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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger promised hed be back - but that was bee his governorship, his tabloid scandal and his 65th birthday. 阿诺德#86;施瓦辛格(Arnold Schwarzenegger)曾经承诺过他会回来的,但那是在他当州长之前、有婚外情丑闻之前,以及65岁生日之前 After nearly a decade, the mer governor of Calinia is attempting to reignite his career as a Hollywood star. 经过近十年的政治生涯后,这位前加州州长正准备重点引擎,回归好莱坞影坛 He has aly shot three films, including the ensemble piece The Expendables , which opens next week and is the first movie since to feature him in any role beyond a cameo. He has signed on to star in three more, including a new Terminator installment, which he has met recently with director James Cameron and producer Megan Ellison, who paid $ million last year to buy the rights from a hedge fund that bid the property in a bankruptcy proceeding. 目前,施瓦辛格已拍了三部新片,包括8月中旬上映的《敢死队(The Expendables ),这是他自年以来第一次出演主角他还签下了三部电影的演出合约,包括新一代的《终结者(Terminator)一个对冲基金在破产清算竞标中拿到了这部《终结者的版权,导演詹姆斯#86;卡梅隆(James Cameron)和制片人梅根#86;埃里森(Megan Ellison)又在年花00万美元从该对冲基金手中将版权买下最近,施瓦辛格与两人进行了会面 People have underestimated Mr. Schwarzenegger ever since he arrived in the U.S. in 1968 as a bodybuilder with a thick Austrian accent. But resuming a Hollywood career after a decade-long sabbatical wont be easy, especially a man now carrying a little less muscle tone and a little more personal baggage: In May , a few months after exiting office, Mr. Schwarzenegger admitted that he had fathered a child with a longtime member of his household staff. He delayed getting back in front of the cameras several months. Mr. Schwarzenegger insists he isnt trying to recreate his glory days. 施瓦辛格在1968年作为一名健美运动员来到美国,还操着浓重的奥地利口音,当时人们低估了他的才华和能量然而,在近十年的息影后重归好莱坞并非易事,因为到了施瓦辛格这把年纪,肌肉在减少,可烦心事却在增多:年5月,在卸任州长的几个月后,施瓦辛格承认自己与一名长期跟随自己的管家有染并生子为此,他延迟了数月才回到摄像机前施瓦辛格强调说,他的回归并非是要重铸昔日的辉煌 I dont need the money, he said bee a recent promotional appearance at Camp Pendleton, the Marine Corps Base down the coast from Los Angeles. Ive been there. Ive gotten to the top - the No. 1 movie of the year and all those things. So now it a different agenda. 最近,施瓦辛格在洛杉矶海边Camp Pendleton海军陆战队基地做宣传时说,“我不缺钱,该有的我都有了,我曾站在巅峰,是年度头号影片的男一号,现在我关注的是不一样的事情” Part of his agenda is adjusting to a changed Hollywood. As studios have focused increasingly on special effects-laden films built around pre-sold characters from comic books and the like, action stars place in the firmament is vastly diminished. Neither of this year biggest domestic hits, The Avengers and The Hunger Games, relied on the strength of a sole marquee name. The .3 million upfront fee Mr. Schwarzenegger collected his last big role, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines in , would be unthinkable any actor today. (He sat out the fourth Terminator while he was in office.) 其中一件事情是适应已经改变了的好莱坞现在不少制片厂商越来越倾向于拍摄以漫画书等作品中热门人物为主角的充满各种特效的影片,动作明星曾拥有的广阔天地已几乎消失看看今年上映的几部大片,如《复仇者联盟(The Avengers)和《饥饿游戏(The Hunger Games)等,依靠的都不是单打独斗的明星施瓦辛格最后一次作为主角出演年的《终结者3:机器的觉醒(Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines)时,预收的出演费高达930万美元,这对今天的任何演员来说都是无法企及的高度(施瓦辛格在当州长期间还客串出演过《终结者) Mr. Schwarzenegger became an international icon through films that exploited his uber-macho, pumped-up image in both earnest (Total Recall, Conan the Barbarian) and comedic roles (Twins and Kindergarten Cop). He never hoisted Oscars his acting, but he was a larger-than-life screen presence. 施瓦辛格在出演了不少具有男子汉气概和英雄风范的银幕角色后,成为国际影坛的一位天王巨星他的影片既有柔情的元素,如《全面回忆(Total Recall)和《王者之剑(Conan the Barbarian),也有喜剧的一面,如《龙兄鼠弟(Twins)和《幼稚园特警(Kindergarten Cop)虽然施瓦辛格至今还未捧得过奥斯卡小金人,但已成为一位永恒的银幕形象 He dropped all of that upon his inauguration in , and made a near-absolute retreat from Hollywood the next seven years. 年施瓦辛格当选加州州长,从影坛激流勇退,在此后的七年中几乎与好莱坞绝缘 As soon as he left office in January , Mr. Schwarzenegger and his team of advisors began plotting his transition out of politics. There were plenty of ways Mr. Schwarzenegger could have occupied his time: He working on his memoirs and launching a policy institute at the University of Southern Calinia. 年1月施瓦辛格卸任州长后,马上就跟顾问团队开始规划退出政坛后的转型向他有许多道路可供选择:写回忆录,在南加州大学(University of Southern Calinia)开办一个政策研究院等 There was also a big job possibility in Washington. Around the end of his second term, Mr. Schwarzenegger was approached by White House officials about a cabinet position, according to people familiar with the matter. 华盛顿特区也向他伸出了橄榄枝据知情人士透露,在施瓦辛格第二任州长任期即将结束之际,白宫官员与他接触,邀请他担任总统内阁的一个重要职位 Mr. Schwarzenegger, however, prefers Hollywood. Even if it is hardly known as a warm and supportive work environment, him it seems like a safe harbor compared with politics. In Hollywood, they see you rising as a star. They see you falling as a star. That is natural, he said. But it not like, let get someone. Or, let tear them down. It a different mentality. 不过,施瓦辛格还是更喜欢好莱坞虽然好莱坞并非一个温馨舒适的工作场所,但与政治相比,对他来说就像一个安静的避风港施瓦辛格说,“好莱坞固然有成有败,人们随时都在看星升星落,但这里不像政界,无时无刻不在厮杀,政客们都恨不得把别人撕成碎片影坛和政坛是两个世界” There is no template engineering a second movie career a mer governor. Mr. Schwarzenegger relies on aides and advisers drawn from various facets of his life. In addition to people like his stunt double, Mr. Schwarzenegger traveling entourage includes a coterie of mer administration staffers, including his mer special assistant (or body man), his mer communications director and his mer deputy director of advance. One of his agents at Creative Artists Agency, Michael Kives, has a background in politics, having interned President Bill Clinton. 如何让一位前任州长重返影坛,这没有现成的经验可供借鉴施瓦辛格拉回了曾在他生命各个阶段助他一臂之力的助手和顾问团队除了他的特技替身演员,施瓦辛格的随行人员还包括一群与他一起共事的班底,如前特别助理、前公关主管、前助选副主管等他在创新艺人经纪公司(Creative Artists Agency)的经纪人之一迈克尔#86;凯夫斯(Michael Kives)拥有政治从业背景,曾在克林顿总统(President Bill Clinton)的手下实习过 That team mapped out a second, remulated movie career, one that relies heavily both on what they hope will be moviegoers nostalgia their star of yesteryear, and empathy an aging action hero. 该团队为施瓦辛格精心规划了重返影坛的路线图,希望影迷们对昔日巨星的怀旧以及对年华老去动作英雄的同情能成为施瓦辛格再度转型的助推剂 The strategy conceived by his team calls him to revive hits from his heyday such as Triplets - the sequel to Twins - and the next installment of The Terminator, the script which is in development. And he will seek age-appropriate roles. In The Tomb, a prison-escape thriller, Mr. Schwarzenegger sports gray-flecked hair and a matching goatee. In The Last Stand, he plays a small-town semi-retired sheriff who is not pretending to be a -year-old, said Erik Feig, president of production at Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., which is distributing The Tomb, The Last Stand and The Expendables . 这一策略要求施瓦辛格让以往一些巨作重新焕发生机,如《龙兄鼠弟的续集《三胞胎(Triplets)和最新一部《终结者等,后者的剧本正在撰写之中施瓦辛格将在影片中出演与自己年龄相当的角色在越狱片《活人墓(The Tomb)中,他饰演的角色有斑白的头发和山羊胡,在《背水一战(The Last Stand)中,他出演小镇上一个半退休的警长《活人墓、《背水一战和《敢死队的发行公司狮门影业(Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.)的制片总裁埃里克#86;菲戈(Erik Feig)说,“施瓦辛格不会假装只有岁” Mr. Schwarzenegger also is holding out to work with directors he finds especially compelling, like South Korean director Kim Jee-woon, who will make his Hollywood debut with The Last Stand. 施瓦辛格还与他特别感兴趣的一些导演展开了合作,如韩国导演金知云(Kim Jee-woon)等金知云将以影片《背水一战首度进军好莱坞 As soon as we heard that there was the potential him coming back into the business, we definitely wanted to find a movie him, said Mr. Feig, . To me, he definitely transcends time and he transcends place. 菲戈说,“我们一听到施瓦辛格可能要重返影坛的消息,就非常想为他量身定做一部影片在我看来,施瓦辛格是一位跨越了时间和空间的超级巨星” Mr. Schwarzenegger made two acting appearances during his governorship, both cameos, in Around the World in 80 Days and The Expendables (he shot a third, Bruno, but it didnt appear in the movie). He declined to consider scripts during his two terms, even during the waning days, when his approval rating was cratering. I wouldnt have the meeting, Mr. Schwarzenegger said. I said, I cannot have my foot in this and aly put my foot over there. 担任州长期间,施瓦辛格客串过两部影片的配角,一部是《环游世界80天(Around the World in 80 Days),一部是《敢死队(The Expendables)(他还客串出演过影片《布鲁诺(Bruno),但他的镜头最终没有在片中出现)在两任州长任期内,施瓦辛格谢绝考虑一切电影剧本,即使是在民众持率一路下滑的逆境时期依然如此施瓦辛格说,“我不会跟他们谈演电影的事,我说过,我不能脚踩两只船,一心二用” These days, when Mr. Schwarzenegger promotes a film, such as when he participated in a Comic-Con International panel with his The Expendables co-stars including Sylvester Stallone and Randy Couture, his handlers still prep him as they would have in office, quietly slipping him note cards to review backstage. 这些日子以来,当施瓦辛格外出为影片做宣传,如与《敢死队中另两个明星史泰龙(Sylvester Stallone)和兰迪#86;库卓(Randy Couture)担任“国际动漫展”(Comic-Con International)的评委时,他的助手们仍像在州长办公室时那样给他打理一切,悄悄把发言提示卡递给他,供他在后台做准备 He doesnt always follow the script. Introducing a screening of The Expendables at Camp Pendleton, he strode onto the stage of the auditorium and grabbed the microphone. 施瓦辛格并不总脚本从事在Camp Pendleton做《敢死队的宣传时,脚穿两种色调的棕色鞍形鞋、身穿白色短袖牛津衫的施瓦辛格走上台去,抓起麦克风,他说,“我很高兴能够回来我告诉你们,这里的安保措施让我印象深刻这里的安保紧得就像──”他顿了一顿,抖出一个包袱,“南希#86;佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi,美国第一位女性众议院议长)的脸” It is wonderful to be back, said Mr. Schwarzenegger, outfitted in two-tone brown saddle shoes and a white, short-sleeved oxd shirt. And Ill tell you, Im very impressed with the security here. The security is almost as tight - he paused effect - as Nancy Pelosi face. 台下的军人及其家人们一个个笑得前仰后合;在后台,一名助手喃喃自语,“这不是写好的词啊” An audience of military families roared with laughter. Backstage, an aide muttered, That wasnt pre-screened. 重返影坛后,施瓦辛格开始接一部又一部的戏,包括《背水一战等;但几个月后,他的家庭丑闻被媒体曝光,导致结婚5年的妻子玛丽亚#86;施莱弗(Maria Shriver)搬离他们在纽约州布伦特伍德(Brentwood)的房子施瓦辛格的电影拍摄工作也暂时搁浅 Five months after he began lining up projects, including The Last Stand, his family scandal exploded in the press. Maria Shriver, his wife of 5 years, moved out of their Brentwood home. Mr. Schwarzenegger put his movie projects on hold. 好莱坞不得不考虑一个问题:施瓦辛格的丑闻是否会赶走观众?是:不会施瓦辛格的一位顾问这样说道,“美国以外的观众根本不在乎这件事,,丑闻不会改变什么,只是让国内的电影厂商有点紧张罢了” Hollywood had to consider whether he would turn off audiences. The answer: no. No one outside of America cares, one of his advisors said. It didnt change at all in that sense. Maybe it made domestic studios a little more nervous. 制片厂商也许还有更多的事情需要紧张当年《全面回忆和票房不佳的《幻影英雄(Last Action Hero)等影片上映期间时任索尼影业(Sony Pictures)董事长的彼得#86;古伯(Peter Guber)说,“如今的电影观众非常非常年轻,他们不知道施瓦辛格是谁这些年轻观众不像我们那样对施瓦辛格如此着迷”而对于年长一些的观众来说,“我觉得一周后人们的新鲜感就会消退”不过,古伯补充说,“施瓦辛格永远都是一个举足轻重的人物” They may have more to be nervous about. The audience these days is very, very young - they dont know who he is, said Peter Guber, who was chairman of Sony Pictures when films such as Total Recall and the disappointing Last Action Hero were released. He doesnt have the kind of charm [ them] that he did us. And older audiences, he added, I think the novelty wears off after the first week. But, he added: You cant ever count him out. 另一些人则认为,施瓦辛格有一帮铁杆粉丝可以依靠:男性观众和海外观众 What Mr. Schwarzenegger can rely on, others say, are his core fans: men and overseas audiences. 制片人、福克斯电影公司(Fox Filmed Entertainment)前董事长比尔#86;麦卡尼克(Bill Mechanic)说,“要说施瓦辛格的软肋,那只有女性观众群了,他在这个群体中并没有受到特别的青睐” If there would be an issue, it would be with the female base, and I dont think that where his popularity lies, said Bill Mechanic, a producer and mer chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment. 狮门影业和其他一些制片厂商正在大力挖掘施瓦辛格在国际市场的影响力,尤其是在中国和俄罗斯,这两大海外市场在好莱坞票房收入中正占据越来越大的比重 Lionsgate and other studios are banking on Schwarzenegger international appeal, especially in China and Russia, as eign markets an increasingly large percentage of Hollywood box-office haul. 美国QED International影业公司的创始人比尔#86;布洛克(Bill Block)说,施瓦辛格在中国、俄罗斯、中东和拉丁美洲等市场的影响力“十分巨大施瓦辛格的参与能直接推动这些影片的融资工作”该公司是施瓦辛格另一部新作《破坏者(Breacher)的出品方 His strength in those markets, plus the Middle East and Latin America, is tremendous, said Bill Block, founder of QED International, the production company behind another of his upcoming films, Breacher. It driving the financing of these movies. 布洛克说,举例而言,有施瓦辛格参演的一部影片在中国的发行权价格可以被推升至“大大”超过0万美元,而其他大多数影片的发行权价格在50万到0万美元之间 A film with Mr. Schwarzenegger attached drives up the price Chinese distribution rights to ignificantly more than million, example, whereas most films command between ,000 and Can viewers suffering from Mad Men withdrawal seek solace in a th-century Chinese fable? U.S. television network AMC hopes so.沉浸在《广告狂人(Mad Men)被下线的落寞中的观众们能否从世纪的中国传说中找到慰藉呢?美国电视公司AMC正是这样期待的The cable network announced Friday that it plans to produce six, one-hour episodes loosely based on the Journey to the West, a famed Chinese tale in which a ragtag group of adventurers including a monkey with supernatural powers and a creature who half human, half pig travel west to procure a set of holy scriptures. The martial arts drama will be titled Badlands and is slated a late or early premiere.AMC上周五宣布,计划制作一部改编自中国著名神话故事《西游记的新剧《Badlands,首季共六集,每集一小时《西游记讲述的是唐僧师徒风餐露宿、跋山涉水求取真经的故事,其中包括神通广大的美猴王孙悟空以及长着猪脸的猪八戒《Badlands定于年底或年初与观众见面The series title may conjure up images of Martin Sheen in Terrence Malik 1973 film of the same name, but this version of Badlands will tell the story of a warrior and a young boy who travel across a dangerous land controlled by feudal barons to find enlightenment, said AMC. The cable network said the show will be created by Al Gough and Miles Millar in partnership with Stacy Sher of Pulp Fiction, Michael Shamberg of Contagion and master martial arts filmmakers Stephen Fung and Daniel Wu.《Badlands这个名字可能让人联想起特伦斯#86;马利克(Terrence Malik) 1973年导演的、由马丁#86;希恩(Martin Sheen)主演的电影不过,AMC说,《Badlands系列美剧讲述的是一位战士和一个小男孩,穿越贵族老爷们把持的危难重重的领地,寻找极乐世界的故事该公司还说,这部剧的剧本将由编剧艾尔弗雷德#86;高夫(Al Gough)携迈尔斯#86;米勒(Miles Millar)共同操刀,《低俗小说(Pulp Fiction)制片人斯泰西#86;谢尔(Stacy Sher)、《传染病(Contagion)制片人迈克尔#86;沙姆伯格(Michael Shamberg)担当制片,并请来了中国的功夫片电影人冯德伦(Stephen Fung)和吴彦祖(Daniel Wu)联合制作打造AMC, fresh off its smash hit Mad Men, a drama chronicling the lives of employees at a 1950s ad agency, said it hopes Badlands can replicate that show success. This creative team has so much expertise in bringing a fresh take to classic genres from their film and television experience, and their take on martial arts will be no exception, said Joel Stillerman, AMC executive vice president of original programming, production and digital content.AMC推出的热门电视剧《广告狂人(Mad Men)刚刚结束这部剧情类电视剧描写了发生在上世纪五十年代一家广告公司雇员身上的各种故事AMC表示,希望《Badlands能够复制《广告狂人的成功AMC原创编制、制作及数字内容执行副总裁斯蒂尔曼(Joel Stillerman)称,这富有创造性的团队拥有众多技能将将一个新的电影电视项目变成经典,他们在武术上的尝试也不会例外While executives dont say theyre trying to tap into the Chinese market with the new series, there a chance they might. The fact that Journey of the West is coming to U.S. television screens has been widely circulated on Chinese social media, where thousands of people have left comments, many lauding the news.虽然高管们没有透露是否会把新剧集引入中国市场,但他们可能会这样做《西游记即将登上美国电视屏幕的消息一直在中国的社交媒体上广泛流传,成千上万的人留下了自己的,其中不少人为这个消息点赞Some Chinese commentators on Monday were skeptical, saying that the series would surely to fail in attempting to capture the magic of Journey to the West, a tale that standard childhood fare in China.周一,一些中国网民表达了怀疑的观点他们称,这部剧肯定无法扑捉《西游记的精髓《西游记在中国是孩子们的经典故事Chinese viewers have been burned bee. The original TV series Journey to the West was broadcast on China Central Television network in 1986 and has been remade countless times since. Many versions of the tale have sputtered amid poor special effects, bad costuming and cheesy dialogue. One version that aired on the Hong Kong station TVB earlier this year received a record 1,0 complaints, with viewers scoffing at the production quality and saying the choice of the show was too dated.中国观众以前就被雷倒过最初的电视剧《西游记是1986年中国中央电视台播放的,之后又被无数次重新摄制很多版本因特效差、装简陋以及对白粗俗而备受诟病今年早些时候香港TVB播放的一个《西游记版本就收到创纪录的1,0宗投诉,观众对其制作质量嗤之以鼻,并称其选材过于陈旧The Badlands storyline isnt expected to exactly mirror the plot of the old fable. But some Chinese viewers dont seem to mind new takes on the old story. A 3D movie version, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, pulled in 6.7 million in China last year.预计《Badlands的情节不会与《西游记一模一样但很多中国观众似乎并不介意改编这些古代传说去年中国上映的3D电影版《西游#86;降魔篇(Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons)就获得了1.967亿美元的票房 3761,000, Mr. Block said. 在Camp Pendleton影片放映现场的外面,当施瓦辛格走近一名影迷给她签名时,这位名叫阿什里#86;斯图尔特(Ashley Stuart)的影迷激动得泪流满面她回忆道,“我的天呐,真是太棒了!”她最喜欢的电影?1987年的《铁血战士(Predator)她的年龄?岁 In the scrum outside the screening at Camp Pendleton, one fan burst into hysterical tears as Mr. Schwarzenegger approached her to sign autographs. Oh my god, it was awesome, Ashley Stuart said of meeting him. Her favorite movie? 1987 Predator. Her current age? . 现在,施瓦辛格似乎陶醉于整天出入不同的电影播映场所,随时准备给人签名,而每次的签名一定都带有不同变体的“终结者”(Terminator)字样 now, Mr. Schwarzenegger seems to revel in his ability to slip in and out of a variety of different arenas, always with his some variation of his signature Terminator line at the y. 在Camp Pendleton的一个私人欢迎会上,海军陆战队员向施瓦辛格展示了一辆重吨、有一座小房子大小的装甲车施瓦辛格大加赞叹,并半开玩笑地说他也想要一辆自己开开一名助手应和说,如果能看到这位前州长开着装甲车在洛杉矶转上一圈,那将是一件乐事──这种车比他偶尔开的悍马(Hummers)还要大上一些 During a private reception at Pendleton, Mr. Schwarzenegger marveled when marines showed him a -ton armored vehicle the size of a small suburban home, noting half-jokingly that hed like one his personal use. An aide remarked that he would enjoy seeing the mer governor drive it around Los Angeles - a slightly larger version of the Hummers he sometimes drives. 施瓦辛格回答道,“哦,那我立马就会上车我会转上一圈,然后把钥匙扔给泊车员,对他说,‘帮我停好,我马上回来’” 196386
  • 1.It is not easy to watch using 3D glasses together with your own glasses. I wish I have a longer and more distinguished nose to hold both glasses  带着自己的眼镜,再加上一副3D特制眼镜,实在不是一件容易的事情,恨不得鼻子长一点能架住两副眼镜 01963
  • From Beyonce to Taylor Swift, these young stars collectively banked million in the last year.从碧昂斯到泰勒·史薇芙特,这些年轻的明星去年共“抢钱”.1亿美元In addition to topping charts, winning matches and luring fans, the top highest-earning celebrities under 30 collectively pulled in million over the last year.在过去一年里,跻身高收入排行榜的前位名人(年龄均在30岁以下)除了在流行音乐排行榜上屡登榜首,在众多比赛中力拔头筹,吸引了大批狂热粉丝之外,还总共吸金高达.1亿美元With an average age of 3, the cadre of talented--and rich--upstarts consists of athletes, singers, actors etc.这些天资过人的新晋富豪平均年龄仅有3岁,主要包括运动员、歌手、演员等The Queen B raked in an estimated 87 million between June 1, and June 1, , thanks to a diversified portfolio of music, film, fashion and so on.“流行乐天后”碧昂斯借助自己在音乐、电影、时尚等领域多元化的发展,从去年6月1日至今年6月1日的总收入达到了8700万美元The 7-year-old songstress turned actress turned global brand found time to release a double album (I Am...Sasha Fierce), star in two films (Cadillac Records and Obsessed), perm at both the Academy Awards and a presidential inaugural ball and embark on a 1-date international tour.这位7岁的女歌手继触电成功之后,开创了自己的全球性品牌,还抽空推出一张双碟专辑(I Am...Sasha Fierce),出演了《蓝调传奇与《纠缠两部电影,参加了奥斯卡金像奖颁奖晚会,在奥巴马的就职典礼上引吭高歌,并积极筹备她的1天国际巡回演唱会She also added Crystal Geyser and Nintendo DSi to a lengthy list of endorsement deals that aly included American Express, L'Oreal and Samantha Thavasa handbags.另外,碧昂斯还签下了大批代言合约,其中包括日本矿泉水品牌Crystal Geyser、任天堂DS主机游戏、美国运通卡、化妆品牌欧莱雅以及萨曼莎·撒乌萨高级手袋等 837
  • House of Cards didnt exactly break the Internet last week, but it certainly gave it a bruising.《纸牌屋(House of Cards)上周没有搞垮互联网,但肯定给它划了道口子Many fans of the award-winning Netflix series couldnt wait to finish the show new season and binged on the political drama hours last weekend after s went live Valentine Day. But there one thing they didnt see amid all the intrigue onscreen: the equally tense drama behind it.上周末,这部由Netflix Inc.出品、荣获多项大奖的政治剧情片在情人节当天网上直播,众多粉丝迫不及待地想把新一季刷完,连续数小时在线收看这部剧集然而在他们欣赏这部权谋大戏的时候却没有看到,屏幕后面也在上演着同样紧张激烈的“剧情”The Internet is a huge and complex system, yet the way online reaches us is still pretty straightward. Viewers request a show from a server the size of a mini fridge, setting in motion a stream of data that flows through a variety of Internet service providers to their living rooms. Each of those service providers provisions a fixed amount of bandwidth to handle all that .互联网是一个大而杂的系统,不过我们获取在线视频的方式却很简单你只需向一个迷你冰箱大小的务器发出播放请求,数据流就会通过多样的互联网务供应商进入你的起居室中每家务供应商都需要保持一定带宽来传输这些视频A simmering dispute between Netflix Internet provider Cogent and broadband carrier Verizon has revealed what happens when that bandwidth is in short supply. A wide swath of Internet users suffer slow speeds.而Netflix的互联网供应商Cogent Communications Group Inc.与宽带运营商Verizon Communications Inc.之间的激烈争执揭示了带宽供应不足的后果:使一大批互联网用户的网速变慢Cogent and Verizon are handling massive and growing amounts of data, but their links to each other have remained around the same size, according to Cogent chief Dave Schaeffer. The company shared the following charts, which aggregate the traffic flowing through Cogent peering ports--the joints where its pipes hook up to those operated by Internet service providers.Cogent首席执行长谢弗(Dave Schaeffer)说,Cogent和Verizon正在处理庞大且不断增长的数据,但两家公司之间的链接量却基本保持不变Cogent提供了两张图表,对通过其“互联”端口的数据流量进行了合计,这些端口的管道和互联网务供应商的管道相连Here the flow with Verizon:下图是Cogent与Verizon之间的流量:And here it is with Comcast:下图是Cogent与康卡斯特(Comcast Co.)之间的流量:As you can see, Cogent outbound flows to Comcast and Verizon ran at full capacity as much as hours a day over the weekend--the same time viewers were likely following Frank Underwood machinations.如上所示,上周末Cogent每天长达小时满负荷地向康卡斯特和Verizon输出数据,这个时间段很可能是观众欣赏安德伍德(Frank Underwood)大作的时间That traffic outbound from Cogent into Verizon pushed the links to limit of what both companies network equipment is designed to handle -- the flatlines at the top of the graphs. Inbound flows--the section in green--zipped through well below capacity. That basically illustrates the arguments made by companies like Verizon and Comcast, that CogentNetflix traffic flows are extremely one-sided.图表上端平直的曲线说明,Cogent传输至Verizon的数据量达到了两家公司网络设备工作量的极限但流入Cogent的数据量(绿色部份)却远小于极限值这大体说明了Verizon和康卡斯特这类公司的看法:CogentNetflix的数据流极不平衡Middlemen like Cogent complain that broadband providers arent upgrading their existing connections fast enough to handle the onslaught of traffic. But broadband providers argue that if any network dumps more traffic onto their pipes than what they send back, the network needs to pay.像Cogent这样的中间商抱怨宽带供应商没有尽快升级系统以应对数据量的暴增,但宽带供应商反驳说,如果哪家网络运营商输出的数据量超过了它们接收的数据量,那就该为此买单Companies have no legal obligation to make those upgrades, said Patrick Gilmore, chief technology officer the Internet hub operator Markley Group. Theyre a private company, and they can do what they want, he said.互联网中心运营商Markley Group首席技术长吉尔(Patrick Gilmore)说,公司没有法律义务进行升级;它们是私人公司,可以照自己的想法行事Networks with a dispute about how to share traffic often reach a standstill until they come up with an agreement both can live with. Disorganization is also often to blame. Large telecom companies have dozens of links to worry about upgrading. It often takes months a network engineer to get around to responding to a new connection request, even if the added traffic lane would ease congestion both sides.这种流量分担不均造成的纠纷往往会僵持不下,直到双方达成让彼此都能接受的协议为止链接的分散无序也是导致这一问题的原因大型电信公司通常有数十条链接,升级起来很麻烦即使新增加一条数据管道对双方而言都有助于缓解拥堵,但互联网工程师也经常要等上几个月的时间才有空处理增加链接的请求Some smaller websites complain of being caught in the crossfire. Rusty Hodge, general manager of the San Francisco-based streaming radio site SomaFM, said his service was unusable to many East Coast listeners last week because of the congestion.一些小网站抱怨说,自己成了大公司争执不休的受害者旧金山在线电台SomaFM的总经理霍奇(Rusty Hodge)说,上周美国东部地区许多听众因为数据阻塞而无法使用他的务The music site relies on donations from listeners who arent likely to pay if the audio stream keeps dropping out, so Mr. Hodge plans to find a new route to reach his frustrated users and expects to pay more to do so.这家音乐网站的资金来自用户的捐款,如果音频流总是断开的话,用户就不大可能掏钱,霍奇准备找一条新的路径为用户提供务,为此估计会付更多的钱 775
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