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Scientists have confirmed that people who take regular exercise are less likely to be depressed, provided the activity is carried out in leisure time. However, people who exert themselves at work, for instance by digging up roads or heavy lifting, were no less likely to suffer depression than those in sedentary desk jobs。  英国《每日电讯报》11月1日报道称,科学家近日实,休闲时间多做锻炼的人较少抑郁。但是,与文职工作相比,活动量大的工作(如挖掘路面、抬举重物等)并不会起到相同的效果。  Researchers from the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London teamed up with colleagues in Norway to carry out the study of 40,401 Norwegian residents. Participants were asked how often they engaged in both light and intense physical activity during their leisure time. People were also asked how physically active they were at work. All the volunteers were given a physical examination and answered questions aimed at assessing their levels of depression and anxiety。  来自精神病学中心、国王学院的研究人员和挪威同行一道,对40401名挪威志愿者进行了测试。接受测试人员者需回答他们在休闲时间参加轻、重体力活动的频繁程度,以及工作时的体力劳动强度。所有志愿者都进行了体能检测,并回答旨在评估他们的抑郁和焦虑水平的问题。  The study found that individuals who took part in regular physical activity – however mild or intense – were less likely to have symptoms of depression. However, this only held true when activity was part of leisure. Those who were not active in their leisure time were almost twice as likely to suffer symptoms of depression than the most active individuals。 结果发现,经常参加体力活动者(不论活动量大小)身上抑郁的症状较少。然而,该结论只适用于闲时活动。而那些“闲时不动”者有抑郁症的可能性是最活跃者的两倍。  Lead researcher Samuel Harvey said: "We also found that the context in which activity takes place is vital and that the social benefits associated with exercise, like increased numbers of friends and social support, are more important in understanding how exercise may be linked to improved mental health than any biological markers of fitness。  该研究带头人萨缪尔-哈维称:“我们还发现活动的环境很关键,而同锻炼相关的社会受益,像朋友数目以及社会持的增加,在理解活动有益于心理健康方面,比任何保护健康的生化药品都重要。” /201011/117201

While Apple#39;s iPad remains the lodestar at the center of the tablet universe, Microsoft and Google are aiming at its opposite ends. Of those two, Microsoft#39;s strategy looks like the one to get more excited about. 尽管苹果公司(Apple Inc.)的iPad仍然占据着平板电脑市场的主导地位,微软(Microsoft Corp.)和谷歌(Google Inc.)却采取了与苹果截然不同的战略。就这两家公司而言,微软的战略似乎更激动人心。 Google is going cheap, Microsoft high-end. The seven-inch, 9 Nexus 7 tablet from the search giant, released Wednesday, is set to duke it out for the bottom end of the market with Amazon.com#39;s identically sized and priced Kindle Fire. Thus far, price has been the only way rival tablets have been able to take market share away from the iPad-which commanded 63% share in the first quarter, according to Strategy Analytics. Cheaper Android tablets had 32%. So, in that sense, Google is playing it safe.相关报道谷歌推采取了低价策略,而微软则走了高端路线。谷歌周三发布了售价199美元的7英寸平板电脑──Nexus 7,这款产品将与拥有同样尺寸和定价的亚马逊公司的Kindle Fire在低端市场一决雌雄。截至目前,价格已经成了平板电脑市场竞争者与iPad争夺市场份额的唯一手段。根据市场研究公司Strategy Analytics的数据,苹果今年第一季度的市场份额为63%。售价低于iPad的安卓(Android)平板设备获得了32%的市场份额。因此,从这种意义上讲,谷歌的策略是以安全为重。 But Microsoft#39;s Surface-at least the more expensive of its two versions-may be able to carve out its own niche when released late this year or early next year. With a clever keyboard on the flip side of its magnetic cover, ports for connecting other devices and, crucially, compatibility with enterprise applications including Microsoft Office, it is the first crossover tablet that could fully replace a laptop.但是价格更贵的微软Surface(至少比谷歌的平板电脑贵)今年年末或是明年年初上市时,也许能够抢到一部分市场份额。这款电脑巧妙地在磁性保护套的反面配备了键盘,并具有多个与其他设备连接的端口,最重要的是,它可以兼容微软办公软件等企业应用程序,这些特色使之成为第一款可以完全取代笔记本电脑的多功能平板电脑。 Granted, Microsoft has a challenge to attract content and apps to its platform. But if it can do so, it may be able to flip the #39;bring-your-own-device#39; trend that has so many corporate workers bringing iPads to the office. Instead, they may bring the Surface home.毫无疑问,微软面临的挑战是,如何将内容和应用程序吸引到它的平台。如果微软能够做到这一点,它就有可能改变目前许多企业员工不得不带着自己的iPad到办公室使用的做法。相反,人们可以把办公室的Surface带回家。 Going higher-end also means Microsoft would dodge a potential threat to Amazon and Google. If, as is possible, Apple releases a cheaper, smaller iPad, the bottom of the market could gravitate its way as well.走高端路线还意味着,微软可能会避开亚马逊和谷歌的潜在威胁。如果苹果推出一款更便宜、尺寸更小的iPad(这种可能性完全存在),低端市场也许同样会向苹果倾斜。 /201206/188618

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