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Coping with Japan's nuclear disaster应对日本核灾难Living with radiation与辐射共生A sping cloud of economic and human costs 经济和民众开销忧虑蔓延开来Giving the brassicas a once-over测量青花菜的辐射量A PEN-LIKE dosimeter hangs around the neck of Katsunobu Sakurai, the tireless mayor of Minamisoma, measuring the accumulated radiation to which he has been exposed during the past two weeks of a four-week nuclear nightmare. The ing of 43 microsieverts is about the dosage he would get from a single chest x-ray. No cause for alarm, then. Yet he believes the radioactive particles from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear-power plant, 25km from his office, have led this once-prosperous city of 70,000 into a fight for its life.形似钢笔的放射量测量器戴在樱井胜延的脖子上,这位不知疲倦的南相马市市长正在测量他在过去两周中吸收的累积辐射量,而核噩梦已经持续四个周了。测量器显示的43毫西弗大约是他做一次胸透所接收的辐射量,这完全无害。然而,樱井市长相信:从距离自己办公室25千米外的福岛第一核电站飘来的放射性粒子,已经导致居住在这座曾经繁荣的城市的70,000市民不得不为生存而战。About 50,000 inhabitants who lived closest to the plant have been evacuated or have fled since radiation levels started to rise after the March 11th tsunami—which also left at least 1,400 of the town’s residents dead or missing. Even though external radiation has since returned to near-harmless levels, Mr Sakurai fears many of Minamisoma’s evacuees may never come back.3月11日发生海啸之后,辐射水平开始上升,居住在核电站附近的50,000名居民已经被疏散或者是逃离了住所,这场海啸至少造成镇上1,400名居民死亡或者失踪。尽管在此之后外部辐射回到了几乎无害的水平,樱井市长还是担心一些从南相马市疏散的居民可能不会再回到市里。Three worries predominate. One, the information passed out by the government and Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), which owns the Dai-ichi plant, may be unreliable. Two, the plant is still unstable, at risk of suddenly emitting vastly greater amounts of radioactive particles. Three, the longer it takes to stabilise, the more lasting damage wind- and waterborne radiation may do to the livelihoods of the farmers and fishermen who are the economic lifeblood of the community. If they go, so does the town.人们主要有三个顾虑。第一,政府和拥有第一核电站的东京电力公司(TEPCO)放出的信息可能不可靠。第二,核电站还是处于不稳定的状态,存在着突然释放大量放射性粒子的风险。第三,用于稳定核电站的时间越长,所产生持续的伤害存在的时间也就越长,同样的,水性辐射可能影响到农民和渔民的营生,他们可是这个城市的经济命脉。如果他们离开了,那么镇子也就完了。These worries resurfaced on April 7th when TEPCO started to inject nitrogen into one of the plant’s six stricken reactors. That was to prevent a repeat of the hydrogen explosions that blew radiation out of the plant soon after cooling systems failed in the wake of the tsunami.4月7日,东京电力公司(TEPCO)开始向核电站中六个损坏的反应堆的其中之一注入氮气,这令那些忧虑开始重新浮出水面。海啸发生之后冷却系统失效导致了氢气爆炸,这把放射物吹出了核电站,注入氮气的行为就是为了防止这一悲剧再次发生。Even before that news, Mr Sakurai was saying that he was fearful of another explosion. It was why he continued to discourage hope that the town could get back to normal. “The lack of information is making people deeply stressed and frustrated,” he said.即便在这消息发布之前,樱井市长就在说他害怕再次发生爆炸。这就是他一直不相信南相马市能恢复原样的原因。他说:“信息的缺乏让人们感到巨大的压力和沮丧。”201104/131793But they cant migrant to greener pastures until the last of the youngest has been winged. So Mother has become stingy and edgy. Waiting for the migration ahead, she tones oily secretions over every bit of her fly equipment. A bats wings are essentially enormous webbed hands. It longed to single bones providing the straps to unfold and manipulate the flight membranes.但是直到最年幼的孩子长出翅膀前,它们还不能迁徙到绿绿的牧场。所以母亲已经开始变得吝啬急躁。等待迁移的过程中,她强调飞行羽翼上的每一处分泌物。一只蝙蝠的翅膀从本质上来说都是巨大的手蹼。它长长的单个骨头提供背带展开操纵飞膜的能力。As dusk settles, the migration begins. The little reds wings sping 3 feet tip to tip, blacken the skies with their departure. Tonight, they have to travel many miles with their newly winged young. And inexperience on the wing would prove deadly.在暮色中迁移开始。小红翅膀们每次都要展开3英尺宽,他们的离开染黑了天空。今晚,他们必须用这些年轻的新翅膀穿越数英里。对于翅膀的操作毫无经验无疑是致命的。Parenting is risky business. Migrants around the world will risk everything for the next generation. But before you can breed, you must earn the right. And in Africa, one species is y for battle.父母的养育本身就是冒险的做法。然而世界各地的迁徙者们甘愿为下一代冒一切风险。你可以繁殖前,你必须获得这项权利。在非洲,一个物种正准备投入战斗。词语解释:1. pasture n. 草地2. secretion n. 分泌物201111/162203Oracle octopus gets own World Cup for winning streakPaul the oracle octopus was given a replica of the World Cup on Monday as a reward for his perfect eight-for-eight record in picking matches as bettors worldwide collected their winnings based on his selections.The two-year-old octopus with possiblepsychicpowers turned into a worldwide celebrity for accurately predicting the winner of Germanys five World Cup wins as well as their two defeats. Paul alsotippedSpain to beat Netherlands in Sundays final.;Weve had a lot of offers for Paul but he will definitely be staying with us and returning to his old job -- making children smile,; Sea Life spokeswoman Tanja Munzig in Oberhausen said after presenting Paul with the World Cup replica.;Theres no rational reason why he always got it right.;Bettors around the world made small fortunes based on Pauls uncanny picks, said Graham Sharpe, media relations director at William Hill in London, one of Britains largest bookmakers.;Ive seen a lot of things in my lifetime but this is the first time Ive ever seen people making their picks based on what an octopus tells them,; Sharpe said.;We had people coming in saying they didnt know how to place a bet but heard about this German octopus and wanted to bet with him. Itsludicrous. But he kept getting it right,; said Sharpe. ;Its one of the finest tipping feats ever.;Sharpe said that anyone who had placed a 10-poundaccumulatorbet on Pauls picks from the start of the World Cup would have won 3,000 pounds (,500) by the end of the tournament.Pauls home at Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen has beeninundatedwith visitors and media from across Europe. Many networks broadcast his picks live. Hundreds were on hand to watch the World Cup replica lowered into his tank on Monday.Vocabulary:psychic: outside of natural or scientific knowledge; spiritual(有特异功能的,通灵的)tip: to provide with a piece of confidential, advance, or inside information(预言……获胜;事先说……会成功)ludicrous:absurd(荒唐的;滑稽的)accumulator: a bet on a series of races or other events, where the money won or originally bet is placed on the next race, etc.(累计下注,每赢一次即押于下一轮)inundated: to overwhelm as if with a flood; swamp(淹没,洪水般的扑来)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108983Dueling Claims of Victory in Afghan Presidential Election阿富汗两候选人宣称获胜 官员促静候官方结果Afghanistan's Independent Election Commission is asking voters and the media to ignore claims by competing camps that their candidates captured a first-run victory in the presidential election. Meanwhile, a prominent U.S.-government funded institute says the electoral process appears to have been credible "so far."阿富汗的独立选举委员会正要求选民和本国媒体不要理会各阵营声称自己的候选人在第一轮总统选举中获胜的说法。与此同时,美国政府资助的一个卓有声望的研究机构说,这次选举的过程到目前为止看来还是可信的。The campaigns of both incumbent President Hamid Karzai and his top challenger, Abdullah Abdullah, are both declaring a first-round victory. That despite election officials saying the ballot totals from individual polling sites have not yet reached the capital. 现任总统卡尔扎伊和他最强大的对手阿卜杜拉都宣称获得了第一轮选举的胜利。尽管选举官员说,从各投票地点汇总的票数尚未送达阿富汗首都。A candidate needs more than 50 percent to avoid a runoff election.一名候选人需要得到百分之五十的选票才能避免决选。An unofficial tabulation by VOA of totals posted at three precincts in different neighborhoods of Kabul shows Mr. Karzai leading, but falling short of capturing more than half of the total ballots.Commission officials and international observer groups are asking the public, media and candidates to be patient and await official results. 选举委员会官员和国际观察员团体正要求公众、媒体和候选人耐心等待官方结果。Richard Williamson, the former U.S. ambassador to the ed Nations, is leading the monitoring delegation of the International Republican Institute, which is funded by the American government. 美国驻联合国前大使理查德.威廉森如今领导美国共和国际学会的阿富汗选举观察团,该研究机构是美国政府资助的。"Today, I've aly heard of two candidates declaring majority victory," he said. "If I recall, such good-natured horseplay happens in American elections, too. The key is that, by September 9th, they have a preliminary count that they are confident reflects what happened." 威廉森说:“今天我已经听到两名候选人宣布获得多数票的胜利。我记得这种非恶意的闹剧在美国选举史上也曾经发生。关键是到九月九号他们会有初步点票结果,他们相信这个数据是反映真实情况的。”Williamson adds "so far, it has been a credible election." 威廉森还说,到目前看来这次选举还是可信的。The Afghan Independent Election Commission, known as the IEC, had previously said partial results would be released 48 hours after the close of Thursday's polls. It now says preliminary totals will not begin to trickle out until Tuesday and certified final results will be released from September 17 through the 21. 阿富汗独立选举委员会曾经说,部分结果会在星期四投票结束的48小时后公布。该委员会如今说,在星期二之前不会透露初步结果,而确定的最终结果将在九月17号到九月21号之间宣布。In the meantime, rival camps are trading accusations of vote fraud. 与此同时,敌对阵营相互指责诈选。The IEC says such claims, if filed by candidates or others, will be investigated. The International Republican Institute is being more explicit, commenting in a release that the magnitude of reports of voting registration cards being sold and multiple voting warrants investigation. 阿富汗选举委员会说,如果候选人或者他人提出这类指控他们就将进行调查。国际共和学会的立场更为鲜明,他们在发表的公开信中说,要对有关出卖选举登记卡和滥发重复选举许可的大量报导进行调查。The organization also decries what it calls an "alarming amount" of fraud and abuse of state resources during the campaign period. The group also criticizes imbalanced election coverage by the state-run media "heavily favoring the incumbent." 国际共和学会也谴责了在竞选阶段滥用国家资源的欺诈行为之多,达到令人吃惊的程度。该团体还批评国营媒体所作的选举报导不平衡,‘极度偏向现任总统’。Another concern is a drop in voter turnout compared to the 70 percent seen in 2004. The IRI's Williamson told reporters Friday insecurity, due to Taliban threats to disrupt the election and retaliate against those who voted, was "a dominant factor" in reducing turnout. 另一个令人关注的问题是选民参选率低于2004年选举的70%参选率。国际共和学会的威廉森星期五对记者说,由于塔利班威胁要破坏这次选举、并对那些投票的人施加报复,所以形势不安定是参选率下降的‘一个主要因素’。Afghanistan's chief electoral officer, Daoud Ali Najafi, declines to confirm other officials' estimates of overall turnout dipping between 40 and 50 percent. 阿富汗的首要选举官员纳贾非拒不确认其它官员有关参选率总体下降到40%到50%的估计。"In the provinces under high security threat level maybe the turnout was low. But there are many provinces where the participants were high. Now it's very difficult for us, because we could not receive the final figures from the provinces. Soon, we will announce the turnout when we get the final figure," he said. 纳贾非说:“在安全威胁大的省份,参选率可能是低的。但是有许多省的参选率很高。目前我们还难以确定,因为我们还没得到各省的最终数据。在我们得到最终数据后,我们将很快宣布参选人数。”A low turnout and significant claims of fraud could bring into question the legitimacy of the election. Observers say that could undermine the new government and heighten ethnic tensions in a country with a volatile history of warlords and recent decades of civil war. 参选人数少和诈选指控多可能使得这次选举的可信度产生问题。观察人士说,在一个素有军阀割据的动荡历史、而近几十年来又有内战的国家里,选举的可信度问题可能会破坏新政府并且加剧族裔间的紧张关系。Afghanistan is currently battling - with the help of 100,000 foreign troops - an insurgency led by the Taliban.阿富汗目前在10万外国部队的持下正在与塔利班主导的叛乱活动作斗争。08/82205US Public Defense Lawyers Struggle with Budget Cuts预算削减美公共辩护律师面临困境 As the U.S. recession cuts into government budgets across the country, some public agencies are struggling more than others. Several state-funded defense attorneys say they have fewer resources to handle the flood of clients accused of crimes or other offenses. Officials in Miami are looking for private attorneys to volunteer to help clear a small part of the backlog.由于经济衰退,美国各地政府财政预算被削减,一些公共机构比其他部门更是难以为继。一些政府资助的公共辩护律师说,大批人被指控犯罪或是有犯法行为,但是他们用来务这类当事人的资源越来越少。迈阿密的官员正在寻找那些自愿提供务的私营律师帮助解决积压的部分案子。Ben Reiss left his job as an assistant public defender 10 years ago, in favor of a higher paying job with a top private law firm. That did not stop him from appearing in a Miami court recently to defend a teenager facing misdemeanor drug charges.本.赖斯十年前离开了助理公共辩护律师的岗位,进入一个薪酬较高的顶级私营律师事务所。不过,他最近在迈阿密的一家法庭出庭为一名被指控非法携带毒品的青少年辩护。"This was a possession of marijuana case, and we had filed a motion to suppress evidence," said Reiss.“这个案子涉及到私藏大麻。我们已经提出了排除据的申请。”Reiss and his colleagues from the private firm Greenberg Traurig won the motion and convinced the judge to throw out the charges altogether. He said the lawyers were delighted to win the case, but their client was even more pleased.赖斯和格林伯格-特劳里格私营律师事务所的其他同事一起努力,赢得了这个申请,并成功劝说法官放弃了所有其他指控。他说,律师们很高兴赢得了案子,但是,他们的当事人更高兴。"It took him about three seconds to realize the impact of what happened. And the look on his face was simply priceless," Reiss said.“过了三秒钟。他才意识到发生的一切对他的影响,他脸上的表情是无价的。”The teen from a low-income home in Miami was not a typical client of a international law firm like Greenberg Traurig. Most indigent people facing charges use defense attorneys from state-funded public defender offices. Miami Public Defender Carlos Martinez says attorneys in his office have been more and more overworked in the past two years.这名来自迈阿密低收入家庭的少年并不是格林伯格-特劳里格这一类的国际公司里典型的客户。许多面临指控的贫困人口利用州政府资助的公共辩护办公室的辩护律师,但是,由于州政府削减财政预算,再加上被捕人数上升,许多公共律师办公室面临危机。迈阿密公共辩护律师卡洛斯.马丁内斯说,过去两年来,他的办公室的律师们的工作量越来越大。"Our case loads kept increasing particularly in our felony division. They increased in a matter of four years 29 percent. At the same them, we started experiencing budget cuts since 2007, that have equaled approximately .6 million," he said.“我们重案组的工作量特别大。四年间,增加了29%。与此同时,从2007年开始,我们开始面临预算削减,数目大约有360万美元。”Martinez says arrests are up because federal payouts have boosted police programs targeting illegal guns, drugs and gang activity. But similar funding was not sent to state prosecutors or public defenders to process court cases. In Miami, recent changes have forced the public defender to cut 30 attorney positions and curtail internships for law school students.马丁内斯说,由于联邦政府投入更多的资金给警方,加强打击非法、毒品以及犯罪团伙的项目,被捕人数上升。但是,州检察官和公共辩护律师却没有得到相应的资金。在迈阿密,由于这些改变的出现,公共辩护办公室不得不砍掉30个律师职位,并限制法律系学生的见习人数。Now Martinez is expanding a pro bono program, where Ben Reiss and about two dozen other private attorneys are working misdemeanor and felony cases. He says the pro bono attorneys are helping in the crisis, but they are not the solution.目前,马丁内斯正在着手扩大无偿务项目。赖斯和其他二十多位私营律师正在忙着处理轻罪和重罪的案子。他说,这些无偿务的律师帮助解决了部分危机,但是,他们不是最终的解决办法。"No matter the number of attorneys there is no way we can completely fill the funding gap with just volunteer attorneys. There has to be some significant reform of the system," Martinez said.“不管有多少律师参加这个项目,仅靠这些义务律师我们无法完全弥补资金上的缺口。必须对这个体制进行重大的改革。”The budget problems are not unique to Miami. Public defenders in Kentucky, Minnesota and Georgia say they are struggling with backlogs too. Advocates for public defenders say continued cuts may threaten the programs needed to provide justice for those accused of crimes and for the victims of crime.迈阿密不是唯一面临预算问题的城市。肯塔基州、明尼苏达州和乔治亚州等地的公共辩护律师们都在忙于应付积压的案子。公共辩护律师务的持者说,继续削减经费可能会威胁到那些为犯罪嫌疑人或犯罪受害人提供法律务的必要项目。Jeanne Baker represents the Miami chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. She says what is happening in Miami shows how difficult it is to ensure public funds are available for accused criminals.珍妮.贝克是美国民权自由联盟在迈阿密的代表。她说,迈阿密发生的这一切显示,依靠公共资金来为被控罪犯提供务是多么困难。"I believe on the state side there has been underfunding and under-recognition of the importance and need for funding public defense for the indigent for a long time," Baker said.“我相信,就州政府来说,很长时间以来,公共辩护没有得到足够的资金, 为穷人提供公共辩护务的重要性和必要性也没有得到足够的认识。”Baker says if public defender programs begin to fail for some clients, it would destroy the ability of the courts to ensure justice for all.贝克说,如果公共辩护项目开始忽视某些当事人,那么,法庭确保所有人都得到公正对待的职能就会受到损害。Rick Freedman, head of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in Miami, says budget cuts could also wind up costing the state more money. He says public defenders who are overworked may not be able to provide an adequate defense for their clients.里克.弗里曼是设在迈阿密的佛罗里达刑事辩护律师协会的负责人。他说,削减预算可能导致州政府最后不得不花费更多的钱。他说,那些超负荷工作的公共辩护律师们可能无法为他们的客户提供足够的辩护。"That defendant challenges in an appellate court and says I didn't have effective counsel. The case comes back, they have to do it all over again and spend more money," he said.“被告会在上诉法庭提出抗辩,声称自己没有得到有效辩护。然后案子被打回来从头审理, 这样会花费更多的钱。”Freedman says spending more money now to help the public defender's office may ensure the courts can process cases right the first time.弗里曼说,应该现在就向公共辩护律师办公室投入更多的资金,因为只有这样才能确保法庭在第一时间让案子进入正确的程序。06/72325

Why women lieAuthor Susan Shapiro Barash and relationship expert Argie Allen discuss the reasons females are carrying around deep, dark secrets.Advice columnist Ann Landers once said that the naked truth is always better than the best-addressed lie. But some new information on women and lying could leave you wondering was anyone listening.I'm sleeping with a 25-year-old.what did you just say?I'm sleeping with a 25-year-old.On N's Lipstick Jungle, one woman lies on the job when accused of sexual harassment. Is there any truth? Jay's claim?No, absolutely not.And in the classic film, Belle de Jour, this woman is both chaste wife and unknown to her husband, a prostitute.Sure, these are the stories of the big and small screen, but might they reflect real-life drama more than you'd initially think? A new book "Little white lies, deep dark screts" suggested that the answer to that question is yes. Its author found women use lies in a broad range of areas as a means to an end. 75% of women say have to lie in the workplace to sustain their positions. 60% admit to an addiction secret. 50% have mixed emotions about mothering. I think that women, you know, keep secrets in order to protect themselves. uh, nobody likes to be judged, you know, I do have a very open relationship with my children, but when they ask me direct questions, I don't feel it's always beneficial to, you know, to answer them.I think everyone, you know, conceal the truth, all throughout their day at different times, in different ways, in different situations, and because of that, you know, all different types of things can be considered lying, yeah. Sometimes, you're left better unsaid, if that, if that telling a lie by not telling how you really feel, then I do, I'm guilty of it.Lying is a survival mechanism, so we yes, we definitely all do it. And Susan Shapiro Barash, she is the author of "Little white lies, deep dark secrets". Argie Allen is a relationship therapist. Good morning to both of you. I want to point out that those two women, you just saw, they are not serial liars by any means, they are just speaking in general terms about women and lying. And Susan, you found out through your research that most women live by this code of lying, secrets and deception. Is it something that's hardwired in us, or is it nurtured?I think it's both, Merida, it's partly the culture, really almost encouraging women to make a secret of anything that isn't what they're supposed to do, perhaps, an addiction, women lie about money, and then nurturing while our mothers have often taught us how to lie compassionately, you don't tell your friend she doesn't look good in a dress, you don't tell your husband you don't like the necklace he brought home. But those are innocent lies, aren't they?Innocent lies, but they can take you to the lie that you really need and sometimes it's just expedient to lie. So women have to decide.We have some of our viewers email us things that they lie about, and one woman wrote my biggest lie would be my happiness in my marriage. I'm actually miserable but put on the facade that all is ok. Another said that I don't tell my husband exactly how much money we have and what we owe. I also don't tell him how much of a tax refund we received. Now those, those are going towards the bad, aren't they?Well, these are betterment lies, thy lie improves the situation, and you know if you reveal your secret, you feel that it is not really going to help you. 02/61923

今年将有6.3百万毕业生,然而,智力集中型职位少之又少,基层组织和中小企业的刺激机制还不够。财政部将拨款433亿元,用于鼓励愿意到农村工作的毕业生。80% of grads to get jobs by DecemberThe Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, along with those of Education and Finance, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the People's Bank of China have conference on finding jobs for this year's graduates. Data shows China will have 6.3 million graduates this year. But the number of talent-intensive posts is small. And the incentive to work in grass-root organizations and small and medium-sized enterprises isn't strong. So the Ministry of Finance is providing a 43.3-billion-yuan subsidy for graduates willing to work in the countryside. Li Xiangwei, Researcher, Ministry of HR Social Security, said, "For example, a college graduate will get 6 thousand yuan to compensate the tuition fee if he works in the countryside for a year. And he can get a total of 24 thousand yuan if he works for four years." The State Administration for Industry and Commerce says the administrative fees for registration and certificates are waived for graduates who set up a company. And a new regulation allows the graduate entrepreneurs to apply for the small secured loans. They used to have to register for unemployment to get the loans. Yin Weimin, Minister of HR Social Security, said, "We strive to achieve a 70 percent employment rate for the graduates by July and the rate is expected to hit 80 percent by the end of the year. And the unemployed graduates will receive free training." The employment and assistance plan calls for one career counseling session for each graduate, and internships for 350 thousand. 201004/101608

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