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协商(1):保险Frank:What are your terms of sale?你的销售条件是什么?Laro:The price ed is for CIF.报价是到岸价.Frank:My understanding is that CIF means the seller is responsible for prepaying shipping costs and arranging for the insurance policy.就我理解,到岸价是指卖方负责预付运输费用和上保险.Lora:Yes,that is correct .We will arrange for the shipping costs and insurance policy.对,很正确.我们会付运输费用并办理保险.Frank:Is it possible to consider FOB?That way ,we will handle the insurance through our broker.能不能考虑离岸价?这样,我们可以通过自己的保险经济人办理保险.Lora:Yes,we could also make this arrangement,,if you prefer.可以,如果您愿意,我们也可以这样安排. /05/70063to swing by 顺访英文释义 To visit casually; to go to a place for a short time without elaborate preparation.例句 When I am in his neighborhood, I like to swing by my old friends office for a cup of tea, simply calling him that morning first to see if its convenient.到老友所在的街区时,我喜欢顺便拜访他的办公室,在那里喝杯茶,只需事先打电话问他是否方便。 /201209/201507A 21-year-old French tennis players ;inappropriate behavior; towards a female journalist during a live TV interview at a major tournament has been described as ;reprehensible; by the French Tennis Federation.法国网球联合会表示,21岁的法国网球选手马克西姆-哈姆在大型比赛中接受电视直播采访时对一名女记者的“不当行为必须遭受谴责”。Maxime Hamou pulled Eurosport journalist Maly Thomas close to him and kissed her repeatedly while holding her around her neck and shoulders Monday.本周一,马克西哈姆将欧洲体育台记者玛托马斯拉近身边,搂住她的脖子和肩膀数次强吻。On Tuesday, the FTT revoked Hamous accreditation for the prestigious French Open, while the organizations President Bernard Giudicelli has asked the disputes committee to investigate for improper conduct.本周二,法国网球协会取消了马克西哈姆参加著名的法国网球公开赛的件。协会主席伯纳德-朱迪切利要求争议委员会调查这次不当行为;I want to offer my deepest apologies to Maly Thomas if she felt hurt or shocked by my attitude during her interview,; Hamou wrote on his Instagram account.哈姆在他的Instagram账户中写道:“如果因为我在采访中的态度感到不快或震惊,我要对玛托马斯表示最真挚的歉意。”In a statement sent to CNN, Eurosport said: ;We sincerely regret the incident that occurred during yesterday evenings interview between Maly Thomas and Maxime Hamou.欧洲体育台在发送给美国有线新闻网的一份声明中说:“对于昨晚在玛丽-托马斯采访马克西哈姆时发生的事,我们深表遗憾。;The behaviour of the interviewee was highly inappropriate and we do not condone such conduct in any way.;“被采访者的行为是不恰当的,我们无法原谅这样的行为。”In es carried by the Huffington Post, Thomas said that if she ;hadnt been live on air, I would have punched him.;据《赫芬顿邮报》报道称,玛托马斯说,“如果不是在直播,我会把他揍一顿。”The incident happened after Hamou, who is ranked No. 287 in the world, had been knocked out of the first round in straight sets by Uruguays Pablo Cuevas.此番事件发生前,排名世界287位的哈姆首轮连丢3盘不敌乌拉圭选手巴勃奎瓦斯。Following a defeat, its normal for players to still be allowed on site with their accreditation, though usually most would take off to prepare for their next tournament.在输掉比赛后,选手仍可凭参赛件留在赛场,尽管通常情况下大部分选手会离开,以准备下次比赛。来 /201706/512155Dialogue 1F:Hello,Mr Henson,welcome to Beijing! Is this your first time to visit china?M:Oh no,I’v aly made several trips to Guangzhou,this is my first trip to Beijing though.it is a lot larger than I expected it would be.F:Yes,Beijing has been broken over the last few years,there are a lot of improvement changing be made for Olympic,what would you like to see when are you here?M:I hope to have time to visit great wall when I am here,I always want to go there,I think it would be a real shame by came all the way in Beijing and didn’t make out the wall,do you think I have a chance to see it?F:I can pretty sure it can be arranged,the wall is a short distance from the city,but we could make arrangements for driver to take us out to visit the great wall during when our afternoon breaks,I also recommend you to visit Tian’an Men Square and city while you add it!M:Yes,that would be nice,would I have a tour guide to tour completely visit these places?F:Don’t worry,I would be able to go along with you,over the next few days,if you have any questions or problems,I will be right here to help you out,I can be a translator and tour guide.M:Thank you very much.F:My pleasure,I hope your visit to Beijing is very enjoyable! /07/77804

Inquiring about progressA: Good afternoon. Jason Emory speaking.B: Hi, Jason. It’s Elizabeth Montgomery. Have you got those plans drawn up yet?A: Yeah.They were just sent over to your office. You should have them in about half an hour.B: Thanks a lot. Sorry to trouble you. 询问进度A:下午好,杰森·埃莫里。B:嗨,杰森,我是伊丽莎白·蒙格玛利。你把计划写完了吗?A:刚刚给你办公室送去,半小时之后你就能收到了。B:多谢。对不起,打扰了。 /02/62062

第一句:Please send email to Mr. Geller directly and CC to Carol and Mike meanwhile.请直接给盖勒先生发邮件,同时抄送给卡罗尔和麦克。A: Please send email to Mr. Geller directly and CC to Carol and Mike meanwhile.请直接给盖勒先生发邮件,同时抄送给卡罗尔和麦克。B: OK. Ive got that.好的,我记住了。第二句:Id like four copies, please.请给我复印四份。A: Id like four copies, please.请给我复印四份。B: OK. Just a moment.好的,请等一下。知识扩展:1.要求抄送的表达还有:Please send copy of this email to Ella.请把这封邮件抄送给艾拉。Copy only those who need to be copicd, but not your entire universe of contacts.抄送给需要的人就可以了,不必搬上整本通讯录。2.新人的工作往往简单而繁琐,复印资料的工作自然少不了:Could you xerox the materials, please?请复印一下这些资料好吗?How many do you need?您要复印多少?Please run off ten copies of the document.请把这份文件复印十份Please make three copies of the document.请把这份文件复印三份Can you show me how the phoiocopicr works?你可以教我怎样用这台复印机吗? xerox v. 复印photocopier n. 复印机(copier, duplicator也是复印机的意思)重点单词查看全部解释universe['ju:niv#601;:s]想一想再看n. 宇宙,万物,世界 联想记忆X单词universe联想记忆:uni一个+vers转+e→统一旋转→宇宙 document['d#596;kjum#601;nt]想一想再看n. 文件,公文,文档vt. 记载,(用文件 联想记忆X单词document联想记忆:docu[doc教]+ment→用来教的东西→文件;书

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