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,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Love yourself爱自己Take Care of Your Body照顾好身体 Everything you eat has aninfluence on your mood and energy levels. If youre feeling depressed and exhausted, take an honest look at what you are eating. 饮食会影响情绪和精力当你感到疲惫沮丧时,请如实反省自己吃了什么Everyone reacts differently to different foods, but with experimentation you can discover the fuel that results in the best permance.食物及疗效因人而异多加尝试,你会找到能提高效率的食物 Dance跳舞 Dance parties are always good ideas. Who says you need a partner? Crank up some 80′s jams or show-tunes and get moving. 舞会向来受欢迎谁说一定要有舞伴?换上便装、奏起音乐,就能翩然起舞You might feel silly—you might even laugh at yourself—but it will be fun (and you know it).或许你觉得傻乎乎的,甚至忍不住嘲笑自己,但不管怎样,这确实很有意思!更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 05

《神秘士圣诞特辑:River Song回归 -- ::8 来源: 虽然距离圣诞还有3个多月,但《神秘士剧组已经为粉丝们准备好了大礼亚历克斯-京斯敦(Alex Kingston)将在今年的圣诞特辑中回归饰演“宋江”River Song  宋江一角最早于年和观众见面,到现在已经出现在集故事中她在剧中嫁给了第任士(马特-史密斯饰),这一次她也将重新见到自己的丈夫——由皮特-卡帕尔蒂(Peter Capaldi)饰演的任士了  “我之前不晓得宋江还会不会回归《神秘士,但是如今她要杀回来了,和士一起圣诞旅程”京斯敦在一份声明中说:“在周一的剧本通读会上我第一次碰到皮特(卡帕尔蒂),我们聊得很开心,我也很激动,已经准备好了和他还有整个士团队开始圣诞特辑的拍摄了9月的圣诞,听上去也不错呢!”  剧集制作人史蒂芬-莫法特还补充说:”士上一次见到她的时候,她是鬼魂士第一次见到她的时候,她死了那他又如何能再次见到她呢?就和以前每一次一样,这个故事有着错综复杂的时间线……“  《神秘士将于美国东部时间9月19日晚9点回归B美国频道,圣诞特辑则会在圣诞节当天的同一时间段播出 特辑 士

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活远离起床气Plan Your Clothes想想穿什么Do you remember when you were inelementary school and your mother would lay your outfit out the night bee? 还记得你在小学的时候,你的妈妈会在前一天的晚上,把第二天要穿的衣拿出来?Well, there was a method to mom madness. People often waste unnecessary time looking through their closets eachmorning, but you can eliminate that step altogether. On nights where you knowyou have an early morning commute coming up in mere hours, just grab an outfit and lay it on the floor, or hang it over the back of a chair. 好吧,这是母亲的强迫症每天早晨,人们通常浪费很多不必要的时间来把他们衣橱都看上一遍,但是你其实可以少做这一步,把它整合,只需在晚上提前意识到还有短短几个小时天就要亮了,抓一件衣放在地板上或者挂在椅子靠背上,等等Something. Anything. If you make that partof your routine each night, youll easily shave 5 to minutes off of your routine every morning.任何事情,只要你把它变成晚上要做的一种习惯,那么每天早晨你就可以很容易的节省出5到分钟的时间【知识点讲解】hang over 笼罩; 威胁; 搁置待解决例句:The river is always shady here because trees hang over from either side.这一段河面总是有阴影,因为河两岸的树都伸到河面上来了A lamp hang over the table.一盏灯悬挂在桌子上方更多详情敬请关注新浪微:安夏Ukki 微信公众号: (安夏01)anxia01[本节目属] 81


  Fox电视台表拍摄《越狱续篇倒计时 -- :58:35 来源:   《越狱(Prison Break)很可能很快就会回到大家的视线  据了解,Fox目前正在着手复活本剧,Wentworth Miller和Dominic Purcell都可能回归  尽管该项目的细节仍不得而知,但是如果能够成行,那么本剧将有可能仿照《小时:再活一天(: Live Another Day)形式,制作一个大约有集长度的有限剧集——既有开头,又有结尾的独立剧集项目  今年初,Miller表示,他曾对Fox表达了拍摄《越狱续篇的想法,而Fox方面也称“正在考虑这个项目的可行性”Fox联合主席Gary Newman也在今年一月份举办的TCA电视人协会冬季媒体见面会上承认《越狱可能会成为“完美的现象级剧集”,但是他又称当时并没有复活该剧的计划 台表 续篇 电视。

    Mr. Bean first blundered on to television in an ITV series

  ,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Ways to be happy快乐的秘诀 How to share.学会分享Share. Not in a Facebook sharing way, but reallyshare.去分享吧不是指社交网站上的“分享”,是真正的“分享”How to make friends.学会交友Some people think it that your friends keep you from doing things that are bad you. Frankly, we think it’s just that theymake your life more fun and worthwhile.有人认为,好朋友能够阻止你做一些对你有害的事情其实呢,他们只是给你的生活带来了更多的乐趣和价值How to listen.学会倾听Sure, you probably hear just fine. But do you reallylisten? Do you body language, facial expressions, what the eyes aretelling you and not just the mouth?是啊,你也许会说我这不是听得好好的嘛可你真的有认真在听吗?你有在解读对方的肢体语言、面部表情以及其他眼睛看到的,而不仅是耳朵听到的吗?【知识点讲解】keep from 阻止,妨碍例句:Hearing the words, he couldnt keep from laughing.听了这话,他不由得笑了起来He was argumentative, loud and just plain rude. We bit our tongues the entire weekend to keep from telling him where to go!他好争论,大嗓门并且毫无礼貌整个周末我们强忍住未向他下逐客令更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki 微信公众号:致亲爱的自己[本节目属] 57788城市空气质量太差-6 :5:6 A:The air quality in this city is horrendous! The pollution levels were so high that we weren't supposed to go outside with a face mask again!这个城市的空气质量实在是太差了!污染指数那么高,以至于我们都已不再希望于外出时戴防毒面具保护自己了.B:Exhaust fumes from vehicles cause a great deal of damage to the environment.汽车排放的尾气严重污染了环境.A:On top of that, there are a few large chemical factories in the suburbs, which are contributing to the high pollution levels in the water and the air in this city.最要命的是,郊区还有好几家大型化工厂,这些工厂是这个城市空气和水污染的罪魁祸首.B:As much as I love this city, I think I'm going to have to find a greener city to live in. Living in a polluted city like this just can't be good my health.我热爱这个城市但是我也想找一个更加环保的城市居住.住在污染这么严重的城市里对我的健康可是不好的.A:I know what you mean. However, there are so few places left that have not been affected by global warming. If it's not the pollution, then it's the natural disasters, deestation, or the greenhous我明白你的意思.不过现在已经很少有城市不受全球变暖的影响了.不是有污染,就是有自然灾害,或者是森林毁坏和温室效应.B:What is the greenhosue effct exactly?温室效应究竟是指什么?A:It's the gradual rise in the earth's temperature.是指地球温度逐渐上升.B:I see, so it's similar to global warming?我明白了.是不是跟全球变暖很相似?A:They're related to one another, yes.没错,他们是彼此联系的.B:I heard that some people in England are pleased with the fact that the climate is becoming warmer because it's making their towns a more pleasant place to live.我听说有些英格兰人发现气候变暖使他们居住的城市气候更加宜人,这让他们很高兴.A:People joke about the benefits of the increase in temperature, but it's not all good news. They've been experiencing a lot of deadly storms there as well.有时候人们会拿气温升高的好处开开玩笑,不过这毕竟不是好事.他们已经经历过而造成的暴风雨雪天气了.B:People always seem to make jokes as a way to deal with untunate situations.人们总是会调侃这个,就像他们面对不幸境遇的时候一样.A:I think if everyone pitches in, the world will be a better place.我觉得如果人人都能同心协力,这个世界将会更美好.,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活How to learn English well?如何学好英语Find a teacher找一个老师 The teacher is, in fact, essential toyour learning process. He or she must understand your needs and keep your interests high and your enthusiasm alive, especially when youre tired or discouraged.事实上,老师是你学习过程中必不可少的一部分他或她必须明白你的学习目的,保持你的学习兴趣高涨,维护你的学习热情,尤其是当你感到累了或泄气的时候 Your teacher must know what to do or what not to do to make you feel confident and still eager to learn.老师必须知道如何使你感到自信并渴望学习,什么能做,什么不能做,你的老师都要清楚更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 377

  ,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活costing habits浪费钱的小习惯You buy stuff without understanding why你总买些莫名其妙的东西In Money: A Love Story author Kate Northrup urges us to understand what made us make each purchase. First, we look at our credit card statement. Were our purchases good ones, or are there any purchases that we would have been better off without?In Money:《金钱:一个爱情故事的作者 Kate Northrup 要求我们对每一笔花销都心知肚明首先我们要看看信用卡额度我们是不是在买好东西,还是这些东西可有可无?Once we complete this step, we move on to step two. How did we feel when we made each purchase? If you actually do this step, you might find out that the purchases you made while feeling bad, needy, or lacking, are not the ones you are proud of.一旦完成了这一步,就来到了第二步,买每一样东西的时候是什么感觉?如果你真的做到了这一步,也许会发现买这个让你有点难受、窘迫或者缺钱了,而不是让你骄傲purchase v.购买; 采购;例句:These vouchers are redeemable against any future purchase.这些优惠券将来购物均可使用[本节目属] 777


  A teacher in a primary school in Yunnan Province told some students to stand on podium and apologize in front of the whole class. What heinous crime did these kids commit? Well, they failed to reach the average grade in an exam. The teacher explains this mal apology can encourage students to focus on their studies. Does it work? 583。

  新版3D怪兽电影《哥斯拉中国上映 -- :3:59 来源: 新版3D怪兽电影《哥斯拉中国上映春夏季是好莱坞英雄系列大片争夺中国票房的热季但是,这一回,却是经典怪兽系列电影《哥斯拉吸引了众影迷眼球!《哥斯拉于周五登上了中国大荧幕The spring and summer seasons have witnessed Hollywood superheroes scrambling the Chinese box office one after another. But this time, it's a remake of the classic monster film Godzilla that's causing all the buzz. The 3-D blockbuster made its China debut on Friday.The spring and summer seasons have witnessed Hollywood superheroes scrambling the Chinese box office one after another."Invasion of the monster. After sweeping across America's cinema lines, Godzilla has landed in China, right on the 60th anniversary of the monster's creation."The sci-fi flick stars Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen, and has been a global sensation since its premiere in North America on May th. 60 years since the debut of the Japanese franchise, Godzilla, one of the most globally recognizable movie monsters of all time, still has a strong allure movie-goers."I came to watch Godzilla with my child. He likes blockbusters like this very much." a movie-goer said."Godzilla. That's what I came today." a movie-goer said."I have seen the Godzilla filmed 60 years ago. This time it is shot in 3D and has better visual effects, which is normally what I come at the cinema. As domestic films, if I have a lot of time to kill, I'll buy tickets and watch them." a movie-goer said.During the first half of this year, Chinese audiences have been overwhelmed by Hollywood monsters wreaking havoc on the world, and superheroes who manage to save it. From the most recent "X-Men: Days of Future Past" to "Amazing Spiderman II" and "Captain America II", superhero stories with cutting edge visual effects have been the most powerful attraction movie goers.Domestic small-budget films defy Hollywood superheroesAnd as the Chinese film market has become the second largest in the world, Chinese actors have started to appear in Hollywood blockbusters, and Beijing and Shanghai have become unavoidable stops promotion.In the past three months, Beijing fans have seen Hugh Jackman and Peter Dinklage "X-MEN", which also stars Fan Bingbing, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johanson and Samuel Jackson "Captain America", as well as Johny Depp "Transcendence."Although half of the top ten films that grabbed the highest box-office revenues in China are Hollywood films, the top of the list is the domestic film "The Monkey King." The 3D film based on the Chinese legend hit big screens during the Chinese Spring Festival and raked in over 1 billion yuan. The four other Chinese films in the top ten are "Dad, where are we going?", "From Vegas to Macau", "My Old Classmates", and "Beijing Love Story". Although made with a relatively small budgets, these domestic films still managed to succeed.Box office estimated to rake in bln yuan by year's endChina's annual box office revenue reached the billion yuan threshold in , and has been increasing steadily ever since. Domestic films have ed over 56 percent of the takings.It is estimated that box office revenue will reach billion by the end of this year. The expansion is due to the increase of screens in second and third tier cities, and currently there are over ,000 screens across the country. 哥斯拉

  亲爱的朋友们,在这美丽的清晨,带上您的一份美丽的心情,加入Juliet的行列,走进话说地道美语课堂,让我们在英语的世界里旋转舞动【今日课题】每逢清晨,我们少不了一份营养丰富的早餐,那么我们今天的;早餐;是什么呢?今天的;早餐就是继续第课拓展篇的学习;;关于;迷恋;意思的表达法上回我们说了第一类,今天我们来看第二类【课堂详解】第二、带有carry,c-a-r-r-y,carry这个单词的表述;迷恋;的习惯用语它是be carried away(get carried away)It means to be very excited and lose control of your feelings. 中文意思是变得很激动而失去自控更具有文学性的翻译可以是忘乎所以,神魂颠倒,冲昏头脑,陶醉我们来看个例句例句1:On no should we fight on day after day without cease, or be carried away by success. 决不可以无止境地每日每时地斗下去,决不可被胜利冲昏自己的头脑注解1:On no 是;绝对;的意思例如: On no can we ignore the value of knowledge. 我们绝对不能忽视知识的价值Hence, on no can we equate happiness with wealth. ,我们决不能把快乐等同于财富注解:Day after day是;日复一日;的意思那么;年复一年;,我们可以说为year after year;岁月蹉跎;,我们可以说为stealing day after day例如:Day after day, year after year, no one can tell me who Ive been waiting . Maybe somebody, maybe nobody. 年复一年,日复一日,没有人能告诉我,我在为谁而等待也许是在等有缘人,也许什么人也等不到Day after day she waited in vain him to telephone her. 日复一日,她徒劳地等待他的电话(备注:in vain 徒劳地;无效地)注解3:Without cease是;不停地;;不断地;;持续地;的意思努力不倦或者是努力不懈,我们可以说为strive without cease卜昼卜夜,我们可以说为day and night without cease例如:The purpose in life is to learn and to give without cease, to grow as a person, and to benefit others. 生命的意义何在?不断地学习、奉献,使自己成长,并成就他人We shall work on without cease in order to finish the job on time. 我们应该不停地干,才能时完成工作注解:这个句子是一个倒装句在以下否定意义的短语位于句首时,句子应该用倒装语序: under no circumstance, on no ,in no way, at no point, at no time, in no sense,这些短语都表示;绝不;我们再来看个例句:At no point will my reference books be removed from the library. 绝不可能将参考书带出图书馆At no time shall a student cheat on his exam. 学生任何时候都不允许考试作弊从以上例句中可以看到当这些表示;绝不;否定意义的短语位于句首时倒装句的结构是:介词短语+助动词(或情态动词)+主语+谓语例句:I closed my eyes, letting myself get carried away by my daughter song. 我闭上眼睛,任由女儿的美妙的歌声牵引我的思绪注解:句子中的letting myself get carried away by my daughter song是现在分词短语在句子中作伴随状况状语我闭上了眼睛,那么闭上眼睛的同时,我的脑海里萦绕着女儿的歌声这个动作同时在发生【课后功课】Please translate the following sentences into English with be carried away.1. 我们决不会被巨大的胜利冲昏头脑. 在胜利面前不要忘乎所以3. 别被 他的赞美冲昏了头,他说这话的时候不是非常诚恳[参考翻译]1. We ll never be carried away by our great success. . One mustnt be carried away by one successes. 3. Dont be carried away by his praise, he is not very sincere when saying this.拓展篇学习下会继续(To Be Continued) 若您对本期课程有任何疑问,不妨加入可可口语交流QQ交流群共同讨论,群号为:6353,或者您以邮件形式将你的疑问发送到我的信箱,Juliet的信箱:leinadancingroom@qq.com我会在第一时间给你解答疑惑 71

  Relief could be on the way millions of people trying to get vaccinated against H1N1--administration Officials saying that ten million new doses of the vaccine should be available next week. The number of states reporting widesp outbreaks now has climbed to 8.对于数百万试图接种H1N1疫苗的民众来说救星即将到来.政府官员表示,下周将出炉0万剂新的疫苗.现在,报道甲型流感大范围爆发的州已经上升到8个. 886

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