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Learn how to handle a bad blind date from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys from Howcast.观看Howcast这段视频,跟随约会教练Rachel DeAlto学习如何处理糟糕的相亲经历。Your blind date isn#39;t going well; What do you do? This is the part in your life when you just have to suck it up. Sorry guys, but you#39;re aly out with her. You#39;re not going to run off to the bathroom. You#39;re not going to have your friends make an emergency phone call that you have to go and leave her stranded in the middle of the restaurant. It#39;s only a couple hours.You#39;ll be okay.你的相亲经历不愉快,你应该怎么做呢?这是你人生的一部分,你不得不面对。对不起伙计们,但是你已经和她一起外出了。你不可能尿遁。你可不能让朋友假装打电话有急事找你,把她一个人留在餐馆。只是几个小时而已。忍忍就过去了。The best thing you can do to prevent this if you really don#39;t know what you#39;re getting into and you#39;re not sure and you#39;re a little nervous, limit the date#39;s time. Instead of going to dinner and committing to a meal, go to drinks. You can have one drink and call it a night. Say you have somewhere to go. You have to be respectful.如果你实在不知道会发生什么情况,或者非常不确定,或者有一点紧张,防止相亲不愉快最好的方法就是限制约会的时间。不要提议共进晚餐或饮酒。可以随便喝杯饮料就算了。告诉对方你还有其他地方要去。一定要非常尊重对方。Karma is a ... If the date is really, really bad, I mean painfully bad, you can cut things short. You don#39;t feel well, but you have to end it. The worse thing you can do--I would hunt you down and find you if you do this to someone--is just walking out on somebody without telling them anything. You need to say goodbye at some point, whether you do it gracefully or not is up to you. You have to actually end it. If it#39;s that bad, figure out a way to end it, but do it respectfully.如果约会非常糟糕,我的意思是非常非常糟糕,你可以简短一点。你感觉不好,但是必须有一个好的结束。但是更糟糕的是,如果你对别人做了这种事,我一定会挖地三尺把你找到——什么都不告诉对方就逃跑了。你必须跟对方告别,无论是以优雅的方式还是其他的方式,这取决于你。必须有一个结束。如果约会非常糟糕,想点办法来结束,但是一定要尊重对方。视频听力译文由。 Article/201402/275960。

Despite having free rein to use special effects,it was something Bruce Lee avoided.尽管可以随意使用特效,但李小龙还是不感冒。For Lee, realism was everything.对他而言 真实就是一切The portrayal of his martial arts had to be as close to real life as possible.他的电影必须更好地接近现实生活When you look at the guys who came before him,especially in Hong Kong cinema, these movies contained very little authentic martial arts at all.之后有很多人模仿李小龙的风格,尤其是香港电影 大都只是貌合神离罢了It#39;s mostly a lot of trampolines and wire stunts.Look at the Chinese boxer, the fight scences are terrible.他们只知道用蹦床 吊威亚,看看中国的拳师 格斗场景太烂了。It#39;s a lot of swinging your arms and people falling over and then some very obvious and awkward wire work when people shoot straight up into the air or do flips off trampolines.多是扭胳膊 被打翻,以及一些明显糟糕的吊维亚,生硬的空中踢腿 或是弹跳。Donnie Yen is one of the biggest name in Hong Kong cinema.甄子丹是香港影迷熟知的影星之一He#39;s appeared in more than 30 action movies in both Hong Kong and Hollywood,including Shanghai Knights with Jacky Chan and Hero.他拍了30多部香港和好莱坞的动作片,其中包括有和成龙一起演的;上海骑士; 还有;英雄;。Bruce Lee believed in having an authentric martial arts,being an authentric martial artist to be a martial art actor who was very first came and said:;look, you have to be a real.When you kick, when you punch you have to be real.;李小龙认为得拍真实的武术,作为一个真正的武术家,做一个真正的武打演员 他是第一个说,必须得真实,踢腿得真踢 出拳也得真的打出手; Article/201402/277251。

Bruce Lee has a fight with the guy and he doesn#39;t beat him fast enough,so he goes off to rethink it all,and these tales all had the structure of myth and fantasy little parables about the master.李小龙击败了黄,但却略显拖沓,因此他开始反思总结。不过这些故事就稍带夸张意味了,就像寓言里的情节一般。He said, ;My training in Wing Chun, my classical art,didn#39;t prepare me for this kind of a battle.;That was the beginning of the evolution of his own way of martial arts.他说,;我所钻研的经典武学咏春在实战中不够实用;。这就是他将之改进,最终发展出自己武学风格的开端。If you the notes that he left behind,1965 he starts to write,;My style is Western fencing,Western boxing and Wing Chun.;He said he owe our knowledge to the Wing Chun,but we#39;re gonna go beyond the Wing Chun.读读他生前留下的笔记就知道,从1965年他便开始总结;我的风格要融西方剑术拳击以及咏春为一体;。他说他的武术修为源于咏春但应该高于咏春Bruce Lee took a lot from boxing.He felt boxing was more realistic in that you were trading blows.He likes the boxing footwork.Cause it#39;s alive, it#39;s moving and it changes.李小龙从拳击中学到了很多,他觉得拳击在出拳时显得更加实用,而且拳击的步法也值得借鉴,因为它敏捷快速、灵活多变。He was totally invested in watching boxing films,going way back to Jack Gene Tunney, Dempsey.Johnson,当时他沉浸于观拳击电影之中,仔细观察了杰克·约翰逊、吉内·滕尼、登普西等人What he took from Dempsey was the kinetic chain,how to generate power, the importance of a good jab.There#39;s a lot about the alignment of the body.Bruce had a huge collection of boxing films,and he thought the world of Muhammad Ali.他观察了登普西的发力过程,学会了如何蓄力以及刺拳的要点。这其实更关乎整个身体的协调。布鲁斯收藏了大量拳击的影视资料,而且他尤其关注穆罕穆德·阿里。What he would do was very unique.I once came in, lights were all out.And he#39;s watching this 8mm film and he#39;s watching it backwards.他行事风格独一无二,有一次我去找他,他关上了房间的灯。他正在看八毫米胶片电影,而且是倒着看的。Ali had a left-foot forward stance and Bruce a right foot forward.So he would run the films backward in the film editor and study them meticulously.阿里习惯左脚在前的站位,而布鲁斯是右脚在前,所以他在编辑胶片时从后往前放,然后一丝不苟地研究。 Article/201311/264969。

The faintest smell,最微弱的气味the slightest sound,最轻微的声响the briefest glimpse一闪即逝的影子could give warning of an attack.都可能是攻击的前兆The chital must detect their enemy斑鹿必须在遭遇突袭前before it takes them by surprise.先侦测到敌人And they have allies.而且它们有盟军相助Langur monkeys.这些是叶猴Keen eyesight and a perch high in the trees拥有敏锐视觉加上栖息树梢means they can scan the forest.让叶猴得以扫视整座森林The jungle is full of distraction.身处丛林很容易分心Senses are strained, trying to detect approaching danger.必须紧绷感官 试图侦测逼近的威胁Yet the chital still need to feed.但斑鹿还是得进食And the hunter must get within striking distance.猎人则必须进入攻击距离 Article/201309/258245。

Want to know exactly what goes into your mascara? Try making your own mascara, and you#39;ll never have to wonder about the ingredients.想要确切知道自己使用的睫毛膏的成分?那就最好自己制作睫毛膏,这样就不用担心成分问题。You Will Need你需要Activated charcoal capsule活性炭胶囊Small bowl小碗1/4 tsp. of aloe vera gel1/4茶匙芦荟凝胶Mascara wand睫毛膏魔杖Steps步骤Step 1 Open the charcoal capsule1.打开活性炭胶囊Open an activated charcoal capsule into a small bowl. The black charcoal powder provides the color for the mascara.Use less charcoal powder for lighter-colored mascara.打开一个活性炭胶囊,倒入一个小碗中。黑色的活性炭粉末可以提供睫毛膏的黑色。如果想要颜色较浅的睫毛膏,可以少加一点活性炭粉末。Step 2 Add aloe vera2.加入芦荟凝胶Add 1/4 teaspoon of aloe vera gel to the charcoal capsule. Aloe vera helps condition your eyelashes and will leave your eyelashes soft.向活性炭胶囊中加入1/4茶匙芦荟凝胶。芦荟凝胶可以帮助滋润睫毛,让睫毛柔软。Step 3 Mix the ingredients3.混合原料Thoroughly mix the aloe vera with the charcoal capsule until the mixture is a thick paste.将芦荟凝胶和活性炭充分混合,直到混合物成为浓稠的膏状。Step 4 Apply mascara4.刷睫毛膏Apply the mascara to the tips of your eyelashes with a clean or new wand. Use smooth movements.用清洁的或全新的魔杖将睫毛膏涂在睫毛末端。动作柔顺。If mascara gets too close to the root of your eyelashes, you could block the glands on your eyelids that help your eyelids form tears, and your eyes might not get the lubrication they need.如果睫毛膏过于接近睫毛根部,会阻塞帮助眼睑形成泪液的腺体,眼睛或许难以获得所需要的润滑作用。Step 5 Discard mascara5.丢弃Discard the remaining mascara after use. Even natural mascara can grow bacteria and cause eye irritation or infection. Enjoy the emphasis you#39;ve given your eyes.使用后将剩余的睫毛膏丢弃。即使是天然的睫毛膏也会滋长细菌,造成眼部刺激或感染。欣赏一下绚丽的眼妆吧。The most common injuries involving cosmetics are scratches to the cornea with a mascara wand.与化妆品相关的最常见的伤害就是睫毛膏魔杖划伤角膜。视频听力译文由。 Article/201403/278228。

002 : Olduvai Stone Chopping Tool 奥杜瓦伊石质切割工具Olduvai stone chopping tool (made 1.8 million years ago) found in Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, East Africa. 奥杜瓦伊(Olduvai)石质切割工具(180万年前),出土于东非坦桑尼亚奥杜瓦伊(Olduvai)峡谷Perhaps the best thing of all about being Director of the British Museum, and one that still gives me the most enormous thrill is that, now and then, I#39;m allowed to take some of the objects out of the cases and hold them.作为大英物馆馆长,大概最美好一件事便是我偶尔可以拿出展柜中的某些物品握在手中。我至今仍为之心潮澎湃。And today I#39;m being allowed to hold something absolutely astonishing. I#39;ve got to admit that if any of us saw this just lying on the ground, we#39;d probably walk past it, but in fact it#39;s the oldest object in the British Museum, and it was made nearly two million years ago, in Africa. It looks like a large, chipped grey cobble. 今天,我就被批准拿出一样极其惊世骇俗的物品。我得承认,如果我们只是看到它毫不起眼地摆在地上,很可能就一带而过了,但事实让,它可是大英物馆最古老的展品。它来自于200万年前的非洲大陆,看上去就像一块人为切割过的灰色大卵石。我和物学家兼广播员大卫?阿滕伯勒爵士(Sir David Attenborough)是最近一次触摸过它的人科动物。;Holding this, I can feel what it was like to be out on the African savannahs, needing to cut flesh for example, needing to cut into a carcass, in order to get a meal.;“握着它,我便能感受到非洲大草原上的野外生活——为了一顿饭,要剔骨剜肉。”This is one of the first things that humans ever consciously made. And holding it puts me directly in touch with them. In this history of the world that I#39;m trying to tell through #39;things#39;, this chipped stone from Africa - from modern Tanzania - is where it all begins.这是人类自觉制作的首批工具之一,一拿起它,我就能感受到与祖先一脉相承的联系。在这个以人造物为线索的世界简史系列节目中,这件来自当今坦桑尼亚地区的非洲打制石器乃人类世界万物之端。I#39;ve come out of the front steps by the main door of the British Museum. One of the points of any museum is to allow you to travel through time, but our understanding of just how much time there is for us to travel through has expanded dramatically since the British Museum opened its doors in 1759. At that point, most of the visitors would probably have agreed that the world had begun in 4004 , to be precise at the very beginning of Sunday 23 October.所有物馆的目标之一就是引领你穿越时间,然而,自1759年大英物馆开启重门以来,我们时光之旅的界限便与日俱增。过去,也许大多参观者的共识是世界开始于公元前4400年,更精确地说,是10月23日星期天的零点。This astonishingly exact date had been calculated by the mathematically-minded clergyman Archbishop Ussher, who preached just down the road in Lincoln#39;s Inn. Ussher had carefully trawled the Bible totting up the lifespan of everyone descended from Adam and Eve to reach his date but, as you and I know, we don#39;t now celebrate 23 October as Start the World Day and that#39;s because, in the last couple of centuries, archaeologists, geologists and museum curators have steadily been pushing back the chronology of human history - back from Archbishop Ussher#39;s six thousand years to an almost unimaginable two million.这一精确得不可思议的时间是由一位颇具数学头脑的神职人员厄舍(Ussher)计算出来的,他布道的地点就在本街的林肯律师学院。他一丝不苟地查阅了《圣经》,统计亚当夏娃所有后裔的寿命才得出这一结果,但就我们所知,没有人庆祝10月23号的“世界开始日”,因为几个世纪以来,考古学家、地质学家以及物馆馆长一直在把人类历史纪年不断推延——从厄舍大主教的6000年到难以置信的200万年。So if the scientists have been suggesting that Adam and Eve no longer stood at the beginning of human time in the Garden of Eden in 4004 , who did? And where? There are many theories, but no conclusive answers and certainly no conclusive date until 1931, when a young archaeologist called Louis Leakey set off on a British Museum-sponsored expedition bound for Africa.既然科学家推测公元前4400年伊甸园中的亚当夏娃已非人类的先驱,那么彼何人斯,彼何处斯?曾有过许多理论,但直至1931年,有一位名为路易斯?李基(Louis Leaky)的青年考古学家在大英物馆的资助下远征非洲,他的考古发现为这个问题做出了明确的解答。 Article/201402/276723。