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赣州中医院瘦腿针多少钱赣州脱唇毛Believe it or not, astrobiologist Penny Boston is searching for life on Mars by dropping deep into this heart of darkness. This is a lava tube, a subterranean cave formed by underground lava flows during volcanic eruptions that occurred thousands of years ago. And Boston has someone she wants us to meet. Sometimes they are in crevices. Sometimes they are kinda hard to see. Is this one, the scary monster reveals itself? Ah! There is one. Actually no. This is an extremophile. We are looking for what we astrobiologyists call extremophiles in this environment. That means that they are organisms that are living in very difficult conditions. In this particular case, these organisms are living in a very cold cave right around freezing. They are making their living without benefit of sunlight and there is almost nothing to eat in this cave. In recent years, scientists have discovered tenacious microorganisms living in all forms of extreme environments. So if on Earth, why not on Mars? We think that Mars is covered with lava tubes. We believe that by looking at organisms that live in these extreme circumstances on Earth, we can learn a lot about what to look for on Mars; and that, similar Martian organisms may be able to persist on Mars in places very similar to this lava tube. To find out, Dr. Boston has created her own little Mars environment biospheres, essentially exposing a range of microscopic Earth life forms to various elements to be expected on Mars. They have been subjected to Mars-like levels of high ultraviolet radiation, and Mars-like temperature cycles. We have given them atmosphere compositions from very low levels of carbon dioxide with nothing else to, perhaps, 1/10 the density of Earth's atmosphere, and tested them under those conditions. And so far, she's isolated 36 different strains of organism that thrive quite happily. So in theory at least, life could survive the harsh conditions of Mars except for one problem. There is one thing for sure that we know, and that is that all forms of life on our planet require liquid water. We don't know if that's going to be true on other planets. But we think that where there is going to be life, there is going to have to be water. 12/93268瑞金脂肪丰胸价格 Obama, McCain Clash Over Foreign Policy, Taxes奥巴马论外交 麦凯恩争取挽狂澜  In the U.S. presidential race Wednesday, Democrat Barack Obama focused on a new direction in foreign policy, while his Republican opponent, John McCain, looked to make a comeback in the polls. 在星期三的美国总统竞选活动中,民主党的奥巴马把精力集中在外交政策的新方向上,而他的共和党对手麦凯恩则在设法使民调反败为胜。Senator Obama convened a meeting of his foreign policy and national security advisers in Virginia. 奥巴马参议员召集他的外交政策和国家安全顾问们在维吉尼亚开会。Afterward, Obama told a news conference that he is up to the challenge of leading the ed States at a time of economic crisis at home and foreign policy challenges abroad.  会后,奥巴马在记者会上说,他有能力领导美国应对国内经济危机和外交政策的挑战。"We cannot afford four more years of policies that have failed to adjust to a new century," Obama said. "We are not going to defeat terrorist networks that operate in 80 countries through an occupation of Iraq. We are not going to deny the nuclear ambitions of Iran by refusing to pursue direct diplomacy alongside our allies."  他说:“我们不能再承受四年不适应新世纪需求的政策。我们不能通过占领伊拉克一个国家来击败在八十个国家开展行动的恐怖网络。我们不能与盟国一起拒绝通过直接外交手段来消除伊朗的核野心。”Obama repeated his pledge to bring a responsible end to the war in Iraq and shift more U.S. troops into Afghanistan, where he said the situation in grave. 奥巴马重申要以负责的态度来结束伊拉克战争,并把更多美国军人调遣到阿富汗去,他说阿富汗的局势十分危急。Obama was also asked about the recent comments of his vice presidential running mate, Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. 人们也问奥巴马有关他的竞选夥伴、德拉瓦州参议员拜登最近发表的。Biden predicted that Obama would face what he called a "generated crisis" if he became president, a comment Republican John McCain seized on to question Obama's iness to be commander in chief.  拜登预测,奥巴马如果当选总统,他会面临所谓“有意制造的危机”,而共和党候选人麦凯恩抓住这一说法来对奥巴马是否具备担任统帅的资格表示怀疑。"Whoever is the next president is going to have to deal with a whole host of challenges internationally," Obama said. "And a period of transition in a new administration is always one in which we have to be vigilant, we have to be careful, we have to be mindful that as we pass the baton in this democracy that others do not take advantage of it." 奥巴马说:“不论谁担任下届总统都将必须处理众多的国际问题。而且在新政府刚成立时的过渡阶段,我们务必具有高度的警惕性,我们在这个民主体制中进行交接班的阶段也得小心谨慎,别让他人乘机钻空子。”Obama also rejected complaints from Republicans that the Obama tax plan is a form of socialism. Obama said it was not a plausible argument because no one accused McCain of being a socialist in 2000 when McCain initially opposed President Bush's tax cuts for wealthy Americans. McCain was busy trying to spark yet another political comeback in one of his favorite states - New Hampshire. 麦凯恩正在他所喜爱的州之一新罕普什尔州设法激励选民。McCain's victory in this year's New Hampshire primary in January put him on course to win the Republican Party's presidential nomination. He also won the New Hampshire primary against then Texas Governor George Bush in 2000.  麦凯恩今年一月在新罕普什尔州初选中的胜利把他引上赢得共和党总统候选人提名的道路。2000年他也在新罕普什尔州的初选中击败了当时的德克萨斯州州长布什。"It does not matter what the pundits think or how confident my opponent is," McCain said. "The people of New Hampshire make their own decisions. And more than once, they have ignored the polls and the pundits and brought me across the finish line first. I cannot think of any place I would rather be as Election Day draws close than running an underdog campaign in the state of New Hampshire!"  麦凯恩说:“不论那些权威怎么想,也不管我的对手有多自信,新罕普什尔州的人民自有主张。他们已不止一次无视民调结果和权威论断,让我成为冲过终点线的先锋。在选举日即将来临的时刻,我除了来到新罕普什尔之外,不可能会想到任何其它地方去开展处于劣势的竞选!”But public opinion polls suggest that McCain will have to climb out of a deep hole. Several recent national surveys give Obama a double-digit lead over McCain, and McCain trails in several key swing states - states that are competitive for both campaigns - that could be decisive in the electoral vote count on November 4. 但是民调结果显示麦凯恩将难以反败为胜。最近几项全国调查显示奥巴马以双位数的百分点领先于麦凯恩,而且麦凯恩在几个关键的战场州也落后奥巴马,这些州是两位候选人激烈争夺的地盘,它们可能在十一月四号的大选中在选举团票数上起决定作用。In New Hampshire, McCain continued to criticize Obama's tax plan as an obstacle to economic growth and he questioned Obama's iness to be president. 麦凯恩在新罕普什尔继续批评奥巴马的税务政策是经济增长的障碍,并且对奥巴马担任总统的资格表示怀疑。"We face many enemies in this dangerous world and many challenges here at home. The next president will not have time to get used to the office," McCain said. "He cannot invite testing from the world. He will have to act immediately." 他说:“在这个危险的世界上,我们面对许多敌人,在国内也面临许多考验。下届总统不会有时间来适应总统职位。他不能在全球事务中进行尝试。他必须当机立断。”With less than two weeks to go in the campaign, political experts caution that there still could be some sort of "October Surprise" - an unanticipated outside event that could shake up the race to McCain's benefit.But longtime political observer Tom DeFrank of the New York Daily News says the pivotal event in this year's campaign likely aly happened. "I think if Obama is the next president, we are all going to be writing that the 'October Surprise,' the Hurricane Katrina, if you will, was the economy because that is what, at least as of today, has crippled McCain's candidacy," DeFrank said.The McCain campaign finds itself on the defensive trying to hold states like Missouri, Indiana and North Carolina that traditionally support Republican presidential candidates. 但是,民调显示麦凯恩的竞选处于守势,正在努力保住像密苏里、印第安纳和北卡罗来纳之类传统上持共和党总统候选人的州。Obama has made inroads in several swing states that could vote for either candidate, including Colorado and New Mexico, and he is focused on winning larger competitive states like Ohio and Florida that often determine the outcome of presidential elections. 奥巴马已在几个动摇不定的州取得进展,例如科罗拉多州和新墨西哥州。而且他目前正集中精力赢取竞争激烈的大州,诸如俄亥俄州和佛罗里达州,这些州往往决定总统选举的成败。200810/53771Space aliens and extraterrestrials have long been popular subjects of Hollywood movies and science fiction literature. But the idea of intelligent life in outer space is no longer limited to fiction. 外星人和天外来客长期以来一直是好莱坞电影和科幻小说的题材。不过,外空存在智慧生命的想法不再局限于虚构作品当中了。For the last 50 years, scientists and astronomers have been training their telescopes into space in the search for signs of intelligent life. Frank Drake is a trailblazer in that quest.过去50年来,科学家和宇航员们一直在用他们的望远镜观察宇宙空间,搜索智慧生命的迹象。弗兰克.德雷克就是这样一位探索者。SpellboundOrson Wells' famous War of the Worlds radio broadcast in 1938 scared millions of Americans into believing earth was being invaded by Martians. But not a young Frank Drake. Rather than being fearful at the thought of aliens, he was captivated.奥尔森.维尔1938年创作的著名广播剧星球大战吓坏了千百万美国人,他们以为地球正遭到火星人的侵犯。不过,8岁的弗兰克.德雷克想到外星人,不但不害怕,反而着迷了。"My father told me there were other planets in space like the earth and this excited me," he says. "I was eight years old and this meant that a planet like where I lived with people like me and houses like me and eating food like I ate. The idea of there being other creatures in space is fascinating."他说:“我父亲告诉我,在太空里有类似地球的其他星球。这让我好激动。那年我8岁,想到还有一个像我居住的那样的星球,有跟我一样的人,一样的房子,吃我吃的那些食物,想到太空里还有其他生命,太令人着迷了。”201102/126565宁都县改脸型的费用

赣州鼻翼整形的效果Its 3 friends with gourmet taste on a search for the perfect cup of coffee that help jump-start the whole specialty coffee revolution in the US. In 1971 after trying the coffee in cafés from Berkeley to Vancouver, Jerry Baldwin and his partners opened up their own little coffee bean shop in Seattles Pike Place Market and they named it after the coffee drinking first mate in Moby Dick, Starbuck.It was instantly successful and I became the person who was the roaster and the coffee buyer and it just got into my blood.Now since the brewing and the pressing of the caffeinated coffee bean, some pretty heavy-hitters have been hidding at the coffee house scene.With over 12,000 locations worldwide, Starbucks has got into a lot of peoples blood.And talking that bohemian rag, even at starbucks. All-it revolution, its clearly evolution. And talking that bohemian rag.I joined Starbucks in 1982 when we were opening our fourth store, believe it or not. The epiphany for me though was when I was actually sent by Starbucks to Italy and became enamored with the Italian coffee bar and how they brought coffee to life as the theatrical presentation, the extension of peoples homes, and since Starbucks only sold whole bean or ground coffee for the home, I raced back from Italy with this wonder in my eye about recreating the Italian coffee bar in my own image and bringing it to America.After returning to the US, Howard Schultzs goal is to create, and then expand the Starbucks coffee house experience, Jerry Baldwin chooses to stick with roasting and acquires Peets of Berkeley.Italians have been serious about making coffee for hundreds of years. At Italys famous Illy Cafe, a specialty is cappuccino, a classic blend of the Espresso and steamed milk named after the brown robes of Capuchin monks. Owner Ernesto Illy knows how far coffee has come from its ancient methods of preparation, and he credits the impatience of Italians for the discovery of espresso.In Naples, some people are impatient, and one guy who had a friend in Milano, he said, ;listen, can you make it a little faster, I have to wait the 6 or 8 minutes to have my cup of coffee. Put some pressure on them, and the guy put some pressure, and this was the beginning of espresso.201001/94125定南县激光祛痘多少钱 Homeland Security Chief: Bush Has Kept America Safe美国土安全部长赞布什安全政策  Outgoing U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says the fact that U.S. territory has not been attacked since September 11, 2001, is the central accomplishment of his four years in office. Chertoff credits the policies of U.S. President George Bush with keeping America safe from further attacks. 即将离任的美国国土安全部部长切尔托夫表示,美国国土自2001年9/11事件后没有遭到攻击是他在任4年最主要的成绩。切尔托夫将功劳归于布什总统让美国安全免遭进一步攻击的政策。Michael Chertoff told an audience at Washington's Georgetown University Thursday he is proud of having helped to guard against acts of terrorism.  切尔托夫星期四在乔治城大学演讲时表示,他对能够协助同恐怖主义进行斗争感到骄傲。"In the dark days immediately following September 11th, when the smoke was still emanating from the smoldering fires underneath the World Trade Center, no one would have predicted that there would have been no successful attack on American soil in the following seven years," he said. 他说:“在9/11之后的黑暗日子里,当世界贸易大楼的废墟仍然烟雾迷漫的时候,没有人能够预测在未来7年里美国领土不会出现更多的恐怖袭击。”Chertoff says the absence of attacks since 2001 is a direct result of President Bush's anti-terrorism policies. 切尔托夫说,自2001年以来没有再发生恐怖袭击,是布什总统反恐政策的直接结果。One of those policies is the U.S.A. Patriot Act, an act of Congress Mr. Bush signed into law in 2001, broadening government powers to conduct surveillance and gather intelligence. While some provisions of the legislation have been controversial, Chertoff says the Patriot Act has enhanced his agency's ability to protect the country. 其中之一的政策是国会和布什总统于2001年签署的爱国法,扩大了政府进行侦测和收集情报的权力。切尔托夫说,虽然这项法律的某些条款引起争议,但是这项爱国法还是加强了国土安全部保护美国的能力。"I would not wish on anybody who has the responsibility to protect the American people, and to look into the eyes of people who lost loved ones in terrorist attacks, as have done, I would not wish on them having to put a blindfold back on so they could not adequately assure the public and themselves that everything possible was being done to protect America," he said. 切尔托夫说:“我不希望任何有责任保护美国人民的人像过去一样去面对那些在恐怖攻击中失去亲人者的眼睛,我不希望他们被戴上眼罩而无法使用各种可能的手段来确保美国民众和他们自己。”Chertoff, who is the second Homeland Security secretary, says the creation of the cabinet-level department in 2003 was a revolutionary move to coordinate U.S. law enforcement. 身为国土安全部第二任部长的切尔托夫说,于2003年成立这个内阁级的国土安全部是协调美国执法机构的一个革命性举措。"The purpose was not simply to create a new department," he said. "It was to have one place where the overarching mission would be [to] protect all of our air, sea and land against people coming in to do dangerous things, and then work to protect the internal infrastructure - something that had never been done before - by analyzing and managing the risk, in partnership with the private sector." 他说:“目的不是为了成立一个新的部。目的是为了成立一个机构来统筹负责抵挡所有打算借由海陆空进入美国从事破坏的人,从而保护美国内部的基础设施,这是过去从来没有做过的事,借由分析和预防危险因素,并且和民间组织合作。”Janet Napolitano, the governor of the Southwestern state of Arizona, has been named by President-elect Barack Obama to succeed Chertoff as Homeland Security Secretary. Chertoff says he is sure that she will continue the legacy of success. 美国亚利桑那州州长纳波里塔诺已经被当选总统奥巴马提名担任新的国土安全部部长,接替即将离任的切尔托夫。切尔托夫表示,他肯定纳波里塔诺会继续他们的工作。"I have perfect confidence in the dedication of my successor and the new administration," he said. "I believe they are as dedicated as we to protecting Americans. And I believe they will want to carry on and discharge this most important obligation with as much vigor as we did." 他说:“我对我的继任者和新政府的努力有十足信心。我相信他们会和我们一样保护美国人民。而且我相信他们将会执行并且会像我们所做的一样,全力以赴。”Chertoff cautioned, however, that serious security threats remain. He says that point was vividly underscored by last month's deadly attacks in Mumbai, India, which he says were skillfully coordinated and particularly targeted toward financial centers and Americans. 但是无论如何,切尔托夫也警告说,严重的安全威胁依然存在。他表示,这可以由上个月印度孟买的死亡袭击得到鲜明的印。200812/59302赣州丽人整形美容医院开双眼皮多少钱

赣州九四医院绣眉手术多少钱Cell Phone Artist At Work Artist Brett Rogers has created more than 60 images on his cell phone by using a drawing pad application. Rogers tells KCCI's Steve Karlin that it is a great way for artists to practice but no one knows about it. Des Moines, the technical center.Inside It is an artist dream...To my acknowledges, Tt's just this far.A place where plenty of people painted plenty of pretty pictures.What i've done is I have used the rainbow tool to get this / turquoise ....including, Brett Rogers"yep,just me and my cell phone on my lunch break." This specific phone is the Verizon LG Dare ."I learned back in the summer that LG put a drawing pad in here."Rogers says he may just be the only cell phone artist in the world.This is a great oppotunity for me to practise anywhere I go.The canvas is / compact.An inch and a half by an inch of three quarters.But with just six basic colors Rogers had created more than sixty images.It's got a very limited pallet,but there is also a tool on it, that allows you to get / an extend / colour range.So I can actually do / things that almostly painted.He wants / Verizon to take the advantages of the underused art specific application.But (if) they remarked in that way i think that would attract much bigger audience.So he recently assembled this poster/ and sent it to the company headquarters in New Jersey.So with this sells more phones for Verizon .There has to be something on brand Verizon,right"Yeah,there is ,but it is not really very much."If I get the free cell phone usage for my familly out ofthis,I am good.That 've done the work for me.Until Verizon anwers artist Brett Rogers ."I think,I've just about / got it."will keep bringing up pretty pictures on his phone.Yep,I am done.参考中文翻译:艺术家Brett Rogers利用手机上的绘画板程序创作出来60多幅画。Rogers对 KCCI的Steve Karlin说,这是艺术家练习的好方法。但是基本上没有人知道。Des Moines来自技术中心。他内心有这艺术家的梦想……据我所知,仅仅如此而已。在这里,每个人都可以绘制足够的图画。我所做的只是用虹工具来绘制出土耳其玉而已……包括,Brett Rogers“是的,仅仅是我在午餐时间用手机绘制而已。”这个特别的手机就是Verizon LG Dare。“夏天的时候我得知LG的手机有绘画板的功能。”Rogers说或许他是世界上唯一的手机绘画艺术家。这对我来说是一个好机会,因为无论我走到哪里,都可以画,它相当于压缩了的画布,仅仅1.75英寸长,1.5英寸宽。但是仅仅用6种颜色,Rogers就创作出来60多幅画。颜料板的颜色非常有限,但是它提供了一个工具,可以让你获得扩展到颜色范围。所以我可以绘制我想画的任何东西。他希望VerizonVerizon能够充分利用没有被充分利用的这个特殊的艺术软件程序但是他们说,如果这样的话,这个方法会吸引更多的观众。所以最近他们制作了这张海报寄送到Verizon在新泽西的总部。这样Verizon就能够买掉更多的手机。这对Verizon的品牌有重要意义,对吗?“是的,是会有,但是并不是那么大的影响。”如果我能够由于这件事为我的家人获取免费的手机 ,我就做了件好事了。这就是这件事对我的作用。但是要等到Verizon对Brett Rogers 的答复才得知。“我想我应该会得到的。”他一定还会继续在手机上创作更多的图画。200811/57018 Space exploration太空探索The end of the Space Age太空时代的结束Inner space is useful. Outer space is history 研究内太空才有用,让外太空研究成为历史Jun 30th 2011 | from the print edition HOW big is the Earth? Any encyclopedia will give you an answer: its equatorial diameter is 12,756km, or, for those who prefer to think that way, 7,926 miles. Ah, but then there is the atmosphere. Should that count? Perhaps the planet’s true diameter is actually nearer 13,000km, including all its air. But even that may no longer be an adequate measure. For the Earth now reaches farther still. The vacuum surrounding it buzzes with artificial satellites, forming a sort of technosphere beyond the atmosphere. Most of these satellites circle only a few hundred kilometres above the planet’s solid surface. Many, though, form a ring like Saturn’s at a distance of 36,000km, the place at which an object takes 24 hours to orbit the Earth and thus hovers continuously over the same point of the planet.地球有多大?任何一本百科全书都会给你:赤道直径是12,756公里,或者,用英里来表达7,926英里。嗯,但是大气层有多大呢?也能计算吗? 包括空气(大气层)在内,地球的直径可能接近13,000公里。甚至连这个数据也不够充分。因为现在地球的变化太大(远离平静的状态)。包围大气层的外部空间人造卫星来去匆匆,形成一个在大气层外面的所谓技术层。大部分卫星绕行高度离地球地表仅几百公里。然而,在距地球36,000公里的轨道上物体绕转地球一周的时间为24小时,这个物体飞行时持续面对的是地球上的不变的同一个点,这样许多地球同步卫星的运行会形成一个类似的土星环。Viewed this way, the Earth is quite a lot larger than the traditional textbook answer. And viewed this way, the Space Age has been a roaring success. Telecommunications, weather forecasting, agriculture, forestry and even the search for minerals have all been revolutionised. So has warfare. No power can any longer mobilise its armed forces in secret. The exact location of every building on the planet can be known. And satellite-based global-positioning systems will guide a smart bomb to that location on demand.从这个方面看,地球比传统的教科书上的回答其实要大很多。这样看来,太空时代已经有了相当的成功。电信业,天气预测,农业,林业,甚至是在矿藏搜寻方面都有了彻底变革。战争也同样如此,再也没有政府能秘密地调兵遣将。这颗星球上的每一幢建筑物的位置都能被精确掌握。基于卫星的全球定位系统能按要求指引智能炸弹到达目标。201107/143344赣州俪人医疗美容激光祛痘手术多少钱赣州哪个埋线双眼皮医院好



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