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瑞金市中医院激光祛斑多少钱赣州哪里做双眼皮比较好In its early days, the ed States was beset by rumours about plots to install a monarchy. Thankfully, in George Washington it had a president who understood the power of precedent. He removed his general’s uniform and gave up power after two terms. Thus was sealed the world’s most enduring republic. More than 200 years later, the US is bracing for the most dynastic contest in its history. The chances that either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush will become its 45th president are high. The country’s elections are far more democratic than in Washington’s day. But there are grounds to worry that America is becoming less of a republic.建国之初,美国盛传有人密谋要建立一个君主制国家。值得庆幸的是,美国有懂得先例威力的乔#8226;华盛George Washington)担任首任总统。他脱去了总司令的军,并在两届任期结束后自愿放弃了权力。就这样,世界上生命力最持久的共和国诞生了00多年后的今天,美国正迎来其史上最有“王朝政治”气息的一场竞选。美国第45任总统有极大可能将是希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)和杰#8226;布什(Jeb Bush)之中的一个。如今美国的选举比华盛顿时代民主得多。但今天我们却有理由担心,美国作为共和国将变得不那么纯粹。The odd thing about the prospect of a 2016 “game of thronesis that Mrs Clinton and Mr Bush would be the two best-qualified candidates to win their party’s nominations. Mrs Clinton has much more experience than any potential rival and there are not many of those. Having served as secretary of state and twice elected as a US senator, Mrs Clinton would be as fluent in world affairs as any incoming president in recent memory. Only George HW Bush, who had headed the Central Intelligence Agency and served as vice-president, would have been better versed. Many fear the upcoming Democratic primaries will be Mrs Clinton’s coronation. That may be so. But she would take it on merit.关于2016年“权力的游戏”的前景,反常的一点是,希拉里和杰#8226;布什将分别是各自所属政党内最有资格赢得提名的人选。希拉里比所有潜在对手都有经验得多,而她的潜在对手并不多。曾担任国务卿、并两次当选美国参议员的希拉里,在国际事务上的娴熟程度将不亚于近年来任何一位新上任的总统。唯一比她更有经验的只有老布什(George HW Bush),他在就任总统之前曾担任中央情报局(CIA)局长和副总统。许多人担心,即将进行的民主党初选将成为希拉里的加冕典礼。或许如此。但假如她在初选中胜出,那也是靠实力。Jeb Bush faces a far more contentious battle than Mrs Clinton. His chances of winning are lower. But the Republicans almost always opt for the establishment candidate in the end Mitt Romney in 2012, John McCain in 2008, and, of course, Jeb’s brother, George W Bush in 2000. Mr Bush’s prospects might be weaker if there were other viable moderates in the field. But Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, is too tainted by a Sopranos reputation for irascibility. As a first term senator in his forties, Marco Rubio of Florida sounds too much like Barack Obama.杰布#8226;布什面临的战斗将比希拉里激烈得多。他胜出的希望也小一些。但共和党最终几乎总是会选择有背景的候选人,就012年的米特#8226;罗姆Mitt Romney)008年的约翰#8226;麦凯John McCain),更不用000年的小布什(George W Bush,杰布的哥哥)。如果有其他实力强劲的温和派人士参选,那么杰布#8226;布什的胜算可能会低一些。但新泽西州长克里斯#8226;克里斯蒂(Chris Christie)是出了名的《黑道家族Sopranos)般暴脾气。四十多岁、还在首届任期内的佛罗里达州参议员马#8226;鲁比Marco Rubio)说话腔调又太像巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)了。Mr Bush has twice served as governor of a big state (Florida). Moreover, he is the Republican with the likeliest crossover appeal in a general election. Most of the rest are too conservative. Mr Bush, like Mrs Clinton, would be his party’s most effective nominee.杰布#8226;布什曾担任两届大州(佛罗里达州)州长。此外,他是最有可能在大选中吸引多个选民群体的共和党竞选人。其他共和党竞选人都太保守了。杰#8226;布什和希拉里一样,如果获得提名,都会成为各自所属政党最有可能赢得大选的总统候选人。Yet there is something profoundly disturbing about the prospect of another Clinton or Bush presidency. Should either win in 2016, then by the time he or she completed their second term, the US would have had a Bush or a Clinton in the White House for 36 of the previous 44 years. There are inbred autocracies with richer blood circulation than this. Nor would that necessarily be the end of the Bush-Clinton story. Chelsea Clinton has consistently refused to rule out running for elected office. In recent years she has taken an increasingly high-profile role at the family’s philanthropic organisation, the Clinton Foundation . Bright though she clearly is, it is hard to believe she was picked on merit. In an age driven by philanthrocapitalism, Chelsea has inherited a starring role.然而,又一个克林顿或布什家族的人担任美国总统,这种前景有令人极度不安之处。假如两人中的一人在2016年赢得大选,那么到他(或她)完成两届任期之时,就会出现这样的情况:美国在过去44年里,有36年由布什或克林顿家族的人担任总统。这种情况再厉害一点,就是天然的独裁者温床了。而那时属于布什和克林顿家族的历史章节还不一定会结束。切尔西#8226;克林Chelsea Clinton)一直拒绝承诺不竞选公职。近年来她在克林顿家族的慈善基金会——克林顿基金Clinton Foundation)——扮演着越来越醒目的角色。尽管她无疑非常聪明,但我们很难相信她是因为才能被选中担任这个角色的。在一个慈善资本主义驱动的时代,切尔西继承到了一个主角位置。The Bush story is multi-generational. Jeb Bush’s son, George Prescott Bush, 38, was elected in 2014 as Texas land commissioner a state wide position that is a springboard for higher office. He takes his middle name from his great-grandfather, who was a US senator. He takes his first name from his grandfather and uncle, who were both US presidents. A couple of weeks ago, George P’s grandmother, Barbara Bush, 89, shed her apparent reluctance to see yet another Bush in the White House: “Our problems are so profound that America needs a leader who can renew the promise of this great nation,she wrote in a mass email. The former first lady concluded by saying she was launching a financing vehicle called the “Run Jeb Run fund It is hard to imagine this happening in another democracy.布什家族的故事跨越数代014年,杰布#8226;布什之子、现8岁的乔治#8226;普雷斯科#8226;布什(George Prescott Bush)当选德州土地专员,这是一个全州级别的职位,能够为更高级别职位充当跳板。他的中间名来自曾担任美国参议员的曾祖父,名字来自爷爷和伯伯,两人都曾担任美国总统。乔#8226;普雷斯科#8226;布什的奶奶、现9岁的芭芭#8226;布什(Barbara Bush)一度似乎不希望再看到布什家的人执掌白宫,然而几周前,这位前第一夫人改变了态度,她群发邮件称:“我们的问题是如此严重,美国需要一位能够让这个伟大民族再次变得充满希望的领导人。”她在邮件末尾称,打算启动一个名为“竞选吧杰布基金Run Jeb Run fund)的融资工具。很难想象这种事情会在其他民主国家发生。The other odd aspect of the Bush-Clinton game is that it is new to US presidential democracy (there have been plenty of family businesses at the state level). Among the founding fathers, only John Adams, the second president, had an offspring who ran for the top job John Quincy Adams (he became the sixth president). Neither Washington, nor Thomas Jefferson, nor James Madison, were followed by namesakes. Among those who shared a name, Franklin Roosevelt (32nd president) was a distant cousin of Theodore (26th) whom he met only a few times. Their presidencies were more than 20 years apart. The US won the world’s admiration by often electing men from humble origins. The myth of having been raised in a log cabin was close to reality for Abraham Lincoln, America’s greatest president. He, too, was the last of his family line. Presidents such as Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and, of course, Barack Obama, rose up from modest backgrounds.这场布什对克林顿家族的游戏另一个反常的地方在于,美国的总统制民主制度以往从未遇到过这样的事情(在州一级的职位上有过许多家族垄断的情况)。在美国的开国元勋中,只有第二任总统约翰#8226;亚当John Adams)有后代竞选总统一职(亚当斯之子约#8226;昆西#8226;亚当John Quincy Adams)后成为美国第6任总统)。华盛顿、托马斯#8226;杰弗Thomas Jefferson)、詹姆斯#8226;麦迪James Madison)都没有同姓的后代当选过美国总统。在那些同姓的总统中,富兰克林#8226;罗斯福(Franklin Roosevelt,第32任总统)是西奥#8226;罗斯福(Theodore Roosevelt,第26任美国总统)的远房表亲,两人只见过几次面,并且两人担任总统的时间相隔了20余年。美国往往选择出身卑微者担任总统,这一点令世界钦佩。亚伯拉#8226;林肯(Abraham Lincoln)在一间小木屋里长大的故事,跟真实情形相差不远,他是美国最伟大的总统。他也是林肯家族最后一个担任总统的人。怀#8226;艾森豪威Dwight Eisenhower)、理查德#8226;尼克Richard Nixon)、罗纳德#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan),当然还有巴拉克#8226;奥巴马,都出身于普通人家。So, indeed, did Bill Clinton. But here is the thing. At a time of rising inequality and in an era where the rich tend to be hard working those who do well in today’s US tend to be the offspring of those who do well on merit. They are given every educational advantage. US society is taking on the character of ahereditary meritocracy. It is far preferable to the indolent aristocracy so rightly abhorred in Washington’s day. But in one respect it is more insidious. Those who believe they have succeeded on merit alone are often free of self-doubt. This can blind them to the perceptions of others. If 2016 is indeed to be a Clinton-Bush contest, we should expect a low turnout.诚然,比#8226;克林Bill Clinton)也出身于普通人家。然而现在问题来了:在一个不平等日益加剧的年代、也是一个富人往往努力工作的年代,今日美国那些志得意满的人,往往是那些靠自身才能获得成功的人的后代。他们在教育上优势占尀?美国社会开始呈现一种继承式精英领导制的特点。比起华盛顿时代人们有充分理由厌恶的懒散的贵族统治,这种制度要好得多。但在某个方面,它的隐患更加严重。那些认为自己的成功完全靠自身才能的人,往往不具备自我怀疑精神。这可能会让他们听不进他人的意见。如016年大选真的是一场克林顿对布什家族的竞争,可以料想投票率会很低。来 /201504/369969赣州哪家医院做双眼皮手术好 It has been a long time coming, but Rémy Cointreau shareholders have finally found something to toast shares of the Paris-based spirits maker jumped almost 9 per cent yesterday before trimming gains, marking the biggest intraday rise in six years.虽然姗姗来迟,但人头马君度集Rémy Cointreau)的股东们最终还是等到了值得庆祝之事——这家总部位于巴黎的烈酒制造商的股价周三开盘跳涨近9%,随后涨幅收窄,盘中涨幅创下6年新高。The shortlived surge came as the family-controlled group, famous for its Rémy Martin cognac, reported a 13.5 per cent increase in operating profit on an organic basis for its business year ending in March to 156m about 5 per cent ahead of market expectations.这次短暂的飙升出现在这家以人头马(Rémy Martin)干邑闻名的家族企业发布财报之后。在截止今年3月的一财年中,该集团的营业利润实现13.5%的有机增长,.56亿欧元,比市场预期高出约5%。Signalling its growing optimism, it also said that it expected operating margins to rise to between 18 per cent and 20 per cent by 2020, up from the 16.2 per cent that it reported yesterday.该集团还称,预计020年,营业利润率将从此次的16.2%升到18%0%,显示该集团对前景日益乐观。Rémy also said that it would increase its dividend payment this year more than 20 per cent to 1.53 from 1.27 in 2014. The situation presents a contrast to last year, when the group was struggling amid the Chinese government’s crackdown on lavish spending and gift-giving by officials an abrupt policy change that punished revenue and led to a brutal decline in operating profit. Could it mark a turnround not only for Rémy but also for rivals?人头马君度集团还表示,今年付的股息将从2014年的每股1.27欧元增至1.53欧元,涨幅超0%。这一局面与去年形成了鲜明对比——当时中国政府打击官员奢侈消费和送礼风,该集团陷入了困境。中国政府这一突然的政策变化打击了集团营收,并导致营业利润严重下滑。眼下的消息是否标志着不仅是人头马君度,其竞争对手也将迎来转机?Stephen Rannekleiv, analyst at Rabobank, said: “Among the most obvious reasons for optimism is the return of Chinese demand. The first couple of months of 2015 have signified some positive momentum gains after Chinese new year. Cognac is also seeing positive trends in other emerging Asian markets, such as Vietnam and Malaysia.”荷兰合作银Rabobank)分析师斯蒂芬#8226;兰涅克莱Stephen Rannekleiv)称:“一个非常明显的乐观理由是中国需求的回归015年头几个月已经预示了中国农历新年后的一些积极增长势头。人头马干邑在其他亚洲新兴市场也出现了积极的趋势,比如越南和马来西亚。”Diageo, the world’s largest spirits group, suffered a 78 per cent drop in its premium baijiu business in its financial year ending June 2014. However, in the first nine months of its current financial year, net sales rose by 13 per cent in mainland China, driven by recovery in baijiu.在截014月的那一财年中,世界最大酒业集团帝亚吉Diageo)的高端白酒业务下滑了78%。但在当前财年的个月,在白酒销量复苏的驱动下,该集团在中国内地的净销售额上涨3%。One bright spot for Rémy has been its newfound managerial stability, with the arrival in September of chief executive Valérie Chapoulaud-Floquet, a former L’Oréal and Louis Vuitton executive.人头马君度业绩的一个亮点在于,随着欧莱L’Oréal)和路易威Louis Vuitton)前高管瓦莱丽#8226;沙普弗洛Valérie Chapoulaud-Floquet)去年9月出任人头马君度首席执行官,该集团管理层重现稳定。The company appears to have drawn a line under a turbulent period that began when Frédéric Pflanz, its then newly appointed CEO, resigned in January 2014, just as tumbling sales of cognac in China were hitting performance.人头马似乎为014月以来的一个动荡时期画上了句号。当时刚上任不久的首席执行官弗雷德里#8226;普夫兰茨(Frédéric Pflanz)辞职,同时在中国的销售大幅下滑也开始打击集团业绩。Cognac from its Rémy Martin division last year accounted for about 53 per cent of group revenue but 73 per cent of operating profit.去年,人头马干邑部门约占集团营业收入3%,但却贡献了营业利润3%。The inevitable questions about leadership only grew louder when Patrick Piana, the much-respected chief executive of the Rémy Martin division, announced barely a month later that he was also leaving.普夫兰茨辞职后不到一个月,备受尊敬的人头马干邑部门首席执行官帕特里克#8226;皮亚Patrick Piana)也宣布辞职,使得该集团领导层问题不可避免地进一步凸显。Ms Chapoulaud-Floquet’s arrival at the group is aly having a positive impact on operations. The better numbers yesterday came in part from cost-cutting and a significantly lower advertising budget.沙普弗洛凯的到来已经给集团的运营带来了积极的影响。周三发布的出色报表,部分源于成本削减和广告预算大幅调低。A second case for optimism has come in the form of strong sales in the US, where the group has moved upmarket and where its stable of liqueurs and spirits such as Cointreau, Mount Gay rum and Metaxa has gone down well.第二个乐观的理由是美国的强劲销量。该集团在美国已进入高端市场,而且包括君度(Cointreau)、凯(Mount Gay)朗姆酒和迈塔克瑟(Metaxa)在内的利口酒和烈酒一直卖得很奀?That performance has even pushed the US ahead of China in terms of Rémy’s biggest market by revenue. Growth in the US market also helped operating profit at the company’s liqueurs and spirits division jump 51.9 per cent on an organic basis .这一表现甚至已使美国超过中国成为人头马君度最大的营收市场。美国市场的增长也帮助该集团的利口酒和烈酒部门营业利润实1.9%的大幅有机增长。The shares closed up 3.04 per cent at 66.05 yesterday in Paris.该集团股票周三在巴黎股市收涨3.04%,收盘价为每6.05欧元。来 /201506/382071宁都县人民医院切眼袋手术多少钱

赣县妇幼保健人民医院整形中心Seen in historical perspective, Russia’s latest turn to the east is not new. “From the shores of the Pacific and the heights of the Himalayas, Russia will dominate not only the affairs of Asia but those of Europe as well.The Russian statesman who wrote those words was not Vladimir Putin, as some might suspect, but Count Sergey Witte, Alexander III’s finance minister, in a memo to his monarch in 1893. Witte, the architect of Russia’s industrial revolution, launched the trans-Siberian Railroad, aimed at opening up the resources of the eastern two-thirds of Russia and giving Moscow the means to establish its presence as a great power in the Pacific.以历史的眼光来看,俄罗斯最近“战略重心向东方转移”并不新鲜。“从太平洋之滨到喜马拉雅山之巅,俄罗斯不仅将主导亚洲的事务,还将主导欧洲的事务。”这句话并非如一些人或许在怀疑的那样、出自弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)之口,而是出自沙皇亚历山大三世(Alexander III)的财政大臣谢尔盖#8226;维特伯爵(Count Sergey Witte)893年,他在给君主的奏折上写下了这句话。维特是俄罗斯工业化革命的设计师,曾推动修建西伯利亚大铁Trans-Siberian Railway),以求开发俄罗斯东部三分之二国土蕴含的资源,并且让莫斯科能够确立俄罗斯作为太平洋大国的存在。In fact, the Russians have been “turning toward Asiaever since they first crossed the Urals in the late 16th century; and successive rulers tsars and commissars alike have kept going. It is no accident that the name of the port city of Vladivostok, home to Russia’s Pacific Fleet, means in Russian, “Rule the East事实上,自从16世纪末第一次翻越乌拉尔山起,俄罗斯就一直在将战略重心“向亚洲转移”,历代统治者——无论是沙皇还是苏联领导人——都在沿着这条道路前进。俄罗斯太平洋舰Pacific Fleet)基地所在的港口城市符拉迪沃斯托克(即海参崴——译者注),在俄语中的意思是“统治东方”,这并非巧合。Yet for the Kremlin today, the turn to the east has a special urgency. The break-up of the Soviet Union was a blow to the Russian economy as a whole, but for East Siberia and the Russian Far East it was a disaster. Jobs disappeared as military industry, the mainstay of the region, shut down. In Vladivostok, the fleet rusted at anchor. Today the regions are depressed and increasingly depopulated. Along a coastline equal in length to the entire North American seaboard from Florida to Quebec, Russia’s Pacific Coast has fewer than 5m inhabitants. China, to the south, has 1.3bn. From Moscow’s perspective, it is no longer a question of “dominating the affairs of Asia but of keeping Russia intact.然而,对今日的克里姆林宫而言,战略重心向东方转移具有特殊的紧迫性。当年苏联解体,对整个俄罗斯经济造成了巨大冲击,但对西伯利亚东部和俄罗斯远东地区,这一事件堪称一场灾难。撑这一地区经济的军工企业一家家关停,就业岗位随之消失。在符拉迪沃斯托克,人们听任停泊在港口的军舰锈烂。如今,这一地区经济萧条,人口越来越少。俄罗斯的太平洋海岸线在长度上等于从佛罗里达到魁北克的整个北美海岸,却只有不00万居民。俄罗斯以南的中国有13亿人口。从俄罗斯政府的角度来看,问题已不再是它能否“主导亚洲的事务”,而是能否保持俄罗斯本身的完整。Since Mr Putin’s return to the presidency in 2012, his focus on Russia’s east has steadily intensified. The recently concluded gas agreements signed this year with China, after nearly 20 years of inconclusive negotiations, are the centrepiece of his eastern policy. When the first of these, the “Power of Siberiapipeline to eastern China, reaches capacity it will ship a volume equal to nearly one-quarter of Russia’s 2013 gas exports to Europe. If and when the second pipeline the “Altayroute to western China is built, the total could eventually exceed 40 per cent.自普012年重掌总统大权以来,他对俄罗斯东部的关注稳步增强。经过近20年毫无结果的谈判,俄罗斯终于在今年与中国签署了几项天然气协议,这是普京“东方政策”的最亮眼成果。第一条天然气输气管道,即通往中国东部的“西伯利亚力量”管道(东线),最终的年输气量将接近俄罗斯2013年对欧洲天然气出口的四分之一。如果第二条管道,即通往中国西部的阿勒泰管道(西线)建成,两条管道的年度总输气量将超过俄罗斯2013年对欧洲总输气量0%。But heading east is not the same as getting there. There are considerable obstacles. Gasfields and pipelines are enormous, expensive structures, with lead times measured in decades. Historically, Russia’s entire gas industry has been concentrated in the western third of the country. Shifting its centre of gravity eastward requires developing a whole new industry from scratch, and it will not happen quickly. Even on the most ambitious timetable, the Power of Siberia line will not reach its full capacity of 38bn cubic metres a year until the mid-2030s.然而,将战略重心向东方转移是一回事,能否转移成功则是另一回事。俄罗斯面临一些重大障碍。开发天然气田和建设输气管道都是浩大的工程,需要巨大的投入和长达数十年的工期。传统上,俄罗斯整个天然气工业的重心都在西部三分之一国土上。将重心东移,需要从零开始、在东部创建一套全新的工业体系,这不可能一蹴而就。即便按照最雄心勃勃的估算,“西伯利亚力量”管线最早也要到本世0年代中期才能达到每年380亿立方米的设计输气能力。Hence there is a powerful logic to the second Russian-Chinese gas agreement, signed two weeks ago, adding the Altay route, which ths the narrow gap between Mongolia and Kazakhstan, and links up with the western end of China’s west-east pipeline.因此,第二份俄中天然气协议顺理成章地诞生了。这份协议于11月初签署,拟在西面再建一条阿勒泰管道,这条管道将沿着俄罗斯夹在蒙古和哈萨克斯坦之间的那块狭长国土通往中国,接入中国西气东输管道的西头。This route has definite advantages from the Russian point of view: it draws from the country’s nearly limitless reserves in west Siberia; it branches off from an existing pipeline system; it enables the Russians to swing between the European and Chinese markets. It also helps offset the possibility of a more constricted market for gas in Europe.从俄罗斯的角度来看,西线当然更有优势:它利用的是西伯利亚西部几乎用之不竭的天然气资源,它是现有天然气管道系统的一个分,它让俄罗斯能够随时在欧洲和中国市场之间取舍。它还有助于对冲欧洲天然气市场受限的可能性。All this will require a great deal of money by some estimates up to bn for the eastern route alone. Now western sanctions have added one more obstacle. Although Gazprom, the Kremlin-controlled energy group, is not directly subject to the US and European measures announced to date, the sanctionsindirect impact on Russia’s ability to borrow has been unexpectedly severe. To carry out the Power of Siberia project, Gazprom will have to go to international markets for financing, and the prospects are uncertain.这些工程需要大量资金,有人估计,仅东线需要的资金最多就可达550亿美元。眼下西方对俄罗斯的制裁又增加了一个障碍。尽管美国和欧洲迄今宣布的制裁措施并没有直接针对俄罗斯政府控制的俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom),但制裁对俄罗斯借款能力的间接影响迄今严重得出人意料。要推进“西伯利亚力量”项目,俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司必须到国际市场上去融资,而这方面的前景是不确定的。Witte had a similar problem. His trans-Siberian Railway took more than 15 years to build, cost scores of lives and ran more than twice over budget. To finance it, he had to float big foreign loans at high interest rates.维特当年也曾面临类似的问题。他推动建设的西伯利亚大铁路花了15年多才建成,几十人在铁路建设过程中失去了生命,工程出超出预算两倍多。为筹集建设铁路资金,他不得不向海外发行高息债券。Thus Russia’s 21st-century pivot to Asia represents, both metaphorically and physically, the latest stage in Russia’s long turn to the east. But, as in the past, it will unfold at a decadal rate. For all of Mr Putin’s desire to align Russia more explicitly with China against the US “hegemon Russia for the foreseeable future will remain anchored in the west and turned toward Europe in its gas trade, much of its industry and most of its population. Russia will not escape its engagement with Europe.因此,俄罗斯1世纪的这次战略重心向亚洲转移,无论在比喻意义上还是在现实意义上,都是俄罗斯转向东方的长期过程的最新阶段。然而,如过去的情形一样,其推进速度将以十年计算。尽管普京渴望让俄罗斯更为公然地与中国结盟、对抗美国“霸权”,但在可预见的未来,俄罗斯仍将被固定在西方、以欧洲为重心,其天然气贸易将以对欧洲出口为主、主要工业布局和绝大部分人口也在西部。俄罗斯无法逃脱其欧洲宿呀?来 /201412/345453赣州第一附属医院疤痕多少钱 An unmanned Russian cargo vessel successfully docked with the International Space Station Sunday morning, breaking a string of failed attempts to resupply the station.俄罗斯的“进步M-28M”号无人货运飞船星期天早晨与国际空间站成功对接。之前向空间站运送物资的俄罗斯“进步号”飞船和美国“龙”飞船先后发生事故。The Progress delivered more than three tons of food, fuel and supplies to the orbiting outpost.“进步M-28M”号这次向空间站运送了三吨多食物、燃料和物资。Officials said although the previous supply launches had failed, the ISS was not in immediate danger of running out of supplies.有关官员说,虽然之前的运送失败,但空间站并未出现物资短缺。U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonauts Gennady Pakalka and Mikhail Kornienko are currently living and working on the ISS.目前空间站里有三名宇航员,他们是美国宇航员斯科特克里,俄罗斯宇航员帕达尔卡和科尔尼延科。Three more astronauts are scheduled to join them later this month.7月晚些时候将有另外三名宇航员前往空间站。来 /201507/384112赣县妇幼保健人民医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱

赣州俪人整形美容医院胎记多少钱So this is what the future of the ed Kingdom comes down to? Harry Potter versus EuroMillions. On September 18, Scotland will vote on independence. The news that JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter oeuvre, has decided to give #163;1m to the Better Together campaign is a welcome boost to the pro-union campaign. Until now, it has struggled to match the financial firepower of the pro-independence campaign, which has benefited from #163;3.5m donated by Chris and Colin Weir, a couple who won #163;161m playing the EuroMillions lottery in 2011. All told, the Weirs account for about 80 per cent of the funding received by the Yes campaign.那么,联合王国的未来将归结于哈利#8226;波特(Harry Potter)对战EuroMillions游戏吗?98日,苏格兰将举行独立公投。《哈利波特》系列小说作者J#8226;K#8226;罗琳(J. K. Rowling)决定向Better Together运动捐款100万英镑,对于这个持统一的团体而言,这是一个可喜的提振。在此之前,该团体一直很难与持苏格兰独立的Yes运动的财力媲美,后者获得了011年赢得EuroMillions 1.61亿英镑大奖的克里#8226;韦尔(Chris Weir)和考琳#8226;韦尔(Colin Weir)夫妇350万英镑的捐款。韦尔夫妇的捐款占到了Yes运动已收到捐款的80%左右。The idea that the UK’s survival might hinge on the political preferences of two lottery winners is unsettling. And the Scottish referendum is not an isolated example. Across the world, from the US to Asia, elections and political campaigns are shaped by massive donations by rich individuals.联合王国的存亡可能取决于两位者的政治倾向,这一想法令人不安。苏格兰公投并非一个孤立的例子。举目当今世界,从美国到亚洲,选举和政治竞选活动都受到富人巨额捐款的影响。The financial flows behind these political whims can be complicated. On a recent stay at the Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino in Singapore, which is owned by Sheldon Adelson, it struck me that I was watching Chinese gamblers enrich an octogenarian American billionaire, who would in turn use the money to fund Republican political candidates who support Israel. Most parts of the world seemed to be affected, one way or another, by the spinning fruit machines of Singapore.这些政治愿望背后的资金流动可能很复杂。在最近入住谢尔登#8226;埃德Sheldon Adelson)拥有的新加坡酒店——滨海湾金沙大酒Marina Bay Sands)期间,我突然想到:我正在目睹中国赌客让一0多岁的美国亿万富翁变得更富,这位富翁进而会用这笔钱资助那些持以色列的共和党政治候选人。全球多数地区似乎都会以某种方式受到新加坡的影响。Mr Adelson’s political donations have so far been lavish but not particularly effective. According to The Washington Post, he spent more than m backing losing candidates in the last US presidential election. This time round, he intends to place his bets more carefully and, according to an aide ed in the Post, is looking for a Republican candidate “who has convictions but is not totally crazya more difficult task than it sounds, given the state of the party.迄今,埃德森的政治捐款一直很慷慨,但不是特别有效。据《华盛顿邮报Washington Post)称,在上次美国总统大选中,他曾捐款000万美元,但他持的候选人最终都落败。这一次,他准备更为谨慎地下注,《华盛顿邮报》援引他的一名助手的话称,他正物色一位“有信念但并不完全疯狂”的共和党候选人——鉴于共和党的现状,这项任务实际上比听上去更为困难。Other billionaires have been more fortunate with their political spending. Although the precise amount of money that the Ambani family directed towards the campaign of Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, is not known, it is widely accepted that Mr Modi and his Bharatiya Janata party massively outspent the Congress party in the recent general election. The industrialist Ambani brothers were generous funders of the BJP and have, in turn, done well out of the stock market boom that followed Mr Modi’s victory.其他亿万富翁的政治出似乎更为幸运。尽管外界并不知晓安巴尼(Ambani)家族向印度总理纳伦德拉#8226;莫迪(Narendra Modi)的竞选具体投入了多少资金,但人们普遍认为,莫迪及其领导的印度人民BJP)在最近大选中的出远远超出国大党(Congress party)。实业家安巴尼兄弟是印度人民党的慷慨捐款者,反过来也受益于莫迪当选后出现的股市涨势。Courting the rich is both necessary and dangerous for politicians. Tony Blair and the Labour party had to return #163;1m to Bernie Ecclestone after suggestions were made that the Formula One boss had influenced government policy on cigarette advertising. The financial relationship between Nicolas Sarkozy and Liliane Bettencourt, an elderly heiress, provoked a criminal investigation although the former French president was eventually cleared of wrongdoing.对于政治人士而言,寻求富人的持既是必要的,也是危险的。托#8226;布莱Tony Blair)和工Labour party)不得不向一级方程式(F1)老板伯尼#8226;埃克尔斯Bernie Ecclestone)归还100万英镑,因为有人称,埃克尔斯通影响了英国政府有关香烟广告的政策。尼古拉#8226;萨科Nicolas Sarkozy)与年事已高的女继承人利利亚娜#8226;贝当Liliane Bettencourt)之间的金钱关系引发了一桩刑事调查,尽管这位法国前总统最终被明是清白的。It is rare to find people who have a completely consistent attitude to billionaire-funded politics. George Soros, the financier, is a hate figure for the American right but a hero to liberals because of the causes he chooses to support. The Koch brothers, conservative industrialists, evoke similar reactions but in reverse.我们很少发现人们会对亿万富翁资助的政治持完全一致的态度。由于他选择持的事业,对于美国右翼人士而言,融资家乔治#8226;索罗George Soros)是一个令人憎恨的人物,而对于自由派而言,他却是一个英雄。保守的实业家科赫兄Koch)则引发相反的反应。Once they calm down, all sides might agree that it would be better to have political systems not so much at the mercy of the whims of individual billionaires (or, in the case of Scotland, mere multimillionaires). But this is easier said than done. In an age of front organisations and fragmented media, capping campaign contributions or spending is far from straightforward. In the US, the government attempted to place legal limits on the amount an individual could give to a single campaign. But that could not prevent multiple contributions to various political organisations, with similar goals such as the political action committees that then rallied behind individual candidates. The Supreme Court has ruled that political spending is a form of free speech making caps on individual contributions illegal, and rendering it all but impossible to rein in free-speaking and free-spending billionaires.一旦他们平静下来,各方或许都会认为,不让政治制度受到亿万富翁(或者,在苏格兰的例子里只是百万富翁们)愿望的严重影响将是更好的结果。但说起来容易做起来难。在幌子组织和媒体分化的时代,限制竞选捐款或出远非直截了当。在美国,政府试图对个人向单一竞选活动的捐款数额设置法定上限。但这不可能阻止富人向多个目标相似的不同政治组织(例如几个政治行动委员会,由其进而持个别候选人)捐款。美国最高法院裁定,政治出是一种言论自由的形式,这使得对个人捐款封顶被界定为非法,并导致社会几乎不可能迫使亿万富翁收敛言论和出。The British used to congratulate themselves on controlling election campaign spending, banning television advertising by political parties. But, in the age of social media, that measure looks increasingly beside the point.英国曾经为控制竞选出而自我庆幸,禁止政党在电视上做广告。但在社交媒体时代,这一措施看上去越来越无足轻重了。Plutocratic funding of politics probably cannot be stopped. So it might be some comfort to reflect that although money undoubtedly helps campaigns it is no assurance of success. If Mr Adelson’s billions really could buy the US presidency, Newt Gingrich would be sitting in the Oval Office. The curse of Sheldon has now struck Eric Cantor, the outgoing leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, and an Adelson favourite, who has just lost his congressional seat in a Republican primary to a much-worse funded, insurgent candidate.富豪为政治捐款很可能无法阻止。因此,或许令我们稍感安慰的是,尽管金钱肯定有利于竞选,但并不能确保成功。如果埃德森的数十亿美元捐款真的能够买下美国总统职位的话,纽#8226;金里Newt Gingrich)早就入主白宫了。埃德森的诅咒现在击中了即将卸任的众议院共和党领袖埃里克#8226;坎特(Eric Cantor),坎特是埃德森中意的政治人士,他刚刚在中期选举的共和党初选中,把自己的国会议员席位输给一位竞选资金远远逊于他的挑战型候选人。Similarly, while help from Harry Potter will undoubtedly be hugely welcome to the No campaign in Scotland, the polls suggest that Better Together was still well ahead before the wizard struck, and despite the EuroMillions that have been poured into the Yes campaign. Maybe voters actually have minds of their own? That would certainly make the future of the UK seem like less of a lottery.类似地,尽管“哈#8226;波特”的帮助肯定会受到苏格兰独立公投No运动的热烈欢迎,但民调显示,在这位魔法师到来之前,尽管EuroMillions获奖者向Yes行动投入了巨资,但Better Together仍遥遥领先。或许,选民实际上有自己的想法?这肯定会让联合王国的未来不那么像是一场游戏。来 /201406/308347 NEW DELHI: India is willing to discuss all unresolved issues with Pakistan but only under a violence-free environment, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday.新德印度非常愿意在非暴力环境下和巴基斯坦讨论尚未解决的问题,莫迪周三说到。Ties went into a freeze for India and Pakistan when a Pakistani envoy, despite the discontent of the Ind ian foreign ministry, held meetings in New Delhi with the Kashmiri Hurriyat leaders last year.当去年巴基斯坦特使不顾印度外长的反对,与克什米尔的领导人在新德里召开会议时,印巴关系陷入僵局。However, both neighbours after a long delay took steps to resume the talks as the Foreign Secretary; S Jaishankar visited Islamabad in March for talks with his Pakistani counterpart.然而,双方在长期的延迟采取措施来恢复外长会谈后,S Jaishankar 五月访问伊斯兰堡,与巴基斯坦外长举行会谈;We remain open to bilateral dialogue with Pakistan on all outstanding issues in an environment free from terrorism and violence,; Modi told Hindustan Times in an exclusive interview.;在非恐怖主义和暴力环境下,我们仍然敞开与巴基斯坦就重大问题举行双边会谈的大;莫迪在一次独家采访时告诉印度斯坦时报。In his interview, Modi referred to the two most crucial governance treaties in history, which were signed to normalise relations between the uneasy neighbours and curtail a nuclear arms race in the subcontinent.这次独访,莫迪提及历史中两个重要政府协议,这协议是为了使两个关系紧张的国家正常化,和阻止次大陆核武器竞技;The Simla Agreement and Lahore Declaration have to be the basis for going forward,; he said.;西姆拉协定、拉合尔宣言必是前进的基;他说。As a gesture to improve relations between the neighbouring countries, Modi invited Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, along with other South Asian leaders to his inauguration last year.作为改善邻边国家关系的举措,莫迪邀请纳瓦兹#8226;谢里夫总理还有其他南亚领导人来参加他的就职典礼。However, Islamabads talks with Hurriyat leaders further worsened ties.然而,与印度领导人的伊斯兰堡会话加深了已经糟糕的关系;Peace can only thrive when the climate is right,; Modi said, when asked when the bilateral dialogue could resume.在被问及双边对话何时能够恢复时,莫迪说,;当气候适宜时和平便会茁壮成;。Discussions between Indian and Pakistan have been halted due to the slow development of the trial of the 2008 Mumbai attacks which led to the belief that Pakistan is not doing much to restrain militant groups in the country.印度和巴基斯坦之间的谈判已经停止,由008年孟买实验性袭击案的缓慢进展,这被认为巴基斯坦没有做足够的工作来制约激进组织。Islamabad denied the accusations and said it is doing its best to fight Taliban and other military group s on its soil.伊斯兰堡否认这些指控,并说到他们正在尽他们最大的努力与塔利班和激进组织作战。Modi also spoke on his pro-active engagement with Indias South Asian neighbours, ties that had drifted under the previous UPA government, sparking fears that such apathy would send these nations into Chinas arms.莫迪还谈到,他积极和南亚邻国接触,在前届联合进步政府已经漂白不定的关系,激起了忧虑,即这祥的冷漠会使这些国家投入中国的怀抱。Prime Minister Modi made several trips to these countries with the sole purpose of strengthening relations and marking its position in South Asia, while refraining China from making inroads into the region.总理莫迪访问过这些国家,出于一个目的——加强和巩固其在南亚的地位,然而抑制中国进去该地区;We want peace and prosperity in South Asia, we want SAARC to flourish. This vision of regional cooperation and connectivity impelled me to invite the prime minister of Pakistan and other SAARC leaders to our swearing-in-ceremony,; Modi stated.;我们想要南亚地区和平繁荣,南亚区域合作联盟繁荣昌盛。从区域合作与联通性角度考虑,我不得不邀请巴基斯坦总理和其他南亚区域合作联盟领导人来参加我们的宣言典礼;莫迪说;This remains a guiding factor in our foreign policy. The dividends are visible in the quantum leap in relations with Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. But peace cannot co-exist with terrorism, can it?; he concluded.;这在我们的外交政策中,依然是一个导向性因素。与尼泊尔,不丹,孟加拉国,斯里兰卡这些国家的关系取得巨大的突破,从这获得的红利是看得见的。但是和平不能与恐怖主义并存,不是吗?;他总结到。来 /201504/370623赣州硅胶隆鼻价格龙南县做文眉手术多少钱



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