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信丰县唇部激光脱毛价格赣州俪人整形美容医院隆胸手术怎么样Capt. Zaharie Shah of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 showed no unusual signs of stress before the plane departed, an interim report on the investigation said。马航MH370事故调查中期报告显示,该航班机长扎哈里在飞机起飞之前并无异常压力紧张表现。;The Captain#39;s ability to handle stress at work and home was good. There was no known history of apathy, anxiety, or irritability,; the report said. ;There were no significant changes in his lifestyle, interpersonal conflict or family stresses.;报告指出:“机长在工作和家中处理压力的能力良好,没有冷漠、焦虑或易怒等行为历史。他在生活方式、人际交往冲突或家庭压力方面并无重大变化。”A year after the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the Malaysian government says it remains committed to the search for the plane and the 239 people it was carrying。马来西亚航空MH370航班神秘失踪一年以后,马来西亚政府表示会继续搜索飞机和机上239名失踪人员。Family members of the missing passengers and crew members are gathering Sunday to remember their loved ones. And Malaysian authorities are expected to release an interim report on the investigation。失踪航班上乘客和机组人员的家人周日(3月8日)聚集在一起纪念他们的亲人。马来西亚官方也将在这一天发布事件调查的中期报告。;No words can describe the pain the families of those on board are going through,; Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said in a statement. ;The lack of answers and definitive proof -- such as aircraft wreckage -- has made this more difficult to bear。马来西亚总理纳吉布在一份声明中表示:“机上人员的家属所经历的痛苦无法用语言来描述,而因为很多问题没有,也没有飞机残骸等明确的据,这些现实让痛苦加剧。”;Together with our international partners, we have followed the little evidence that exists,; Najib said. ;Malaysia remains committed to the search, and hopeful that MH370 will be found.;纳吉布说:“我们跟世界各地的伙伴一起在追踪那些仅有的线索,马来西亚会继续搜寻,希望能找到MH370航班。” /201503/363762赣州丰唇要多少钱 A British nuclear submarine was today scouring the Indian Ocean as part of the desperate search to find Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.英国核潜艇“不懈号”已于4月2日到达印度洋,开始参与搜寻失踪客机马航MH370。Today it emerged that Hobbit director Peter Jackson has sent his million private jet to scour vast swathes of the area where it is believed the plane went down.而当天《霍比特人》的导演彼得·杰克逊也派出了他价值8千万美元的私人飞机来到马航失踪区域进行搜寻。Search teams hampered by terrible weather conditions and little information are now battling against the clock as the batteries in the beacon have a 30 day life span. It is 26 days since the Boeing 777 disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.搜寻小组缺乏搜寻信息,而且还被恶劣天气所阻挠。他们现在正在争分夺秒地寻找马航客机,因为其黑匣子里的失事定位信标只有30天的寿命,而自这部从吉隆坡飞向北京的波音777客机消失之日到4月2号为止,已经过去26天了。There are currently seven countries assisting in the search including New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and the ed States with investigations being led by Malaysia.现在参与搜寻的国家有7个,新西兰,澳大利亚,中国,日本,马来西亚,韩国和美国。而总的调查研究由马来西亚总领导。As of Tuesday, there were ten planes and nine ships working in the region, 1,217miles (1,960km) west of the Australian city of Perth.截止至星期二,已有10架飞机,9艘船在失踪区域工作。那里是澳大利亚的城市珀斯向西1217英里(1960公里)。One of these is Peter Jackson’s long-range business jet, a Gulfstream G650 which can carry eight passengers and a crew of four.其中的一架飞机就是彼得·杰克逊的长途商务飞机,型号是湾流G650,能够容纳8名乘客和4名机组人员。It has a non-stop distance of 8,000miles (12,964km) and is considered to be able to fly further and faster than some military aircraft.飞机的最长持续飞行距离为8000英里(12964公里),它比一些军用飞机还飞得更远更快。#39;Peter would not seek publicity for something like this and would actively avoid it in fact,#39; his spokesman Matt Dravitzki told the New Zealand Herald.“实际上,彼得不希望有关于他派飞机搜寻这样的报道,相反,他正在积极避免这种报道。”他的发言人Matt Dravitzki在接受《新西兰先驱报》采访时说道。#39;A lot of civilian and military aircraft are involved in the search and it#39;s kind of disappointing that because one is owned by a celebrity it becomes a matter of news when there are [over] 200 people missing.#39;“大量的民用和军用飞机都参与了搜索,现在200多人都失踪不知在何处,如果一架参与搜救的‘名人飞机’这时成为重要新闻,这将令人很失望。”The jet, which Sir Peter purchased last March, is primarily being used to help relay communications between other vessels involved in the search.这架飞机是彼得在去年3月购买的,现在被用来传递消息,推进其他搜救队伍之间的沟通。Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said despite the search for the aircraft being slow, difficult and frustrating, it will continue indefinitely.澳大利亚总理托尼·阿特表示,虽然搜寻工作进行的很慢,而且进行起来很困难、进展也不如人意,但是我们一定会继续搜寻下去。 /201404/285959More than 25 million years ago, India, once a separate island on a quickly sliding piece of the Earth’s crust, crashed into Asia. The two land masses are still colliding, pushed together at a speed of 1.5 to 2 inches a year. The forces have pushed up the highest mountains in the world, in the Himalayas, and have set off devastating earthquakes.2500多万年前,印度还是一个快速滑动的板块上的独立岛屿,它与亚洲大陆发生了碰撞。这两个板块仍在继续相撞,每年以1.5到2英寸(约合3.81厘米)的速度相互挤压。这些力量令喜马拉雅山脉形成世界最高的山峰,并引发灾难性的地震。Experts had warned of the danger to the people of Katmandu for decades. The death toll in Nepal on Saturday was practically inevitable given the tectonics, the local geology that made the shaking worse and the lax construction of buildings that could not withstand the shaking.数十年来,专家一直警告加德满都人民要注意这种危险。鉴于地质构造、令地震震动加剧的地质情况,以及建筑物的构造不严谨、抗震能力差,尼泊尔在周六出现的惨重伤亡实际上是不可避免的。GeoHazards International, a nonprofit organization in Menlo Park, Calif., that tries to help poorer, more vulnerable regions like Nepal prepare for disasters, had noted that major earthquakes struck that region about every 75 years.设在加州门洛帕克的非营利组织国际地质灾难协会(GeoHazards International)是一家试图帮尼泊尔等较为贫穷、脆弱的地区为应对灾难做准备的机构。该机构指出,每隔75年,这里就会发生一次大地震。In 1934 — 81 years ago — more than 10,000 people died in a magnitude 8.1 earthquake in eastern Nepal, about six miles south of Mount Everest. A smaller quake in 1988 with a magnitude of 6.8 killed more than 1,000 people.81年前的1934年,在尼泊尔东部距离珠峰大约6英里(约合10公里)的地方发生8.1级地震,共有1万余人丧生。1988年,共有逾1000人在一次规模较小的6.8级地震中丧生。Brian Tucker, president and founder of GeoHazards, said that in the 1990s, his organization predicted that if the 1934 quake were to happen again, 40,000 people would die because of migration to the city where tall, flimsily built buildings would collapse.国际地质灾难协会的总裁兼创始人布莱恩·塔克(Brian Tucker)说,上世纪90年代,他所在的组织曾预测,倘若1934年的地震再次发生,就会造成4万人死亡——这是因为人口在向这座城市迁移,高大而脆弱的建筑物将会坍塌。In an update just this month, GeoHazards wrote, “With an annual population growth rate of 6.5 percent and one of the highest urban densities in the world, the 1.5 million people living in the Katmandu Valley were clearly facing a serious and growing earthquake risk.”国际地质灾难协会在本月的更新信息中写道,“这里的年均人口增长率为6.5%,而且城市密度位于世界最高之列;在这种情况下,住在加德满都谷的150万人明显面临着严重而且越来越大的地震风险。”The organization helped set up a local nonprofit to continue preparations, including the reinforcement of schools and hospitals.该组织协助成立了一个本地非营利组织,以继续进行准备工作,其中包括学校和医院的加固。Saturday’s earthquake occurred to the northwest of Katmandu at a relatively shallow depth, about nine miles, which caused greater shaking at the surface, but at magnitude 7.8, it released less energy than the 1934 quake.周六的地震发生在加德满都西北地区,震源相对较浅,约为9英里,所以地表的震动更加强烈。但是由于震级为7.8级,所以释放的能量比1934年的少。Roger Bilham, a professor of geological sciences at the University of Colorado who has studied the history of earthquakes in that region, said that the shaking lasted one to two minutes, and the fault slipped about 10 feet along the rupture zone, which stretched 75 miles, passing under Katmandu.科罗拉多大学(University of Colorado)地质学教授罗杰·比尔汉姆(Roger Bilham)曾研究过该地区的地震历史,他说,震动持续了一到两分钟,断层沿着断裂带滑动了约10英尺,断裂带长达75英里,从加德满都穿过。The earthquake “translated the whole city southward by 10 feet,” Dr. Bilham said.这场地震“让整个城市向南移动了10英尺”,比尔汉姆士说。Aftershocks as large as magnitude 6.6 have occurred mostly to the northeast of Katmandu.最高达6.6级的余震多数发生在加德满都的东北部。It is possible that the Saturday quake is a preface to an even larger one, but Dr. Bilham said that was unlikely.周六的地震有可能只是更大地震的前奏,但比尔汉姆说可能性并不大。Katmandu and the surrounding valley sit on an ancient dried-up lake bed, which contributed to the devastation. “Very, very soft soil, and the soft soil amplifies seismic motion,” Dr. Tucker said.加德满都和周围的山谷坐落在一个古老而干涸的湖床上,这也是该地区在地震中受到严重损毁的原因之一。“非常非常软的土壤,松软的土壤放大了震动,”塔克士说。Steep slopes in the area are also prone to avalanches like the one that the quake triggered on Mount Everest on Saturday.该地区的陡峭山坡也很容易发生雪崩,就像周六的地震在珠穆朗玛峰上引发的雪崩一样。Katmandu is not the only place where a deadly earthquake has been expected.并非只有加德满都预计会发生致人死亡的地震。Dr. Tucker said Tehran; Haiti; Lima, Peru; and Padang, Indonesia, were similarly vulnerable. In those places, nearby tectonic faults are under strain, and building standards and disaster preparations are seen as inadequate.塔克说,德黑兰、海地、秘鲁利马,以及印度尼西亚巴东同样容易发生地震。这些地方附近的构造断层都处在紧张状态,但建筑标准和灾难预防则似乎不够充分。But not everywhere has been complacent. Over the past 76 years, many earthquakes have occurred along a fault in northern Turkey, starting in the eastern part of the country and progressing west, toward Istanbul. An earthquake in 1999 killed more than 17,000 people, mostly in the city of Izmit, east of Istanbul. The expectation is that the epicenter of the next big earthquake will be in or around Istanbul.不过,并非所有地方都这样麻痹大意。过去76年,土耳其北部的一个断层附近发生了许多地震,该断层从该国的东部开始,朝着伊斯坦布尔的方向,向西部延伸。1999年的一场地震曾导致超过1.7万人遇难,多数遇难者位于伊斯坦布尔东部的伊兹米特市。人们的预期是,下一次大地震的震中将在伊斯坦布尔或其周围。“Istanbul is the place that has been most aggressive in enforcing building codes,” Dr. Tucker said. “I think Istanbul has been doing a good job.”“伊斯坦布尔是执行建筑规范最积极的地方,”塔克说。“我认为伊斯坦布尔做得很不错。” /201504/372169赣州祛大痣

赣州水光针注射瘦腿哪家医院好赣州打玻尿酸 The death toll from Nepal’s worst earthquake in 80 years rose to about 3,800 yesterday, with 6,500 injured, as rescuers struggled to reach remote hill villages while Kathmandu’s small airport was overwhelmed by flights carrying relief supplies.昨天,尼泊尔80年来最严重地震的死亡人数攀升至约4000人,另有6500人在地震中受伤。与此同时,救援人员正在艰难地向尼泊尔偏远山村进发,携带救援物资的航班数量大大超出了加德满都小机场的承载能力。Nepalese media said rescue teams had failed to reach some villages in northern Gorkha, near the earthquake’s epicentre, by yesterday afternoon, more than 48 hours after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck on Saturday. Overnight rain and fresh landslides hindered rescue attempts.尼泊尔媒体表示,截至昨天下午,救援队伍仍未抵达震中附近的廓尔喀(Gorkha)北部部分村庄,当时距这场上周六发生的7.8级地震已超过48小时。连夜的大雨及新出现的多次山体滑坡,妨碍了人们的救援努力。However, international efforts to assist the stricken Himalayan nation were gathering momentum. Search-and-rescue teams from India, China, Pakistan, the US, Israel and the Netherlands are on the ground, with more from the UK, Finland and Japan expected shortly. The squads are carrying emergency relief supplies and using specially trained dogs to search for people trapped in the rubble.不过,国际社会援助这个受灾喜马拉雅国家的努力正在积聚力量。来自印度、中国、巴基斯坦、美国、以色列和荷兰的搜救团队已抵达当地,来自英国、芬兰及日本的团队预计将很快抵达。这些团队携带着紧急救援物资,并使用受过专门训练的犬搜寻困在瓦砾中的人们。Kathmandu’s tiny Tribhuvan International Airport has struggled to keep pace with the volume of air traffic, with many aircraft forced to circle for hours before landing.加德满都特里布万国际机场(Tribhuvan International Airport)是个很小的机场,很难应对如此巨大的空中交通量,许多飞机在着陆前不得不盘旋数个小时。Many commercial flights from India, carrying relief supplies and anguished Nepalis hoping to aid distressed relatives, were diverted or cancelled because of the congestion.由于空中交通的堵塞,许多来自印度的商业航班被分流至其他机场或被取消。这些商业航班要么携带着救援物资,要么坐着希望帮助危难中亲友的痛苦的尼泊尔人。Meanwhile, Nepali helicopter pilots took advantage of improved weather to ferry climbers stranded on Mount Everest back to safety following an avalanche triggered by the quake.与此同时,尼泊尔直升机飞行员趁天气好转,运出了此前被地震引发的雪崩困在珠穆朗玛峰的登山者。Further west, aerial surveys of the worst affected valleys, carried out jointly by Indian Air Force helicopters and Nepali military officials, revealed widesp devastation.在更靠西部的地方,印度空军直升机与尼泊尔军官对受灾最严重村庄展开的联合空中勘察发现了大面积的受灾情况。“Helicopters found village after village in remote Himalayan valleys completely flattened by the quake,” Kunda Dixit, editor of the Nepali Times, wrote on a blog. “Tens of thousands of people are without shelter and in urgent need of medical attention.”“直升机在边远的喜马拉雅山山谷发现了一个又一个被地震夷为平地的村庄。”尼泊尔时报(Nepali Times)主编孔达#8226;迪克西特(Kunda Dixit)在客上写道,“数万人失去住所,急需医疗救助。”More than 900 of the deaths have occurred in or near Kathmandu, according to police, who are waiting for earthmoving equipment to arrive so they can begin digging in the rubble in the hope of finding more survivors.警方表示,逾900名死难者是在加德满都或加德满都附近遇难的。警方眼下正等待挖掘设备到达,以便开始挖开瓦砾,希望能找到更多幸存者。Thousands have been injured across Nepal and the UN Development Programme estimates more than 40 per cent of the country’s land mass has been affected. About 6.6m of Nepal’s 28m people live in the earthquake zone. Binod Bhattarai and Victor Mallet in Kathmandu and Amy Kazmin in Delhi尼泊尔全境内有数千人受伤,联合国开发计划署(UN Development Programme)估计,该国境内逾40%的土地都受到了地震影响。尼泊尔2800万人口中有约660万人在地震带上生活。 /201504/372526赣州整形美容医院磨骨

赣县区妇幼保健人民医院韩式三点多少钱 There is no shortage of critics who confidently attribute China’s rise to the forceful intervention of the state in the economy. But the ranks of policy makers and commentators decrying Beijing’s brand of state capitalism are wrong – and, worse, they risk provoking short-sighted and counterproductive responses.坚信中国崛起缘于国家强势干预经济的批评人士为数不少,由政策制定者和员们组成的这些批评者强烈谴责北京奉行的国家资本主义。但他们的观点是错误的,而更糟的是,他们可能引发短视和毫无建设性的回应。The reality is that China’s rapid economic ascent is the result of the expanding role of the market and the rise of private businesses. Private companies now account for more than two-thirds of output, up from nothing when reform began in 1978, in an economy that has expanded 25 times in real terms. They account for almost all employment growth in the same period. Private companies are also increasingly the leading contributors to export growth.现实情况是,中国经济快速崛起是市场角色不断扩大和私营企业壮大的结果。在一个实际规模扩大了25倍的经济体中,私营企业贡献的产出比例,从1978年中国开始改革时的零,升至如今的逾三分之二。同期几乎所有的就业增长均来自私营企业。私营企业还日益成为出口增长的主要贡献因素。State companies’ shrinking role has been particularly rapid in manufacturing, which opened up to competition from private businesses in the 1980s. State enterprises’ share of output in the sector is now only a fifth, compared with four-fifths in 1978. Conventional wisdom says state industrial companies have enjoyed a resurgence since the onset of the global financial crisis. In fact, the growth in output of private businesses since 2008 has averaged 18 per cent, twice the pace of expansion of state businesses.中国国有企业的角色,在制造业收缩得尤其快——中国的制造业在上世纪80年代向私营企业放开了竞争。国企在制造业所占产出份额现在只有五分之一,而在1978年则有五分之四。人们普遍认为,自全球金融危机爆发以来,中国国有工业企业如今已经复兴。实际上,自2008年以来私营企业产出年均增长18%,是国企扩张速度的两倍。Underlying the relatively poor performance of state industrial companies is low productivity. Most investment is financed with retained earnings – so private industrial businesses, with a return on assets more than twice that of state companies, can expand more rapidly. This is reinforced by the increasingly commercial behaviour of mostly state-owned banks: in recent years they have lent almost twice as much to private as to state companies.国有工业企业相对疲弱表现的深层根源在于生产率低下。大多数投资资金来自留存利润,因此资产回报率是国企两倍多的私营工业企业能够更为迅速地扩张。大多数国有的行为日益商业化,让私企更加如鱼得水:在最近几年里,它们向私企发放的贷款几乎是发放给国企的两倍。China’s industrial policy is perhaps exemplified best by the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, created in 2003 to oversee the largest state-owned non-financial enterprises. Critics say it favours state companies in an attempt to create national champions that are larger, more powerful and more profitable. But this has failed: the return on assets of Sasac’s companies has plummeted since 2007, and is now below half their cost of capital.创建于2003年、监督各大国有非金融企业的中国国有资产监督管理委员会(SASAC)或许是中国工业政策的最佳体现。批评人士称,国资委青睐大型国企,力图创建更大、更强、更加盈利丰厚的国家冠军企业。但这种努力失败了:自2007年以来国资委监督企业的资产回报率大幅下降,现在还不到其资本成本的一半。The disparity between state and private companies is evident even in the steel industry, identified by Sasac as one industry in which Beijing was to maintain relatively strong control. This seemed an easy task in the mid-2000s, when state companies produced half of all steel output and their efficiency matched that of private companies. But when the annual growth in output fell to an average of just 9 per cent after 2006, compared with its average pace of more than 20 per cent earlier in the decade, state companies’ returns fell sharply. By 2012 they were in the red, and their share of production had fallen below a third. In contrast, the return on assets of private steel companies rose after 2006, reaching a peak of over 10 per cent in 2011 before declining slightly. With private steel companies investing more than twice as much as their state counterparts, their rising output share will continue.即便在被国资委确认为北京要保持相对强有力控制的钢铁行业,也体现出国企和私企之间的差距。在2005年,这似乎是一个轻松的任务:当时全国一半的钢铁由国企生产,它们的效率与私企相当。但是在2006年以后的几年里,年均产出增长率降至9%(该十年的头几年平均增长率超过20%),国企回报率大幅下降。到2012年,它们出现了亏损,产量份额下降至三分之一以下。相比之下,私营钢铁企业的资产回报率在2006年之后出现上升,在2011年达到逾10%的峰值后略有下降。由于私营钢企的投资是国企的两倍,它们的产量份额仍会继续上升。The exception to the rise of private business is in finance, telecoms and other high-tech business services, as well as in upstream oil and gas. In manufacturing, private companies now account for seven times more investment than state ones. But in services the share of state companies’ investment exceeds that of private companies and has declined only very slightly in recent years. Yet the productivity differential favours private service providers by a margin of two to one over state enterprises, suggesting a substantial misallocation of capital.私营企业兴起的例外是在金融、电信、其他高科技商业务行业,以及油气行业的上游领域。在制造业,私企现在的投资份额是国企的7倍。但在务业,国企投资份额超过私企,近几年只是略有下降。然而,私营务提供商的生产率比国企高出一倍,这表明资本配置严重不当。The footprint of state companies is shrinking but, because they earn far less than their cost of capital, they remain a drag on growth. If China enacts economic reforms announced last year – particularly eliminating all but natural monopolies such as power distribution – and making the market the decisive factor in the allocation of resources, private businesses will displace state enterprises in services. That would allow China to sustain a relatively high rate of growth and thus to continue its role as a leading driver of global growth. Those who make policies and predictions based on a fundamental misunderstanding of China’s ascent are likely to miss out.中国国企的地盘正在缩小,但因为它们的利润远低于资本成本,它们依然拖累了增长。如果中国实施去年宣布的经济改革(尤其是打破除电网等自然垄断业务以外的一切垄断),让市场成为资源配置的决定性因素,私企将取代国企在务业的角色。这将让中国保持相对高速的经济增长,从而继续其作为全球增长主要驱动因素的角色。那些对中国崛起有着根本性误解并据此制定政策和作出预测的人很可能错失机遇。The writer is a fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and#8201;author of ‘Markets over Mao: The Rise of Private Business in China’注:本文作者是彼得森国际经济研究所(Peterson Institute)研究员,著有《市场高于毛泽东:中国私营企业的崛起》(Markets over Mao, the Rise of Private Business in China)一书。 /201409/328354赣州市俪人整形医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱上犹县自体脂肪移植丰胸哪家好



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