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Hi, Brad. I havent seen you here before!Brad,我以前没在这里见过你!Hi, Kelly. Oh, yeah? I come here regularly every other morning.Kelly。是吗?我每隔一个早上都会定期来这里。Oh, right. I usually come in the evening, but I just joined a few weeks ago.难怪,我通常是晚上来,不过我是前几个星期才加入的.Im trying to get into shape for the summer.我想在夏天来临前把身体练好。Oh, good. Are you following a routine?哦,不错。你有固定的运动项目吗?Yes, Im doing abs and thighs, and some work on the mats, then I do half an hour of jogging to work up a good sweat.有,我会练腹肌和大腿,在垫子上做一些伸展运动,然后慢跑半小时,让身体痛快地流一场汗。What about you? You look pretty buff.你呢?你看起来体格很棒。Oh, really? Thanks. Well, Im just doing my normal workout.噢,真的吗?谢谢。我只做普通的运动而已。Im trying to increase the number of reps Im doing on this machine, as I want to strengthen my lower back.我试着增加在这台机器上锻炼的次数,因为我想要强化我的下背部。Ive added some more weights, so its kind of hard at the moment because Im not used to it.我多加了一些重量,我还没习惯,所以目前有点费力。I also need to bum off some of last nights beer, so Im going to run a couple of miles on the tmill.我还要把昨晚喝的一些啤酒消耗掉,所以我打算在跑步机上跑个几英里。Wow, you sound really into it.哇,听起来你真是投入。Its really good for working off stress, isnt it, coming here?来这里缓解压力是特别棒的事,对吧?Well, sometimes its hard to maintain motivation, especially if youre really busy,嗯,保持动力有时候还挺难的,尤其是很忙的时候。but its important to find a routine that works for you and stick to it.但重点在于,要找一项对自己有用的固定运动,然后持之以恒。Yeah, dont give in, right.没错,不要一曝十寒。You got it. Also, dont forget to warm up properly; otherwise youll hurt yourself, and. cool down afterwards, too.说得对.此外,不要忘了适度地热身,否则会受伤,而且事后还要做放松运动。Thats good advice. Well, catch you later.这个建议不错。好了,待会儿见。You too. Enjoy your workout.也是。好好练!You too.你也是. /201608/456008

Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Barber:How would you like your hair cut?你想把头发剪成什么样?George:Don’t cut it too short on the sides and the back. Just trim it a little。两边和后面不要剪太短。只要稍微修一下就好了。Barber:How about on top?那头顶呢?George:You can thin the top out a little, just a little。头顶部分可以打薄一点,不过只剪一点就好。Barber:You got it。好的。George:Say, my hair is kind of oily. Dandruff bothers me a lot. I’ve tried several shampoos, but to no avail. Could you recommend something effective?对了,我的头发有点油,而且头皮屑也让我很烦。我试过好几种洗发水了,但是都没用。你能推荐个有效的吗?Barber:Well, have you tried Head and Shoulders? I recommend it to all of my clients with your problem and they think it’s great。嗯,你试过海飞丝没有?我把它推荐给我所有和您有同样问题的客户,他们用了都说不错。George:Thanks. I’ll try it。谢谢,我会试试看的Barber:And you can try Vidal Sassoon’s hair tonic. It’s used after you wash your hair. It’ll keep your hair clean-looking and oil-free。另外您也可以试试维达.沙宣的护发素。洗完头之后使用。可以使你的头发看起来清爽不油腻。George:I’ll try that, too. Thank you。那我也要试试看。谢谢你了。Barber:It’s done. That will be five dollars and thirty cents。头发理好了。五美元三十美分。重点句子:您想把头发剪成什么样的?How would you like your hair cut?我想把头发分一下。I want my hair parted。您想把头发剪掉多少?How much do you want me to take off?请把头顶的头发再剪掉一点。Please take a little more off the top。要(者)哩还是营养水?Hair gel or hair tonic?稍微修剪一下就好。Just trim it a little。顶上要打薄一点。Thin out the top, please。留长一点。Leave it long。我的头发靠左边分。I wear my part to the left。我想留披肩发。I want to wear shoulder-length hair。 /201501/356065

Adrienne: What was it like to take her to the vet?埃德里安娜:带洛基去看兽医时发生了什么?Lisa: Taking her to the vet was incredibly scary because it was obvious that there was something wrong, and it was probably six or seven oclock in the morning so it was very early. I didnt know where there was an emergency vet, so I called a couple of friends, woke them up, and made them help me, made them help me find an emergency vet that would service us and finally we found one. Took her there, and it happened to be the most expensive vet in the city, so we went into the vet, and they took x-rays and after about two or three hours they said that they were going to hold her for observation, but they said her condition was quite serious and that she would probably need to have an operation. After two days of her staying in the vet, the doctor confirmed that she was going to need and operation, and the operation was going to cost three thousand dollars.莉莎:带它去看兽医时非常吓人,因为明显能感觉到它受了伤,当时是清晨六点或七点左右。我不知道哪里有兽医急诊,所以我给几个朋友打电话,叫醒他们,让他们帮我找兽医急诊,最后我们找到了一家急诊。我们带洛基去了那里,那刚好是那座城市里最贵的兽医院,我们进去以后,他们给洛基拍了X光,两三个小时以后他们说洛基要留在医院观察,不过他们说洛基的伤势非常严重,可能要动手术。洛基在兽医院待了两天以后,医生确诊它需要进行手术,手术费是3000美元。Adrienne: Oh, my goodness.埃德里安娜:哦,我的天哪。Lisa: Not only that, those two days in the vet cost fifteen hundred dollars, so at that time I had just moved out. I didnt have a lot of cash, so I went to... I took Rocky to a vet where her friend takes her animals to and he kept her there for observation and said that if the cat is able to eventually go to the bathroom on her own, the cat will recover and heal herself, and there wont be a need for an operation, so I was very concerned that, first of all, she wouldnt be able to go to the bathroom, and if she couldnt then I would have to put her to sleep, so after ten days, she recovered incredibly well, she was trying to start and walk again. It was obvious that she was going to survive and a year later she is a very energetic, slightly crazy, like you can never tell she fell off a balcony four stories.莉莎:不仅仅是这样,洛基留在兽医院观察的那几天花了1500美元,所以当时我就带洛基离开了那家医院。因为我没有那么多现金,之后我带洛基去了我朋友带她的宠物去的兽医诊所,把洛基留在那里观察,他们说如果洛基能自己去卫生间,那它就能自己康复,不用进行手术,所以我非常担心,因为首先,它不能自己去卫生间,如果它一直不能做到自己上卫生间,那我只能让它安乐死,不过十天以后,洛基恢复的非常好,它开始重新走路了。显然这表明它会活下来,一年之后,它已经充满活力,不过稍微有些疯狂,你绝对想不到它曾经从四楼的阳台摔了下去。Adrienne: Four stories she fell.埃德里安娜:它是从四楼摔下去的。Lisa: Four stories.莉莎:对,四楼。Adrienne: Wow, I wouldnt have guessed it. She looks very healthy now.埃德里安娜:哇,真是看不出来。它现在非常健康。 译文属 /201509/396662

  12. Rounding It Up 四舍五入A: I have a 89.5%.A:我得了89.5分。B: Okay, so what?B:好的,所以呢?A: Its really close to an A.A:这已经很接近A了。B: You know I dont round up.B:你知道我没有四舍五入。A: But I really need a 4.0 GPA.A:但我真的需要4分的平均成绩。B: You get what you deserve.B:你得到了你应得的。A: I know I deserve an A. I always do great work and participate.A:我知道我应该得A。我的工作和参与一直都做的很好。B: I cant change it.B:我不能改。A: Please? Ill wash your car.A:求你了?我会帮你洗车。B: Are you bribing me?B:你是在贿赂我吗?A: I just want an A.A:我只是想得A。B: Ill give you a C if you dont leave now. B:如果你现在不离开,我会给你个C。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201509/401080

  讲解文本:be a good sport 做个有风度的人,有雅量When you lose the game, try to be a good sport.当你的输掉比赛时,一定要保持风度。Is he a good sport when he plays mahJong?他打麻将时能保持风度吗?疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201701/488751。





  我刚刚从一个采访现场回来。我们的嘉宾介绍了她有关中东地区冲突的一本新书。拍摄完成后,我注意到,摄像师的情绪好象特别低落,我这才想起他是退伍军人,在战场上失去过很多战友,一定是刚从嘉宾谈到战场上的伤亡,勾起了他很多痛苦的回忆,这也让我想到了一个习惯用语。那就是:close to home.Close to home这个短语跟家其实没什么关系;它的意思是“触及痛处”。上面的例子中,新书作者谈到中东冲突的惨状,触及了摄像师心里深层的记忆。For him, they were close to home. 对摄像师来说,这段采访触及了他的痛处。下面这个例子中,我们的法律记者要带我们去看看一个叫M.A.D.D., MADD的组织,咱们去听听是怎么回事:例句-1:M.A.D.D. is an organization committed to stopping drunk driving and supporting victims of this terrible crime. It was started in 1980 by a mother who had strong feelings about such issues. Her daughter had been killed by a repeat drunk driver. As with many of MADDs members, this tragedy is very close to home.这段话是说:“反对醉驾母亲协会”这个组织致力于防止醉酒驾车,并帮助遭遇不幸的受害者。一位母亲1980年创建了这个组织。她女儿就是被一名多次醉酒驾车的人撞死的。对于这个组织的成员来说,他们每个人都对这类悲剧有着切身的感受。MADD这个组织的全称是Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 所以缩写是MADD。对于这位母亲来说,the issue of drunk driving is close to home since her own daughter was killed by a drunk driver. 她对醉酒驾车的害处深有感触,因为她女儿就是被一名醉酒驾车的人撞死的。正是由于这个协会的努力,美国对醉驾的容忍度变小了,惩罚也更为严厉。******你有没有过这种经历呢?有时候别人无意中说的一句话,做的一件事,谈论的某个话题都会触及你的痛处。下面例子里的这名父亲在跟儿子谈话时就遇到了这样的情形。我们来听听看:例句-2:I wondered what my son was laughing about. He was watching a competition show on TV involving severely heavy people trying to lose weight. I explained to my son how I felt hurt. It was too close to home. I had been very overweight growing up. And I remembered all the ridicule I suffered years ago.这段话是说:我正纳闷我儿子在笑什么,原来他是在看一个电视真人秀节目,讲的是很多严重肥胖的人比赛减肥。我告诉儿子说,他触及了我的痛处,因为我小时候就特别胖,我清楚地记得原来怎样受到别人的嘲笑。这确实挺难受的。不过这位爸爸正好利用这个机会教育自己的孩子怎么面对与自己不一样的人。在这里,我们还可以在这个短语前面加上动词hit, hit. To hit close to home 也是一样的意思。 /201701/486552。

  忐忑英语:Marriage主题口语训练(1)。看完这个全英文英语说话课程实录,你知道应该找谁训练自己的口语了,你也知道什么训练是自己最受益的训练了。做人要做这样的人,受训要受这样的训。忐忑英语:英语相同,训练有别。 /201604/436661

  42 Ordering Pizza(2)第42课 订购披萨(2)W: What would you like on your pizzas?工作人员:您的比萨上要放什么?C: We want one vegetarian supreme and one double pepperoni.打电话者:我们要一份综合比萨和一份双层意大利辣味香肠。W: Would you like anything to drink with that? For . 50, you can get a two-liter bottle of Coke.工作人员:您要什么饮料来配比萨吗?只要付.5,就可以有一瓶两升的可乐。C: No, thanks.打电话者:不,谢了。W: All right. Thatll be .50. Your pizzas will be there in 30 minutes.工作人员:好的,这总共是.50您的比萨30分钟内就会送到了。C: Thanks.打电话者:谢谢。 /201505/367614

  01. Cheers!干杯!02. Tickets have been sold out.票都卖光了。03. When does the perforrnance start?表演什么时候开始?04. Id like a tall expresso.我想要一大杯浓咖啡。05. Can I take your order?可以点菜了吗?06. Dont drown your sorrows in a bar.不要在酒吧借酒消愁。07. We will go to the nightclub tomorrow night.我们明天晚上去夜总会。08. Its the best live show I have ever seen.这是那厅见过的最精彰的即易表演。09. He s drunk as a skunk.他已经醉得不省人事了。10. Its time for a drink.该去喝几杯了。11. I prefer red wine to beer.较啤酒而言我更喜欢红酒。12. I want to make a reservation for three people at 10 oclock.我想预定一张十点的三人桌。13. Is this dine-in or take-out?是在这里吃还是打包带走呢?14. I have got two tickets for the game tonight.我弄到两张今晚比赛的门票。15. Where is the exit?出口在哪里?16. Do you serve any snacks?你们这里有什么小吃吗?17. This is my favorite song, every time I come to KTV, I pick it up first.这是我最喜欢的歌,每次去KTV我都最先点这首。18. I think Ive had enough.我觉得我快喝高了。19. Party down!喝个尽兴!20. This city is famous for its night这座城市以其夜生活而闻名。 /201506/383366

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