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Weekly Address: Health Care Reform as the Key to Our Fiscal Futuremp4视频下载Remarks of President Barack ObamaWeekly AddressSaturday, June 13, Last week, I spoke to you about my commitment to work with Congress to pass health care reform this year. Today, I’d like to speak about how that effort is essential to restoring fiscal responsibility. When it comes to the cost of health care, this much is clear: the status quo is unsustainable for families, businesses, and government. America spends nearly 50 percent more per person on health care than any other country. Health care premiums have doubled over the last decade, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs have skyrocketed, and many with preexisting conditions are denied coverage. More and more, Americans are being priced out of the care they need.These costs are also hurting business, as some big businesses are at a competitive disadvantage with their foreign counterparts, and some small businesses are forced to cut benefits, drop coverage, or even lay off workers. Meanwhile, Medicare and Medicaid pose one of the greatest threats to our federal deficit, and could leave our children with a mountain of debt that they cannot pay.We cannot continue down this path. I do not accept a future where Americans forego health care because they can’t pay for it, and more and more families go without coverage at all. And I don’t accept a future where American business is hurt and our government goes broke. We have a responsibility to act, and to act now. That is why I’m working with Congress to pass reform that lowers costs, improves quality and coverage, and protects consumer health care choices.I know some question whether we can afford to act this year. But the unmistakable truth is that it would be irresponsible to not act. We can’t keep shifting a growing burden to future generations. With each passing year, health care costs consume a larger share of our nation’s spending, and contribute to yawning deficits that we cannot control. So let me be clear: health care reform is not part of the problem when it comes to our fiscal future, it is a fundamental part of the solution. Real reform will mean reductions in our long term budget. And I have made a firm commitment that health care reform will not add to the federal deficit over the next decade. To keep that commitment, my Administration has aly identified how to pay for the historic 5 billion down payment on reform detailed in our budget. This includes over 0 billion that we will save through changes like reducing Medicare overpayments to private insurers, and rooting out waste in Medicare and Medicaid.However, any honest accounting must prepare for the fact that health care reform will require additional costs in the short term in order to reduce spending in the long-term. So today, I am announcing an additional 3 billion in savings that will rein in unnecessary spending, and increase efficiency and the quality of care – savings that will ensure that we have nearly 0 billion set aside to offset the cost of health care reform over the next ten years.These savings will come from commonsense changes. For example – if more Americans are insured, we can cut payments that help hospitals treat patients without health insurance. If the drug makers pay their fair share, we can cut government spending on prescription drugs. And if doctors have incentives to provide the best care instead of more care, we can help Americans avoid the unnecessary hospital stays, treatments, and tests that drive up costs. For more details about these and other savings, you can visit our website: www.whitehouse.gov.These savings underscore the fact that securing quality, affordable health care for the American people is tied directly to insisting upon fiscal responsibility. And these savings are rooted in the same principle that must guide our broader approach to reform: we will fix what’s broken, while building upon what works. If you like your plan and your doctor, you can keep them – the only changes that you’ll see are lower costs and better health care.For too long, we have stood by while our health care system has frayed at the seams. While there has been excuse after excuse to delay reform, the price of care has gone up for individuals, for business, and for the government. This time must be different. This is the moment when we must reform health care so that we can build a new foundation for our economy to grow; for our people to thrive; and for our country to pursue a responsible and sustainable path. Thank you.06/74106zsdWSUI62W8MI!,!C)9@nld^SuK[3ZyvVwAnd nor am I afraid that the precious two-party system is in danger. Certainly the Republican Party looked brutally alive a couple of weeks ago -- and I mean both Republican parties. Nor am I afraid that the Democratic Party is old and fat and indolent. After a hundred and fifty years, it has been old for a long time, and it will never be indolent, as long as it looks forward and not back, as long as it commands the allegiance of the young and the hopeful who dream the dreams and see the visions of a better America and a better world.You will hear many sincere and thoughtful people express concern about the continuation of one Party in power for twenty years. I dont belittle this attitude. But change for the sake of change has no absolute merit in itself. If our greatest hazard -- If our greatest hazard ispreservation of the values of Western civilization, in our self-interest alone, if you please, it is the part -- is it the part of wisdom to change for the sake of change to a Party with a splitpersonality, to a leader, whom we all respect, but who has been called upon to minister to a hopeless case of political schizophrenia?)^|h8Yts#N(5fEoGRLa1TB0HK;~qM0p^u*NRA.201202/169736

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THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Please, have a seat. Thank you. Thank you, MIT. (Applause.) I am -- I am hugely honored to be here. It's always been a dream of mine to visit the most prestigious school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (Applause.) Hold on a second -- certainly the most prestigious school in this part of Cambridge, Massachusetts. (Laughter.) And I'll probably be here for a while -- I understand a bunch of engineering students put my motorcade on top of Building 10. (Laughter.)This tells you something about MIT -- everybody hands out periodic tables. (Laughter.) What's up with that? (Laughter.)I want I want to thank all of you for the warm welcome and for the work all of you are doing to generate and test new ideas that hold so much promise for our economy and for our lives. And in particular, I want to thank two outstanding MIT professors, Eric Lander, a person you just heard from, Ernie Moniz, for their service on my council of advisors on science and technology. And they have been hugely helpful to us aly on looking at, for example, how the federal government can most effectively respond to the threat of the H1N1 virus. So I'm very grateful to them.We've got some other special guests here I just want to acknowledge very briefly. First of all, my great friend and a champion of science and technology here in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts, my friend Deval Patrick is here. (Applause.) Our Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray is here. (Applause.) Attorney General Martha Coakley is here. (Applause.) Auditor of the Commonwealth, Joe DeNucci is here. (Applause.) The Mayor of the great City of Cambridge, Denise Simmons is in the house. (Applause.) The Mayor of Boston, Tom Menino, is not here, but he met me at the airport and he is doing great; he sends best wishes.Somebody who really has been an all-star in Capitol Hill over the last 20 years, but certainly over the last year, on a whole range of issues -- everything from Afghanistan to clean energy -- a great friend, John Kerry. Please give John Kerry a round of applause. (Applause.)And a wonderful member of Congress -- I believe this is your district, is that correct, Mike? Mike Capuano. Please give Mike a big round of applause. (Applause.)Now, Dr. Moniz is also the Director of MIT's Energy Initiative, called MITEI. And he and President Hockfield just showed me some of the extraordinary energy research being conducted at this institute: windows that generate electricity by directing light to solar cells; light-weight, high-power batteries that aren't built, but are grown -- that was neat stuff; engineering viruses to create -- to create batteries; more efficient lighting systems that rely on nanotechnology; innovative engineering that will make it possible for offshore wind power plants to deliver electricity even when the air is still.And it's a reminder that all of you are heirs to a legacy of innovation -- not just here but across America -- that has improved our health and our wellbeing and helped us achieve unparalleled prosperity. I was telling John and Deval on the ride over here, you just get excited being here and seeing these extraordinary young people and the extraordinary leadership of Professor Hockfield because it taps into something essential about America -- it's the legacy of daring men and women who put their talents and their efforts into the pursuit of discovery. And it's the legacy of a nation that supported those intrepid few willing to take risks on an idea that might fail -- but might also change the world.Even in the darkest of times this nation has seen, it has always sought a brighter horizon. Think about it. In the middle of the Civil War, President Lincoln designated a system of land grant colleges, including MIT, which helped open the doors of higher education to millions of people. A year -- a full year before the end of World War II, President Roosevelt signed the GI Bill which helped unleash a wave of strong and broadly shared economic growth. And after the Soviet launch of Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth, the ed States went about winning the Space Race by investing in science and technology, leading not only to small steps on the moon but also to tremendous economic benefits here on Earth.So the truth is, we have always been about innovation, we have always been about discovery. That's in our DNA. The truth is we also face more complex challenges than generations past. A medical system that holds the promise of unlocking new cures is attached to a health care system that has the potential to bankrupt families and businesses and our government. A global marketplace that links the trader on Wall Street to the homeowner on Main Street to the factory worker in China -- an economy in which we all share opportunity is also an economy in which we all share crisis. We face threats to our security that seek -- there are threats to our security that are based on those who would seek to exploit the very interconnectedness and openness that's so essential to our prosperity. The system of energy that powers our economy also undermines our security and endangers our planet.Now, while the challenges today are different, we have to draw on the same spirit of innovation that's always been central to our success. And that's especially true when it comes to energy. There may be plenty of room for debate as to how we transition from fossil fuels to renewable fuels -- we all understand there's no silver bullet to do it. There's going to be a lot of debate about how we move from an economy that's importing oil to one that's exporting clean energy technology; how we harness the innovative potential on display here at MIT to create millions of new jobs; and how we will lead the world to prevent the worst consequences of climate change. There are going to be all sorts of debates, both in the laboratory and on Capitol Hill. But there's no question that we must do all these things.Countries on every corner of this Earth now recognize that energy supplies are growing scarcer, energy demands are growing larger, and rising energy use imperils the planet we will leave to future generations. And that's why the world is now engaged in a peaceful competition to determine the technologies that will power the 21st century. From China to India, from Japan to Germany, nations everywhere are racing to develop new ways to producing and use energy. The nation that wins this competition will be the nation that leads the global economy. I am convinced of that. And I want America to be that nation. It's that simple. (Applause.)That's why the Recovery Act that we passed back in January makes the largest investment in clean energy in history, not just to help end this recession, but to lay a new foundation for lasting prosperity. The Recovery Act includes billion to put tens of thousands of Americans to work developing new battery technologies for hybrid vehicles; modernizing the electric grid; making our homes and businesses more energy efficient; doubling our capacity to generate renewable electricity. These are creating private-sector jobs weatherizing homes; manufacturing cars and trucks; upgrading to smart electric meters; installing solar panels; assembling wind turbines; building new facilities and factories and laboratories all across America. And, by the way, helping to finance extraordinary research.In fact, in just a few weeks, right here in Boston, workers will break ground on a new Wind Technology Testing Center, a project made possible through a million Recovery Act investment as well as through the support of Massachusetts and its partners. And I want everybody to understand -- Governor Patrick's leadership and vision made this happen. He was bragging about Massachusetts on the way over here -- I told him, you don't have to be a booster, I aly love the state. (Applause.) But he helped make this happen.10/87551

It is a relief to feel that no heart but my own can know the personal regret, and bitter sorrow因为只有我自己才知道,在我承担一个对别人更适合而非我自己之所欲的职务时的私自懊恼,和痛苦遗憾,over which I have been borne to a position so suitable for others rather than desirable for myself.感到这一点也是一种解脱。The circumstances under which I have been called for a limited period to preside over the destinies of the Republic fill me with a profound sense of responsibility,我被召唤来在一定期间内负责共和国命运的这一处境使我充满深刻的责任感,but with nothing like shrinking apprehension.I repair to the post assigned me not as to one sought,但无任何怯弱的畏惧。但我不是通过自身寻求来履行这任命我的职务,but in obedience to the unsolicited expression of your will,而是从于你们愿望的自发表达,answerable only for a fearless,faithful,and diligent exercise of my best powers.对之只有以我的无畏、忠诚,和勤勉来行使我的权力才能回报。I ought to be,and am,truly grateful for the rare manifestation of the nations confidence;我应该并已经真正感谢国家对我信任的罕有明;but this,so far from lightening my obligations,only adds to their weight.但这在照亮我的责任之外,也加重了其负荷。You have summoned me in my weakness;you must sustain me by your strength.你们已召唤了有缺点的我;你们必须以你们的力量来持我。When looking for the fulfillment of reasonable requirements,you will not be unmindful of the great changes which have occurred,当寻求合理要求的实现时,你们将不会注意已发生的巨大转变。even within the last quarter of a century,即使是在过去的二十五年,and the consequent augmentation and complexity of duties imposed in the administration both of your home and foreign affairs.以及后来国内和外交事务责任的加重和复杂。The great objects of our pursuit as people are best to be attained by peace.作为一个民族我们所追求的伟大目标最好是通过和平手段实现。and are entirely consistent with the tranquillity and interests of the rest of mankind.并和其他人民的和平和利益一致。With the neighboring nations upon our continent we should cultivate kindly and fraternal relations.我们要与这块大陆的邻国培养友好的兄弟关系。We can desire nothing in regard to them so much as to see them consolidate their strength and pursue the paths of prosperity and happiness.我们除了希望看到他们加强自身力量和追求繁荣幸福的路线之外不再对他们有任何欲望。If in the course of their growth we should open new channels of trade and create additional facilities for friendly intercourse,在他们成长的道路上我们应该打开新的贸易通道和创立额外的友谊交往设施,the benefits realized will be equal and mutual.将实现的利益将是与平和相互的。Of the complicated European systems of national polity we have heretofore been independent.在复杂的欧洲各国体系中,我们保持独立。From their wars,their tumults,and anxieties we have been,happily,almost entirely exempt.我们可幸地几乎完全地避免了他们的战争、动乱和焦虑。Whilst these are confined to the nations which gave them existence,这些只在造成它们的国家的范围之内,and within their legitimate jurisdiction,they can not affect us except as they appeal to our sympathies in the cause of human freedom and universal advancement.在他们自己的合法裁定之内,它们不会影响我们,除非他们以人类自由和普遍发展的理由来请求我们。But the vast interest of commerce are common to all mankind,但巨大的商业利益为全人类所共有,and the advantages of trade and international intercourse must always present a noble field for the moral influence of a great people.而贸易和国际交往的优点必须永远成为一个伟大人民施展道德影响的尊贵场所。With these views firmly and honestly carried out,we have a right to expect,当这些观点被坚定而真正的执行,我们有权希望,and shall under all circumstances require,prompt reciprocity.并将在所有情况下要求迅速的结果。The rights which belong to us as a nation are not alone to be regarded,我们不仅要尊重我们作为一个国家而享有的权利,but those which pertain to every citizen in his individual capacity,也要神圣地维护属于每个公民以其自身能力,at home and abroad,must be sacredly mainatained.在家乡或是在国外的权利。So long as he can discern every star in its place upon that ensign,只要他能看清那旗帜上的每一颗星,without wealth to purchase for him preferment or title to secure for him place,即便没有财富来买他所想要的,没有头衔来保一个住地,02/83235

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