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时尚度假新方式 交换你我住处炎炎夏日就要到了,大家都有度假的计划吧?怎样做到既经济又浪漫呢,交换住处似乎是个明智的选择。互相交换住处对双方都有利,零出,却收获了满满的幸福。Susanne and Clyde Billings are on vacation in Los Angeles, visiting their son and his family. "We're paying zero, nada." Nothing for the use of this two-bedroom condo with a gourmet kitchen and a table big enough for the entire family to gather around."Everybody for themselves." That's because the owners Judy and David are staying at the Billings'home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. "We hope they are on the balcony, enjoying a cocktail or a Pepsi, and just having a grand old time." Home exchanges are becoming a popular and economical way to travel. "Exchange. What is that? We switch houses, cars, everything. I haven't done it before but friends of mine have." "Where are you?" In the movie The Holiday, Kate Winslet swapped her quaint English cottage for a Hollywood mansion. "The word is getting out, especially in this economy, that this is the way to vacation like there's no recession."Here's how it works: You pay a small fee to join a home exchange site, list your home, then search for places you want to visit. On HomeExchange.com, there are 27,000 listings in 120 countries, homes in Greece and Ireland, Thailand, and the Canary Islands. The Billings are on their seventh home exchange. "Maybe the first time we were a little bit apprehensive, second time may be a little bit apprehensive, but after that it's… just a regular thing and we don't worry about it any more."In fact they are aly planning their next trip. Carla Wohl, A News, Los Angeles.06/74593应国务院总理温家宝邀请,日本首相麻生太郎29日中午乘专机抵达北京,开始对中国进行为期两天的正式访问。Wen urges Japan to properly handle historical issues Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has called on Japan to honor its promise and handle historical issues in an appropriate way. In his talks with his Japanese counterpart Taro Aso in Beijing on Wednesday, Wen Jiabao said historical issues are highly sensitive and affected people's feelings. He called on governments and political figures on both sides to stick to the principles of the four China-Japan political documents, and make unremitting efforts to push forward bilateral ties. The premier said China is willing to cooperate with Japan to expand youth and non-governmental exchanges, to boost understanding between the two peoples. Aso is in China for a two-day visit, his first official visit to China since he took office in September.WHO raises pandemic alert level to Phase 5As the swine flu situation is continuing to worsen, the World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the pandemic alert level to Phase 5, indicating that a full pandemic is imminent. WHO Director-General Margaret Chan told a teleconference for the media that influenza pandemics must be dealt with seriously and precisely because of their capacity to sp rapidly to every country in the world. This is the second raise of the WHO's pandemic alert system in three days, indicating the quick worsening of the global swine flu situation. Meanwhile, the US has reported its first death from the swine flu virus.The victim is a 23-month-old child from the state of Texas.Costa Rica has become the first Central American country, to confirm a case.And Germany and Austria, have joined the growing list, of infected countries.China is offering Mexico humanitarian aid worth five million dollars.The virus is costing Mexico, close to 60 million dollars, in lost daily tourism income.The world is still developing a vaccine for the virus.China urges swine flu prevention education in schools nationwide The Chinese government has called for education campaigns in schools nationwide to teach all students about the swine flu and its prevention.A circular jointly issued by the ministries of education and health says the campaigns should be launched as soon as possible, in all schools, to raise awareness of prevention and avoid causing unnecessary panic among teachers and students.It says schools should emphasize teaching students to develop good hygiene habits, frequently washing hands with soap and fresh water, and covering the mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. China has no reported swine flu cases, but the possibility could not be ruled out as the swine flu is transnational and aly sping in some countries, according to the circular.04/68453All may seem calm along these beautiful stretches of British coastline.But there is a battle being fought on the beaches of Britain.It’s a fight for survival against the mighty force of the North Sea.Erosion of this coastline has been going on for thousands of years. But things have gotten much worse.Now, top decisions are being made.Spend millions on defending the battered coastline or abandon huge areas of Britain to the sea.Here in North Yorkshire, the local and central government has spent a lot of money to defend this battered coastline."If we didn't defend, while nature would take its course, and we would invariably lose significant amounts of land, Great Britain is a shrinking asset."Many seaside towns have to be protected.Cliffs are held in place by rock bolts, and new sand added to receding beaches.But the majority of the money goes to building new seawalls[1] and repairing the Victorian and even older ones.The sea defences themselves are in a very sorry state. We simply can't continue to pay for all over[2] the crack.One reason Britain is in such a bad way is its geology.Due to the earth movements after the last Ice Age, the country is gradually tilting.So while Scotland rises, the south of England falls.On top of that, global warming is set to really stir things up.Sea levels in the Southern UK are expected to rise about 1-3 feet by the end of the century.These are the salt marshes of Essex[3], just outside of London.Well, here at Essex, the problem simply couldn't be worse. Because we are in the frontline and that we know that we’ve lost more than 50% of our salt marsh in just 30 years.Salt marshes help to defend the coastline by absorbing the energy of the waves. In addition to human development, another process is that have reduced the size of the salt marshes.Flood defenses are preventing them from sping naturally inland.So instead of building more seawalls, in some places farmland is flooded, and salt marshes recreated, giving natural protection to the coast.Whether the choice is to battle against nature or work with it, the long-term outcome remains unchanged, Britain is an ever shrinking island.Notes:[1]seawall: a wall built beside the sea to stop the water from flowing onto the land[2]all over: adv. over the whole extent (of)[3]Essex: A historical region and Anglo-Saxon kingdom of southeast England. Probably settled by Saxons in the early sixth century, the kingdom was long dominated by Mercia and later by Wessex before and after its inclusion in the Danelaw territories from 886 to 917. There are important Roman and Saxon remains in the area.Vocabulary Mix:battered: adj out of shape because of age, regular use or frequent accidentsrock bolt: A rock bolt is a long anchor bolt, for stabilizing rock excavations, which may be tunnels or rock cuts. It transfers load from the unstable exterior, to the confined (and much stronger) interior of the rock mass.200811/55948

Canada andChina加拿大与中国Givingthe Lai遣返赖昌星Stephen Harper’sgovernment changes its tuneStephen Harper 政府态度转变Jul 30th 2011 |OTTAWA | fromthe print editionJOHNBAIRD, Canada’s foreign minister, insists there wasno hidden political hand behind his government’s deportation on July 23rd ofLai Changxing to Beijing, where he was promptly arrested on charges relating toa multi-billion dollar smuggling ring which acted there with apparent officialconnivance in the 1990s. The Chinese authorities have been pressing Canada tohand over Mr Lai since 1999. The decision to do so, says Mr Baird, was takenfreely by an independent judiciary “and we wouldn’t and couldn’t intervene.”加拿大外交部长John Baird,坚持认为加拿大政府对赖昌星的遣返背后没有政治操控。作为发生在九十年代的这场显然得到官方默许的数十亿美金走私大案的参与者,赖昌星7月23号一到北京就立即被捕。中国当局从1999年开始就开始为赖昌星遣返而向加拿大施压。遣返的决定,Baird 先生说,是由法官独立作出的,“我们不想也不能干预。”On theface of things, that is true. The federal court order of July 21st capped along legal battle between Mr Lai and the immigration authorities that began inJune 2000, when Canada decided he was not a legitimate refugee and issued adeportation order. His deportation came only after he exhausted every avenue ofappeal, of which there were many.从表面上看,事实的确如此。联邦法院7月21号作出的这个决定是赖昌星和移民局漫长司法斗争的结果。早在2000年6月加拿大方面就已经拒绝赖昌星的难民申请并且启动了遣返程序。赖昌星曾经多次上诉,而每次上诉均被驳回,至此遣返才生效。But digdeeper and the hidden hand appears. Both the immigration official who lastreviewed the case and the judge based their decisions on assurances sought andreceived by the government that Mr Lai would not be tortured, subjected tocruel and unusual punishment or killed if he were sent back.但是如果继续深究就会发现隐藏的幕后推手。无论最后审核案件的移民局的官员还是法官都是基于政府的保才做出的决定,即赖昌星被遣返之后不会受到刑讯、非常规的惩罚或者被判死刑。GivingChina the benefit of the doubt on human rights is a relative novelty forStephen Harper’s Conservative government. Shortly after he won office in 2006,Mr Harper pledged that Canada “would not sell out” in talking about humanrights with China. His first foreign minister accused China of industrialespionage. When Mr Harper visited China in , his hosts chided him forwaiting almost four years before coming.在人权问题上对中国让步的做法对于Stephen Harper 保守派政府来说还是很新鲜。在2006年上台之后不久, Harper就承诺加拿大对中国的人权问题“不会妥协”。他的第一任外交大臣曾指责中国的商业间谍。当Harper年访问中国的时候,接待方曾责备他等了四年才来。201108/148611

【文本】South African police have seized a huge amount of fake merchandise ahead of this summer's World Cup.南非世界杯将于今年夏季开赛。而就在开赛前夕,南非警方缴获了大量的冒牌商品。Over 2.5 million-pond worth of South Africa shirts were seized in Johannesburg. One from Swaziland was arrested.价值逾250万英镑的冒牌南非世界杯衬衫在约翰内斯堡被扣押。一名来自斯威士兰的犯罪嫌疑人被捕。The 2010 World Cup host nation has seen an increase in the amount of fake goods coming into the country in the past months.南非是2010年的世界杯主办国。在近来的几个月里,打入国内的假冒伪劣商品数量有上升势头。South African police spokesman, Colonel Vish Naidoo said most of the goods originate from China.南非警方发言人说,这些商品大多来自中国。"We have seized other consignments of counterfiet goods including Bafana Bafana shirts but not of this magnitude.“我们也曾缴获过其他的假冒商品,其中包括Bafana Bafana衬衫,但是数量没有这么大。”"It certainly does affect the economy, it does affect the industry."“这肯定会影响到国家的经济,影响到这个行业。”201006/105664

伊朗总统选举的有争议结果以及随后出现的抗议在全世界产生影响,特别在华盛顿更是如此。奥巴马总统曾经承诺要开始与德黑兰对话。分析人士称这样的外交举动为敏感问题,尤其是在当前的形势下。Iran's disputed presidential election has put President Obama in an awkward position. Analysts say that Mr. Obama must be seen as approving of the protesters without backing them - a critical difference in a country where foreign support can be construed as interference in domestic affairs. 伊朗有争议的选举令奥巴马总统处于尴尬地位。分析人士说,奥巴马总统必须做到,既赞同这些抗议者而又不持他们。在一个外国持被视为干涉内政的国家,能否做到这一点会导致截然不同的结果。Reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi lost to incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in what Iranian officials say was a landslide victory. Mr. Mousavi denounced the election as rigged, and thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Tehran in protests the scale of which has not been seen in Iran in 30 years.伊朗的改革派候选人穆萨维在选举中输给现任总统艾哈迈迪内贾德。伊朗官员说,艾哈迈迪内贾德取得压倒性胜利。穆萨维谴责选举纵,成千上万示威者走上德黑兰街头,举行了伊朗30年从未有过的大规模抗议。Republican U.S. Senator John McCain, who knows firsthand what it means to lose a presidential election, having lost to Mr. Obama last year, said on N television's Today show that Mr. Obama should denounce the election outright.亲身体会在去年美国总统大选中失利、败给奥巴马的美国共和党参议员麦凯恩在美国全国广播公司的“今日”电视节目中表示,奥巴马总统应该直言谴责伊朗的这次选举。"He should speak out that this is a corrupt, fraud, sham of an election. The Iranian people have been deprived of their rights. We support them in their struggle against a repressive, oppressive regime. And they should not be subjected to four more years of Ahmadinejad and the radical Muslim clerics," McCain said.麦凯恩说:“他应该直接表示,这是一次充满腐败、欺诈和骗局的选举。伊朗人民被剥夺了权力。我们持他们反抗压迫性政权的奋斗。他们不应该再受4年艾哈迈迪内贾德以及激进穆斯林教士的统治。”But Mr. Obama has refused to do so, saying it would be inappropriate.但是奥巴马总统一直拒绝这样做。他说,这样做不妥。"It is not productive, given the history of U.S.-Iranian relations, to be seen as meddling, the U.S. president meddling in Iranian elections. What I will repeat, and what I said yesterday, is that when I see violence directed at peaceful protesters, when I see peaceful dissent being suppressed, wherever that takes place, it is of concern to me and of concern to the American people," Mr. Obama said.奥巴马总统说:“鉴于美国和伊朗关系的历史,这样做没有效果。会被视为干预,被视为美国总统干预伊朗选举。我要重申我昨天讲过的话:当我看到发生针对和平示威者的暴力、看到和平表示不满的行动被压制,不管发生在任何地方,都令我关注,也令美国人民关注。”Nicholas Burns, who was U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs during the Bush administration, praises Mr. Obama for walking a very fine line.曾经在布什政府中担任美国国务院次卿的尼古拉斯.伯恩斯称赞奥巴马总统行事慎重。"He was very careful not to insert the ed States in the middle of this conflict. In fact, he said it's only the people of Iran who can determine Iran's future. I think this is the right way forward for President Obama and for the ed States to be - of course, committed to human freedom in Iran, but to also say, 'This is an Iranian struggle, only Iranians can work it out, because of the very complicated relationship that the ed States and Iran have had over the last 30 years,'" Burns said.伯恩斯说:“奥巴马很谨慎地将美国置身于在这场冲突之外。事实上,他说,只有伊朗人民才能决定伊朗的未来。我认为这是奥巴马总统,也是美国致力于伊朗人权自由未来的正确途径,而且他还说‘这是伊朗人民的斗争,只有伊朗人民能够解决这个局面,因为美国和伊朗在过去30年里的关系特别复杂’。”Alex Vatanka, Senior Middle East Analyst for Jane's Information Group, says it is right for the president not to prematurely condemn what are questionable, but still murky election results.阿利克斯.瓦坦卡是简氏信息集团的中东资深分析师。他说,奥巴马总统的做法是正确的,他没有在时机尚未成熟之际就去谴责伊朗令人质疑的、仍然混乱的选举结果。"Let the Iranians deal with this. And if they need support, if things get out of hand, the U.S. can step in. But when you don't really know how much of an election rigging took place and all the rest of it, when you don't have all the facts, when you don't know if this is just some sort of an internal regime family feud, it would be too early for the U.S. to jeopardize the idea of a greater rapprochement with Iran at this stage," he said.他说:“让伊朗人自己去处理。如果他们需要持,如果局面失控,美国可以介入。但是当你并不真正了解选举舞弊的规模到底有多大、也不了解其他情况时,当你并不掌握所有的事实,也并不知道这是否是政权内部的某种纠纷的情况下,现在就做出危及美国对伊朗采取更为和解的设想的行动还为时过早。”Mr. Obama has pledged to open a dialogue with Iran. And most observers were watching to see what he would do after the election. 奥巴马总统誓言要跟伊朗开启对话。大多数观察人士正在紧密关注他在伊朗大选后将要采取的行动。Burns, who now teaches foreign policy at Harvard University, says the current upheaval might delay the Obama administration's outreach, but it is not likely to derail it. "I think that President Obama has been correct in saying that it's time that we sit down with our adversaries, it's time that we have a negotiation with Iran. But certainly that is not going to take place in the next week or two. Everything has its time. And right now, the proper place for the ed States to be is on the sidelines, watching and hoping that something good can happen out of these very serious events in Iran," he said.美国国务院前国务次卿伯恩斯目前在哈佛大学教授外交政策。他说,目前的动乱有可能会推迟奥巴马政府向伊朗伸出和解之手,但是不大可能会令奥巴马放弃。伯恩斯说:“我认为奥巴马总统的说法是正确的。他说,现在是跟我们的对手坐下来谈判的时候了。当然这不会在今后一两个星期里发生。每一个事物都有它的时间顺序。美国现在的适当位置应当是在观众席,观看并盼望伊朗发生的这些非常严重的事件中会有好的事情发生。”Many analysts say that a victory by reformist-minded Mir Hossein Mousavi would have made rapprochement between Washington and Tehran easier. But other analysts point out that power in Iran, especially in foreign affairs, is concentrated in the hands of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, making the president of Iran almost irrelevant to a U.S.-Iranian dialogue.很多分析人士说,如果具有改革观念的穆萨维胜选,将会使华盛顿和德黑兰的和解更加容易一些。但是,还有一些分析人士指出,伊朗的大权、特别是外交事务的大权集中在伊朗最高领导人哈梅内伊的手中,伊朗总统在美国和伊朗的对话中的地位几乎无足轻重。06/74849

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