries age."With this (age 90 and beyond) being the fastest-growing segment of the population in the ed States and in many other countries too, we have to be prepared for the increasing number of people with this disorder that is very expensive to care for," Corrada said.But much of the research on old-age dementia has not focused on nonagenarians (九十多岁的)and older. About three-quarters of people age 90 and up are women."Until this study, and a few others, there was very little data on what happens with rates of dementia in extreme old age, once you get beyond 85, up into the 90s and even higher," added Dr. David Hogan of the University of Calgary, who wrote an editorial in the journal Neurology accompanying the study.Corrada's team studied a population of people 90 and above, most living in southern California. About 10 percent were at least 100.The chances of having dementia doubled every five years in the 700 women after reaching age 90, but remained largely consistent in the 200 men.As has been shown in other ages, women with more education were less likely to have dementia than less-educated women.Previous studies had shown that dementia becomes more and more common starting when people are in their mid-60s through their 80s. For example, fewer than 2 percent of people ages 65 through 69 are estimated to have dementia, compared to 5 percent of those aged 75 to 79 and more than 20 percent of those 85 to 89.In the new study, 41 percent of both the men and women age 90 and older were found to have dementia.Dementia involves a loss of brain function, and symptoms of dementia include memory loss, mental disorientation and behavioral changes. It gets worse over time /200807/43693温岭市哪家医院前列腺肥大治的好

太平街道治疗龟头炎多少钱仙居县人民中妇幼保健医院电话预约 And if you#39;re thinking of traveling or studying abroad, learning a new language is imperative。如果你想出国旅游或留学,学习一种新语言是势在必行的。Actually speaking a foreign language fluently takes a lot of hard work and practice. Even if you study every day, it can take years to master some languages. Meanwhile, you start to get frustrated at your lack of progress and you want to give up。事实上讲一门流利的外语需要很多的辛勤努力和实践。即使你每天学习,掌握某一门语言也要花数年的时间。与此同时,你开始因进步迟缓而变得沮丧,你想放弃了。Don#39;t。千万不要!There are all kinds of rewards associated with speaking a second language. Not just intangible rewards, like being able to chat with locals when you travel, but psychological and health rewards as well. Studies show that being able to speak a second language may help you multitask and prevent dementia。讲第二门语言,有各种各样的回报。不仅仅是无形的回报,比如旅行时你能够与当地人交流,而且还有心理和健康方面的回报。研究表明,能说第二门语言可以帮助你培养一心多用以及预防老年痴呆。So if you want to reap all of the benefits of speaking a second language, how can you continue working on your language skills without getting burnt out? Here are 6 tips to simplify your language learning。所以如果想收获说第二外语的种种好处,在你抓狂以前,在语言技能训练上你要怎样继续努力?这里有6个技巧可以简化你的语言学习。1. Have a Word of the Day。今日一词Trying to learn everything at once and getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of words in your new language can be overwhelming. Sometimes, even if you do learn new words, you forget them quickly because you haven#39;t heard them enough in context。马上着手学习和面对学习新语言的大量词汇要承受的巨大压力,这真的让人感到不知所措。有时候,即使你确实学到了新单词,你很快就会忘记它们,因为你在语境中听得还不够多。One way to get around this problem is to keep a few new words in your vocabulary by using them on a daily basis. Since it takes an adult an average of 150 times to learn to use a new word properly, having a Word of the Day or several words can help build your vocabulary。一种解决这类问题的方法是通过每天使用新词汇来记忆它们。成年人平均要150次才学会合理地使用一个新词,一天学一个或几个新词可以帮助你积累词汇量。You can do this one of two ways. One, you can keep a running list of words you#39;d like to learn and designate one to be the word of the day. Or, two, you can wait for new words to come up organically in conversation, and then try to use the new word several times。有两种方法可以做到。一是把你想学的单词做成单词列表,并指定一个单词为“今日一词”。另一种是你可以等候出现在谈话里的新单词,然后试着用上几次新单词。2. Speak the language as much as you can (especially with native speakers)。尽可能多地讲这种语言(特别是与母语人士)It goes without saying that the best way to learn how to speak a language is to actually speak it. Reading and studying grammar books will only get you so far。不用说,学习如何说一门语言的最好方式是说这门语言。阅读和学习语法只会让你远离语言的实质。And yet, it#39;s so easy to get trapped in the “not-good-enough” mindset, where you don#39;t speak because you think you don#39;t speak well enough. And then your speaking doesn#39;t get better。除此之外,你还很容易陷进“不够好”的心理模式,有了这种心理之后你就不会开口说,因为你认为自己讲得不够好。于是你的口语就得不到提升。So make an effort to communicate with native speakers of your language. You#39;ll learn a lot more in a 5 minute conversation with a native Spanish speaker than you will from another English speaker who#39;s had 2 years of college Spanish. Try to spend 80% of your time speaking with those who speak the language better than you。所以努力与你所学英语的母语人士交流。与本土西班牙人聊5分钟对话,比起和那些来自英语国家在大学里学了两年的西班牙语的人交流,你学到的会更多。试着把80%的时间花在和比你讲得好的人交谈。3. Listen to foreign language radio or TV, even as background noise。听外语之声或看外语电视,即使是作为背景音也好。Part of learning to speak a foreign language properly is learning the intonations and rhythms of the words. In French, for example, you can#39;t put the emphasis on different words in a sentence to vary what you mean (like you can do in English). And it#39;s easy to distinguish beginner students from near-native speakers by listening for the ones who pronounce French like it#39;s English。正确地学习讲外语,其中一部分是学习语调和单词的节拍。例如在法语里,你不能和学习英语一样,把重点放在句子里的不同单词上来改变你的意思。而且初级学习者和本土母语人士很容易区分开来,因为有些人的法语是英语形式的。The remedy to that is to listen to the language as much as possible。补救的办法是尽可能地多听。Try to hear the pacing of the words, how they#39;re pronounced in different contexts, and what the different intonations are. How does the language sound when the speaker is excited, or angry, or asking an accusatory question? Even listening to the language in the background will help you to pick up information on how the language is spoken。试着听话语的速度,它们在不同的语境中是如何发音的,又有哪些不同的语调。当说话人兴奋、或愤怒、或是指责时,语言又会是怎么样的呢?即使是听当作背景音的语言,也会帮助你感知到语言的特点。4. Look up words you don#39;t know in a monolingual dictionary。在单语词典里查找你不认识的词Figuring out the meaning of words can be tricky in a foreign language, since direct and accurate translations don#39;t always exist. While getting the word for physical objects, like milk or desk, might be straightforward, translating concepts can be a lot harder。对于一门外语,找出单词意义可能是件棘手的事,因为直接和准确的翻译并不总是存在。用直观物体对应这个词,如牛奶或书桌,可能简单明了,但翻译概念是难上加难。By looking words up in a monolingual dictionary, you can make sure that the word or phrase you choose actually means what you think it does。通过在单语词典里查找单词,你能保你选择的单词或短语实际上表达了你想的意思。5. When you make a mistake, immediately try to correct yourself.当你犯了错误时,试着立即纠正自己。Lifehack recently published an article stating that if you mistype a word, you should delete the whole word before retyping it correctly to reprogram your brain to do it properly the next time. The same goes for learning a language。Lifehack上最近发表了一篇文章,文章指出如果你打错了一个字,在重打之前你应该删除整个词,这样下次你才正确。对于学习一门语言是同样道理。If you misspeak, and catch your mistake, immediately correct yourself by repeating the sentence correctly. It will help you program your brain to avoid making the same mistake again, and solidify the grammar rules in your mind。如果你说错了,逮住你的错误,立即纠正自己的错误,把这个句子正确地再说一遍。它将帮助你的大脑避免再犯同样的错误,并将语法规则扎根在你的脑海里。6. Carry around a notebook and write down new words you learn。随身携带一个笔记本,写下你学习到的新单词If you#39;re in the beginning stages of learning a language, this process might be too overwhelming, since you#39;re learning new words all the time. But once you get to an intermediate or advanced level, your learning process slows down. In the beginning, you progressed easily because you were learning simple verb tenses and lists of super useful vocabulary that you use every day – hello, “How are you?”, “Can I have a pen, please?” – and when you get past that stage, the learning suddenly gets more difficult。如果你处在学习一门语言的开始阶段,这个过程可能很有压力,因为你总是在学习新单词。但是一旦你达到了中级或高级水平,学习过程将会减慢。刚开始,你很容易就有进步,因为你在学习简单的动词时态以及每天使用到的超级有用的一系列词汇,像“你好”、“你好吗?”、“请问,我可以借钢笔吗?”——当你过了这个阶段,学习突然间变得困难了。When you#39;re advanced, keeping a record of the words you learn can also help you from getting frustrated and thinking that you aren#39;t learning anything new. As long as you use the language, you#39;ll always be progressing。当你到了高级水平,记录好你学习的单词,你就不会沮丧,更不会说自己没学习到新东西。只要你在使用这门语言,你就永远都在进步。 /201305/238401临海市中医院网上挂号

温岭哪里割包皮比较正规赞扬比加薪更重要It is often said that politeness costs nothing. In fact, it seems that a little more courtesy could save businesses pound;5billion every year.Frequently hearing the phrase "thank you" or "well done" means the same to staff as a modest pay rise, researchers say.Praise and encouragement also makes employees more likely to work hard and stay in their jobs, saving on the cost of finding replacements.A third of 1,000 workers surveyed by consulting firm White Water Strategies said they did not get thanked at all when they did well - and a further third said they were not thanked enough.In both cases, staff said they felt undervalued, meaning they were less likely to exert themselves and were more likely to look for employment elsewhere.The net result is around pound;5.2billion in lost productivity from employees who would raise their game if they felt more appreciated, White Water claimed.According to the company, praising staff has the same motivational kick as a 1 per cent pay rise - and works out much cheaper for bosses.Three out of four employees said that regular acknowledgement by their bosses was important to them, but only a quarter said they were actually given as much praise as they felt they needed.The survey found that those in blue-collar and manual jobs were less likely to be given any recognition for doing well.In regional terms, Scottish staff felt most undervalued. Four out of ten workers said they were never thanked and eight out of ten said they would like more praise.However, workers in the North-East are less impressed by being buttered up by the boss, as only 69 per cent said they felt the need to be told "well done" regularly.Older employees and women need the most reassurance, according to psychologist Averil Leimon, a director of White Water Strategies.She said that words of praise did more than create a pleasant place to work - they could even boost profits. 俗话说“礼多无所失(却得到一切)”。事实表明,对员工以礼相待每年能为公司节省50亿英镑的出。研究人员称,对于员工而言,经常听到“谢谢”或“做得好”等礼貌之辞与适度加薪具有同样意义。此外,赞扬和鼓励也能提高员工的工作积极性、并有利于稳定军心,从而能节省招聘成本。怀特#8226;沃特战略咨询公司对一千名员工开展了一项调查。调查结果显示,三分之一的受访员工称,即使他们工作表现出色,也没得到过老板的一句“感谢”;另有三分之一的人认为自己没有得到足够的感谢。这两类员工都觉得自己没得到足够的重视,这意味着他们的工作积极性很可能会降低,而且换工作的可能性增大。怀特#8226;沃特公司称,员工工作效率低下造成了约52亿英镑的损失。但如果员工感到倍受赏识,他们的工作积极性就会提高。怀特#8226;沃特公司称,赞扬员工与1%的加薪具有同样的激励作用,而且这对于老板来说也更加划算。调查显示,四分之三的员工称,经常得到老板的认可对于他们来说很重要;而仅有四分之一的人认为自己得到了应有的认可。调查发现,“蓝领”及手工劳动者的出色工作表现很少得到老板的认可。从地区来看,苏格兰员工最缺乏认可感。40%的员工称,他们从未得到过感谢,80%的人希望自己能得到更多表扬。然而,英国东北部地区的员工则没那么需要老板的赞扬,仅有69%的人希望老板经常表扬他们“干得好”。怀特#8226;沃特战略咨询公司总监、心理学家艾弗尔#8226;勒蒙说,年龄较大的员工和女性最需要这样的安慰。她说,老板赞扬员工不仅能让工作氛围更加愉快,甚至能提高公司的经济效益。 /200803/30496 温岭市包皮手术费用是多少温岭路桥区人民医院看泌尿科怎么样



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