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赣州做丰胸手术医院赣州第一附属医院口腔美容中心52 Keeping Fit at work第52章 工作与锻炼David: What type of exercise do you like to do?你喜欢进行什么锻炼?You: I love to walk everywhere, to my apartment, to the bus stop, out for dinner, lunch or breakfast. I just love walking. Maybe I am a bit lazy though.我喜欢到处散步,步行去公寓,汽车站,出去吃饭。我只喜欢步行,可能有一点懒吧。David: Well, it is difficult to exercise when you have a busy job.当你工作忙的时候是很少有时间进行体育锻炼的。You: I agree with you.我同意。David: People in the bus exercise regularly by getting up early in the morning and going for a jog or working out at the gym. But I don’t see many people exercising regularly in China. Maybe riding a bike is a regular form of exercise here.美国人通常每天早起去慢跑或者去体育馆锻炼。但中国人好像不太喜欢锻炼身体,可能在中国骑自行车就是一种有规律的锻炼方法吧。You: Yes, it is. You know our company even orginazes us to go to the gym to do exersice.是的。你知道吗,我们公司组织我们去体育馆锻炼。David: Oh really?真的吗?You: We go to the Cuigong, as we have an office in the Cuigong Hotel, and we can go swimming there.因为我们在翠宫酒店有办事处,我们可以在那里游泳。David: So the company pays for the pass.公司出钱买门票?You: Yes, they pay, and we can even play badminton and table tennis.是的,他们出钱。我们还可以打羽毛球和乒乓球。David: Do many companies in China do that?有很多中国的公司这样做吗?You: I believe so.我想是的。赣州妇幼保健院激光去黄褐斑多少钱 赣州微整

赣州压双眼皮一般花多少钱Pam: I dont think Greg will be playing with Jinxy too much. He hates cats.潘:我觉得格雷格不会和猫玩太久,他讨厌猫。Greg: Pam, I dont hate cats.格雷格:潘,我不讨厌猫。Greg: I dont ... I dont hate cats. I just happen to be more of a a dog lover.格雷格:我不……不讨厌猫,我只是碰巧更喜欢。Dinna: Yeah, yeah. I am too.迪娜:啊,我也是。Jack: Well, thats OK, if you hate cats, Greg.杰克:其实即使你讨厌猫也没关系。Greg: No!格雷格:不!Jack: Thats OK.杰克:真的没关系。Jack: Just be honest about it. Theres some things I hate.杰克:诚实一点吧,我也有讨厌的事情。Greg: I ... Im being honest.格雷格:我……我说的是真的。 /201209/201832赣州俪人医疗美容治疗青春痘多少钱 赣州整形美容医院纹眉毛好吗

兴国手臂激光脱毛多少钱 Feifei thinks she has a solution to her former friend Lisas cold shoulder. But Rob wonders if Feifeis expensive designer shawl will warm Lisas heart. Listen to the programme to find out more.菲菲认为她能解决她曾经的朋友莉萨冷落她的问题。可是罗布想知道菲菲那条昂贵的设计师披肩能否让莉萨热心待人。请收听本期节目并找出。Rob: Hi Feifei. What a beautiful woollen shawl youre wearing! But it looks far too elegant to use for just another day in the office…罗布:嗨,菲菲。你的这条羊毛披肩太漂亮了!不过上班戴这种披肩看起来太雅致了……Feifei: I know, Rob. I wanted to give it to Lisa, now that shes got that promotion…菲菲:罗布,我知道。我想把这条披肩送给莉萨,因为她升职了……Rob: Really? But shes hardly even said hello to you since her promotion and you used to be friends…罗布:真的吗?可是她升职以后几乎都不和你打招呼了,以前你们可是朋友啊……Feifei: I know. Shes been giving me the cold shoulder. Thats why I brought this woollen shawl for her.菲菲:我知道。她一直冷落我。这就是我买这条羊毛披肩送她的原因。Rob: Feifei, you do know theres a difference between Lisas shoulders being cold because its winter and her giving you the cold shoulder, dont you? You cant just warm her shoulders and be friends again.罗布:菲菲,你知道因为天冷莉萨的肩膀会凉和她冷落你之间的区别吧?只是让她的肩膀感到温暖并不能让你们再做回朋友。Feifei: Yes, I do. In English, someone giving you the cold shoulder means theyre behaving in a way that is not friendly at all and theyre doing it for no obvious reason.菲菲:我知道。在英语中,某人giving you the cold shoulder的意思是他们用完全不友善的方式对待你,显然他们这么做并没有什么理由。Rob: Yes. It means they are rejecting you or ignoring you. And give the cold shoulder is todays expression in The English We Speak.罗布:对。意思是你们排斥你或是无视你。give the cold shoulder就是今天地道英语要学的表达方式。Feifei: Lets hear some examples.菲菲:我们来听些例句。Examples例句After Mary divorced her rich husband all their friends gave her the cold shoulder. She was not invited to their lavish parties anymore.玛丽和她富有的丈夫离婚后,她所有的朋友都开始冷落她。她再也没收到过他们奢华派对的邀请。My brother told our parents I havent been studying at all and my marks are low. Im not happy and Ive been giving him the cold shoulder. Lets see if hes got the message.我哥哥告诉我父母我完全没有学习,而且我的分数很低。这让我很不高兴,所以我不理睬他。让我们看看他能不能明白。Feifei: Rob, I know what giving someone the cold shoulder means, but even so I think this shawl might help me get Lisa to change how shes acting.菲菲:罗布,我知道这个短语的意思,所以我才认为这条披肩能帮助我改变莉萨的行为。Rob: How come?罗布:为什么?Feifei: Well, Lisa loves fashion and designer clothes. As soon as she sees me with this lovely shawl, shell be impressed and stop ignoring me. She wont think shes better than me anymore!菲菲:莉萨喜欢时尚和设计师品牌的衣。一旦她看到我戴着这条漂亮的披肩,她肯定会印象深刻,不会再无视我了。她不会再认为她比我好了!Rob: Well, and if you lend it to her, she might not feel cold anymore… its been rather cold in the last few weeks...罗布:如果你借给她戴,她可能也不会再感到寒冷了……前几周真的特别冷……Feifei: Yes. This woollen shawl will stop her having cold shoulders and might even stop her giving me the cold shoulder. How about that?菲菲:是啊。这条羊毛披肩可以让她的肩膀不再感到寒冷,同时也可能让她不再冷落我。不错吧?Rob: Now that is a clever use of the English language!罗布:你真是聪明地使用了英语语言啊!Feifei: Bye.菲菲:再见。Rob: Bye bye.罗布:再见。 译文属 /201412/346326安远县妇幼保健人民医院祛疤多少钱赣州人民医院做隆鼻手术多少钱




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