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This is Arturo, a polar bear living in South America who has been called the ‘world’s saddest animal’.这只生活在南美洲的北极熊名叫Arturo,它被人们称为“世界上最悲伤的动物”。He sits in a concrete enclosure at Mendoza Zoo in Argentina in temperatures of up to 40C (104F) and is said to have been depressed since his long-term friend Pelusa died two years ago.它居住在阿根廷门多萨动物园里,馆内温度高达40摄氏度。据称,自从它一直以来的好友Pelusa两年前去世后,就一直很抑郁。It is claimed the 29-year-old’s lonely life is causing him to display abnormal behaviour, including tilting his head and showing his teeth while pacing back and forth and rocking from side to side.29年的孤单生活让它出现了一些反常的行为,包括摇头晃脑,露出自己的牙齿,前后不断踱来踱去,或是左右晃来晃去。US singer Cher, 68, said on Twitter: ‘Don’t cry for him, Argentina? No tears of Mrs Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner for tortured polar bear Arturo. Your hands are stained with his blood when he dies.’68岁的美国歌手雪儿在推特上说:“别为它哭泣,阿根廷?你们没有为这只受尽折磨的北极熊Arturo哭泣。当它死亡时,你们的双手将沾满它的鲜血。”Animal rights activists now want Arturo - whose only access to cooling water in his enclosure is said to be a pool just 20in (50cm) deep - moved to another zoo that offers cooler conditions.动物权益保护者现在希望可以将Arturo转移到另一个环境更凉快的动物园里。现在Arturo唯一的降暑方式就是在一个只有50厘米深的池塘里游泳。Mendoza Zoo blocked an effort five months ago to move Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg, Canada - where a new International Polar Bear Conservation Centre is located, reported the Sunday People.据《周日人民报》报道,门多萨动物园5个月前曾拒绝将Arturo转移至加拿大温尼伯的阿西尼玻公园动物园,该公园动物园内新建了一个国际北极熊保护中心。The zoo did not believe the bear would survive the two-day trip, with director Gustavo Pronotto saying the medical board had made a decision - and officials were keen to ‘avoid a big mistake’.门多萨动物园认为Arturo忍受不了2天的旅程,且动物园主任古斯塔沃·波诺托表示医委会已经做出了决定,官方力求“避免出现重大失误”。Greenpeace had gathered 160,000 signatures in a campaign to transfer Arturo urgently to Canada, which it said has weather that more closely resembles what occurs in his natural habitat.绿色和平组织在一次活动中收集了16万份签名,呼吁立即将Arturo转移到加拿大,他们表示那里的气候更接近北极熊原本居住的自然环境。Argentinian professor Fernanda Arentsen, who teaches at Université de Saint-Boniface in Winnipeg, has written to her government and the Canadian Embassy in Buenos Aires over the issue.在温尼伯圣邦尼菲斯大学学院任教的阿根廷教授费尔南达·阿伦特森已向政府和加拿大驻布宜诺斯艾利斯大使馆写信反映该问题。‘He looks so sad. He looks in pain. You can imagine a polar bear in the desert with a swimming pool 50cm deep. It’s difficult to watch this poor animal suffering and in pain.’“它看上去很伤心,很痛苦。你可以想象得出,一只生活在沙漠中的北极熊只有一个50厘米深的游泳池,它这么受苦,我真的看不下去了。” /201407/312368

China’s recent stock market turbulence and currency devaluation has attracted enormous attention from around the world—with a disproportionate amount focused on whether we are seeing the end ofChina’s growth story.中国近期的股市动荡及人民币贬值引起了全世界的极大关注,而这些关注过多地聚焦在中国的增长故事是否即将结束。True, many people lost a lot of money (though doubtless some also made a lot) and the reputation of the country’s economic managers has been badly damaged. The aftermath resulting from the meltdown will likely continue to be felt for at least several months, particularly by those private sector companies which have had to shelve plans to raise funds via initial public offerings.But unlike the global financial crisis of 2008, which resulted in a worldwide slowdown,China’s economic fundamentals are not shaky: its GDP growth is slowing, but a hard landing looks unlikely.的确,很多人都亏了不少钱(但可以肯定的是也有人赚了很多),而且中国经济管理者的声誉已严重受损。股市暴跌很可能会在至少数月内继续产生影响,尤其是对那些不得不搁置IPO融资计划的私营部门企业。但与导致全球经济放缓的2008年全球金融危机不同,中国经济的基本面仍然稳固:中国国内生产总值(GDP)增长正在放缓,但似乎不太可能出现硬着陆。Certainly this is what the government appears to believe.中国政府看来无疑相信这一点。Over the past few days, Premier Li Keqiang, People’s Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan and Minister of Finance Lou Jiwei have all acknowledged the global impact of China’s stock market crash and currency devaluation.近日,中国总理李克强、央行行长周小川以及财长楼继伟都承认,中国股市暴跌及人民币贬值造成了全球影响。But they also all stressed that China’s currency had now stabilised, suggesting we are highly unlikely to see any further major devaluation. And they also said they expected China’s growth to remain at around 7 per cent a year for the next half decade, and that during this period, the government would continue to implement structural reforms.但他们同时也都强调,人民币如今已经趋于稳定。这意味着人民币进一步大幅贬值的可能性非常小。他们还表示,预计未来5年中国经济年均增长将保持在7%左右,在此期间,中国政府将继续实施结构性改革。It is these reforms which really matter. If China can emerge by 2020 with its economy redirected towards consumption and services, and growth having averaged around 7 per cent along the way, its officials should have more than recovered their reputation for economic competency.真正重要的正是这些改革举措。如果中国到2020年能实现本国经济向消费和务驱动型转变、同时在此期间保持7%左右的年均增长,那中国官员何止将挽回自己在经济管理能力方面的声誉。What makes this 7 per cent figure credible is the fact that while some parts of the economy are clearly struggling — especially those sectors with huge over-capacity, such as steel, coal mining, aluminium and cement — a range of others remain hugely dynamic.使7%增速显得可信的事实是:虽然中国经济中的部分行业明显已经举步维艰(尤其那些产能严重过剩的行业,如钢铁、煤炭、铝和水泥),但其他众多行业仍保持巨大的活力。One example is smartphones, where an ever longer list of companies is continuously trying to muscle in on Xiaomi’s phenomenal success in displacing Apple and Samsung as China’s market leader.以智能手机为例——随着小米(Xiaomi)取代苹果(Apple)和三星(Samsung)成为中国市场领导者,其非凡的成功激励着越来越多的企业不断试图闯入这一行业拼杀。But Xiaomi’s rise has now been almost matched by another company, Huawei Technologies, which in the second quarter of this year nearly caught Xiaomi in terms of market share, with its 15.7 per cent share of shipments just a whisker behind Xiaomi’s 15.9 percent, according to market research firm Canalsys.但如今,小米的崛起几乎已被另一家公司——华为(Huawei Technologies)赶上。市场研究公司Canalsys的数据显示,今年第二季度,华为的市场份额已经接近赶上小米,其15.7%的发货量占比仅略低于小米的15.9%。Huawei’s emergence as a consumer products company is a major achievement – not least because it is also continuing to more than hold its own as the world’s biggest maker of telecoms infrastructure equipment, including a 20 per cent share of the world’s mobile infrastructure market.华为作为消费品公司的崛起是一项重大成就——何况该公司还继续牢牢保持着自己全球最大电信基础设备制造商的地位(包括占有全球移动基础设备市场20%的份额)。China’s e-commerce industry also continues to advance at hyper-speed. Alibaba’s share price may have dropped to below its issue price, partly because its revenue growth dropped to 34 per cent year-on-year in the quarter to June, down from a 45 per cent last year.中国电子商务行业也继续保持着超高的发展速度。阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的股价或许已经跌破发行价,部分原因在于该公司在截至6月季度的同比收入增长从去年的45%下滑至34%。But that is happening because it is seeing greater competition at home, notably from JD.com, China’s second biggest e-commerce company, which saw its revenues rose 61 per cent to .4bn during its second quarter.但这主要是国内竞争加剧造成的,特别是来自京东(JD.com)的压力,后者是中国第二大电商企业,今年第二季度收入增长61%,达到74亿美元。Tencent is another company benefiting from Alibaba’s slide in market value. This week it displaced Alibaba as China’s biggest internet business by market capitalisation banking on its record quarterly profits stemming from the continued success of its online games – responsible for more than half its revenues – and the more than 1bn users of its two free messaging apps, smartphone-based WeChat and PC-based QQ.腾讯(Tencent)是另外一家从阿里巴巴市值下滑中获益的公司。在创纪录的季度利润的撑下,本周腾讯取代阿里巴巴成为中国市值最大的互联网公司。腾讯在线游戏的持续成功(对其营收的贡献超过一半),以及两款免费通讯应用——基于智能手机的微信(WeChat)和基于个人电脑的QQ——超过10亿的用户推动了其利润增长。In short, while the country’s economy may no longer be a rising tide floating all boats, it will continue to generate many opportunities — some of them could be of major significance.简言之,尽管中国经济或许不再是足以浮起所有船只的不断上涨的潮水,但它将继续创造很多机会——其中一些可能具有重要意义。As China makes the shift from being manufacturing – and investment-driven to seeing services and private consumption take over – a key factor driving these opportunities will be the sharp rise in affluent households. According to a study by Cornell University, China’s middle class population will double in size from its current 300m people by 2025.随着中国从制造业和投资驱动型经济向务业和个人消费主导型经济转变,一个促成这些机会的关键因素将是富裕家庭的迅速增多。据康奈尔大学(Cornell University)一项研究显示,到2025年,中国中产阶级人口数量将从目前的3亿增加一倍。This continued rise in private demand will encourage companies to chase growth – providing they are producing the goods and services these people want.私人需求的持续上升,将鼓励企业去追逐业务增长——前提是它们提供的商品和务是人们想要的。For this to be extended to the rest of the economy, the government needs to accelerate the implementation of its aly announced financial and industrial reforms. Doing so will lead to further deregulation, further encouragement of competition, and further greater demand for value-adding innovation and entrepreneurship.为了让这种情况扩展至经济中的其他部分,中国政府需要加快实施其已宣布的金融和工业改革。这将意味着进一步放松管制,进一步鼓励竞争,以及促进对增值性创新和创业的需求。On top of the internet and consumer electronics, other sectors where private firms look likely to drive major advances include medical equipment and other healthcare related businesses, energy and transport, including electric vehicles.除互联网和消费类电子产品外,民营企业可能取得巨大进步的行业包括医疗设备和其他与医疗保健相关的领域、能源以及交通(包括电动汽车)。As the stock market stabilizes, the IPO plans and other fund raising plans would most likely return. Capital markets will continue to find good companies to invest in and vice versa, good companies will tap into the capital market for new funding.随着股市逐渐企稳,IPO及其他融资计划将有望重启。资本市场将继续寻找优质公司进行投资,反过来优质公司也将利用资本市场进行新融资。So while China growth is slowing, the rise of Chinese business is far from ending. Rather, if there is a moral that should be drawn from the market turbulence of recent weeks it is that rather than looking only to the Chinese government to drive growth, the world should also be looking more towards the country’s private sector.因此,尽管中国经济增长正在放缓,但是中国企业的崛起远远没有画上句号。如果说从最近几周的市场动荡中能得出什么教训的话,那就是,世界应该更多把目光放在中国私营部门身上,而不是一味指望中国政府来推动增长。China’s growth will inevitably continue to experience some ups and downs, and some cycles will be more pronounced than others. The country has produced a body of entrepreneurs who are willing to take risks, often enormous. They and their businesses are hungry and fast moving. A slowdown will test their resilience – and could well send many to the wall. But others will emerge stronger and they will ultimately be the force that carries the country forward.中国的经济增长将不可避免地继续经历起起伏伏,一些周期性现象可能会比其他国家更加突出。中国已经培养了一批甘于冒险(常常是巨大风险)的企业家。他们及他们的企业满怀渴望、行动迅速。经济放缓将考验他们的适应能力——可能会使很多企业陷入绝境。但是,其他企业将变得更加强大,并将最终成为推动中国前进的力量。Edward Tse is CEO of Gao Feng Advisory Company, a global strategy consulting firm with roots in China, and is author of the recently released book China’s Disruptors: How Alibaba, Xiaomi, Tencent, and Other Companies are Changing the Rules of Business本文作者为植根于中国的全球战略咨询公司高风咨询公司(Gao Feng Advisory Company)的首席执行官、近期出版的新书《中国的商业颠覆者:阿里巴巴、小米、腾讯等公司正在如何改变商业规则》(China’s Disruptors: How Alibaba, Xiaomi, Tencent, and Other Companies are Changing the Rules of Business)的作者 /201509/399107


  It was not immediately clear what triggered the stampede. The official Xinhua news agency said many of the injured were students.2014年最后一天,人们上海外滩等待新年时,发生了多人死伤的踩踏惨剧。The government said on its official microblog that an inquiry had begun, with city leaders rushing to the scene and to hospitals to visit the injured. An emergency meeting would be held to ensure stepped-up safety measures were taken throughout the city.据中国媒体报道,12月31日夜里23时35分左右,上海著名的旅游聚集区外滩的陈毅广场发生拥挤踩踏,当时人们正在广场上参加新年庆祝活动。根据中国官方的消息,目前事故已经导致36人死亡,47人受伤。Photographs on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, showed densely packed crowds of revellers along the Bund, which is lined with buildings from Shanghai’s pre-communist heyday along the bank of the Huangpu River.伤者已经送往医院救治。中国官方的新华社报道称,伤者中很多是学生。目前尚不清楚造成踩踏事件的具体原因。In some photographs, rescue workers were seen trying to resuscitate victims lying on the pavement while ambulances waited nearby.上海市政府通过其官方微发布称,官方已经成立了工作组,负责伤员抢救和善后处置工作。Authorities had shown some concern about crowd control in the days leading up to New Year’s eve. They recently cancelled an annual 3D laser show on the Bund that last year attracted as many as 300,000 people.微上照片显示,上海外滩人流拥挤,救援人员在现场抢救躺在地上的伤者。At dawn on Thursday, there were still small crowds of revellers trying to find taxis home and workers were clearing up trash strewn around the Bund. There was little sign of the mayhem that had broken out just hours earlier.周四(1月1日)早上,外滩仍有参加跨年的观光客们在广场附近寻找和等待出租车回家,工人们已经在清理广场上的垃圾。 /201501/351613。


  Nelson Mandela, who rose from militant antiapartheid activist to become the unifying president of a democratic South Africa and a global symbol of racial reconciliation, died at his Johannesburg home following a lengthy stay at a Pretoria hospital, President Jacob Zuma said Thursday. He was 95.南非总统祖马(Jacob Zuma)周四宣布,纳尔逊?曼德拉(Nelson Mandela)在位于约翰内斯堡的家中去世,享年95岁。曼德拉曾是积极投身反种族隔离制度的活动人士,后来成为在实现了民主的南非使各方团结在一起的总统。同时他也是全球种族和解的一个象征。曼德拉去世前在比勒陀利亚的一家医院长期住院治疗。#39;He passed on peacefully,#39; Mr. Zuma said in a state television address. #39;This is a moment of our deepest sorrow. Our nation has lost its greatest son.#39;祖马在国有电视台发表讲话说,他平静地走了,此时此刻我们悲痛万分。我们的国家失去了它最伟大的儿子。Mr. Mandela spent nearly three months in the hospital through September, initially to treat a lung infection. It was the latest in a series of increasingly severe ailments South Africa#39;s first black president had battled since contracting tuberculosis during his nearly three decades in prison for opposing the former white-minority regime.在截至9月份的近三个月中,曼德拉一直在住院治疗,最初是因为肺部感染。这位南非首位黑人总统曾因反对少数白人执掌的前政府而入狱,在近30年的牢狱生涯中,曼德拉染上了肺结核,之后一直在与一系列不断加重的病痛作斗争。After he was discharged, South African officials had said that Mr. Mandela remained in #39;critical but stable#39; condition. But some members of his family acknowledged his precarious state in recent days, even as an admiring nation and well-wishers across the globe started to come to terms with his mortality.曼德拉出院后,南非官员曾说,曼德拉仍处于“危急但稳定”的状态。但对其充满敬仰的全国人民和全球持者开始不得不接受他病危的事实,同时他的一些家人近日承认他的病情危重。Though Mr. Mandela had stepped down from the presidency in 1999, he remained a father figure for a country going through wrenching economic and political change. South Africa#39;s economy has struggled to grow at a modest 2%, well below government targets of 7%, and unemployment among young people is close to 80%. In recent years, protests in predominantly black townships have erupted over poor public services and a dearth of job opportunities. Many young black South Africans, born after the dawn of democracy in 1994, are channeling their frustration toward the current government, led by Mr. Mandela#39;s African National Congress.尽管曼德拉1999年卸任总统之职,但在经历了艰难的经济和政治变革的南非,他仍是一个国父般的人物。南非的经济增速只有2%,远远低于政府提出的7%的目标,年轻人失业率接近80%。近年来,在居民主要为黑人的城镇,围绕糟糕的公共务和就业机会的缺乏爆发了抗议活动。南非很多在1994年实现民主制后出生的黑人年轻人开始将失望的情绪发泄到现政府头上。现政府由曼德拉的非洲人国民大会党(African National Congress, 简称:非国大)领导。It was as a prisoner that Mr. Mandela first became a rallying point for opponents of apartheid. After he was sentenced to life in prison in 1964, he spent more than a quarter-century behind bars, much of it in a maximum-security prison on Robben Island, off the coast of Cape Town.曼德拉在狱中开始成为反种族隔离人士的号召力人物。1964年他被判终身监禁后,在狱中度过了逾四分之一个世纪的岁月,其中大部分时间被关押在开普敦附近罗本岛(Robben Island)上一个戒备森严的监狱里。By the time he was released from a different prison in 1990, the tables had been turned. South Africa had become a pariah nation and Mr. Mandela would lead his country#39;s re-embrace of a world that had spurned its racist government.到1990年他在另外一个监狱被释放时,局势已经扭转。南非已经成为一个不受欢迎的国家,曼德拉将领导他的国家迎来一个推翻了种族主义政府的世界。With South African President F.W. de Klerk, whom he had met secretly with other apartheid officials in prison, Mr. Mandela would pick apart the machinery of white political domination through painstaking negotiations. Those negotiations laid the groundwork for the election in 1994 of the country#39;s first black president-Mr. Mandela himself.由于德克勒克(F.W. de Klerk)当时担任南非总统,曼德拉愿通过艰苦谈判来废除这部白人统治政坛的机器。德克勒克与其他反种族隔离官员曾在狱中秘密会见过曼德拉。那些谈判为1994年南非诞生第一位黑人总统──曼德拉本人,奠定了基础。Mr. Mandela inherited a fractured nation. He led it back from the brink of civil war, forming a government of national unity that demolished apartheid and established a constitution that is one of the most liberal in the world in terms of human rights-outlawing, for example, discrimination based on sexual orientation.South Africa later became the first country on the continent to legalize gay marriage.曼德拉接手的是一个四分五裂的国家。他将这个国家从内战的边缘拉了回来,建立了一个全国统一政府,废除了种族隔离制度,制定了新宪法。从人权角度而言,这是世界上最自由的宪法之一,例如禁止以性取向歧视他人。南非后来成为非洲大陆第一个将同性恋婚姻合法化的国家。The Truth and Reconciliation Commission he championed hastened the end of racial conflict by granting amnesty in return for testimony, and became a model for ending seemingly intractable conflicts elsewhere. East Timor, Liberia and Peru were among the countries that would follow South Africa#39;s example.曼德拉持的真相与和解委员会(Truth and Reconciliation Commission)以特赦换真相的方式加速了南非种族冲突的终结,这也成了世界其它国家结束看似棘手冲突的模式。东帝汶、利比里亚和秘鲁都是愿效仿南非的国家之一。At the time, Mr. Mandela#39;s tall task was, as he put it, to find the #39;middle ground between white fears and black hopes.#39; But he also needed to reconcile disparate factions within his party, the African National Congress. Some influential ANC leaders wanted to take a tougher line against whites after triumphing at the ballot box, and some argued for a wealth tax to speed the redistribution of the country#39;s resources, according to Verne Harris, a historian at the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, which houses the archives of the former president.那个时候,曼德拉的艰巨任务,用他自己的话来讲就是,要找到白色恐怖和黑色希望的中间地带。但同时他也需要调和非国大内部不同派系之间的矛盾。纳尔逊?曼德拉记忆中心(Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory)的历史学家哈里斯(Verne Harris)表示,当时一些有影响力的非国大领袖希望在选举获胜后对白人采取更为强硬的态度,另一些人则主张征收财产税以加速南非国民资源的再分配。该中心存放着这位前总统的档案资料。#39;There were many who argued the case for tough love-don#39;t make it easy for them,#39; says Mr. Harris. #39;Reconciliation was a beautiful fit for South Africa, but we forget that it wasn#39;t the only approach being discussed at the time.#39;哈里斯说,当时有很多人为“爱之深则应责之切”辩解,觉得不能便宜了他们。他说,和解的确是适合南非的良策,但我们忘了,这并不是当时探讨的唯一方法。During his six decades in the public arena, Mr. Mandela wasn#39;t above precipitous shifts in position. He initially put his faith in Gandhian nonviolence, but when strikes and protests began to seem futile, he founded a band of saboteurs. He believed in obedience to the party, but acted unilaterally at turning points in the struggle.He advocated nationalizing South Africa#39;s mines, but changed his mind when the stance threatened to deprive a struggling economy of much-needed capital.活跃在公众领域的60年时间里,曼德拉并不在乎其立场的急剧转变。他最开始相信甘地(Gandhian)的非暴力不合作运动,但当罢工和抗议看似徒劳之后,曼德拉组建了一破坏者小分队。他认为应该忠诚于非国大,但在斗争出现转折点时却采取了单方面行动。他主张将南非的矿山国有化,但当这个主张可能会使南非举步维艰的经济丧失亟需的资本时,他改变了态度。Even occasional critics would come to see Mr. Mandela as the political glue that held his party, and later the country, together.即使偶尔冒出来的一些曼德拉的批评者也开始把曼德拉看作是是凝聚非国大、甚至是后来凝聚整个南非的粘合剂。Apartheid-era President de Klerk, who would serve as Mr. Mandela#39;s deputy after the country#39;s first democratic vote, said his former adversary #39;could be brutal#39; in negotiations. But the pair, who shared the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize for the country#39;s democratic transition, were able to sell compromises to supporters who differed radically in outlook.Mr. de Klerk said in a 2012 speech that the six-foot-four-inch former boxer #39;had the stature and the strength to hold his fractious alliance together-even at the most difficult junctures.#39;南非种族隔离时代的总统、将在南非第一次民主选举后就任曼德拉政府副总统的德克勒克说,他以前的这个劲敌在谈判时可能会很无情。但他俩却能让将那些对前景看法截然不同的持者接受和解方案。1993年,德克勒克与曼德拉因促成南非的民主转型共享了诺贝尔和平奖。德克勒克在2012年的一次演讲中说,这位身高六英尺四英寸(约1.83米)的前拳击手有名望和力量将那些倔强的持者团结在一起,哪怕是处于最困难的关头。Rolihlahla Mandela-#39;Nelson#39; was added when he started school-was born July 18, 1918, to a chief of the Thembu tribe of the Xhosa people in South Africa. He grew up in a village of mud huts and grass rooftops, the floors made of earth smeared with cow dung, in the land known as the Transkei. Women farmed corn, or mealies, pumpkins and beans; men left their families to work on white-owned farms or mines. Blacks at the time had few rights in the new country, founded by white European immigrants known as Afrikaners.罗利赫拉赫拉?曼德拉(Rolihlahla Mandela)出生于1918年7月18日,“纳尔逊”是他上学后添加的南非科萨人腾布王朝的一酋长的名字。他在特兰斯凯(Transkei)的一个小村子里长大,村房用泥巴制成,茅草覆顶,屋里的地板是抹着牛粪的土地。女人在家种玉米、南瓜和豆子,男人远在外面为白人拥有的农场或矿山打工。那时南非是个由布尔人(白人欧洲移民)新建立起来的一个国家,黑人几乎没有权利可言。Mr. Mandela was the first in his family to attend school and eventually began working toward a law degree in Johannesburg, a bustling commercial hub. He hoped for a civil-service job in the Native Affairs Department in the government, about as high as a black man could aspire at the time.曼德拉是他的家庭中第一个有机会上学的人,并最终在南非繁华的商业中心约翰内斯堡开始攻读法学学位。他曾希望在南非的本地事务部(Native Affairs Department)谋得一个公务员的工作,这在当时差不多是一个黑人可能怀有的最大梦想。His struggle for civil rights involved #39;a steady accumulation of one thousand slights, one thousand indignities, one thousand unremembered moments, [that] produced in me an anger, a rebelliousness, a desire to fight the system that impoverished my people,#39; he wrote in his autobiography.曼德拉在自传中写道,争取民权的过程包含了一次次轻蔑、一次次侮辱和无数个已被遗忘瞬间的不断积累,正是这些令我愤怒、反抗并渴望打破这个使我的人民陷入贫困的制度。He joined the African National Congress and helped found its Youth League.In his early years as an activist, Mr. Mandela viewed with deep suspicion the white Communists who he feared would take over the black liberation movement. In one defeated motion, he sought to expel Communist members from the ANC. Another time, Mr. Mandela recounted in his autobiography, he stormed the stage of a Communist Party meeting, tearing up signs and grabbing the microphone. He would mellow in his later years, and would even come to view South Africa#39;s Communists as critical allies and laud a socialist path for development. But unlike many of his fellow ANC leaders, Mr. Mandela distanced himself ideologically from the country#39;s Marxists.他参加了非国大并帮助成立了非国大的青年团(Youth League)。在作为政治活动家的初期,曼德拉对白人共产党员抱有深深的怀疑,担心他们会接管黑人的解放运动。他曾试图将共产党员从非国大中驱逐出去,但这一动议最终受挫。据曼德拉在自传中描述,还有一次,他曾冲上一个共产党会议的讲台,撕毁标语并抢夺麦克风。后来曼德拉变得更加成熟,甚至将南非共产党视为重要盟友,并赞同社会主义发展道路。但与非国大的其他许多领导人不同,曼德拉与国内的马克思主义者在思想上一直保持着距离。#39;I believed that it was an undiluted African nationalism, not Marxism or multiracialism, that would liberate us,#39; he wrote. The ANC became the center of resistance to apartheid, the South African system of racial segregation, introduced after the National Party came to power in 1948. The system made racial distinctions into law, forbidding interracial relationships, mandating that the races live apart, and requiring that all South Africans be registered by race.曼德拉写道,我相信纯粹的非洲民族主义才能解放我们,而不是马克思主义或多种族制度。非国大逐渐成为了抵制种族隔离的核心力量。南非的种族隔离制度是在1948年南非国家党(National Party)执政后推出的。这一制度将种族歧视列入法律,禁止异族通婚,规定种族分居,并要求所有南非人进行种族登记。 /201312/267762A new investment fund is bringing Silicon Valley’s problem-solving hacker ethos to US immigration law, looking to tackle the problem of potential entrepreneurs held back by a visa regime that has long frustrated the technology industry.一家新成立的投资基金以硅谷解决问题的黑客精神来应对美国移民法,帮助解决因签受阻的未来企业家的困难。科技产业长期受到签制度的阻碍。The fund, named Unshackled, and backed by co-founders of Yahoo and Palantir, has raised .5m to give early stage funding to foreigners working in the US who want to quit their job and launch a start-up but cannot because they need an employer to sponsor their visa.这个名为“Unshackled”(除去枷锁)的基金受到雅虎(Yahoo)和Palantir的创始人们的持,目前已筹集到350万美元,用于为那些在美国工作的外国创业者提供前期资金——这些人想要辞职创办公司,但由于需要雇主担保签而无法脱身。Unlike traditional venture funds, which invest capital in exchange for equity, Unshackled will take equity but also hire founders as employees, allowing them to keep their work visas while building their companies.传统的风险投资基金以投资换股权,Unshackled却与之不同,它既接受股权,又将企业创始人聘请为员工,让他们在创办公司时得以保留工作签。Manan Mehta, Unshackled’s co-founder and the son of immigrants who moved to the US from India in the 1970s, said: “Every entrepreneur that we’re targeting is at a greater advantage because of the hustle that they’ve had to prove to get to this country and pursue the American dream.”Unshackled的联合创始人马南#8226;梅塔(Manan Mehta)也是移民后代,他的父辈在20世纪70年代从印度移居美国。梅塔说:“我们所看中的每一位创业者都有极大的优势,因为他们具有积极奋斗的精神才会来到这个国家并追求美国梦。”Current US immigration law has frustrated the Valley, where tech companies say they face a shortage of engineers and starting salaries for young developers can top 0,000. The US offers far fewer visas for skilled foreign workers, known as H-1Bs, than the number of applications it receives, and few executives are optimistic that the federal government will raise that cap soon.美国现行移民法已阻碍了硅谷的发展,这里的高科技公司表示他们面临着工程师短缺的问题,年轻开发人员起薪可超10万美元。美国针对外国专业人才发放的H-1B签远低于申请数量,对于联邦政府是否会很快增加签发放数量,高管们大多不抱乐观想法。For foreigners who win the H-1B lottery, launching a company of their own is tricky as they must remain formally employed to keep the visa. Unshackled proposes to solve that problem by transferring work visas from the entrepreneurs’ current employers to Unshackled and then helping them incorporate and build their start-ups.即使H-1B中,拿到签的外国人也很难开创公司,因为他们必须维持正式工作以保留签。Unshackled为解决该问题提出了建议,创业者可将工作签从当前雇主公司转移到Unshackled,然后Unshackled会帮助他们组建公司。Under current law, foreign founders have taken various routes to stay in the US. One San Francisco-based European entrepreneur trying to transfer an existing H-1B visa to his own company has had to show that his board could fire him and that he owns only a minority of the company. He now meets those criteria after his company has raised millions of dollars in several funding rounds.受制于现行法律,外国创始人为留在美国采取了各种途径。旧金山的一个欧洲企业家正试图将现有的H-1B签转移到他自己的公司,条件是他必须明他的董事会可以解雇他,而且他只拥有公司的少数股权。在其公司从几轮融资中得到数百万美元资金后,他终于符合了上述条件。He says friends of his, also from overseas, have gone through Valley incubators and hired local engineers but have had to return to their home countries to await their own visas.据这位欧洲企业家表示,他有几位同样来自海外的朋友在硅谷得到了成长,他们创业并聘用了当地工程师,却不得不回到自己国家等待签。 /201411/342591

  A little over a year ago, I would probably have dismissed Amanda Holden’s newly revealed ambition to become a “young grandmother” as absurd.近日英国女演员兼《英国达人》评审阿曼达#8226;霍尔顿(Amanda Holden)表示希望自己能做个“年轻的祖母”。一年多前,我也许会认为这个想法很荒谬。I would have raised my eyebrows and frowned (something Amanda herself might find hard to do) at the idea that the 43-year-old actress and Britain’s Got Talent judge was interested in anything other than turning back time.当时要是听到这位43岁的演员只热衷于让时光倒流,我也许会扬起眉毛、眉头深锁。What woman – I used to think – would seriously be anxious to undergo the most ageing experience of her life? Particularly Ms Holden, who was pictured just days ago slipping out to supper in white shorts and six-inch stilettos?我过去常想什么样的女人会真的担心衰老呢?霍尔顿就是个例子,媒体几天前拍到她身穿白色热裤,蹬着6英寸的细高跟鞋外出吃晚餐。“Young grandmother”, I always thought, was the ultimate contradiction in terms.我一直认为“年轻的祖母”是个最自相矛盾的说法了。But 12 and a half months after the arrival of my granddaughter Edie, I now know how wrong I was – and how right Amanda is to worry that she won’t get to be a granny until she is 80. Far from turning my hair grey and hastening the advent of false teeth and Tena Lady Pants, grandparenting has been ridiculously rejuvenating and made me just a little smug that – unlike Amanda and an increasing number of other women today – I had children in my twenties (Amanda had her first daughter at 34 and her second at 41).12个半月前,我的孙女伊迪(Edie)的降世,我才意识到自己真是大错特错。阿曼达担心自己80岁才能当上祖母完全是有道理的。现在,我离满头白发、一口假牙和穿成人纸尿裤的岁数还有好长一段时间。作为一个祖母,我仍然神采焕发,这让我庆幸自己在20多岁就生了小孩,而不像阿曼达和越来越多的女性那样推迟生育(阿曼达34岁生第一个女儿,41岁生第二个女儿)。Indeed the “Edie Effect” on my life – for which, thank you, Bryony and Harry – has turned out to be the most marvellous anti-ageing procedure anyone could imagine, to a point that is very nearly infantile (particularly when my granddaughter and I are crawling round the house together whooping with laughter).的确“伊迪效应”(Eddie Effect)(这点我真得感谢我的女儿和女婿)让我体验了他人无法想象的逆生长经历,尤其当我和孙女一块在房子四周爬来爬去大声欢笑时,我甚至觉得自己回到了婴儿时期。More uninhibited and less pressured as a young grandmother than I was when I was a young mother, I can live in the moment with Edie, happily spending hours sitting in the garden looking for “birdies” (her favourite thing right now) and singing along with Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy as we watch In the Night Garden on CBeebies (a programme that makes Mummy ill).与刚当上母亲那会相比,我现在更加无拘无束,也没什么压力。我可以活在当下,花上几个小时和伊迪一起坐在花园里找“小鸟儿”(这是伊迪现在最喜欢的东西),看动画片《花园宝宝》(In the Night Garden on CBeebies)时跟着“花园宝宝”一起唱歌。Sadly, though, the pleasure and privilege of being a young grandmother is something that more and more women will miss out on as the move to later motherhood continues (three babies a week are now being to women in their sixth decade).遗憾的是,由于越来越多女性推迟生育年龄(现在每周出生的婴儿中平均有三个是60岁年龄段女性所生),她们无法享受年轻祖母的快乐和好处了。As a result, among my own peer group (women in their sixth decade!) there are clear signs of the development of “granny envy”.所以看得出来,我的同龄人(60多岁的女性)明显在羡慕那些当祖母的人。It is only with my friends who are also grandmothers that I can really relax and talk with undiluted sentimentality about the beauty and the brilliance of “my Edie Bear”.我只有和那些同样当了祖母的朋友在一起时才能真正放心畅谈我漂亮聪明的孙女。Just as motherhood is a universal bond, so is grand-motherhood – and, yes, maybe there is an element of competition also, that makes me sometimes check myself when I overhear the oft-repeated words: “Oh, she’s so bright/adorable/funny/beautiful…”和母爱一样,祖母对孙辈的感情也同样强烈。当然了,也许也有竞争的因素作祟,所以有时候,当我无意间听到那些不断提及的溢美之词时,例如“哦,她太聪明了”、“真可爱!”、“太有趣了”或“真漂亮”,有时我总是会忍不住沾沾自喜。But there is a practical and quite serious reason, too, for Amanda Holden’s admitted desire to be a young grandmother. In an age when financial pressure means that both parents often have to work and child care is so prohibitive, granny (and granddad) provide a vital support.不过就阿曼达#8226;霍尔顿想早点当上祖母这件事来说,也有实际和严肃的考虑。现在人们的经济压力很大,父母不得不忙于工作而无法照料孩子,祖母(和祖父)能提供重要帮助。Britain’s 9.8 million-strong army of us look after our grandchildren for an average 8.2 hours a week (saving our children between #163;1,659 and #163;2,437 a year).英国980万的“祖父母军团”每周平均照料祖孙8.2个小时(每年能为子女省下1659至2437英镑。)And while in your fifties and sixties you are mentally alert enough to cope with things such as collapsing and reassembling a Bugaboo Cameleon, operating a digital baby monitor or using the microwave steam steriliser, you might have trouble in your seventies and eighties.五六十岁的时候,你还能有很好的精神状态来拆分或组装婴儿车、操纵婴儿监控器或使用微波蒸汽消毒机,但到了七八十岁的时候,干这些事可能就没这么轻松了。Being a hands-on granny demands a degree of physical fitness, too, that may be beyond those who have health problems.当一个亲力亲为的祖母意味着要有个好身体,而有健康问题的人可能就没办法胜任了。On the plus side, for the young granny this physical effort can make a welcome alternative to the punishing regimes non-grannies still endure (who needs Bikram yoga or Pilates when you can have a hilarious “babyweight” workout dancing Edie round the room to the tune of Pharrell Williams singing Happy?)当年轻祖母的一个好处是,你可以把带孩子当成一种锻炼,不用像那些没当上祖母的同龄人那样费力地运动。(和伊迪这样一个孙女一起随着美国歌手法瑞尔#8226;威廉姆斯(Pharrell Williams)的歌《快乐》(Happy)在房子四周跑跑跳跳,谁还需要练热瑜伽呢?)On the downside, of course, we young grandmothers do still have to cope with the prejudices of the rest of society: those who will call you “Granny” in a way that is beyond patronising and seem to think that your only possible interests in life are baking, knitting, gardening and Saga holidays.当然,这也有坏处。我们这些年轻的祖母还是不得不面对社会上的一些偏见:那些屈尊俯就地叫你一声“奶奶”的人似乎认为我们的生活乐趣只不过是烘焙、织毛衣、照料花园和随团旅行。But if the rest of the world might think you are past it, your darling little grandchild has no conception of age. Indeed, he or she offers you the kind of adoration (and endless cuddles) that more than makes up for the ageism of grown-ups – and, what’s more, gives you the strength to blow raspberries back at them.但就算整个世界都认为你老得不中用了,你可爱的孙子或孙女可没有年龄的概念。他们对你的那种尊敬(和数不尽的拥抱)很好地弥补了成年人对你的年龄歧视,还让你信心满满地予以还击。 /201405/296753I once stayed in a two-bedroom apartment occupied by 45 people for two days to experience the life of those living in illegal shared housing. The dirty toilet and laundry room, the wet floor, smelly air, dim lighting, general household mess and potential safety hazards are still quite fresh in my memory.为了体验生活,我曾住过两天的非法合租房,一间两居室里挤满了45名住户。脏乱的厕所、潮湿的地板、浑浊的空气、昏暗的灯光、凌乱的摆设以及诸多安全隐患至今仍让我记忆犹新。It was the worst living environment I had seen up to that point in my life. However, just recently, I visited the ;home; of Quan Youzhi, a 66-year-old woman from Shangqiu, Henan province.我一直以为这是我有生之年见过的最为脏乱差的生存环境。直到最近,来自河南商丘、66岁老人全友芝的“家”改变了我的看法。Quan`s home is a hole in the ground - a utility compartment three meters below street level providing access to underground heating pipes. When I moved the metal cover on the compartment, all I could see were some dirty quilts on the ground. Full of curiosity, I couldn`t help entering without an invitation.全友芝的“家”是一个洞穴,位于地下3米处的一个热力井通道工具间。打开井盖,我所能看到的只有地上满是尘土的被褥。压抑不住满心好奇,我决定“不请自来”。I had to be quite careful in climbing down with a ladder, which was actually seven pieces of rebar fixed into the wall. Eventually, I reached the final step and dropped the last half-meter to the floor.我小心翼翼地沿着由七根嵌在墙上的钢筋组成的梯子爬下井口。我好不容易才爬到梯子的最后一节,然后从半米高的地方跳到井底。It was dark inside the compartment. The dim light from my cell phone was sufficient to illuminate the entire space, which was revealed to be no more than three square meters.井下漆黑一片。整个空间面积还不到三平方米,仅凭手机发出的微弱光亮便可照亮整个房间。On the ground was a thin mat and on top of that were some quilts with soil on them. Some rusty pipes made the small space even more cramped. Besides the bedding, I found only a few candles and two coats.地上铺着一条薄毯子,上面有几床落满尘土的棉被。而几根生锈的管道则让这处狭小空间变得更加拥挤。除了被褥,我在井下只找到了几根蜡烛和两件大衣。The living conditions in the hole were a lot worse than the illegal shared housing, which, though dirty and crowded, at least had all the necessary facilities for daily life.比起非法合租房,井底的生活条件要糟糕得多。合租房虽然脏乱拥挤,但至少日常生活设施一应俱全。People living in such a hole must have a miserable life. Together with several journalists from other media outlets, we waited outside the compartment. At around 9 pm, she came back.蜗居井底的人一定有着悲惨的人生。我同其他几家媒体的记者们一起在井外守候着。晚上9点多的时候,主人全友芝回来了。Quan told us she has been living in the place for 20 years. I guess she has never had so much attention.全友芝告诉我们,她在这里住了20年的时间。我想她从未像现在这样引起人们的关注。We journalists soon found ourselves sitting in her home, all ears to her miserable life story. She spent a great deal of time telling us of the help she had received from kind-hearted people, though she was frequently led away by questions about her sufferings.很快,我们一行人便坐在了老人的“家”中,听她讲述着悲惨的人生经历。虽然经常被各种提问打断,但是大部分时间里,她讲述的并非生活的艰辛,而是从好心人那里收获的帮助。She told us of her ongoing game with the chengguan, or urban management officers.她跟我们叙说着与城管间的“猫鼠游戏”。;They blocked off the hole by welding the cover shut. … I bought a saw and cut it free after they went away,; she said, suddenly smiling like a naughty child.“他们用电焊封住井盖…我就买了把锯子,他们一走,我便把井盖锯开。”说到这里,她突然笑得像个调皮的孩子。Quan gets up between 4 am and 5 am and spends the whole day collecting plastic bottles, stopping work at 9 pm.全友芝每天凌晨4、5点钟起床,一整天都在街上捡空瓶,直到晚上9点才回家休息。;One hundred bottles can be sold for 8 yuan,; she said, adding that she can usually make about 20 yuan a day.“100个瓶子能卖8元钱,”全友芝说,她一般每天能挣20元钱。Even when she was talking about her troubles, she kept smiling all the time.即使是在述说生活的艰辛时,她也始终保持面带微笑。She pointed to her belongings one after another, the objects of her daily life and the clothes she wore, telling us which kind-hearted person had provided each one.她一件件地向我们展示着好心人接济的物品,其中有日用品,也有她身上的衣物。Despite her sad situation, she still wants to repay one kind-hearted woman who paid her hospital bills when she was seriously ill.尽管生活很艰难,但她还是打算把医疗费还给那位在她病重入院时解囊相助的好心女士。;She paid 10,000 yuan for my medical fees,; she said. ;She`s not my daughter. I have to pay her back.;“她帮我垫付了一万元住院费,”她说,“非亲非故的,我应该把钱还给她”However, while I was moved by the old woman`s thankful heart, I was also shocked by the unethical behavior of some of the journalists in our group.在我被老人家的感恩之心深深打动的同时,却也被同行几位记者的不得体行为所震惊。When Quan was on her way to the washing room in a nearby park, she suddenly bent over to pick something up. It was a plastic bottle. None of us noticed it. She quickly emptied it and put it into another underground compartment that she used as a storeroom. After collecting bottles for 20 years, she was obviously quite skilled at her job.当去附近公园上洗手间的路上,全友芝突然弯腰捡起一个我们都没有注意到的塑料瓶。她迅速地将瓶中水倒出并把它放进另一个作为储存室的井口内。有了20年的经验,她已经很擅长捡废品这份工作了。However, as she did this, a female journalist who was just next to her laughed and even turned to look at me.而在她拾起废瓶时,她身边的一位女记者发出嘲笑的声音,甚至还转过来向我示意。I didn`t know how to respond. I turned my eyes away from her, and thought to myself: ;Can`t you have just a little bit of respect?;我不知该作何反应,只好转移视线,我心中不禁在想:“你就不能表现出最起码的尊重吗?” /201312/268169

  South Korean plastic surgeons are among the best in the world. In fact they’re so good that people from other countries like China and Japan are actually having trouble getting back home.韩国整容手术的技术可谓世界一流,以至于一些来自中国或日本的整容者在结束手术后回国总会遇到一些麻烦。That’s sounds really crazy, but it’s true. When most people get a nose job or a lip job, they just look like ‘enhanced’ versions of themselves. But people returning from a plastic surgery vacation in South Korea are truly transformed. You’d have to look very closely at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs, and even then, it’s hard to make a connection. So I suppose you couldn’t really blame airport officials for stopping these tourists from returning home.这听起来很疯狂,但却是事实。一些人做了隆鼻或丰唇手术后,整个脸看起来都更立体了。在韩国整形以后绝对是大变身。即使你仔细观察整容前后的对比照片,也很难发现这竟然是同一个人。所以我想你也不会责怪机场的工作人员把她们拦下来了吧。Thankfully, Korean hospitals have found a way to work around the issue. They are now handing out ‘plastic surgery certificates’ on request to overseas patients. These certificates include the patient’s passport number, the duration of stay, the name and location of the hospital and the hospital’s official seal. Travelers can use the certificate to help convince immigration officials on the return trip home.好在韩国整形医院找到了解决办法。他们会给海外整形者发放“整形手术明”。这个明包括了整形者护照的编号,在韩国停留的时间,医院的名称和地址以及医院的印章。患者在回国的时候可以用这张明说那些机场官员。In a bizarre incident, a total of 23 women were recently held back at Chinese immigration. They were between the ages of 36 and 54, and had bigger eyes, higher noses and slimmer chins than depicted on their passports. “After they took off their huge hats and big sunglasses following our request, we saw them looking different, with bandages and stiches here and there,” said Chen Tao, a Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Officer. “We had to compare their uncorrected parts with their photos very carefully.”最近发生了件奇事,由23名中国女性组成的整形旅行团回到了中国。她们的年龄都在36岁至54岁之间,本人和护照上的照片相比,眼睛更大,鼻梁更高,下巴更尖。 上海虹桥机场的海关人员陈涛说:“她们应要求拿掉帽子和眼镜之后,我发现她们和护照上完全不一样了,脸上缠着绷带或是充满针眼。我们必须十分仔细地对比她们脸上没有做过手术的地方。”In 2011, about 2,500 medical tourists visited South Korea. The number increased ten-fold last year, to a whopping 25,176 visitors. Interestingly, a majority of these tourists are from China. While the Chinese are gaining in prosperity, they don’t seem to trust their doctors anymore. According to plastic surgeon Park Byong-choon, “Chinese parents come to Korea even for childbirth. The death of a young singer under a Chinese cosmetic surgeon’s knife a few years ago makes people think twice about doing it at home.”2011年,总共有2500人到韩国进行整形手术。去年这个数字翻了四翻。有趣的是,这些人大多数来自中国。虽然中国越来越繁荣,但人们对医生似乎没那么信任了。一位韩国整形医师说:“中国父母甚至带着刚刚出生的婴儿来。几年前一位中国歌手因整容去世,这件事让中国人在选择国内整形机构时变得格外慎重。” /201404/290988


  The northern Chinese city that has pinned its hopes on the solar power industry tops China’s “most-polluted” list.对太阳能发电产业寄予厚望的华北城市,在中国“污染最严重城市”榜单上位居首位。Baoding, home to Yingli Solar, the world’s second-largest solar panel maker, was the most polluted among the 74 cities on an environment ministry list published on Monday.全球第二大太阳能电池板制造商英利集团(Yingli Solar)总部所在的保定,在中国环保部周一发表的74个城市空气质量状况报告中,被列为空气污染最严重的城市。Six others in the top 10 are in Hebei, the industrialised province that rings Beijing, where the government is struggling to cut the smog that envelops the capital routinely.除保定外,空气污染最严重的前10位城市中,还有6个来自于环绕北京的河北省。北京市政府正竭力驱散经常笼罩中国首都的雾霾。In 2010, Baoding, 150km southwest of Beijing, was designated a low-carbon pilot, targeting urban growth without reliance on coal-fuelled heavy industry. Its roads are lined with solar-powered street lights, reflecting the importance to the local economy of the panel manufacturing industry.2010年,地处北京西南方向150公里外的保定,被指定开展低碳试点项目,力求做到在不依赖需要燃煤的重工业的情况下推进城市发展。该市的路灯是太阳能供电的,反映出太阳能电池板制造业对当地经济的重要性。Overall, 90 per cent of the cities surveyed fell short of pollution targets, the ministry said. Eight managed to do so, an improvement on last year, when three hit the targets.中国环保部表示,总体而言,被调查的城市有90%空气质量不达标。8个城市达标,比上一年度只有3个城市达标的“成绩”好一些。The smog that blankets Chinese cities is becoming a source of public discontent, and the government has announced a series of targets and policies to reduce industrial and vehicle pollution in the most populous and prosperous centres. But orders to curb heavy industry are countered by strong government support for companies that are often the biggest local taxpayers and employers.覆盖中国城市的雾霾正成为公众不满情绪的源头之一,政府已宣布了一系列目标和政策,力求在最繁荣、人口最多的中心城市减少工业和机动车污染。但是,遏制重工业的指令,在一定程度上被政府对此类企业(它们往往是当地最大的纳税人和雇主)的大力扶持所抵消。Average levels of PM2.5, or fine particulate matter, stood at 93 micrograms per cubic metre last year in the region covering Hebei and Beijing, the ministry said. That level is “good” in the Chinese air quality grading system, although it is well above the national target of 35 micrograms. The US Environmental Protection Agency target is an annual average of 15 micrograms, with the level in any 24 hours averaging no more than 35 micrograms.中国环保部称,京津冀区域去年PM2.5(即细颗粒物)年均浓度为每立方米93微克。按照中国的空气质量分级制度,这一水平属于“良好”,尽管它远高于35微克的国家指标。美国环保局(EPA)的指标是年均15微克,而且在任一24小时期间的平均浓度均不超过35微克。Spurred by the US embassy’s decision to tweet the ings of an air quality monitor on its roof, China now publishes data for most of its largest cities but is sensitive about poor results.在美国驻华大使馆决定通过Twitter发布其楼顶上的空气质量监测器读数的推动下,中国目前发布多数大城市的空气质量数据,但对于糟糕的结果比较敏感。The developers of a popular smartphone app that compares ings from the US embassy with government data were ordered to stop including the embassy figures in the lead-up to November’s Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation meeting. They have not been allowed to resume the comparison.在去年11月北京举行亚太经合组织(APEC)会议前夕,一个比较美国大使馆读数与中国官方数据的热门智能手机应用的开发商,被勒令停止囊括美国大使馆的读数。他们至今没有获准恢复上述比较。Ironically, US embassy ings were often lower than the city’s official ings during the Apec meeting.讽刺的是,在APEC会议期间,美国大使馆的读数常常低于北京市的官方数据。Baoding’s new status is bad news for the think-tanks and secondary government institutions the central government plans to relocate there to reduce congestion and pollution in Beijing.保定的新地位对中国中央政府计划迁至该市的智库和二级政府机构来说是个坏消息。该计划的目的是减轻北京的交通拥堵和污染。 /201502/358208

  Since 2005, collectors looking for rare vintage watches have been making their way to the Via Caradosso in Milan. There, near the Santa Maria delle Grazie convent, where Leonardo painted his Last Supper, Max Bernardini has turned a used jewelry business started by his father, Franco, into a mecca for lovers of early 20th-century horology, from rare Patek Philippes to Rolex Daytonas to antique clocks from the Art Deco period.2005年以来,喜爱稀有古董手表的收藏家们就开始不断前往米兰的卡拉多索。在那里,在达芬奇创作《最后的晚餐》(Last Supper)的圣玛丽亚感恩女隐修院(Santa Maria delle Grazie convent)的不远处,马克斯·贝尔纳迪尼(Max Bernardini)将父亲佛朗哥(Franco)创办的老珠宝店变成了20世纪初期钟表艺术的圣殿,拥有从百达翡丽(Patek Philippes)稀有款、劳力士Daytona,到装饰风艺术(Art Deco)时期古董钟表等藏品。The store, now known as Bernardini Luxury Vintage, or BLV, is kitted out like a stylish gentleman’s club, filled with antique furniture and elegant steamer trunks. It even offers an in-house bartender, a thoughtful touch that has helped it to become an in place for Milan’s high society and savvy travelers.这个表店现在的名字是贝尔纳迪尼豪华古董店(Bernardini Luxury Vintage),简称BLV,其装帧如同一家时髦的绅士俱乐部,摆满了古董家具和精致的大皮箱。店内甚至还有专职酒保,这个贴心的安排使它成为了米兰上层社会和精明旅行者的时髦去处。Noting the appetite that China’s wealthy elite has developed for the latest novelties in Swiss watches, Mr. Bernardini, 44, has now brought his formula to Hong Kong, in hopes of encouraging a similar passion for classic pieces.现年44岁的贝尔纳迪尼注意到,中国富有的精英人士对瑞士手表的最新款式兴趣浓厚。如今他把自己的模式带到了香港,希望在这里点燃对经典手表款式的相似热情。“European and American clients are a little bit ahead in knowing this market,” said Mr. Bernardini. “We have had many Asian customers purchasing collector’s watches in our Milan store. My personal experience with Chinese customers is that if they have the chance to live the BLV moment, they will fall in love with the bygone era we celebrate.”贝尔纳迪尼说,“欧洲和美国的客户对这个市场的认知要稍早一些。有许多亚洲客户在我们米兰的店里购买收藏级手表。对于中国客户,我个人经验告诉我,如果他们有机会感受一下BLV,他们会爱上我们所推崇的那个过往的时代。”The Hong Kong boutique opened late last year in partnership with Adrienne Ma, a loyal customer who is the daughter of Joyce Ma, a legendary Hong Kong fashionista who set up Joyce Boutique in the 1970s and brought designers like Giorgio Armani and Prada to the enclave’s fashion-hungry elite.贝尔纳迪尼在香港的门店已于去年末开张,合伙人是马美仪(Adrienne Ma)。马美仪既是一个忠实客户,也是香港时尚界传奇人物马郭志清的女儿。马郭志清上世纪70年代创办了载思(Joyce Boutique),并把乔治·阿玛尼(Giorgio Armani)和普拉达(Prada)这一级别的设计师作品带给了香港渴望时尚的精英们。The boutique, nestled on a narrow street in the central business district, is a few steps from the luxurious flagship stores of Cartier, Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe. Its signature style of gentlemanly discretion offers a quiet challenge to the ostentatious consumption that marks its surroundings.这家店位于中心商业区一条狭窄的小街上,距离卡地亚(Cartier)、江诗丹顿(Vacheron Constantin)和百达翡丽(Patek Philippe)奢华的旗舰店仅几步之遥。其标志性的绅士般的谨慎内敛对周围以浮华消费为特色的环境构成了无声的挑战。While Hong Kong has several vintage watch dealers and auction houses that put on watch sales, Mr. Bernardini aims to stand out from the crowd by offering exceptional customer services and an ability to source rare pieces.尽管香港拥有好几家古董手表交易商和拍卖行,贝尔纳迪尼打算凭借不同寻常的客户务以及拿到稀有手表的能力,在众多竞争者中脱颖而出。“Our global buying network offers a wide spectrum of selection, and we make stringent quality standards,” he said. “We can find almost anything. It’s a service we have always given in our Milan store and are doing the same for Hong Kong.”他说,“我们的全球购买网络为客户提供了广泛多样的选择,除此之外,我们还制定了严格的质量标准。我们几乎可以找到任何一款手表。这是我们一直在米兰店提供的务,我们在香港也这么做。”A team of trained technicians in Milan handles after-sale services, but Mr. Bernardini, debonair and deeply knowledgeable, is the ultimate salesman, ever y to share stories about the provenance of his merchandise.在米兰,一批训练有素的技师负责售后务,但是温文有礼、学识渊的贝尔纳迪尼才是终极销售员,随时准备着分享自己每件货品的传奇故事。“Taste and preferences are related to knowledge,” he said. “You cannot desire what you don’t know.”他说,“一个人的品味和喜好与他的学识有关,你不可能对你不知道的东西抱有渴望。”Star lots in the Hong Kong store include a Patek Philippe chronograph moon phase perpetual calendar from 1945, originally retailed by Cartier, and a rare 1940s Mysterious watch — with hour and minute indicators that revolve apparently without support — made jointly by Jaeger-LeCoultre and Vacheron Constantin: The dial is signed by LeCoultre and the white gold case by Vacheron Constantin.香港店的明星产品包括一款1945年制造的配有计时功能、月相显示和万年历的百达翡丽手表——这款手表最初由卡地亚销售,以及一个上世纪40年代罕有的Mysterious手表——该表的时针和分针看上去没有任何撑,却能够照常转动——由积家(Jaeger-LeCoultre)和江诗丹顿联合制作:表盘上有积家的标志,人造白金表壳上则有江诗丹顿的标志。A 1960s Rolex yellow gold Datejust ref. 1500, updated with an orange crocodile strap, carries Cartier’s insignia on the dial, showing that, like the Patek Philippe, it was originally sold through the Paris jeweler.上世纪60年代制作的劳力士黄金Datejust表,编号1500,新换上了一条橙色鳄鱼皮表带,表盘上有卡地亚的标志,这显示出,就像那块百达翡丽一样,这块表最初是通过巴黎珠宝商销售的。Prices at Bernardini start as low as a few thousand ed States dollars and go as high as million or more, depending on condition, rarity and provenance.贝尔纳迪尼店里的价格最低仅为几千美元,最高可达100万美元(约合600万元人民币)甚至更多,取决于保存状况、稀缺性和来源。“Rarely a vintage piece, from a high-end brand, in pristine condition, has ever lost its value in the past 30 years,” Mr. Bernardini said.贝尔纳迪尼说,“过去30年,几乎没有出现过保存完好的高端品牌古董表贬值的情况。”“Every object in our stores goes through a process of research and restoration that we guarantee is of the highest quality standards. Nothing is taken for granted.”“我们店里的每一件商品都经历了调查和修复的过程,我们可以确保这个过程遵循的是最高质量标准。我们从来不想当然。” /201409/332511


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