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The young grow apace about us all the time. And if we stunt them, they will seek a richer soil.语音讲解单词发音stunt/st#652;nt/seek /si:k/soil/s#596;#618;l/连词发音grow apace about us /gr#601;#650;w#601;#712;pe#618;s#601;#712;ba#650;t#601;s/stunt them/st#652;nt#240;#601;m/轻读重读重读:grow/all/stunt/soil弱读:us/and/词汇讲解1.grow apace phrase.释义:迅速增长;飞速传播例句:Jack#39;s habits are slovenly and like ill weeds grow apace.杰克的习惯是不修边幅,这一习惯就像莠草一样总比庄稼长得快。2.stunt noun./vt.释义:a dangerous action that is done to entertain people, especially in a film(名词)噱头; 惊险动作,特技引申含义:(动词)阻碍…发育(生长); 抑制,妨碍;例句:In a bold promotional stunt for the movie, he smashed his car into a passing truck.为了给电影制造噱头以吸引眼球,他把汽车猛地撞向一辆驶过的卡车。活学活用stunt 噱头英文:It was all a publicity stunt.中文:这完全是个宣传噱头。语法讲解Go apace, apace adv.快速地,急速地 grow apace长得快关注微信号:TeacherGwen,跟着Gwen老师每天学点英语 /201706/515514well off 有钱【讲解】副词well本身就有“富裕地”等意思,off在该习语中只是更加重了“富裕地”语气。例如:He lived well off years ago.(几年前,他的日子过得很舒心。)【对话】A:I hear that Joe#39;s parents are quite well off.A:我听说乔的父母相当富有。B:Of course. They#39;re just hought him a new car for his birthday.B:当然,他们给他一辆新车做生日礼物。A:I wish I were him.A:真希望我是他。 /201508/391776

一件事用不同的态度对待,你会得到不同的结果。The Power of Positive ThinkingPositive thinking is a mental attitude that admits into the mind thoughts, words and images that are conductive to growth, expansion and success. It is a mental attitude that expects good and favorable results. A positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action. Whatever the mind expects, it finds.Many have heard it said that another person cannot make you happy. The happiness will come from within you. Being confident is a choice and it will produce positive emotions. There has been much research done on being in a positive state. It will produce a sense of well-being and has even proven to have multiple health benefits.The way that someone feels about themselves shows in the way they act. They always find funny things in everyday life that makes them and others happy. There is joy and cheerfulness that just rubs off on the people who are around them. The way they feel shows in their life because they are more relaxed and sleep better at night. They are not only physically assured but mentally as well. Most people have a spiritual connection that gives them the confident mindset in life.Confidence is so much better than looking back and thinking of what could have been. Confident people are the ones that you want to be around because they make the most of the present and look forward to the future. They are in awe of the beauty of nature and good things around them.This behavior comes from choosing the atmosphere that one is around. It is best to surround yourself with assured people that are upbeat and thinking good thoughts. Try to avoid negative news and thinking on unpleasant things. This will be to your advantage in building the blocks in your life of thinking of good wholesome thoughts.积极思考的力量积极的思考是一种精神态度,它接纳思想、文字和图像,有助于成长、扩展和成功。这是一种期望好结果的心态。积极的头脑可以预见幸福、喜悦、健康以及每一种情况和行动的成功结果。无论头脑期待什么,它都会找到。许多人都听过另一个人不能让你快乐。幸福来自你内心。自信是一种选择,它会产生积极的情绪。关于积极的状态已经有大量的研究。它会产生一种幸福感,甚至被明有多种健康的益处。人们对自己的感觉表现在他们的行为方式上。他们总是在日常生活中找到有趣的东西,使他们和其他人都感到快乐。这样的幸福和快乐让在他们周围的人都黯然失色。他们所想就表现在他们的生活中,因为他们更放松,晚上睡得更好。他们不仅身体好,而且精神上也很好。大多数人有一种精神上的联系,给他们生活中的自信心态。自信远比患得患失好得多。你想待在自信的人身边,因为他们充分利用现在,展望未来。他们敬畏大自然的美丽和周围美好的事物。这种行为来自选择一个人所处的环境。最好是让你周围充满保持乐观和想法良好的人。尽量避免负面新闻思考不愉快的事情。这将有利于你在生活中建立良好思想。想知道卡卡老师的发音秘诀?关注微信公众号 卡卡课堂 /201705/511803

释义:get somebody to 让某人做某事同样是祈使句的形态,get sb to do 是指“让某人做某事”的意思。与祈使动词 have 不同,要注意动词前要加to。例句:You can#39;t get her to understand it.你肯定无法让她理解。I#39;m going to get you to talk to her.我会让你和她说话的。I got her to go to sleep.我让她睡觉了。对话:A: Can you get her to fix the computer?能让她修一下电脑吗?B: I think she can do it after lunch.吃完午饭应该可以。 /201603/428732

  Far from it.一点也不。如果有人问你,你生气吗? 你就可以这样回答他。 /201604/434139

  每天一个生活口语话题,一段地道的举例回答,并附有详细的词汇,发音及用法讲解。讲解材料选自当今最先进最有效的英语原版教材,更加贴近生活。每天坚持听讲解,并根据问题练习,给自己一个地道输入和输出的机会,你也可以张口自信说英语。主题:Do you like outdoor activities?Yep, mountain biking, sometimes trail hiking or running. Other than that, things that I#39;ve done and do every once in a while are outdoor swimming, canoeing, kayaking, water-tubing, fishing, snorkeling, camping, boating, and taking pictures outdoors.Canoe: 独木舟Kayak: 皮艇 /201705/507256。

  听力文本如下:Every dog has his day瞎猫碰上了死耗子 /201506/380889

  That really makes my blood boil.真让我热血沸腾讲解:看个例子:Greg :Oh no! Look here, people have been stubbing their cigarettes out on the sofa.Georgina :I can#39;t believe it ! That really makes my blood boil. /201506/381849

  84. Any time.第84单元 随时为你效劳。A: Thanks for helping me move into my new house.甲:感谢帮我搬新家。B: Any time. I#39;m just glad I could help.乙:随时可为你效劳。能帮上忙,我实在很高兴。类似用语I#39;m at your disposal any time. 我随时听候你的吩咐。百宝箱上列对话中,“...helping me move...”系由“...helping me to move...”化简而来,亦即句型“help+人+(to)+动词原形”中的to是可以省略的。John helped me (to) type the report.(约翰帮我打这篇报告。)另外,类似用语中,“be at one#39;s disppsal”表示“随某人之意”。相关用语还有“be at one#39;s command”,表示“照某人吩咐”。Honey,believe me. I#39;ll be always at your command.(亲爱的,相信我,我愿永远为你做牛做马。) /201506/383400The hotel limits the number of people sleeping in each room.这家酒店对每间房内的入住客人人数有限制。He used his sword to make a line in the sand.他用他的剑在沙地上画了一条线。The soldiers stood in a line, side by side.士兵肩并肩排成了直线。They turned and marched in a line, one after another.他们转弯后直线行进,一个接一个。Enemy soldiers could not break through allied lines.敌军没能突破盟军防线。The royal marriage linked the two kingdoms.皇室的婚姻维系着两个王国的关系。Scientists found a link between tobacco and lung cancer.科学家发现了烟草和肺癌之间的联系。Ice changes to liquid when the temperature rises above zero degrees Celsius.当温度超过零摄氏度时冰就会化成水。Please list your name, address and telephone number.请列出你的姓名、地址和电话号码。This is a list of all the things I plan to do today.这上边列着我今天打算做的所有的事情。If you listen very carefully, you can hear them singing.如果你认真听你能听到他们唱歌。He is interested in ancient Greek literature.他对古希腊文化感兴趣。She could not buy it because she had only a little money with her.她不能买它因为她身上只有很少的钱。She lived for many years after her operation.她手术之后活了好几年。Please do not cut down a live tree.请不要砍还活着的树。He said some polio vaccines were made from a live virus.她说脊髓灰质炎疫苗是用一种活菌制成的。She told him to load the boxes in the back of the car.她让他把盒子放在车的后面。The truck carried a full load of fruit from Florida.卡车载着从佛罗里达运来的一满车的水果。The bank made a 10, 000-dollar loan to him yesterday.昨天给了他一笔1万美金的贷款。I gave him those tools only as a loan.我只是把那些工具借给他了。They told him about a local place where he could get a good dinner.他们告诉了他一个可以吃到当地好吃的饭菜的地方。The city is full of lonely people.城市里到处都是孤独的人们。We saw a long snake behind the house.我们看到房子后面有一条长长的蛇。The road is three miles long.这条路有三里地。Those pictures were made by someone who lived long before my people came to this land.这些照片是我们来很早之前住在这里的人做的。I knew her a long time ago.我很早之前就认识她。He looked at her for a long time.他盯着她看了好长时间。I looked for that book but I could not find it.我找那本书但是没找到。The prisoner lost all hope of escape.囚犯完全没有机会逃跑。The little boy lost his toy car.小男孩丢了他的玩具汽车。He worried that he might lose his job.他担心丢了工作。Their school lost the big game.他们学校在这次大型比赛上输了。The music at the rock concert was too loud.摇滚音乐会上的音乐太吵了。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201602/426813

  I really have the blues today.我今天情绪不好。讲解:这种“情绪很低”的状态可以用blue来表示,蓝色给人的感觉就是淡淡的忧郁。加上一个s的blues 就成了爵士音乐里面的一种。Blues 的特点是节奏慢,曲调很低沉。 /201508/390693

  听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) University trains people for ___ .a) the futureb) specific jobs2) We need leaders to shape _____.a) Businessesb) Society3) What should universities teach?a) Critical thinkingb) Math and science本期话题Topic:Should university be difficult?A talk now about university being should it be hard or should it be easy.I guess I would come down on the side of university should be hard. You know, university is sort of a training ground for the future. It#39;s training future leaders, it#39;s training people who, hopefully, are going to go out into society and help shape society. They#39;re going to lead other people and for that reason we need them to be at their very best. We need people like that to be able to think critically and analyze the world and that#39;s what university needs to teach. Those things aren#39;t easy. It#39;s takes discipline and rigor to really learn how to do that. So for the sake of society and for the sake of people who are going to be led in the future, we need to make sure that, that the people who come out of university are y and able to do that. Thank you very much.听力a b a /201512/415411。

  今日短语:get rid of摆脱例句:I want to get rid of my old clothes.我想把旧衣丢掉。 /201609/467012

  推特明星:Britney Spears 小甜甜·布兰妮推特原文:2017 kick off.We loved watching the @RamsNFL play today... thank you for having us!!推特译文:2017年开幕。今天看完洛杉矶公羊队(@RamsNFL)的比赛后觉得十分开心…谢谢你们今天招待我们去看!推特点拨:1) 连结是小甜甜布兰妮和儿子一起拍摄的影片。影片内容是他们一起看美式足球比赛。2) ”kick off”指“开始、开球”→表示“开幕”。3) ”@RamsNFL”指美国职业美式足球球队“洛杉矶公羊队”。 /201701/486767

  记者26日从最高人民法院获悉,2016年,全国法院审理离婚案件139.7万件,民政部门登记离婚346万对,涉及近500万个家庭,约1000万当事人。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道BEIJING -- Chinese courts heard nearly 1.4 million divorce cases last year, according to the Supreme People#39;s Court (SPC).北京消息,据最高人民法院消息,去年全国法院审理离婚案件近140万件。【讲解】divorce cases是离婚案件;hear是审理。民政部门(civil affairs offices)登记离婚(divorce)346万对(couples),涉及近500万个家庭,约1000万当事人,加上双方当事人的子女、父母、兄弟等近亲属(close relatives),每年受离婚影响(affected)的人至少超过5000万。夫妻财产分割(division of property)、债务分担、未成年子女(minor children)抚养、老年人赡养、未成年人犯罪(juvenile delinquency)等问题都根源于(stem from)夫妻离婚、家庭不稳。最高人民法院(Supreme People#39;s Court)审判委员会专职委员杜万华表示,各级人民法院要研究社会学和心理学(sociology and psychology),以更好地调解家庭纠纷(mediate family disputes)。据民政部(Ministry of Civil Affairs)数据,2015年民政部门登记离婚(registered divorce)315万对,2014年296万对。 /201703/500416

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