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名牌的力量 The Power of top Brand -- :: 来源: There are countless goods in the world us to choose. How to choose things? me, I like buying the things with top brands. I think the things of top brands are more reliable and their quality will be better. Sometimes, two same things, I will buy the more expensive one that belongs to top brand. I just have special trust on it. I think it will call the power of top brand.这个世界上有无数的商品可供我们选择但是如何选择呢?对我来说,我喜欢买名牌东西我觉得名牌更可靠,质量也会更好有时,两个一样的东西,我会买更贵的,是名牌的我对名牌就是有特殊的信任我觉得也许这就是名牌的力量旅游英语:威斯汀大酒店英文介绍 -01-18 :9: 来源: 旅游英语:威斯汀大酒店英文介绍Work hard, play hard used to be the mantra of city professionals. Now, sister hotels the Westin Guangzhou and the Westin Pazhou in Guangzhou want you to remember six new elements of well-being - feel well, sleep well, eat well, move well, work well and play well. To promote this innovative campaign, the hotels recently invited nearly 30 journalists to share ideas at an Eat Well Event that is part of their A Better You campaign. HongKong food critic and culinary lifestyle writer Au Yeung Ying-Chai was guest of honor. Westin Hotels and Resorts launched the campaign in in China to make guests leave feeling better than when they arrived, helped by the various amenities and features of the hotel experience. At the Westin Guangzhou, journalists were divided into seven groups in four-member teams to compete with each other. Each group had to prepare two Super Food dishes under the guidance of the Westin's chefs, with Au Yeung and the chefs as judges. American nutrition expert Steven Pratt stated in his bestseller SuperFoodsRx - Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life that some foods are better than others health and longevity. These include foods such as broccoli, blueberries and walnuts, which he referred to as SuperFoodsRx. The Westin is the first international hotel brand in China to promote the healthy diet definition among guests and offers SuperFoodsRx on all s, including breakfast and room service. In Guangzhou, the journalists first headed to a local market and bought food with a budget of 0 yuan (). "Themarket is a rare place where all kinds of people would gather, and there are all colors and aromas. The milk of human kindness is embedded in the bargains," Au Yeung says. According to him, super foods are all ordinary fare, and the key is to combine them into workable dishes. It is also significant that an international hotel brand like the Westin is promoting wellness in eating, and is a reflection on the lifestyle demands of the era. Participants were given tips on how to choose nutritious foods and shown how to cook them. Zheng Guoliang, general manager of the Westin Guangzhou, says Westin hotels focus on the well-being of guests not just in offering super foods, but also in helping them move well and sleep well. "As me, I care more about the service standards in a hotel, especially in offering a healthy diet and fitness facilities. Those on business trips need such services most," Au Yeung says. "It's easy to keep healthy habits if we are always reminded of how to live healthily. If there are more and more such hotel operators, we will be a lot healthier as a whole." 旅游英语快乐的一天A Happy Day in Summer -- :: 来源: In summer, it’s sunny and hot. People are likely to stay indoors. Now it is summer holiday, so I always stay at home. I usually watch TV or finish my homework. But today, I went to swim with my classmates. I like swimming very much. Today I swam about one thousand meters. After swimming, I felt relaxed and comtable. I wish I could go swimming regularly.夏天,阳光明媚,天气也很热人们喜欢待在家里现在又到了暑假了,我也经常待在家里我经常看电视和做作业但是,今天我和同学去游泳了我很喜欢游泳今天我游了大约两百米游泳过后,我感觉放松和舒我希望我可以经常去游泳

We Need Better Surroundings 我们需要更好的周边环境 -- 19:5:30 来源: We Need Better Surroundings 我们需要更好的周边环境  I am a pupil of Xinjianlu Primary School. In front of our school gate there is a street. On both sides of the street there are many shops and restaurants. Every day during rush hours, stalls sell everyday goods and food on the street. It is so crowded that cars and passers-by can't pass through the street. It makes the street dangerous and dirty.  I think a school should be a place with clean and quiet surroundings. So I hope we should do something to improve the situation.  我是新建路小学的学生我们校门前有一条街,街的两边有许多商店和饭店每天在高峰期,摆地摊的人在街上卖日用品和食品街上很拥挤,使得汽车和行人都难以通过这使得街道又危险,又肮脏  我想学校应该是一个周边环境又干净又安静的地方希望我们能做些事情来改善这种情况

My Room --19 ::5 来源: My Room I have my own room. It is big and nice. There is a bed, a desk and a shelf. The doll is on the bad. The lamp is on the desk. The books are on the shelf. The trash bin is behind the door. The clothes are in the closet. There is a air-conditioner over the closet. Look! There are many pictures on the wall. I love my room very much.MY teather --3 ::3 来源: MY teathermy teather is a man .she is a beautifui man.she is a good teather .i love she very much .english teatheris older than she and tall than she .what about you teather?旅游英语口语情景对话:入住宾馆(part 3) --01 1::3 来源: A: Hello! My name is Sandals, I have a reservation.B: May I see your identification, please, sir?A: Here you are.B: Thanks. Do you have a credit card, sir?A: Of course. Will American Express do?B: I'm very sorry, sir. We accept only VISA or MasterCard.A: No problem. Here's my VISA.B: Thanks. Room 5 is a spacious, nonsmoking room, with a queen bed. Does that meet your expectations?A: Yes, that sounds like what I want.B: That's wonderful, sir. Now, here's your key. Should you need anything, just dial 0.旅游英语口语,旅游英语专业,旅游英语对话,旅游英语词汇,旅游英语作文,旅游英语专业介绍 旅游 英语口语 情景

My hometown(我的家乡) -- :01:38 来源: My hometown(我的家乡)I am from ShenZhen. In spring ,the weather is warm and wet. I can play kite. In summer, the weather is hot and wet. I can swim in the swimming pool. In the autumn, the weather is cool and dry. I can play kite, too. In the winter, the weather is cold and dry. It never snow.     How about you?:神奇面膜 -01- :58: 来源: 劇情大意:Julie是一個很愛美的高中生,在班上人緣很好,但是她愛美的個性使得她變得有些自傲對於外貌毫不在意的Cathy,是跟Julie完全搭不上線的同班同學一天下午,Julie在跟哥哥聊天後發現自己臉上長了一個很大的膿皰,於是她將浴室裡那瓶神奇面膜敷在臉上,隔天早上起床後,可怕的事情就發生了……Scene 1Narrator: Julie is a very pretty girl who is popular with her classmates. But she has a serious problem—she is vain. One day, during lunch hour at school, the two pretty girls are talking which color nail polish to put on. Debbie: What colors should I put on nails the math class? Look, my calculator is black but my shoes are pink. Maybe I can choose both of the colors. That will be cool.Teresa: What about me? I don’t know which color I should put on the PE class, either. My sneakers are blue and the athlete unim is orange. Would you advise me? (Cathy comes in)Oh hi, Cath, what do you think—blue or orange?Cathy: Gosh, I don’t know. Is this important? (Answer impatiently)(The other girls laugh)Debbie: God, you don’t know anything, do you, Cathy?Teresa: Yeah, you don’t even brush your hair in the mornings. Scarecrow!(The other girls laugh at Cathy louder.)Cathy: At least I’m not stupid like you! Don’t you have something better to talk about than make-up?Teresa: You are just jealous of us because you’re so ugly!Cathy: How dare you! (Cathy shouted, trying not to cry, and turn to Julie) Tell them to shut up!Narrator: Julie is offended by Cathy. She thinks Teresa is right.Julie: Look in the mirror, Cathy. (The three of them walk out.)(Cathy is irritated and tears drop.)Scene Narrator: The same evening, Julie is trying to do her science homework when her brother comes in.David: Do you have the money I lent you last week, Julie?Julie: Sorry, Dave. I bought some mascara yesterday.David: But you promised! I need it the movies tonight!Julie: It was an emergency!David: Huh, your priorities are all wrong, sis. (Notice a pimple on Julie’s face.) Nice pimple you have there, by the way.Julie: Pimple?! What pimple?! (Julie runs to look in the mirror) Aaaargh!! It’s huge! It’s so big!David: Ha ha ha, with all that make-up you use, I’m not surprised. (Laugh and leave.)Narrator: Of course Julie is in shock. Now this is really an emergency.(Julie stops doing her homework and goes straight to the bathroom. She found a jar of “Miraculous Herbal Mask pimples” and the instructions.)Julie: (Read slowly) Put a small amount on the affected area and leave on twenty minutes max. Wash off with warm water.(Talk to herself) Excellent, so if I put a large amount of this on my whole face over night, it will be even better, right?(Julie puts the mask on her whole face and lies on her bed.)Narrator: So that’s exactly what she did and went to bed looking like Godzilla!(Lights off)Scene 3(The alarm clock goes off at six o’clock)Narrator: It’s another beautiful day. Julie wakes up at the six o’clock. She walks to the bathroom to wash her face, but there’s something wrong…(Julie tries every way to wash off the mask.)Narrator: She tries warm water, hot water, and cold water. Use her fingers, a sponge, even her toothbrush! The rock hard and bright green mask stays well on her face. She couldn’t even move her mouth to speak. (Julie wants to speak but she can’t. She runs to her parents’ room with the jar of mask)Narrator: She goes to her parents’ room and wakes them up.(Julie wakes her parents up. Her mom opens her eyes and screams.)Mom: Aaaargh! (Waking up her father.)Father: Julie, is that you? (Julie nods) What is that on your face?Julie: Grgmmf…hrmmphgh…gh. (Julie shows her parents the mask jar. Then they understand.)Mom: You silly girl, can you follow the simple instruction? Don’t you do experiments in science any more or what?Julie: Gffrr…Dad: Right. Get dressed, Julie. You’re going to school. I’m sure the mask will come off sooner or later.Jule: HHRGGHHDD!!Mom: Yes, dear. Be patient.Narrator: Julie couldn’t believe her ears. School! Looking like a green monster. How could she face her classmates today? Scene Classmate A: Look at that. Is that Julie?Classmate B: Oh, my god. She looks so funny!Classmate A: Yeah, How could she come to school like this?Classmate B: She’s just like the green giant—Hulk. (They both laugh at Julie)Debbie: You look like the Ness Monster! Can we call you Nessie? (Two girls burst into a laugh)(The whole class start laughing. Then the first class bell rings)Teresa: Listen Nessie, your face is green, my T-shirt’s pink and Debbie’s jeans are blue. We can’t possibly sit together today!(They both laugh and walk away. Cathy sees that scene.)Cathy: Hi, Julie. There’s a seat next to me, if you want. (They go to the back of the classroom and sit down.)Cathy: Hey, come on, silly. Don’t cry because of them. They’re just stupid.(Julie can’t help stop, and salty tears run down her face. Cathy starts smiling and gets a mirror out her bag.)Cathy: Look, Julie!Julie: NNNGGGG!(She doesn’t want to look at her horrible green face.)Cathy: Look! (Julie looks into the mirror.) The salt in your tears is reacting with the mask, you see. A simple chemical reaction. Can you speak now?Julie: Yes! Yes, I can. Oh Cathy, thank you so much. I’m so sorry I was horrible to you yesterday.Cathy: Don’t worry, Julie. Now do you understand how I felt?Julie: Hmm, Terrible. Oh no, here comes Doctor Murphy. I haven’t done my homework!Cathy: Here you are, Julie, you can copy mine.Julie: Oh thanks a lot, Cath. You are too good to me. How can you ever give me?小学英语作文 -- :: 来源: 小学英语作文范文Hello Hello!My name is Jingjing.I am a pupil.I like English very much.I go to school five days every week.Every day I go to school by car.Because my school is not near my home.I like my school.there are about 00 students and teachers in my school.And I study Grade 6.there are 6 students in my class.My English teacher is short .I love her very much. Welcome to my school.You must be very happy.I am .......¥#%#%%*……)(*)I am a girlboy.My name is Jiajia.I am a pupil in Shenyang.I like English very much,and I like singing,too.I go to school five days every week. My school is not far from my home,and it is a nice school.there are 0 teachers and 00 students in my school.there are 5 classes in my school.My Chinese teacher is tall, my English teacher is tall,too.I love them a lot.Welcome to my school.

元旦 New Year's Day -- :3: 来源: Today is the NewYear’s Day. I have a three-day holiday, so I can go out have fun or stay athome to have a good rest. Today, my parents take me out. We go to the mall. Manythings are cheap so my mother buys many. I have a new cloth and a pair ofshoes. I am so happy. They are the gifts the New Year. At night, we have abig dinner outside. The foods are so delicious. Today is a happy day.Pets 宠物 -- 3:3:19 来源: Pets 宠物  Pets are usually small animals, and we keep them at home. Pets give us happiess, and they are our good friends. A pet may be another baby to the mother, a stster or brother to an only child, and a grandchild to the old people.  Many people say that their pets can understand them very well.  Pets are very important us children, because we can learn a lot about the world. A pet in the family keeps people in touch with the animal world. We should be good to pets.  宠物通常是小动物,我们把它们养在家里宠物给我们快乐,它们是我们的好朋友对于母亲,宠物可能是另一个孩子;对于独生子女,宠物可能是兄弟;对于老人,宠物可能是孙子孙女  许多人说他们的宠物很理解别人  宠物对我们儿童来说也很重要,因为我们可以学到很多关于世界的知识家里养个宠物可以使人们保持通动物世界的联系我们应该善待宠物自我介绍 Self-introduction -- :: 来源: My name is Zhang Yan and I am twelve years old. I am a student of grade six. There are four people in my family, my father, mother and little brother. My brother is four years younger than me. He is lovely and active. Reading, singing and dancing are my favorites. I work hard and I do very well in all subjects.我的名字叫张燕,今年岁我是一名六年级的学生我就家有四口人,爸爸,妈妈,弟弟和我我弟弟比我小四岁他活泼可爱我喜欢阅读,唱歌和跳舞我学习努力,各科成绩都很好

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