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妇也能跳芭蕾Far from being heavy, lumbering and clumsy, pregnant women are often fascinating, beautiful andserene, according to the artistic director of one British ballet company.And to prove it, Balletlorent is recruiting 12 pregnant women to star in a dance production alongside six professional ballet dancers."MaEternal" will be performed in the northern English city of Newcastle in May and is offering the 12 who get through the auditions "a chance to share with an audience the beauty of what it means to carry the life of another within you."Artistic Director Liv Lorent, who, coincidentally, is pregnant herself, says she has always been keen to combine trained dancers with people from all ages and stages in life to make her ballet productions richer."I've done projects in the past where I have invited all sorts of people -- children, old people, builders, footballers, doctors, all sorts -- to take part," she said."This is another development of a long-held wish to mix up the different physical types in my choreography. The shape of people changes the way they move, and I like that very much."She notes the stark contrast between the typically lithe light and muscular physique of a dancer, and the softer, rounder contours of a pregnant woman, and delights in it."You can't get a 25-year-old size 8 ballet dancer type body to move with the weight, the gravitas or the sheer cheerful spirit of a pregnant woman," she said.Lorent promises that no previous dance experience is necessary to audition for a part in MaEternal. The only requirement is that anyone wishing to take part should be up to 32 weeks by the time of the performance on May, 14. Beyond that, she says, the risk is too high of unplanned dramas on stage.As well as recruiting 12 pregnant women, Lorent has also signed up Lynn Campbell, an active birth therapist who runs pregnancy classes in and around Newcastle, to advise on the movements and abilities of expectant mothers."Culturally we don't always have the words to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy, and although people are often fascinated by it, they don't know how to express that, so they say things like 'Aren't you big!'" Campbell said."So this is a real opportunity for pregnant women to be seen in a new way." 在英国一家芭蕾舞公司的艺术指导看来,妇并不笨重、迟缓、笨拙,相反,她们常常十分美丽迷人、宁静安详。为了明这一事实,“芭蕾洛伦特”公司目前正招募12名妇,与另外六名专业演员共同出演一部芭蕾舞剧。这部名为《MaEternal》的芭蕾舞剧将于5月在英国北部城市纽卡斯尔上演,顺利通过选拔的12名妇届时将“有机会与观众共同分享‘生命育之美’”。“芭蕾洛伦特”公司艺术指导丽芙#8226;洛伦特自己也是个准妈妈,她说为了使自己的作品更加丰富,她一直喜欢邀请不同年龄、不同社会背景的人与专业演员同台演出。她说:“在过去的一些作品中,我邀请过小孩、老人、建筑工人、足球运动员、医生等各种各样的人参与演出。”“我一直希望能在编舞中加入各种不同体型的人物,邀请妇同台是又一次新的尝试。人的体形会改变其动作方式,我对此很感兴趣。”洛伦特注意到,舞蹈演员身体轻盈柔软、体格健美,而妇的形体则更加柔和圆润,她对这种鲜明的对比很感兴趣。她说:“你不可能让一个身形苗条的25岁芭蕾演员跳出妇的那种厚重、庄严或欢愉的感觉。”洛伦特说,报名参选者不需要有任何舞蹈经验。唯一的条件是有意参演的妇在5月14日演出当天期最多为32周。她指出,如果超过32周,上演“意外剧目”的风险太大。除招募妇外,洛伦特还聘请了一位名叫琳#8226;坎贝尔的生育专家,为参演妇提供动作及技能指导。坎贝尔在纽卡斯尔市内及周边地区开设有期培训班。坎贝尔说:“从文化意义上说,我们似乎一直没有合适的言辞来赞美育之美,尽管人们常被这种美所吸引,但却不知道该如何表达,所以总会说‘你的肚子好大啊!’之类的话。”“所以妇跳芭蕾是以一种全新的方式展示育之美的绝好机会”。 /200803/31194

Why did humans evolve to walk upright?Why did humans evolve to walk upright? Perhaps because it's just plain easier. Make that "energetically less costly," in science-speak.Bipedalism - walking on two feet - is one of the defining characteristics of being human, and scientists have debated for years how it came about. In the latest attempt to find an explanation, researchers trained five chimpanzees to walk on a tmill while wearing masks that allowed measurement of their oxygen consumption.The chimps were measured both while walking upright and while moving on their legs and knuckles. That measurement of the energy needed to move around was compared with similar tests on humans and the results are published in this week's online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.It turns out that humans walking on two legs use only one-quarter of the energy that chimpanzees use while knuckle-walking on four limbs. And the chimps, on average, use as much energy using two legs as they did when they used all four limbs.However, there was variability among chimpanzees in how much energy they used, and this difference corresponded to their different gaits and anatomy.One of the chimps used less energy on two legs, one used about the same and the others used more, said David Raichlen, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Arizona."What we were surprised at was the variation," he said in a telephone interview. "That was pretty exciting, because when you talk about how evolution works, variation is the bottom line, without variation there is no evolution."Walking on two legs freed our arms, opening the door to manipulating the world, Raichlen said. "We think about the evolution of bipedalism as one of first events that led hominids down the path to being human."The research was supported by the National Science Foundation and the L. S. B. Leakey Foundation. 人类为何进化到了直立行走的姿态?可能这是因为直立行走要容易得多。用科学术语来说,直立行走能“节省能量”。用两条腿走路是人类的基本特征之一,多年来,科学家们在这一特征的形成问题上一直争论不休。在这项最新研究中,研究人员让五只大猩猩戴着可测算氧气消耗量的面罩在跑步机上行走。研究人员对大猩猩在直立行走和四肢着地行走时消耗的氧气量分别进行了测量,并将结果与人类的进行了对比。这些结果在本周《国家科学院院刊》的网络版上公布。测算结果表明,人类用两条腿行走时消耗的能量仅为大猩猩四肢着地行走时所消耗能量的四分之一。平均来看,大猩猩两条腿行走时消耗的能量与四肢着地行走时的差不多。但行走时消耗能量的多寡在这些大猩猩中也存在差异。这与它们不同的步法和解剖学特征有关。亚利桑那大学的人类学副教授大卫·里奇伦说:“其中一只大猩猩用两条腿行走时消耗的能量较少,还有一只两种行走方式消耗的能量相同。其余的两条腿行走时消耗的能量较多。”他在接受一个电话采访时说:“让我们感到惊讶的是变异。这十分令人兴奋,因为变异在进化过程中起着关键性作用。没有变异,就不会有进化。”里奇伦说,双腿走路解放了我们的双臂,为我们主宰世界打开了大门。“双腿直立行走的进化是原始人向人类进化的最初阶段中的一步。”该研究是由美国国家科学基金会和L. S. B. 李基基金会提供持的。 /200808/46206

In a Facebook posted last Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg debuted his artificial intelligence (AI) home assistant Jarvis, which was inspired by Tony Stark#39;s AI assistant Jarvis from the Iron Man movies.在上周二发布于脸书上的一段视频中,马克·扎克伯格首次展示了他的人工智能(AI)家庭助手贾维斯,其灵感源自《钢铁侠》系列电影中托尼·斯塔克的AI助手贾维斯。He spent 100 hours building the assistant, which can turn lights on and off, play music based on the personal tastes of both him and wife Priscilla Chan, automatically open their front gate for those it recognizes, make toast and even entertain his toddler.扎克伯格花了100个小时打造的这个家庭助手,可以控制灯光开关、根据他和妻子普莉希拉·陈的个人品味播放音乐、自动为它能识别的人打开家里的前门、制作吐司,甚至可以逗他刚学步的孩子开心。Zuckerberg posted on Facebook in October asking who should voice his AI assistant, and Morgan Freeman was the ;overwhelming choice.;今年10月,扎克伯格在脸书发帖询问该找谁为其AI助手配音,推选根·弗里曼的人占压倒性多数。Freeman accepted the proposal after Zuckerberg called him in December.扎克伯格本月致电弗里曼后,弗里曼接受了提议。;I called him...and I said, #39;Hey, I posted this thing, and...thousands of people want you to be the voice. Will you do it?#39;, and he accepted.;“我给他(弗里曼)打了一个电话,我说,‘嘿,我发布了这么个帖子。许多人想要你来为它配音,你愿意做这事吗?’最终他答应了。”It#39;s the result of a ;personal growth challenge; Zuckerberg gave himself at the start of the year.这一成就可以说是扎克伯格在及今年年初给自己设定的“个人成长挑战”的最终成果。 /201612/486003

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