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赣州那家医院永久脱毛比较好江西省中心人民医院绣眉多少钱We brought it on air in November .我们在年11月的时候播出了这个节目。But no, this was far more attractive.但其实,这节目火了起来。This is the five biggest TV channels in Norway on a normal Friday,and if you look at NRK2 over here,look what happened when they put on the Bergen Railway show: 这张图是挪威平常周五当天五大电视频道的收视状况,看到NRK2没?看到他们播出卑尔根线路秀后发生了什么?1.2 million Norwegians watched part of this program.120万挪威人看了这个节目!And another funny thing:另外有意思的是,When the host on our main channel,after they have got news for you,she said, And on our second channel,the train has now nearly reached Myrdal station. 我们主频道的一位主播,在播完他们有好消息之后讲了这么句话,接下来呢,在我们的副频道, 那列火车快要进Myrdal站台啦。Thousands of people just jumped on the train on our second channel like this.好几千人转到了那个频道跳上列车,收视率就成这样了。This was also a huge success in terms of social media.从社交媒体的角度来讲,这个节目也取得了成功:It was so nice to see all the thousands of Facebook and Twitter users discussing the same view,talking to each other as if they were on the same train together.看到这么多的脸书推特用户在议论同一个节目,真的是太赞了!他们就好像一起搭着那班列车一样, 有一搭没一搭地聊了起来。And especially, I like this one. Its a 76-year-old man.我特别喜欢这一条,来自一位76岁的先生:Hes watched all the program,and at the end station, he rises up to pick up what he thinks is his luggage,and his head hit the curtain rod,and he realized he is in his own living room. 他收看了全部内容,列车抵达终点站的时候,他站起来想拿他的行李,殊不知他的脑袋却撞到了窗帘架,这才想起来他这是在自己家呢。So thats strong and living TV.所以说,这个电视节目生命力强大,Four hundred and thirty-six minute by minute on a Friday night,and during that first night,the first Twitter message came: Why be a chicken? 周五晚上的436分钟,分分钟都精。在节目播出的第一晚,第一条推特的内容就是:干嘛这么没胆量?Why stop at 436 when you can expand that to 8,040, minute by minute,and do the iconic journey in Norway,the coastal ship journey Hurtigruten from Bergen to Kirkenes,almost 3,000 kilometers, covering most of our coast. 干嘛436分钟就结束了?明明可以延长到8040分钟,记录这8040分钟里的每一分每一秒,拍那个挪威的标志之旅,海达路德游轮之旅,从卑尔根去到Kirkenes的海岸之旅,大概行程3000公里不到,涵盖咱们大部分的海岸线。It has 120-year-old, very interesting history,and literally takes part in life and death along the coast. 这条航线已经120年了,见了很多有意思的事情,可以这么说,这条航线就是那些海岸生命历程的一部分。So just a week after the Bergen Railway,we called the Hurtigruten company and we started planning for our next show. 于是就在卑尔根线路秀播出一周之后,我们联系了海达路德游轮公司,讨论计划我们的下一档节目。We wanted to do something different.这一次我们想要更特别的元素。The Bergen Railway was a recorded program.之前的卑尔根线路秀是一个录制节目,So when we sat in our editing room,we watched this picture its all…l Station,we saw this journalist.我们在我们的编辑室里,看着这个画面:在all站,有这么个记者,We had called him, we had spoken to him,and when we left the station,he took this picture of us and he waved to the camera,and we thought,what if more people knew that we were on board that train? 我们之前联系过他,在我们离开这一站的时候,他就给我们拍了这张照片,还对着镜头挥了挥手。我们就寻思着:假如有更多的人也知道我们在那列火车上录制节目呢?Would more people show up?是不是有更多的人会在镜头前露面?What would it look like?这么拍效果好不好?So we decided our next project, it should be live.接着我们就决定我们的下一个节目要现场直播,We wanted this picture of us on the fjord and on the screen at the same time.我们想让身处峡湾的自己同时出现在电视画面里。So this is not the first time NRK had been on board a ship.其实NRK并不是第一次在一艘船上拍摄节目,This is back in 1964,when the technical managers have suits and ties and NRK rolled all its equipment on board a ship, NRK and 200 meters out of the shore, transmitting the signal back,and in the machine room, they talked to the machine guy,and on the deck, they have splendid entertainment. 早在1964年,当时的技术经理西装笔挺,团队带着他们的装备上了一艘船,在离岸200米的距离传输回电视信号。拍摄内容包括了跟机械工的访谈,还有在甲板上精无比的表演。So being on a ship, its not the first time.所以说,这个构思并不是没有先例。But five and a half days in a row, and live, we wanted some help.但我们要实现五天六夜连续的现场直播, 我们还是得需要一些协助。And we asked our viewers out there, what do you want to see?我们问了当时在场的围观群众,你们想要看到什么?What do you want us to film? How do you want this to look?想要我们拍什么,想让这个片子制成什么效果?Do you want us to make a website? What do you want on it?做一个网页?那你们想要在上面放什么内容?And we got some answers from you out there,and it helped us a very lot to build the program.我们得到了包括你们在内的诸多人提的建议,这些建议帮我们完成了这个节目的制作。So in June 2011,23 of us went on board the Hurtigruten coastal ship and we set off.在2011年6月,我们一行23个成员登上了海达路德游轮开始了我们的行程。I have some really strong memories from that week, and its all about people.那个礼拜真的让我记忆犹新,尤其是我所遇到的人们。201506/381865and if you think about the little kid who sits on your lap如果你想像一下,有个小孩坐在你大腿上and who is cozily nested here and very secure and comfortable,他舒地坐在那里,既安全又舒适and at some point all of us need to go out into the world而在某种程度上,我们每个人都需要走出去to discover and to explore.去发现、去探索.Thats the beginning of desire,这就是性欲的来源,that exploratory needs curiosity, discovery.探索需要好奇心和发现。And then at some point they turn around and they look at you,然后,在某时,他们会转过身来问看着你,and if you tell them,如果你对他们说:;Hey kiddo, the worlds a great place. Go for it.“嘿,老兄,这个世界太美妙了,去享受它吧”Theres so much fun out there,;那儿有太多乐趣了。then they can turn away and they can experience然后他们会去探索,同时去体验connection and separateness at the same time.团聚和分离。They can go off in their imagination, off in their body,他们会开动想象力和调动他们的身体off in their playfulness, all the while knowing动起嬉闹的念想,想着that theres somebody when they come back.回至家时爱人在等待。But if on this side there is somebody who says,但也有人会说:;Im worried. Im anxious. Im depressed.我很担心、我很焦虑、我感到无比压抑My partner hasnt taken care of me in so long.我和爱人很久都不理不睬了。Whats so good out there? Dont we have everything那里有什么好呢?我们两人在一起不就什么都有了吗?you need together, you and I?;就你和我?then there are a few little reactions这就会引起一引起小反应that all of us can pretty much recognize.我们很多人都能识别Some of us will come back, came back a long time ago,我们有些人会回到从前,很久很久以前and that little child who comes back那些想要回到从前的小孩is the child who will forgo a part of himself就是那些想放弃部分自我的小孩in order not to lose the other.为了不失去对方I will lose my freedom in order not to lose connection.要想不失去爱,我就得失去自由And I will learn to love in a certain way而我又得学会用某种方式去爱that will become burdened with extra worry这会导致我们过度担心、and extra responsibility and extra protection,过大的责任和过度的保护而不堪重负and I wont know how to leave you而我又不知道怎么放手in order to go play, in order to go experience pleasure,让你去享受、去体验快感,in order to discover, to enter inside myself.让你去发现,去进入我的内心世界Translate this into adult language.这要用成年人的语言来理解。It starts very young. It continues into our sex lives性欲从我们很小时候就有,它会陪我们进入我们的性生活期up to the end.直至我们老死。Child number two comes back第二个孩子回来but looks like that over their shoulder all the time.但伏在他们的肩上。;Are you going to be there?你快到了吗?Are you going to curse me? Are you going to scold me?你会诅骂我吗?你会责备我吗?Are you going to be angry with me?;你会生我的气吗?And they may be gone, but theyre never really away,这些或许都不见了,但他们永远都不会远离,and those are often the people that will tell you,这些就是人们常会和你说的in the beginning it was super hot.开始时会很狂热。Because in the beginning, the growing intimacy因为刚开始时,亲密感wasnt yet so strong还没有这么强烈that it actually led to the decrease of desire.而恰恰是亲密会削弱性欲。The more connected I became, the more responsible I felt,联系越紧密,觉得责任越大the less I was able to let go in your presence.越不会放手让你走The third child doesnt really come back.第三个孩子不会真正的回来So what happens, if you want to sustain desire,那会怎样?如果你想保持性欲its that real dialectic piece.这是一种真正的辩法。On the one hand you want the security in order to be able to go.一方面,为了享受性爱,你需要安全感。On the other hand if you cant go, you cant have pleasure,另一方面,如果你没有性爱,你不会享受到快感,you cant culminate, you dont have an orgasm,不会有性亢奋,不会有高潮you dont get excited because you spend your time你不会兴奋,因为你花太多的时间在别人的身体上in the body and the head of the other and not in your own.或心理上,而忽略了自己的身体和想法。So in this dilemma about reconciling因此,在妥协的两难中,these two sets of fundamental needs,这两种基本的需要,there are a few things that Ive come to understand erotic couples do.让我解理了性福夫妇的一些做法。One, they have a lot of sexual privacy.首先,他们有很多性瘾私。They understand that there is an erotic space他们明白各人都应该有that belongs to each of them.各自的空间。They also understand that foreplay is not something you do他们也清楚前戏并不是five minutes before the real thing.你在性交前5分钟所做的事。Foreplay pretty much starts at the end of the previous orgasm.前戏应该从你上一次高潮结束之后就开始了。They also understand that an erotic space他们同时也明白,性爱空间并不是isnt about, you begin to stroke the other.你开始抚摸对方Its about you create a space where you leave Management Inc.,性爱是指你开设一个空间,就象经营一间大公司一样maybe where you leave the agile program,在那里有你灵活的管理计划。and you actually just enter that place而你实际上只进入那个地方where you stop being the good citizen然后像个好市民一样停下来who is taking care of things and being responsible.谁来处理这些问题,谁来为这负责任。Responsibility and desire just butt heads.责任和性欲俩都只能硬碰硬They dont really do well together.他们不会合作。Erotic couples also understand that passion waxes and wanes.有性福的夫妇也明白,会慢慢退化。Its pretty much like the moon. It has intermittent eclipses.性欲这东西就很像月亮一样有阴晴圆缺。But what they know is they know how to resurrect it.但是,他们知道怎么恢复它。They know how to bring it back,他们知道怎么样让它再美满起来。and they know how to bring it back他们能这样做是because they have demystified one big myth,因为他们打破了一个神话which is the myth of spontaneity, which is那个自然说的神话,that its just going to fall from heaven while youre folding the laundry性欲可能会在你的折叠衣物时突然出现like a deus ex machina, and in fact they understood就像从天而降一样,豪无征兆,而事实上,他们明白that whatever is going to just happen无论发生什么in a long-term relationship aly has.在一个长期的关系中Committed sex is premeditated sex.有承诺的性爱是有预谋的性爱Its willful. Its intentional.是自愿的、你情我愿的Its focus and presence.是投入的和确实存在的Merry Valentines.情人节快乐201505/374692赣州鼻小柱手术多少钱

赣州妇幼保健医院去疤多少钱赣州隆鼻去哪家医院好I believe there are two trends that are most significant here, and bare the closest watching.我认为现在有两个最重要的趋势,并需要我们密切关注。The first is what we call deep computing. The term is inspired by our chess-playing super computer Deep Blue, which I believe many of you know competed with the Grand Master Gary Kasparov last year. Deep Blue is an amazing machine, capable of 200 million moves per second. But speed, while essential, is not enough. After all, Deep Blues predecessor was quite fast, butit loss to Gary Kasparov two years ago. 第一个我们称之为深入计算 (deep computing)。这个术语是在我们会下国际象棋的超级计算机;深蓝; 的启发下得到的。我相信很多人都知道去年它与国际象棋特级大师卡斯帕罗夫进行过对抗赛。;深蓝;是一台令人吃惊的机器,它具备每秒 2 亿步的计算能力。速度虽然是必要的,但是仅有速度是不够的。不管怎么说,;深蓝;的前身的计算速度是相当快的,但两年前它还是败给了卡斯帕罗夫The difference in second time around was an infusion of knowledge, human chess knowledge, thousands and thousands of chess moves, games and outcomes, captured as mathematical algorithms. This is what led Deep Blue to mimic the workings of the human mind, and race through millions of possible chess positions and extract the best one. And it worked rather well. But Deep Blue is emblematic of a whole class of emerging computer systems that combine ultra-fast processing with sophisticated analytical software.。第二次比赛的不同之处在于,人类的国际象棋知识、成千上万步的步法、行棋顺序及结果都被提炼为数学算法。正是这些东西使得;深蓝;能够模仿人类的思想行为,从上百万可能的布局中选出其中最好的一种,而且干得相当不错。;深蓝;实际上是所有正在浮现的将复杂的分析软件与超高速处理能力结合在一起的计算机系统的象征。Today we are applying these systems to challenges that are far more vital than chess. Let me talk about two important application areas, starting with simulation.如今我们正把这些系统应用到比国际象棋更重要的挑战上。我来说说两个重要的应用领域吧。首先是计算机仿真。Simulation is about replacing physical things with digital things, recreating reality inside these powerful computer systems. 仿真是一种用数字的东西代替实际的东西的技术,在强大的计算机系统中重建现实世界。201312/267720So I had 2 choices我有两种选择either I was going to sit in that failure and give up一是在失败中消沉 放弃or I was going to make a decision to step out of the darkness二是从黑暗中走出来You see when you are in that darkness当你处在黑暗之中时you want to sit down, wait for the light to come你可能会坐着等光明的来临When you are in that darkness处在黑暗之中时you feels uncomfortable你感觉很不舒but you cant wait and sit in that darkness但你不能就这样坐在黑暗中呆呆等待The only way out is to step forward to face your fears要想走出来 你只能直面恐惧 勇敢走出来to become your own light让自己成为自己的光明I had to make a decision我需要作出决定I had to decide to become my own light我需要决定变成自己的光明I had to believe in myself like never before我需要比以往任何时候都更相信自己I had to find my inner power我需要挖掘出内心的力量Now Im not going to lie to you我不打算对你们撒谎Theres gonna be a lot of times you are about to fail很多时候你们都会失败Im still failing every day我现在仍然不断碰到失败We are all at working progress我们都在努力的过程中And one day某一天youll be sitting in the dark like I was你可能会和我一样处在黑暗中and youre going to be asking yourself你也会问自己what am I going to do now?我该怎么办You can ask yourself and begin to slow it down你会拉长声音反复问自己what am I going to do now?我该怎么办Within that moment这时I want you to remember the power of you我希望你们能够记得自己有多强大I want you to remember the power of this Howard family我希望你们能够记得霍华德大家庭有多强大who always has your back这个家庭会永远持着你Do you know how powerful we are? 知道我们有多强大吗HU, do you know how powerful we are?HU 知道我们有多强大吗201501/355203赣州整形医院美容去痣Like, not that theres anything wrong with that,就像,并非是因为那有什么不对,but my mom, shes like, like,但是我妈妈,她就像,像是why do you have to wear pants that, like,你为什么要穿上那样的裤子objectify your body? I like my pants.把你的身体物化?我喜欢我的裤子。Like, I like my voice.就像,我喜欢我的声音。Like, shes like, why do you have to talk like —”她就像,你为什么谈论喜欢-Talk like what? Like, Im expressing myself,谈论喜欢什么?就像,我在表达我自己,and I think that we have to, like,并且我以为我们不得不,就像reach out, like, not only across, like,伸出援手,像,不只是跨越,像the different generations of feminists,不同时代得女性主义者,but also across the, like, vocal ranges,也跨越,像,声音的界限,so that, like, we,那样,我们because otherwise its just, like,因为除此以外就只是,像,restriculous within feminism,在女性主义者自身的荒谬和局限,which is just, like, a word that I created那就是,一个我创造的单词that means, like, so strict its ridiculous.那就意味者,像是,局限和荒谬。So thats my feeling about that.那就是我关于那个的感觉。You guys are a-mazing, by the way.你们这些家伙们很神奇,顺便说一句。Okay. Next question.好了,下个问题。Yeah, you know what,是的,你知道吗?so my name is Joseph Mancuso.我的名字叫约瑟夫.满库索First of all, I just want to say that I appreciate首先,我只想说我感谢that TED in general has been a pretty orderly crowd, TED一直有着很有秩序的观众a pretty orderly group.非常有秩序的人群And, you know, I just have to say,而且, 你知道, 我不得不说,the whole thing with baldness,秃头的事情and, you know, heres the thing.你知道,这就是说As long as the woman, in my case --当一个女人,在我的例子里-because its a modern world,因为这是现代世界,do whatever you want to do, I dont have any problem with anybody,做你想做的,我对任何人都没有问题,enjoy yourself, LGBTQLMNOP. All right?享受做自己,天,不管什么男女同性恋,双性恋,变性,万性恋都是恋。对吗?But as far as Im concerned,但我目前关心的是,attractiveness,吸引力,women dont really care女人不真的as much as you think they do想你所认为的那样关心about the, you know.你知道的,关于,I mean, I remember hearing this woman.我意思是,我记得听到这个女人说。She loved her husband, it was the sweetest thing.她爱她丈夫,这是最甜蜜的事,Its a pretty young girl, you know?那是一个漂亮的年轻的女孩,你知道吗?And this guys older.而这个男人比较老。And, you know, she said she would love him然后, 你知道,她说她愿意去爱他even if he had snow on the roof即使他只有一片瓦or even if melted and disappeared altogether.或者即使是一起融化和消失也好。As far as Im concerned, its about the love.迄今我关心的是,关于爱情Am I right, or am I right?我对不对,或者我对吗?So thats it. Thats it. Thats it.好吧,那就是了, 那就是的,就是的。I dont got nothing more to say.我没有更多的要说了。Keep your noses clean.让你们的鼻子保持清洁。All right, next question.可以了,下一个问题。;Have you ever tasted meat thats not lab grown?;“你尝过不在实验室里生长的肉类吗?”Um, well, I, 嗯,好吧,我,I want to start by saying我想在开头说的是that this is a very difficult experience那是一个非常不同的经验for a Chinese-American.对一个中裔美国人来说。I dont know what to call myself now,我现在不知道如何叫自己because I have really my Chinese identity,因为我确实有中国身份,but my kids, they are American-Chinese,但我的孩子们,他们是美裔中国人,but its difficult to try to express myself但这很难来表达我自己in front of audience of people like this.在像这样的一些观众面前。201410/335665赣州割双眼皮价格

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