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在21日的太空行走中,阿卡巴误将一个螺钉安装颠倒了,致使空间站托架左侧的设备储存平台只能部分展开。23日,阿卡巴和阿诺尔德用锤子反复敲打这个螺钉,虽然最终让螺钉"松了口",但平台仍不能完全展开。二人最后只得放弃。根据地面控制中心的指令,宇航员用绳索固定了平台,以防止其晃动。两位宇航员当天还将一个手推车从空间站一端移到了另一端,润滑了空间站机械臂并为一个断路器重新布线。整个太空行走持续了约6小时27分钟。Glad you are with us everyone. I am Catherine Callaway and here is a look at what's happening Now In The News.The Treasury Department has unveiled a bank rescue plan that will help banks remove billions of dollars in toxic assets from their books. The plan calls for the US government to partner with private investors to buy mortgage- back securities. To kickstart things, the Obama administration said it will commit 75 to 100 billion dollars and would consider how the program is progressing before they committed any more money.Some startling of a Fedex plane crash in Japan. The pilot and co-pilot died when the cargo plane bounced on the runway, veered left and then burst into a ball of flames. That all happened at Japan's Narita International Airport.In the US, another deadly plane crash under investigation. A single engine plane went down Sunday in Butte, Montana. It apparently nose-dived into this cemetery, killing every one on board. Official says seven children are among the 14 dead.The one thing I gotta say there ain't nobody here but us chicken. Another busy day today for the crew of Space Shuttle Discovery. Today is the third and the final planned spacewalk. Two astronauts will try and repair a jammed platform on the International Space Station. That spacewalk set to begin at 11:45 a.m. Eastern Time. We'll bring that to you live.Bruce Willis is a married man again. His publicist says that Willis and 30-year-old model and actress Emma Heming will marry this weekend at his home in the Turks amp; Caicos islands. Guests include his daughter and his ex-wife Demi Moore along with her husband Ashton Kutcher.Be sure to stick with CNN.com 24/7 from news around the world. We'll also have updates for you right here throughout the day.03/65732Climate-change talks气候变化会谈Wilted greenery凋零的青葱The UNrsquo;s latest round of climate-change talks open in Durban. Even avoiding deadlock would be an achievement联合国最新一轮气候变化会谈在德班开幕,这次会谈只要不走进死胡同就算不错了THOUSANDS of anxious environmentalists, hard-eyed negotiators and bemused journalists gathered in Durban this week for the UNrsquo;s annual climate-change circus. Saving the planet, the main item on its agenda two years ago, in Copenhagen, was not uppermost in their minds. Saving the circus was: the failure in Copenhagen to forge a binding agreement to mitigate the worldrsquo;s carbon emissions could yet lead to a breakdown of the whole UN process in Durban.本周无数焦虑的环保人士、针锋相对的谈判代表和迷茫的记者在德班聚集,参加联合国一年一度热闹的气候变化会谈。对于他们来说,最重要的不是两年前在哥本哈根议事日程上的主要议题;;拯救我们的地球,而是拯救这一次的会谈。因为哥本哈根会谈没能打造出有约束力的协议来减少世界二氧化碳排放量,这有可能导致本次联合国在德班的整个会议进程土崩瓦解。To avoid that, negotiators have until December 9th to reach three goals. Least dauntingly, they must nail down the details of initiatives agreed on in Cancuacute;n last year, chiefly the Green Climate Fund. This aims to help poor countries curb their emissions and adapt to global warming. It is supposed to be stocked with some of the 0 billion that rich countries have promised poor ones by 2020.为了避免这种情况,截至到12月9日谈判代表必须要达到三个目标。还不那么让人失望的是,他们必须确定去年坎昆通过的新方案的细节,其中最主要的绿色气候基金。这项基金的目的在于帮助经济落后的国家控制二氧化碳排放量以及适应全球变暖。按照富裕国家对贫穷国家的承诺,到2020年,这项基金应该能达到1000亿之多。Little actual cash will be proffered in Durban: progress will be limited to working out the details of the fundrsquo;s design, including the relative powers of donors and recipients, and to its possible role in wooing investment. Even this is contentious, as America wants a bigger role for the private sector. But such spats should prove surmountable. Alongside progress on another promised institution, to sp green technology to poor countries, the fund is Durbanrsquo;s likeliest success.德班会谈会提供更少的现金,此次取得的进步仅限于制定出这笔资金计划用途的细节,包括捐赠国和受赠国的相对实力对比,以及它在吸引投资中可能起到的作用。美国想在;私有部门;中起到更大的作用,尽管这使这笔款项还存在争议,但是这样的小吵小闹还是可以平息的。加上另外一个前途光明的机构所取得的进步,他们会一起把绿色技术延伸到经济落后国家。这项资金的建立是德班会谈最有可能取得的成功。 Much trickier will be reconciling the demands of developing countries for an extension of the UNrsquo;s Kyoto protocol with the determination of most developed ones to bin it. The worldrsquo;s only binding agreement to curb emissions has been a colossal failure. Since it was negotiated in 1997 global emissions have risen by over a quarter, mostly in developing countries. The treaty does not curb their emissions, which are now 58% of the total; China alone is responsible for 23%. The second-biggest polluter, America, (with 20%) is also free to emit, as it has not ratified the treaty.协调发展中国家的要求,使它们同意大多数发达国家都会拒绝的《京都议定书》的附加条件会变得更加困难。世界上仅有的对控制排放量有约束力的协议经历了重大的失败,因为它是在1997年协商出来的,这个时候(二氧化碳)全球排放量增长已超过四分之一,而且主要集中在发展中国家。这个协议并没有限制它们的排放量,如今其排放总量占世界总量的58%,中国自己就占23%,紧随其后的第二大污染源是美国(排放量占20%)。由于美国并未签署协议,因此它的二氧化碳排放是免费的。Developed countries that did ratify Kyoto feel cheated. Japan and Russia have rejected a second round of emission-cutting under its aegis, after their current commitments expire at the end of 2012. Canada, which will hugely overshoot its Kyoto target, is reported to be considering quitting the treaty altogether. ;Kyoto is the past,; said its environment minister, Peter Kent, before setting out for Durban.签署《京都议定书》的发达国家觉得吃亏了。日本和俄罗斯拒绝到2012年底他们的现行义务到期后在;减排;的赞助下进行第二轮减排。据报道即将大幅超过京都排放量限定目标的加拿大;将考虑彻底放弃这一协定;。加拿大环境保护部官员皮特bull;肯特在去德班之前就说;《京都议定书》已经是过去时了;。165135

New York City is increasing aly tight security as a precaution against possible terrorist reprisals for the killing of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. Additional safeguards are in place ahead of President Barack Obama’s visit Thursday to Ground Zero, the site of the World Trade Center destroyed by al-Qaida on September 11, 2001.美国东部城市纽约加强了已经处于严格保安状态的安全,防备击毙本.拉登以后可能出现的恐怖分子的报复行动。纽约部署了更多警力,准备迎接奥巴马总统星期四来到世贸大厦这两座于2001年9-11受到基地恐怖组织惨重袭击的建筑遗址。New York officials say there are currently no specific threats against the city. But authorities are taking no chances. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said on Monday that security has been increased since bin Laden’s killing, although not all measures are visible to the public.纽约市政府说,目前还没有特别有针对性的危险威胁这个城市,但当局绝不会因此松懈。警察局长凯利星期一说,自本.拉登被击毙以后就加强了安全戒备,不过所有这些安全措施并不是都在公众视线之内的。"We’re working closely, our counter-terrorism bureau and our intelligence division, working closely with our federal partners both at home and abroad to see if there’s any indication of, perhaps, retaliatory acts," he said.他说:“我们严格防范,我们的反恐局和情报处同联邦部门合作伙伴在国内外紧密合作,侦查是否存在任何蛛丝马迹、任何报复行动。”Extra precautions are in place at what Kelly referred to as "iconic sites." These include Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and various houses of worship. The commissioner said additional resources have been devoted to transportation infrastructure. Subway and rail passengers are subject to random bag searches. On the waters surrounding New York, close attention is being paid to ferries, harbor taxis and bridges. 凯利说,在纽约有“标志性的建筑和地点”,警方安排了更严格的防范措施,其中包括时代广场、帝国大厦、自由女神像以及各种宗教地点。这位警察局长说,更多的资源投入到了公共交通基础设施。地铁和轻轨乘客的夸包可能会随时受到抽查。在纽约周围的水域,渡轮、港口客船以及桥梁等都受到严密的监视。There is an unmistakable police presence around Ground Zero, which President Obama plans to visit on Thursday. According to Kelly, there are police department linguists behind the scenes monitoring online chat rooms, and liaison officers stationed overseas to gather intelligence.在世贸大厦遗址附近,安全部门安置了大批警力加强保卫。星期四奥巴马总统将到此访问。根据凯利的说法,警察局的语言专家在幕后监视网上聊天室内容,联络处官员在海外加紧情报收集。Meanwhile, New Yorkers are going about their daily routines. Rob Walsh works for the New York City emergency medical service. He says the security is reassuring, but notes it is a relatively new feature in American life. "It’s the new normal. You’ve just gotten used to it. You know, some days you don’t want to the newspaper in fear of seeing that there is an attack. But the past almost 10 years, it’s what you’ve come to get used to," he said. 与此同时,纽约人向往常一样仍然在着手日常工作。维尔斯在纽约急救务中心工作,他说安全措施令人感到放心,但他指出这相对来说是美国生活中的新特征。他说:“这是新的常态。人们刚刚开始适应。大家都希望总有一天我们不必再忐忑不安地害怕看到报上在出现受到袭击的消息,但过去10年来,这已经成为了生活的常态。” Walsh adds that his 7-year-old son never knew a time when city residents never had to think about precautions against possible terrorism. 维尔斯说,他七岁的儿子从不知道本地居民还可以享受时光,而不必考虑防范恐怖袭击的可能性。201105/134776

Lexington列克星敦The long road home回家的路还长着呢How Osama bin Laden's death, and life, have changed America奥巴马如何对待奥萨马本拉登之死,无形之中,已经影响了美国May 5th 2011 | from the print editionWHAT America needs, Sarah Palin is fond of saying, is a commander-in-chief, not a professor-in-chief. Like many other Republican critics of Barack Obama, the former governor of Alaska ought to be eating her words. Indeed, after the daring raid that killed Osama bin Laden, America has discovered that its commander-in-chief is one cool cat. The president issued the order for the attack on Friday April 29th and it was executed on the Sunday. In between, on the Saturday night, a relaxed Mr Obama gave a wisecracking speech at the annual White House correspondents’ dinner. Flashing his toothsome smile, he poked fun not only at Donald Trump, the presidential wannabe who had questioned whether the president was a real American, but also at himself for his professorial ways and tanking poll numbers. 莎拉佩林喜欢说,美国,要成为一个统帅而不是首席教授。看来这位前阿拉斯加州州长得和其他民主党反对人士一样,收回前言了。事实上确实如此,自从美国突袭击毙奥萨马本拉登之后,其统帅地位坚不可摧。4月29日星期五,奥巴马总统下达刺杀令,周日执行。周六晚,在每年一度的白宫记者晚宴上,奥巴马的演说诙谐又轻松。带着标志性的奥氏微笑,他冲着唐纳德特朗普打趣,这位地产大亨曾经质疑这位美国总统是否真的是美国人。当然,总统也对他自己的执政之道和坦克民意调查开开玩笑。The joke now is on the critics of the president’s foreign policy. In one gloriously mistimed editorial, written just ahead and in ignorance of the raid on Abbottabad, Bill Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard, mocked Mr Obama for “leading from behind”. All the Republicans had to do, argued Mr Kristol, was to nominate “a real leader: a workhorse not a show horse; a steady hand not a flip-flopper; a profile in courage not in cleverness; a competent man or woman with strength and confidence in defence of liberty at home and abroad.”这个笑话成了总统外交政策的一大讽刺。有篇社论,事前发布,有点不合时宜。文章认为袭击阿伯塔巴德无知可笑。保守派杂志Weekly Standard主编克里斯托讽刺奥巴马“幕后操作”。所有共和党人皆反驳克里斯托,寓意告诉他什么才是真正的领袖:良马不是拿来秀的,是铁腕就不会轻易受伤,假装坚强不是真正的智慧,一个拥有能力和自信的人,无论对内对外都会捍卫自由。201105/135082


  And its saved them. Life on the move kept them step ahead of the guns and human hunger.它在拯救他们。迁徙中的生活必须让他们领先一步于口和人类的饥饿中。By November, the blinding equatorial sun has turned their southern water holes into sucking mud. A trap for unwary youngsters. And so they must move north toward permanent water. Their pace quickens with the males need to reach their ancient battle grounds.在11月,眩目炽热的太阳已把他们在南部的水洞变成了恶心的泥浆。这对年轻一代来说是粗心的陷阱。这样,他们必须北上,那里的水是永久不会干涸的。他们加快步伐,男性们需要尽早到达古老的争斗中去。After months on the move, they arrive at the northern edge of their migration. A network of swamps and rivers, where they can unleash their unique breeding spectacle. This is where the antelopes lacks of form, vast fighting arenas,where gladiators duel, sometimes to the death for the right to mate.经过数月的迁徙,他们到达北部边缘。一个沼泽和河流交织而成的网络。在这里他们被激发出生存欲望,接下来的景象令人叹为观止:这是羚羊极度缺乏下的巨大战斗竞技场。决斗士们互相角逐,甚至用一死来争夺交配的权利。Their breeding season brief, their hormone rage intense. They are about to the stance with ritual, and get straight to the blood bleeding. Head budding males are conspicuous icons of the need to breed. But in the hidden world of a cost reckoned rainforest, it is a seeding sisterhood of hunger that assures the success of the next generation.简短的繁殖季节,他们的荷尔蒙让他们愤怒。他们注重礼节,采取硬碰硬,直到出血才罢休。初露头角的男性都是引人注目需要交配。但是在这个隐藏世界,适者生存的热带雨林里,饥饿难耐的下一代只有对亲人痛下狠手才能确保自己后代的延续。词语解释:1. equatorial a. 炽热的2. permanent a. 永久的3. antelope n. 羚羊201111/162521。

  American forces in Japan美国驻日军队Another lost year又一年的迷失Some unspoken truths about Japan’s security relationship with America 日本与美国安全关系方面几个不言而喻的真相May 26th 2011 | TOKYO | from the print edition LESS than a month after a new government took office in Japan in September , American officials talked their Japanese counterparts through a longstanding frustration: stalled plans to build a new airbase for American marines on the southern island of Okinawa. According to confidential minutes of the meeting sent to Washington, DC by the American embassy in Tokyo, leaked by WikiLeaks, Kurt Campbell, an assistant secretary of state, said a new airstrip was necessary because of China’s growing military strength. But that could not be discussed publicly, “for obvious reasons”.年9月日本新政府走马上任,在此后不到一个月的时间里,美国官员与他们的日本同行讨论了这个持续已久的麻烦事——美国海军要在冲绳岛(Okinawa)南侧修建新空军基地的计划陷入僵局。会议的秘密记录从东京的美国大使馆送到了华盛顿特区,但是被维基解密泄露出来,根据这份记录,美国国务卿的助理柯特坎贝尔(Kurt Campbell)认为:由于中国军事力量日益强大,修建新的空军基地势在必行。但是“由于某些明显原因”,这种话题显然不能拿到桌子上谈。A few months later Mr Campbell went further, according to another cable. Because of potential threats from North Korea, China and elsewhere, America and Japan faced “the most challenging security environment” in 50 years. However, he said the messages to the public often glossed over that reality. Presumably that too was to avoid offending China, even though it would have helped Okinawans to understand why the new facility is deemed so important. 根据另一份报告,坎贝尔进一步的提出。由于朝鲜、中国和其他地方存在着潜在威胁,美国和日本在未来50年里面临“最严峻的安全环境”。但是,他认为对公众透露的信息总会掩盖事实真相。这也被推测为避免冒犯中国,尽管这有助于冲绳岛居民了解为何新空军基地举足轻重的地位。201106/138923

  On the ninth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, U.S. President Barack Obama has emphasized that America is not at war with Islam. The president made his remarks at the Pentagon Memorial.在9/11恐怖袭击九周年之际,奥巴马总统强调说,美国不是在和伊斯兰作战。奥巴马总统是在五角大楼纪念地说这番话的。President Obama spoke after laying a wreath at the memorial to the 184 people killed when Islamist militants hijacked a commercial airliner and slammed it into the side of the Defense Department headquarters.奥巴马总统在发表讲话前,向缅怀184名死难者的纪念地敬献了花圈。事发当天,伊斯兰激进分子劫持了一架商务客机,并使飞机撞上了国防部总部大楼的一角。Flowers had been placed on many of the memorial's stone benches, each of which bears the name of one of that day's victims.纪念地的很多石凳已经摆放了鲜花。每一张石凳上都刻着当天一位死难者的姓名。Calling the Pentagon "hallowed ground," the president told the families of those who died nine years ago their loved ones will not be forgotten.奥巴马总统将五角大楼纪念地称为“神圣的地点”。他对九年前那些遇难者的家人说,他们的亲人将不会被忘却。"I thought it must seem some days the world has moved on to other things. I say to you today, that your loved ones endure in the heart of our nation now and forever," he said.“我想,有时候世界看起来一定已经转向了其它事情。我今天要对你们说,你们的亲人将永远被铭记在我们国家的心中。”The president alluded indirectly to the controversy over a plan to build an Islamic center and mosque near the area of the 9-11 attacks in New York, and to a Christian minister who Friday called off his plan to burn the Quran in protest.奥巴马总统在讲话中间接提到了近期的两起争议事件:在纽约市9/11袭击遗址附近建造一个伊斯兰活动中心和一座清真寺的计划以及一位基督教牧师星期五称他将取消焚烧《可兰经》以示抗议的计划。201009/113593Gliese 581g is the sixth planet to be found circling a dwarf star some 20 light-years away, in the constellation of Libra. On paper it looks good – three times the mass of the Earth with possibly a rocky surface and enough gravity to hold on to an atmosphere.The researchers also promised shirt-sleeve weather in some regions, but not everywhere. One side of the planet is almost always in sunshine; the other almost always in darkness and estimated temperatures range from minus four degrees Celsius to a very hot 71 degrees. A year meanwhile would go by in just 37 days.Of course, whether life could really be supported on Gliese 581g will need much more investigation and, most probably, technologies which don't exist yet. But the astronomers say planet hunting is getting easier and they were surprised how quickly they detected the tell-tale signs of this distant body, using ground-based telescopes.【生词注释】dwarf star 天矮星light-years 光年constellation n.星座on paper 在理论上mass n.质量rocky surface 岩石表面shirt-sleeve weather 温暖的气候hunting n.搜寻detect v.发现或注意到tell-tale signs 明显的线索Gliese 581g是发现的第六颗围绕天矮星的星球,它位于20光年外天秤座附近。理论上它看起来很不错——质量是地球的三位,岩石表面并有足够的引力能吸引住大气层。研究者也发现有些地区有着温暖的气候,但并不是所有的地方都是这样。星球的一侧总是处于阳光中,另一侧总是处于黑暗中,温度估计从零下从读到零上71度。一年只有37天。当然,Gliese 581g上是否适合生命生存还需要很多的调查,而且,很可能这方面的技术并不纯在。天文学家说发现星球变得更加容易,当他们用地对空望远镜很快就发现这个遥远天气的明显迹象时,他们很惊讶。201110/158024Fans in Asia Remember Jackson Fondly杰克逊去世的消息震撼亚洲歌迷 People in Asia woke Friday to news of the death of Michael Jackson, an American pop icon who left behind fans throughout the region.亚洲各国星期五惊悉迈克尔杰克逊去世。这位美国的流行音乐之王的歌迷遍布亚洲各国。The music sounds like the 1983 Michael Jackson-Paul McCartney duet, "Say, Say, Say." The singer though is China's top rocker Cui Jian, who recorded this cover in the 1990s.这段演唱听上去象是1983年迈克尔杰克逊跟保罗-麦卡特尼的二重唱,“说,说,说”。不过实际上这是中国摇滚乐歌手崔健在1990年的作品。Throughout Asia, people were saddened by news of the death of the pop superstar.在亚洲各国,很多人因迈克尔-杰克逊去世的消息而深感悲痛。In Taipei, Claire Chen said she at first did not believe it.台北一位姓陈的女士说:“我不知道这是真的还是假的。”Chen says her sister called her Friday morning and told her the news. She says she thought Jackson was going back on tour soon, but after she realized the singer was indeed dead, she went to watch all of his s on YouTube.“今天一早我打电话给我,她说你听到这个消息吗?我说什么消息,她说迈克尔-杰克逊死了。我说这怎么可能,他不是7月份还要来台湾举办演唱会吗。我就立刻上网去看,结果全部都是他的新闻。我还跟我的同事上YOUTUBE上看他的所有的影片。”In Seoul, 49-year-old Jung Ji-Sun remembers he was able to become wealthy, even though he was black, because he was a brilliant singer.在首尔,一位49岁的歌迷说,迈克尔-杰克逊虽然是一个黑人,但是靠自己的音乐天才而成为一位富有的人。Jung says she remembers songs like "Billie Jean" and "Beat It." 她说,她十分喜欢"Billie Jean"和 "beat It"这两首歌。She says she used to imitate his gestures and moves during aerobic dance sessions. Now, she says she feels grief and sorrow.她说,她曾经在健身舞蹈运动的时候模仿迈克尔-杰克逊的动作。迈克尔-杰克逊去世的消息令她倍感悲痛。In China, 28-year-old musician Ray Wang says he heard his first Michael Jackson song, "Dangerous," when he was 14 years old.在中国,一位姓王的歌手说,他在14岁的时候第一次听到了迈克尔-杰克逊的声音,那是一首名为“危险”的歌曲。He didn't like it at the time, but grew to like and appreciate Jackson' music more as he got older.他说,他当时并不是很喜欢迈克尔-杰克逊,但随着年龄的增长,他越来越欣赏他的天才了。Wang says there are many musicians in China who were influenced by him. He says all Chinese musicians have at least heard the American singer's songs.他说:“国内有很多,可以说所有音乐人都听过迈克尔-杰克逊的歌。”At the same time, he says it has been hard for Chinese fans to separate the man from the music.他说,对中国歌迷来说,人们很难把他的经历跟他的歌曲区分开来。Wang says many Chinese people don't like how the black singer lightened his skin, in what they saw as an unnatural effort to become white.他说:“很多中国人对他印象不好的地方是他原本是一个黑人,然后他自己做皮肤,变成一个白人。这方面有些人不喜欢他,觉得不真实。”Although that is one of the strongest memories Chinese people have, Wang says they also will remember Jackson's dancing and the unique way he sang. Wang says although another person may try to sing a Jackson song, he will never be able to give it the same feeling.他还说,虽然很多人对迈克尔-杰克逊改变肤色印象很深,但是他们也为迈克尔-杰克逊的舞蹈天赋以及他的独特演唱风格所打动。这位王先生说,也许有歌手能唱他的歌,但是没有人会唱得像他那样传神。06/75821

  Rice Warns Against Foreign Aid Cuts, Protectionism赖斯告诫不要削减对外发展援助 U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is appealing to wealthy countries not to cut development aid or resort to protectionist trade practices in the face of the global economic crisis. Rice was the opening speaker at a White House-organized summit on international development. 美国国务卿赖斯呼吁富裕国家不要削减发展援助,也不要在面对全球经济危机时诉诸贸易保护主义的做法。在白宫组织的国际发展峰会上赖斯发表了开幕讲话。The White House summit was organized in part to highlight foreign aid efforts by the Bush administration, which Rice says collectively amount to the biggest U.S. international development initiative since the post-World War Two Marshall Plan. 组织这次白宫峰会的部分目的是为了强调布什政府所作的对外援助努力。赖斯说,这些援助努力加起来相当于第二次世界大战的马歇尔计划以来美国最大的国际发展项目。But the proceedings have been overshadowed by the global market and credit crisis and there is deep concern among participants that U.S. and other world development aid will fall victim to crisis-related austerity moves. 但是项目受到全球市场和信贷危机的阴影笼罩。与会者担心美国和其他世界发展援助将受到与危机相关的紧缩行动的制约。In her opening address, Rice said moves to trim foreign aid and protect home markets are understandable under the circumstances, but in the long run, counterproductive. 赖斯在开幕词中说,削减对外援助和保护国内市场的行动在目前情况下是可以理解的,但是长期看,会产生相反效果。"When times are hard, as they are now, every nation is focused on protecting its own interests. That is entirely legitimate and it is to be expected. But what we cannot do, what we must not do, is to allow our generosity and our concern for others to fall victim to today's crisis. Reneging on our commitments to the world's poor cannot be an austerity measure," she said. 赖斯说:“当局势艰难的时候,就像现在这样,每个国家会集中在保护自己的利益上。那也是完全合理的,而且是可以预料的。但是让我们把对他人的慷慨和关切受制于今天的危机,这是我们不能做的,我们不允许做的。放弃我们给世界上的穷国的承诺不能成为一种紧缩措施。”Rice said while recent foreign-aid budgets might now seem unaffordable, the world cannot afford not to come to the aid of poor, weak and poorly governed third-world states that could be sources of regional or global instability. 赖斯说,虽然最近对外援助的预算现在看来无法承受,但是世界不能承受不帮助穷人、弱者和管理混乱的第三世界国家。这些国家可能是地区或全球不稳定的源头。The secretary also warned of the slide into trade protectionism that economists believe made the economic depression of the 1930s even worse. She said completion of the stalled Doha round of international tariff-cutting negotiations would send a powerful signal that the world's response to the current crisis will be fundamentally different than the past. 赖斯国务卿还对贸易保护主义倾向提出警告。经济学家认为贸易保护主义让1930年代的经济萧条更为严重。她说,完成停滞的多哈回合国际削减关税谈判将发出一个强烈信号,那就是世界对当前危机的反应会和过去有根本的不同。Rice was followed to the podium by Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who praised U.S. aid to her country following its civil war, and said the world looks to the ed States to lead the way out of the current crisis. 在赖斯之后上讲台的是利比里亚总统瑟利夫,她称赞美国在利比里亚内战后对利比里亚的援助。她说,世界指望在美国的带领下走出目前的危机。"Developing countries will be looking to the ed States to step up during these turbulent times and emerge as the true global leader for democracy, stability and expanding economic opportunities for the poor," she said. "Strong global leadership and vision, alongside local country commitment, is needed now more than ever." 瑟利夫说:“发展中国家将指望美国在这动荡时刻期间能够挺住,并且作为全球民主、稳定和为穷国扩大经济机会的领导者。现在比以往更需要坚强的全球领导和视野以及当地国家的承诺。”The elected Liberian leader said her country is now well on its way to stability and can be a model for a West African region known in the recent past for civil warfare, warlords, child soldiers and so-called blood diamonds. 这名通过选举产生的利比里亚领导人说,利比里亚现在正迈向稳定,利比里亚能够成为西部非洲地区的典范。这个地区最近因为内战、军阀、儿童士兵和所谓血钻石而出名。200810/53607Experts Urge Greater Regulation of Financial Markets美专家敦促国会切实改革金融市场 Economic experts appearing at a congressional hearing have urged lawmakers to carry out substantial but carefully planned financial market and institutional reforms. A House of Representatives committee held an all-day hearing Tuesday on the subject, one of a series of examinations of the U.S. financial crisis. 参加国会听会的经济专家敦促国会议员推行一项有实质内容、但又细心计划的金融市场和机构改革。国会众议院一个委员会星期二就经济议题举行了一整天的听,这是一系列有关审视美国金融危机所进行的听会之一。Majority Democrats have repeatedly underscored their intention to legislate major changes to impose greater regulation on financial markets when a new Congress convenes next year. 国会多数党民主党已经多次强调他们打算在国会明年会期开始时,对金融市场加大规范的力度。The hearing of the House Financial Services Committee covered numerous complex aspects of the sub-prime mortgage-based financial crisis, and the role played by complicated financial instruments. 众议院金融务委员会的听政会涉及的范围广泛,包括与由次级贷款引发的金融危机相关的繁杂的方方面面,以及复杂的金融工具在其中所起的作用。Experts and lawmakers debated root causes, but agreed that further action is required. To accomplish that, Democrats and Republicans will have to agree on a way forward. 专家和议员在问题的根源上有争议,不过都同意应采取更进一步的行动。民主党和共和党需要统一意见才能做到这一点。As of now, there is strong bipartisan agreement on the need to throughly examine how the crisis came about, to perform an autopsy as one lawmaker called it, as well as steps to ensure it does not recur. 目前,两党之间已经产生了强有力的一致的看法,就是需要彻底了解这次危机是怎么产生的,并采取一位议员所说的解剖式的检验,进而采取步骤保危机不再发生。Here are Pennsylvania Democrat Paul Kanjorski, and New Jersey Republican Scott Garrett: 来自宾夕法尼亚的民主党议员保尔·坎乔斯基和来自新泽西州的共和党议员斯格特·加勒特这样说:KANJORSKI: "We have reached a crossroads. Because our current regulatory regime has failed we now must design a robust, effective, supervisory system for the future." “我们到了十字路口。因为我们现有的监管制度已经失败了。所以我们现在必须为 将来设计出有力、有效、有监督作用的体系。”GARRETT: "It's important that we work in a bipartisan fashion to move forward to ensure that we put in place the property regulatory framework to allow our economy to grow again." “重要的是两党要以合作的方式向前迈进,确保我们能将财产管理框架确定下来,以使我们的经济再度得以增长。”But there are differences in approach as many Republicans voice opposition to any future over-regulation of markets. 但是他们在方式上有不同意见。很多共和党人发出了反对的声音,不同意未来对市场进行任何过度监管。Alabama Republican Spencer Bachus, and Georgia's Tom Price: 来自阿拉巴马的共和党议员斯潘塞·巴克斯和来自乔治亚州的汤姆·普莱斯这样说:BACHUS: "We need, I think number one, to realize there are limits on what government can do to intervene in this market process." “我认为,首先我们要认识到,政府在干预市场过程中能起的作用是有限的。”PRICE: "What is taking place is truly unprecedented. Direct federal intervention in individual mortgages, broad over-reach by the Federal Reserve, unlimited use of taxpayer dollars and steps to nationalize banks. These steps are in their totality, I fear, an assault on American principles and on capitalism itself." “目前发生的确实是前所未有的:联邦政府直接对个人的房屋贷款进行干预,过度使用联邦储备金,没有节制地使用纳税人的钱,还有将国有化等。我担心,这是对美国准则的攻击,是对资本主义本身的侵犯。”Experts stressed that where financial market reform is concerned the question is not one of too much or too little, but the most effective way to carry it out. 专家强调说,就金融市场改革来说,不是一个太多或者太少的问题,而是如何以最有效的方式来执行的问题。Joseph Stiglitz, the 2001 Nobel economics prize laureate, is a strong proponent of an active government role: 2001年的诺贝尔奖经济学奖获得者约瑟夫·施蒂格利茨强烈持政府扮演积极的角色。"The de-regulatory philosophy that has prevailed during the past quarter century has no grounding in economic theory nor historical experience," said Joseph Stiglitz. "Quite the contrary, modern economic theory explains why the government must take an active role especially in regulating financial markets." 他说:“过去20多年间盛行的去监管哲学既没有经济理论依据,也不具备历史的经验。恰恰相反,现代的经济理论解释了政府为什么必须扮演积极的角色,特别是在管理金融市场方面。”Key priorities, Stiglitz argues, should be broader reform of financial corporate governance, and protection for American homeowners as the U.S. economy slides deeper into recession. Manuel Johnson, a noted financial accounting expert, argues for a cautious approach that would not, as he puts it, role back the gains made in the U.S. financial system: 著名金融财会专家曼纽尔·约翰逊强调说,应该谨慎行事,不应让美国金融体系取得的成果出现倒退。"From my perspective, permanent government control over the credit allocation process is economically inefficient and potentially, even more unstable," said Manuel Johnson. 他说:“我的观点是,政府对信用分配过程的永久控制在经济上来说是效率低下的,甚至很可能是更不稳定的。”Joel Seligman of Columbia University says members of Congress must distinguish between emergency legislation, such as the more than 0-billion rescue package approved recently, and longer-term efforts. He urges lawmakers to organize and streamline their investigations:"I would strongly urge each house of Congress to create a select committee similar to that employed after September 11th [2001], to provide a focused and less contentious review of what should be done," said Joel Seligman.Economist Alice Rivlin urges lawmakers to, as she puts it, check their philosophical slogans at the door as they go to work on what she calls a difficult and painstaking job: 经济学家艾利丝·里夫林敦促国会议员在开始着手做这个她称之为艰难的工作前,放下各自的哲学口号。"Too many attempts to re-think regulation of financial markets in recent years have been de-railed by ideologues shouting that regulation is always bad or alternatively that we just need more of it," sid Alice Rivlin. 他说:“最近这些年来,有太多关于金融市场管理的再思考已经被那些理论家们叫嚷的要么是监管总是有害的,或者需要更多监管的论调搞得偏离了轨道。” Tuesday's House hearing was one of several that congressional committees are holding on the financial crisis ahead of the U.S presidential election on November 4. 众议院星期二举行的这个听会是11月4号美国总统大选前,由几个国会委员会就金融危机举行的几个听会之一。200810/53774

  FIFA's presidential election国际足联主席选举Beautiful game, ugly politics美丽的运动,丑陋的政治Pity the republic of football. It has a government much like many another 为足球界的共和国惋惜,它的政府和其他很多政府同属一丘之貉。May 26th 2011 | from The Economist print edition IN ZURICH on June 1st a presidential election is due to take place. It is a rare event, the first since 2002, with a mere 208 voters. No incumbent has lost since 1974, and the man in possession is expected to win again. The winner, despite his grand title, will not be a head of state. Yet he will be better known than many who are—and his writ, unlike any of theirs, runs the world over. The presidency in question is that of FIFA, the global governing body of association football; the electors are its members, national associations. Sepp Blatter, a Swiss, has had the job for 13 years and thinks he deserves four more.6月1日在苏黎世(Zurich)一场主席选举将如期举行。这是一次仅有208名投票者的罕见的选举,上一次发生还是在2002,。自1974年起,在任者从未在这个选举中失利过,而如今大权在握的现任者也被看好能再次胜利。尽管胜利者头衔颇大,但他却不是一名国家元首。可是他比很多国家领导人更广为人知——而且与其他元首们不一样,他的权利笼罩全世界。这个职位就是管理足球联合会的全球性组织国际足联;投票者是各成员,国家性足协。瑞士人塞普布拉特(Sepp Blatter)已经担任国际足联主席一职长达13年,他认为自己理应再连任四年4年。On May 25th his only challenger, Mohamed Bin Hammam, a Qatari who was once an ally, faced an unexpected obstacle: allegations of bribery involving him and Jack Warner, a Trinidadian who heads a regional confederation with 35 FIFA members. The claims were made by Chuck Blazer, the American general secretary of Mr Warner’s group, who sits with both men on FIFA’s 24-member executive committee (in effect, its cabinet). FIFA’s ethics committee is due to examine the claims on May 29th. The accused deny wrongdoing.5月25日,他的唯一挑战者、也是曾经的盟友卡塔尔人穆罕默德本哈曼(Mohamed bin Hammam)遭遇一个意想不到的障碍:他与来自特立尼达岛的杰克沃纳(Jack Warner)因涉嫌贿赂而受到指控,后者是拥有35名国际足联成员的地区性组织的主席(译者注:即中北美和加勒比海地区足联)。该项指控是由美国人查克布拉泽(Chuck Blazer)提出的,他是沃纳先生任主席的足联的秘书长,同时两人都为由24人组成的国际足联执委会(实质就是国际足联的内阁)的成员。国际足联道德委员会将于29日审查该项指控。被指控者均否认了指控。201106/138929

  Strikes taking place across France and London have closed down major transport routes and turned transport links into chaos.法国各地和伦敦发生罢工,主要交通道路被关闭,运输线路混乱。London's tube workers went on a 24-hour strike starting Monday evening that left commuters struggling to make it to work Tuesday morning. 伦敦地铁工人从星期一傍晚开始24个小时的罢工,给星期二早上上班的乘客造成不便。Buses were diverted from central London because streets were at a standstill. Many people were on foot. 由于道路陷于瘫痪,公交车改变路线,避开伦敦中心地区。许多人步行上班。This London worker didn't arrive at work until two in the afternoon.一位伦敦工人直到下午两点才开始工作。"Normally it takes me 45 minutes and today it took me five hours," she said. "I think it was totally unnecessary; it should have been avoided rather than costing all the people trouble because there's been a lot of traffic and disruptions all over." 她说:“通常我路上用45分钟,但今天花了5个小时。”她说她烦透了。她说:“我认为这完全没有必要,它应该是可以避免的,而不是给所有人造成麻烦,现在到处都是交通拥挤,混乱不堪。”Thousands of workers on London's transport system walked out because they say proposed job cuts will hurt the service and create safety risks. 伦敦交通系统的数千名工人举行罢工。他们说,拟议中的裁员会对务产生不良影响,带来安全风险。201009/113293。

  Analysts predicted that Goldman Sachs would post earnings of more than billion in the second quarter. Instead, the U.S. investment firm reported a profit of .4 billion.Although the impressive results drew cheers from investors, a government report showing a nearly 2 percent jump in the producer price index, which measures the average change in price for domestic goods, tempered enthusiasm on Wall Street.Financial historian and author Charles Geisst says big profits for a firm that took in billion in government bailout funds last year might upset taxpayers. "No one likes obscene profits in markets like this. But on the other hand, Americans do like money," Geisst said. "And they admire firms that will take a risk in order to reap this sort of profit."The investment firm is among the first to pay back its government loans. It also managed to set aside more than billion for employee bonuses.Geisst says Goldman Sachs succeeded by making profits the old fashioned way - by taking risks and buying and selling volatile commodities like oil. "The taxpayer looks at this and thinks, 'We are getting back to normal,' which is not the case right now; it's a matter of risk taking," he explains. "Extreme risk produces extreme profit and vice versa. But this gives a consumer some heart at the same time."U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has warned that a full economic recovery will take time. But on Tuesday, he told Arab business leaders in Dubai that the global recession is showing signs of easing."The rate of decline in economic activity has slowed, business and consumer confidence has started to improve, the housing markets are showing some signs of stability, the cost of borrowing, the cost of credit, has fallen significantly," Geithner states.Despite an improving economic forecast, many large banks, including Citigroup and Bank of America, are still struggling.On Tuesday, President Barack Obama sounded a note of caution, saying that unemployment will likely continue to rise before the job market improves. Last month's jobs report showed that nearly one in ten American workers are unemployed.07/78510

  The.First.Emperor 秦帝国Qin Shi Huangdi remains a controversial figure in Chinese history. After unifying China, he and his chief adviser Li Si passed a series of major economic and political reforms. He undertook gigantic projects, including the first version of the Great Wall of China, the now famous city-sized mausoleum guarded by a life-sized Terracotta Army, all at the expense of many lives. To ensure stability, Qin Shi Huang outlawed Confucianism and buried many scholars alive. All books other than those officially decreed were banned and burned in what is known as the great Confucian purge. Despite the tyranny of his autocratic rule, Qin Shi Huang is regarded as a pivotal figure.... 听力文本‘This kind of opportunity only comes once in 10,000 years.’‘There’s only one way for Chin to survive, and that is through conquer.’ He founded a mighty country—China. He was its first emperor, and his empire became his fortress protected by a Great Wall. The legend says he was a tyrant, driven mad by power. ‘Find out who’s responsible and have him killed.’ He cheated death, ‘Assassin, assassin.’ and built the tomb the like of which mankind has never seen. But it wasn’t enough, he wanted to live forever. ‘Immortality, and if I do not have it, who does?’ A man with one extraordinary vision. ‘How big is this supposed to be? How big is this going to be?’ and he left a legacy that has lasted over 2,000 years. ‘Your divine son speaks.’ ‘Here I am!’‘The First Emperor of China.’ When the first emperor was laid to rest, the legend says he was the most powerful man on earth, that for 30 years, he’d subjected China to the most violent and bloody phase in its history. He had achieved the impossible: He unified the people, ten times as many subjects as the Pharaohs of Egypt, across an empire that would outlast Rome by 1,000 years. China was his. When the doors of his tomb were closed for the final time, the most fantastic part of that legend was born. 注释:outlast: to continue to exist or be effective for a longer time than something elsepharaoh: 法老tomb: a stone structure above or below the ground where a dead person is buried07/77435

  It’s time for these men to get y for work, and work means hanging off a cliff at 10,000 feet. High in the Austrian Alps, these men are trying to rescue a historic weather station from the weather itself. “It was a couple of years ago, we saw this crack and this whole supporting structure is based on 5 pillars. This one lowered itself about 4 or 5 millimeters. This meant to us the mountain is moving.” For more than a hundred years, Sonnblick Observatory has taken the Alps temperature. “So the whole climate change which it could observe in the twentieth century was observed here. ” And in the past few decades it’s measured a slow but steady increase. Lue Rasser has been watching the weather data at Sonnblick for more than 20 years. “A lot of facts show the climate is changing dramatically and it is a tragic change. A good example is average temperature. It’s moved up by more than 1 degree centigrade.” And from here Lue can watch it all in real time. “This is the meteor data system and you can all the weather measurements right here. For example we can show precipitation, snow levels on glaciers, wind temperature, global and sky radiation and a whole lot more.” But now the warmer weather is melting glaciers and hitting meteorologists right where they live. Sonnblick’s peak used to be held together by mountain permafrost, but with rising temperatures the permafrost was melting and the rock under the station was crumbling away. “When I started here in 1980 precipitation was snow or sleet, but for the last 15 years the temperature is so high that at least for a month each year we only have rain.” “And this rain caused freezing and refreezing and melting within the cracks and this of course splits up the cracks, you know.” So the workers drilled holes deep into the mountain top, searching for rock that wasn’t cracked. They built a web of steel and concrete to hold the mountain together, and maybe, just maybe, keep the station standing. Up here the weather can change in an instant and that’s why Sonnblick really does tower above most other observatories because it’s seen it all. It is the oldest mountain observatory in 3000 meters in the whole world, and it collected data since 1886. And the data show the warmer weather is giving no signs of slowing down, not just at Sonnblick but all through the Alps. Even mighty mountains are no match for a little rising thermometer. So for now, for the people at Sonnblick, fighting the effects of climate change is an uphill battle.参考中文翻译:这些人工作的时间到了,工作意味着悬挂在10,000英尺高的悬崖上。在奥地利境内高高的阿尔卑斯山上,这些人试图拯救一个历史性的气象站免于天气破坏。“大约两年前,我们看到了这个裂缝,整个持结构由5根柱子撑。而这一根下降了四五毫米。这说明山体移动了。”100多年来,Sonnblick气象台一直记录阿尔卑斯山的气温。“所以20世纪所有能够观察到的气候变化都是在这里观测到的。”在过去的几十年里,气温缓慢但是稳步上升。Lue Rasser在Sonnblick观测气象数据已经有20多年的历史。“多项事实表明,气候确实在急剧变化,而且是灾难性的变化。其中一个例子就是平均气温上升了1摄氏度以上。”在这里Lue可以进行实时观测。“这是流星数据系统,你可以在这里读取到所有的测量结果。例如,我们可以进行预测,冰川雪线,风温,全球和前空辐射,所有的预测都可以进行。”但是现在气候变暖,冰川融化,直接威胁到气象学家居住的地方。 由于永久冰冻,Sonnblick顶峰一向是聚集成一个整体,但是由于气温升高,永久冰冻融化,气象站的岩石逐渐分裂。“从1980年我到这里开始,预报结果一般是降雪或者冰雹,但是从15年前开始,由于气温升高,每年至少有一个月能够预测到降雨。”“雨水引起裂缝中产生冰冻,重复冰冻和融化,你知道,这样会加大裂缝。”所以工人们们在山顶向山体钻孔,希望寻找到没有开裂的岩石。他们建造了一个钢筋混凝土网络,希望重新把山体连接在一起,或许,只是有可能,保持气象站稳定。“在这里气候瞬息万变,这就是Sonnblick气象站能够比其他观测站观测更好的原因。”这是全世界最古老的高山气象站,位于海拔3000米的高山上,从1886年开始收集数据。数据表明,气候变暖没有任何变缓的迹象,并不只是在Sonnblick,而是整个阿尔卑斯山。即使是强有力的高山也承受不了一点点升温。所以,现在,对Sonnblick的人们来说,抵抗气候变暖的影响的战争悦来越艰巨。200812/58075

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