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So when an ex-Jesuit called Titus Oates因此当名为提图斯·奥兹的前耶稣会信徒concocted a pack of lies about a plot to murder the king,捏造了一系列暗杀国王的谎言invite a French invasion and create a Catholic state under James,散布谣言称法国入侵 并要扶持詹姆斯建立一个天主教英国时he tripped the Guy Fawkes alert.他掀起了又一场;盖伊·福克斯阴谋; And when the magistrate investigating the charges当地方官调查这项指控时was found mysteriously murdered on Primrose Hill,他被发现 离奇地死于普林姆斯山 it seemed obvious that Oates knew what he was talking about.很明显奥茨所言非虚It set the jittery country right over the edge.这使得已经不安的国家 彻底爆发Anti-Catholic violence swept the country.反天主教的怒火横扫整个国家Riots, burnings, lynch mobs, kangaroo courts.暴乱四起 火光冲天 私刑泛滥For some politicians, the ugly mood of the country was a golden opportunity to press their favourite cause.对于一些政客来说 整个国家的紧张局面 却是他们实现一己私欲的最佳时机James, Duke of York,should never be allowed to sit on the throne.詹姆斯 约克公爵 将永远不能登上王位He had to be excluded.他必须被驱逐Anything to stop the cycle of religious wars from breaking out again.只要能够阻止 宗教战争在英国重演It was an extraordinary crisis in the history of the British monarchy.对于英国的君主政体 这无疑是一场巨大的危机For it stake were not only the lives of hundreds of those victimised by all the lies and hysteria,这次的赌注不仅仅是被谎言冲昏头脑的 无辜人们的生命but the fate of the polity itself.而是整个政体的命运Because to concede exclusion was to accept parliament had the right to judge who was fit or unfit to occupy the throne.因为同意放逐 也就是承认议会有权决定 谁能来登上王位And that was a concession Charles II was absolutely not about to make.而这个让步是查理二世 绝对不能接受的 /201704/505959

It was the confession of her musician,Mark Smeaton, extracted under torture,她的乐师 马克·斯米顿 在严刑逼供下的供词that supplied the fig leaf of legality for Cromwells judicial murders.为克伦威尔裸的谋杀提供了合法的遮羞布It was enough to send all five of Annes so-called lovers to the block.这足以将安妮的五个所谓情人送上断头台Thomas Wyatt, swept up in a wave of arrests,but spared prosecution,托马斯·怀亚特在逮捕中难以幸免 却未被指控saw them die, peering through a grating of his cell in the bell tower.他扒着塔中牢房的栅栏 亲眼目睹他们被处死The bell tower showed me such a sight that in my head sticks day and night,在钟塔里所见之景 日夜在我脑海中挥之不去That did I learn out the grate, for all favour, glory or might,That yet circa regna Tonat.我见识了牢窗栅栏外的宠幸 荣耀与强权 还有那风云变幻的王座Two days later, it was Annes turn.两天后 安妮亦在劫难逃As a special privilege,an expert swordsman had been brought over from France to do the job.作为特别待遇 一名法国剑术高手被请来执行刑罚I heard say the executioner is very good,Anne told the constable at the Tower.听说行刑人的技术不错 安妮在塔里对狱警如是说And I have a little neck.And then she put her hands around her throat and burst out laughing.而且我脖子还这么细 随即把手放在她的喉咙处 放声大笑When news of Annes execution reached Dover,it was said the candles in the towns church spontaneously ignited.当安妮被处刑的消息传到多佛 传说塔内教堂的蜡烛 居然自燃了For the vast majority of the country,which despite the break with Rome still regarded itself as Catholic,对于广大国民而言 尽管与罗马决裂 但他们仍自视为天主教国家her death seemed like a long overdue judgement on those they called heretics and twopenny bookmen.她的死似乎是对那些 微不足道的异教徒书商迟到的报应 /201701/487343

Tapping the wires is surprisingly simple.窃取光纤信息极其简单The data carried by the fibre-optic cable只需要将光纤传递的信息just needs to be diverted.进行改道A fibre-optic cable signal is a beam of light光纤信号就是一束光travelling down a cable made from glass.这束光穿过了玻璃材质的线缆Pulses of light represent脉冲光束代表着the pieces of information travelling across the internet,穿梭于互联网中的信息which is the e-mails, the web pages,例如电子邮件 网页everything thats going over the internet.所有经过互联网的信息Every 50 miles or so, that signal becomes sufficiently weak每八十千米左右 这个信号就会变得极其弱that it needs to be repeated,因此它需要被加强and this is the weak spot.而这就是薄弱点And its very easy to insert an optical tap at that point.在这一薄弱点安插拦截设备极其简单And thats just what GCHQ did.英国情报机构政府通信总部就这么做的A device was placed into the beam of data在数据流中安插一个设备which created a mirror image of the millions of e-mails,建立镜像 其中包括每秒钟经过光纤的web searches and internet traffic数以百万计的电子邮件passing through the cables every second.网页搜索和网络通讯信息重点解释:1.a beam of light 一束光例句:A beam of light generated by a laser.由激光器发出的一束光。2.be made from ... 由 ... 制成例句:Water can be made from oxygen and hydrogen.水是由氧和氢组成。3.go over 检查;重做例句:Lets just go over these figures again.我们再检查一下这些数字吧。201612/482141


Im in Georgia, heading into dense forest,我身在格鲁吉亚 向着浓密的森林进发home to wolves, bears, and some of the toughest terrain this former Soviet Union Republic has to offer.这里是狼群 黑熊的巢穴 地势险要 是一片前苏联政权也垂涎的领地Im now firmly in the wooded belt here.我现在身居茂林深处Oh, yeah. Look at these mountains.They are still huge.看看这些山群 还是如此高大The thing is, you know, I look at this sort of place,我看着眼前的景象and what I see is just life, you know?This is where the animals are gonna be.You got water.想到的只有活命 懂我的意思吗 这里是动物们的家 有水源You got protection amongst the trees from the weather.有树木做庇护免受天气变化之苦I look at it, and I know that I can survive here.看着这一切 我就觉得我可以在此幸存This is a rich hunting ground. Good news for me.好消息是 这是绝佳的狩猎场 But bad news is that Im not the only predator here.但坏消息是 我不是唯一的猎人Look.Its definitely carnivore poo, this.瞧 这肯定是食肉动物的粪便Theres only two carnivores in this forest and thats bear and wolves.这片森林里只有两种食肉动物 熊和狼And its definitely not a bear. Look.You see the tapered ends to this.这肯定不是熊的粪便 快看 你可以看到粪便的末端呈锥形You can actually see what hes been feeding off.甚至看得出他都吃了些啥All of the hair,probably sheep,maybe goat hair.这些毛发--可能是羊 也可能是山羊的毛发You know, what it tells me theres definitely wolves in this area.也就是说 这片绝对有狼出没But theyre gonna be smarter than I am.而且它们比我要聪明You know, theyre gonna be watching me long before Im gonna spot them.Okay. Lets keep going.它们对的我虎视眈眈 远远早于我辨认出它们的踪迹 好吧 前进Even though were in the woods now,the terrain hasnt got any easier.虽说我们在森林里 地形还是很难走These forest are defined by endless, deep gorges with treacherous, steep-sided valleys.Getting much steeper here.林径通幽之处 却危机四伏 陡峭的河谷就藏匿其中 这里愈加险峻了201704/505232

For Edwards attempt to pound the nations of Britain Into a united super-state因为爱德华曾试图把不列颠各小国 统一成联合王国Ended up just reinforcing their acute sense of difference.结果却让各族间的隔阂更加深重The hammer that Edward had taken to the scots had rebounded fatally against his dream of a reborn Britannia.爱德华对苏格兰人所采取的强硬手腕 反而使自己构建大不列颠联合王国的美梦遭受重创For the cost of all those endless marches and mile upon mile of castle walls was political as well as financial.无尽战争的巨大消耗 连绵不绝的围城高墙 使政治和经济的发展双双受阻It meant parliament was more, not less,necessary to government of England.这说明议会对于英格兰政府而言 不是无关紧要的 而是至关重要的It was parliament which had to agree on how to foot the bills.And how big those bills ought to be.议会决定了经费的使用方向 以及经费的大小额度Edward II of course completely failed to bring any attention to this new reality.显然爱德华二世完全 无视了这一新的现实情况Falling back on rule by favourites,Edward made himself an alien in his own land.以个人喜好来统治国家 爱德华终把自己变成了孤家寡人The nobility failed to remove him,but his wife succeeded.贵族们没能让他下台 但他的妻子做到了Legend has it that he was killed in Berkeley castle From a hot iron thrust up his rectum.传说他在伯克利城堡被杀 被一根烧红的铁条插入直肠Edwards murder was proof that the king could be removed,even physically disposed of, if he betrayed the community.爱德华之死说明如果国王背叛人民 不光会下台 甚至还会丧命But England would get a new king More the heir to Edward the first than the second.但英格兰终究会有新的国王 更多地继承了爱德华一世的衣钵 而非爱德华二世Edward III knew he couldnt achieve anything simply by acts of brutal, imperial will.但爱德华三世知道他再也不能 用残暴的帝国幻想来统治国家Hed learned something from the long wars of Plantagenet Britain,他从金雀花王朝长期的战争中学到了一些东西And what hed learned was that his power depended not just on force,but on consent他知道他的权力 不仅仅取决于武装力量 还需要各种认同On the consent of his barons and his churchmen,On the consent of parliament,On the consent of the English community of the realm.理事会和教会的认同 议会的认同 以及英国上下各界的认同Not for the first and not for the last time,It would take the rest of Britain to teach England just how to be a nation.这不是第一次 也不会是最后一次 在与不列颠其他民族的战与和中 英格兰才能真正明白国家二字的含义 /201611/476682

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