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Thirteen 请求代理并说明代理理由及代理能力 Part One. 351. We want to know if you could point us as your agent for the sale of your green tea. 我们想知道贵司能否指定我们作为贵司绿茶销售的代理352. If you are not aly represented here, we should be interested in acting as your sole agent. 如果贵司在这里没有代表的话,我们有兴趣做贵司的独家代理353.We should like to be pointed as your agent in our country. 我们想担任贵司在我国的指定代理354.We should be glad if you would consider our application to act as agent for sales of your plastic slippers. 如果贵司考虑我司担任贵司塑料拖鞋的销售代理的申请,我司将不甚感激355.If you none represented you here in London yet, we would like to act as your sole agent. 如果你们在伦敦还有没有代表的话,我们乐意做你们的独家代理356.As we have learned from our customer Mr. Harry that you are anxious to extend your activity in our market and you are not represented at present. We would like to recommend our company as a most suitable agent for your products. 从我们的顾客Harry先生那里荻悉,贵司想在我们的市场拓展业务,且贵司目前还没有代表。我们很乐意推荐我司作为贵司产品的最合适的代理商357.We are in a good position to be your sole agent. 担任贵司的独家代理,我们优势明显358.We require the agency in our market for your precision apparatus. 我们要求做贵司精密仪器在我们市场的代理359.We hoped that you will point our company as the soled distributor in Japan. 我们希望贵司愿意指定我司作为贵司在日本的独家经销商360.You can entrust us with the soled agency for your shirt in our country. 你们可以委托我司作为贵司衬衫在我国的独家代理商361.We ask to be the sole agent for your clock in our territory. 我们要求成为贵司钟表在我们国家的独家代理商362.We’d appreciated very much if you could give us the opportunity to act for you in this city. 如果贵司能提供机会让我们担任贵司在该城市的代理的话,我们将不胜感激。363.We can represent your chemical products if you agree. 若贵司同意,我们能代理贵司的化学产品364.We’d like to offer our service in the sale of your refrigerators. 我们很乐意在销售贵司冰箱方面尽绵薄之力365.We shall be very much pleased to act as your sole agent in China for your products. 若担任贵司产品在中国的独家代理,我们将非常高兴366.We are able to work as your sole agent because we have local knowledge and wide connections. 我们能够胜任担当贵司的独家,因为我们有本土化和广泛关系的优势367.We can be a good agent because we have a group of well trained salesman. 我们能够胜任代理,因为我们有一训练有互的销售队伍368.If we may have the honor to act as your sole agent in the sale of handy crafts in our territory . No doubts such ties will do good to expend our mutual trade. 如果我们能够担任贵司手工品在我们区域中的独家代理,拓展我们双方的贸易例如领带将没有任何问题369.If you can sign a sole agency agreements with us will double our turnover. 如果和我们签订独家代理协议的话,将会使销售额翻番370.If you make us your agent in China, we will try our best to push and publicize your products. 如果贵司让我们做贵司在中国代理的话,我们将尽最大努力来推进和宣传贵司的产品371.We have many advantages to act as your sole agent. 在担任贵司独家代理方面我司具有多面的优势372.We have sufficient canvassing abilities to be your sole agent. 我们有充分的调研能力来做贵司的独家代理373. We have enough positive experiences to act as your sole agent. 我们有足够的积极的经验来担任贵司的独家代理374.We trust that our experiences in foreign trade marketing will entitle us to your confidents. 我们自信我们在国际贸易市场的经历能够取得贵司的信任375.We believe that many years of our experiences in international trade will undoubtedly meet your requirement. 我们相信我们多年的国际贸易经验能够毫无疑问地符合贵司的要求376.The salesman in our company is well trained and have rich canvassing experience . 我司的销售人员训练有素,有丰富的调研经验377.It is our hope that after knowing our sales ability you will consider according us the exclusive selling right for your portable cassette recorders. 知道我们的销售能力后,我们希望贵司可以根据我们独有的销售能力来考虑贵司的便携式卡带机378. We have 30 years experience in agency and we believe that we could work up very satisfactory in pushing the sales of your products. 我们有30年的代理经验,我们相信在推进贵司产品方面能够让贵司满意379. We can assure you that we are well experienced in this line. 我们让你确信我们在这个行业经验丰富380. Which our rich experience in marketing your products in our city, we have the ability to increase the turnover to 50,000 $. 基于我们对贵司产品在我们市场上的丰富市场经验,我们有能力将营业额做到50,000美金 /200812/12177。

teachers pet 教师的宠儿;巴结领导者,领导的红人英文释义students who spends majority of their time fantasizing about work with their teacher例句Successful students might also be termed teachers pet attributing success to the teachers favor.优秀的学生还可能被贴上“老师的宠物”的标签,以示其成功来自教师的偏爱。 /201305/239532。

Welcome back to Business English Pod. This is the second part of our look at answering the phone and taking a message. In this lesson, we’ll focus on taking a message.欢迎回到商务英语播客,这是有关回电话和捎口信的第二部分,这节课中,我们来学习下捎口信。We’ll look at ways to ask someone to leave a message, information that should be included in a message, and how to offer help. You will also learn how to acknowledge, check back and confirm information that a caller gives you.我们来看下让某人留言的方法,情况应该包含在信息中,并包括如何提供帮助。你也会学到如何告知收到,核对并确认留言者提供给你的信息。Now, let’s rejoin Mark, who works for a company called Trivesco. He is calling a shipping company, Daneline, hoping to speak with someone named Sylvie Petersen. Sylvie is not there, so Mark has to leave a message with Amy, the receptionist.现在,我们重新加入为Trivesco公司工作的Mark。他正在给船舶公司Daneline打电话,希望和叫作Sylvie Petersen的人说话。Sylvie并不在哪儿,所以Mark必须把信息让接待员Amy传话。Listening Questions:1. How does the tone of Amy’s voice sound?2. What information does Mark include in his message?3. How does Amy make sure she has Mark’s phone number correct? /201104/132327。

big guns 高层领导人英文释义 (SLANG) Top management of an organization; leaders.例句The manager of our department always tries to solve a problem without having to bring in the big guns for advice.我们部门的经理总想在不征求高层领导人的意见的情况下解决问题。 /201405/290900。

星级典句:第一句: Ive studied all your reports.我已经看了贵公司的全部报告。A: Ive studied all your reports.我已经看了贵公司的全部报告。B: Oh, thats good.噢,太好了。A: Your company is making excellent progress.贵公司的业绩很不错。B: Thank you. Could you give us some suggestions?谢谢。能给我们些建议吗?第二句: What are your recommendations for my new organizational structure?请问您对我们新的组织结构有什么建议?A: What are your recommentdations for my new organizational strucure?请问您对我们新的组织结构有什么建议?B: Lets start with your operation here.从贵公司的运作谈起吧。A: OK.好的其他表达法:I would like to ask for your advice.我想征求一下你的意见。Could I ask for your advice?你能给喔i些建议吗?。

amalgam ---------- 混合物(名词)英文释义 (noun) A confused combination; an uneven mixture.例句 The young boys enthusiastic description of his holiday adventure was an amalgam of facts and imaginary events.这位年轻男孩对假日冒险的描述夹杂着事实与想象。 /201505/374368。

1.Can you lend me that book for a few days?  你能把那本书借给我几天吗?  重点词语:lend n.(短期)贷款 vt.借给,贷(款)  商务用语:lend money at interest 有息贷款  2.People have been punished for less.  人们因小事而受到惩罚。  重点词语:less adv.较少地,不及 n.较小 adj.少的  商务用语:less favourable currency 弱币  less privileged country 条件差的国家  3.I was level with my friend in the examination;we got the same number of marks.  我和我的朋友考试成绩一样,我们所得分数相同。  重点词语:level adj.齐平的,水平的;主持 n.水平,标准  商务用语:level annuity 定额年金  level off 达到平衡或稳定  4.The factory lies to the west of town.  工厂位于小镇西边。  重点词语:lie n.谎话,谎言 vi.位于 vt.说谎  商务用语:black lie 用心险恶的谎言  5.He devoted his whole life to the study of science.  他把一生献给了科学研究。  重点词语:life n.一生,生活,生命  商务用语:product life 产品寿命  life annuity 终身年 /200811/56400。

to rule the roost 当家(俚语)英文释义To be the unchallenged boss in a certain location, particularly a home.例句My uncle was an important executive at work, but my aunt ruled the roost at home, and he never questioned her judgment about any domestic matters.我叔叔在工作上是位重要的高管,但我婶婶当家,他从来不质疑婶婶在家庭事务上的任何意见。 /201305/238210。

Long time no see! A: Hi, Jim. How are you? I haven't seen you for a while.B: I'm fine. I've been out of town. I just got back.A: Where were you?B: I was in New York for a wedding. 好久没见A:嗨,吉姆。你好吗? 很久没有见到你啦 . B:我很好。我出了趟远门。刚回来。A:你去哪了?B:我去纽约参加了个婚礼。 /200811/56774。