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赣州烧伤烫伤整形医院赣州俪人医院美容整怎么样 Paul Keating castigates Rex Tillerson over comments on China保罗·基廷批评雷克斯·蒂勒森对中国的Australia’s former prime minister says claims by US secretary of state nominee threaten to involve the country in war【简介】前澳大利亚总理称美国候选国务卿的提议将使澳大利亚卷入战争Paul Keating says there should be no naval commitment on Australia’s part to joint operations in the South China Sea. Photograph: Tracey Nearmy/AAP保罗·基廷称澳大利亚海军没有参加南中国海联合行动的义务。图片来自美联社Former prime minister Paul Keating has lambasted Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, saying his claim that China should be denied access to artificial islands it has built in the South China Sea threatens to involve Australia in war.前澳大利亚总理保罗·基廷怼上了川普提名的美国国务卿人选雷克斯·蒂勒森。蒂勒森声称应禁止中国进入其在南中国海建造的人工岛,而基廷表示这一提议是在威胁将澳大利亚卷入战争。He says Australia must tell the Trump administration “from the get-gothat we will not be part of such adventurism, “just as we should have done on Iraq 15 years ago他表示,澳大利亚必须从一开始就向川普政府说明,澳大利亚不会加入这种冒险主义;就像15年前我们应该就伊拉克一事上这么做一;。Tillerson, a former ExxonMobil chief executive, told his confirmation hearing in Washington overnight that China’s control and construction of artificial islands in waters claimed by neighbouring countries was “akin to Russia’s taking of Crimea蒂勒森是美国埃克森美孚石油公司的前CEO。在昨晚,他在华盛顿的听会上表示,中国在邻国声明的领土上建造并控制人工岛的做法;相当于俄罗斯吞并克里米亚;。Tillerson said China was declaring control of territories that did not rightfully belong to it, and it would threaten the “entire global economyif it was allowed to control access to the waterway.蒂勒森称,中国宣称控制了不属于它的领土,如果允许中国进入相关水域,将会威;整个全球经济;。“We’re going to have to send China a clear signal that, first, the island-building stops and, second, your access to those islands also is not going to be allowed,he said during his confirmation hearing to become America’s top diplomat.在他成为美国外交头号人物的听会上,蒂勒森表示:“我们将向中国发出明确的信号:首先停止造岛,然后禁止其进入这些岛屿。”“They are taking territory or control or declaring control of territories that are not rightfully China’s. The failure of a response [from the US] has allowed [China] just to keep pushing the envelope on this.“他们占领、控制或声明控制那些本不属于中国的岛屿。(来自美国方面)反应的缺失容忍了(中国)继续在这件事上挑战下线。”“The way we’ve got to deal with this is we’ve got to show back-up in the region with our traditional allies in south-east Asia,he said.他表示:“我们解决这个问题的方法是,援美国在东南亚的传统盟友。”Tillerson did not elaborate on how the US would bar China from the islands.蒂勒森明没有详细说明美国会怎样禁止中国接近这些岛屿。China claims sovereignty over almost the entire South China Sea, and has built seven artificial islands on reefs and rocks, and outfitted them with military-length airstrips and anti-aircraft guns.中国几乎对整个南中海宣示主权,在礁?上建造了七个人工岛,并配备了军用长途飞机和高射炮。Keating issued a public statement on Friday, castigating Tillerson for his recklessness.周五,基廷发表了公开声明,严厉批评了蒂勒森的鲁莽。“When the US Secretary of State-designate threatens to involve Australia in war with China, the Australian people need to take note,Keating said.基廷表示:“澳大利亚人民应当警醒,美国的国务卿候选人在威胁将澳大利亚卷入对华战争。”“That is the only way Rex Tillerson’s testimony that a ‘signalshould be sent to China that ‘access to these islands is not going to be allowed and that US allies in the region should be there ‘to show back-up can be .“蒂勒森的发言只能作此解读,必须向中国发出‘禁止进入这些岛屿’的信号,以及该地区的美国盟友应该‘援’”“We should tell the new US administration from the get-go that Australia will not be part of such adventurism, just as we should have done on Iraq 15 years ago. That means no naval commitment to joint operations in the South China Sea and no enhanced US military facilitation of such operations.“我们应该从一开始就向川普政府说明,澳大利亚不会加入这种冒险主义,就5年前我们应该就伊拉克一事上这么做一样。这意味着澳大利亚海军没有参加南中国海联合行动的义务,也不会对美军的这种行动提供进一步的便利。”“Tillerson’s claim that China’s control of access to the waters would be a threat to ‘the entire global economyis simply ludicrous. No country would be more badly affected than China if it moved to impede navigation.“蒂勒森声称中国对该水域的控制会威胁‘整个全球经济’,这是荒谬的。航行自由受阻的最大受害国是中囀?”“On the other hand, Australia’s prosperity and the security of the world would be devastated by war,Keating said.基廷表示:“另一方面,战争会摧毁澳大利亚的繁荣和世界的和平。”来 /201701/488625赣州去眼袋手术多少钱

赣州市妇幼保健人民医院双眼皮多少钱The Trans-Pacific Partnership has no meaning without the US, Shinzo Abe said, as fellow members of the trade deal reacted with concern and frustration to Monday’s vow of US withdrawal by president-elect Donald Trump.日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)表示,没有美国的参与,《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定TPP)将毫无意义。与此同时,对于美国新当选总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)周一做出的美国将退出TPP的承诺,TPP各成员国以担忧和沮丧的情绪做出了回应。The Japanese prime minister’s comments pour cold water on proposals for the other eleven members of TPP to go ahead without the US, leaving the field clear for China to forge an alternative trade pact in the Asia-Pacific region.对于由TPP其他11个成员国在美国缺席情况下继续推进该协议的提议,安倍上述言论算是泼了瓢冷水,这也为中国在亚太区打造替代贸易协议扫清了障碍。But comments by Mr Abe and fellow leaders such as Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull suggest they have not yet given up on TPP, either viewing Mr Trump’s move as a negotiating ploy or hoping he will come around with time.不过,在安倍及澳大利亚总理马尔科姆#8226;特恩布尔(Malcolm Turnbull)等其他TPP成员国领导人的言谈中,要么认为特朗普此举是一种谈判策略,要么希望他随着时间的演变会改变主意。这些言论意味着他们仍未放弃TPP。Speaking at a press conference in Buenos Aires, Mr Abe declared that renegotiating an 11-member TPP was impossible. 在布宜诺斯艾利斯的一个新闻发布会上,安倍宣称再磋商出一个只包括11个成员国的TPP是不可能的。He argued that US absence destroys the basic balance of gains from the deal.他声称,美国的缺席破坏了(该协议)基本的获益平衡。But he also said: At the meeting of TPP leaders, all the participating countries once again shared their determination to complete this challenge. 不过他还表示:在TPP成员国领导人的会议上,所有参与国家再次分享了克这一挑战的决心。Leaders of the 12 TPP countries had met at the Asia-Pacific summit in Peru before Mr Trump’s statement.在特朗普发表声明之前2个TPP成员国的领导人已在秘鲁的亚太峰会上见过面。The US president-elect set out his intention on Monday in a previewing his first day in office. 特朗普在一段视频中简要描述了0日上任后将采取的措施。I am going to issue our notification of intent to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a potential disaster for our country, he said. 这位新当选美国总统表示:该协议可能会成为我们国家的一大灾难。我会就我们打算退出TPP的意愿发出通知。Instead, we will negotiate fair, bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back on to American shores.相反,我们将开展磋商的,是能够让工作岗位和产业重新登陆美国的、公平的双边贸易协议。Mr Turnbull has said he hopes Mr Trump will have a change of heart. 特恩布尔曾表示,他希望特朗普会改变主意。Mr Abe met Mr Trump last week but it is not known whether the two men discussed the trade deal. 安倍上周曾与特朗普会晤,不过目前仍不清楚两人是否曾讨论过这一贸易协议。John Key, New Zealand prime minister, said he was disappointed but not surprised by Mr Trump’s decision, given the depth of opposition to the TPP during the US election campaign.新西兰总理约翰.John Key)表示,考虑到TPP在美国大选期间遭遇的深切反对,他对特朗普的决定虽感到失望,却并不意外。The US isn’t an island, it can’t just sit there and say it’s not going to trade with the rest of the world, he said. 他说:美国并不是个小岛,它不能往那一坐就说不会和世界其他地方贸易了。At some point the US would want to think about how it accesses those very fast-growing markets in Asia, and what role it wants to have in Asia.总有一刻,美国会想要考虑如何进入亚洲那些增长非常迅速的市场,以及它希望在亚洲扮演什么角色。New Zealand and Australia, both members of the five eyes intelligence alliance with the US, Britain and Canada, are strong proponents of the TPP. 新西兰和澳大利亚都是与美囀?英国及加拿大并称为五眼(five eye)情报同盟的成员国,两个国家都是TPP的强烈持者。However, they have signaled they could support a rival push for a Free Trade Agreement of the Asia-Pacific, which is led by China.不过,它们已释放信号称,它们可能会持中国主导的对手协议——亚太自由贸易区(FTAAP)。On Monday Wellington and Beijing announced they would start talks on upgrading their existing trade agreement in 2017. 周一,新西兰政府和中国政府宣布,它们或在2017年启动有关升级现有贸易协议的磋商。In 2008 New Zealand became the first western nation to enter a trade agreement with China, a deal that provided significant opportunities for its dairy industry.2008年,新西兰成为与中国签订贸易协议的首个西方国家,该协议为该国乳品产业创造了极大机遇。The TPP, an extensive trade deal covering 40 per cent of the global economy, took roughly a decade to negotiate. TPP协议是一个涵盖全球经0%的大面积贸易协议,该协议的磋商用了差不多十年。Its members are Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the US and Vietnam. 协议的成员国包括澳大利亚、文莱、加拿大、智利、日本、马来西亚、墨西哥、新西兰、秘鲁、新加坡、美国和越南。Mr Trump railed against it throughout his presidential campaign.特朗普曾在整个竞选期间抨击该协议。Widely regarded as a cornerstone of Barack Obama’s pivot to Asia, the TPP was supposed to define trading standards for the region, putting pressure on other nations to play by US rules. TPP被广泛视为巴拉克.奥巴Barack Obama)转向亚洲(pivot to Asia)战略的里程碑,它原本旨在为亚太区制定游戏规则,向其他国家施加压力,迫使它们遵照美国的规则办事。China is pushing a rival Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership instead.与此相反,中国正在推进一个名为区域全面经济伙伴关系协RCEP)的对手协议。China’s a big winner here. 香港汇丰(HS)亚洲经济研究部门主管范力Frederic Neumann)表示:中国是最。The US is not only losing economic but also political leverage in Asia from withdrawing from the TPP, said Frederic Neumann, head of Asian economic research at HS in Hong Kong. 退出TPP,美国不仅会失去在亚洲的经济抓手,还会失去政治上的抓手。China can now use its vast internal market as a bargaining chip and bring other economies closer into its orbit.如今,中国可以把巨大的国内市场作为筹码,让其他经济体靠拢其轨道。It’s a watershed moment, not necessarily for the better for world trade. 这是个分水岭,不过它对全球贸易不一定是好事。It means greater regionalisation for these economies. 它意味着这些经济体变得更加地区化。American companies will be at a loss, finding they have reduced market access, he said. 美国企业会遭遇损失,它们会发现它们可进入的市场减少了。Vietnam, Malaysia, and Japan will be the losers from the collapse of TPP.他说,越南、马来西亚和日本会成为TPP失败的输家。Japanese business leaders have been counting on TPP to provide a boost to the country’s sluggish economy. 日本商界领袖一直指望TPP能提振日本疲软的经济。Mitsuru Homma, chairman and chief executive of Apple supplier Japan Display, expressed his concern at TPP’s demise. 苹果(Apple)供应商日本显示器公司(Japan Display)董事长兼首席执行官本间充(Mitsuru Homma)表达了对TPP失败的担忧。I think the global market has to be free trade, he said.他说:我认为全球市场必须实行自由贸易。Higher tariffs for importers would raise costs across the board, he added, noting that American companies sourced many of their parts and products from China. 他还表示进口国家提高关税会提高商品跨越国境的成本,并指出美国企业将许多部件和产品外包给了中国。That’s where most of industry is concerned, he said. 这是业内多数人担忧之处。Even China. It’s not just myself.即便中国也是如此,并不仅仅是我自己这么说。来 /201611/479661 赣州俪人医院隆鼻多少钱赣州腹部溶脂哪家医院好



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