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Lexington莱克星顿Dreamy footsoldiers of the Left左派步兵,如痴如梦Some Democrats havent noticed that the next election is this year, not 2016一些民主党忽视下一场选举近在今年,而不是2016ELECTION fever grips the American Left. A mood of scrappy, let-us-at-em impatience unites such gatherings as Netroots Nation, an annual shindig which this year drew thousands of activists, organisers, bloggers and candidates to Detroit from July 17th-19th. Unfortunately for the broader Democratic Party, the election that inspires the grassroots is the 2016 presidential race. The mid-term congressional elections, which will happen much sooner (in November this year), provoke a more muted response, even though there is a good chance that Republicans will seize the Senate and cripple the rest of Barack Obamas presidency.选举的风潮波及美国左派。但像网根国民大会这样的组织已经躁动不安,火急火燎,它每年纵情狂欢,今年7月17日到19日更是吸引了成百上千的激进分子,组织者,部落格和竞选者至底特律,然而对于包揽更广的民主党来说,真正让草根阶层精神抖擞的却是2016年的总统选举,即使11月的国会中期选举在即,共和党很有可能纵览大局,其余民主党席位也岌岌可危,他们却是缄默不语。The kind of people who attend Netroots Nation are passionately and uncompromisingly left wing. Their champion is Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a former professor who crusades against “big banks”, “powerful corporations” and their enablers on the Right. “The game is rigged,” thundered Ms Warren, whose demands include more generous Social Security benefits (pensions) for the old (paid for with steep tax hikes), cheaper student loans, a higher minimum wage and other forms of redistribution. Not for her the business-friendly centrism of the Clinton clan. Hillary Clinton did not attend Netroots Nation, instead giving a TV interview in which she suggested that a bit of economic growth might make it easier to curb inequality.网根国民议会的参与者热情高涨,是不进油盐的左翼人士,他们拥护马塞诸塞州议员伊丽莎白沃伦,她是前任教授,反对大,有权势的的企业以及他们右派的柱,她怒喝道:”这种竞争无异于徇私舞弊。她要求给予老年人更优厚的社会保险(给老年人的养老补贴通过赋税急剧增长来买单),更便宜的学生贷款,更高的最低工资标准和其他形式的重新分配,对克林顿集团亲商界的温和主义路线嗤之以鼻,希拉里克林顿并未加入网根国民议会,她在电视访谈中说,经济一点点的增长,会使得缓解社会不公的工作更易进行Sweet dreams are made of this美梦何所在Ms Warrens warm-up act was Gary Peters, a local congressman who, unlike Ms Warren, is running for election this year. Mr Peters, a moderate ex-banker, is trying to win a Senate seat that Democrats desperately need to win but might not. He could use some grassroots support, but the crowd barely noticed him. They were too happy chanting “Run Liz, Run!” or waving “Elizabeth Warren for President” boater-style hats (“theyre fun, theyre old-timey,” said a hipster handing them out). Ms Warren says she is not running for the White House. No matter. Some 100 days from an election that could condemn Mr Obama to near-impotence, some progressives prefer to daydream about President Warren, “who wont stand for all the Wall Street bullshit”, to e a new (endearingly terrible) folk song by her supporters.沃伦小试牛刀的对手是加里比德斯,与沃伦不同,这位地区议员今年参加选举,他是一位温和的前家,尝试赢得一个民主党亟需的席位但可能不会成功,他能依赖一些草根阶层的持,但基本为大众所忽视,他们乐意高呼:冲吧,利兹,向前冲!或者挥舞着硬草帽,上面标着“伊丽莎白沃伦竞选总统”的字样,(一个赶时髦的人说“这种复古的帽子十分有趣”)沃伦说她不打算竞争入驻白宫,这并无大碍,距离100天的中期选举,足以将奥巴马贬到一文不值,一些进步人士梦想着总统沃伦,她的持者在新的民谣中唱道“她不会持华尔街的所有扯谈。”The Democrats footsoldiers can ill afford to daydream in 2014. Even as digital technology transforms elections, recent research shows that flesh-and-blood volunteers tend to trump paid advertising. Candidates need supporters to sway their friends and neighbours. This “ground war” is most crucial, for both sides, in the half-dozen swing states where Senate races could go either way. The trouble is, these states are quite conservative. So the Democrats running for office there often have views on guns, coal or fracking that appal progressives, who are therefore reluctant to knock on doors for them.民主党派没有在2014年做白日梦的资本,最近调查显示,即使在电子科技引领大选变革的今天,这些有血有肉的志愿者仍出资在广告上浓墨重,竞选者需要持者说他们的邻居朋友,这场“地面战”对于双方尤其重要,因为6个摇摆州的竞选走势难以预测,问题是,这些州趋于保守,而民主党人通常在,煤,水力压裂法等进步问题上持有一家之言,很难打开这些州选民的心扉。Like the Republicans with their Tea Party zealots, the Left must choose between purity and pragmatism. MoveOn, a lefty campaign behemoth which claims 8m members, has endorsed only nine Senate candidates so far in this election cycle, conspicuously excluding centrists in tight races in Georgia, Kentucky and Louisiana. The group will “sit out” some races; its members have drawn a “bright line” against endorsing senators who voted against increased background checks for gun-owners, for instance. In 2014 that rules out Mark Begich in Alaska and Mark Pryor in Arkansas.正如共和党与茶党狂热者意气相投,左派也必须在纯洁和实用主义之间作出选择,左派竞选巨头MoveOn声称说8m成员在竞选中只认可了9名议员竞选者,很明显让乔治利亚,肯塔基和路易斯安娜州激烈竞选中的温和派吃了闭门羹,这一组织在部分竞争中坐看好戏,例如与那些拒绝增加背景调查的议员划清界限,2014年,阿拉斯加的马克贝吉奇和阿肯色的马克普瑞被列入这一黑名单内。Another group, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), whose members raised over .7m for 2012 candidates, calls itself “the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party”. Its leaders can sound Tea Party-ish, declaring that “ideology” matters as much as finding candidates who can win. The PCCC has invested in such hopeless causes as the Senate race in South Dakota to demonstrate the power of “anti-corporate” messages delivered by the Democratic candidate there. Several leftish groups think the mid-terms are a chance to show that economic populism is the best way to woo unhappy voters, nationwide.另一组织名叫渐进式改变运动委员会,该组织成员在2012年为竞选者募集了超过270万美元,自称是“民主党伊丽莎白沃伦之翼”,其领导者论调听起来有些茶党化,声称意识形态和找到必胜的候选人一样重要,这一组织也曾做了些无用功,如通过投资南达科他州的议员选举,以彰显该地民主党候选者抵制大企业声音高亢,一些左派组织认为中期选举是展示经济民粹主义在取悦全国选民方面,不失为最佳方式。Yet Tea Party parallels are imperfect. Flinty conservatives often scoff that moderate Republicans are no better than Democrats. Progressives are different: many think that Republicans are wicked. That pushes their leaders, at least, towards pragmatism. “We may have to compromise on some things [to beat the Republicans],” says a boss at Democracy For America (DFA), a group founded by Howard Dean, a former Vermont governor and presidential hopeful who claimed to represent “the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party”. Take Alaskas embattled senator. To DFA, Mr Begich has been “terrible” on oil and gas and “not good” on guns. But he is “fantastic” on inequality. In Louisiana local DFA members are holding their noses and helping a pro-oil Democrat, Senator Mary Landrieu. Ultimately, DFA vows to be “all over” any race that might decide the fate of the Senate. Should Democrats lose in 2014, blame candidates “who didnt run on expanding Social Security or [raising] the minimum wage,” insists Charles Chamberlain, DFAs executive director.但茶党也不尽完美,强硬的保守党人常责备温和的共和党人比民主党人好不到哪儿去,但进步人士的观点不同,他们的很多认为共和党人十分邪恶,这至少驱使他们的领导者倾向于实用主义,一位领导者在民主美国组织上说,我们必须在部分问题上做出妥协以打败共和党人,这一组织是由前佛蒙特州长哈沃德迪安创立的,他可能会成为“民主党民主翼”的代表,击败阿拉斯加州四面楚歌的议员。对民主美国组织而言,贝吉奇在问题上的表现糟糕,在石油天然气上尤差,却在社会不公问题上异想天开。路易斯安娜州地区组织成员极不情愿的帮了一位持石油使用的民主党人玛丽朗德里厄,但最终他们还是发誓将在任何决定其命运的竞选中取得压倒性优势。该组织行政官查尔斯张伯伦说,如果民主党派在2014年大选中铩羽而归,责任就在那些不愿增加社会保险和最低工资的竞选者身上。Both DFA and the PCCC plan to use digital wizardry to help members place campaign calls to districts across the country: a nifty trick in places where members despise their own partys local candidates. MoveOn tells activists that saving the Senate is the “most important priority” of 2014, reminding them that Mr Obamas ability to nominate judges is in the balance. Over on the centre-ground, Ready for Hillary, a group working to rally a volunteer army for Mrs Clintons use (should she choose to run in 2016), will “amplify” any 2014 endorsements made by their heroine, instantly urging supporters to lend a hand to that campaign.民主美国和渐进式改变运动委员会计划使用数据技术将竞选推及全国各区,但对于那些对本区竞选者嗤之以鼻的人来说,这种伎俩口惠而实不至,MoveOn告诫激进分子保留议员席位是2014年的当务之急,提醒他们说奥巴马提名法官的能力已被架空。在中部阵营,一组织正在为克林顿招兵买马,一旦她决定参加2016年大选,便为之所用,他们将大肆宣扬这位“巾帼”在2014年所作出的任何承诺,不断要求持者助竞选一臂之力。On current showing, many will ignore such calls to arms in 2014. Despair with Mr Obama and this Congress may be part of the explanation. Progressive footsoldiers are waiting for the scrap that really interests them: a fight to drag the Democratic Party leftwards to victory in 2016. Republicans, who have plenty of problems of their own, cannot believe their luck.当下局势是,很多人都忽视了2014年为自身阵营添砖加瓦的号召,对于奥巴马和本届国会不屑一顾是原因之一,进步人士循其兴趣伺机而动,等待2016年将奥巴马和民主党一举拿下的完胜。共和党人自身弊病颇多,不敢靠运气行事。 /201408/317300。

Don:I have the weirdest looking mole under my arm.唐:我的胳膊下面有个看起来非常奇怪的痣。Yael:Hold it. Put that arm back down.雅艾尔:别动。把胳膊放下来吧。I dont want to see your weird mole.我不想看到你那奇葩的痣。Why dont you just tell me whats weird about it?你为什么不告诉我究竟哪里不对劲呢?DON:Well, its not a round dot like my other moles, but more like a flesh-colored raisin. 唐:嗯, 这不像我其他的小圆点痣,倒更像一个肉色的葡萄干。The way its attached to my skin, it stretches outward like a tiny appendage.它附加在我的皮肤上, 像个小附属物般向外延伸。YAEL:It sounds like youre talking about a skin tag, not a mole.雅艾尔:听起来你是在谈论皮赘,而不是痣。Its a common mistake to confuse the two.这是很容易将二者混淆的常见错误。The scientific term for a skin tag is acrochordon, and its simply a flesh-colored growth that hangs from the skin by a thin piece of tissue called a stalk. 科学术语称皮赘为软垂疣,它只是被称为蒂样细组织的一种肉色增长附着在皮肤表面。Theyre more common as people age, especially in women.随着人们年龄的增长更为常见,特别是对于女性而言。DON:What causes it?唐:是什么造成的呢?YAEL:What causes skin tags is unknown, but they do appear more frequently in areas where the skin is rubbed by clothing or by other body parts, such as in creases like your underarm.雅艾尔:什么引发皮赘仍未可知,但往往多出现在由衣或身体其他擦部位的皮肤处,比如你的腋下。They also tend to appear in hot, moist places such as under the breasts, between the thighs, or around the genitals.它们也倾向于出现在如胸部,大腿之间,生殖器周围等燥热,潮湿的地方。DON:Please tell me I dont have to get these things checked for cancer like I do with my moles.唐:请告诉我,我是不是需要像对待自己的痣一样用这些东西来检查癌症。YAEL:I have good news and bad news.雅艾尔:有好消息和坏消息。DON:Give me the good news.唐:先听好消息。YAEL:Skin tags are never cancerous.雅艾尔:皮赘从不癌变。DON:That is good news. But then, I cant imagine what the bad news is.唐:这是好消息。那我想象不出还有什么是坏消息。YAEL:Because people so often confuse moles for skin tags, you should monitor them just as you do your moles.雅艾尔:因为人们经常将痣和皮赘混淆,你就应该关注它们,就像你对皮赘所做的一样。If you notice changes or anything that would be suspicious in a mole, you should have your doctor check it. 如果你注意到变化或任何可疑,你应该马上去看医生。 201311/263277。

Americas big banks reported earnings for the second quarter. The headline figures looked buoyant, partly because of lower operational and litigation costs. Net income at JPMorgan Chase rose by 31% to .5 billion; Bank of Americas profit was up by 63% to billion; and Citigroups quarterly profit of .2 billion was its best since 2007. Goldman Sachs saw income double to .9 billion. But with the outlook for growth subdued in the banking industry, margins down and more costly regulations coming in, investors were unimpressed.美国的各大发布了第二季度的营收。数据显示营收有所上涨,部分原因是运营和诉讼费用的减少。根大通公司的净收入增长了31%,达到65亿美元;美国的利润增加了63%之多,达到了40亿美元;花旗的季度利润达到了42亿美元,是自从2007年至今的最好业绩。高盛的收入翻番,达到了19亿美元。但是随着对业未来增长前景的看衰,利润减少以及管理费用的增加,投资者并没有为之所动。Americas Federal Energy Regulatory Commission fined Barclays 3m for allegedly manipulating electricity prices in four states in the American West to benefit the banks derivatives positions. Barclays is fighting the claim and will take the matter to court. JPMorgan Chase was said to be in talks to settle with the FERC in a similar case.美国联邦能源管理委员会给巴克莱开出了4亿5300万美元的罚单,原因是后者据称为了使其衍生产品卖得更好,在美国西部的四个州操纵电价。巴克莱予以反击,并将在法庭上解决此事。根大通也卷入类似风波。;Fabulous Fab;神奇的法布The trial got under way in Manhattan of Fabrice Tourre, a former banker at Goldman Sachs, on civil charges of securities fraud. Mr Tourre allegedly did not tell investors that a hedge fund had helped him select the assets in a portfolio of mortgage bonds, which it then bet against. The investors lost billion.在曼哈顿对于前高盛家法布里·托雷尔的审讯正在进行中,其涉嫌进行券欺诈。据称,托雷尔先生未告知其产品投资者一家做空这些抵押贷款的对冲基金参与了产品的设计。导致投资者蒙受10亿美元的损失。A judge allowed a billion lawsuit, brought by the Justice Department and claiming that Standard amp; Poors intentionally misled investors, to proceed. The government alleges that Samp;P produced inflated ratings between 2004 and 2007 to please its clients in the financial industry.一位法官接受了一起涉案金额50亿的案件,原告是司法部,指控标准普尔蓄意误导投资者。该案件正在接受审理。政府控诉标准普尔在2004年到2007年期间为了取悦其金融业的客户,在评级中作假。A Chinese executive at GlaxoSmithKline appeared on state television giving details of what the government alleges to be graft at the drugmakers operations in the country. Four executives are accused of paying bribes to medical staff to entice them to sell GSKs products. GSK said its Chinese staff are expected to abide by the law and it had ;zero tolerance; for bribery.葛兰素史克公司的一位中国主管出现在中国国家电视台解释中国政府所说的运营中行贿的细节。四个主管被指控贿赂医药人员怂恿其销售葛兰素史克的产品。葛兰素史克表示其中国员工应该遵守法律,并且其对贿赂持零容忍态度。How Lou can you go?楼能走多远?Chinas economy slowed again, growing by 7.5% in the second quarter. The finance minister, Lou Jiwei, caused a stir when he reportedly said he expected GDP for the year to rise by 7%, which is below the governments 7.5% target (Mr Lous figure was rewritten by the state press to reflect the party line). With industrial production also slowing, some economists wonder whether it is time for them, too, to rewrite their forecasts.中国经济再次放缓,第二季度增幅仅为7.5%。财政部长楼继伟在其报告中表示他预期今年GDP的增长为7%,低于政府7.5%的目标,这引起了不小的震动。(为了跟党的方针相呼应,楼的数据被重新更正)。随着工业生产的放缓,一些经济学家开始思考:对他们来说,是不是也应该重新预测经济走势了?Googles effort to end an antitrust inquiry into its search business in Europe appeared to be in trouble when Joaquín Almunia, the EUs competition chief, declared that it had so far not done enough ;to overcome our concerns;. In April Google submitted several remedies to the EU to address complaints that it promotes its own services over those of its rivals in search results.谷歌试图结束欧洲对其搜索业务的反信任调查的努力再次陷入麻烦,欧盟竞争委员会主席Joaquín Almunia称谷歌到目前为止尚未做出足够措施来解除我们的担忧。四月,谷歌向欧盟递交了几项改进措施,并投诉其只是在竞争对手的搜索结果上推广其自身务。Yahoos earnings were mixed. The internet companys net income grew by half compared with the same quarter last year, to 1m, but revenue was down, as was the price it charges per ad. Investors expressed confidence, however, in Marissa Mayers strategy (she took over as chief executive a year ago), pushing the share price to a five-year high.雅虎公司的营收账目混乱不堪。与去年同一季度相比,这家互联网公司的净收入增长了50%,达到3.31亿美元,然而收益却由于每广告的收费下降而下降了。但是,投资者们都对玛丽莎·梅耶尔(于一年前接任雅虎首席执行官)的战略计划信心十足,雅虎股票已被推高至五年来的最高值。From dreams to nightmares从梦到梦魇Investigators looking at the cause of a fire on a parked Boeing Dreamliner at Heathrow airport found no initial evidence that the jets batteries were the source. Several charred components have come under scrutiny, including the planes emergency transmitter. All Dreamliners were grounded worldwide for three months earlier this year because of overheating batteries.对停在英国希斯罗机场的波音梦幻客机的起火原因,调查员表示,目前初步发现没有据表明电池是飞机起火的原因。包括飞机应急发射器在内的几个被烧焦的部件已经受到了严格的审查。今年早些时候,所有的梦幻客机由于电池组过热在全球范围内停飞三个月。In Argentina a joint venture was announced between Chevron and YPF, the state-run energy company, to develop the Vaca Muerta shale formation, one of the biggest outside North America. Vaca Muerta was discovered in 2010 when YPF was majority-owned by Spains Repsol. The venture with Chevron is YPFs first big deal since it was expropriated by the Argentine government last year.在阿根廷,由雪弗兰公司和一家阿根廷国营企业YPF组成的合资企业,宣称将开发瓦卡姆尔塔这个除北美外最大的页岩潜油层。瓦卡姆尔塔在2010年被发现,当时YPF的大部分股份由西班牙雷普索尔石油公司持有。这次与雪佛龙组成的合资公司是YPF自去年被阿根廷政府国有化以来首次大规模的交易。Bernie Ecclestone, the chief executive of the Formula One Group, was charged by a German court in a case over an alleged m bribe to a banker who was involved in the sale of the car-racing championship to CVC Capital in 2005. Mr Ecclestone has acknowledged the payment but insists he was being blackmailed and rejects the charge.一级方程式赛车的首席执行官伯尼·埃克莱斯顿因向一位家行贿4400万美元被德国一家法庭起诉。这位家曾在2005年参与私募股权基金公司对赛车锦标赛的收购案。埃克莱斯顿先生承认付了费用,然而坚持声称他遭到勒索并对控告表示抗议。Rossignol, a French ski-maker, was bought by Altor, a Swedish private-equity firm. The global ski market has gone downhill from its peak in the 1980s partly because more people are renting skis rather than buying them. The Nordic firm hopes to make Rossignol more profitable by expanding into outdoor wear, a strategy it tried with Helly Hansen, a Norwegian sports-apparel firm that had struggled before Altor bought it in 2006.法国滑雪板制造商金鸡被瑞典一家私营公司Altor收购。全球滑雪板市场在20世纪80年代经历高峰期,此后不断走下坡路。部分原因是越来越多的人选择租用滑雪板而不是自己购买。这家北欧公司试图通过拓展户外装备业务让金鸡盈利增加,其曾在挪威运动饰公司哈里汉森实施过这项战略,哈里汉森于2006年被Altor公司收购。201307/249858。