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Whats on your playlist?你的播放列表里有什么歌Uh, you know, definite, techno, the usual.你知道的 电子舞曲之类的Before Steve Jobs did the word play list exist?在史蒂夫·乔布斯之前有;播放列表;这个词吗When I was a radio DJ we used play lists.我当电台DJ那会儿我们就用播放列表All right ,never mind.好吧 不说这个了He did gave us an entirely new way to listen to music.他的确让我们以一种全新的方式来听音乐He didnt invent the MP3 player.他并没有发明MP3播放器He just saw possibilities in it that others had overlooked.他只是发现了那些被别人忽视的可能性He made it simple, sturdy and sexy.他让它变得简洁 坚固和漂亮Look at this thing.看看这小家伙And he didnt just change the way we listen to music他改变的不仅仅是我们听音乐的方式he changed the entire music business.而是整个音乐产业He changed...well everything.其实他改变了...一切Steve Jobs came of age in the heyday of rock n roll史蒂夫·乔布斯经历过摇滚乐的全盛时期and he was a music junky.而且他自己也是个乐迷He was a fanatic about Bob Dylan and the Beatles.他是鲍勃·迪伦和披头士的粉丝And I think that love for music really shaped some of his interests as he returned to CEO of Apple and thought about he could revitalize the company.而且我认为他对音乐的那份热爱在他重回苹果CEO之位后影响了他复兴苹果的决策As Jobs begins his second tour at Apple in the late 90s,当乔布斯于九十年代末回归苹果后he fuses his two lifelong passions music and computers to created a revolutionary new gadget.他将人生中的两大最爱 电脑与音乐融合到一起 创造了一个革命性的新产品This amazing little device holds 1,000 songs.这个神奇的小设备可以储存一千首歌It fits right in my pocket.刚好可以放进我的口袋In October of 2001, Apple launches the iPod,苹果于2001年10月推出iPodthe rock star of all music players.它立刻变成音乐播放器中的超级明星This thing was not just a music player.这不仅仅是个音乐播放器It was a sculpture.简直就是一件艺术品It was something that you wanted to touch it and interact with it.你会情不自禁地想触碰 想使用The latest fruit of the apple tree immediately becomes an object of lust.;苹果;树结出最新果实立刻变成人人向往的单品You didnt know you wanted it until you saw it in your friends hand你不知道你想要它 直到看见你朋友拿着它and all of a sudden you realize how great it was.然后突然间你意识到它真的很棒How exciting.令人兴奋Its so convenient to have all of your music in your pocket.很便捷 可以把所有歌曲放到口袋里Just crazy.太神奇了It was great.太厉害了Like the coolest thing, I dont Know,to hit my pocket in a while.可以说是我口袋里装的最酷的东西 /201305/240461TEXT:December 1773. ;The Boston Gazette; breaks another story, that will fan the flames of rebellion.The rising tide of anger and resentment forces Englands hand.They repeal all taxes...except one,on tea. Its not enough. In one of the most famous acts of resistance in American history, Rebels dump over million worth of tea in Boston Harbor. When someone comes along and smacks us,we dont turn the other cheek. Thats not who we are. Move it! The British respond by shutting down Boston Harbor,one of Americas busiest, wealthiest ports. Come on, lad. Hundreds lose their jobs. The British mean to strangle any resistance from the rebellious colony of Massachusetts.America is about to change forever. Tensions escalate far beyond Boston. Settlers are pushing west. Many have their eyes set on new land west of the Appalachians. But to protect Native American lands, England has banned settlements, along a boundary called the Proclamation Line. Hundreds are evicted from their homes on the frontier.September 5, 1774. We want liberty,Incensed at the British actions, 56 delegates from across the colonies gather at the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia. Its the first step on the road to American democracy. Among them are John Adams, Patrick Henry, and a gentleman landowner from Virginia named George Washington.译文:1773年12月,《波士顿公报》曝出了另一件事,这将助长叛乱的火焰。愤怒和不满的情绪日益高涨,英国不得不采取行动。他们取消了所有的税收,不过仍保留了茶叶税。这远远不够,美国历史上最著名的反抗运动之一,反抗者将价值逾百万美元的茶叶倾入波士顿港。汤姆·布罗考[原N新闻主播]:“如果有人前来冒犯,我们不会逆来顺受,这不是我们的性格。”英国人为此关闭了波士顿港,这个美洲最繁忙和富庶的港口之一。数百人失业,英国人决意要扼杀所有来自马萨诸塞州这个不管治的殖民地的反抗。美利坚即将从此改变。远离波士顿的地方紧张气氛也在升级,移民们正在向西推进。许多人看准了阿巴拉契亚山脉以西的新土地,但出于保护印第安人领地的考虑,英国禁止在公告线以西建立新的定居点,数以百计的人被从拓荒前线上的家中驱逐。1774年9月5日,我们要自由,由于不满英国人的殖民地新政来自各个殖民地的56名代表齐聚费城参加了第一次大陆会议,这是走向美国民主的第一步。他们中有约翰·亚当斯,帕德里克·亨利和来自弗吉尼亚的乡绅乔治·华盛顿。《美国简史》系本纪录片历史背景背景知识:波士顿倾茶事件(中)(内容接上期)  (二)波士顿倾茶事件  1773年12月发生的波士顿倾茶事件成为反英斗争的高潮。英属东印度公司原垄断了印度与大英帝国以及其他地区的贸易,但因经营不善,再加上荷属东印度公司的竞争,面临破产,当时东印度公司积压了近1800万磅茶叶急于脱手。1773年,为挽救英属东印度公司,英国议会通过了《茶叶法》。《茶叶法》规定英国政府退还东印度公司运往新英格兰地区茶叶的关税,允许公司不通过英国或北美的批发商而直接将茶叶出口销售到北美殖民地,这就使英属东印度公司在殖民地的茶价可以大大降低,甚至低于从荷兰运来的走私茶叶的价格。公司还指定那些未参与抵制英货的商人作为销售茶叶的代理商,这样,公司垄断了殖民地的茶叶市场,对当地的茶叶生产与销售构成强烈的竞争。为了阻止东印度公司的茶叶上岸进入市场,波士顿民众在塞缪尔·亚当斯的领导下组成了;茶社;(Boston Tea Party),并于12月16日化装成印第安人登上运载茶叶的船只,将价值9000英镑的342箱茶叶抛入大海。图:波士顿倾茶事件  英国政府认为;波士顿倾茶事件;是对殖民当局正常统治的恶意挑衅,为压制殖民地民众的反抗,1774年3月英国议会通过了惩罚性的法令,即《波士顿港口法》、《马萨诸塞政府法》、《司法法》和《驻营法》。这四项法令通称为;强制法令;,规定英军可强行进驻殖民地民宅搜查,取消马萨诸塞的自治地位,封闭北美最大的港口波士顿港。这些法令明显地剥夺了殖民地人民的政治和司法权利,激起了他们的联合反抗,直接导致了第一届大陆会议的召开。(精下期继续)独家专访大国第一夫人201303/232594

TEXT:It is called ;The Starving Time;.Having fed on horses and other animals.we ate boots,shoes and any other leather we came across.Three months before Rolfe arrives,a man is burned at the stake for killing his pregnant wife and planning to eat her.The English arrive unprepared for this new world and unwilling to perform manual labor.Instead of livestock,theyve brought chemical tests for gold that they never find.And this is not their land.They build Jamestownin the middle of a Native American empire.60 starving settlers among 20,000 of the Powhatan Nation,armed with bows and arrows that are up to nine times faster to reload and fire than an English musket.Theyre soon enemies.Only one in ten of the original setters if left.John Rolfe didnt come up to plunder and leave like the others.Hes got his own plan.Theres money in tobacco, and English is addicted.Hes arrived with a supply of South American tobacco seeds,but growing it is limited to the Spanish colonies.The Spanish control the worldwide trade.Selling tobacco seeds to foreigners is punishable by death.But John Rolf has got his hands on some.No one knows how.And in the warm,humid climate and fertile soil around the Chesapeake Bay,Rolfes tobacco crop flourishes.The first large harvest produced by these seeds is worth more than a million dollars in todays money.The great strength of America is our people.If you wanna know what it is the defining strength of America,it is our people,our immigrant tradition,our bringing in culture from all over the world.I know what goes into making making success.And when somebodys really successful, it rarely luck.Its talent, its brain power, it is lots of other things.Rolfe marries the daughter of the king of the Powhatan Empire.Her name become legend: Pocahontas.译文:当时正是;饥荒时期;,在吃完了马和其它动物之后我们吃掉了靴子,鞋子和其它任何能找到的皮革。“谁来救救我啊!”。就在罗尔夫到达三个月前有人因杀害自己怀的妻子并企图吃尸体而被处以火刑。这些英国人毫无准备地来到了这个新世界,并且不愿从事体力劳动。他们带来的不是牲畜,而是检测黄金的化学试剂,但他们从未找到任何黄金,并且这里也不是他们的地盘。詹姆斯敦建在一个北美原住民部落领地中间,60名食不果腹的移民被2万个波瓦坦族人包围。这些原住民的弓箭要比需要重新装子弹的英国滑膛快9倍。双方很快就成了敌人。最初的移民中只有一成活了下来,约翰·罗尔夫没有像其他人一样劫掠之后扬长而去。他有自己的计划,烟草的利润很高并且在英国国内很有市场。他带来了一批南美烟草的种子,但当时只有西班牙殖民地出产这种作物,西班牙人因此控制了烟草国际贸易。在当时向外国人出售烟草种子会被处以死刑,但约翰·罗尔夫还是想办法弄到了一些,没人知道他是怎么做到的。在切萨皮克湾的暖湿气候和肥沃土地的滋养下,罗尔夫的烟草长势喜人,这些烟草种子带来的首次大丰收,即使放在今天价值也超过一百万美元。科林·L·鲍威尔将军[前美国国务卿]:“美国前进的伟大动力就是我们的人民,如果你想知道如何定义美国前进的动力,就是我们的人民,我们的移民传统,我们兼容并蓄的文化,我知道成功是怎么回事,真正的成功,很少是运气的因素,而是天分、智力还有许多其它的因素”。罗尔夫娶了波瓦坦部落联盟首领的女儿,她的名字已成为传奇——波卡洪塔斯。《美国简史》系本纪录片历史背景背景知识:约翰·罗尔夫和烟草的故事(上)1609年6月,在从英国前往殖民地弗吉尼亚的航程中,约翰·罗尔夫在一个天堂般的岛上做了一次计划外的、极其重要的中途停留。一场持续四天的风暴重创了许多船只,罗尔夫和他的妻子莎拉所乘的船搁浅在了百慕大群岛的一个岛屿上。第二年,当约100名遇险者建造“耐心号”和“解救号”两艘新船,以完成到詹姆斯敦的剩余航程时,莎拉生下了罗尔夫的女儿——百慕大。1610年5月,罗尔夫抵达詹姆斯敦,而他的妻女却在途中不幸去世。几年后,他为自己的种植园取名“百慕大一百”以纪念他的女儿。一些历史学家相信,在滞留百慕大期间,罗尔夫发现了烟草种子。不管是否真的在那儿获得了烟草种子,罗尔夫到达弗吉尼亚后,确实很快以极大的热情栽培起了各种烟草。仅仅几年间,他便培育出了新的多样化的烟草品种。这些烟草被用船运回英国后大受青睐,为在衰退边缘苦苦挣扎的弗吉尼亚经济打上了一针“强心剂”。罗尔夫通过成功栽培出“绿色黄金”,使这块殖民地快速成了繁荣的商业中心,为农业经济繁荣筑牢了基础,为追逐经济利益的欧洲人在弗吉尼亚扩大投资和殖民规模创造了需求。“绿色黄金”林赛·格雷,是弗吉尼亚亨利克斯历史公园的农业专家。已在亨利克斯历史公园及米德农场物馆栽培烟草12年的他,能够体会到当年罗尔夫在培植烟草新品种时的种种艰辛。从种子萌芽开始,烟草的培育就非常不易。格雷推测,罗尔夫在进行烟草培育试验时,很可能是从与西红柿幼苗一样大小的烟苗着手的。当罗尔夫耐心地照顾这些幼苗度过艰难的苗圃阶段后,他还得去解决跳甲等有害昆虫。作为一个烟民,罗尔夫认为当地波瓦坦部落印第安人种植的本土烟草味道过于浓烈,不能满足欧洲烟民的需求。从特立尼达、奥里诺科,也许还有西班牙获得烟草种子后,罗尔夫很可能将当地烟草与进口烟草的烟苗种在一起,它们之间近到可以相互授粉。格雷说,尽管并无罗尔夫在弗吉尼亚亨利克县生活的记录,但根据推测,他极有可能曾在该县的一个土地农场上进行过实验。通过实验,罗尔夫改善了烟草的一种芳香物质。与当地烟叶相比,他培育出的烟叶不仅口感更柔和、更甜,而且非常适应弗吉尼亚的生长环境。1614年,罗尔夫用船把他培育出来的部分作物运回了英国,很快创造了轰动一时的成功。烟草立刻成了亨利克的主要作物和出口产品。尽管被认为品质低于优质西班牙烟叶,但香醇的弗吉尼亚烟叶依然赢得了英国人、荷兰人和法国人的喜欢。在2004年举行的一个关于亨利克县的演讲中,丹尼斯·莫瑞士描述了罗尔夫所作所为带来的影响。“资助成立殖民地的英国弗吉尼亚公司不断力劝殖民者‘莫让船空回,带上吾所售’。”莫瑞说。而殖民者带回的东西就包括大量烟草。在《亨利克历史》中,路易斯·马纳林写道:“到1619年,‘弗吉尼亚为烟草狂’。”“这是个重大突破。”莫瑞说,“因为罗尔夫为殖民提供了商业理由。在那之前,殖民只是一种军事存在。”(精下期继续...)

Today in History: Saturday, January 12, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月12日,周六On Jan. 12, 2010, Haiti was struck by a magnitude-7 earthquake, killing as many as 300,000 residents and leaving more than 1.5 million people homeless.2010年1月12日,海地发生7级大地震,造成300,000名居民死亡,150万人无家可归。1519 Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I died.1519年,神圣罗马帝国皇帝Maximilian I 去世。1773 The first public museum in America was established, in Charleston, S.C.1773年,美国第一个公立物馆在南卡罗来纳州查尔斯顿建成。1932 Hattie W. Caraway, a Democrat from Arkansas, became the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate.1932年,来自阿肯色州的民主党人Hattie W. Caraway成为第一位进入美国参议院的妇女。1944 Heavyweight boxing champion Joe Frazier was born in Beaufort, S.C.1944年,重量级拳击冠军乔·弗雷泽在波弗特市出生。1945 Soviet forces began a huge offensive against the Germans in Eastern Europe during World War II.1945年,二战期间苏联军队在东欧开始对德国进行大规模进攻。1948 The Supreme Court ruled that states could not discriminate against law-school applicants because of race.1948年,最高法院裁定国家不能因为种族原因歧视法学院的申请者。1959 Berry Gordy Jr. founded Motown Records in Detroit.1959年,Berry Gordy Jr.在底特律创立城唱片公司。1969 Led Zeppelins self-titled first album was released.1969年,齐柏林飞艇的首张同名专辑发布。1969 The New York Jets defeated the Baltimore Colts 16-7 in Super Bowl III at the Orange Bowl in Miami.1969年,在迈阿密桔子杯超级碗III比赛中,纽约喷气机对以16-7击败巴尔的小马队。2005 Britains Prince Harry apologized after a newspaper published a photograph of the young royal wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party.2005年,在一份报纸刊登年轻的皇室成员身穿纳粹制参加化妆舞会后,英国哈里王子作出道歉。 /201301/220257

Here are some job interview dos and donts. Number one do: you do want to ask questions. At the end of the interview, when the interviewer says, ;;Do you have any questions?;;, I want you to have some questions prepared. Dont ask the stupid question, you know, ask the knowledgeable question that shows that youve done your research. So do ask questions. The one question that you dont want to ask is, ;;How many sick days do I get?;;, because that obviously indicates that youre looking to take some sick days. One of the other things that you definitely want to do, is to prepare for this interview. Im surprised at how many people come into an interview and have not thoroughly researched the company. You need to do a Google search. You need to understand what this company does in order to create revenue. The number one thing you dont want to do is to leave without saying thank you. Youd be surprised at how many people leave the interview and dont say thanks. You know, dont follow up with an email, dont follow up with a hand-written note. This person is taking time out of their day to meet with you. You want to make sure that you say thanks. And those are a couple of dos and donts you need to consider when going in for a job interview.以下是面试注意事项。要做的事情,首先:你可能想要问一些问题。在面试快要结束的时候,面试官会问:“你有什么问题吗?”我希望你能提前准备好一些问题。不要问一些愚蠢的问题,你知道,问一些有见识的问题会显示你做了足够的调查研究。所以一定要问问题。你不应该问的问题是,“我有多少天病假?”这毫无疑问表明你很想休病假。你要做的另外一点就是为面试做准备。我很惊讶,许多人进入这家公司来面试,却没有对这家公司进行彻底的研究。你可以上网搜索,你必须了解这家公司为了增加收入采取了哪些措施。面试结束的时候,不要忘记说谢谢。你会感到很惊讶,很多人面试结束后都不记得说谢谢。你知道,不要事后再发邮件或留便条来说谢谢。面试官百忙中抽出时间来面试,所以一定要说谢谢。以上就是进行工作面试的注意事项。201212/217537

纽约时报专栏作者David Pogue批判了技术史上最糟糕的界面设计, 并给出了令人鼓舞的好设计的例子. 为了让内容更有趣, 他还不时开唱.201302/225137

2010年《庚寅年》(虎年)特种生肖邮票1月5日起在全国开始发行。据了解,中国邮政发行的第三轮生肖邮票中的《庚寅年》(虎年)特种邮票1套1枚,面值1.20元,另发行小本票1本。图为苏州一名集邮爱好者欣赏《庚寅年》(虎年)生肖邮票宣传画。 Tiger stamps releasedChina Post has unveiled the first "Tiger Stamp" to mark the coming of 2010's new zodiac animal. Meanwhile, the China National Philatelic Corporation has issued its own Tiger Gold Stamp.The stamp for 2010, the year of the Tiger in China's lunar calendar, has been launched for public sales nationwide. Designers with Tsinghua University put the animal along with a traditional red Chinese character that means "luck" on the stamp. It symbolizes luck and happiness that the tiger will bring to people in the approaching lunar new year.The tiger is the third of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Chinese believe the king of the jungle is vigorous and will bring peace. The animal is also the traditional guardian of wealth.China released the first zodiac stamp in 1980, the year of the Monkey. It then became a tradition of commemorating each new year with a special issue stamp.The tradition went a step further this year, as a gold issue of the "Tiger Stamp" was released by the China National Philatelic Corporation. It has the same design and size as the paper version.According to the corporation, from this year on the gold and paper stamp issues will hit the market together on the same day.201001/94020

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