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兴国县妇幼保健人民医院整形美容科江西赣州市俪人医院激光去痘多少钱There are always fish willing to be caught by anglerJiang Taigong姜太公钓鱼,愿者上钩Jiang Taigong is a popular name for Jiang Ziya, statesman and strategist.姜太公字子牙,是中国古代的一位影响久远的杰出的韬略家、军事家和政治家。As an adviser of King Wen of the Zhou State in ancient China, he, at the age of 80, helped the young King Wu overthrow the Shang Dynasty and establish the Zhou Dynasty.他在八十高龄,辅佐文王,兴邦立国,帮助年轻的周武王灭掉商朝,建立起周朝。Jiang Ziya lived near the Weishui River about 3 000 years ago.大约3千多年前,姜子牙居住在渭水北岸,The area was the feudal estate of Count Ji Chang.属于西伯姬昌的封建领地。Jiang Ziya knew Ji Chang was very ambitious so he hoped to get Ji’s attention.姜子牙听说西伯姬昌尊贤纳士,年逾七旬的他便千里迢迢投奔西歧。He often went fishing at the Weishui River,此后,他每日垂钓于渭水之上,等待圣明君主的到来。but he would fish in an unusual way. He hung a straight fishhook, without bait, three feet above the water .姜子牙的钓法奇特,短竿长线,线系直钩,不用诱饵之食,钓杆也不垂到水里,离水面有三尺高,He often said to himself, “Fish,if you don’t want to live any more, come and swallow the hook yourself. ”并且一边钓鱼一边自言自语,“不想活的鱼儿呀,你们愿意的话,就自己上钩吧。”Soon his strange way of fishing was reported to Ji Chang.太公奇特的钓鱼方法,终于传到了姬昌那里。Ji sent a soldier to fetch him.姬昌知道后,派一名士兵去叫他来。Jiang saw the soldier conning, but ignored him.但太公并不理踩这个士兵,Jiang just went on with his fishing, and was saying to himself,“Fishing, fishing,no fish has been hooked. A shrimp is up to mischief. ”只顾自己钓鱼,并自言自语道:“钓啊,钓啊,鱼儿不上钩,虾儿来胡闹!”The soldier reported this back to Ji Chang, who became more interested in Jiang.姬昌听了士兵的禀报后,Ji sent an official to invite Jiang this time.改派一名官员去请太公来。But Jiang again ignored the invitation.可是太公依然不答理,He just carried on fishing,and was saying,“Fishing,fishing,the big fish has not been hooked. A small one is up to mischief”边钓边说:“钓啊,钓啊,大鱼不上钩,小鱼别胡闹! ”Then Ji Chang realized Jiang may be a great talent so he went to invite Jiang himself and brought many generous gifts with him.姬昌这才意识到,这个钓者必是位贤才,要亲自去请他才对。于是他带着厚礼,前往磘溪去聘请太公。Jiang saw his sincere desire so decided to work for him.太公见他诚心诚意来聘请自己,便答应为他效力。Jiang helped Ji Chang and his son turn over the Shang Dynasty and establish the Zhou Dynasty.后来,姜尚辅佐文王,兴邦立国,还帮助文王的儿子武王姬发,灭掉了商朝,建 立了周朝。Today, people use this old idiom to describe someone who willingly falls in a trap or does something regardless of the result.成语“姜太公钓鱼,愿者上钩”比喻心甘情愿地上别人的圈套或是做事不计后果。 /201509/395354赣州除疤效果好的医院 The intermingling of different religions and the position of Lamaism : Like the Tang Dynasty, when many religions came to China from the West and from the inland of Asia, Yuan China as open to the merchants coming from the West, who had different religious beliefs.各类宗教的兼蓄并容与喇嘛教的地位:和唐朝时期一样,当来自西方和亚洲内陆的各种宗教传人中国的时候,元朝总是敞开大门,欢迎这些来自西方的、具有不同宗教信仰的商人。Muslims were special allies of the Mongols and had therefore access to many positions prohibited from Chinese.穆斯林是蒙古人的特别盟友,因此其中的很多职位对于汉人来说受到限制。A special place in the Mongol empire was reserved for Lamaism. Lamaism enjoyed state protection.喇嘛教在蒙古帝国有其特殊地位,享有蒙古人的国家保护。As Buddhism in China had aly reached and even surpassed the summit, the history of Chinese Buddhism was y to be written down, like in the book F〇zu Lidai Tongshi.佛教在中国已经达到甚至已过了高峰期,因此,当时中国的佛教史已经可以著书立传了,即《佛祖历代通史》。Religion was also a tool for the masses to rebell against the harsh Mongol rule, the exploitation by the exclusive class of Mongols and the rich Chinese gentry.但是,宗教也是群众反对蒙古人残暴统治、反对蒙古阶级的剥削和汉人贵族的工具。The secret societies rebelling against Mongol rule with the protection of religions were the White Lotus Society (Bailianjiao), the White Cloud Society (Baiyun-jiao) and the Red Turbans (Hongjin).在反对蒙古人统治的历史上,曾经利用宗教做掩护的组织有白莲教、白云教和红巾军。Yuan songs and main writers: Yuan songs are as important as Tang poetry and Song ci, which represents the important achievement in the literature in Yuan Dynasty.元曲及其代表作家:元曲与唐诗、宋词并称,它代表了元代文学的主要成就。Yuan songs include Sanqu was and Zaju. Sanqu was the new style verses in the Yuan Dynasty, and zaju(Yuan dramas) was a kind of comprehensive drama.元曲包含散曲和杂剧两个部分,散曲是元代的新体诗,杂剧是一种综合性的戏剧艺术。The famous writers and their masterpieces in the Yuan Dynasty are: Guan Hanqing and his u Dou E Yuan 11, Wang Shipu and his u Xixiang Ji, Ma Zhiyuan and his Han Qiugong and Bai Pu and his M Wutong Yu yy and so on.元代著名的杂剧作家及其作品有:关汉卿的《窦娥冤》,王实甫的《西厢记》,马致远的《汉宫秋》,白朴的《梧桐雨》等。Of all the writers, Guan Hanqing had the greatest influence. He had written more than 60 plays, and more than ten of them have been handed down so far.其中关汉卿的影响最大,他写过60多个剧本,流传到现在的尚有10多个。In 1958, Guan Hanqing was listed as the world literary celebrity.1958年,关汉卿被列为世界文化名人。The science of history and Wen Xian Tong Kaoby Ma Duanlin : The science of history in the Yuan Dynasty has made achievements in many ways.史学及马端临的《文献通考》:元朝的史学成就是多力面的。The representatives of the historical works are the privately compiled w Wen Xian Tong Kao ty and the official revision of u The History of Song 11 , u The History of Liao and The History of Jin ry and so on.较有代表性的史学著作有私家编撰的《文献通考》等和官修的《宋史》、《辽史》、和《金史》等。Wen Xian Tong Kao was compiled by the historian Ma Duanlin in the early years of the Yuan Dynasty. It covers more than twenty-four fields such as tax, monetary, registered permanent residence and the positions etc. The book has three hundred and forty-eight volumes.《文献通考》是宋末元初史学家马端临编撰,分田赋、钱币、户口、职役等24门类,共348卷。Scientific achievements and uThe Official Calendar^ by Guo Shoujing: It had its development in science and technology in the Yuan Dynasty.科学成就与郭守敬的《授时历》:元朝科学技术也有所发展。Great achievements were made in mathematics, astronomy, calendar, geography, agriculture and medicine etc.在数学、天文历5法、地理学、农业科学、医药学等方面都有许多成就。A Book of Agriculture ty by Wang Zhen in the Yuan Dynasty is the most perfect encyclopedia about agriculture since the u Qi Min Yao Shu ty.元朝王祯的《农书》,是《齐民要术》以来最完备的农业知识百科全书。The scientist Guo Shoujing in the Yuan Dynasty was good at astronomy, calendar, mathematics and water conservancy, who stressed on the on-spot observation.元朝科学家郭守敬,精于天文历法、数学和水利,并重视实地观侧。He had made thirteen kinds of astronomic equipments and observed, measured the celestial phenomena.他制作了13种天文仪器,并对天象进行实侧。On the basis of his observation and research, Guo Shoujing made the u Imperial Calendar.郭守敬根据观侧和研究,制定了《授时历》。The Imperial Calendar 11 took 365. 2425 days as a year and which only missed 26 seconds compared with the real time needed that the sun goes around the earth once. It is same to the Geliego Calendar in use today, but it was three hundred years earlier than the Geliego Calendar.《授时历》以365. 2425天为一岁,和地球绕太阳一周的实际时间只差26秒,与和现行的公历(《格列高利历》)一年周期相同,但比现行公历的确立早300年。The communication of the Eastern and Western cultures: In the era of Song and Yuan, esp. in the Yuan Dynasty, the culture between China and the west got obvious development.元朝东西文化的交流:宋元时期,特别在元代,中国和西方的文化交流有了显著发展。The four great inventions of China (printing, compass, gunpowder and papermaking) were introduced to Europe by the Arabians and they played an important part in the development of economy and science in Europe.中国的四大发明(印刷术,指南针、火药和造纸术)先后经过阿拉伯人传人欧洲,对欧州的经济文化发展起了重要作用。The three west expeditions of the Mongols promoted the communication between China and Europe.蒙古贵族三次西征,客观上促进了中国同欧洲的联系。The ambassadors, merchants, travelers and priests from the west came to China continuously. The most famous one of them was Marco. Poro.西方各国的使臣、商人、旅行家、传教士络绎不绝来到中国,其中最著名的是意大利人马可?波罗。He came to China in 1271 and had stayed in China for seventeen years. He had been an official in the Yuan government and had traveled to many big cities in China then.马可?波罗于1271年来到中国,留居中国17年,曾在元朝做官,游历过中国许多大城市。He described vividly about China then in his u Journey of Marco. Poroy,, which stimulated the Westerners9 desire for the Chinese civilizations.他在《马可?波罗行记》中对当时的中国作了生动具休的描写,激起了西方人对中国文明的向往。 /201602/426235赣州开双眼皮多少钱

赣州脱毛团购Everyone knows Albert Einstein as a wild-haired, violin-playing genius who revolutionized physics, and many have heard how he arrived at his groundbreaking theories via one ingenious thought experiment, or gedankenexperiment, after another. But did you know that he was also an eccentric who gleefully eschewed socks, dodged German military service and spurned social conventions? Or that he was an enthusiastic but third-rate sailor?在众人眼中阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦是一位伟大的物理学家,他梳着一头标志性的乱发,喜欢拉小提琴,开创了物理学的新纪元。众所周知,他经过一次次巧妙的假想和试验,最终创立了相对论。可是你了解这位天才的怪脾气吗?他从来不穿袜子、在德国逃避兵役、藐视社会习俗,他还是一个狂热的航海爱好者,不过他的航海技术实在让人不敢恭维。Ever since solar eclipse observations in 1919 made him front-page news, we haven#39;t been able to get enough of this guy. And why not? Einstein#39;s influence extended beyond the scientific fields he revolutionized. His theories of relativity, which departed from the classical Newtonian view of the cosmos, came to symbolize a broader societal shift away from Enlightenment-influenced concepts of art, literature, morality and politics. More than that, thanks to his strong political and social views, often distilled into playful, philosophical and pithy es, he#39;s been a mainstay of dorm-room posters and pop culture for decades. But with the revelations that accompanied the release of his private papers 30 years after his death, do we finally have too much of Einstein? Do they remind us to never meet our heroes, or merely that all geniuses are, finally, human?1919年,一场日食观测活动让他成为头条新闻,可是我们对这位伟大科学家的了解还不够多。爱因斯坦的影响力不仅在于开创了科学领域的新纪元。他提出相对论,这一理论从经典牛顿宇宙观出发,象征一种更加广泛的社会转变——使艺术、文学、道德和政治等领域的观念更加成熟。他不仅拥有坚定的政治观和社会观,而且常常感悟出一些精辟、富于哲理又不失幽默的至理名言。因此,几十年来,他一直都是最受崇拜和欢迎的偶像。在他去世30年后,随着一些私人信件的公开,他的个人生活逐渐曝光,我们终于能够更好地了解爱因斯坦了吗?这些曝光的个人生活是让我们心中的偶像形象破灭,还是让我们明白天才也不过是个普通人?10.He Took Up Speaking Late as a Child10.他很晚才会说话Einstein did not speak until comparatively late in childhood, and he remained a reluctant talker until the age of 7. This fact, combined with his single-minded devotion to physics, his imposition of routines on his wife, his musical talent and other factors have led some to argue that Einstein had Asperger#39;s syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder that affects language and behavioral development in children.爱因斯坦在幼年时很晚才会说话,在7岁之前一直沉默寡言。这一事实,以及他对物理学研究的专一,他在生活中强加给妻子的束缚和他的音乐天赋等种种事情综合在一起,让一些人认为爱因斯坦患有阿斯伯格综合症——一种影响儿童语言和行为发育的自闭症。Other historical talents, including physicists Isaac Newton and Marie Curie and artists like Wassily Kandinsky and J.M.W. Turner, have received similar postmortem armchair diagnoses. Departing from this view, Stanford economist and author Thomas Sowell coined the term ;Einstein Syndrome; to describe non-autistic gifted people with delayed speech. How his ideas are viewed by child development experts, or how they differ from the more commonly known phenomenon of asynchronous development, in which gifted children develop faster than average in some areas and more slowly in others, remains unclear. In the end, Einstein, a lifelong visual thinker, might simply have had a rich inner life and no need for speech because, as one famous anecdote claims he said, ;up to now everything was in order.;人们经过分析发现,历史上很多天才都有类似的自闭特征,其中包括物理学家艾萨克·牛顿和玛丽·居里,以及瓦西里·康定斯基和约瑟夫·马洛德·威廉·透纳等艺术家。斯坦福大学经济学家兼作家托马斯·索维尔根据此观点创造出一个新词汇——“爱因斯坦综合症”,用来形容那些没有患上孤独症,但是语言发育迟缓的人。一些儿童发育专家认为艾斯伯格综合症与一般的自闭症不同,患有这种病症的儿童在某些方面天赋过人,而在另一些方面却发育迟缓,但是目前为止该理论并未得到实。爱因斯坦,身为一个视觉思想家,或许他的内心生活十分丰富,但无需向人表达,正如他曾说过的那句话:“目前来看一切都井然有序。”9.He Did Not Actually Do Poorly in School9.他的学习成绩其实没那么糟糕We love to swap ironic facts about famous people, especially in our click-bait-driven Internet culture. So it#39;s no surprise that the notions that Einstein struggled with math and that he failed his college entrance exams have such staying power. In truth, he excelled in physics and math from a young age and studied calculus while only 12 years old. He also knew his way around Greek conjugation and Latin declension. So how did the idea that he failed math gain traction? Possibly because, during one year of Einstein#39;s education, school officials reversed the grading system, turning the numerical equivalent of A#39;s into F#39;s (and confusing unwary future biographers).我们都喜欢八卦名人轶事,尤其在拼点击率的互联网文化的驱使下,这些名人轶事被更快地传播开。因此,有关爱因斯坦数学很烂,而且没通过大学入学考试这样的传闻会深入人心,也就不足为奇了。事实上,他从小擅长物理和数学,甚至12岁时就学习了微积分。对希腊语和拉丁语也略知一二。那么有关他数学很烂的传闻从何而来呢?原来,在爱因斯坦入学考试那年,学校管理者更改了评分制度,将成绩“A”档改成了“F”档(后来的传记作家没有仔细考才造成了今天的误会)。Einstein did fail his first round of entrance exams -- due to extenuating circumstances. When the young man applied to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, he was a 15-year-old dropout who lacked the equivalent of a high school diploma. Moreover, the rigid educational system that he grew up in did not provide him the background in French, chemistry and biology that he needed to pass the institute#39;s exams. He scored so highly on his mathematics and physics tests, however, that the university accepted him anyway, on the condition that he complete his secondary education soon after.爱因斯坦的确没有通过第一轮入学考试——但是情有可原。他向苏黎世联邦理工学院提出入学申请时,只有15岁,因为中途退学而没有拿到高中文凭。此外,他就读的学校,教育体制僵化,没有开设法语、化学和生物学等课程,而这些是入学考试的必考科目。由于他的数学和物理学成绩优异,学校最终还是录取了他,但前提是要他完成高中学业。8.He Had an Illegitimate Daughter With a Mysterious Fate8.他有一个私生女,命运成谜While attending university in Zurich, Einstein fell in love with an older physics student, Mileva Maric, who would eventually become his first wife. By the standards of late 19th-century Europe, theirs was a modern love affair. They soon grew quite close and gave one another nicknames: He called her ;Dollie,; and she nicknamed him ;Johnnie.;在苏黎世上大学期间,爱因斯坦和物理系学——米列娃·玛丽克坠入爱河,米列娃·玛丽克最终成为他的第一任妻子。从19世纪后期欧洲的开放程度来看,弟恋是一件非常时髦的事。他们的恋情发展迅速,彼此之间还起了昵称:爱因斯坦叫妻子“多莉”,妻子则亲昵地叫他“约翰尼”。Maric was a remarkable woman, having overcome enormous social resistance to earn a place as the fifth woman accepted to the prestigious university. But for years after graduation, Einstein remained too poor to marry her. Moreover, his parents rejected Maric as a too-old, bookish Eastern Orthodox Serb, and his father did not approve the marriage until just before his death in 1902. Earlier that year, in January, the couple had a daughter named Lieserl (diminutive for Elisabeth). Maric returned to her parent#39;s home near Novi Sad, a Serb cultural center then located in the Kingdom of Hungary but today part of Serbia#39;s rural Vojvodina region. There she gave birth to the child, after which the couple never spoke of their daughter to others, even friends. Lieserl#39;s fate remains a mystery to this day. The two prevalent theories hold that she died of scarlet fever or was given up for adoption.玛丽克是一位非凡的女性,她冲破社会阻力,成为第五位就读名牌大学的女性。可是毕业多年以后,爱因斯坦仍然穷得娶不起她。这桩婚事还遭到爱因斯坦父母的反对,在他们看来,玛丽克不仅年纪太大,而且还是个信仰东正教的书呆子。他的父亲直到1902年去世之前,才同意他们的婚事。同年一月,他们的女儿来到世上,取名丽瑟尔(伊丽莎白的爱称)。玛丽克回到父母身边,他们住的地方离诺维萨德很近。当时的诺维萨德位于匈牙利帝国,是塞尔维亚的文化中心,而如今的诺维萨德则隶属于塞尔维亚伏伊伏丁那自治省。自从玛丽克在那里生下女儿之后,这对夫妻从未向别人提起过她,连他们的朋友也不知道。直到今天,丽瑟尔的命运仍是一个谜。人们普遍持两种观点:一种观点认为丽瑟尔死于猩红热,另一种观点认为她被遗弃,随后被人收养。7.He Was a Cad With a Tumultuous Family Life7.他是个花心男,私生活混乱不堪Whatever closeness Einstein and Maric shared did not survive long into their marriage, as their correspondence makes clear. Indeed, his own letters paint him as an unkind philanderer who neglected and mistreated her while openly enjoying several flirtations and affairs. One mistress, his cousin Elsa, would eventually become his second wife, although he also considered marrying her daughter, his future stepdaughter. This must have made family reunions both uncomfortable and confusing, especially since Elsa was Einstein#39;s first cousin on his mother#39;s side and his second cousin on his father#39;s side. He cheated on Elsa as well, but she allowed it as long as he kept his affairs quiet.曾经的亲密无间也没能延长爱因斯坦和玛丽克的婚姻,这一点从他们的信件中很容易看出来。实际上,从爱因斯坦的信中可以看出,他是个无情无义的。他喜欢到处和异性调情,丝毫不掩饰自己的风流韵事,也不在乎这些事对妻子造成的伤害。他的表艾尔莎,也是他的情妇之一,后来成了他的第二任妻子。然而在此之前,他甚至考虑娶她的女儿,也就是自己未来的继女为妻。从他们的亲戚关系来看,这桩婚姻让家庭聚会变得十分尴尬,因为对于爱因斯坦来说,艾尔莎既是他的表又是他的堂。这段婚姻也没能让爱因斯坦有所收敛,但是只要他不公开这些风流韵事,艾尔莎都默然接受了。Meanwhile, because he could not afford to support himself and his first wife in the case of a divorce, Einstein struck a deal with Maric: She would grant him a divorce, and he would give her and their two sons the prize money from his presumably imminent Nobel. Finally, after five years living apart, Maric divorced Albert in 1919. Thereafter, he grew estranged from his sons, one of whom was schizophrenic, leaving Maric to care for them and her own crumbling family.另一方面,爱因斯坦负担不起与第一任妻子的离婚费用,因此与玛丽克达成协议:她同意离婚,如果将来爱因斯坦获得诺贝尔奖,必须把奖金交给她和两个儿子。1919年,玛丽克和爱因斯坦分居五年后,两人正式离婚。从此以后,他与两个儿子渐渐疏远,其中一个患有精神分裂症,玛丽克只好独自照顾他们,撑起这个破碎的家庭。6.He Had One Heck of a Year6.爱因斯坦奇迹年In 1905, Einstein published four papers that rocked contemporary views of space, time, mass and energy and helped set the stage for modern physics, all while writing a doctoral dissertation and working as a third-class examiner in the Swiss patent office. After graduation, Einstein had applied for numerous academic posts, but school after school had rebuffed him. Their rejections stemmed in part from a letter of recommendation that Einstein had foolishly requested from Heinrich Weber, a professor whose classes he had regularly ditched. As decisions go, it was an object lesson in the difference between intelligence and wisdom. But the clerkship left Einstein enough daydreaming time to conceive his four landmark Annals of Physics journal papers, all published in a single annus mirabilis:1905年,爱因斯坦发表了四篇论文,颠覆了当时有关空间、时间、质量与能量的一切观点,为现代物理学的发展奠定了基础。同年,他还取得了士学位,并且晋升为瑞士专利局的三级技术员。毕业之后,爱因斯坦向多所学校申请了学术职位,但均遭到拒绝。他们之所以拒绝爱因斯坦,一部分因为海因里希·韦伯教授为他写的推荐信。上学时,爱因斯坦经常翘这位教授的课。虽然他智力超群,但是找海因里希·韦伯写推荐信实在不是明智之举。爱因斯坦只得到了试用职位,却让他有大把的时间用来构思四篇划时代的论文。四篇论文均在《物理学年鉴》上发表,并于同一年出版,人们称这一年为“爱因斯坦奇迹年”。;On a Heuristic Viewpoint Concerning the Production and Transformation of Light; explained the photoelectric effect using quantum theory.《关于光的产生和转化的一个试探性观点》用量子理论解释了光电效应。;On the Movement of Small Particles Suspended in Stationary Liquids Required by the Molecular-Kinetic Theory of Heat; experimentally proved the existence of atoms.《基于热分子运动论的静止液体中悬浮粒子的运动研究》从实验上明原子的存在。;On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies; established the mathematical theory of special relativity.《论动体的电动力学》创立狭义相对论。;Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?; explained how relativity theory led to a mass-energy equivalence of E mc2.《物体的惯性同它所含的能量有关吗?》解释如何用相对论推导出质能等价方程式:E mc#178;翻译:刘安琪 审阅:烟囱 来源:前十网 /201602/427509宁都县改脸型的费用 安远县隆鼻手术多少钱

赣州软骨隆鼻的价格THE INVENTION OF NATURE: Alexander Von Humboldt’s New World. By Andrea Wulf. (Knopf, .) Wulf offers a highly able account of the German scientist’s monumental journey in the Americas.《发明自然:亚历山大·冯·洪堡的新世界》(The Invention Of Nature: Alexander Von Humboldt’s New World),安德里亚·瓦尔夫(Andrea Wulf)著(Knopf出版社,30美元)。瓦尔夫描写了这位德国科学家里程碑式的美洲之旅,可读性极强。JONAS SALK: A Life. By Charlotte DeCroes Jacobs. (Oxford University, .95.) Salk’s polio vaccine brought instant celebrity, but many colleagues were resentful, this excellent biography shows.《乔纳斯·索尔克传》(Jonas Salk: A Life),夏洛特·德克罗斯·雅克布斯(Charlotte DeCroes Jacobs)著(Oxford University出版社,34.95美元)。这本精的传记揭示出索尔克的脊髓灰质炎疫苗令他一举成名,但很多同事很怨恨他。KATRINA: After the Flood. By Gary Rivlin. (Simon amp; Schuster, .) A former Times reporter examines the personalities and process behind New Orleans’s reconstruction, including the often corrupt horse trading that went on in the early days.《卡特琳娜:洪水之后》(Katrina: After the Flood),家里·里夫林(Gary Rivlin)著(Simon amp; Schuster出版社,27美元)。前《纽约时报》记者审视新奥尔良重建过程背后的人格与程序,包括早期腐败丛生的政治交易。KILLING A KING: The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the Remaking of Israel. By Dan Ephron. (Norton, .95.) In an electrifying narrative, Rabin’s attempt to peace is juxtaposed with his s plan to thwart it by killing him.《杀死国王:暗杀伊扎克·拉宾与以色列的重塑》(Kill A King: The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the Remaking of Israel),丹·埃夫隆(Dan Ephron)著(Norton出版社,27.95美元)。以充满的叙事,描写了拉宾和平谈判的努力,以及暗杀者通过刺杀他破坏和平谈判的计划。LETTERS TO V刀A. By Vladimir Nabokov. Edited and translated by Olga Voronina and Brian Boyd. (Knopf, .) For more than half a century, Nabokov wrote to his wife about his books, his meals and his observations, in exquisite and evocative detail.《给薇拉的信》(Letters TO Vera),弗拉迪米尔·纳科夫(Vladimir Nabokov)著,奥尔加·弗罗尼纳(Olga Voronina)与布莱恩·波伊德(Brian Boyd)编辑并翻译(Knopf出版社,40美元)。半个世纪以来,纳科夫一直给妻子写信,谈及他的书、他的饮食以及他的观察,充满优美细节,令人产生共鸣。LISTENING TO STONE: The Art and Life of Isamu Noguchi. By Hayden Herrera. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) Noguchi’s mother, a fascinating and tragic figure, haunted his expression much as she haunts the pages of Herrera’s elegant biography.《倾听岩石:野口勇的艺术与生活》(Listen To Stone: The Art and Life of Isamu Noguchi),海登·海伦拉(Hayden Herrera)著(Farra, Straus amp; Giroux出版社,40美元)。野口勇的母亲是一位迷人而充满悲剧色的人物,她一直萦绕在他的作品里,也在海伦拉这本优美的传记中徘徊不去。LOITERING: New and Collected Essays. By Charles D’Ambrosio. (Tin House, paper, .95.) D’Ambrosio stands here revealed as one of the smartest, most literary practicing today.《游荡:新旧文集》(Loitering: New and Collected Essays),查尔斯·达姆布罗西奥(Charles D’Ambrosio)著(Tin House出版社,平装,15.95美元)。达姆布罗西奥的作品表明他是当今最聪明、最有文学色的散文家。MODERNITY BRITAIN: 1957-62. By David Kynaston. (Bloomsbury, .) Kynaston’s brilliant multivolume postwar history continues in this tapestry of social, political and economic change.《英国的现代性:1957-62》(Modernity Britain: 1957-62),大卫·基纳斯顿(David Kynaston)著(Bloomsbury出版社,55美元)。基纳斯顿精的多卷本战后史继续揭示社会、政治与经济变革的全景。THE MONOPOLISTS: Obsession, Fury, and the Scandal Behind the World’s Favorite Board Game. By Mary Pilon. (Bloomsbury, .) The real story behind Monopoly, and the woman who went unrecognized for her role in its creation.《大富翁:世界上最受欢迎的桌游背后的迷恋、愤怒与丑闻》(The Monopolists: Obsession, Fury, and the Scandal Behind the World’s Favorite Board Game),玛丽·皮隆(Mary Pilon)著(Bloomsbury出版社,27美元)。大富翁游戏背后的真实故事,以及在它的创作过程中的一位不为人知的女人。NEGROLAND: A Memoir. By Margo Jefferson. (Pantheon, .) In her memoir, the former New York Times critic chronicles a lifetime as a member of Chicago’s black elite.《黑人之乡:回忆录》(Negroland: A Memoir),玛戈·杰斐逊(Margo Jefferson)著(Pantheon出版社,25美元)。这位《纽约时报》前任家在她的回忆录中,按年代记述了她身为芝加哥黑人精英的生活。NEUROTRIBES: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity. By Steve (Avery/Penguin Random House, .95.) Silberman’s is a broader view of autism, beautifully presented.《神经部落:孤独症的遗产与神经多样性的未来》(Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity),史蒂夫·希尔伯曼(Steve Silberman)著(Avery/Penguin Random House出版社,29.95美元)。希尔伯曼的著作广泛地审视了孤独症,文笔优美。OBJECTIVE TROY: A Terrorist, a President, and the Rise of the Drone. By Scott Shane. (Tim Duggan, .) A Times reporter’s account of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen killed by a drone, and the changes in policy that led to his death.《目标特洛伊:一个恐怖主义者,一个总统,以及无人机的崛起》(Objective Troy: A Terrorist, a President, and the Rise of the Drone),斯科特·尚恩(Scott Shane)著(Tim Duggan出版社,28美元)。《纽约时报》记者描写美国公民Anwar al-Awlaki被无人机杀害的经过,以及导致他死亡的政策变化。THE ODD WOMAN AND THE CITY: A Memoir. By Vivian Gornick. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) Gornick’s account encompasses her quirky New York encounters but is essentially about being alone.《奇怪的女人与城市:回忆录》(The Odd Woman And The City: A Memoir),薇薇安·格尼克(Vivian Gornick)著(Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux出版社,23美元)。格尼克的描述围绕着她在纽约与他人的奇异邂逅,但终归还是关于孤独。ON THE MOVE: A Life. By Oliver Sacks. (Knopf, .95.) In this memoir, the neurologist abandons what has been his customary restraint and reveals his own vulnerabilities.《行动的人生》(On The Move: A Life),奥利弗·萨克斯(Oliver Sacks)著(Knopf出版社,27.95美元)。在这本回忆录中,这位作家兼神经科学家放弃了自己平素的克制,展现出内心的脆弱。ONE OF US: The Story of Anders Breivik and the Massacre in Norway. By Asne Seier . Translated by Sarah Death. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) An exploration of the dark side of Scandinavia today.《我们中的一人:安德斯·布雷维克的故事与挪威大屠杀》(One Of Us: The Story of Anders Breivik and the Massacre in Norway),阿斯尼·塞尔斯塔德(Asne Seierstad)著,莎拉·戴斯(Sarah Death)译(Farrar Straus amp; Giroux出版社,28美元)。探索当今北欧的黑暗面。ORDINARY LIGHT: A Memoir. By Tracy K. Smith. (Knopf, .95.) The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet reflects on race, faith and a mother’s devotion, as well as the literary influences that shaped her.《平凡之光:回忆录》(Ordinary Light: A Memoir),崔西·K·史密斯(Tracy K. Smith)著(Knopf出版社,25.95美元)。普利策获奖诗人思考种族、信仰与母亲的风险,以及影响了她的文学作品。THE OTHER PARIS. By Luc Sante. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) Sante, the author of “Low Life,” here celebrates the bohemian, the criminal and the louche in the history of the City of Light.《另一个巴黎》(The Other PARIS),卢克·桑塔(Luc Sante)著(Farrar Straus amp; Giroux出版社,28美元)。桑塔是《低处生活》(Low Life)的作者,在这本书中歌颂光明之城(City of Light)历史上的波西米亚、犯罪与离经叛道。THE PRIZE: Who’s in Charge of America’s Schools? By Dale Russakoff. (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, .) This brilliantly reported account of Newark’s attempt to right its public schools stars Cory Booker, Chris Christie and Mark Zuckerberg.《奖赏:谁在管理美国的学校?》(The Prize: Who’s in Charge of America’s Schools?),戴尔·罗萨科夫(Dale Russakoff)著(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt出版社,27美元)。这本书精地描写了纽瓦克改进公立学校的努力,科利·布克(Cory Booker)、克里斯·克里斯蒂(Chris Christie)与马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zukerberg)也参与其中。THE SHAPE OF THE NEW: Four Big Ideas and How They Made the Modern World. By Scott L. Montgomery and Daniel Chirot. (Princeton University, .) How capitalism, socialism, evolution and liberal democracy broke decisively with the past.《新事物的形状:四个重大观念以及它们如何塑造了现代世界》(The Shape Of The New: Four Big Ideas and How They Made the Modern World),斯科特·L·蒙哥马利(Scott L. Montgomery)与丹尼尔·奇洛特(Daniel Chirot)著(Princeton University出版社,35美元)。资本主义、社会主义、进化与自由民主这四个观念如何与过去彻底决裂。SKYFARING: A Journey With a Pilot. By Mark Vanhoenacker. (Knopf, .95.) Vanhoenacker has written a chronicle of his aviation career, and an elegant meditation on how flying can lift the soul.《空中之旅:与飞行员一起旅行》(Skyfaring: A Journey With a Pilot),马克·范霍伊纳克(Mark Vanhoenacker)著(Knopf出版社,25.95美元)。范霍伊纳克按年代记述了自己的航空经历,优美地沉思着飞行如何提升灵魂。SPINSTER: Making a Life of One’s Own. By Kate Bolick. (Crown, .) How does a woman move through the world alone? Bolick looks for answers in her own life and in that of others.《未婚女人:自力更生》(Spinster: Making a Life of One’s Own),凯特·伯里克(Kate Bolick)著(Crown出版社,26美元)。一个女人怎样独自在世界上生活?伯里克在自己与他人的生活中寻找。SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome. By Mary Beard. (Liveright, .) Like New Yorkers, Romans were aggressive and acquisitive and came from somewhere else; Beard’s wonderfully concise history unpacks the secrets of the city’s success.《SPQR:古罗马史》(SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome),玛丽·伯尔德(Mary Beard)著(Liveright出版社,35美元)。和纽约人一样,罗马人有攻击性、贪得无厌,而且是从其他地方来的;伯尔德精而准确的历史书揭示了这个城市成功的秘密。STALIN’S DAUGHTER: The Extraordinary and Tumultuous Life of Svetlana Alliluyeva. By Rosemary Sullivan. (Harper, .) Sullivan’s biography reveals a complex and tragic figure.《斯大林的女儿:斯维特拉娜·阿莉卢耶娃非凡而动荡的人生》(Stalin’s Daughter: The Extraordinary and Tumultuous Life of Svetlana Alliluyeva),罗斯玛丽·苏利文(Rosemary Sullivan)著(Harper出版社,35美元)。苏利文的传记揭示出一个复杂而充满悲剧性的人物。STRANGERS DROWNING: Grappling With Impossible Idealism, Drastic Choices and the Overpowering Urge to Help. By Larissa MacFarquhar. (Penguin Press, .95.) A journey through a world of severe altruism and ascetic selflessness.《陌生人在溺水:与理想主义、极端选择和帮助他人的强烈冲动斗争》(Strangers Drowning: Grappling With Impossible Idealism, Drastic Choices and the Overpowering Urge to Help),拉里萨·麦克法夸尔(Larissa MacFarquhar)著(Penguin Press出版社,27.95美元)。带领读者走进一个极度自我主义与自私的世界。.00 A DAY: Living on Almost Nothing in America. By Kathryn J. Edin and H. Luke Shaefer. (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, .) Essential reporting about the rise in destitute families.《两美元过一天:一文不名地在美国生活》(.00 A Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America),凯瑟琳·J·艾丁(Kathryn J. Edin)与H·卢克·沙伊弗(H. Luke Shaefer)著(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt出版社,28美元)。简单明了地描写了赤贫家庭的涌现。THE UNRAVELING: High Hopes and Missed Opportunities in Iraq. By Emma Sky. ( Affairs, .99.) The Briton who was the political adviser to American Gen. Ray Odierno from 2007 to 2010 offers an important and disturbing memoir.《拆散:伊拉克的极大希望与错失的机会》(THE UNRAVELING: High Hopes and Missed Opportunities in Iraq),艾玛·斯凯(Emma Sky)著(PublicAffairs出版社,28.99美元)。这位英国作者2007年到2010年期间曾是美国将军雷·奥迪耶诺(Ray Odierno)的政治顾问,她带来这本重要而令人不安的回忆录。THE WEATHER EXPERIMENT: The Pioneers Who Sought to See the Future. By Peter Moore. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) Unlike many British-centric meteorological histories, Moore’s evocative account pays homage to American contributions.《天气试验:力图预见未来的先驱者们》(The Weather Experiment: The Pioneers Who Sought to See the Future),彼得·尔(Peter Moore)著(Farrar,Straus amp; Giroux出版社,30美元)。和很多以英国为中心的气象史学家不同,尔生动的记述对美国人的贡献表达了敬意。WITCHES OF AMERICA. By Alex Mar. (Sarah Crichton/Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) Mar presents a seeker’s memoir told through a quilted veil: a collection of strong journalistic profiles of fascinating modern practitioners of the occult.《美国女巫》(Witches Of America),阿历克斯·马尔(Alex Mar)著(Sarah Crichton/Farrar Straus amp; Giroux出版社,26美元)。马尔带来一本搜寻者的回忆录,透过面纱讲了下面的故事:一组关于奇妙的现代神秘学修习者们的新闻特写。 /201512/412973 5.Belladonna Drops5.;贝拉多娜的眼泪;Atropa belladonna, also known as #39;deadly nightshade,#39; is extremely toxic. In Greek mythology, Atropos was one of the three fates—the one who cut the th of life. Belladonna been taken as a hallucinogen, as medicine, and as poison. It was also added to eye-drops for its dilating effects. Belladonna contains a natural muscle relaxant that Venetians greatly appreciated. The name #39;belladonna#39; is an homage to the Italian Renaissance women who famously used it.颠茄,也被称作龙葵,是一种剧毒植物。希腊神话里,阿特洛波斯是手握生杀大权的命运三女神之一。颠茄制剂可以被用作迷幻剂、药物和毒品。更因其具有良好的扩散性,曾被添加于眼药水中。Large pupils were considered attractive, but that beauty came at a cost. Belladonna elevated heart rate and blurred vision. Women who used it too much went blind. Many other beauty products throughout have had the same effect. In 1933, Lash Lure Eyelash and Brow Dye caused 15 recorded cases of permanent blindness. The product contained 30 times the recommended amount of paraphenylenediamine.颠茄属植物中含有一种备受人青睐的天然肌肉松弛剂。西文名称;贝拉多娜;,意为;漂亮女人;。文艺复兴时期的意大利有人曾经提取颠茄的果实用于制作女性散瞳的眼药水,取这个名字是为了纪念这段历史。瞳孔大一些的动人双眸是会让女性看起来更楚楚动人,但是美丽需要代价,颠茄制剂会加快心率并且损伤视力。如果过量使用便会导致失明。还有许多其他美容产品也有类似的副作用。比如1933年就发生了15起因使用睫毛膏和染眉膏而永久失明的案例。原因这些产品中对苯二胺的含量超标30多倍。4.Foot Binding4.缠足Chinese foot binding is estimated to have begun in the 10th century, during the Song Dynasty. Women#39;s feet were broken with their toes were bent inward. At first, foot binding was a sign of high social status, reserved for women who didn#39;t have to work. Bound feet also showed that a potential wife would be submissive. This painful, severely disfiguring custom sp to the lower classes over time. It was finally banned in 1911, but still continued in rural areas.据说,中国的缠足这个习俗始于公元十世纪,大约是宋朝。缠足使女人的脚折断,并往里弯曲。缠足在一开始是社会地位高的标志,专门为不需要劳作的女人而设计的。被束缚的脚还意味着顺从,这是一个妻子必备的品德。但这个痛苦又极其变态的风俗习惯慢慢传到了下层社会。虽然它于1911年被废除,但在农村地区依然存在。The binding process began when a child was 5 or 6 years old. Smaller feet indicated higher refinement, which improved a woman#39;s marriagability. A three-inch foot, or ;golden lotus,; was ideal. Anyone who wound up with feet that were five inches or longer (i.e., iron lotuses) would have significantly fewer marriage prospects. The #39;lotus feet#39; tradition lasted through a millennium.因为小脚是高修养的象征,可以增加女人的;可嫁性;,所以很多女孩子从五六岁就开始缠足。;三寸金莲;最为理想。而有着一双五寸或更长的脚(也称;铁莲;)的姑娘的结婚机会将会变少。这种缠足传统延续了一个千禧年。3.Corsets3.束腰Corsets were bodywear that could be tightened to reshape the torso. Corset-created 13-inch waists were never the norm, but women did use corsets to squeeze their bodies many inches inward, causing negative effects on health. The pressure led to constipation and organ damage. Shallow breath caused dizziness and fainting. Women#39;s back muscles were also weakened by regular use.束腰是一种通过;拉固;来重塑体型的紧身衣。虽然;13英寸;腰围从来都不是标准,但还是有许多女人用束腰来把腰往里挤,这对她们的健康是非常不利的。来自束腰的压力会造成便秘,还会给器官带来损害。束腰带来的浅呼吸会使人头晕甚至晕过去。常常穿戴束腰还会使女人的背部肌肉减弱。Corset wearing has continued into the modern day. Waist training, also known as tight-lacing, is advertised as a way to shape the body; to flatten the stomach while maintaining desirable curves elsewhere. Some pros recommend women pair waist training with diet and exercise for the best results. Others recommend avoiding corsets altogether. Spanx are a type of modern-day corset, and they compress the body enough to cause nerve problems, stomach pain, and other bodily issues affected women who wore whalebone corsets not so long ago.束腰直到现在还是非常流行的。束腰,也叫紧身衣,打着;重塑身形;的广告,在保持别的完美线条的时候收紧腹部。有的持者推荐女人把束腰和平衡饮食还有锻炼相结合,以得到最好的瘦身效果。而反对者倡导完全摆脱束腰。瘦身裤是一种新型束腰,它对身体的压力足以造成神经问题、肚子痛,以及其它不久前鲸须束腰胸衣会造成的身体问题。2.;Toebesity; surgery2.缩趾手术Something of a new phenomenon, toe-besity surgery beautifies ;fat feet.; It allows people have more confidence as they wear sandals and show off their piggly wigglies. It also allows some to fit into high heels or other shoes that don#39;t conform to their natural foot shape. Surgery to shave toe fat and bone would have been considered ludicrous at the turn of the century, but this cosmetic procedure has been gaining traction over the last decade. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, foot surgery is usually performed out of necessity. People who elect to have any medically unwarranted procedure put themselves at risk. The dangers of surgery include infection, a negative reaction to anesthesia, unsatisfactory results, pain, and the unexpected need for more surgery in the future.从某种意义上说缩趾手术是一项奇迹,它可以使;巨足;变美。它使人们穿凉鞋时更自信也能让他们炫耀从小猪扭扭购买到的鞋子。同时它可以让某些人穿上高跟鞋或其他一些之前脚型不能驾驭的鞋子。在本世纪之交,足部矫形手术被认为是荒唐的,然而在过去的十年中,针对这类美容手术我们已经有了牵引治疗。根据美国足部医学协会的说法,足部手术通常被认为是不必要的。那些寻求足部治疗但没有任何正当理由的的人都会置身于风险之中。手术的风险包括感染、麻醉的不良反应、不理想的结果、疼痛、以及一些无法预料的后续手术。1.Breast Augmentation1.隆胸The first silicone breasts were implanted Houston, Texas in 1962. Now breast augmentation is the second-most popular elective cosmetic surgery performed worldwide. Countries that perform the procedure most include the ed States, Brazil, Italy, and China. On top of the normal risks of surgery, breast augmentation poses other dangers. Implants may last for decades. On the other hand, they can rupture in a matter of weeks, in which case another full-cost surgery is required.1962年在美国华盛顿德克萨斯州,第一例硅酮隆胸物被植入。在当今世界,隆胸在最流行的整容手术中名列第二。其中表现最明显的国家包括:美国、巴西、意大利、以及中国。隆胸手术除了一些常规的手术风险外还会造成一系列的其他危险。植入物可能只能维持数十年。另一方面,它们可能会在几周后就发生爆裂,这种情况下手术又需要重头开始。Women who have breast implant surgery may develop breast tissue atrophy, unpleasant changes in breast sensitivity, or scar tissue that causes pain. Asymmetry, unexpected deformities, and generally disappointing results are not uncommon. Breast implants have also been linked to cancer in rare cases. Those aren#39;t even close to all of the painful possibilities, but potential problems are often ignored in favor of a little extra bulk in the bra. Is it really that unusual? Clearly, people have been compromising their health for beauty for thousands of years.有过隆胸手术的女人很可能会发生胸部组织萎缩,胸部过敏会有不良反应,伤疤组织会引起疼痛。胸部不对称,意外的畸形,以及令人失望的结果都是很常见的。在某些案例中,胸部植入物也可能引发癌症。而这些还不是所有的负面可能性,然而为了内衣里那些额外填充物,这些潜在的问题经常被忽略。它真的那样非比寻常么?很显然,人们为了美丽已让健康妥协了数千年了。翻译:哈利小王子 来源:前十网 /201512/413910赣州丽人切眼袋手术多少钱赣州俪人整形美容医院吸脂怎么样



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